Election Integrity Solutions – With Jenny Beth Martin: Do you want to be part of the solution to election fraud? What steps can you take to help ensure the integrity of our elections? What does your state’s election code allow citizens like you to do? Tune in to hear Jenny Beth Martin explain why it’s time to get off the sidelines and walk in the realization that, as John Quincy Adams said: “Duty is ours, results are God’s.”

Air Date: 09/13/2022

Guest: Jenny Beth Martin

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


This is the intersection of faith and the culture. Thanks for joining us today on WallBuilders Live, we’re taking all the hot topics of the day and looking at them from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective.

My name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. It’s my great honor to be here with David Barton and Tim Barton. Tim’s a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders, David’s America’s premier historian, he’s the founder of WallBuilders. And you should check out the material at wallbuilders.com today, so many good resources for you to equip and inspire yourself, your family, people in your church, in your community, so many ways that you can get involved and be a part of the solution to save our constitutional republic.

That’s what we’re all about here at WallBuilders, literally rebuilding the foundations. It’s from the scripture in Nehemiah, it says a rise and rebuild the walls that we may no longer be a reproach. We’re here in America, it’s the foundations, it’s what we teach our children, it’s the American value system, and the foundational principles that created that value system and created the most powerful, most free, most benevolent nation in history, those foundations are crumbling. 

Our American culture is crumbling right before us. And it’s because we as believers sat on the sideline for too long, we were not salt and light, we were not bringing those truths into the culture and we allowed others to take over most of the cultural influence. We’re changing that though.

Now we see victories all across the nation. A lot of good things happening, a lot of good organizations out there that are working hard to preserve our culture. And we love bringing you guests here on the program to talk about those things, which we’ll be doing today. 

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Alright, David and Tim, later in the program from Tea Party Patriots, Jenny Beth Martin is going to be with us. A lot of folks concerned about the election integrity issues, and looking for solutions, and she’s got some she’s going to be sharing with us, that actually anybody listening today can participate.

And I know you guys are hearing it just like I am; you go out there on the road and some people will say I’m not even going to vote because they’re going to steal it, so there’s no point in participating. And it’s so hard to get people to say, wait, wait, wait, wait, you don’t give up, you don’t go home and not participate. You say okay, yes, we’ve had some problems. But those are problems that with solutions. And sometimes it’s hard work, you got to just dive in and do the hard work it takes.

Duty is Ours, Results are God’s


Yeah, it really is one of the messages we’ve been saying. I mean, dad, I don’t know how long you’ve been telling the story. But I feel like pretty much my whole childhood, I heard the story of John Quincy Adams, “The duty is ours, results are God’s” motto.

And we are definitely seeing a place in time in America where people have more questions and probably with a level of credibility to their skepticism of the security of the elections, the integrity of the elections with reasonable questions based on some of what we’ve seen. And a lot of people have said, if the system is rigged, then why should we even do this?

Well, it’s because we have been called to do the right thing, regardless of what else happens. And in the midst of doing the right thing, that’s not only voting, it’s helping get involved in our state to clean up the voting process, to help ensure the transparency and security, the integrity of the elections. 

There’s a lot of things we do. But we’ve not been given the convenience of being able to throw up our arms and give up and say, well, it’s hopeless, we’re done and we’re just going to take our ball and go home. We don’t have that luxury. And I’m saying luxury because at times it does feel like it would be easier.

But it’s only ever easier in the short term with immediate gratification because we know what the long term result would be; and that’s giving up freedom, it’s giving up American, it’s giving up the Constitution that’s not going to be beneficial in the long run for anybody, including their kids and their grandkids, etc. And so we have to take the John Quincy Adams approach of duty is ours, results are God’s, it’s our job to do the right thing, regardless of what happens. But if enough people show up and do the right thing, I have great confidence of what will happen and that is we will see things start going back the right direction.

John Quincy Adams


Well, it’s also the kind of thing that it does take that mentality duty as ours, results are God’s, and it also takes an understanding that you really have to work on a bunch of different fronts at the same time to fix what we see as failures with the election integrity, you got to do a lot of things simultaneously.


