Election Results – Which Way Is The Country Going?: The votes are in…or, coming in. What do the results mean? Today we take a look at the outcome of key races across the nation, and discuss what it means for the future of our nation. Tune in to hear expert analysis of the 2020 elections that you don’t want to miss!

Air Date: 11/04/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live, and it’s the day after the election. Thanks for joining us. My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. And I’m here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders, and Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. Check us out at wallbuilderslive.com. You can get more information there.

But here we are, guys, early in the morning, on the day after the election, there’s a lot known, and there’s still a lot not known. And some of our listeners, of course, going to get this later in the day, and there’ll be even more known by the time they listen, but you guys have been at it all night broadcasting on a major network. And you know, you’ve been right there counting the votes looking at almost precinct by precinct in some of these States. So catch us up what, out to you guys, as you were diving into it tonight.


First of all, Rick, let’s point out that we had a very late night, and this is a very early morning as we’re starting, and so there’s certainly limitations of what we know this morning that we didn’t know last night. Because pretty much it’s all the same we’re seeing right now just because, again, we are starting too early, and we probably can go ahead and just say if we say some things that maybe sound a little crazy, it’s because we didn’t really get a whole lot of sleep last night.

But certainly, one of the things that we can see looking at this morning, kind of looking a little bit retrospect last night, some of the things that maybe we initially anticipated were a little different, although it didn’t change a whole lot of what we think might be the outcome of the election. One of the things, guys, that I know we had talked about was, we thought there was potential for there to be a much bigger Electoral College win for President Trump, and right now, that does still look to be a very good path to victory.

Can They Just Stop Counting?

Even last night when President Trump came out and gave a little speech and he pointed out that some of the States that seemed to just stop counting at that time were States that he was up and some of them up significantly. In Georgia, it didn’t make sense they weren’t calling Georgia, didn’t make sense they weren’t calling North Carolina, he was up in both those States, they should have gone ahead and called those.

And so certainly, it did seem a little weird, it did seems skewed. Some question marks and make you wonder, is somebody doing something a little corrupt or crooked, something they shouldn’t be doing? And in the midst of all of that, recognizing that with what’s being left, if President Trump wins Alaska, if he wins Georgia, if he wins North Carolina, if he wins, Wisconsin, and wins Michigan, which all of those states he is up in, he’s trending in, then very much looks like he will win in.

He’s got more than 270 votes, which is what he needs to maintain the presidency. So for us, one of the things that we didn’t see was quite as big of an electoral win as we thought might be there, but it certainly does look like he’s in a position to maintain the presidency.


Yeah. And when you say he’s up in those States, I mean, we’re talking about 100,000 or more in most of those States, and nearly that even in North Carolina, so significant leads. And I don’t know, guys, you guys have done this a lot more than I have in terms of coverage of a presidential election, but typically, you have that big a lead, they tend to call those States. So I realized there’s certain precincts or whatnot that might go heavily for the other guy, and so you hold off for a little while.

The Rust Belt

But it just seems like there’s definitely a different standard this year, and I get it, and it is close, and we may not know for few days because of the mail-in ballots and all that with Pennsylvania. But as I understand it, I mean, he really just needs to win two of those three up there. What do they call that? The Rust Belt and something like that, the Michigan, Wisconsin, PA, you know, if he wins two of those three, then he’s probably got it.


Yeah, thank you does probably have it and it’s interesting I’ve seen it, the people up there tend to call it the steel belt, from what I can see, and people down here tend to call it the rust belt. So I don’t know, maybe it’s the rusty feel belt or something. But he does appear to have a really good path to victory, and by the way, I’ll just add in what Tim was saying. The reason we were up so late was we were doing live coverage really on multiple networks. And so we started really closer to about three o’clock in the afternoon on stuff because things were already starting to happen, you had the early reports from New Hampshire, elsewhere.

So we had really kind of, I don’t know, what is it 10, 12, 13 hours of coverage, and so there’s still a lot of paths forward as Tim pointed out. But that area up there, if he gifts those States, and there’s no reason to believe that he won, I’ll have to add to, Rick, to what you said. I even did some interviews along the way with other networks tonight, and they were all asking, have you seen an election before were they just stopped counting in the middle of the election when your way up and you have a good lead and they just suddenly stopped counting? And the answer is no, I’ve never seen that.

