Enemies Within The Church – With Trevor Loudon:  Marxism — the ideology responsible for over 100 million deaths in the 20th century alone and the basis for socialism and communism–has been making its way INTO our churches. How can you know if your church is becoming woke, and why does it matter? What should you do to stop the madness? Tune in to hear Trevor Loudon join us to explain!

Air Date: 09/06/2022

Guest: Trevor Loudon

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Special Guest: Trevor Loudon

Alright, guys, later in the program we’ve got Trevor Loudon with us, new movie that came out. Oh, I guess it’s been early this year or maybe late last year, ‘Enemies Within the Church’. He’s done a movie six or seven years ago, Enemies Within the country, talking about communism infiltrating the education system and our politicians in Washington, DC. and so much more.

This particular movie is specifically about the similar type thing seeping into the church, maybe not even seeping. I mean, now you’ve got whole denominations that have gone, wow, really anti-biblical. And of course, in the movie he points out some of the denominations you wouldn’t think that was happening to are starting to struggle with this internally as well.

So we’ve got to be on guard for defending the faith and defending those basic principles that Marxism is definitely after in the church because they want to control all the institutions.


Rick, as you mentioned, he has the movie that came out, I don’t know if you said it was 2016, it seems like it was right before the Trump presidency, maybe leaning into it, where he went through a lot of people in the Democrat Party and some major leaders and players and identifying that I would be very curious now his take, I mean, certainly I know where we are and what we think, what we believe, the things that we know about some of the Biden administration, some of the players that are in there, and certainly the growth and expansion of Marxism. It’d be interesting to revisit that with him and see where he goes.

But unquestionably, in the church, we see so much of this Marxist indoctrination that’s been part of the education system for so long that you have such well-intentioned, good-hearted people that are embracing things that are definitely part of a much more woke culture, a woke worldview and not necessarily a biblical world view. And as we say that, one of the things that is very important in this is when there are pastors who start talking about different groups of people and obviously, we’ve all got different experiences–

Group Identity or Individual Identity?

But they don’t say it’s each individual, they say, well, it’s different for blacks than it is for whites. And already that is a very anti-biblical position, even though there can be some reality is different in Africa than it is in America, however, not everybody in America is white, everybody in Africa is black. Like we’re not even being correct in some of the generalization of these conversations.

Nonetheless, what’s significant is the Bible says that in Christ there is no Jew, there’s no Greek, there’s no slave, Scythian, and free, there’s no male, there’s no female. We are all one in Christ. And if you have a pastor that’s taking position not of looking at people as individuals, which is the way God does, God looks at us as individuals, not as a collective group of people.

God does not judge us based on our race, our ethnicity, our culture, our language, our heritage. God looks at us on an individual level and we have pastors promoting groups and ideologies. That is a Marxist philosophy that has infiltrated into their world view. And this is just one of many examples we could give. But we are seeing this more and more inside the church.

So there’s no doubt that this evil ideology, which just to keep everybody on the same page, Marxism is the foundation for socialism and communism, or people can’t just claim to be Marxist outright. Nonetheless, this ideology is responsible for more than 100 million deaths in the 20th century alone. So the most deadly evil ideology that’s ever existed and now it’s coming inside to the Christian church in America, this is a major problem for what we are seeing inside the Church of America.


When you look at the church in America today, what really strikes me is just think about the last 10 years, think about all the things that have come into the nation last 10 years, whether it be the movement for a complete different sexuality, ignore all the biblical stuff, ignore all the biblical morals, whether it be what we’re teaching on inequality–

God’s Word is the Answer

We no longer believe we’re all created equal, that we all need a savior, some have more better needs than others and a greater need for a savior than others, and some are okay, and some groups are oppressed. Man, name me anything in the last ten years where the Church of Jesus Christ in America has stopped something bad from taking over the country?

