Court Rules Doctors Can’t Be Forced To Help With Assisted Suicides And More – A California court rules that doctors can’t be forced to help with assisted suicides, the CDC reverses certain COVID guidelines and more!

Air Date: 09/16/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome to intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live, we’re taking on the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. And today is Good News Friday, so we’re going to be sharing a lot of the good news that’s been happening across the country. Yes, we know that there’s a lot of bad and ugly as well, but Fridays we devote to the good. So we’re going to talk about a lot of these victories because it encourages us, as we hope it encourages you, to know that the system works if we work it. We’ve got to be engaged in the process.

We’re challenging each and every one of you to do something in your community. There are so many different ways you can get involved. You can start with a Constitution class, become a Constitution coach for free. Use all of our materials for free as well. Invite those friends and family over and get them engaged in the process with you. And you just learned together, you don’t have to know anything going into this. You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to have a degree in anything. You just have to be a citizen that wants to do a good job, that wants to be a good Caesar, because you are Caesar. We the people are Caesar in our particular system.

And Jesus said, render under Caesar what is Caesars and unto God what is God’s. So let’s do Caesar. Well, folks, that means being a good biblical citizen. You can learn more about being a Constitution coach at our website, Sign up for free there and get those materials and start coaching the folks in your community.

I’m Rick Green, America’s Constitution coach. And I’m here with David Barton. He’s America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders. And Tim Barton is a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders.

Alright, David, Tim, time to dive into some of that good news. I know everybody that listens, I hear it when I’m out there on the road, they love Good News Friday, just like I do. So hit me with some good news. David, you’re starting us off today.


Well, it’s coming out of California, which at the start does not begin to say good news, but because it’s a reversal of what California wanted to do, it is good news. And this is maybe one of the craziest things I think I have seen in the modern generation is that California passed a law that requires Christian doctors to participate in killing people that the doctors don’t want to kill. And that in itself is just pretty radical that you would tell a doctor you have to participate in killing someone that does not want to be killed. But this is what they required.

So they required them to participate in the execution of another person. And they said you have to participate in physician-assisted suicides, even if you totally disagree with that. And so California, we’re seeing this in a lot of these progressive states and for years they’ve accused us of being theocrats that we want to impose our will on everybody else in the nation, our religious will, which we never have. We’ve always believed in choice. But these are the guys that are the real theocrats. I mean, they are imposing their philosophy and you’re going to do what they say and they’re going to coerce you and use the power of law to make you participate in their beliefs and their practices.

And fortunately, a federal court out there said no, and you’re not going to do this. And by the way, this actually goes back to Supreme Court case two years ago in 2018, where then in 2018, California had passed a law that says if you’re prolife, you have to promote abortion. There’s that coercion again. And so they told prolife pregnancy centers and other prolife clinics, you have to promote abortion. You have to put up posters in your business promoting people and pointing them to abortion. So if you’re prolife, you’re not allowed to have that position. You have to promote abortion. And the Supreme Court whacked that two years ago.

But here’s California still with this aggressive coercion mentality, that you’re going to do what we believe, not what you believe. And the good news is the federal court said no, that’s not going to happen. If Christian doctors do not want to participate in killing someone, they disagree with killing someone, you can’t make them kill someone. And that just sounds like something out of some weird science fiction movie somewhere, but it’s coming out of California, and that was a law that was passed in California and signed by their governor. And the fact they’ve reached that level of coercion on their belief is just amazing.


And let’s point out too that Governor Gavin Newsom is currently running ads where he’s promoting that you should move to California where you can experience and enjoy freedom. Guys, freedom in California, unless you are a Christian and a doctor or unless you maybe want to run your air conditioning in the evenings when they have these rolling blackout, it’s optional. It is crazy what California is becoming.

And guys, we have mentioned many times, we have so many good friends in California. There’s some great Christian leaders in California, some incredible pastors who are standing up and fighting back against this. But we also know a lot of people that have left California and some great leaders as well have left California because of how draconian their policies are. So it’s great news that we are seeing in this case a federal court identify that California, you can’t force these Christian doctors to participate in assisted-suicide. That’s ridiculous.