So it really was a strange election thing last night; we actually looked at a lot of other States. And one of the things that I found remarkable is that some $11 billion were spent in this election cycle. And the overwhelming majority of that was by Democrats against Republicans, in many cases 2:3:1 were outspent in races.

Withstanding the Media Onslaught

And so for the Republicans to withstand that type of a media onslaught and come out in a position where that looked like you had to win, and then suddenly they just kind of called the game on account of whether or whatever it was, I mean, I think that in itself is a massive story, just that you survived, not only the 11 billion, but all the earned media that goes with all the networks who are attacking you, and it’s an amazing onslaught against this. And it still looks like, he’s going to win.


And David, we got to zero in on that, because I think what you’re saying is so important for people that are listening to understand. Because if they’re looking at a local race, they might have lost or they’re looking at how close the presidential race is, they may get a little despondent or whatnot. And they need to understand the headwinds that we were against in this race, with the media, with education, with entertainment.

I mean, all of it, vehemently opposed to this president and that the restoration of constitutional values and biblical values. I mean, it was an onslaught. And yet even with that, they should have walked away with a huge victory, and they didn’t. There’s a really good chance that Trump still wins. It looks like we’ll hold the Senate, right? I mean, I think they flipped two and we flipped one, so what will most likely be in that…


It actually looks like we may pick up two in the Senate, and they flip two, and we get two…


Oh, that’s right. Because in Michigan, we got that James seat looks like we probably get that. Yeah.

Senate Seats


That’s right. That’s right. And so if that’s the case, consider that that we did not lose any Senate seats. And as we recall in the Senate races, it really was amazing. I mean, you look at a race like in Montana race, and Montana is less than a million people. I mean, it’s one of those states that has three electoral votes, that’s as small as you get, and yet they spent $70 million on the senate race there.

Steve Daines who won that race, a good Christian guy, Republican guy, he was outspent by margin of 2:1 in that race, and with all the negatives, and I was in the state just before the election. And man, the ads they had against him were really, really good ads from the sense that they were really affected and messaging and communication and they had a nice soft tone to them, etc. and he withstood all that and won.

And then Joni Ernst was the same way in Iowa. I mean, she’s spent almost 3:1 in Iowa by a Democratic opponent. And two weeks ago, she was like 12 points down, and she ends up wining tonight by very safe margin. And that was a story just across the country.

You know, Lindsey Graham looked like he was not going to be able to win, and they put what, 160 million total in that senate race. And again, South Carolina is not a big state. So you look at all the onslaught that was there, plus all the earned media that the Democrats did not have to pay for because they own so many networks that are in their pocket.

I mean, I thought the senate itself, the fact that you went through that kind of massive amount of spending, that kind of attacks, that kind of media attacks, and you end up the night where you were, I mean, you withstood the storm, you withstood all the attacks, you withstood the tornadoes, and you didn’t lose anything. I think it’s one of the great stories of the night, in addition to the fact that President Trump was able to do the same thing with all the headwinds he had.

The House


That’s such a good word, and we saw that in house races as well right here. And where I live, Chip Roy, they threw everything they had at him, really thought that they were going to defeat him and he won and that across the board. I think, in fact, I don’t know if you guys have numbers on this yet because some of them haven’t come in, but not only did we not lose more seats in the House.

I think we picked up a few seats in the House. So I mean, honestly, the posters and the major media have to be licking their wounds tonight. Guys, quick break. We’ll be right back more coverage of what happened last night in the election and what’s still to come today and over the next few days. Stay with us you’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. It is the day after the election. Early in the day, and there’s a lot more going to happen today. So be sure to tune in throughout the week. We’ll be covering more tomorrow and Friday, and a lot of different things on the ballot across the country. We won’t get to a lot of that today. So stay with us tomorrow, and Friday, and we’ll get to some more of those ballot initiatives and different things. Right now, really talking presidential race, Senate and US House, of course, obviously State legislatures are so much on the ballot that hasn’t been covered yet.

But just in general, guys, do I have this, right? So the presidential race down to the wire leans Trump right now most likely, if he can hold this lead in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, he wins, Senate, maybe a wash stays the exact same, they pick up two seats, a beat two of our folks, we beat two of their folks; and then House, Republicans pick up a few seats, but don’t gain the majority, but democrats didn’t get a stronger majority. Is that a pretty decent review of overall on the federal elections?