And dad, as I mentioned, you echoed the phrase from John Quincy Adams duty as ours, results are God’s, I think is probably very likely there are people listening right out who have no idea what that motto is or maybe even what led to this motto. So dad, walk us back through, what is the story of John Quincy Adams that leads to him saying “Duty is ours, results are God’s.”


John Quincy Adams is the son of John Adams really grew up in the American Revolution. His father was very actively engaged. John Quincy Adams was 8, 9, 10 when the early stages were occurring, and we know at 8-years-old, he had his musket out with the Massachusetts Minutemen drilling with them, then a year or two later, they’re there at Lexington Concord, the Battle of Boston. So he sees all that he is there for the Battle of Bunker Hill, he witnesses that from a hillside. So he sees all this.

And then as his father was sent overseas, at 10-years-old, he is the official secretary to his father who’s the ambassador over to France. Then when he becomes 14-years-old, Congress sends him on a diplomatic mission to the court of Catherine the Great in Russia. When he’s 16-years-old, Congress has him help arrange the peace treaty in the American war for independence. When he’s 21-years-old, George Washington says he is the best foreign diplomat we have. He then under Washington remains a diplomat; under his father, John Adams, he remains a foreign diplomat.

His Passion to End Slavery

When it comes to Thomas Jefferson’s time, he becomes a US senator. When President Madison gets an office, he returns to diplomacy, he actually negotiates the end of the war of 1812. When the fifth president comes in Monroe, he is then the Secretary of State for President James Monroe. And then he becomes the sixth President of the United States. He is not reelected for a second term, so he then enters the US House of Representatives, the only person in history to go from being US President to being a US congressman.

And he went into the House of Representatives in 1831, elected by three different political parties. And he goes in as an antislavery guy. That’s his passion, end slavery. He said that when he got into the house, he said about 80% of the house was pro-slavery, so he was in a definite minority. And he worked ardently and vigorously to try to end slavery, and they got tired of him and they got tired of him introducing antislavery bills. And so they come to the point where they say we don’t want to hear him from anymore.

So they pass a measure that essentially becomes a gag order on him. They just get tired of hearing him bringing this antislavery stuff, they keep voting it down. Again, it’s like an 80-20 mix, and he loses everything. And so they do something that becomes termed the John Quincy Adams Gag Order. 

Everybody knows it’s after him, it’s pointed to him. While he continued to try to do things and they got mad, they got ticked, they tried censure and reprimand, expulsion and he kept going with this, and he just didn’t let up. And no matter how much they beat up on him, no matter how much the media beat up on him, no matter how many people argued with him, he kept doing it.

There’s a guy who did an early biography on him, Elbridge Brooks, who said, well, his personal motto was duty is ours, results are God’s. And he’s like, what do you keep doing? You keep getting voted down, you lose time after time after time and it’s like they couldn’t understand it. But that was the way he guided his life, duty is ours, results are God’s; I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do.

We Must Do Our Part…


Yeah. Meaning it’s our job to do the right thing. It’s up to God what happens after we do the right thing; the results are not our responsibility. Our responsibility is to do the right thing. That is our duty. And again, this goes back to the election process, where people are now questioning, should we even vote?

Well, I can guarantee you the outcome of the election if you don’t vote. That’s not confusing at all. But people say, well, if we vote, we don’t know what’s going to happen. Well, our job is to do the right thing. And certainly, we pray a lot along the way. We try to do what we can to help and ensure the integrity of elections.

But we cannot give up this fight. We have to stay engaged. We have to stay faithful. We have to be good stewards of what God has given us. And that’s where it goes back to this notion of duty is ours, results are God’s. And fortunately, for people who want to get involved in the process, there are groups out there that are helping teach and train and coach what you can do even for the election process. If you want to help maybe watch on election day, if you want to be an election judge or a poll watcher, there’s actually people in organizations that helped do training to help people know what they can do to get involved and actually make a difference.


Yeah, Tim, these things, they don’t happen overnight. So this takes a commitment over time to make sure that we have that integrity in the elections and that’s the hard work that needs to begin now. For some people, it began a long time ago. You know, Katherine Heigl Breck with true the vote, I remember teaching the Constitution class for her back in 2010, she has been doing this a long time and thankfully, more and more people are getting engaged and Jenny Beth Martin is going to tell us how you as a listener out there right now, how you can be a part of the solution as well. Stay with us, folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


This is Tim Burton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. Many today wrongly claimed our Founding Fathers were largely atheists, agnostics and deist. Certainly, some founders were less religious than others, but even they were not irreligious.

