Ending The Year With Good News Friday – Tennessee Deploys Troops To Texas – We are ending the year with some good news! Tune in to be encouraged. Governor Lee sends troops to Texas, Pennsylvania Supreme Court ends mask mandate for schools and more!

Air Date: 12/31/2021

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Alright, David, Tim, let’s dive into that good news. David, what’s our first piece of good news today?


Well, it’s good news from a governor of the state of Tennessee and the governor, and by the way, we got a lot of good governors and Governor Lee has been really good over in Tennessee from everything I can see from Texas. What I read, for sure, has been good over there. And what I hear from folks in Tennessee has been good. So I hope he’s as good as it appears. But this is good is that Governor Lee has announced that he’s going to deploy State National Guard to the Texas border. Now, I’m going to ask an obvious question here and it should get an obvious answer. Why is he sending Tennessee National Guard to the Texas state border?


This is in the spirit of Davy Crockett coming to the Alamo to rescue Texas, right? No?


Rescue Texas from what?


Yeah, presumably, in that case, the influx across the southern border.


See that’s what I would have said. I would have said immigration. As it turns out, that’s not why he sent them. It was not because of immigration. It’s because they’ve had 3,000 additional deaths in Tennessee.


Oh, wow, fentanyl.


That’s it. That’s it? He’s doing it because of the drugs. Let me read you the stats. I was unaware of this.


So let me defend my immigration argument for a second.




I mean, we know that a lot of these coyotes who are helping get people across the border, they are using some of these presumably otherwise innocent people as mules to help traffic drugs across the border. We know it’s not just coming across an 18 wheelers, or whatever the case might be. So, certainly, it’s an overlapping issue, probably not necessarily, completely the same, but not completely independent as well. So nonetheless, I’m going to defend I think immigration certainly has a part to play in this, but let’s go to the drugs…


I’m with you, brother. I’m with you. I’ll back you up. 2:1, we win. No, go ahead, David. Alright…


I will agree because if you shut the illegal immigration down, the illegal drugs would go down as well. So I’ve got to admit, yeah, you’re right on that one. But the point of the story is over the drug. Now listen to the stats. This is amazing. So, by July of this year, the Department of Public Safety of Texas, these aren’t federal stats, these are Texas stats, by July, which is just a little over halfway through the year, the Texas Department of Public Safety has seized enough fentanyl coming across the border to kill every single person in Texas and California combined. Try that. That’s a lot of fentanyl. They said it’s up 950% from last year.

So thank you, President Biden, for not closing the border. And that’s sarcastic by the way. And so by December of this year, just weeks ago, they had apprehended more than 200,000 pounds of fentanyl and methamphetamines. So, that’s just crazy numbers. And so Tennessee has recorded over 3,000 drug overdose deaths in that same period of time. And that’s a 45% increase from the previous year.

So Governor Lee is looking out for his own citizens in Tennessee by saying we’re going to Texas to help them shut down the border because we’ve had 3,000 deaths this last year from illegal drugs and they’re come and primarily cross that border. So this is an amazing story to me. I now understand why he’s sending troops there. You know, this is really pretty shocking to me actually. I had no clue of it. Can you imagine enough drugs to kill every single person in Texas, in California? I mean, I had no clue that much was coming across.


And all of our listeners across the country that aren’t in a border state, right, they might think that the border issue doesn’t affect them. I think most people do realize that now because the influx does go all across the country. Of course, we’ve seen the late at night Biden flights and flying these folks all across the country as well. But this is even more alarming. And definitely is not just Tennessee, man, it affects every state, it affects every individual in this country. So yeah, this is why the border crisis we’ve been saying all year long, this is a humanitarian crisis. It’s a disaster. It’s bad for terrorism. It’s bad for the drug, all this stuff. The only winners right now based on Biden’s policy are the cartels. They’re the ones that benefit from the Biden policy. So it’s good news that this governor gets it in Tennessee, DeSantis gets it in Florida. They’ve been sending help as well. And man, we need it from all over the country. Let’s move on to Tim. What’s your first piece of good news, man?


Well, guys, this is in Pennsylvania. And the “Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ends School Mask Mandate” is the headline. Now the specific details, interestingly enough, the Health Secretary Alison Beam issued a mask mandate for everyone going to school. So all indoor settings in schools, and for childcare centers, they were required to wear masks. Here’s what’s fascinating about this.

This, by the way, is acting Health Secretary, Alison Beam, who was not elected by anybody given the official orders for the state which seems like the legislature should be the one making laws for the state.


No, unelected people make laws. It’s not elected. You do not elect people to make laws. You appoint people to make laws. We live in America. You’re thinking of the old days.