Mail-In Ballots


Yeah, Rick, I think there’s probably a correct assessment from what we’re seeing from what we were tracking last night. You know, as you mentioned, here in Texas, with how many millions of dollars report and the fact that basically nothing changed in Texas when it comes to congressional seats and house seats, and so this is similar across the nation.

What we were saying and so there’s a lot of states where Senate seats are undetermined. But right now, it looks essentially a wash in the US Senate, which it was estimated, we were very hopeful that there would be a very strong red wave on the other side, so many of the outlets for predicting a very strong blue wave.

And really, we haven’t seen a wave much of any direction other than maybe two waves crashing into each other, and neither wave of gaining a whole lot of ground. And so that certainly is what we’ve seen. Again, we’re recording this very early in the morning, there’s probably some things that hopefully will be decided today.

It’s possible that some of these states will try to draw things out with mail-in ballots. And so we might not know some of the house seats and some of the Senate races and some of the governors and certainly the president, it might take a while for this to be known. And it does seem like there’s some little games going on.

So one of the things that is probably worth saying right now for all the listeners is that this is certainly time for prayer, that we need to pray that God help expose. If there are people trying to cheat, if there’s people doing corrupt things, that God would help expose the works of darkness and bring it to light.

It’s Time to Pray

Pray the people who are doing wrong to get caught, and that God would have mercy on this nation and help, in His mercy, let leaders be elected and chosen, who can once again promote and try to restore levels of righteousness. Knowing that is what America needs, is that level of godliness and righteousness, kind of that restoration of the biblical morality.

Which as we talked about, from a constitutional perspective, or Founding Father perspective, the reason the Founding Fathers were able to promote levels of freedom that they did in America was because there was the underpinnings of morality, which allows freedom to work. And then underpinning morality was from Christianity, that’s where they came from.

And this is what is, is really lacking in our nation. And so as Christians, this is where we need to pray more that God would help restore that morality, help restore some of that in our nation, now obviously use us in the midst of it. But then also, for any corruption to be exposed, for those people they caught.

Because what we’re looking at now is even though President Trump has a very good chance still, there’s some people who don’t have the ethics and morals to say, we’re going to do this thing fairly and justly and whatever happened that happened. No, there’s people who want to cheat, to make sure their side wins. And so we need to pray that God intervenes this situation, because we’re definitely in that moment, it could go either way. And so we definitely need God’s help, so it’s a good time to pray in the midst of all this going on.


And pray specifically for those legal counsels, is obviously going to end up in courts across the country, so pray for that that legal counsel. David, would you comment on something if I could ask that Tim just said? That it was really like to a blue wave and a red wave crashing into each other. You know, if we had not had the massive outpouring in the last few weeks of this red wave of people coming out and showing their patriotism.

Holding Back a Leftist Takeover

They were waving the flags in the car, you know, lines 90 miles long and all of that happening, the blue wave would have, I mean, we would be looking at a leftist take over the country. So just speak to that in terms of all of those people that really did step up in the last few weeks and might be today feeling like, well did it work or not, right? I mean, they save the country from a leftist takeover, if nothing else, just by holding the Senate.


Yeah, there was a big wave of what we would call enthusiasm. And we were talking earlier about money and let me give you another example of that about the unbelievable amount of money that went to it. Rick, you’re state rep, you know what state rep races are like.

And in Texas, a state rep race might be 200,000-250,000, something assort. Democrats focused on state rep races in Texas from the outside. In other words, Texas was a target from Democrats all across the nation. There were two races that I heard of just yesterday, were that in the last two weeks, Democrats poured $2 million into each one of those state rep races against the Republican state reps. $2 million in a state rep race, are you kidding me when they go for 200,000?

And one of the Democrats in the last eight days received over 30,000 separate donations, and they came from the East Coast and the West Coast. And if anybody knows, Texas, we’re not on the Pacific Coast or the Atlantic Coast, we may be one of the nation’s farthest from both coasts, and yet both coast weighed in and Texas in a massive way. And so when you have that kind of momentum going against you, and the impact of money and elections are very substantial, how come it didn’t work?