Consider Benjamin Franklin, definitely one of the least religious among them. Yet, when the delegates at the Constitutional Convention hit an impasse in their deliberations, it was Franklin who called them to prayer, invoking numerous scriptures to make his point. As he reminded them, God governs in the affairs of men and if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that the Empire can rise without His aid? We have been assured in the sacred writings that except the Lord build the house, but they labor in vain that build it.” I firmly believe this.

So, even the least religious of America’s founders urged public prayer and dependence on God. For more information about the faith and the Founding Fathers, go to wallbuilders.com.


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us got Jenny Beth Martin with us from Tea Party Patriots. Jenny Beth, thanks for coming on.

Jenny Beth:

Oh, thank you so much for having me.

Election Integrity


Well, thanks for all the work you guys are continuing to do and especially the boots on the ground for election integrity. I know you hear this as much as we do. But a lot of people say well, I’m not even going to participate because they’re going to steal the election. We’re going no, wait, we can do this.

But we got to put the hard work in. And you all are clearly doing the hard work and Tea Party Patriots. Tell us about your effort to train people for election integrity.

Jenny Beth:

Well, our goal is to build a permanent election integrity infrastructure, which would include a statewide coalition and local election integrity task forces. Each of those local election integrity task forces needs to be organized at a county level and within the county, there’ll be various tasks that need to be done. And the task of really ongoing, it’s not meant to be just sort of fleeting for 2022 or 2024 but a long going effort. It does include poll watchers and poll workers, some states call that inspectors or judges of elections. 

But it also includes setting up a subcommittee to go to your election board meetings and pay attention to the decisions that are being made there, researching your local election office, cleaning the voter rolls. And there’s several different steps that people need to do to be involved and they need to be done really in an ongoing never ending fashion.

Goal: Permanent Election Integrity Infrastructure


Yeah, I think that’s a such a smart approach because we do tend to just get riled up for one particular battle in the culture. And as David likes to say, here too often we win, we go home; or we lose, we go home, instead of staying in the fight, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. And this just basic part of how a constitutional republic works, requires our effort. We’ve relied too much on just handing it over to government officials to take care of it and clearly they’ve they failed us on this.

You guys are actually teaming up as well with our friends over Conservative Partnership Institute. Glad to see what they’re doing on this as well. So tell us who can do this. Like, do you have to have a particular background or have already been through something or can any citizen that wants to be a part come in and do the training?

Conservative Partnership Institute

Jenny Beth:

Well, any citizen who wants to be a part can come in and be part of the training, if they’re interested in signing up, they can go to transparentelections.com, transparentelections.com or teapartypatriots.org. We are partnering with Conservative Partnership Institute and most of the steps seven of the eight steps come from what Krita Mitchell developed after the 2020 election and she was one of the attorneys on President Trump’s legal team in Georgia and I also helped on his legal team as a litigation consultant in Georgia. I’m not an attorney.

The fact is every state in the country has some laws and some provision in their state election code, that means there’s state law, that it empowers citizens to be involved in the elections in one way or another. And as citizens, the way I think of it is that we have a duty and an obligation to follow working within the laws of our state and localities to be a check and balance on the election system.

There are a lot of things that have to happen on election day and right after the election to make the election run smoothly. For instance, the people who are working in the elections and checking the voter ID and giving out the ballots and making sure people know how to cast their ballot, those are our people who are working in the elections and we don’t need those people every single day but we do need them during election season.

Poll watchers need to be there from both political parties, from all political parties watching because those eyes inside the precincts just help keep everyone honest. And also, if there is a problem that is unintentional, sometimes problem on the rise, then the poll watcher winds up being a witness to the problem which can be helpful should there be litigation. So there are a lot of things that we can do as citizens. And that’s what we need to be doing.

Transparency Is the Solution


I appreciate so much how you said that because it should be both sides, all sides basically there and a part of this for exactly what you just described, let’s say there’s a malfunction or there’s some issue, if everybody’s there, then you don’t assume the worst, you don’t think, oh, well, somebody’s trying to steal the election right away; instead, you’re going okay, this is a real actual problem but we were all there. 

