Election Recap – What Did The People Say?: The country saw quite a turnout for Tuesday’s elections. What did the people say? Have all the votes been counted? Don’t miss this unique update as we discuss what Tuesday’s results mean for the nation!

Air Date: 11/09/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to WallBuilders. This is the intersection of faith and the culture. We’re taking on the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. And we’re doing that, man, right after the biggest election of our lifetime. I know we say it every time. 

But I mean, this is literally the one that will determine whether we can put the brakes on this slouch towards Gomorrah, this slide into socialism that has been happening in our country. Thank you to everybody out there that has voted. If you did not vote, shame on you. And yes, you should feel guilty so that hopefully it never happens again.

Alright, David and Tim, it’s the day after. No, we are not making a movie called the day after, but it’s the day after the election. We’re actually recording sort of the midnight after the election. So there’s still a lot of returns coming in. And there’s a lot we won’t know till the end of the week, probably, unfortunately, because of the insanity of some of these third world country type election results and voting. But so far, what do you guys see across the country and the results? And, you know, how are you feeling?


Well, I think it’s interesting that really we’ve done a few of these over the last several years, where all of us have been on various media programs throughout the evening, TV and radio in different places, giving some thoughts and input along the way, it’s kind of tracking things as they go, and then having to try to get something put in place for our WallBuilders show. 


And we actually will be doing this all week long, trying to track things as it comes. Oftentimes, we will get together once or twice a week and record the programmes for the remainder of the week. And this time, especially election cycles, we try to track it as it comes.

And right now, what we’re looking at predictions were making even the night of the election. It certainly looks like Republicans have the Senate, Republicans have the House, it doesn’t look like Republicans maybe are going to win as many seats in the House as was initially anticipated that red wave could be. 

Republicans still are going to have a good control of the House. But it’s it’s worth noting that some of the seats that we thought were maybe potentially secure, were much closer and challenged and some even overturned on the Republican side, that we’re not necessarily expected.

And even looking on the Senate side, seeing some of the Senate victories, I thought it was interesting throughout the night where Republican governors were outpacing some of the Republican senators in the same states, where you had a Republican governor, Republican senator on the ballot, and there were more voters voting in favour of the Republican governor than for the Republican senator. I think it’s it’s pretty telling when in some situations, I thought the Senate candidate was even stronger than the governor and yet that Senate race was a little closer.

So to me, that was a little telling, maybe that the night and really, Rick, as you pointed out the next several days, and unfortunately, in some states, even maybe the next several weeks, as some states are predicting it might take that long before they can finally competently determine who the winner is, which is just crazy, but what they’re saying.

Questionable Happenings

It’s just very telling to me that either there is more questionable things happening with election and election integrity or that for whatever reason, there were a lot of voters disheartened. And maybe in some of the Senate cases, for example, maybe the democratic committee was putting in so much money against the Senate candidate and not as much against the governor and so it kind of tainted some of the voters against the Senate candidate as opposed to the governor. But to me, that was one of the interesting things we were tracking throughout the night.


Well, and this is coming from a very, very reliable source. But the reason for the slow returns in Pennsylvania, according to the Babylon B, which is my reliable source, the returns are slow in Pennsylvania because Fetterman is counting them himself, just so everybody knows, kidding. Babylon B humor for everybody tonight, as we record for tomorrow. Anyway, go ahead, David. Sorry, man.


I think one of the things that’s interesting about the night was how different the states were. Some like Florida, just super competent, super fast. You’ve had the governor and legislature step in there, reform that process. Six years ago, they were one of the most unreliable states in the nation. And then you look at places like Arizona that used to be really reliable, and man, the kind of breakdowns they had. And there were 17 different states with machines that broke down to some degree, some more than others.

But when you’re talking about 20-25% of the machines in Maricopa, which is Phoenix, which is where the bulk of the population is, that’s a lot of machines going down. And then you have goofy stuff going, like in Detroit, there were several 100 people who showed up to vote over the course of that particular area, and we’re told, well, you’ve already voted. No, I haven’t voted, that’s why I’m here to vote. No, no, we’re sure you’ve already voted. No, wasn’t me, I’m here to vote. And so there’s that kind of stuff going on.