It didn’t work, because the as Tim mentioned, the red wave stood up and took the onslaught and took the brunt. It wouldn’t we outspend them that we came anywhere close to spend, you know, but there was enough enthusiasm on the part of the people that wanted to save America, wanted to say the morals and the values and the tone that believed that America could be saved, should be saved, and while she’s made mistakes, she’s made so many things right, and can still make things right.


I mean, it was those people that stood up and took the brunt of everything that could be thrown against them. And as Tim said, it was a clash of the red wave with the blue wave, but they had a lot more resources. But we had a lot more backbone, courage and enthusiasm, and people showed up in that countered the other side, I think that’s a great story.


Yeah. And David, I may or may not have these numbers exactly right. But I know as I looked an hour ago, on those main races that they put all that money into, I think there were nine target, because I think the margin in Texas is only 7 or 8 votes or 9 votes, I forget. But they targeted 9 Republicans to take out and I think they only got one. And there was another one too close to call last that I look. But that tells you, I mean, even right there on the local level in Texas, that red wave standing up against that blue wave is…


Yeah, it stood up. And we actually talked to some folks just before the polls closed that thought that Texas could lose as many as 16 or 17 State House seats. And so to take all of that and lose one and have another one too close to call, I mean again, it’s just you can’t imagine what that is to stand up against the whole army coming against you and you feel like that you’re the only one out there and yet withstand that and be able to still be standing at the end of the battle is just it’s good stuff.


Quick break again, guys. We’ll be right back, folks, getting some election coverage, the morning after the big day. There will be a lot more coming at you tomorrow and the next day on WallBuilders Live as well. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

The Founders’ Bible

The Founding Fathers of America made a habit of reading through the Bible once a year. There’s no better source of wisdom and it is applicable to every issue in our lives. What a great time for us as American citizens to take this time. If you’ve got extra time at home now, if you’re quarantined at home and you’re looking for something to do, what better thing could there be to do than to read through the Bible, maybe for the first time in your life?

I tried to make this a habit several years ago and I had a new tool to start doing that with and it was called the Founders’ Bible. It gave me a chance not only to read through the Bible once a year, but also to learn history while I was doing that. And what I love about the Founders’ Bible is that as I’m reading that Scripture, then all of a sudden, there’ll be an article inserted right there by that Scripture about what the Founding Fathers learned from that specific verse or chapter and how they applied it to launch our new.

It’s a really fun way to learn. It’s incredibly empowering and it has answers for today. The Bible is full of all the right answers for today, in fact, it’s the only source that has all the right answers.

So, if you haven’t read through the Founders’ Bible, I challenge you and encourage you get a copy of the Founders’ Bible today, it’s available at wallbuilders.com, and we even have a digital version, so you can do this on your phone or iPad or computer. Check out the Founders’ Bible today, make it a part of your regular reading throughout the year. But right now is a great opportunity to read through the Founders’ Bible. Check it out today at WallBuilders.com.

What Does the Word of God Say?


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. It’s the morning after the election, still a lot that we don’t know, much closer to last night, then really both sides I think had expected. David, Tim, you did coverage on this on some networks last night.

So you have been diving into a lot of this data and the stats, and we’ve talked about some of that outcome. What should our listeners be thinking at this point what to expect today, and how do we respond as citizens? Now that the voting is over, does that mean, are we done, that we already do our part or is there more to do?


Well, one of the things that I think is certainly worth discussing, we mentioned it already in the last segment is that this is a great time to be praying because the outcome is not yet decided. And this is certainly something that there are some interesting biblical examples.

I think we could look some in the Old Testament where there were some kings going to war, and they said, man, we don’t know how we’re going to win this, it looks so hard. And kind of the method they follow, they said, well, we just need to praise God, the priest shows up today, you need to praise God, you need to talk to God, you need to pray to God. And in the midst of this, God went before them and gave them victory.

And so that is certainly one aspect that we want to make sure we are prayerful, and that we communicate with God. Now, in the same side, we could talk about again, [inaudible 21:23] something like Old Testament. We also talked about the fact that the Israelites many times were defeated by their enemies, and there were times when as a nation, they cease to be godly, that God turned them over to their depravity, and they were conquered by their enemies.

