Churches Allow Concealed Carry “€“ Sen. Donna Campbell & Brad Ackman: Today we discuss the importance of protecting our freedom of concealed carry “€“ especially in houses of worship. You”€™ll also learn how to be trained and ready to be a responsible citizen, ready to engage when needed. Tune in today to hear this important message!

Air Date: 01/28/2020

Guest:Sen. Donna Campbell & Brad Ackman

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome State Senator Donna Campbell

Rick Green: Welcome to the Intersection of Faith and the Culture. It’s WallBuilders Live! We’re talking about the hot topics of the day, and we’re looking at them from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. My name is Rick Green. I’m American’s constitution coach and a former Texas legislator. And today’s topic is about this issue of being able to carry in churches. What’s the biblical constitutional historical perspective on that? Let’s talk constitutional specifically, State Law in Texas. Donna Campbell is with us, State Senator from Texas and I can honestly say and personally attest to the fact, she is one of the best state senators in the country because she was my Senator here in Texas. Donna Campbell, thank you for coming on and spend some time with us.

Donna Campbell: It’s my pleasure and happy New Year to you and all of your listeners.

Rick Green: Well, same to you and a big thank you from all of our listeners and certainly, the folks here in Texas for the law that you passed last session. To make it clear, you can carry a concealed weapon in churches and houses of worship. You cleared up some other areas that were ambiguous as well. That’s the ones that’s on people’s mind though after the shooting in White Settlement and Jack Wilson being able to save the day.

Defending the Second Amendment

You know Donna, you always defended the Second Amendment, have been a big fan of this but now to see the evidence of your effort and passing that law and lives being saved. That’s got to feel good as a Senator, but it’s also got to be a great reminder to everyone else out there why we need to defend the right to keep and bear arms.

Donna Campbell: Exactly. There’s a quote from Hitler that says, “If you want to rule a nation, you must first disarm its citizens.”

Rick Green: Yeah.

Donna Campbell: And I mean how right that is. There’s not a law that keeps criminals from carrying a gun and there’s not a law that can stop mass destruction because if it’s not a gun, it’s something else. We need to preserve and hold dear those rights that we have, so we can’t let new legislation threatened what is clearly our freedom and that is to protect ourselves. And this law, Senate Bill 535 that I passed, I was glad to see it in use because it did exactly what it intended to, that people may carry their firearm in church.

Rick Green: And this is Texas, so some people would have thought you didn’t need to do this. They would’ve thought, that’s already a law in Texas, surely but they didn’t really, you know, people don’t realize that often the law is ambiguous. Or even when we passed our concealed carry back in, I guess 94, it had so many restrictions on places you could carry that this did need to be done.

Clarifying Concealed Carry Laws

Donna Campbell: The law was confusing and clunky, and it truly still kept law abiding citizens from caring their weapons, so exercising their Second Amendment rights. So what my bill did was come back and say, “Okay, let me make this clear. The legislature’s intent is to treat churches and houses of worship in the same manner that any other privately owned business does.” Now the church can still prohibit licensed citizens from carrying firearms on the premises. But they have to provide written notice just as private business does.

Rick Green: And they would have to actually have signage out there, of course. And we encourage pastors to, you know, allow their flock to carry, certainly get trained and carry. And that’s what the difference was with Jack Wilson, was being trained.

Donna Campbell: Yeah.

Rick Green: But just so important that this was clarified and it takes champions like you to do that and get that done. Of course, you had some folks that didn’t like what you did, like Joe Biden and a few of the presidential candidates on the Democrat side.

Donna Campbell: I know.

Rick Green: Actually saying that you and Governor Abbott were wrong in doing this, that we shouldn’t allow citizens to carry.

Donna Campbell: Exactly. But let’s make it clear. Those people have their own secret service.

Rick Green: Yeah.

Donna Campbell: Or they have some private service that provides them security. And don’t think for one minute those people do not have guns. So it’s easy to speak about not having a wall, if you live behind one.

The Hypocrisy of the Left

It’s easy to speak about you don’t have the right to carry a gun or it’s not necessary, if you’re surrounded by people that can protect you with a gun. I mean, it’s talking out both sides of your mouth, it’s hypocritical and it’s wrong. And they should have to live under the same rules we do.

Rick Green: Yeah, no doubt about it. No doubt about it. Well, thank you, thank you, thank you for what you passed here in Texas, for giving us the right to defend ourselves and protect those that we love and, and our fellow church members as as well. Fantastic law and just one of many you’ve been a part of. So, Senator, I appreciate you. Thanks for your time. Thanks for coming on program, today.