I was saying, you see and when people talk about as being a democracy, I thought we were a constitutional republic. So maybe this is one of the changes. Like in a democracy, no, wait, because you would still vote for people, but then the people you vote for don’t make the laws and unelected bureaucrats will… So this is why I went to the state’s Supreme Court.


Maybe she’s the cousin of Putin. Maybe it’s come through that way.


Well, Beam doesn’t seem to be similar to Putin. Maybe it’s like marriage. I don’t know… So what’s interesting is the guy who brought this case, his name is Jake Corman, and he is the Pennsylvania Senate President Pro Tem. He’s actually Republican who’s now running for governor, but he didn’t file anything as a senator. And this wasn’t something done in the Senate and it means whatsoever. He filed it as an individual, as a parent, along with other parents, who were part of this.

And again, this was independent of anything to do with the Senate, or maybe running for governor, although this probably is good for his campaign getting this overturned. Nonetheless, this is apparent. He said, hey, this is ridiculous that this unelected person is passing law, well, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed, and they struck down this mask mandate. And so the ruling effective immediately means that masks are no longer mandatory. It says although many school districts have a local rule that students who wish to wear a mask may still do so, right, so just to clarify for some of the nervous nancies or the ridiculous Karen’s out there. This doesn’t mean people are not allowed to wear masks.


It isn’t only ladies that have the ridiculous nerves?


No, I’ve known some men who are [crosstalk 08:35]. Okay, it’s 2021 I mean that’s not assume somebody’s gender right now. There are people that are just ridiculous, and they fall in that category. But this is where some people are you oh my gosh, you’re saying that nobody wears masks ever again. No. We have on this program said many times we respect the right of individuals to choose for themselves if they want to get vaccinated if they want to wear a mask. All that’s fine.

But when we begin forcing and telling everyone you have to get vaccinated, you have to wear a mask, that’s where you are clearly violating some basic laws of associations, some basic principles of associations, some basic constitutional principles. And that’s what we are adamantly against. But this is where the Pennsylvania Supreme Court came out against this mask mandate given by the acting Health Secretary Alison Beam. So that is really good news, in the midst of a time when people talk about in winter there’s going to be a spike of Coronavirus, etc, etc, for people to still recognize the basic principles, basic constitutionality of who makes laws in states and who does not make laws, so this is good news coming out of Pennsylvania.


Alright, guys, it’s almost time for a break. David, one more piece of good news before we break?


Well, I mentioned Governor Lee of Tennessee. Now I’m going to mention Governor DeSantis of Florida. And earlier I talked about immigration issues related to Tennessee through the drug areas. Now, I’m going to talk about just immigration issues and how they affected Florida. And part of it was a lot of these governors want the laws upheld, want the border laws upheld, etc.

But we know that there’s record of some 70 flights that were being sent into Jacksonville, Florida by Immigration Naturalization Service. Biden administration just packing up illegal immigrants and send them all over the United States, including 70 flights into Jacksonville. Now, in a normal situation of federalism, the federal government tries to work with state governments and local governments. It doesn’t try to dictate to them. Federalism, every level of government has a responsibility and you try to work and cooperate. But in this case, we’re not going to tell DeSantis at all, we’re going to sneak these guys in and hope nobody noticed this, but they did notice.

So what’s happened now as DeSantis is working to set the budget for 2022 and he works with the legislature because the governor is not the one who controls the purse strings, the US Constitution says purse strings belong to the House of Representatives. So Governor DeSantis needs money to do things in this administration, he has to ask the legislature for that. That’s again part of the separation of powers, constitutionally great provision. So he has asked the legislature and they’ve given him $8 million to be able to pack up immigrants and send them to Delaware, to Biden’s home, or to Martha’s Vineyard or to all these other places where political people like to hang out and tell everybody else how they should live, but they don’t want that impact coming home to them.

So quite ironic that you have a governor saying, kay, you guys think this is great for us? We think it’s great for you. Why don’t you have the same policy you’re making us live under and you can bet that that’s going to bring some changes pretty quick. You’re going to hear a lot of outcry from Delaware and a lot of outcry from Martha’s Vineyard and other places who don’t want this to happen. Yeah, welcome to the rest of us who want the laws upheld as well.


Alright, guys, we’re going to take a quick break for the day, we’ll be right back. You’ll get more good news. Folks, if you want even more than what we’re going to give you on the second half of the program, make sure you go to our website wallbuilderslive.com, click on the archive section, and check out some of those previous Friday programs. Stay with us, you’re listening to Good News Friday on WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday, in fact, the last Good News Friday of 2021. And as insane as the year is been, guys, we’ve had a lot of good news to share as well. We don’t talk about just the bad and the ugly. We talk about the good, the bad and the ugly and there’s been a lot of good. So we’ve got, you know what, 10, 12 minutes here for the last pieces of good news of the year, you all better pick carefully. Tim.