And as goofy as it is to have all this stuff spread out and like Pennsylvania, it may take weeks, literally and some states prompt reporting tonight, I still got to say that like that to the degree that the Constitution allows each states to set the time, place and manner of elections. And I really liked the fact that it’s not super uniform, because that would make us think the Feds could tell us what to do on everything. 

And the fact that they can’t tell us what to do on elections per se and how to conduct them, I think that’s a really important thing for us to have that individuality of states. Now, we need better personnel, we need better enforcement, we need stuff, but we don’t need the Feds telling you, you all have to do the elections exactly the same. And the Founders are wise enough not to put that provision in there.


Well, it’s also worth noting that just because we’re saying we don’t want the federal government to come in and mandate what an election looks like in every state, and there has to be uniformity of every election, that doesn’t mean that all the people in every state couldn’t get together and say, hey, let’s be competent about this and we ought to be able to know who the winner is the day of the election.

When you look back over Florida, as right now they’re kind of one of the shining examples of what a state can be, when when Governor DeSantis was elected governor 2018, it took him weeks before he found out he was the governor because of how broken the election system was in Florida at that time, but he got elected governor, and he made that a priority. 

That was a mission for him. He actually acknowledged that no elected official, no governor should ever have to go through what he went through waiting weeks before they found out if they were the winner weeks after the election. And so he said let’s do some election reform. And dad, as you pointed out, there were a lot of individuals involved in that, the state legislature supported that motion. But the governor was the one leading those efforts.

The 2020 Elecion

And when you look at the 2020 election, where Florida was thought to be a toss up state, and President Trump won by what nearly 700,000 votes or something incredible from Florida, not only was it not close, when it comes to who was going to win, it wasn’t a toss up state, they were able to eliminate corruption, but they were able also to report in a timely manner. One of the laws in this is my recollection– 

I’m not looking this up right now reading the actual law, so this is my recollection, my recollection is that part of the package they passed in this election reform, it required that the results be turned in, I think, two or three hours after the polls closed in Florida. And so every county had to have all their results turned in, that way they could report who actually won in the state that night.

Well, these are the kinds of things that as we saw some of the issues early on the day of the election, in Arizona, Maricopa County, all these problems they were having and Carrie Lake got in front of the media and said this is ridiculous. We should not be in 2022 and not able to be competent enough to conduct elections to go through this process. And she said, if I get elected, I’m gonna make sure this doesn’t happen again.

And so dad, back to the original point, even though the federal government isn’t and shouldn’t be the ones to control how every state does it, every state should desire a level of competency in their elections, that on the election day, by that night, you should know who won, who your leaders are. And so even though this needs to happen inside the state, every state should care about this.

And Rick, I remember very well, as we were reviewing the 2020 election, how often you talked about that the election process, it needs to be transparent, it needs to be fair and I mean, just very basic things that everyone should care about. And even though this needs to happen inside the state, this should be something that especially after the 2020 election, and now it looks like in some of these states with the way they’re conducting elections where they’re acknowledging it might take weeks before we know who the winner is–


Everybody in that state should I agree that this is a terrible process and we need to change the process in this state so that we don’t have an election day and then weeks and weeks and weeks after before we know the winner. We should know the winner that day of the election. That should be a very simplistic process.

And when we’re talking about in some of these dates, they’re updating their their COVID death stats by the minute, but they can’t tabulate vote in one day, it doesn’t make any sense, except maybe that there’s a bigger underlying agenda or goal. Or it just leaves room for the conspiracy theorists out there to go see we knew it was all fraud.

It was all cheating. If you want to remove this question of fraud, then you need to be transparent, you need to be quick, you need to be competent in what you do, as Florida has shown can be done.


There are third world countries that are doing this better than us. But hey, good news, guys, Maricopa County out of Arizona says no problem, we’re going to have 99% of our votes counted by Friday. Seriously, are you kidding me, 99% counted by Friday? That’s what they’re announcing out of Maricopa County. You guys mentioned Ron DeSantis, Florida, cleaning up the voting system there, making sure that it was done quickly. Guys, we got to give a shout out to this guy. Bold leadership paid off. He was willing to lead boldly. 

He won by 20 points. I mean, this was a show-lakin in Florida. And that’s a 50/50 state. This is not big time red country. I mean, really, every election last 15-20 years, everybody waits to see what’s happening in Florida. And for him to win that big after he barely won four years ago.