However, this is kind of the way California is becoming. And California is being held up by Democrats and liberals as the shining beacon of what liberals and liberal states can achieve and what the nation can become. I don’t understand at all why they think California needs to be the beacon for the Democrat policies, but this does seem to be what their argument are articulating. So, all that back up, good news, what happened. But it’s just crazy that Governor Gavin Newsom is currently promoting the idea that you could come to California and experience great freedom in California when we know their policies go the exact opposite direction.


You just had to have a caveat, didn’t you, Tim? Good news from California. We must have an asterisk, like the Barry Bonds thing. There’s an asterisk here. They’re still on steroids. Alright, anyway, go ahead, David.


The other thing, Tim, you mentioned that Governor Newsom is trying to get people to move to California. I don’t have any doubt, but what that is going to work. There’s going to be a lot of people who do that. We saw in Colorado recently as Colorado legislature, well, Colorado is under a trifecta, so their House, their Senate, their governor are all Democrat. And it looks like that in this election that might flip; they may lose that trifecta.

And so one of the Republicans, Kevin Priola, who is a senator up there, has now announced that as a Republican, he’s joining the Democratic Party up there. He’s going in the way of Jared Polis, which is more so Newsom. And Tim, I found an article not long ago where that in one of the northeastern cities, there were 39,000 Democrats that joined the Republican Party, but there were 12,000 Republicans that joined the Democrat Party. And so there’s no question that progressive Republicans are going to feel much more at home in California than they are in Texas. And quite frankly, those in the red states may really like that change. That may be a good change to send those folks to California where they’d be comfortable.


With that being said, though, we know what the policies of California produce, and nobody in their right mind wants to go to a place where you’re paying more money for the cost of goods, for transportation, for housing. It doesn’t make sense. And the old question that I’m saying old, I know Ronald Reagan asked this question and then he’s really old in my mind, guys. I don’t know how that equates for you guys.


Hey, Rick, that kind of date you, Rick.


I just want to say I was not old enough to vote for Ronald Reagan either time.


Right. But with Ronald Reagan, leading into a second term, asked the question, is your life better? How is your life right now? And I can’t imagine that anybody can honestly look at the way their life is going under the policies of the Biden administration and answer honestly, our life is going better.

Now, there are probably some caveats. There probably are some solar energy, some green energy people, some fossil fuel people that are not doing better. But yes, in the midst of corruption, there’s people doing better. But for the average American person, this has been a devastating thing to the economy. So it’s crazy where California is going. Again, all that is not discounting the fact there was good news in California coming from a federal court that Christian in the medical profession can still maintain their faith, which of course, is what the First Amendment was always about; the rights of religious conscience should be protected. Any of our God-given rights should be protected under the Constitution living in America. And that is the good news the federal court still recognized that for California.


David, even the way you described that whole situation, it’s almost as if the Left used our Christian principles of kindness and tolerance, meaning not tolerance like they mean it, but that they use those against us in order to get a foothold in the culture and bring all these things into the culture. And then as soon as they had them in the culture, they slammed the door shut on that tolerance thing and completely changed what it was. Certainly, when it came to Christian principles, no longer were those actual principles, no longer could you be tolerant in those at all.

And then last thought on this before we go to Tim’s good news, what you’re saying, I didn’t realize that that many people were switching the other way as well. And maybe that realignment, maybe it’s becoming clearer to people what each party stands for because we all know there are tons of people in the Republican Party that actually have Democrat values. They’re what we call rhinos or moderates or whatever. And then we definitely know there’s tons of Democrats that are just people that have always identified as Democrats because their granddaddy did and now they’re seeing what Democrats are really all about and switching.


So maybe that realignment is good, maybe that clarification of what the party stands for will ultimately be good for us in the elections. So, Tim, what’s our next piece of good news? I’m sure it’s not California. I’m just going to put just a minor wager down on that.


Well, it’s actually a national piece of good news, but certainly it feels like the policies that came from California, it’s dealing with the CDC. And the headline of the article says, “The CDC Backtracks on Covered Guidance as Damning Studies Mount”. And it goes through in this article listing all of the things the CDC is now reversing course on it. And essentially, all of these covered deniers, people that accused of spreading misinformation, people that had some level of censorship on social media, they were blocked, they were banned dealing with COVID.