States in Play

And so there were some tough times, that’s also biblical, and we’re in a situation we don’t for sure know which way this is going to go. Certainly we need to pray. God is a good and worthy God regardless of the outcome. But ultimately, as Christians, our job doesn’t change, we’re supposed to love God and love people. And we’re supposed to do everything we can in this nation, as long as we are here.

Rick, you mentioned, right, the vote is over now, there’s not a lot we can do with the vote. But certainly, we stay engaged, we stay engage, recognizing that one of the most important things in this nation is family anyway, so we’re engaged with our family, we’re loving our family, and our spouse and our kids.

And so our role and job hasn’t really changed regardless of the outcome. But we do expect to see some results today, it could be that Pennsylvania and some of these states where they have many, many days to get mail votes in, that it might be a week before some of this is decided and prayerfully that’s not.

You guys probably recall a little better than I do, back in 2000 when in the Bush/Gore election, it was 39, whatever, 30 something days before the election was decided. Man, I’m praying that some situation we’re in. But again, that’s one of those things not unprecedented, it could happen.

So this might not be decided right away, although it could be sometime today. We find out that the states like Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Alaska, all went for Trump, and then Trump gets victory today. So there’s a lot yet to be determined. But as Christians, our job hasn’t changed. We need to reach out and ask God for help. We need to pray. And then we love God, we serve people, and we keep living the life God’s called us to live.

Some Shady Stuff


David, you prayed the other night on a call that I had the chance to hear you praying. And one of the things you prayed about was some of those scriptures about turning the evil plans on them, that God would turn that on them. And man, there’s no doubt that that is happening. I’m hearing from people, friends we have in Michigan and other states that are saying, hey, we know there’s some shady stuff happening, and we’re trying to get it exposed. So that’s something to pray for too, right, that evil would be exposed and that people that would try to cheat that they would be caught.


Yeah, we do want to pray, Rick, that kind of stuff is exposed, it needs to come to light. God does not want wickedness to prevail. And even if it’s hidden wickedness, it needs to come to light. So that’s a good prayer. Pray for confusion. But I think, even our own attitudes, we have to examine ourselves in this thing, because, as I mentioned, we withstood a massive onslaught.

And I’m going to make this assumption that based on the probabilities of one, we’re going to bed really, really early this morning, now we’re doing this this morning, I’m going to think that President Trump probably wins this thing. And if that’s the case, the deal is that is not the time to relax. This is like the D-day invasion.

If you remember World War II, we built up our forces and we stood everything that the Nazis threw against us and Japanese and we finally get that D-day invasion where we could go on the offensive. And that invasion was really, really hard, we lost a lot of lives there.

But we didn’t celebrate that now we’ve made the beaches and now we’ve taken the beach head and let’s enjoy the beaches. No. That became a place from which we lost out and became aggressive and took over and went into the country and took it away from the enemy. And I think that’s what’s in front of us now.

Reason to Be Encouraged

We’ve got to move through and take over things from the legislature, get the swamps out of the legislature, get them out of the local school districts, get them out of the local city councils, we’ve got to be on the offensive and move forward. In addition to moving forward on offense, we also have to have a lot of courage.

We saw before the election that so many conservatives just kind of went silent because it was so mean on the other side, but don’t expect them to start being nice now. But you can’t go silent because of that. You can’t start backing up just because they go on the offensive. So I think that’s the thing we all have to get in mind. We have to be offensive-minded, we have to be courageous, and we have to start taking back some turf.

Election Results – Which Way Is The Country Going?


Our work is not done. In fact, there is much for us to do as citizens throughout the year, not just right after the election. Folks, this is a time to redouble our efforts. We should be encouraged by the results that we see so far, and the fact that even with all of those headwinds, the American people are still saying no to leftism, and Marxism and all of those things. But we need each and every one of us to stand.

So be praying, start getting involved, get on our websites, get on the email list, start doing Constitution classes, start getting other people in your church involved in this as well. This is just the beginning, folks and our children, our grandchildren, whether or not they live in freedom is going to depend on what we do right now. So I hope you’ll take that to heart. We got a lot more coming up with results on the election. So tune in tomorrow and Friday, we’ll be talking election all week.

We sure appreciate you listening to WallBuilders Live!