Election On November 6th, What’s At Stake Tomorrow: Today, we’re going to talk about some of the things that are on the ballot and the races that are up for grabs. It is imperative for us as Biblical and constitutional believers to participate our right to vote. Do you want to know how you can be confident in who to vote for? Tune in now to find out!

Air Date: 11/05/2018

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


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We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker, pastor, and president of WallBuilders. And my name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas state legislator, national speaker, and author.




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It”€™s Election Day Tomorrow!

David, Tim, I”€™m excited about tomorrow. It’s Election Day. I’m always excited and nervous before an election, because hey, we’re choosing the leaders of our country for the next two years, in some cases on the Senate, for six years. We’re kind of up for grabs, right? This could go either way tomorrow, and the direction of the country will be greatly impacted by who gains control in the U.S. Congress.


When you say go either way, are there sides in this thing? Is there actually anything polarized, or are there differences between the candidates? Are they all the same?


Nah, they”€™re all the same.

Well, ok maybe a little difference. Maybe a huge difference, like maybe babies will either be saved or not, or the nation will go to socialism or allow for free enterprise. Parents will be able to raise their children according to the dictates of their conscience, or the state will do it for them. Just some minor, minor things. No big deal.


Well, six years ago we were talking about how polarized the nation was, then four years ago how polarized it was even more. Two years ago, can’t believe how polarized it is between Hillary folks and Trump folks. Now it’s even more polarized than that. I mean, the level of violence that has broken out between sides, or really from one side against the others, not between sides, but the level of violence from one side against the other. Who would have thought that it could get more polarized than what it was six years ago, or four years ago, or even two years ago?

A Very Polarized Election

But it actually has. At this point the polarization is such that, if the left side—which I will say I early voted, and for the first time in my life I actually did a straight party vote. I’ve never done that before. I’ve always gone through every candidate. But this time there was not a single Democrat on the candidate list that I would even consider because of how radical they’ve all become in the state of Texas. Just knowing the candidates, it was an easy task, and it just saved me five minutes. I just went straight republican, and I’ve never done that before.


I can point out to you that it’s also significant, as you mentioned, that in the state of Texas, where we are, that is the case. But we talked to a Democrat official not long ago.


That’s right.


And you said, “€œOh my goodness. I haven’t talked to you in so long. Great to hear from you.”€

I was there when you had that phone conversation, and you got off and we were talking about how could this guy be a Democrat. How is he a Democrat official? The values he has are directly in opposition to his party. It was actually a strategic move for him, he said, “€œNo, I was trying to bring these Christian values to the party,”€ where he is in fact as a minister of the Gospel, and it has very similar values to what we have.

He’s just trying, in this case, to bring those values to the other side of the aisle, so to speak.

The Unicorn of the Party

Not only are we that polarized as a culture, but it has become so polarized between right and wrong—between definitions and secularism and religious liberty, 99.9% of people that generally are in favor of traditional values, that are in favor of religious liberty, end up on a specific side of the aisle where, as Christian conservatives, what defines us is our faith. It just so happens that the Republicans are the ones right now that are closest to that.

It’s not that we outright support Republicans, it’s just that’s where our values are being the best represented. Generally speaking the Democrats are not defending those same traditional values. They”€™re not defending biblical values or religious liberty.

Except in this one case where it”€™s like, “€œOh my gosh, he’s like the unicorn of his party! He’s the one that’s not like everybody else!”€

Except it’s worth noting that there might be some situations when, maybe for a listener in their state, the Democrats are the ones that have the better positions on biblical values and biblical issues on the Constitution. Although 99.9% of the time you probably can look at the party and make that distinction, that’s not always the case. Although for us in Texas, that is where we are right now.

Some Good Information to Bring to the Polls


Yeah, and if he had been running in Texas, he would have had my vote, hands down. No question about it. Really, really, really good guy. You’re right. It’s not the parties who we vote for. It’s just that they’ve become so polarized.

And by the way folks, whatever state you’re in, if you have not early voted, and a lot of folks have, but the millions across America who have not? If you’re wondering what to do with federal races tomorrow, particularly some state races, if you go to ChristianVoterGuide.com and click on your state, you’ll find voter guides there for significant races, particularly the federal races.

We also partner with iVoter Guide and other groups, and provide those voters guides online for folks.