Now, we’ve got 384,000 churches and senior pastors in America. We got 62% of Americans who profess to be Christian, and the church Christians per se, we haven’t stopped anything from getting worse; we should be. And the scripture says, hey, if you can’t be a preservative, if you can’t be solved and keep things from getting rotten, you’re good for nothing but to be thrown outside and trodden underfoot. And the church is demonstrating that right now, and a lot of it goes back to syncretism.

We don’t know the Bible. We just take all these ideas and blend them together. So we got some Marxist ideas and we got some secularist ideas and some progressive ideas and some Bible ideas, and we create our own syncretism, and that’s just not a good place to be.

And talking to churches recently, I said, look, guys, we got to get back to memorizing God’s word. And I give two examples right off the bat. I go to the public schools of New Jersey in 1816, where in the public school report for New Jersey, 1816, if you were in the second grade, you had memorized the entire Gospel of John by the time you’re in the second grade, and that’s every public school kid in New Jersey in the second grade.

Or go to Pennsylvania, 1892, in every week at public schools, you memorize one chapter of the Bible, and you memorize one great piece of literature or hymn like Onward Christian Soldiers or Lead Kindly Light. We memorize two major things a week in public schools, and we’re not getting that done in our lifetime now.

How many Christians can I name that have memorized the Gospel of John? I don’t know of any that have memorized the entire Gospel of John. I may know some, but I don’t know who they are. But this is what every kid did back then.


If we do not get back to the Bible as the basis of what we believe and stop adding stuff to it, we’re going to see the same lack of preservative from the church in America, and America will be totally redefined, and it will be our fault because we’ve not applied the Bible to all of that. And that’s what Trevor talks about with the ‘Enemy Within The Church’.


Alright, folks, stay with us, we’re going to take a quick break. We’ll be right back with Trevor Loudon here on WallBuilders Live.

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Enemies Within the Church


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. We’ve got Trevor Loudon with us. We’re going to be talking about the new movie, well, new this year, Enemies Within the Church. And of course, as we talked about earlier, there was the movie from a while back, ‘Enemies in the Nation’. But folks, we’ve got to pay attention to this, this movie is going to blow your mind just how much of an infiltration has occurred. But Trevor, thanks so much for joining us today.


Look, it’s a pleasure, sir. Thanks for having me on.


Hey, you have put out so many great books, movies, just material over the years that’s been incredible on uncovering the corruption underneath and the problems that have been festering for decades underneath. And we’re at a moment in time where the curtain is getting pilled back, even the FBI raid on the President finally unveils a lot of the corruption that was already there, but it was happening to guys like you and me, and so most people didn’t know about it.

You did The Enemy Within, I guess, what was that, six years ago, the original one on Marxism in the country.


Yeah, 2016.

Enemies Within


16, yes. And then this year did ‘Enemies Within the Church’. Let’s talk about the first one back in 2016. What made you make that one and what did you see in terms of people’s eyes being opened to how much Marxism had already infiltrated our culture?


That’s right. Well, the thesis of the movie was that there was about no background checks in Congress, none whatsoever. And the enemies of America know this, the Iranians, the Chinese, the Venezuelans, the Cubans, the local Communists. So they’ve been able to infiltrate probably close to 100 members of Congress into the House. And about 25 members of the US senate are Marxist Chinese allies or whatever. So every major committee in the Congress and every major committee in the Senate is run really by an enemy of America now. So we laid that out.

And because I think Americans never understood this. Americans always thought, well, we’re so strong, the Russians can’t take us, the Chinese can’t take us. But what the enemies did was to use your open system to infiltrate their friends into the heart of your government and basically wreck you.

Everything from open borders to the gutting of the military to the indoctrination in schools to the attacks on churches can be sourced back to America’s enemies working through your congressmen and senators. And so that movie really took off. And I think we had 3 million views on Amazon Prime until they took it off just before the last election. But it influenced a lot of people, it woke a lot of people up to how deep the penetration is.