Donna Campbell: Thank you so much, thank you.  And I’m waiting anytime you need me.

Rick Green: Stay with us folks. We’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live!


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Welcome Brad Ackman

Rick Green: Welcome back to WallBuilders Live!, thanks for staying with us. That was Senator Donna Campbell from Texas who passed the law in Texas to make sure you can carry in churches. Appreciate her coming on today. Now with us is Brad Ackman. He is the director of training at Front Sight firearms training Institute, largest civilian training facility, maybe in the world. Brad, I don’t know, you’ve been doing this 30 years. You probably train more people and more have gone through your curriculum than anybody else. But I sure appreciate your time for coming on the program today.

Brad Ackman: My pleasure, Rick, thank you for having me.

Rick Green: Now you guys have been doing this. You’ve been doing it 30 years. You’ve seen a lot of people that had never even touched a gun, never been trained or maybe like me had grown up with guns but never had real training. Maybe thought I could handle a situation, now I know I couldn’t have back then. But you’ve seen the need for people to not just have the right to carry a gun, but to be trained when they carry that gun.

Brad Ackman: You know, you and I have a similar background and actually I didn’t know that about you, a gun owner but not really trained, certainly not a “gun fighter” but that was just like me. A friend of mine got into a shooting way back when, back in 1982 and I had the realization that, “Oh yeah, I was a gun owner, but I didn’t know anything.” And that started my training and of course I turned it into the 35 year career, but that is our basic clientele, these days at front side.

Teaching Mainstream America

That’s primarily who we teach, mainstream America, people who maybe gun owners and frankly a lot of our students don’t even own guns. They come to us and rent guns for the very first time. And so we’re training really mainstream America, lots of kids, lots of retirees, lots of business owners, people who aren’t necessarily warriors that they understand the need for self-protection. And frankly, that need is getting more and more important every day and so we get mainstream America. It’s not hard charging SWAT cops, competitors and things like that. We do get a few of those, but really we train people like you and me.

Rick Green: I have lost count at how many people we’ve taken out there that had not done anything like this before. We’re frankly a little bit afraid of the weapon and to be truthful, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, Brad, but I mean, I had a concealed carry license for almost, I guess it was about 14 years and didn’t carry out of fear of what would happen and what if I have a negligent discharge or whatever. Whatever the reason, psychologically I just didn’t care. And so we’ve had so many people that have come out there, and by the end of spending a week with you guys, four days with you guys, they have a totally different mindset. Same thing happens to them that happened to me. I’m totally 100% comfortable with the weapon and a totally different mindset about being aware of what’s going on around them.

So you guys are doing an incredible, incredible work, it’s needed. And first thing I want to really chat with you about is that need to not just rely on law enforcement or someone else to take care of the job and to accept responsibility.

A Responsibility to Protect

Most of our listeners are fans of freedom and the constitution and the Second Amendment. And they comment on Facebook just like I do about the importance of those things.

Brad Ackman: Sure.

Rick Green: But getting them to understand that, “Hey, you’ve got a duty and responsibility to be ready to protect yourself and your family.” So talk to me about just the mindset of that. How did that change for you?

Brad Ackman: Well, I think to further that framework just a little bit, let’s say you don’t rely on yourself and you’re going to rely on somebody else.

Rick Green: Yeah.

Brad Ackman: Who is that going to be? Well, most people think that’s going to be the cops. I’m going to call 911 and the good guys are going to show up on my behalf and they’re going to save the day. The problem with that, of course, is response time, right? The national average response time is in the neighborhood of 11 minutes.

Rick Green: Wow.

Brad Ackman: So most gunfights last in the neighborhood of two to six seconds. So this thing erupts in front of your face. You perhaps have time to pick up the cell phone, dial 911 and they show up 11 minutes. Or maybe they’re really fast that day and they show up five minutes from now.

Rick Green: Still it’s all over.

Brad Ackman: Now, this is a six seconds gunfight was over five and a half minutes ago.

Rick Green: Yeah.

9-1-1 Isn”€™t Always The Best Option

Brad Ackman: So obviously calling 911 is not, it’s a prudent action. You should definitely do it and get it done as soon as you possibly can. But don’t think that the cops are going to show up on your behalf and prevent the bad guy from doing his thing, you have to do it. And moreover, you’re going to have to do it to defend your loved ones. Because the wife, kids, whoever you’re responsible for, you’re the warrior. You’re the one who’s going to have to save the day. And that means you need to be prepared and you’ve got to see the fight coming, right? You need to be aware that the world is an ugly place, or at least can be. And you have to have this conscious involvement, if you will, and see these problems brewing so you can solve them. I mean, the best gunfight is the one where no shots are fired.