I mean, he barely won, and to win with 20 points, I just think it speaks to being bold, being courageous and that pays off. Being dangerous, as we might say. Alright, so what are some of the races you guys want to point out?


Hey, Rick, in talking about DeSantis, it’s interesting that several elected Democrat officials came out and endorsed him and said, look, this is leadership. We appreciate leadership. This is what the state needs. And then you saw that happen in Georgia with Kemp, several Democrat elected officials came out and said, hey, we appreciate leadership. And what he’s done in Georgia has been really good.

And he was expected to be in a super tight race and then he wins really almost double digits in his race. And that was with Stacey Abrams, they thought that was neck and neck and he might lose. And so you saw even the same thing with Bill Lee in Tennessee, where the Democrats came out and said, we appreciate the leadership. 

And I think people do appreciate leadership, they appreciate boldness, they appreciate integrity, because these guys weren’t changing the election process to get themselves elected. They’re changing the electoral process to make it better for the citizens.

And there were guys in both parties who recognise that. And there’s just not many things in the last three to four years that Democrats and Republicans have agreed on. And I don’t think that those Democrats were largely reflected all Democrats, but I appreciate the fact that they were willing to recognise leadership.

J.D. Vance


I think, guys, too, one of the things that was interesting to me was the J.D. Vance Senate victory in Ohio, where you had Mitch McConnell, who wasn’t going to get behind and support J.D. Vance, didn’t want to put money into that race, one of a couple races where Mitch McConnell got out of, and largely because it, at least from the outside appearance, what it seemed from the news reports was J.D. Vance, saying that I’m not just going to be one of the good old boys in the Republican Party–

I’m not just going to do whatever Mitch McConnell says that there are things that are important to the people of Ohio, there are principles that I have. And because he wouldn’t get on board and say he was going to support whatever Mitch McConnell going to do, Mitch McConnell said then I’m not going to give you money.

I think it’s interesting that even though he didn’t have the financial support of the Republican Party, like some other candidates did, that he was able to pull this out. And I do think we are seeing a new breed of Republicans on some level, where we’ve kind of heard of some of these Trump Republicans.

Well, I think now we’re not just talking about Trump Republicans. I think kind of, as we were just pointing out, when you look at Governor Ron DeSantis, in Florida, I think we’re having some DeSantis kind of Republicans, people that are much more principled, that aren’t maybe as rough around some edges, as President Trump has his background was coming into office, and I’m not suggesting this is who he is now, but certainly, the baggage that President Trump had that people were able to kind of use against him and the way the media was able to demonise him in so many ways. 

Some of these Republicans don’t have that same level of baggage, which, of course, I thought was so ironic and funny, as there were Democrat media, and I’m saying Democrat media, it was really mainstream media, but they’re Democrats and supporting Democrat positions, so it’s really Democrat media, they were coming against Governor Ron DeSantis so strongly, how bad he is and how evil he is, kind of like with the ladies On the View talking about how bad this guy is.

Healthy for the Republicans

Well, what don’t you like about him? The fact that he promotes freedom and gives choices to people, let’s parents be involved in education. Like it’s crazy to me that you are so strong against this guy when you can’t really point to things he’s done. But that’s the kind of leader he’s been.

And I think there’s a breed of Republicans that are now being elected that are maybe even more reflective, or maybe resemble Governor Ron DeSantis more than Trump on some level, and I think it’s really healthy for the Republican Party.


And by the way, guys, I’ve got to say that was really excited to get through last night. We finally got past last night and any election day is officially over. And so that now means we have fully entered the presidential campaign season. And so wait a minute, but I already know of nine individuals who are running for President right now. I’ve already seen announcements scheduled for them over the next week.

You’re going to start hearing all these announcements about running for president. And so we haven’t even hardly got stuff packed up from the polling places, since we’re already at the presidential campaign.


Here I’ve been saying, David that I’ve been telling everybody today, let’s get a little bit of an off-season, right. Let’s have a little bit of an off-season where everybody go back to spring training, study the Constitution, study the process. But you’re right, man, I mean, it’s going to start immediately. But let’s definitely make sure our listeners know just because that election is over. 

Elias Coupe Gonzales

And even though there’s going to be more counting throughout this week, that does not mean we’re done. Price of freedom to turn a vigilance, we got to stay involved. Let’s not do that thing where oh, we had some victories we go home, we got to stay involved.