Connections to Communism


It did. And one of the things that stood out to me in the movie, Trevor, was how well you documented Bernie Sanders background, the connections to Communism throughout his life. It was so overwhelming. And then to see the major media never talk about those things and to see him still be able to have come as close as he did in 2020 and just the acceptance within the Democrat Party. Because you put that out in the movie, that they’ve been after the Democrat Party for decades and they’ve pretty much taken it over at this point.


What I have, the Democratic Party is a Marxist party now. Now, Hillary Clinton was as bad as Bernie Sanders, but a lot more is subtle about it. Joe Biden is completely in the grip of these people as well. He appointed virtually all of his cabinets are in bed with China or Marxist backgrounds.

Like, for instance, he put Deb Harland in the Secretary of the Interior and that was organized, that whole campaign to put Deb fully interior was organized by Judith LeBlanc of the Communist Party USA, the woman who organized the protests against the Dakota access pipeline, which Biden shut down the first day he got into office. Now Deb Harland is controlling all of America’s energy on public land and she’s shutting down every lease she can. So this is an example.

When America needs energy on the world stage to cut the price for Americans to bankrupt Vladimir Putin and support Europe, we can’t get it because a pro-Communist agent is now serving as Secretary of the Interior put in place by bona fide leader of the Communist party USA signed off by four Republican senators.

Cultural Marxism


Wow. That tells you how bad it is. Let me ask you this, Trevor, in our limited time together. So for the movie from 2016, are you thinking about doing an update to that based on what the Biden administration is doing, just like that example you just gave?


Well, certainly we are thinking about it. Yes. We’ve been really dealing with the ‘Enemies Within the Church’, and we’re planning a sequel to that. But I would very much like to do that. So if there’s anybody out there with some spare funds, please let me know because I could tell an even better story today. We know so much more. We have to understand the Democratic Party is penetrated by enemies to its root.


Yes, I want to give out both of the websites. So there’s enemieswithinmovie.com. And that’s the 2016 movie. And you can get these on Amazon and other places. And then enemieswithinthechurch.com, which is the one I wish I started with this. But this is the most recent one.

This is the one this year exposing just how bad this cultural Marxism has now seeped into the church. We’ve coopted the scripture with cultural Marxism at this point. And did I hear you right just then, you said you’re actually already working on a sequel to this one, the one about within the church?


About we are planning a sequel, yes.



Wow. Okay, so tell us about this one and where people can watch it as well. Not the sequel, I’m sorry.


Okay. Well, you can download it pay per view on enemieswithinthechurch.com, or you can get it from Amazon or my website, Trevorloudon.com. But just look it up online, it’s very easy to find enemieswithinthechurch.com, you can order hard copies. And people are ordering 100 at a time, regularly. And it’s now coming out in Spanish, Portuguese. We’re going to have it out in Chinese, French, German as well.

And it’s basically the tale of the deliberate infiltration of the American churches, starting with the mainstream churches and the Catholics in the 30s. And in the last few years, it’s really going into the evangelical movement and even the Southern Baptist. The Left know that they can take the church to the Left, they take America’s politics to the Left, and they will have the country at that point.


And you reveal that in the movie. What is your perspective on the hope of stopping it, of actually saving the American church?


Well, I think we all realize we’ve been let down by the leadership of the churches and the leadership of our conservative movement. But the grassroots is growing dramatically. Everywhere I go, there’s new political groups springing up. And everywhere I go, there’s home churches, small churches, breakaway churches who want to get back to the Bible and get back to real Christianity.


They’re sick of the wokeness. Wokeness is Marxism. They’re sick of the endless diversion onto white privilege and social justice and global warming and refugee resettlement, all these Marxist memes, and they want to get right back to real Christianity. So I am seeing that all over the place.


Yeah. Honestly, Trevor, this one is personal to me. We loved the church we were attending in Austin, Texas. And when COVID hit and all the BLM riots and all of those things, our church went totally woke. And I get it. I mean, it’s happening all over the country.

