Yesterday Was The Electoral College Deadline – Is It Over?: What happened with the electors yesterday? Did the forensic audit of the Michigan Dominion machines reveal the system was intentionally designed to allow systemic fraud? Has foreign influence is our elections been proven? Plus, today we share a special segment from our recent Barnstorming Georgia event with Charlie Kirk. Tune in to hear a broadcast you don’t want to miss!

Air Date: 12/15/2020

Guest: Charlie Kirk

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture It’s WallBuilders Live, we’re taking on the hot topics of the day policy, faith, all those things that affect the culture, including, of course, the elections, which continues to be a major focus for people across the country as we determine the presidential outcome or at least how the Constitution is going to play this thing out. 

My name is Rick Green, former Texas legislator and America’s constitution coach; here with David Barton, America’s premier historian, and our founder at WallBuilders. You could check us out at our website, and also Two different websites, but lots of great information at both and an either one, make that contribution, one time or monthly.

We’re a listener-supported program, so we appreciate all of you across the country that give on a regular basis. Or even that one-time gift, it really does make a difference, and helps us to spread truth across the country. Desperately in need a truth right now, David. 

In fact, you gave a great presentation on that when we were barnstorming Georgia, we’ve been sharing a little bit of that every few days when we have time to add that into the program. Right now, we’re looking for some truth with regard to the election. 

What really happened in the States and what can the legislators do about it? As we approach, I guess, yesterday was the electors meeting across the country, and then January 6th, it’ll be the day they actually opened the ballots.

The Forensic Audit


Yeah, there’s a lot going on. And just in the last 24 hours, we’ve been doing these kind of day by day updates. And so we talked yesterday about the fact that the Judge in Michigan had allowed a forensic audit, and that the audit came back, but they had this protective order on it that would not allow the auditors, those who did the forensic audit to say publicly what they found.

Well, the Judge has now lifted that and so we know something of what they found. The audit was conducted by the Allied group, Allied Security Operations Group, Ramsland, and we’ve talked about Russell Ramsland before. And so he’s with that group.

And so what they found, and what he pointed out was that the electronic system itself is designed, this is his quote, he said, “It’s intentionally and purposely designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.” In other words, it crashes so often, it goes down so often that it doesn’t count all the ballots and then throws massive amounts of ballots out. And then as individuals have to look at those ballots, they are so overwhelmed with how many ballots they have to look at that they just start perfunctorily approving everything.

And so there’s really, he’s alleging there’s not the intense scrutiny and intense oversight that should be there. And here’s what he found, it’s pretty astounding. He said “The failure rate was a 68% error rate.” 68%. Now, here’s the deal. The Federal Elections Commission allows a maximum error rate of just 8/10,000th of 1%. So we’re talking like a million times higher than what’s allowed by federal law.

So, he’s saying that when you have an error rate that high, that’s intentional, and that’s plugged in or programmed into the computers to fail that often. So he said that these were purposely rigged and he said that what happens when all those electronic voucher transport for adjudication, intentional errors lead this. He says, quote, “The intentional errors leave the bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and most importantly, no audit trail. So this is what…

What’s Going On In Michigan?


And this is which state now? This one was in in Michigan?


Michigan. Yeah, this is where they allowed the 16 SIM cards and the 22 voting machines to be audited. And so this is out of Michigan. Now, that’s the claim that came out today form those doing it. However, the Michigan election officials quickly came out with their own statements, because they had also presented their information to the court. And they’re saying they really say that, you know, this is not right. Because there are several things they point out.

They said the Allied Security Group and its report talked about rank choice voting. And they said, that’s not authorized in Michigan elections. We don’t have rank choice voting. So they’re not even talking about the same stuff. And then they said that ally incorrectly reported that it’s improper to divert right in ballots for adjudication.

Well, as they pointed out on the election side, they said, look, when they go to adjudication, nobody can change the vote. You simply look at the ballot to see who had voted for and that’s what you put in the machine, so you’re not changing boats. So they’re arguing that what Allied has put out there is not accurate.

And the other thing is and this has made a lot of news in the last time 24 hours. The group said, well, this is part of what happened in 2018 with Trump’s executive order banning foreign interference in the elections. Well, so far as we know, they haven’t shown that there was foreign interference. They’ve shown that it is possible to hack and have foreign interference. But they haven’t proven that it happened yet. And so the possibilities exist, it doesn’t mean it did, it occur.

