Equality Act Policies Leave Our Daughters Vulnerable In Schools: Parents, listen carefully to today’s program. If your child is in public school something is happening all across the country that should not be happening. Even in our hometown policies are taking place and it’s time we raise our voice and put a stop to it. Tune in now to learn more! 

Air Date: 04/29/2019

Guest: Andrea Shaw

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live! Where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always doing that from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

And today’s topic – it is a hot topic today. Parents should be listening carefully to today’s program especially if you send your child to public school. Something is happening all across the country that should not be happening anywhere in the country.

And most parents don’t even know it’s happening in their own backyard. That’s not saying anything bad about parents I’m saying the schools are not informing you, and you may think it’s not happening in your own backyard. But I have come to find that those very things are happening in my own backyard small town in Texas where I would not have thought this kind of stuff would be allowed.

Today”€™s Hot Topic

So we’re gonna be addressing a very hot topic today with David Barton America’s premier historian and our founder WallBuilders. Tim Barton national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. I’m Rick Greenham a former Texas legislator.

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How To Help Protect Your Children In School

Later in the program, we’ll have an attorney with us to share a specific story of one of these things that are happening, what they’re doing for their client and hopefully it will help to protect your children at your schools as well.

David, Tim this program today is actually a logical result to the policy position that we’ve taken in state legislatures across the country and certainly school boards. Once we start saying not only is there no right and wrong but there’s no gender; that there’s no male or female and that everybody gets to decide on their own as they attend school. Wake up one day and decide you are male or decide you are female and then choosing that locker room or bathroom.

I remember Pastor Jack Gibbs several years ago talking about this happening here in California, and he told us he said hey but it’s coming to you it’s coming to every state across the country. Well, it has arrived, and we’re seeing these kinds of crazy incidents we’ll be talking about today in state after state.

What Has Our Legislation Produced


Yeah, what’s kind of ironic about this scenario is that when this kind of legislation is proposed,  and people present what would be presumed to be the logical conclusion just follow this to a logical end, what is this going to produce? Well, what’s going to be the result of this? People would say oh you’re fear mongering and that’s never going to happen. When you come to the place where that actually happens then the other side change the tactic. It’s not we’re wrong we shouldn’t let that happen. It’s now if you oppose that happening, you’re hateful, you’re bigoted, and you’re intolerant.

The Dynamic Of The Opposition Is Strategic

So very dynamic of the other side’s opposition is actually rather strategic.

Right at first, you’re just going to be one of these people who is paranoid delusional; that’s never gonna happen when it does, you’re hateful and bigoted. We’re seeing that actually played out in front of our very eyes in America today.

Things that you know 10 years ago, people said that’s never going to happen and even then the argument. Guys, this is the logical conclusion you’re just being ridiculous. Now we’re seeing it, and if you oppose it, you actually are the ones that get in trouble for opposing behavior such as boys going into girls locker rooms.

Guys are identifying as girls. Guys are playing on a girls sports team. Guys are winning state championships in the girls’ division.

Guys winning wrestling matches in the girls – whatever the scenario is.

This is No Longer Hypothetical

I mean this is no longer hypothetical.

This is happening in front of our eyes.


This is something that defies logic. It all goes back to our unwillingness to say no or to say you’re wrong. Those are words you’re just not going to hear in the culture today.

We accommodate things that we know are wrong, but we’re scared to say they’re wrong or scared to say no.

If I suddenly stand up and say you know what I am a seven foot four rugby player from Australia. You need to say that’s wrong. You’re five foot ten, you’ve never been to Australia, and you don’t know what rugby is.

But I can’t say that because if I want to identify as a rugby player, I can’t say you’re wrong. That defies all logic.

Emperor Has No Clothes

The Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, of the emperor, has no clothes. Everybody knew he had no clothes, but nobody wanted to tell him he had no clothes. And finally somebody just kind of popped up and said, hey he didn’t have any clothes. Now, oh my gosh you said it out loud.

If I say I’m an anteater and I want to live in the zoo. Somebody needs to tell me you’re wrong you’re not.


Now, wait a second. What if you actually eat ants?

Well that’s then you are an anteater.


That means I’ve watched Quigley Down Under. And I’ve got that Australia thing coming through.


To your point: this is one of those things where we think that reality should be whatever people say it is. We don’t stop to consider what’s going to happen when someone takes that to a place where we don’t think it should go. Then who is the one that’s in trouble?

Let”€™s Take A Scenario

Let”€™s take a scenario: you’re a 56-year-old individual, and you want to have sex with children.

