Election Results.  Hear a good news report regarding the election results from across the nation that you may not have seen in the media!  Issues discussed include Trump”€™s, conservative appointments, pro-life, healthcare, Klu-Klux-Klan candidate losing, and evangelical voter turnout!

Air Date: 12/9/2016

Guests: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton



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Votes Still Being Counted


David, Tim, it’s Good News Friday. We try to do this on every Friday. Give you guys a chance to pull out your stacks of good news you’ve been hanging onto and collecting over the last few weeks.  Most of which we don’t hear on the major media outlets.  Always enjoy Fridays with you guys. And looking forward to diving into some good news. Who’s Up first, David or Tim?


I’m going to take it Rick. We’re going to talk about the presidential election. I know everybody thinks they’re tired of that. But let me tell you, all the votes still have not yet been counted. Usually it takes about six weeks after the election to get all the military ballots, absentee ballots, and all the votes are still coming in.  We’ve already seen some shift in results in states like Michigan and states like Wisconsin, elsewhere. They’re not done counting all the votes. Even North Carolina to this time so close races are still being decided.

Confirmed: The Highest Evangelical Voter Turnout In Any Modern Election

Because of that, it’s appropriate to look back just a little bit at the election as numbers are in.. We have confirmed that indeed this was the highest evangelical voter turnout in any modern election. So the results in this election that put more conservatives in office at the state level, local level, that did so at the congressional level.  They thought they might lose the Republicans, might lose the U.S. Senate. That did not happen. Not even close.

So  you look there and what happened? Well evangelical Christians turned out. And in this case of president, they voted for Trump by a margin of 81 to 13 over Hillary Clinton. So overwhelmingly came out. There were four million more evangelicals that voted this election than the voted four years ago. That made all sorts of difference. We’ll see if Republicans choose to do anything with this.

The Most Constitutional Platform in Republican history.

I’m talking Republicans and Democrats only from the standpoint of  not partisanship. But at the standpoint that they both have a platform. In my case, we’ve talked before. I was one of the ones who helped write the Republican platform this year and it’s a very conservative.  It’s considered the most conservative, most constitutional friendly platform that we’ve had in modern Republican history. The reason that’s significant is 89 percent of Republicans in office follow the platform. 73 percent of Democrats follow their platform. They have the most democrats and the most pro-abortion, anti-marriage, anti traditional value platform in their history.  And 73 percent of Democrats followed that.

So from my standpoint as a constitutional conservative with Biblical values who believe in Biblical teachings, the Republican platform is much where I want to see the nation head in those areas. And so, the fact that Christians turned out and they put Republicans back in office were that 89 percent of them followed the platform. That could spell good things for the country. We’ll see. My belief has been that Mitch McConnell in the Senate is the biggest roadblock to anything that changes in D.C. at this point under Republicans. We’ll see if he’s willing to go along with this. But having said all of that, there are some things that came out of the election that didn’t get talked about very much that ought to be mentioned because this is some good news out of the election that is on down ballot type of races.

Oregon Secretary Of State Responsible For Persecuting Aaron and Melissa Kline Was Defeated.

For example, you go to Oregon.  And Oregon state – a very blue state, but there was one thing that happened in Oregon that kind of surprised folks. You may recall that a few years ago Aaron and Melissa Kline with Sweet Cakes Bakery were attacked by the state because they did not want to personally participate in a homosexual wedding. Their Christian faith said, “€œNo, we think marriage is between a man and a woman.”€  And we can’t put ourselves into your wedding. We can supply you with stuff and we sell to homosexuals and others at the store, but we’re not going to participate and be a part of your homosexual wedding.”€

Well, for doing that, the state came after them basically shut down their business, took $144,000 out of their bank account.  And the guy who did that was the secretary of state and he got defeated in this election. So the guy who went after this was such an egregious attack on saying, “€œI’m not forcing you to do anything but don’t force me to do something either.”€ Christians are saying , “€œJust leave us alone.”€


This was the government official basically was using the government to force these people to go against their religious conviction. Is that an issue in the race? I didn’t follow that race at all? I assume it would have been.