What About Trump’s Executive Order?

So that’s been all over the news, because they go on to [inaudible 05:28] side in the last day or two about that 2018 Trump executive order. But I’m not seeing anything and what I’ve read so far on the evidence on either side that would indicate that that was actually found. However, they did find a high enough error rate that is not consistent with what the Federal Election Commission requires. So that’s probably the biggest takeaway of what we’ve seen from the new disclosure since of what they found in the forensic audit.


Yeah, I was wondering about that executive order. A lot of people been asking me about it at live events. And from what I’ve seen, even if the executive order allowed them to do anything, essentially, would be to seize the machines. I’ve heard people saying implement martial law because of that executive order.

And, that sounds farfetched to me. And the more I read about it, it seems like the most they could do was seize the machines and the federal government do its own audit of those machines. And like you’re saying they haven’t yet seen enough for interference. Definitely the irregularities, definitely problems, but there’s no evidence that it was a foreign entity that did it, and therefore no way to kick in that executive order, is the way I understand, does that sound about right?


That sounds about right. And what I have not seen yet is any evidence suggesting any foreign interference. And so there was a thing about even the possibility, not for foreign interference, but they programmed the computers to give Biden 1.2 votes for every vote cast and Trump to give him 68% of the vote for every vote cast. That hasn’t come out yet.

Speculation or Evidence?

None of the forensic evidence that I’ve seen has showed that. That was all speculation. And it’s possible, you think you can program a computer do anything, that doesn’t mean it was done or that was programmed. In the same way, we know that a foreign nation can break into these things, because we know that 14 year old kid can break in the Pentagon system, which happened. So it can be broken into.

But that doesn’t mean it was broken into. And that’s what I’m saying, there’s a lot of claims running right now and I haven’t seen the evidence back them up, not that it might not be there. But it just hasn’t come out yet in what we’ve seen to match all the claims.


Alright, David, that’s Michigan. And of course, I’m assuming that if there was that kind of manipulation of the process to where they just dumped a bunch of ballots in there and approved them without any kind of a rejection rate, that would be normal. That’s probably in some of those big counties where we had the big voter dumps and the ballots that showed up the middle of the night. So more to come on that one, I’m sure. What other states had any activity the last couple of days?


Well, actually the six kind of battleground states, they had activities. Now, those states, the election results have all been certified by the Secretary of State that Biden won those states. So this is where Trump is contesting those states.

This is where all the lawsuits have been in the six states. And so what happened in last 24 hours was the electors get together, and they all voted, the Democrat electors, since the state was announced Democrat, the Democrat electors all met and they cast their electoral votes for Biden. However, the Republican electors also met and they cast all their votes for Trump.

Just a Procedure

Now, the state has not been announced for Trump in any of those six. But this is a conditional kind of thing where they cast their vote so that if for some reason the court strikes down what happens on the state, then the votes have officially been cast, and they’ve been sent to Congress.

So this is kind of procedural thing that happened. This is something Trump campaign has asked all these states do. And as in Georgia, when they did it, they said, look, the President’s lawsuit is still ongoing in Georgia and so what we’re doing today preserves his legal rights. If those votes are not cast for him, then he really doesn’t have standing to challenge.

But, what is challenging is, hey, these electors went to the wrong group, they should have come to me instead for Biden. So it was a procedural thing to keep those lawsuits alive and active so they wouldn’t be dismissed in those states. So that was ongoing yesterday as well. And again…


And David, for the folks out there that are wondering who are these electors? Just real quick reminder on how those electrodes are chosen in each state by the parties. You know, we do that at the conventions in the summer and then those electors kind of sit and wait and see who wins the actual election to know if the Democrat slate of electors will be the ones to actually cast votes, or if the Republicans electors will, depending on who wins the state.


Yeah, and it’s interesting showing that and normally when there’s no contest of the state, just the party that won, their electors show up, since it’s contested. Interestingly, both sets of electors showed up at the state capitol in Michigan. So the Democratic electors showed up.