And we navigated that two years ago when we were saying things that were just kind of common sense and we had some strikes on YouTube or on some of the social media because of that. Well, the CDC has now said that as an individual should take personal responsibility; everybody should decide for themselves and you don’t have to quarantine from different people; it’s an individual decision. They said that you shouldn’t treat people differently if they’re vaccinated or not vaccinated, that people should only test if they are symptomatic, instead of testing everybody. They go through this whole list of all these things that have changed and they point out that this is what all of these studies are showing.

And we said from the very beginning on this program that if we actually were following the science, we would not be doing the things the CDC and the government was recommending. And of course, now more and more information is coming out that the Democrat Party, that the Biden administration, that social media, big tech, and even the CDC, some of these health organization individuals were corresponding together about what message they should send and why they should send it, and what messages they should censor on social media, on different platforms.

So we know now this was much more of an agenda and propaganda. And I’m saying we know now, we really suspected from the very beginning this is what was going on. But now there’s evidence there. And certainly, the scientific data and evidence is there to identify that these draconian policies that came down under the CDC that were promoted in so many states, but especially under Democrat leadership in various states, under Democrat leadership in some of these major cities, the CDC is now saying all of that we’re going to remove all those policies which is their way of acknowledging they were wrong in all those policies.

So the good news is the CDC has reversed course finally, even though the majority of American people had already changed their minds, by and large anyway. It’s still good news that the CDC has officially changed and reversed course on this. So it hasn’t changed our life, but at least now we can have some level of justification and maybe redemption on some level of pointing out that what we were saying all along is actually more scientific than what some of these Democrat personalities and politicians were promoting.


With this, there’s some other interesting aspects that go with this, because sure, they’re coming out even this week they’ve come out with some more studies validating how useless these policies have been. And these are now international peer reviewed studies, they’re coming from lots of different countries. And so, well, those studies have been out there for more than a year now. So why change now? Why completely reverse it? Oh, I know, there’s some midterm elections coming up and we need an administration that has really negative stuff say, hey, look, we’ve lifted all the restrictions.

Now here’s the thing that just I hate being cynical, but they keep setting themselves up for this because they keep proving themselves to be worthy of that cynicism. Great Britain recently said all the coverage restrictions are off and everybody said yes, we’re all happy. And then they rolled out and said, oh, by the way, just in a few weeks we’re going to roll out the biggest vaccination campaign you’ve ever seen. So it’s like, okay, so once we get by the midterm elections, is that what’s coming next? Is that what they’re going to do? Because the reversal just smack a little bit of political stuff. I wish I could say they didn’t, but this is no real difference than what we knew a year ago with all the studies that were out. And so we’ll see where this heads.

But certainly, this is really good news. And as Tim said, the collusion that apparently was going with Facebook, because even look at someone like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and on the Joe Rogan podcast, even he acknowledged that the government had contacted them about, hey, there’s going to be some stuff that you guys want to be careful with, you don’t want all the stuff out. And so the government is picking winners and losers on speech.

And we’ve seen now, even just in the last few days, that the federal courts have come out and said Fauci has to come across with all the correspondence, all that background stuff. What were you doing to communicate with these companies? Because you have two attorney generals now that have sued on this very thing, that this type of collusion where the government appears to have come in and shut down and chosen winners and losers in free speech area. So there’s really a lot coming out of this with what’s happened with the CDC reversing it, but I think this thing will keep gaining momentum as it moves forward and it’s going to be a much bigger story.

I think there’s a real chance that this can be a really big story before the elections, depending on where they go with this trial and what this judges just basically decided in the last few days about what Fauci has to come across with.


Yeah, I noticed, Tim, they did it almost in the dead of the night, right? It was like all of a sudden the website had changed and had all of these updates because they’re not about to come out and say you guys were right. And David, like you said, we knew from the studies a year ago, but we also knew from just our little noggins, right, our common sense told us two years ago from the beginning the right way to respond to this based on a lot of history with pandemics and what you normally do in these situations. So, yeah, it’s nice that they’re finally coming around to common sense.