Soros Was Involved In Secretary Of State Projects


It was. This is the guy that was known for that. And so he’s now removed from that slot. And I think this guy goes back to when George Soros was doing the secretary of state projects and they work so hard. That was a down ballot race and Soros was putting these guys in Oregon, Washington,Iowa, Minnesota,  and other places. They’re the ones who counted the ballots and did this kind of stuff. Now he’s lost his seat.  He still has an appointed board that is on for another two years. But his elected seat in office is now gone which is a really good thing for other folks, particularly Christian folks in Oregon who want to express their faith and values.  So that’s one piece of good news.

Colorado Said No To Single Payer Healthcare System


A second piece of good news comes down ballot in Colorado. Now Colorado, on the one hand, by a 70% / 30% margin said, “€œWe want to sell suicide drugs over the counter.”€ Which is an amazing thing. But as liberal as they were in Colorado,  and they stayed a blue state. As  liberal as they were,  they weren’t liberal enough to go to a single payer healthcare system for the state. They overwhelmingly rejected that. Nearly 80% of those in Colorado said that’s too far. And of course that’s what Obamacare was trying to do, is move toward that single payer health care system.  Even Colorado said that’s a bridge too far. So that’s good news that Colorado was willing to go that far.

Klu Klux Klan, David Duke, Got His Head Handed To Him


And then the third down ballot race comes from Louisiana where that David Duke was on the ballot in Louisiana. Ku Klux Klan guy-


Wait, David Duke, the guy that ran for governor years ago?  No kidding?


Yes.  He was running for U.S. senator in Louisiana.  And that’s,  of course, where liberals say, “€œWell, the Klan still really active.”€ He got his head handed to him.


That’s great.


His political career went down in flames again. He was on the ballot and  -the Klan guy- he ran as a Republican.  And that”€™s where they would say, “€œSee, Republicans have the Klan.”€ No we absolutely crushed him and said, “€œYou don’t represent us.”€ And Louisiana crushed him as well ,by the way, and said, “€œYou don’t represent what Louisiana stands for.”€ So that’s another piece of good news from down ballot that really didn’t make national news. But there’s a lot of down ballot stuff that really was good news across the nation.


We’ll take a quick break.  We’ll come back and get some more good news! Stay with us here on WallBuilders Live!

Find the truth

Tim Outro:

Hey guys. This is Tim Barton with WallBuilders. I know you hear my dad and Rick talk a lot about our Founding Fathers about the original intent of our nation a constitutional heritage that we have and really we’ve seen how far we slipped away from that. And I know a lot of us, as we hear my dad and Rick talking, I wish there was a place that I could go and I could see these documents and I could read and learn about the Founding Fathers firsthand, see the things they did.

So I want to give you some websites today that can help you accomplish that very thing. If you go online you can go to places like Library of Congress and you can look under their century of lawmaking or historical documents. You can go to the Avalon Project, the Founders”€™ Constitution, and Google Books or even the internet archives or you can just go to WallBuilders website.

We have a section for our library. And under that section, we have different subgroups for historical documents, historical writings, even a place where you can get helpful links to find out more information about other websites, where you can do research for yourself and find the truth for yourself.  Friends, this is the time that we need to know who we are and where we came from. WallBuilders.com is a great place to go.


We”€™re back! Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live!  This is Good News Friday today. Find out more on our website WallBuilders.com and WallBuildersLive.com.

David started with good news in the first segment.  David, you were talking about that Louisiana race and during the break, Tim was asking about how — And I kind of recall this from a few years ago when one of the U.S. Senators got elected, there was a bunch of people running in the November election.  Which here in Texas it’s only two people a Republican and a Democrat maybe some third parties but mainly two. How does this work in Louisiana and is that race not over yet?

Jungle Primaries Louisiana


Well, in Louisiana the race is not over. They do not have a U.S. senator for that particular slot yet. They are like California. There’s I think three states that have what are called Jungle Primaries. You don’t run as a party and the party doesn’t put someone up.  You just run as an individual. I think in this Senate race in Louisiana there were 16 or 17 folks running.

It happens that one Republican one Democrat made the top two. So they’re in a runoff. If somebody doesn’t get that 51 percent or 50 percent plus one, then you go to a runoff. And in this case it’s a Republican vs Democrat.  I think Kennedy is Republican.  I think- was it Bastante is a Democrat?

So I think as the first week of December, an early part of December, they will have their race to see who will be the U.S. senator from Louisiana. It is expected widely that it will be Republican. That has been a red state for about four elections now. So it’s expected that Kennedy will win that. That will be a Republican U.S. Senate seat.

