More 2020 Election Coverage – Good News In The House And Senate – Tune in to hear our latest coverage on the craziness of this 2020 election, and to hear about the good news that has come out of this election so far.

Air Date: 11/06/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. I’m here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and our founder of WallBuilders, and Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. And guys, it is the day after the day after the day after of the election, and we still don’t know who the President is going to be, still several states up in the air, vote still being counted, and we may not know for a while. We’ll jump into some of the other races and talk about them. But quick update on the presidential race early in the morning on Friday, and so folks may hear more as the day goes long after our particular recording here. But it is coming down to the wire in several of these States. I mean, literally a handful of votes.


Yeah. And we do expect that there will be some information coming out later throughout the day. But we already know that for several States, it’s going to be not till next week when we get their results in. And so as far as the presidential race, what we know right now is that even though President Trump still have a very good path to victory, probably no matter what State gets called for Biden or Trump, everything right now is so close within 1%, which allows for there to be a recount.

And we’ve seen already with a lot of different polling locations, there’s been some accusations of issues and some fraud and yeah, so many problems. I’m sure everybody listening has seen issues on social media, and I’m sure people have posted and shared it. So they’re probably at the speed a lot of what’s going on, but there’s a lot of lawsuits being filed.


And Tim, we should reiterate that when people saw, because there’s a lot of press saying that Trump’s just being a sore loser or whatever and just whining. So let’s reiterate that each of these challenges in these states, there’s real issues here. I mean, when you have hundreds of thousands of votes show up last minute, when you delay, when you change the laws at the last minute, not even change laws, you change the rules without changing the laws. There is a lot here to be looked at, and so I just hope people aren’t just dismissing that and blaming it on the personality of Trump or whatever. There’s real problems here, Ted Cruz is talking about it. I mean, a lot of Republican leaders are standing firm on hey, we got some issues we got to deal with.


Well, at the very least, there’s a lot of reasons to be very suspicious about some of the way things have gone. And in the midst of being suspicious, what then is fair to say is look, if somebody believes there was fraud, or if there was corruption or something that was illegal, then what is kind of the course of action? Well, you go to court, and you have everything kind of laid out where there’s a hopefully a Judge, it’s impartial jury, however, it unfolds, right? Maybe US Supreme Court, whatever the case is, this is where you go to find justice.

And so for people maybe who are saying, look, it’s not corruption, it’s whatever this is or that well, a lawsuit is not a problem, because if it’s pursuit of what is true and what is just, then hopefully, that will be revealed and what’s going on. So with all that being said, again, there’s a lot of reason for suspicion, and a lot of places there definitely is things that look exactly like corruption, like voter fraud. So, there’s a lot of reason for President Trump and his campaign to be in that position.

And guys, just from our perspective, certainly, there’s things we look at and think yeah, there’s definitely some corruption going on. But at the very least, it at least has the appearance of that, which is why it makes sense, you would say, hey, we want a lawsuit, we want to make sure that it’s done justly and fairly. So all that being said, what it means is that probably we’re not going to know anything this week or this weekend, one way or the other. Because if Georgia ends up going one way, if Arizona, if Nevada goes one way, it’s going to be within that 1% margin where you can have a recount, and then the recount could take a while and then ballot issue. So this is not going to be resolved quickly.

But even though this is not being resolved quickly as far as the presidential race, there were a lot of other things that happen in the Senate, in the House, that we are Friday, and traditionally, it’s Good News Friday. There actually is a lot of good things that happens right throughout the nation that is really been overshadowed by this presidential race and all that’s going on with it. But there’s a lot of reasons to feel very good about many things that happen from the selection.