I did notice today guys as I was flying home, that what they keep saying now at the beginning of the flights, is it’s masks are a personal choice and respect those who have a different choice than you have. And I was thinking, where was that for the two years that they harassed us and threw us off planes and all the other things that they did? But I tried to have a more Christian response and say, yes, yes, we’ll respect those who did not respect us for so long. That was how I felt inside anyway. Okay, quick break, guys, we’ll be right back. We’ve got more good news. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live.Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday. Time to dive back into some more good news and David’s up next.


Well, this comes from Pennsylvania and it specifically relates to the city of Philadelphia. Obviously, Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in the nation, and like other large cities, it is having a real crime epidemic. And the strange thing about those large cities is so many of them have Soros-funded, Soros-elected district attorneys. And their approach to crime is you’ll have less crime if you don’t arrest people and don’t punish people. So if you don’t show in the books that you have arrest, then you don’t. But see, that doesn’t help for murders and robberies and everything else.

So these guys have been committed to not punishing crime. They tend to go after the people who criticize the rise in crime, but they’re not punishing the crime guys. And if they put them in jail, they’re letting them out really quick or they’re giving them no bail. It’s just unprecedented. It’s not a tough on crime approach. And so the legislature is looking at what’s happening. And the district attorney there is Larry Krasser and he’s not enforcing the law and he took an oath to uphold the laws and he’s not doing that.

And so what’s happened is the state legislature in the House, they have the House Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order. And what they’ve done is they’re now looking at impeaching this district attorney in Philadelphia. Now, what I find really humorous in this, and by the way, so far all we’re doing is talking accountability, okay, we’re just talking you’re holding somebody accountable to office. This is kind of what happened with San Francisco when that Soros-selected DA out there was not punishing crime, and they had to recall election, and they replaced somebody else.

Actually, this is just accountability. Legislature saying, we want you to uphold the laws you swore to uphold. Well, now that they’re looking at impeachment, it’s interesting now the district attorney is getting really aggressive, and he’s come back at him and says, hey, you can’t do this. This is like illegal. You can’t impeach me. He says this is undemocratic. Well, he’s exactly right, he’s undemocratic because we don’t have a democracy. We have a republic and a republic is the rule of law. And with a republic, you have, as John Adams said, this is government of laws, not of men. So it really doesn’t matter who the individual is. The law is what matters.

And so, yes, this is very undemocratic. But his argument is, look, the people of Philadelphia elected me, you guys can’t take me out. Yeah, well, that’s not the way it was even in California with San Francisco. But what happens here in Philadelphia is, in Pennsylvania, they do not have a recall provision like they did for that DA in San Francisco. What the constitution allows them to do is impeach someone. So rather than recall, you can’t impeach. And he’s saying, well, you can’t do this to me.

Now, wait a minute. Not only are you not upholding the laws, apparently you haven’t even read your own constitution, and for that matter, you clearly haven’t read the federal constitution, which has six clauses in it on impeaching. So this is clearly constitutional. And he’s just all been out of shape over this, and apparently, he doesn’t want to be held accountable. But as you can imagine, the legislature is pretty much laughing at him on this because they do have the authority to do it, the Constitution does it, and the fact that he doesn’t know the law, doesn’t know the Constitution, doesn’t want to punish criminals, that’s a pretty good indication of where the guy is.

So I’m really pleased with the fact that the legislature is stepping up to ensure that there’s accountability, that you have officials in office who actually do what the law says they should do. And I think this is just a great piece of news coming out of there. And if the impeachment is what it takes to wake him up or to get him out of office and get somebody in who will do the right thing, go for it. You need to serve the people, and this is one way of doing it is impeaching the officials that will not uphold the law. I think this is great.


Yes. People are really getting I mean, not just tired, they’re being harmed by these prosecutors that won’t enforce the law. And it’s all over the country.  I mean, Soros funded a ton of these and you’ve had pushback in Los Angeles and San Francisco and St. Louis, and now I think you will in Memphis as well. This guy that was driving around killing people the other night had already been convicted once and was supposed to still be in prison. It’s chaos out there. These prosecutors from the Left, this is what they want.

And the only way you stop this is pushback like what you’re talking about that’s happening there. So that’s good. And maybe more states will push back, but also to everyone in these cities. If you’re stuck in these big cities, you need to start rallying your friends and family and neighbors, they will rally against this crime that’s happening and do your best to get those DAs replaced. Really good news there, David. Okay, Tim, where are you headed with your next piece of good news?