Jungle Primaries California

Jungle Primary, on the other hand, in California people run there but the runoff there is between two Democrats. Republican doesn’t even get on the ballot in California.  They are way too liberal. So you don’t get an alternative there. But that’s a problem with Jungle Primaries is you don’t get much of a choice, usually. And you have so many people running that split the vote that you all end up as California with only Democrats as your only option which is not an option a lot of people like.

Election Results Turned Out 4 million More Evangelical Voters This Time


Hey, one other point of clarification from your comments in the first segment, you said there was were four million more evangelicals this go around than voted in the presidential election?


Yeah, four million more in total numbers. And generally evangelical voter turnout is about 23 percent of the electorate. It was 26 percent this time. So they over performed what they normally do and they had four million total numbers higher in actual number of voters who voted than four years ago.


Oh, so four million more all voters not just evangelical voters?


No, four million more evangelicals voted.


Really!? Isn”€™t that more than the margin in 2012? Wasn”€™t it  like a 3 million vote margin-


Well, it was a five million vote margin, initially.  And ended up being a 7 million vote margin after they counted all those ballots over the next six weeks. But you would have taken that extra four and you’re looking at some switches there. They might have voted on the other side and voted differently this time.

So, it could be that four would have made the difference in the outcome. We widely said that if 5 million more would have voted, it would”€™ve switched the election and Obama would not have been president. And you had four million more that voted this time. That’s good numbers. That’s good turnout and it’s a higher percentage of the overall electorate but it is 4 million more evangelical voters that voted this time than four years ago.


And without question, the difference in the race. I mean that’s easy to see especially in those key states.  Good News!


Yeah it was! I mean when you look at evangelical Hispanics turning out in Florida is the difference there. You look across what happened in Michigan and evangelicals in western part of the state of Michigan turned out. So yeah, the Evangelical was key in those key states.  As you look at those battleground states.

Rick outro:

And just for clarification anybody who might be a new listeners wondering why we would say good news on either side in the presidential race. Yes we’re saying it is good news that we do not have a president who celebrates partial birth abortion and the selling of baby parts. That is great news.  So we are very excited about the the outcome of the presidential election.  

Going to take another quick break. We’ll be right back. Tim Barton will have some good news when we come back here on WallBuilders Live!

Help Save Our Constitutional Republic.

Rick Intro:

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Welcome back to Good News Friday here at WallBuilders. Thanks for staying with us. Tim Barton”€™s up next with good news.

New President Elect Does Not Applaud Partial Birth Abortion


Let me throw one point of clarity.  As Rick said very accurately that we are very grateful that we do not have a president that applauds and cheers the partial birth abortion, the dismemberment, the selling of baby parts,


Or at least we will have in a month or so —


–and that Hillary Clinton is not that person. So we can be grateful for that and we should be grateful for that. But I could just see in the back of my mind somebody going, “€œWait a second but Donald Trump is not a good guy either.”€

And to that end, you know, we really could say, “€œWell, probably you’re right on a lot of levels on that front.”€ But when you look at the top two candidates, you had relatively a binary choice, knowing that one of those two is going to win.  And it was a choice almost between a Sampson or a Jezebel where you know Jezebel hates the things of God, hates the people of God, doesn’t stand for the value of life, etc. Or you have the Sampson candidate, who is not a moral person, who doesn’t really follow the things of God necessarily.

Sampson vs. Jezebel:  Sampson Fought For God”€™s People

But Sampson in the Bible fought for the people of God. And this is where you look between the two candidates were Trump was not anti-people or faith. Trump is not anti necessarily things of God. And it would give an opportunity-and many reference the King Cyrus and many different people from the Bible whether it be under Nehemiah the King Cyrus.  Or was it Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel was able to speak to Nebuchadnezzar.  Or you can go back to Joseph and Pharaoh and all these people. Well neither one of these candidates were necessarily moral but they had very clear and distinct different positions on life, on judges, on religious liberty, on Israel —


–on Israel


–and so there were several distinctions. And so this is not to say that we think Trump is a moral person because he’s not. In fact–


–We hope he will be.


That”€™s right!  With the cabinet he puts around him, hopefully that there will be Godly people that pull them in the direction of righteousness. But we acknowledge in the beginning, he was on a list of 17 potential Republican nominees.  He was number 17 on our list. He was not the guy we were going for but there is a clear distinction in values on some very significant issues.