So that transparency creates some faith and trust in the process itself, instead of immediately assuming that everybody’s trying to do something that’s nefarious. Whenever it’s covered up, whenever you don’t know what’s going on, wherever you’re kicked out, and not allowed to watch, immediately, of course, you’re going to assume something nefarious is going on.

That’s what we’ve said forever, you’ve got if you want faith in elections, you got to have transparency, you got to have verification, and you got to have legal remedies when those two things don’t happen. I had a recount my first race. So I lived this. We hand counted every single ballot.

And because there was transparency, all sides involved, and we had the verification of putting our hands on the ballots, nobody accused the other side of cheating when it was all over. Even though the election changed, I lost on election night by 20 votes, ended up winning by 36 out of 45,000 votes or 30,000 votes in that one. And my opponent didn’t accuse me of stealing it. Exactly what you’re asking for is what will create faith in our elections, and we need that, we desperately need faith in our elections for all sides.

Jenny Beth:

We absolutely do. Our country, one of the foundational blocks in in our society and our government is having faith in the outcome of the elections. A foundational block is that we vote and we decide who is going to govern us. And in order to respect those people who govern us in the position that they have been elected to, regardless of which party wins, we have to have faith in the outcome of the election. So we have to have elections, and we have to be able to believe the outcome of them.


And in Georgia as an example, you can have election contests like challenges to an election for fraud, absolutely, but also for misconduct and simple irregularities. So, it doesn’t have to be nefarious.


Yeah. No, I was going to ask you about that. Because you had one there, right, you had a commissioners race that everything, it was counted election night, everybody thought, okay, here’s the outcome, but when you can put your hands on the ballot and verify, it changed the election?

Jenny Beth:

Yes, that is exactly right. And this is an example of the task forces working very well together. So there was an issue, a candidate dropped out of the race, and I still haven’t figured out exactly where this happened. Somehow the ballot was not updated properly in some precincts. So a candidate who was on the ballot notice she received zero votes in her own precinct and she knew that was wrong. She voted for herself, her husband said he voted for, so she should have had at least one and if her husband was honest, two votes, but she had zero.

So she went to the election board, the citizen task force was in place paying attention to what was going on. And they wound up recounting, it really wasn’t considered a recount, they wound up hand-counting that race. And instead of her being in third place, she was actually the first place finisher. And she went on to the runoff and is now the Democrat nominee for that county commission rates in DeKalb County.

Changing the Outcome

But the task force was in place to help out to be there to do the hand count. And they didn’t care whether it was a Democrat or Republican having issues with the election. They just wanted to make sure they could trust the outcome. And I think that was a success, successfully resolving the problem in the immediate short term getting the correct result for the election. And there’s still a little bit more research being done in that race.


Yeah, that’s exactly the kind of thing that gives us faith in the election when you see Democrat, Republican, whatever party, we all play by the same rules, we all want an accurate count. And when there’s questions, everybody’s there, and you’re able to verify, I mean, there’s no reason not to want that. I don’t understand why some people in the legislatures and whatnot still fight that concept that. It seems like everybody should want this?

Jenny Beth:

They should. And the legislators should want this as well. Because if they don’t at some point, their own races may be called into question and people may doubt them. And when we start doubting the outcome of the elections, I think the foundation of our government and our society begins to have cracks and cracks in the foundation can lead to serious problems.


Yes. Yes. Well, that’s why what you’re doing is so important. It benefits all sides. There’s no particular party or our philosophy leaning group that benefits more than another: we all want to see this happen. So once again, the websites to sign up and I should have asked you, like, if I was going to volunteer for this, what kind of time commitment am I looking at? And as you said, anybody can do it, but it does take a little bit of a commitment?

Poll Watchers, Task Forces

Jenny Beth:

Yeah. So, the very least being a poll watcher would be the simplest thing that a person could do and that would be a minimum of a one day or a shift time commitment on election day to observe your polls. If you want to start a task force, of course, that’s going to take a lot more time. But we have the tools to help make that very easy for you and you can begin recruiting people to join your task force.