Well, I’m going to say this give me more of providential picks because I’m just picking up the top of the stack. So whatever it is. But here’s a cool story. This is related to the Heisman winner, and the title says “Credits Christ, I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” And this Alabama’s Bryce Young, and for people to pay attention to football, a couple of very interesting things to me about this, if we talk about powerhouses, especially in college football over the last couple of decades, Alabama, 100% is like the powerhouse when you look for the last 10-15, I don’t know how long. I mean, it’s been a long time. Especially since Nick Saban has been there, they’ve been a powerhouse there in Alabama.

I had no idea Alabama has never had a quarterback in school history win the Heisman Trophy, which I’m not a football guru, although I do thoroughly enjoy sports and I certainly do watch some college football on occasion: but first quarterback in the school history to win the Heisman trophy.

When he got up to give his acceptance speech, was nationally televised, he said first and foremost, I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without him, I couldn’t be here and through him, all things are possible. He then goes on to thank his parents which also was really cool. His mom and dad were sitting there and he gets to think both of them for their contributions. And then thanks his team and what they did.

Looking at statline, there were some really, really impressive things which not that Good News Friday needs to be about football stats necessarily. But as an athlete, I recognized some of these things are quite astounding. His debut for the school, he threw four touchdowns, which is very impressive. But he has the highest completion percentage for a single game for passing, which is a 0.909 completion percentage out of a 1…


91%, oh, my goodness!


Right. Just staggering completion percentage, he set the school record for passing yards in a single game with 559 passing yards in a single game. Really impressive! But part of what this article highlights that was really neat as well is on his Twitter bio, it reads “Follower of Christ”. And after we won the Heisman, he tweeted, “God is great. Truly thankful for everyone who made this possible and for all the support I’ve received. All Glory to God.” So, just really cool.

And actually, I think today is the day that Alabama plays Cincinnati in the college playoffs. So, just really cool. We’ve talked about this before, when you have athletes who are very noted and have some notoriety surrounding them when they are giving credit in their faith to Jesus Christ, they’re bringing attention back to their faith and giving credit and glory to God, just so unique in era of cancel culture where there are many people who are very aggressive against Christianity, against a pro-religious faith kind of stuff, to see people have a notoriety like a Bryce Young, the quarterback for Alabama come out and being very bold and open about his faith, guys, that’s really encouraging.


And I’m going to jump on that for a second, Tim, to say this, maybe this ought to be a New Year’s resolution for us seeing what Bryce did with that. The scripture says in Matthew 10, Jesus says, if you confess me before men, I’ll confess you before my Father. But if you don’t confess me before men, I’m not going to confess you before my Father. And so that’s a good challenge for every one of us to openly acknowledge Christ publicly. And now we live in a culture where sometimes we don’t want to do that: we get attacked for doing that. There’s more anti-Christian fervor right now than we’ve seen at any time in our lifetime, as far as polling is concerned.

But you can’t go solid on your faith. You need to stand up for your convictions, stand up your faith. You need to let other people know you have a Christian faith. You need to share that with others. Don’t keep it to yourself. Jesus said, you don’t hide your light under a basket, you let it everybody see it. So that’s a great story. And it just reminds me that passage in Matthew 10.

And let me just encourage everybody to just make a New Year’s resolution, this next year, I’m going to share my faith publicly with people. I’m going to let people know I am a Christian. I’m going to let people know that I love and appreciate Christ. And that’s a great way to start the year. Good news!

I’m going to go to something that’s happened with the University of Iowa. University of Iowa has been in a lawsuit for several years because they have really derecognized, I’m not sure that’s the right word, but there are a number of college clubs at the University of Iowa, and they refuse to give official recognition to Christian clubs because these Christian clubs wanted to follow Christian beliefs. And by following Christian beliefs, they wanted people who were leaders in their clubs to have those Christian beliefs.

So you had things like at the business leaders in Christ club, so business guys that follow Christ, Christians, you can be part of the club, but to be part of the club, you got to have Christian beliefs. Well, there was individual who came in who definitely did not have biblical beliefs, and was very clear about it. And they said, well, sorry, you can’t be a leader in the club. Now, you can be part of the club, but you can’t be a leader in the club. Our charters and our laws for our club say you got to have the Christian beliefs to be a leader in the club. And he said, well, I don’t but I want to be a leader. And they said well, you can’t be, so he took them to court.

And also, I had another Christian club that did the same thing. This has been going for years. And the university has lost this time, after time after time after time. And finally, the courts just put an end to it and said, look, you’re going to pay these two clubs $2 million for all their legal suits that have gone for all these years, and you’re not going to control their beliefs. You’re not going to tell them what they have to believe to have leaders in their clubs.