That’s right. We’ll go to break, we’ll come back and talk about some of those. And I just want to reiterate part of what you’ve been saying, Tim, I mean, these lawsuits, part of what you look for in these lawsuits is transparency and sometimes it takes the lawsuit to open up the books and be able to actually look and just verify. You know, the best way to heal the nation is to make sure that whichever side loses whether it’s Biden or Trump side, that they can have some confidence that the votes were actually verified and they lost fairly and sometimes…


And Rick, jumping in on that, you know, with the concept of transparency, no, thanks. It is ironic, that while there has been some complaints from the Democrat side about well, there’s no corruption, he’s making a big issue out of it. I’m pointing out that yesterday morning, you had a Judge rule in Pennsylvania, look, the law says that both sides can see the balance when they’re being counted. So let’s just follow the law, and I’m ordering the counters in Philadelphia to open it back up to republicans, don’t kick them out. Judge ordered that, and yet late in the day still had not let the Republicans back in.

Now, if you’re saying that everything is straightened aboveboard, you’re sure feeding the fuel in the fire by not letting Republicans follow the law in the state and not following the Judge who told you to follow the law. And then even you go to Michigan, in Michigan, they have [inaudible 05:58] laws as every State does. And in Michigan, they call them vote contests. And so if you’re there, and you see something that you think is wrong, you can contest that vote. And so that is a legal position. A lot of our friends, Pat Colbeck, Senator from Michigan has been on program several times. He’s one of those vote contesters, and he serves in that role.

And so as we saw reports throughout the day, eventually according to reports, they eventually got all the Republicans out of the county areas in Detroit. And then as Republicans stood at the windows and looked in, they should have been on inside been able to see the ballots, but they were outside and having to look in, then they came in and put foam board and put papers and posters all over the windows so nobody could even look in.

So if you’re saying oh, no, there’s no fraud here, well, then, my goodness. So why don’t you just follow the law and let everybody see and let it be transparent, and, you know, maybe there is no fraud. But my goodness, they’re sure, raising a lot of doubts by their behavior and that does nothing but further polarize the nation. It’s really hard to have trust in the integrity of the voting process when you don’t let both sides see what’s going on. And so there is some strange stuff going on, and that’s part of the lawsuits that are out there, and even in Wisconsin, some other things there. So that’s the national focus. But as Tim pointed out, there really are some good victories elsewhere across the nation.


Yeah, we cannot forget that. There was an outpouring, this year, really, a response to a lot of the leftism and things that came out this year and the things that happened to COVID crackdowns, the whole nine yards, Patriots stood up all over the country and there are really some great victories at the local level and at the federal level. And so we’ll be talking about those when we come back. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. It’s a Friday. It’s a weird kind of Good News Friday, right? Guys, I mean, I feel like we’re not doing our normal Good News Friday. But definitely a lot of stories to tell that are good news, specifically about the election and the results of Tuesday night. And we’re seeing that in State legislators across the country and a lot of the congressional races both on the House and Senate side. And just the fact that the presidential race was as close as it was, whenever just a week ago, we were being told it was going to be an absolute blowout, and that there was going to be a repudiation of conservative values, the opposite actually happened. So well, it’s going to treat the rest of the program like Good News Friday. I feel like you know, David’s got a stack there. David, what’s your first piece of good news on the election?


So even as we alluded to, previously, when we’re looking at some, I think it was yesterday, we’re looking at how some of the House races are going, here we are today, and there’s still a lot of those House races that have not yet been fully decided. So there’s still a lot that are in the balance and could go either way. But even at this point, with a number not decided, we have doubled the number of prolife women in the House of Representatives and that really is a big deal.

Because we talked in the previous two days, just the unbelievable amount of money that has been thrown by Democrats against these candidates. And so not only have these candidates won, and unexpected places and actually picked up places they weren’t expected win. I mean, you had FOX actually predicting that the Republicans were going to lose 15 seats. And so far, it’s 8 to 10 that again, there’s still more to be decided. But even with all that thrown against them to have doubled the number of prolife women in the House of Representatives, I mean, that is a huge step. Especially as you’re looking at things where that now you got more judges that are that are prolife, I say they’re prolife, they’re just flat constitutional. And if you’re going to be constitutional and uphold the natal rights, that tends to be one you’re going to uphold, or at least let the States have a shot at. So there’s just a lot of things even happening in that one area, which just number of prolife women have been increased.