So there’s lots of information that you can take into the poll with you tomorrow. It is fine to take pieces of paper and information, how you want to vote and sample ballots, you can carry all that in the polls with you. It’s not a problem. So you can do that tomorrow. Go to Christianvoterguide.com and, interestingly Tim, tomorrow night you and I will be doing election coverage on national TV.

David and Tim will be Covering the Election on National TV!

There are a bunch of cable networks that have come together. Two years ago, myself and Michele Bachmann anchored that coverage in the Presidential Election. We actually were the first network in America that called the presidential race for Donald Trump.


Everybody else was scared to make that call.


They were.


I remember being there and looking around going, “€œGuys, these are the only counties that haven’t really got their votes in yet, and these are the counties that have been traditionally very red. There is nothing left to wait on. We already know where they’ve gone on every other issue. So we can go out and call it.”€

Yet Fox, CNN, nobody else wanted to make the call because all the predictions leading up to that moment were that Hillary was going to win. Nobody wanted to be the one, to be the elephant in the room so to speak, and come out and say, “€œActually, Trump has won this thing.”€

We did the coverage. We were calling that a good bit before anybody else did because we were able to track that data coming in from the states and recognized, “€œNo, we know which direction this is going to go.”€

Follow the Election with us on Believers Voice of Victory Network


Yeah, we have a great research team, and that team will be back tomorrow night. We’ll be keeping up with the governors”€™ races, and ballot races on initiatives, varies initiatives across the states. We’ll be keeping up with what happens in state, federal, everything. So tomorrow night there’s a whole group of cable networks joining together.

We picked up a lot of radio networks nationally who are going to air it on radio. Obviously you won’t see the charts that we’re going to show, but you’ll hear it. So if you go and look on your cable guide for Believers Voice of Victory Network, BVOVN, that is the flagship with which all the others are taking the feed from. So that’s going to be pretty easy to find tomorrow night.

If you want to be part of the live coverage as we go through this and look at all the races, and again we’ve got a great research team, and their own staff will be monitoring that stuff all across the nation, including the kind of things that you won’t get on the national news which ballot, things like the ballot initiatives don”€™t have have any kind of values or faith aspects to them, we”€™ll look at a lot of candidates that are really good folks, that are heavily targeted now, and see what happens with those battles on values and with those guys.

So there will be good coverage tomorrow night.

There is still a lot we need to cover today looking at tomorrow night. But again take the voter guide with you, go to ChristianVotersGuide.com, they have particularly all the federal races covered. There”€™s also a whole lot of the state races. You’ll find a lot of good information there.

You”€™re Vote Matters, So Use It


We’ll have links today at WallBuildersLive.com, to both ChristianVotersGuide.com and how to watch the coverage tomorrow night during the election.

As we’re going to break here, I just really want to challenge people, if you get a little bit of you that’s kind of tuning out right now and and saying, “€œI can’t make a difference.”€ And, “€œMy one vote doesn’t matter.”€ And, “€œI’m not going to worry about voting tomorrow.”€ Or, “€œI’m busy.”€

Please listen to the rest of this program, and recognize that your freedom is not free. Part of the way that you pay for that, is you accept the burden and responsibility of enjoying this freedom and participating in this wonderful constitutional republic that we have.

The best way to do that is to show up and vote tomorrow even if you think you don’t have good choices. You still need to make the best choice that you possibly can.

Let your voice be heard, let your values be counted. We’ll be talking about how to do that when we come back. Stay with us, you”€™re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Will the Republicans Hold Congress?


Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. We”€™re getting ready for Election Day tomorrow.

All across the country, wherever you’re listening right now, you have a chance to have your voice be heard tomorrow.

David, Tim, of course we’ve heard for months there was going to be a blue wave, and it is an off year. Typically whoever holds the White House, halfway through their first term, Congressional elections do go the other way in heavy numbers. So that’s kind of what we were starting with in this election. But as we get closer to Election Day, do you guys think that will hold? We don’t do predictions, but as you look at the data and kind of feel it, we’ve been out there speaking across the country too.

What do you think? Is there likely to be a blue wave tomorrow? Do you think there’s a chance Republicans hold the House and the Senate, or could it be mixed?

What do you think?