And so, the fact that we did not get the really terrible value issue candidate, we can rejoice about that. Not that we are defending Trump and his morals and values because we’re not. But he does have a clear and different position on life, on religious liberty, on Israel, etc. So some very significant things.


And the people he surrounded himself with, same thing. Now I love the analogy though, Tim, Sampson and Jezebel. I wish I had thought of that back in the year during the election but you mentioned even the people he surrounded himself.  And what do you guys think, is there good news there from the appointments we’ve seen so far with sessions for AG and Flynn and some of these other folks? How do you feel by some of the appointments?

Trump Is Appointing Very Conservative People


Well, the big appointments have all been very acceptable. They are not what most folks expected. A lot of those who criticize Trump so heavily said he’s going to bring liberal people and around him that’s not been the case. He’s bringing in very conservative people in around him.  

Where we have seen people that are less conservative, it’s very much like it was back in the George Bush administration where there were some pro-abortion people that came into the administration but they are always in places where that didn’t make an impact. In other words they were not in Health and Human Services or in Department of Education and places where values you really have an influence on values.  They were in places like Department of Commerce Department of Labor where that being pro-abortion doesn’t necessarily affect what you do on the business level from the federal side.

So there have been some names that have been raised that have not been necessarily as conservatives would like but they’ve been raised only in those departments where it doesn’t matter as much. So while he is trying to include many people, his tent is not all that big, quite frankly.  He has overwhelmed us with very conservative folks and they’ve been releasing usually four or five prospective names for each of the positions.  They’re still doing that. And I would say that four out of the five names have been very conservative.

Surprisingly, Trump’s Appointments Are More Conservative Than We”€™ve Seen With Other Recent Republicans

And so it’s been surprising, quite frankly, it’s much more conservative than what we’ve seen with other recent Republicans. He has been a big surprise in that area.  And I’m really pleased the fact that the names he’s chosen aren’t just conservative, there are guys who are operatives. There are guys who know the system and will go in with the intent of getting things back on track constitutionally not just making government work but making it work constitutionally. And I’m really thrilled with some of the names I’m seeing there.

True Reformers


And some true reformers, too. I mean even Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, you’re talking somebody here that is totally against common core and pro school choice. That’s a big, bold bold move in putting her there. And Flynn we know he understands the Islamic situation challenges and he’s not afraid to call it what it is and go after it.

Mike Pence Playing A Major Role In Legislative Issues

And what about our friend Mike Pence? Apparently he’s really playing a major role and basically being handed the legislative agenda to go make that happen.  And I heard that meeting with the members of Congress went really well and it was saying they are going to move fast and not going to mess around let’s go get some good things done.


Yeah, everything going right now is moving very rapidly. I’ve seen the 100 day plan,  I’ve seen what the executive orders are that they plan to adopt and it’s an extremely aggressive, very good plan from a constitutional, conservative, Biblical values standpoint. I mean the stuff that I’m loving what I’m seeing there. And so they have hit the ground running.

WallBuilders Has Been Asked To Come to D.C. To Help

We just got back from D.C. meeting with a bunch of members of Congress up there.

We’ve got several more trips to D.C. already planned where we’ve been asked to come and help on certain things. And so it is moving very, very rapidly behind the scenes.

Pence is great guy, I knew him since before he got elected to Congress and he was a great guy back then, still is now. But he understands that system and he knows how to make it work which is a good thing to have around Trump. And Mr. Trump has allowed Mike to take that legislative agenda and run with it. He’s not impeding him any way on conservative issues and moral values.

So up and down I mean everything we’re seeing right now really, really is good. This is not what even the most optimistic supporters of Trump had hoped for. This is better than what they hoped for. Those who had been skeptical and even those who had been anti-Trump, they’re getting a whole lot more than what they feared. And it’s in a very positive direction.  This is not what they expected but it’s been a very, very,very good news month if you will in the last few weeks to see what’s been happening.

They Never Imagined It Would Go This Well.  It Has Moved In A Ronald Reagan Type Direction.


So when you say, “€œA whole lot more than what they feared,”€ you don’t mean worse than what they feared. You mean, it’s not been what they feared, it’s actually been good. There is a lot of good things happening.


That”€™s right. This has  been their fear this is been the antithesis of their fear. They never imagined that it would go this well. They feared that it would go more toward the Hillary direction. It has not. It has moved very much and a Ronald Reagan type of direction.