Republicans Locked Out

The Republican electors showed up and when they got there, the Democratic electors were admitted, and the Republican electors were not admitted, not allowed to go on to capitol. And the governor there had given the list of, I think they had 16 electors in Michigan, and gave a list of the 16 Democrat electors to the options there at the capitols and said, let these in, don’t let anybody else in.

And so those 16 went in, the 16 Republicans were denied access to capitol, so they went off to a separate location and all cast their votes in separate location. But that does go to what you were saying, Rick, about the fact that at the convention, each party elects the people who will be their electors in case the state goes in either Republican or Democrat direction.

And so since Republicans are still contesting Michigan, they showed up there to vote at state capital, but were denied entry. But nonetheless, their votes work cast, and they are being recorded to the US Congress. Congress will then decide which set of votes is going to go with.


Yeah, so it’ll be a little bit like 1876, where two sets of electors went in from Louisiana, Florida, and I think it was South Carolina.


Yeah, it was South Carolina.

Pence Will Preside


And so, two sets will show up. And so on January 6th, when Mike Pence is sitting up there opening the ballots, he’ll be handed two sets of electors and we’ll see what happens with how Congress decides which set to receive, which set to count. There’ll be a lot of debate over that. I’m sure.


There will be. And probably one more story that’s worth noting is coming out of Georgia. And you may recall that President Trump, I think, five times now has asked the Secretary of State there and is also pushed to Governor Kemp to do a signature match on the mail-in ballots. Match those things, make sure that those are the right people who actually did it.

And we’ve talked before that Secretary of State entered into a consent decree where that instead of matching three signatures, you only had to match two. Democrats wanted that, in that way, you know, fi I’m say I’m Rick Green, if I request a ballot for Rick Green, I’m going to sign Rick Green, but it’s going to be in my handwriting. And then if I go into vote, and I sign in as Rick Green, it’s also going to be my handwriting.

So the ballot will show my handwriting and the mail-in envelope that sent it to me will show my handwriting and both those handwriting will match even though I’m clearly not Rick Green. So what’s happening now is in Georgia, they have announced that they will do a signature match in Cobb County, now, that’s one of the Atlanta areas.

There’s several counties and I think, three counties around Atlanta and that’s one of the counties. And what they’re going to do is they’re only going to do two signature match. But what they’re going to do is take the signature on the envelope and match it to the driver’s license or the signature on file in the voter registration file. So that way, you are actually getting a comparison of something original with something that was sent in and requested.

A Signature Comparison

So they’re doing in Cobb County, because they were told in doing their audits, they received information that Cobb County did not verify the signatures the way they were supposed to. And so what they’re doing is they have chosen that county, because that’s where they had a claim against it. And the investigators and the Secretary of State’s office that will go investigate that county because there is allegations there that they did not follow that process. And so you know, they said, well, this could lead to more, or it could be that we find out they actually did follow the process, and there’s no change.

So they’re not predicting any outcome one way or the other, they are just announcing that they’re going to do what Trump has called for five times, and Governor Kemp has called for three times. They are going to be signature comparison and if those signatures don’t come back with really some substantial differences, it’s going to make it pretty tough in Georgia because a lot of the case was based on ballot fraud.

And, if the signatures match the voter identification stuff that is on file with the state, it’s going to be pretty hard to say that there was fraud if you can match those signatures. So if they find a substantial amount, then it may lead to an audit across the state. They may see how many votes they believe to be fraudulent, and whether it would have changed the outcome, and then you’ve got something that’s cooking.

So that’s kind of the update from what’s happened in the last 24 hours, at least some of the biggest stories that are out there.


Well, there’s a lot that’s happened and a lot that’s going to continue to happen. And we just want to remind folks that sometimes we can get a little bit of, what do they call it, paralysis analysis, or analysis paralysis, right where we look at all this stuff, and it keeps us from acting and doing things that we can be doing to make a difference. And so I just want to encourage you, yes, we need to keep paying attention to what’s happening. Really important things are going to happen between now and January 6th.

Very Necessary Things

We want to see our Constitution upheld. We want to see this constitutional process play out. These are all very necessary things. But let’s just make sure that we as individuals are listening and learning from these things, but then at the same time taking those actions in our communities, whether that be getting ready for the legislative session to encourage our state legislators to tighten up the voter laws, to get rid of the COVID fascism, to do the things that we need to be doing to improve our communities and improve our states.