The Polls Aren”€™t Always Correct


Well, the same pollsters that predicted Trump vs Hillary are also predicting a massive blue wave tomorrow. They were wrong last time. Will they be wrong this time? Who knows. They make adjustments as they go along.

It all depends on voter turnout. At this point in time, the forces that are leaning more left, the progressives, the socialist, those that represent so much of the Democrat philosophy, they have over performed just immensely in the last two years. Generally, when you get into a nonpresidential election like this, you have a significant drop in voter turnout nationally. You dropped from about 54 percent participation down to 39 percent, which is a big deal.

Republicans and conservatives tend to vote every two years regardless whether the president is on the ballot or not, they tend to pick up and, in years like this, nonpresidential and Democrats tend to do better in presidential years. But this time the Democrats, in the more than three dozen special elections we’ve had since Trump was elected, they have over performed by 39 percent. That is massive.

If conservatives and Christians do not meet that, and step up and over perform themselves, then it could be a blue wave. Right now the conservatives, the Republicans, have outperformed themselves by 25 percent over four years ago”€™s non-presidential election. 25 percent is great, but it’s not 39 percent. So it really does depend.”€

This is Within Your Control


Let me stop you right there, David, because it sounds like what you’re saying is that, because sometimes we refer to a blue, or a red wave, or whatever as if it’s completely outside of our control.


It”€™s not.


What you’re saying is, “€œHey listeners, this is within our control. This is up to us. We could make this go one way or the other depending on what we do tomorrow.”€


Polls are absolutely irrelevant if people decide they want something different. I tend to buy into polls and blame polls when they show cultural trends.

I tend to buy that because that’s a whole different demographic, and that’s not based on participation, that’s based on beliefs.

This is based on who chooses to show up, and that is totally within the control of everyone. This is the kind of thing that nobody predicted. The kind of turnout that evangelicals did for Trump two years ago. That’s really what blew all the models, all the paradigms. Nobody saw that coming.

Well, if that happens again this time, then this is going to be a good night tomorrow night. If it does not happen, or if those people decide that, “€œHey this has been great for two years. Look how well we’re doing,”€ and they don’t do anything, then you get a whole different paradigm and you could be looking at a reversal of so many of the good things that have happened in the past two years.

Blue Wave Means Absolutely Nothing, Unless We Let It

So Rick, you’re exactly right. This is not a set thing. Blue Wave means absolutely nothing, except that’s what the pollsters are saying right now. Sometimes they say that to help influence the vote, and quite frankly, they shouldn’t. But we know from studies, like Rothman Lichter and others, that they have a philosophical partisan bias, and they will promote that and the way they present polls.


Actually guys, let me interject for a second, because I’m already seeing polling, and I know you guys have seen some of the same polling, to say some of the polling is indicating that there’s not going to be the blue wave people think there is.

We’ve seen some commentators, some different news outlets that have talked about it. I mean, obviously us being one of those, that were not sure the blue wave is going to be as strong as people think it is. Even though, if you look at some of the news outlets, whether it be some notable names like CNN or others, there might be people on those outlets that are saying, “€œOh, the Republicans are in trouble,”€ and whatever kind of phrases they’re going to throw with it. I’m not sensing that there’s going to be the blue wave like people have been anticipating.

When you look at the early voting turnout, and how there were so many days strongly Republican as far as the early voter turnout, I think the only way there can be a blue wave is depending on what happens on Election Day tomorrow.

Americans Are Getting Sick of the Left”€™s Hatred and Lack of Civility

I’m not sure that’s going to be the blue wave that people have often predicted, because I think so many Americans and voters have seen the ridiculous levels that some of the other side has reached in their hatred, and their disagreement, and their lack of civility, which by the way was encouraged by years on that side. I’m not sure that blue wave is coming, although certainly there are those who are predicting it is coming.


Yeah, Tim. You’re exactly right. There is a counter to the Blue Wave. One of the things I’ll point to happened several weeks ago, but it began a trend that has not been commented on much right now. But I think it is a counter to the blue wave, and it goes back to the Kavanaugh Hearings.

After one week of the Kavanaugh hearings, the polling showed people are just kind of sitting on the fence watching to see what happens. As it entered the second week, and it became pretty clear in their second week that this is more theatrical stage kind of stuff. This is not making sense.

These charges aren’t being substantiated.