Yeah, it’s good stuff and some strong new members there that are going to help. You know, always looking at, it doesn’t have to be even a majority. If you get a good strong 10%, 15%, 20% members, they can push it the right direction. So you got some super prolife ladies here that are going to be a big help in moving the Congress in the right direction. So a lot of new blood there! And then even just overall numbers, talk to us about overall numbers in the House. Because we were told that the Democrats were going to pick up at least 10 or 15 seats, and improve their majority and strengthen their majority and almost the exact opposite happen.


You know, I’m going to make a comment. It’s not designed to be particularly partisan, but it has to be partisan, just because the way the parties have defined themselves. And part of what I’m going to say is, I am really thrilled that the Democrats are just absolutely yelling, and talking about the moral defeat they suffer in election night, because they didn’t crush the republicans.

And so in this sense, I’m happy that the Democrats are unhappy because the agenda that they’re pushing, whether it be from the anti-law and order stuff with the extreme pro-abortion side or the extreme LGBTQ side, I mean, all the things they were pushing, to hear them talk about how disappointing it was that they did not just like a nuclear bomb, annihilate the Republicans on election night, and they see this as a major defeat because they didn’t achieve their objectives. I mean, that’s really good.

Now, what this means is the House of Representatives, the Republicans are going to be in the minority, the Democrats will have the majority, and as such, they will still move their agenda forward. But now you’ll probably see them be even stronger, and more recalcitrant. They had at least one prolife member in the House of Representatives. They worked against him and the democrat primary took him out, Dan Lipinski is now gone. So you have a Democrat caucus now that is 100% pro-abortion. There’s not a single democrat we know of that is a prolife voter on this issue.

So now you got all these new prolife women who are republicans. Look at an issue like that. Where do you find middle ground in issue like that? And there’s going to be so many issues like that they’re going to come around again, to try to pass the Equality Act, which is really the Christian Discrimination Act. I mean, they are targeting religious faith, Christian faith to say, hey, if you hold a traditional biblical position on marriage and sexuality, we’re going to make sure you can’t hold that position in any policy form. And so they’re going to pass a Civil Rights Amendment equal to the Civil Rights Amendment of 1964-68 on race and gender, and say now it applies to sexuality as well.

So while we have a really, I think, a more polarized House, we have a lot more fighters on the Republican side that are willing to stand up and really take a beating that they need to for their issues. And I really think that this is something that Republicans have learned from Donald Trump that he is just, no one’s had the amount of negative media thrown against him that he has. He’s continued to stand firm in this and his numbers have actually gone up. And instead of getting crushed in this election with all that threw at him, he survived. And I think he may actually come out being the winner when this is all over. But for sure, the House and the Senate have outperformed all expectations. And so I think you’ll see some more courage in these guys. And I hate that there’ll be more polarization, but right now, it’s a difference between light and darkness.


We’re talking about the election results. It’s the day after the day after the day after and we still don’t know our president. We almost know on Congress, at least enough to know the Republicans going to hold the Senate and the House actually gained seats, Republicans gain seats in the House, is going to be split almost right down the middle there. And then there were ballot initiatives and then our final segment, we will cover the state legislative races and what happened in those chambers there.

So we’re going to deviate from what would have been a Good News Friday, even though it’s Friday and talk ballot initiatives, these didn’t turn out so great across the country. But just tell us a little bit David, Tim, what were they, what was on the ballot, and which way did they go?


Start with the one that good turnout well, and actually there these are from the ones we were tracking, because there are many more ballot initiatives than what we tracked. And there were actually, I say the one that turned out well, there were several that turned out positively, just of the ones we were tracking, most of them did not go the right direction. There were several States that determined that actually legal citizens should be the ones who vote in their State and that was kind of a win.

Because one of the things that we are consistently hearing now is that every vote should count, and the President Trump strategically came out yesterday and said, no, every legal vote should count. As part of what his legal team is saying is they don’t want to disenfranchise legal voters, but we want to make sure that the ballots are actually legal. Well, there were several States that had ballot measures, ballot initiatives, where they said that in our State, we’re going to make sure that only legal voters are allowed to vote. So the really simplistic like over the novel idea, and yet, we’re at a place where we had to clarify that. And so, that was a good positive thing for states to clarify that.