Rick Green: Exactly.

Brad Ackman: So if you can identify the problem and walk away or somehow solve this problem before it turns into a gun fight, that’s what you should do. Absolutely, and at Front Sight, not only do we preach, we celebrate this avoidance, this philosophy of avoiding the gunfight? And really you do that through the color code of mental awareness.

Rick Green: Now, before you tell me what that is, hang on, because what you just said is so important. I’ve had so many people tell me and say, “Oh you guys are just looking for a gun fight. You just want to be in a gunfight.”

Trained To Avoid a Fight

And I remember that the first time I went out there, how big a deal that was to be trained to say, “No, you want to avoid the gun fight. The win is to not have the gunfight.” You’re looking for a way to make sure that, that doesn’t happen. And so that leads us to that color code of mental awareness. But I just want people to realize, we’re not out there looking. When Tim Barton and David Barton and I talk on this program about the importance of getting training and how much we enjoy training together at Front Sight and guns and all those things. It is not because we’re looking, we’re looking to avoid that and it’s frankly the same as what Reagan used to say about peace through strength. Anyway, I think you just made an important point. I wanted people to realize it and so if you want to avoid it, then you’ve got to go to what you were about to explain the color code of mental awareness.

Brad Ackman: I’m compelled to just add one little tidbit to that.

Rick Green: Sure.

Brad Ackman: And I’ve had occasions at Front Sight where people will raise their hand in the last section, “Hey, how many of Front Sight students have gotten into a gunfight?” And I say, I mean, obviously a number of them have because we’ve trained hundreds of thousands of students over the last three decades, but that’s not the right question.

The right question is how many Front Sight students have avoided a gun fight.

Rick Green: Yeah.

Brad Ackman: Because of the material they learned in Front Sight and that is a huge number.

Rick Green: Yeah.

The Color Code of Mental Work

Brad Ackman: And again, it gets to the color code of mental work. So let me just hit this real quick.

Rick Green: Sure.

Brad Ackman: It is a very simple, intuitive, obviously color coded system, which allows you to see the fight brewing and in all likelihood, avoid it. Now there’s only five colors; white, yellow, orange, red, and black. Condition white is defined as relaxed, unaware, and completely unprepared. This is the guy walking down the street, head down, looking at his cell phone, texting his buddies, and literally bumping into things, right? So condition white is clueless and you are a victim because you’re not going to see anything coming at you.

Rick Green: Right.

Brad Ackman: Condition yellow is defined as relaxed, alert, and aware of your surroundings, right? Your chin is up, your eyes are open. You’re just seeing what’s going on in the world. It’s not paranoia. You don’t think that everyone’s out to get you. You’re just paying attention. Condition orange is defined as a specific potential threat. So remember, yellow is general, you’re just looking around. Orange is specific, it’s that guy right there. Something is wrong, he stands out, right? This isn’t quite right. And this of course leads into a white settlement discussion, which I would love to have momentarily, but let me get through this.

Rick Green: Yeah.

Brad Ackman: So condition orange, the first thing you have to do is determine the intent. This guy doesn’t look quite right, but is he really up to no good or is this just circumstance? So you have to figure it out.

A Tactical Plan

You’ve got to pull the string a little bit. Let’s say you’re walking down the sidewalk and you notice this guy behind you and it feels, it looks like he’s actually following you. So you need to do something to kind of determine the intent. Maybe you speed up or slow down or cross the street, or you duck into a store and you see what happens next. That’s how you’re going to determine what his intent is. Next, you also have perform a tactical plan because if this guy turns out to be up to no good, you better have a plan. And finally you need to stay in condition yellow, because he’s probably not alone. Rats travel in packs.

Rick Green: That’s right.

Brad Ackman: So you got to keep an eye out for his buddy. And then next up is conditioned red, which is really just a decision. It’s that line in the sand or that mental trigger. So if bad guy does this, I’m doing that. Whatever it is, right? If he hauls out a gun, then I’m shooting or whatever and there’s a million different scenarios. And condition black is when the bad guy has stepped over that line in the sand, and now you’re in the gunfight. So condition black is the actual gunfight. So of the five pillars, there are two that are really no good; white because you’re not paying attention and black because you’re actively engaged in a gun fight. And frankly, who wants that? Nobody, right?

Rick Green: Yeah.