And, not just sitting around waiting on January 6th. I know it feels like in some ways we are, because there is the uncertainty. But it’s a great time to be getting ready to host Constitution classes, and do whatever you can do in your community to be that catalyst for a restoration of biblical values and constitutional principles.


And, Rick, I’m going to add one more action item to that. Even though we’re still in the middle of an election, right now is the time to start recruiting candidates for two years from now. And it may be time to look in the mirror and recruit the guy or gal who’s looking back at you. Now is the time to start looking to the election two years from now.

We need good candidates running. When you look at the state reps and the State Senate, and the US Congress, there were some good candidates. But, there were some really poor candidates as well. And that’s really coming out now.

And what we’re seeing in bills that have been pre-filed in state legislatures are bills that have been pre-filed in Congress, and legislators in Congress who have gone to Biden with their agenda for Congress, you’re seeing some really disturbing stuff. So now’s the time to start saying, okay, we need to start finding better candidates because you cannot elect good people if they aren’t on the ballot.

Start Looking Now

And you may need to even look in the mirror and that gal or that guy just looking back at you say hey, you need to run, you need to be on the school board, you need to be on the city council, you need to run for state rep or state senate. So I would encourage you start looking for people right now, this is not too late to do it, this is the right time to do it.

And then, they can start putting their campaign together and get the people together and start talking to the right folks, and let it be known that they’re going to run. And it’s not too early to do that. So that’s one more action item we can definitely do right now.


That’s right. That’s right. There’s something every single one of us can do. Stay active, folks, we’re going to take a quick break. When we come back, we’re going to back to Georgia for the barnstorming event because that’s exactly what we talked about in Georgia, was biblical citizenship, how each of us have a role to play, things we can do to apply the Bible to our lives and to our neighborhoods, our communities, our states, and our nation. We’ll be back in a moment. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. We’re going to jump into one of those Georgia barnstorming events and bring you some of those presentations for the remainder of today’s program. Here we are in Georgia for barnstorming with biblical citizenship.

Charlie Kirk


And I can tell you this, that with young people in this country, we are going to see a simultaneous convergence of multiple crises, and only a biblical worldview can solve these problems. We are on the verge of a population collapse. We are seeing 500,000 less babies being born this year than last year.

We are on the verge of a class crisis, where many young people feels if the current economic system does not work for them. We are on the verge of a property owning crisis. But all of this comes down to us turning our back on what is agreed upon truth, teaching the Bible in our schools, and this idea of actually able to speak freely, which is an idea that is rooted in the Bible, actually, being able to have discourse and disagreement and dialogue.

There’s a reason why the left and with it the secular humanists, they don’t value freedom of speech. Because when you have freedom of speech, eventually, it will actually point you to agreed upon precept of truth. That’s why they want to get rid of that. It is from utilitarian standpoint. It’s one of our greatest things at our disposal to be able to bring people to ultimate truth.

So look, if I wasn’t an optimist, there’d be something wrong with me. Because why would I be doing what I was doing? It would be somewhat of a self-defeating exercise, because everything I’m doing is sort of betting on America. And I think that our best days are truly ahead of us. And if I may say one thing, there’s plenty of things to be disappointed, the voting fraud, the weak Republicans, all of that. But President Donald Trump got 74 million votes.

Trump Won More

He won more black and Hispanic voters more so than any Republican except one election since 1960. We flipped races that people would never have dreamed possible. We won Florida by four points, everybody.

Ohio is no longer a battleground state. Iowa was a complete and total blow up. Burgess Owens, a black NFL player won in Utah. Michelle Steel and Young Kim flip seats in California alongside Mike Garcia. We saw Thom Tillis get reelected in North Carolina, despite polls showing the opposite and tens of millions of dollars flooding in to try to defeat him at the last moment.

So there’s plenty to be optimistic about. And I believe that the best focus for all of us is right in our backyard. You know, it’s kind of funny. The expression goes, you’re just preaching to the choir, well, amazingly, if the choir all voted for Donald Trump, he’d be president for four more years.


That’s right. That’s exactly right.


Charlie, first of all, congratulations.


Thank you.


This all via social media, you are recently engaged. So that’s awesome.


Thank you.