At that point in time, we began seeing, at the state level, in nearly all of the contested Senate races, a 4.8 point shift going in the direction of the Republican and the conservative candidate. Now, for a point shift, that is a massive, massive shift. But at the same time, we’re not seeing that really work its way into the U.S. Congressional races in those states.

That doesn’t make sense.

If Voters are Shifting on a State Level, then Things SHould Shift on a National Level

How can you have the whole state, at a statewide level, shift more toward the red side and not show up in House races? So I think there are indications out there that there certainly is a whole lot that’s not being talked about, and that could be a sizable shift in the right direction. They keep talking blue. But you’re exactly right, Tim. As you said, this is going to be decided tomorrow not by pollsters, but by the people who show up.


All the more reason for folks to show up.

It is definitely up to us listeners. You can make a huge difference tomorrow. We’re going take a quick break, and we come back let’s talk about what’s at stake, guys, what it means when we say control of the Senate or control the House. What does it actually mean to the people of America?

It certainly has a big impact on the judiciary, on judges that are approved, all those things. The budget, you name it. But it’s a massive impact to us in the future of our country. We better be paying attention. We better let our voices be heard tomorrow. Stay with us. We’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live.

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As You”€™re STanding in Line, You”€™re Exercising the Freedom that So Many People Have Died For


We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today.

It is the day before election day, so make sure you’re planning your schedule tomorrow on the way to work, or during lunch, or take a break, whatever you got to do, make sure you’re planning to go vote. Please be a person of courage, and, if there’s a long line, don’t get there and say, “€œI just don’t have time.”€

15 to 20 minutes, an hour or two, whatever it takes.

You’re standing there, honoring those who sacrificed for your freedom. You’re standing in line and taking the time to go vote by exercising the freedom they died for. So make sure that you do that tomorrow.

David and Tim Barton are still with us. Guys, what’s at stake tomorrow? What would you say is really on the ballot, in general, when we talk about control of the House or the Senate?


When you look at the Senate you’re talking judges, and instead of having 84 judges, the overwhelming majority of which are very, very solid, very good, probably the highest percentage of really good judges that I’ve seen from any president in my lifetime.


You”€™re talking about what’s been accomplished so far in the Trump Presidency.


What”€™s been accomplished. That”€™s right. In the first two years, eighty four judges. If that changes, if the Senate turns over, you’re not going to see the kind of judges, you”€™re not going to see that kind of number, and you’re not going to be able to get that quality of judges through anymore.

The Importance of the House and Senate: How it Will Affect You

They’ll leave the spots open, or they’ll have to compromise to some really squishy judges. If the Democrats like the judges, that’s probably not a good sign for America. So that’s at stake for sure.

Over on the House. My goodness, the House has passed 500 measures that have not been taken up by the Senate because the Democrats in the Senate have been able to stall them out.

If you lose the House, you lose the ability to move these pro-life measures forward. You lose the ability to, for example, one of the things that happened for the first time in 10 years is we actually got three of the 12 budget things through to the president for him to sign. They’ve been doing omnibus stuff for the last 10 years, which is where they’re going to shut down the government and they do it all in one bill.

So you’re not able to cut Planned Parenthood funding out because if you do you have to wipe out the military too. If you can keep the House, you can keep those individual bills coming through, which gives you control over getting rid of bad stuff and keeping good stuff in. So there is a whole lot at stake tomorrow. If 23 seats flip in the in the House, then Democrats get control and Pelosi is majority leader. That’s a whole different agenda for America. If two seats flip in the Senate away from Republicans, then you lose the ability to have those judges and all the good things we’ve seen internationally.

Imagine Nancy Pelosi as SPeaker of the House


David, I got to stop you for a second, because you can’t gloss over that when you mention—people just need to pause for a minute and just imagine Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House again. Just… let that sink in and let that motivate you to show up and vote tomorrow to prevent that from happening.

Sorry man, go ahead.


But that’s what’s at stake tomorrow. The whole direction of America has shifted. That’s going to be a whole different thing. State Department will look totally different. What’s happening with energy and drilling will look totally different. What’s been happening with being a force in the world will be totally different. All of that changes.

The best economy in 50 years, the lowest unemployment rate for Asian youth, for Hispanic youth, and for African-American youth. Just go across the board, less unemployment. That all changes. That will change, dramatically, the direction of America. It will change dramatically, the culture of America will change dramatically, if the House and the Senate switches tomorrow.