Well, this one is going to an individual and it’s maybe a tag along. We talked in the first segment on my piece of good news that the CDC was recanting all of the nonsense that they had been advocating for several years, so many outlets had been promoting for several years.

Well, this is an article, the headline of the article says, “Dr. Robert Malone sues Washington Post for Defamation”. And this article highlights that Dr. Malone, who many of us were intrigued and fascinated to hear him because he was one of many doctors, but certainly the doctor who at the time had maybe the biggest platform with his Joe Rogan podcast, the interview at several media interviews afterwards, and because he was the one saying things against some of the covert protocols that were being enforced from government agencies that were being promoted and different levels of bureaucracies embraced in businesses, he was saying things like this is from one of the speeches, he suggested that the COVID-19 vaccines are not working against the Omicron virus variant, which was in fact that correct. The studies have now come out that identified that the people who had the most boosters in their vaccination were actually the most susceptible to getting some of the different variants that were out there, this COVID pandemic, so to speak, that was going on.

Well, all this to say, the Washington Post ran a headpiece on him in January of this year. And among the things they identified was they said that Malone’s claims have been discredited, that he repeated falsehoods that have garnered him legions of followers, but he’s not only wrong, he’s also dangerous based on what he’s doing. They went through to disparage Dr. Malone.

And this is actually part of a lawsuit what his attorney pointed out to the judge, they disparage Doctor Malone’s honesty, veracity, integrity, confidence, judgment, morals and ethics as a licensed medical doctor and scientist and this is also very important. One of the things that we’ve become very used to seeing in a lot of news outlets is people being very critical of the other side’s leaders.

Well, if you’re talking about the other side’s leaders, we’re usually talking about politicians. And politicians have a different standard and level when it comes to what you are allowed to throw criticisms on them without having the same level of burden of proof. You can’t do that to everyday citizens. You can’t go and slander everyday citizens if they’re not in a public kind of platform or if they’re not a politician. There’s a different, and I know it’s kind of weird to say this, that there should be the same standard for everybody. But if you are a public personality, if you’re a politician, there is a different standard that’s applied when people say disparaging things about you based on the platform or again your political sphere.

But when you’re a doctor and a scientist and you have news outlets running headlines that say that you are a liar, that you don’t have integrity, you don’t have competence, that your morals and ethics are out of place, that can be very damaging to you as a doctor and as a scientist when that can close down every job opportunity in the field where you are a professional. So very interesting to see how this unfolds.

But the good news is, and guys, we’ve talked about this a lot, the good news is we are seeing more and more and more people begin to stand up and hold these outlets accountable for the lies they are spewing, for the propaganda, for the political coverage they are giving to one side as they’re promoting an agenda. They’re not being honest in their reporting and they know they’re not being honest, but again, because they care more about their side winning than what is actually true, it is great to see.

We can go back to the Covington Catholic young man, Nicholas Sandman sued CNN, sued all these different outlets and we’ve seen many people follow suit. Well, now, Dr. Malone is another person that has been maligned by these news outlets, by this big tech media collaboration going on. And now that the actual evidence is allowed to be presented to the public and people are realizing how wrong some of these positions have been, it certainly seems that Dr. Robert Malone will be vindicated for his positions.

But it’s great again that the Washington Post is being held accountable for slandering and lying about someone for saying what was medically and scientifically true and accurate. So really grateful that Dr. Malone is fighting to defend his name in his honor and again that the Washington Post is being exposed for some of what they did. This seems like it’s good news on lots of different levels.


Yeah. And remember with Dr. Malone, the uniqueness here is, first of all, he was a Democrat. He was a guy that was part of the deep state and worked at the CIA and all of the medical industrial complex. He revealed a lot of what had been going on behind the scenes and had the credibility, had the decades of experience, he’s one of the inventors of the whole technology that was used for all of this. So he had a ton of credibility. So they really picked on the wrong guy here and going after him. And I’m so glad he was willing to push back and fight. So really good news there.

I know you guys have a lot more good news, but we’re out of time for today, so we’ll have to save it for next Friday. But folks, you can get more of that good news on our website Thanks so much for listening. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.