If We Would Just Do What Jesus Said…


Yeah, we’re so excited for you. One of the things obviously, as you’re working with so many students next generation, one of the things that I think could be very encouraging, especially for generations in the room, for parents, grandparents. One of the things that we’ve been saying is when Jesus talked about, in the Great Commission, we should make disciples of all nations. One of the hopes for me, looking at even where college students are, is that you mentioned.

They haven’t heard a lot of really well communicated, conservative Christian, constitutional talking positions so they don’t really know if they’re in favor or not, and they’re very winnable. But we see that they are very reachable in a discipleship manner, because they want relationship that they’re actually open to having friends and mentors that are older than them. And it seems like this is almost a culmination of where the perfect answer for this perfect storm is for the church to actually be the church, and to reach out to make disciples.

But with you being on so many campuses and working with students, do you see that opportunity and ability for maybe even people in their own church to look down and reach out? Do you see young people being open to having mentors that are not in their peer group? Because it seems that this is different from other generations who may be looking at adults and they’re like, no:

I don’t care about adults, I see so many Gen Z, so many Millennials who are open to having somebody beyond them in age speaking to them, love on them, encourage them for maybe a variety of reasons. But what is your experience with that? And maybe is that an encouragement that you could give based on what you’ve seen?

Disciple Nations


Yeah, that’s really well stated, a couple thoughts on that. Number one, Jesus said, make disciples of all nations, not converts of all nations. And kind of Christian incorporated in America has been solely focused on budgets, baptisms, and buildings, and not on really creating disciples to understand how the scriptures and how the Bible applies to every facet of life. And that includes governance, politics, and voting.

To the point about young people, you’re exactly right. I give this advice to adults, quite often, which is they say, what can I do? What can I do? I say, how many young people are you mentoring? And they say none, I say that’s the problem. I say that have you reached out to young people in the youth group at your church, into the local community, into a high school?

Because there are broken young people that that maybe are not getting parented correctly, that are maybe in broken homes, maybe they’re just in a rebellious phase. But maybe they’re looking for somebody who’s not their parents to actually instill a mentor style moral order.

I can tell you, for me personally, it was a 72 year old when I was 18 years old that really helped, prompt me and assist me and mentor me to start Turning Point USA. Phenomenal man. May he rest in peace. Bill Montgomery played a huge role in that. So I think that’s a really important point.

And I’ll also mention this in closing, which is that if you don’t communicate conservative values based in scriptures to your youth groups of your church, they will leave the church. The reason why a lot of statistics and metrics show that my generation is less likely to go to church despite being raised in the church is because they went to their youth pastors and asked them for clarity on gay marriage, abortion, racial issues, economics, and patriotism.

They Leave the Church Because…

And, too many of those youth pastors either said, we don’t get engaged in this or they gave a clumsy answer. If you’re not able to articulate to a 16 year old what a TikTok video around transgenderism means, then that 16 year old is not going to come back for marriage advice, counseling on whether or not they should save themselves for marriage or how to exactly vote.

They will disconnect from the church and they will no longer look at the church as a purveyor of truth, instead of pandering for budgets, baptisms and buildings. And I’m not diminishing those things. But I think that is compartmentalized Christianity, not comprehensive Christianity.

And so if the church reasserts its role as the Ecclesia, not just as a TED talk with a bunch of strobe lights and gas machines, then I think are actually our best days are ahead of us as Christians, conservatives and American patriots.


Wow! Charlie, thank you, man. Thank you. You’re warrior. Brother, we appreciate you so much. Everybody needs to be donated to Turning Point USA, you need to be listening to Charlie Kirk’s podcast. God bless you, brother. Thank you for coming…


God bless you guys. Thank you.

Yesterday Was The Electoral College Deadline – Is It Over?


Out of time for today, folks, we’ll bring you more of that Georgia barnstorming event throughout the coming days and weeks. Well, it may take weeks if we just give you a few minutes each day as we also give you election updates. But we hope you’re enjoying that from some of those great speakers we had with us in Georgia.

You can get more of it at our website at That’s also the place to make a contribution, come alongside us and help us continue to speak truth into the culture and train people on these principles. Become a Constitution coach today and start hosting these classes in your living room or at your church. Get folks around you excited about being biblical citizens.

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