And I love what the judge said here because this one all the way through the US Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, and Judge Jonathan Kobes, he wrote on this. He said, “The individual defendants and that is the University of Iowa, University of Iowa can pick their poison. They’re either plainly incompetent or they knowingly violated the Constitution.” And I think that’s a great description. When a university won’t let you abide by constitutional beliefs, but by the right of conscience, for example, which is a First Amendment protected right under freedom of religion or when it won’t let you abide right of assembly, you have the right to associate with who you want to, those are constitutional rights.

For university not to allow that, you’re either totally incompetent, or you’re absolutely unconstitutional. In this case, I’d say it’s both of them because there are so many cases. We’ve not been losing these cases at the university level for 10 years probably. We’re winning all these cases. And for the university to stand and fight on this when the record is so clear, that’s a cost of $2 million to taxpayers.

And while we’re seeing woke stuff happen all over high schools and we’re seeing school boards go crazy and throw out the crazy people and logical normal average people running for school board, we need to remember universities because you got this kind of nonsense going there. You need to look at how the trustees are chosen for the school, universities in Iowa. And if trustees aren’t willing to just really kind of step in and slap some people around say, what were you guys thinking, you cost the taxpayers $2 million? And why are you discriminated against Christians? I mean, somebody needs to be an adult in this situation.

So hopefully, people in Iowa can contact the Board of Regents or Trustees or whatever they call them there in Iowa, and see if they can get something done. You need administrative change at the top levels if they’re going to be this incompetent, or this unconstitutional.


Alright, Tim, we’ve got time for one more piece of good news to round out the year.


Well, this is from Kentucky. And first of all, we certainly are praying for people in Kentucky after the tornadoes and so much devastation. And we have friends in Kentucky and so we’re praying for everybody affected by that disaster. With that being said, a piece of good news coming out of Kentucky. There was a really fun story from actually earlier the beginning of this month.

There was a boy on his way to school, there was a police officer patrolling and this boy stopped the police officer, it was officer Jan Dikes, she said she didn’t catch the boy’s name. She came back and told the story. And so the story went viral. And this article is from the beginning of December. I guess this incident happened in November.

But it’s a Lewisville Metro Police Department. And they post it on social media. It says “On patrol and the first division officer Dikes takes time to visit kids before school. This fella asked her to pray for him a moment to keep in her heart forever. And there was a photo there, a really neat photo where they’re both kind of kneeling down, she’s kneeling down on a knee, and the young man has a handout and she has a hand on his chest, and so they’re both touching each other like they’re praying for each other. So, kind of a standard thing, not trying to make this awkward, they’re praying for each other. But they have their eyes closed and they’re saying their prayers for the day.

This is a quote from the article. He said “I want to pray for this officer’s safety. I made a new friend. I really hope her day goes great. And hopefully, she makes a lot of lives better.” And this is what she was reporting to other departments when they posted on social media. And then the officer added also prayed for himself as he headed to school to meet new people, Dikes returned to the bus stop that afternoon looking for the young man, has not found the young man since but was really impacted and talked about how much that has impacted her and made a difference.

And guys, and everything as we’re looking at the end of this year, so often, we are looking for ways we can make a difference. How can we help make a difference in the country? And sometimes it’s not the big things that need to be done. Sometimes it’s just a little gestures of humanity of faith that we just love our neighbors ourselves. This little boy found an officer and said, hey, can I pray for you? Like how cool and crazy is that that this is a little boy asking to pray for a police officer? It can be little gestures like this, as she pointed out in this post that her department it ends up going viral. She said in this post that this really has changed her life. And it’s something that she will keep in her heart forever. This is absolutely true.

And guys, as so often people talk about what is going to be the New Year’s resolution? What’s the commitment in the next year? And dad, you know, you’ve said many times that we need to do things that we can that to try to help and be a blessing and pray for people and make a difference. Sometimes the things that make such a big difference are the very small gestures like what this little boy just said, hey, can I pray for this officer, and she will remember that forever, as you know, she went out try to find him, and then he wasn’t even there. Which when I first read the article, I was like he’s an angel, right, probably not. He’s probably just a little boy on his way to school.

But such a cool thought that this little boy could have such a big impact in an officer’s life by just asking to pray for her. And that’s something that every one of us can do to make a difference in people’s lives. How can we serve? How can we bless? How can we love people better? And this little boy is a great example of that.


Well, friends let me be the first to say happy new year, even though it’s not midnight yet, assuming you’re listening to this during the day on New Year’s Eve. But we sure do appreciate you listening today. Thanks so much for joining us on this Good News Friday. Thanks for being a listener to WallBuilders Live throughout the year. Thanks for donating, those of you that have been doing that all across the country. You can do that at wallbuilderslive.com. Maybe it’s a last minute tax-deductible donation, your last donation of the year, we sure appreciate that.

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