A couple of shout outs, guys, our friend Chris Smith in New Jersey, that was when we were a little bit worried about, pro-life guy up in New Jersey, that’s been a champion looks like he has been reelected. Our Patriot Academy graduate Elias Coupe Gonzales in West Virginia, 20 years old and he just won a house seat in West Virginia. Of course, the DeSantis victory at 20 votes. What are some of the other ones that stand out to you guys from last night?


Yeah, what stands out to me is I’m really proud of the citizens who got involved because we came into this with the memory of 2020 elections, and all the failure of the system, fresh in minds. And what I’ve been really proud of is over recent weeks as Chad Connelly and I’ve been in so many places, but one of the things we’ve seen is so many people in churches signing up and saying, hey, I want to be a poll watcher, I want to make sure the election is straight up.

And then I think that this election, despite the fact that 17 states at election problems, there were more poll watches on the ground than I have seen in any election in my lifetime. There were more people willing to say I just want to put eyes on the process. I wanted to be fair and straight up. 

And the fact that that was an emphasis and a big emphasis by the way, I think that’s really good. And even though we’ve had some, some failures, I think it’s super, super helpful when citizens don’t just vote, but they get involved in the process; and we get involved as election judges, or as poll watchers, or whatever it is, that’s just really healthy to me.

2 Timothy 2:5

And again, you go back to the thing in 2 Timothy 2:5, you can’t win unless you’re running according to the rules. And most voters don’t even know the rules or the elections, they just know they go vote and they vote for whoever they’re going to vote for. But we’re starting to get people involved in the process, starting to learn how it works. And that does nothing but make the whole system healthier. So I want to give a shout out to all those people who not only voted but who went out of their way to be part of the process.


Yeah, great point, man. Great point. Absolutely. Alright, let’s take a quick break. Everybody out there that was involved, thank you. If you did not vote at all, it’s time to repent. 

I mean that. The sin of silence, don’t let that ever happen to you again. I hope you feel terrible and guilty tonight so that you never ever make that mistake again. But for all of you that did vote, God bless you and thank you for being involved in not just voting but being a part of the movement and actually being part of the grassroots out there engaged in the process, just as David was talking about. 

Stay with us, folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders. We’ll be right back. This is election results from the 2022 general election.


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We’re back here at WallBuilders. Thanks for staying with us. It’s the day after the election. We’re actually in the wee hours of the morning the day after the election. So there’s still a lot to come in. David and Tim, you all been reporting all night on American stands and watching all of these races very closely.

We had governor’s races, we had congressional races, state legislative races, local ballot races, it was up and down the ballot and win some, lose some but overall, maybe not as big of a red wave as everybody expected, but definitely a red wave.

A Big Majority?


Yeah. And as we’re recording this programme, hopefully we are all going to get a few hours of sleep, and then we will be up and we’ll be on several media outlets and TV programmes throughout the day as well. And by that point, I think we will know more hopefully that some of these races that they have yet to be called at this point, hopefully some of them will be called so we’ll have even more to report tomorrow. And obviously, as we continue to record these programmes throughout the week, we’ll be able to update people along the way as well.

One of the things that I think is going to be interesting is if we’re looking big picture kind of where things are right now, and maybe there’s not quite as big of a wave as was anticipated but it looks like Republicans will control the House and the Senate, if that happens, but it’s not a big majority, that definitely can change some of the tactical and strategic operations of what was maybe predicted and projected, had there been big majorities.

Because if you win 54 or 55 Republican seats in the Senate, I think you can do things a lot differently than if you have 51 or 52 seats. Because there are we know some Republican senators that are a little squish and that don’t have the same level of boldness and courage and they kind of flake on some issues. 

At the same time. If in the House, we know it takes 218 for one side to have the majority, and Republicans looks like we’ll definitely have more than 218. But if they end up getting to 225, or 230, that’s very different than they had 240 or 250, just based on that majority.

A Bill Clinton Type?

And again, because you have Republicans in Congress that are not as strong on some issues, they’re maybe not as principally driven on on some of the social, some of the moral issues, or sometimes even the economic issues, were so often they’re okay with increasing the debt and increasing the spending and increasing taxes, and so I think what’s going to be interesting is to see how some of the strategy shifts with what can be done. 