Louisiana also passed what would be kind of the trigger of all that abortion is, relatively speaking, illegal in their State. And that doesn’t go into effect unless you have the repeal of a Roe vs. Wade kind of law at the US Supreme Court. And I’m saying kind of law because Supreme Court doesn’t pass law. But when they enacted that ruling, it became essentially the law of the land. And so States and many States have done this, where they have passed laws in their states saying that according to our State in our Constitution, abortion is going to be illegal. Well, federal law right now, kind of supersedes or trumps that law just the practicality of the operation of it.

But it Roe versus Wade gets overturned at the US Supreme Court, and it goes back to the States, then this law would go into effect in Louisiana. So this was a very positive ballot measure, ballot initiative in Louisiana, that the people who Louisiana said we don’t want abortion in our State. So there were definitely some positive things that happen.

The negative you saw from a lot of ballot measures, ballot initiative, is that almost every state that had anything to do with drugs coming up, whether it be marijuana, or even heroin, cocaine, like crazy, hard drugs, in some scenarios, those were passed in States and States, by and large people have stated yeah, it’s fine, legalize it, is no problem. So several things along those lines weren’t good.

And again, these are some of the ballot measures and initiatives that we were tracking. There were many more that we weren’t necessarily keeping a close eye on. So there might even be some other positive things from some of these ballot measures in certain States that we were not specifically tracking that night. But what we were tracking, most of them didn’t go the way we would have hoped. But there were some positive things like making sure legal citizens vote in the State and then the abortion issue in Louisiana was also very positive.


Alright, quick break, guys. We’ll come back and finish out with some good news on those state legislative races, because that one was another shocker. It was supposed to go big blue waves, supposed to see a lot of House chambers and Senate chambers across the country flip, and that did not happen. In fact, as of this recording, not one went the other way. It looks like we’re going to hold the Arizona senate and in fact, pick up a couple of chambers for Republicans. So we’ll break that down a little bit when we come back. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live, final segment of the day and the week actually as we close out the election week, still not knowing who president is. But as we were going to break, guys, we’re talking about the State legislative races across the country and the chambers. What we mean by that is either House or Senate, and there’s actually still a Republican majority of state legislative bodies out there across the country. The Democrats really went after these chambers. I mean, they spent a lot of money trying to win State legislative races and came up almost empty. I mean, they didn’t flip an actual chamber going from Republican to Democrat majority. They won some anecdotal race here and there. But Republicans maintain control and actually picked up a few chambers. So that’s a big deal on several fronts.

I mean, let’s talk redistricting. It’s also a big deal. Actually, it’s a big deal if we end up with a tie in the Electoral College, a little trivia there. If Georgia goes to Biden, and Arizona and Nevada go to Trump and Pennsylvania stays with Trump, we’ve got a 269 269 tie. And so that means it goes to the house in Washington, and each State has to vote by State, and so the number of congressional members from each state… I know, I was talking legislative chambers, but I’m thinking about overall races in the State will determine who the President is. So guess how many Republican majority congressional delegations there will be based on how things stand right now?


Man, that’s a good question. I know that in 2016 Trump won 30 states, but that’s not the same as having a Republican delegation from that state.


Yeah, especially because we’re only talking House members, right? This is only House members from a state and for some states, that’s one, right? Wyoming’s got one member that goes to Congress and two senators. Going into this, 2018 Congress, it was 26. So Republicans would have been able to choose Donald Trump, the Constitution says that they’ve got to choose from the top electoral vote getter, so it’d be either Trump or Biden, they got to choose from in this case. And so Republicans would obviously choose, but it’s actually the new Congress, because they meet on January 6 to open the Electoral College ballots. And based on how everything has come out at this point, it’s a minimum of 26 Republicans State delegations controlled by Republicans in the House, and could be 29. So, you know, look, if Georgia changes, if Arizona changes, if Nevada changes, the whole country is going to get a constitutional lesson, and Donald Trump still going to be president.