We had to leave. I’m thankful now because we love where we’re going at Liberty Fellowship in Wemberley, Texas. But it was tough to watch that happen and realize that’s happening to people all over the country and churches all over the country.

Trevor Louden is with us right now, we’re talking about ‘Enemies Within the Church’. The website is enemieswithinthechurch.com, you can get the movie there. And Trevor, I’m going to pretend the announcement was made here that there will be a sequel, let’s just make that the official announcement.


Okay. Now the public knows.


Hey, what’s the signs, what do you look for as a parishioner to know that your church is beginning to buy into the wokeness? I mean, there’s some obvious stuff, but a lot of times it seeps in. What do you say are the ways to know that your church is starting to buy into it?

The LGBTQ Agenda


Well, I think what you’ll see is a real de-emphasis on the Old Testament. Very little talk about sin, very little talk about the Ten Commandments and the binding effect on us. So you’ll find that the tougher aspects very much watered down and then you’ll start to see that the more social justice aspects come.

And you’ll see very much all about love, but a very soft, accepting, feminine type of love rather than the old tough ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ type of attitude. And then you start to see a lot about social justice. The critical race theory, the white privilege is an absolute tale.

The LGBTQ agenda is another complete tale. Refugee resettlement, welcoming illegal immigrants across the border. All of these are Marxist programs, and none of them have anything to do with Christianity at all. But you’ll see them in the majority of churches around Texas or any part of the country now.


Yeah. And then what do you recommend to parishioners, go to the pastor and say, hey, I’m concerned or just go ahead and start looking for somewhere else that isn’t buying into it, what do you recommend?


Well, that’s why we did the movie, because the movie gives the background of how this happened, who did it. And this includes very many prominent Christians. I’m sure some of the listeners will have their books and their libraries and how they infiltrated the Bible colleges. So they started indoctrinating the pastors. So the younger guys are very often imbued with this stuff.

Turn Your Church Around

So the movie gives you the evidence and helps clarify the issue. So if you’re having a problem with your pastor, you go to them, you talk to them, you talk through these issues based on what you’ve seen in the movie and books that we recommend on our website. And the idea is to save them, get them back on track.

That’s the ideal. If you can turn your church around, get rid of the Marxism, get back to the gospel, that’s great. If not, you have to find another church. It is nonsense listening to a broadcast like this on a Thursday, then going to a socialist church on a Sunday, it’s not going to do you much good.


Amen. And putting your kids under that teaching, right? I mean that’s why we ended up…


Well, that’s right, it’s the youth pastors are particularly the younger they are, the more likely they are to be indoctrinated with this. I have countless stories of young people who came home to their parents and said, I’m not going to Bible school, I’m not going to Sunday school anymore, I’m not going to the youth group anymore.

They’re telling me what a racist I am. They’re telling me America is a terrible place. They’re telling me that I’m not accepting of the LGBTQ agenda. They’re saying I’m not a good Christian because they don’t go along with this stuff.

We get countless examples of this. Don’t send your kids into campus crusade for Christ or group. Don’t send your kids into varsity now, they’re all heavily infiltrated by this wokeism, this Marxism.

Ignoring Truth


Wow! Well, and the first thing you said about go to your pastor and hope that you get them back on track, of course, assumes that the pastor is well meaning, they’ve been led astray, and there probably are a lot like that, whether it was at Bible college or they want to love people, they’re driven by these emotions and they’re ignoring truth. And like you said, the tough love that is actual love, they’ve fallen into this fake idea of love.

And so for those that there’s a chance of getting back on track, absolutely go speak to them. But if they don’t, I agree with you, you’ve got to find somewhere else. That’s exactly what we had to do.

Trevor, I can’t thank you enough for coming on, man. I want to recommend both websites and then we’ll have links today where people can get to that easily. But I look forward to having you back again. Thanks so much for your time today.


Oh, look to, it’s a great conversation. Thanks very much.