What We”€™ll be Watching For Tomorrow


Well, what are the things to watch tomorrow night? What are the things you’re going to be looking for? In terms of which Senate races, for instance, do you think are the top contested ones? We’ve got friends running. Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee. Which ones do you think will be?


Well, I think the one that will be close will be, for example, up in Montana. I think that one’s going to be fairly close. I think Indiana is going to be fairly close, Florida will be fairly close, Missouri will be fairly close.

Marsha”€™s doing really well in Tennessee. She’s pulling away. You look at that race in Michigan where the Republican there has really cut into the lead, 17 points down.

He is making a rush toward the finish line and really cutting that lead, will he be able to cross the finish line ahead? Don’t know, but that’s going to be a race to watch. So those are all races to watch in the House. Again, if 23 seats flip in the House, House control switches over. There are so many races in the House are close, and they’re not in states that would have anticipated it. For example, you look at Arizona and you look at Kansas, you’ve got states looking to switch there. The rural part of Illinois, which has always been kind of Republican, looking at switches there.

There Are Lots of Surprise Switches this Year

There are switches in a number of states that I just did not anticipate, and those will be races that we watch tomorrow night. They’ll be pretty good bellwethers for whether there is any kind of a wave, either red or blue, or whether it’s going to be a long night or short night. Two years ago I predicted before things started that it was going to be a relatively short night, that Trump would win it by a comfortable margin, and that we would be able to go home early rather than staying on air to 4:00 in the morning. That’s exactly what happened.

I think we called in about 12:30 Central time that night, which was long before the other networks. So we’ll know fairly early tomorrow night, probably by eight or nine, whether there’s going to be a long night or whether it’s going to be a fairly tight short night. But I think we’ll know that within just a few hours of coverage going on there.


Tim, what are you expecting tomorrow night?


Well, one of the things that we often like to watch are some of the ballot initiatives and measures. There are, I think, nine states that have marijuana up on the ballot. Some of those are for recreational use, some of them are for things such as medical marijuana.

One of the things that we’ve talked about, even at our legislative conferences that are coming up, we’re gonna have somebody come in and specifically address this issue on what happens, unintended consequences when states legalize marijuana, or when nations have legalized marijuana. What does it look like?

An Example of Side Effects

In Colorado for example, we were there just a couple of weeks ago, and we are talking to a leader in Colorado who told us that the the homeless veteran population increased by 60% since it had medical marijuana, because veterans thought, “€œHey, I can go there, and marijuana is going to help me,”€ and they get there and end up being homeless. The homeless veteran population, who have gone there trying to find help, thinking marijuana would help them. The homeless population has increased by 60 percent. So obviously, that’s terrible for veterans.

We don’t want our veterans living on the streets, especially ones that are hurting physically, or emotionally, or mentally trying to find help. This is one of those things that is kind of a downstream effect that a lot of times we don’t look at in the midst of these races, certainly the ballot initiatives will be significant.

I don’t expect those to necessarily not pass. I think where to position the culture where even a lot of Christians, a lot of conservatives or Libertarians, are embracing this idea because they, either don’t think it’s harmful or the government shouldn’t say no to that. We’re coming to a place where we’re losing, really, a moral compass of right and wrong, or even the consequences and effects, and knowing how to measure down the stream more unintended consequences.

But those are things we’ll be looking for, and certainly part of what will be the coverage on that television program. Definitely something worth people tuning in to to get the information on some of those details and races and ballot initiatives.

Election Day is Tomorrow, So Stay Tuned!


There’s going to be an exciting week, so make sure that you’re showing up to vote tomorrow. Get out and vote no matter how long you have to stand in line, or maybe not have to stand in line at all if you get up early and be one of the first ones out in the morning. We’re gonna have Glenn Beck with us later in the week talking about his new book on outrage. We’ll be talking about the results of the election as well, so be sure and tune into WallBuilders Live throughout the week. We’ll have links today at WallBuildersLive.com.

You can get links to where the coverage is going to happen tomorrow night with David and Tim Barton on national television. You can also get links to Christian Voter”€™s Guide, so you could take that in the booth with you tomorrow. Thanks so much for listening to WallBuilders Live.