See It Coming   

Brad Ackman: So really you need to be in yellow to see it coming. You need to be an orange to try to solve it, and you need to be in red to make the proper decision. So this is a very simple codified system that allows people to avoid the gun fight. And if they can’t avoid it, then it allows them to win it. That is the very first lecture, as the first lecture we give it at Front Sight. We talked about how to avoid the gunfight and the key is, seeing it coming.

Rick Green: I am embarrassed to tell you, man, before I came out there, I was 24/7 in white, I mean in condition white. I was so naive and thought, “well, this is not going to happen in my neighborhood,” or “God’s going to take care of me,” or whatever. And I mean, I’m telling you, after I came home from spending four days with you guys, it changed my whole way of thinking. And then there’s a verse in Proverbs, it says “the prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.” And that was me, I was in condition white. Being the simpleton, if there’s a word as simpleton and goes blindly on is and that’s what most people do. So this is so important and I hope people if they don’t get anything else out of today’s program, at least we’ll start paying more attention and then hopefully also go get some training somewhere, maybe with us at a Front Sight.

Church Security Teams

But let’s go to White Settlement because most of our listeners have heard about that. They have maybe watched the video and seeing what actually happened there. And you and I talked offline about this a little bit and the difference in what could have happened there if there had been more of a condition yellow. Not just in the fellowship hall there but actually outside as this guy came up. So yeah, so we can all be more aware and all of our listeners, who are on church security teams or a pastor out there that’s realizes the importance of starting to have a church security team and getting them trained. Brad, what do you think could have possibly even kept that getting to condition black?

Brad Ackman: Well, I will say this as gingerly and respectfully as I possibly can but it’s clear that the security staff in White Settlements had no understanding of the color code.

Rick Green: Yeah.

Brad Ackman: Now, admittedly I have the luxury of 2020 hindsight, but let’s see how the color code could have in fact been applied at White Settlement. So the bad guy was a known entity to the church officials, right? He’d come in and he demanded money, and when he didn’t get it, he’d get mad. So he was a known troublemaker to the church officials. Then of course, on December 29th, this known troublemaker pulls into the parking lot. He gets out of his car, he’s wearing a wig, a fake beard, a hat, a huge oversized jacket, probably with a big bulge in it where he’s carrying that sawed off shotgun. I mean, this guy’s functionally in a Halloween costume.

Rick Green: Yeah.

Identifying Specific Potential Threats

Brad Ackman: He clearly stands out and that is that specific potential threat that’s conditioned orange. So remember in condition orange is the first thing you got to do is determine the intent. Is this guy really a problem or is he just a goofball wearing a Halloween costume? So maybe you send your security guys out there to the parking lot and you talk to this idiot, “Hey Bob, I see you’re basically wearing a Halloween costume, what’s going on this morning?” Or something casual.

Rick Green: Yeah.

Brad Ackman: Or maybe he gets to the front door and, “Hey, good morning Bob. What’s with the clown outfit?  Or how about this one, “Can I take your coat for you?”

Rick Green: Yeah.

Brad Ackman: How about that? Just that one question, “Can I take your coat for you?” Whatever is going to happen is going to happen right then. And it’s going to happen in the parking lot, or it’s going to happen at the front door, which is obviously way better than having bullets and buckshot rattling around inside the church, filled with people.

Rick Green: Some level of, and confrontation maybe the wrong word, maybe it is the right word, but some level of engagement as soon as you realize, and if you’re in conditioning yellow, you’re going to realize that it’s a situation and move to condition orange. But that clearly did not take place in this particular incidence. And as you and I have, again, talk offline, and as you’ve said in the reality check video that you made analyzing this whole thing. No question, I mean, Jack Wilson delivered the shot perfectly and took care of the situation.

A Trained Good Guy with a Gun

And thankfully it was someone, not just a good guy with a gun but as you’ve said, “a trained good guy with a gun.”  And because our times are short, man, I wish I had you longer. That’s the other thing I wanted to ask you to do. You and I were talking about the fact that this was a perfect example of all three situations, either not having a weapon to defend your family, having the weapon, but not being well trained to use it. And then someone that is a trained good guy with a gun walked through that a little bit as well.

Brad Ackman: Well, and the thing about White Settlement is it lays out all three examples right there. Because there were basically three good guys involved in that shooting. The first of whom was a gentleman holding the communion tray. He was unarmed and untrained and of course he died. The next one had a gun, but he had no training and again, he died. Jack Wilson had both the gun and the training and he obviously saved the day.

Rick Green: Yeah.

Brad Ackman: So just White Settlement and those three people prove the point that the actual solution for this thing, the actual formula for success is a trained good guy with a gun is superior to the bad guy with a gun. And, and I know that’s intuitive. I mean, everybody, would it be an agreement. Everybody is nodding up and down “Yeah, yeah, I can see that.” The problem is, it’s easy to go out and buy a gun. It takes more intestinal fortitude to go get the training. Right?