And that even includes on on some of these committees where Republicans have talked about, they want to have committees and they want to bring Dr. Fauci back in, for example, and they want to talk to him because he has clearly lied in multiple occasions and so let’s bring him in and talk to him. Well, if you have a very small, simple majority, it again changes the dynamic of what you can do and how you can do it, even having these committees.

So it will be interesting, as we go throughout this week to see what the majority actually looks like for Republicans, because it will limit maybe the level of the repudiation of the Democrat plan and policy that is reflected in the House and the Senate, but also the power, they will have to slow down the Biden agenda on some level.


And let me jump in on that point, because we really do need to talk about expectations here. Republicans get the House, they get the Senate, what is that going to change? Really all it’s going to change is the rate at which bad stuff comes down, you’re not going to see a reversal of any Biden policy.

Because anything to house the Senate do the President has to sign off on and he’s not going to sign off on new laws that they’ll pass to reverse him. He may try to work with it. If he was a Bill Clinton kind of guy, he would say, you know, the people have spoken, I need to get on with the people.

Hearings Are Not Laws.

And Bill Clinton did a lot of stuff, welfare reform, he signed the bills. That was the guy that listened to the people. But I don’t think the Biden is going to be that guy. He’s going to double down and say, well, you guys just didn’t understand my message. Let me get tougher with my message. 

So you may see more executive orders, you may see more stuff coming out of the his executive departments as agencies, even if hearings are held, which they’re promising hearings in both the House and Senate on on things like the FBI and what’s happening with the politicisation of that, the weaponization of it, the same with the border, they’re gonna do hearings. Yeah, but hearings are hearings. 

Hearings are not laws. And so they can shine light on it. But what if the liberal media doesn’t cover any of the hearings, it doesn’t show what’s out there?

So what you can expect is you can expect a lot of the bad stuff to slow down coming down. But don’t go in here saying, hey, we elected Republicans and they didn’t do anything. No, no, this is a constitutional system, it takes all three branches to do something, you need to limit your expectations to what is constitutionally possible. 

Now, this is the first step you have to do this before you can get the other branch or change anything else. And this probably will force the president to make better nominees per judiciary there aren’t as progressive. Because when you have a majority in the Senate, at least they can vote down some judges and not put some of the progressives on the bench. So it can improve some things. But don’t expect that to be covered. And don’t expect that you’re going to see and hear a massive change as a result.


And this is also not to say this is a negative for us. As we’re looking at things right now, there’s still a lot that’s undetermined, undecided. As we’ve already mentioned, we’re recording this, the night after we’ve been doing a lot of election programming coverage, and the results were just really slow coming out from a lot of states.

There’s probably a lot of reasons for that. A lot of states have moved to a lot more mail-in ballots and those take a lot longer to process and count. Unfortunately, there’s also the opportunity for more fraud in some of these areas. So there’s challenges with this.

Election Recap – What Did The People Say?

However, there’s still a lot undetermined and this does not mean it’s a bad thing. So don’t don’t listen this programme and go away thinking, man, it’s so bad this, this isn’t good. Well, it may be is not as resounding of a victory as we were hoping for. But it doesn’t mean that good things did not come up with this. 

And dad, I think one of the best things that came with this, as you mentioned, guys, we’ve talked about this a lot travelling all over the nation, one of the best things has been how many people are waking up, and now getting involved in the process. And we’ve talked about this before.

If you look at the American Revolution, the American Revolution actually did not happen, wasn’t one battle the Americans win. No. The American Revolution, there was over 250 battles in the American Revolution. The American patriots lost the majority of those battles. George Washington was only part of 17 battles in the American Revolution, he only won six of them. 

That’s not a majority. The Americans lost a lot of battles, but they ended up winning the war because they didn’t stop fighting the battles. They stay involved for the long game. And what’s so encouraging to me is there’s so many people that are waking up, that are getting involved, and even though we might have won everything we wanted to in this election cycle, if we will stay involved, we can end up winning this war.


Alright, folks, we’re out of time for today. We will be recording a new programme for tomorrow that will have a lot more updates. As we said, you know, a lot of results still coming in. There’ll be more coming in throughout the week, but we’re going to know a lot more are tomorrow’s programmes. So be sure to tune in for more election results. Thanks so much for listening to WallBuilders. You’re a blessing to us and to our country by being involved and we’re still going to save this constitutional republic.