I’ll add that they’re also going to give a historical lesson as well, because 1876 is the last time you had an Electoral College that could not make the decision. And so this is back to Rutherford B. Hayes kind of days, and that’s a president most people don’t even know who he is. But I mean, that would be unprecedented to have to go into, it’s not unprecedented, it’s happened several times, but it’s unprecedented in essentially the last century and a half. So that, I heard that scenario of tie in the Electoral College, I’ve not given a serious consideration. But you’re right. If Arizona and Georgia go different directions, it would be that. Oh, man. Oh, my goodness, I’ve not even thought about that, Rick. That’s amazing.


You guys want have a lot of fun with this? What if the senate actually ended up Democrat, and the senate chose Kamala Harris and so Donald Trump will be president and Kamala Harris would be Vice President and we would watch that reality show every day for the next four years? That’s not going to happen.


At that point, I would go back to what John Adams has reported to have once said, that being vice presidents not worth a bucket of warm spit. And I think that’s kind of where Kamala Harris might be. I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot of involvement in policy making for that Vice President if that were to happen.


Well, and if that whole scenario played out, I mean, there is a chance, because if we lost Georgia, if they get, I mean, Georgia is so close, then there’s a potential that they pick up those two Senate seats in runoff elections. But that’s a low chance. But it could happen. It could happen. You know, it’s crazy times, guys. But anyway, real quick on redistricting, why is that such a big deal, guys, for the state legislators kind of shifted us to the state delegations, meaning all the congressmen from a particular state that go to Washington? But now let’s go back to the actual state capitals, and the state reps and state senators, why is redistricting such a big deal?


Yeah, redistricting is big, because that’s the lines on which elections will be held for the next 10 years. And election lines are drawn in a way that considers the population of the state, it breaks it in half or many districts that are. Texas, we have 150 House members, so we take total population divided by 150, and say, okay, every House district should be X number 500,000, or whatever it is. And if has Democrats drawn it, they’re going to try to put about 53% of each district being full of Democrats so they can win as many as possible. If it’s Republicans drawn it, they’re going to try to put about 53% of each district being Republicans so they win as many Republican seats as possible.

So what happens is, each party will try to draw lines for self. This goes back to something that happened in Massachusetts early on where they call it gerrymandering, named after Elbridge. Gerry. He’s one of the guys who framed the Constitution who was a long time Governor of Massachusetts early on, but they would draw districts in such a way that it made it easier for him to be elected in certain states, congressional seats, etc. And so that practice continues to this day.

So it does matter who’s in charge of the legislature going into the census year, which is this year, and they come out on the other side where you draw districts. So it’s likely to mean that Texas will probably stay as much as possible red state, and New York’s going to say as much as possible blue state, I mean, just the way it is. So with no changes in house chambers and never going after nine specific chambers, Democrats were to get some redistricting control, it means that it will still favor Republicans, which is why you won’t have that 26 to 29 delegations in Congress being Republican out of 50 states.


I’m so glad we finished with that, guys, because some people have been asking me, hey, if they do end up, you know, if Biden ends up winning the election, are we done for and all that? I mean, that news right there that you just closed out with says that the next decade, we’ve actually got great opportunities to grow on the local level in those state legislative races to make sure that we’re winning those congressional races. And we’ve got to start thinking long term and what do we do to dig in and start doing the blocking and tackling to save our country? We never hang this on one election.

David, you’ve taught me over the years to have that kind of even kill, whether we win or we lose, you stay in the fight. “Duty is ours, results are God’s.” That’s the attitude we’ve got to take. But you know, I’ve always told you, I love good news. I’ve got my flesh side for sure. I like to see results, and I want to see good results. So what you just shared tells me we’ve got some real opportunities in the next 10 years to restore our nation.

So folks, there’s going to be more information next week. More information on our websites, make sure you’re on the email list. Get to and, make a donation there. Listen on a daily basis. Thank you so much. Share it with your friends and family. Help us teach and speak and spread truth. That’s the goal right now is to get more people learning the truth so we can save our constitutional republic.

You’ve been listening to WallBuilders live.