Rick Green: Yeah.

It Doesn”€™t have to be a Lifetime of Study

Brad Ackman: I mean, nobody wants to study algebra or Spanish or you know, nobody gets studying as it is a pain and nobody wants to do it. And of course, firearms training is similar in that regard. You’ve got to put in the effort now.  Jeff Cooper always used to say firearms training is way easier than learning how to play the violin, right? It’s doesn’t have to be a lifetime of study, but a four day course at Front Sight or something similar is a great start.

And that epiphany of what you don’t know and combined with, “Hey, let me avoid this thing if I possibly can,” will in all likely could save the day.

Rick Green: I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I mean two hours in and to be in it at Front Sight was learning things that I never even knew would be so important and would change my accuracy and all of those things. And you know, I got to tell people that are listening, we go six times a year to Front Sight. We take 50 to a hundred people with us. We have a constitution class when we go, it is incredibly a fun time of fellowship, but it’s important and it’s serious. And don’t wait until it’s too late, get the training. Brad, I got to tell you bro, you guys are making a huge difference. You’re not only resurrecting  the purpose of the Second Amendment and educating people about the constitution, all those things, you’re saving lives because you’re preparing people to defend their family.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

And as you said, avoid the fight in the first place. Appreciate you, man. We got to do this again. I’d love to cover more topics with you. We’ll get you back on the program. I wish we weren’t out of time, but thanks for what you do, for people to learn more. Thanks, Brad Ackman.

Brad Ackman: Thank you, Rick. My pleasure of course.

Rick Green: Stay with us folks, we’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live!


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Teaching on the Constitution

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Rick Green: Welcome back and thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! Thanks to both of our guests from today; Senator Donna Campbell from the great State of Texas. She’s the one that passed the law that that allows us to carry in churches. She was a Senate author of that bill and then Dan Flynn over on the off side. And I appreciate Dan being with us yesterday as well. And especially thanks to Brad Ackman for being on with us today. We’re going to try to get him back tomorrow because we just didn’t get even close to finishing that conversation. But hopefully the take home message today is to be aware.

A Lifesaving Measure

I mean, that proverb is so true in this situation. Let’s not be the simpletons, let’s not be the fool that does not pay attention to what’s happening around us and does not protect those that we love. Let’s be aware and there’s so many different ways we need to do that, not only in this situation, which is a lifesaving measure in the moment, but also aware of what’s happening in our nation with regard to our laws, with regard to our freedoms, our freedom to worship, our freedom to defend our family, the Second Amendment.

All the freedoms that we say that we love so much under the constitution, but what are we doing to preserve them and make sure that they’re passed to the next generation? I hope that you’re thinking about things you can do this year to preserve freedom for your children and grandchildren. I want to challenge you to do a couple of things as we close out today’s program. Number one too specific to today’s program is learn how to defend yourself and your family. Come with us out to Front Sight, come on one of these constitutional defense courses that Patriot Academy puts on out there where we train on the constitution and we let the Front Sight experts train you on self-defense. We have taken hundreds and hundreds of people out there with us, listeners to WallBuilders Live!, and we appreciate you being a part of that and we want you to be a part of that.

Patriot Academy

So check out today. Click on the constitutional defense link and it will take you to where you can sign up and join us out at Front Sight. I know Tim Barton is headed out there with me on one of these trips in the spring. We’ve got several dates available to you, so that you can come and be a part of that and get that training.

Second thing I want to challenge you to do, is to visit our website today, and give not only of your life, your time and investing in freedom and learning to be a good citizen, but of your fortune. Yes! To donate, contribute to WallBuilders Live! These programs that we do are so educational and so equipping of the citizens. So inspirational. Some of these guests, it just makes me want to be a better citizen and do my part, and I hope it does the same for you. Help us to spread the word. You can do that financially right there at the website, clicking on Contribute given a onetime or monthly contribution. You can do that by being a force multiplier in terms of spreading the good news.

Churches Allow Concealed Carry “€“ Sen. Donna Campbell & Brad Ackman

Share these programs on Facebook and Twitter and all the different social media outlets that are out there. Become a part of the solution. Also, you may want to host a constitution class right there in your home or in your church or your community. Go to today to find out more. All of these links available to you at And you can also get yesterday’s program where we talked about the Biblical Right of Self-Defense. And as we approach these issues from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective, we’re asking you to come alongside us and help spread the word.

Thanks for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!