Stay with us, folks. We’re going to take a quick break. We’ll be right back with more good news right here on WallBuilders Live!

DVD On Common Core


Hi friends! This is David Barton of WallBuilders. The current condition of education in America is abysmal. Not only is educational achievement plummeting but every year, some 19 percent of high school seniors who graduate is completely illiterate. They can’t read at all but it was not always this way.

For generations, we taught students how to think. But after the progressives took over education the early 20th century things began to radically change. Education shifted from thinking to learning which made the emphasis on the teachers rather than the students. And that elevated indoctrination above knowledge.

At that time progressives also made massive changes in the way we tested students. They extended school from 8 to 12 years. They introduced graded education and they added compulsory education. Statistics prove that these changes have harmed education rather than helped it. And now the progressives are pushing common core.

On our new DVD on common core, we give you eight reasons why this current approach is so dangerous to our kids and our culture. We also show you an amazing history of education. So get this new DVD at WallBuilders.com.

Victories For Pro-Life


Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! Good News Friday today.  And by the way, only a few minutes left today for some good news. But you can get a lot more at our website WallBuildersLive.com. Click on the archives there, there’s several programs from the last few months from Fridays with some good news there. So Tim, what’s last on our good news list today?


I’ve got some victories in the pro-life arena. And as we identified even between Trump and Hillary there is a very clear distinction between their positions on the issue of life. Well, one of the things even as we approach now Christmas is we’re getting ready to as we celebrate the birth of Christ we’re really celebrating in an unwanted pregnancy.

Dayton, Ohio Late Term Abortion Facility Denied License

When you come down to so much of this abortion industry, it’s how you handle an unwanted pregnancies. Is there value in that life? Do you protect and preserve that life? Whether the mother ends up raising the child or puts it up for adoption or do you go in and you have the child murdered and dismembered or whatever abortion. Or do you go in and have the child murdered and dismembered or whatever abortion procedure is carried out?

Well, from Dayton, Ohio the headline from this article says Dayton, Ohio late term abortion facility denied license again after it continues breaking state law. The break down is, this abortion facility under health and safety standards has to have a transfer agreement with a local hospital.  Meaning if they have an issue that they are able to bring someone into a local hospital. Which the way the transfer agreement works is whoever is performing the abortion, that individual has to have a transfer license with a local medical facility hospital. So if something happens in the abortion, they can take that individual in and and that individual can be cared for at the hospital.

Legal Abortions Are Killing Women At An Unprecedented Rate


And I think I saw the stats last year that there have been more deaths at the hands of abortionists this year than any previous year. And so this thing they always said abortion is safe and legal. No it’s not safe.That talked about you know the deaths in the allies from trying to do illegal abortions. No, legal abortions are killing women at an unprecedented rate right now and that’s what this agreement with hospitals about.


To that end, it’s quite disturbing reading the article where this abortion clinic went- not just murdering the baby but the process of how they got there. Because they had a woman come into their facility who was on some kind of recreational drug they didn’t know what it was.  She was unable to hold herself up, she was unable to walk, and unable to hold a conversation. But they knew she was there for an abortion. So they called the local hospital.  They had admitting privileges with and the hospital essentially tells them, “€œYou need to stand down on this.”€

Abortion Clinic Performed Abortion On Unresponsive Woman Was Shut Down

Well, the abortion facility went and they performed an abortion and essentially on this unconscious woman. So she’s unable to respond – unresponsive, but they perform the abortion. And so the hospital that they had the admitting privileges with, they remove their name and say, “€œWe’re not going to recognize you anymore.”€ Well now, this abortion facility can’t find someone that will give the admitting privileges. And so they’re having to close the abortion facility because they can’t get admitting privileges. Which is great that you have hospitals that are not going to grant them admitting privileges.


Pretty staggering how we got there. But it is good news because if this abortion facility closes down, this could save countless babies lives. And at a time season we’re celebrating the birth of a baby. Good time to look and appreciate that now more lives will be saved, because this abortion clinic is closed.


And every time we’ve seen that- in fact, you’ve shared, Tim, many Good News Fridays where how much abortion has reduced.  And in cities and states that have had all these different clinics close. As we know the result is like you said, saving lives.

So great news today guys across the board! Folks, you can get more that at our website WallBuildersLive.com and also our programs throughout the week as well.  Which all have a little bit of good news.  It”€™s just not quite as focused as our Good News Friday but thanks for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!