You bet. That was Trevor Loudon, folks. You got to check it out enemieswithinthechurch.com, enemieswithinthechurch.com, you will be shocked to see some of the things there. I was shocked to see it happen in my own church in Austin, Texas. And actually, God works in awesome ways because I love where our family is now and we have a great fellowship.

But it was so disappointing to see the teaching coming from the pulpit that was clearly anti-biblical, but it felt good, right, it made everybody get the feels, as John Cooper would say. But it’s destroying the church from within and it’s got to be stopped. And you might be the one to point it out in your church if you’re seeing it.

Be Bold

That was Trevor Loudon. Thanks for joining us today, Trevor. We’re now back with David and Tim Barton. And of course guys, as we talked about at the beginning, there’s a lot of these things happening out there. Really, this all comes down to discernment, it comes down to wisdom.

It comes down to us being watching for these things in our own churches and denominations and speaking truth and standing up as we actually go into the pastor if we see a lot of this stuff seeping in and asking questions. That takes some boldness.

A lot of people don’t want to question their own pastor or their own denomination. But man, I don’t think there’s any denomination off limits at this point. They’re coming after every part of the Christian church.


Well now let me point out too you can’t question your pastor if you don’t know the stuff yourself.


That’s right.


Everybody’s got to know God’s Word better than we know it right now, otherwise we would have already stopped this. We’ve got to get committed to getting back to the scriptures where we know. And I have say Jeff Fox already had that program, ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader?’

Are You Smarter Than a 2nd Grader?

My question is, are you smarter than a New Jersey second grader? And this goes back to what I mentioned about New Jersey.

In 1816, public schools, New Jersey, those kids had memorized the Gospel of John. Well, they didn’t just do that. By the way, it says in the public school report from 1816 that what the kids also memorized in school every week was whatever Bible versus the pastor had mentioned from the pulpit on that previous Sunday. So imagine now, whatever Bible verse you hear in church, you memorize it in the week, but we’re not doing that.

And so it’s hard to call out pastors when we the people aren’t doing the same thing. It’s just like it’s hard to call out our leaders on being unconstitutional if we don’t know the Constitution ourselves. We have got to get God’s Word back in the center of our lives and what we do. And that’s the best way to get the enemy out of the church.


And guys too, I would point out that in the midst of this, we can point to specific denominations that are embracing this ideology. We’re not against a specific denomination. We’re against an ideology. And if that group, if that ministry, if that denomination is embracing that ideology, we’re opposing the ideology they are embracing.

Enemies Within The Church – With Trevor Loudon

And so this is not targeting a specific denomination, a specific group, a specific religious ministry. We’re pointing out that there are ministries and denominations that their leaders are embracing a very evil ideology. And it could be that they are well-intentioned and misinformed or it could be that maybe they’re not quite as pure of heart as people might have imagined.

We’re not imputing motives at this point, but we are identifying the ideology they’re promoting is evil and we have to make sure we oppose that because it’s not biblical. And we’ve seen over the 20th century what casualties and deaths it caused and we don’t want that in America. We certainly don’t want it in the church.


Well, and guys, as we’ve said for a long time, I mean, the number one thing, if you want to save the country, number one thing you can do, get in God’s word. We’ve got to know the answers to the cultural problems. We’ve got to know what the Bible says about how we should be acting, not just in church, but with regard to education, with regard to our neighborhoods, with regard to law enforcement. I mean, every area out there, the number one way to save our country is to be in God’s word. And we’ve got to do it.

David, you and Barna have been talking about this for years. You got a book talking about these things. I mean, this is vitally important. Everybody’s always saying elections and election fraud and all these other issues, the border, all these big issues, all of those things. You got to be in God’s Word to know how to properly respond to that.

So really, really important what we’re talking about today, folks. Start studying, gets you a Founders’ Bible. Start reading every day, read through it every year like the Founders, start memorizing like David was talking about. We’ve all got to do our part and that’s the first and foremost the most important things that we can do.

Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!