And it’s well worth it. What a great way. Everybody is always saying I know things are falling apart, the culture is crumbling, I don’t know what to do. Well, here’s a great opportunity to do something and not have to make it up on your own. You don’t have to go figure out how to do this. These folks are going to come alongside you. Because what Jenny Beth put together here, you just plug in, there’s a track to run on and they’ll train you on how to do it and you will be a part of the solution in helping to restore our constitutional republic.

Jenny Beth, you all do so many other great things that Tea Party Patriots, I know that we’re just highlighting one particular thing here. But really thankful for your time and coming on and sharing it with us and thank you for helping to restore election integrity.

Jenny Beth:

Oh, thank you so much for having me. Thank you very much.


We’ll have the links today at wallbuilderslive.com. Stay with us, folks, we’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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Play By the Rules


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live, Thanks for staying with us. Thanks to Jenny Beth Martin for joining us as well. I forgot to mention earlier in the program, Jenny Beth’s cofounder of Tea Party Patriots with our friend Mark Meckler, they started that all those years ago and now she’s doing this election integrity, which is incredibly important. And we want you to get involved in it at home. David and Tim, everybody can play a role in turning this thing around.


Everybody can. And I thought it was great analogy that if both sides agree on the results, you’re going to have a much happier election. It’s like one of the reasons that every football game one team goes off losing and one goes off winning, but you don’t have rights because they all agreed to the rules ahead of time and you had referees that enforce the rules fairly. So…


Now let’s clarify. I’ve been in some places where there were some football teams that had riots after losing even though everybody agreed they lost, there definitely were some sore losers, but not to digress…


Philadelphia Eagles.

Faith Wins


That’s not professional. See, it’s all these guys like your election, Rick, as you pointed out, you know, you had the recount, and both of you came out of there saying, hey, it’s switch sides, I was the loser, now I’m the winner, we agree that it was done fairly. And that’s what you want and the example even at the commissioner there.

And I think another great example comes out of Virginia because people are looking at the election saying the machines are rigged, those Dominion machines will never again win an election on Dominion machines, they’ll run out of Venezuela or whatever. Well, go to Virginia, this last off your election, just this past November, you had a new governor Youngkin who became the governor there.

And one of the great stories out of Virginia is with Faith Wins, Chad Connelly runs Faith Wins, but they identified 312 churches there in Virginia and Virginia is a place with tens of thousands churches. But these 312 said we really do want to get involved and make a difference.

And if you look at 2 Timothy 2:5, it says you can’t be crowded unless you run according to the rules. And so, what are the rules of elections? Well, we don’t have a clue. So out of those 312 churches, they found 1,343 people who said we want to know about how elections work and be part of that. 300 of them went on to be trained as state certified election officials, 1,043 as poll watchers. And Jenny Beth talked about both of those, one’s real easy, poll watchers, just one day every two years. If you want to go further, do a little more training but you can do that as well.

Election Integrity Solutions – With Jenny Beth Martin

And that group of 1,343 people identified 5.2% of the vote as being fraudulent. One guy registered in 27 different locations. If you take that 5.2% out, that’ll switch an election. And by the way, Youngkin did win and he won on Dominion machines. How come? Because there were people willing to look at the process and actually, there were three county clerks that when they found out people were going to be watching the election, three county clerks just resigned; they said, we’re not going to be part of this if you’re going to watch things.

So, having eyes on the ground makes a big deal. And it is not that hard for citizens to commit one day every two years to keep the integrity of the nation together. That’s an easy thing to do. So, what Jenny Beth has got here, this training is something that was really good for everybody to get a hold up, you can do this in your state.


Well, that’s it for today. Folks, we’re out of time, be sure to check out our website today. wallbuilderslive.com, we appreciate you listening. Make sure you listen throughout the week. You know, every Thursday, we’ve got our Foundations of Freedom Thursday program where we take your questions, if you got some ideas of things you’d like us to cover, email those questions into [email protected]. And then on Fridays, Good News Friday, bringing you good news from across the culture in every area; in every sphere, there’s good stuff happening along with the bad and the ugly, but there’s a lot of good happening as well. 

We’d like to highlight that on Fridays. And then of course, Monday through Wednesday, we bring you great guests just like Jenny Beth Martin today. And tomorrow, we got a fantastic guest Barry McKean is going to be with us. He’s at a school in Florida that’s under attack for simply standing for biblical values. You don’t want to miss that interview tomorrow.

Thanks so much for listening. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.