How can you say that’s wrong? This is just who I am, it’s how I was made. It’s how I was born. How dare you. So let’s say the age of consent and some places is 17.

Well, what’s the difference between a 16-year-old the 17-year-old? Not that much. In fact, Democrats are saying 16-year-olds ought to be able to vote now. Well, if they can vote that ought to be the age of consent.

What”€™s the difference between a 16 and 15-year old. Not that much.

You can just back this thing all the way up to where behavior that used to be looked at as absolutely abominable is now can be justified in a culture where there are no absolutes, there are no definitions, and there are no rights and wrongs. Who were you to say that somebody else is wrong? That’s just your opinion. That’s just your thoughts and feeling, and this is the challenge we are seeing in culture.

We Are Defying Common Sense


At some point we’re gonna have to stand up and say that’s wrong. We’re just to defying common sense. This is not hard.

You know DNA has two chromosomes X and Y. Now if you don’t have access to a DNA test then for fifty-five hundred years if you wanted to know your gender, you looked between your legs. Male or female it was easy to tell.

It’s like we don’t even recognize reality anymore. We don’t recognize signs, we don’t recognize common sense. It”€™s now working its way out in very real ways in public policy including the young lady who walked into her girls’ locker room and found a guy in there who said he’s a girl and was wearing girls underwear.

No, they didn’t change your chromosomes. It didn’t change your physical structure, but now she’s been told that she’s the one who’s wrong. She’s the one who has to change. If he wants to be in there, he can. I mean it really is a crazy situation. And at least somebody is trying to take legal action on it.

We’ll see where the courts go on this one, but it has reached the stage of the absurd.


Well just like you guys said I mean these are the real consequences. Families are facing this, children are facing this. Parents are finding out, and wondering how their school could not protect their child better than this.

Not only not protect them but purposely put these children in these situations. Absolutely unbelievable. Back in a moment. You’re listening to WallBuildersLive.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton with another moment from American history. As the American War for Independence began, the president of Yale was the Reverend Naphtali Daggett. When New Haven, the home of Yale, came under attack about a hundred citizens rushed out to meet the British.

The Reverend Daggett galloped by them on horseback, his clearable robes flowing behind him in the wind. He took up a solitary position atop a hill. The 2,500 British soon put the townsfolk to flight, but the Reverend Daggett continued to stand alone firing down on the advancing troops.

A British officer confronted him, “€œWhat are you doing there you old fool? If I let you go, will you ever fire again on the troops of his majesty?”€ Nothing more likely was the preacher’s reply. America’s early pastors personally confronted danger and courageously led their communities.

For more information on Pastor Daggett and other colonial Patriots, go to WallBuilders.com.


Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Andrea Shaw is with us. She is the attorney that is representing the young lady – this story is going to blow you away. We’ve talked a little bit about it on the program. She”€™s right there close to it.

Thank you for your time, Andrea. Thank you for serving in the legal field right on the frontlines of where we need Christian attorneys right now. Appreciate your time and thanks for coming on the program.


Thank you, Rick, for having me.


All right you’ve got one of the worst situations in the country, I think. You’re not alone. You know this is happening all across the country.

Tell us a little bit about what happened to this young lady and why she’s also not alone there at that school, and why you’ve taken this case.

Honesdale Sexual Harassment Case


Sure, Rick. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my client’s story.

Myself as a mother of two teenage daughters, I would never want my girls to experience what happened to my client in her locker room.

My client is a 15-year-old girl who attends Hinsdale High School in Pennsylvania. At the beginning of the school year, she entered the growth locker room with her friends to change for gym class.

She was in the middle of changing her clothes when she heard a male voice in the girls’ locker room. She turned around partially undressed at the time and saw a male student standing across the aisle from her looking right back at her. He was wearing female underwear that very clearly revealed that he was, in fact, a biological male.

My client was shocked and scared to not only see a male that’s partially undressed but also to be seen by a male while she was partially undressed. She quickly got dressed and left the locker room. Now, understanding why that student was allowed to be there in the first place.


And I would think moms and dads, and as a dad, I’m sitting here just fuming a little bit while you tell the story. They are probably at this point going: Okay, the kid was obviously acting on his own. He’s going gonna be in big trouble. The rest of this story is how was he punished, and how did the school can prevent this from happening again.

That’s The Outcome We Would Expect

That’s the outcome we would expect.

I know from your press releases that’s not what happened but that’s what we would hope would happen in a school that’s supposed to be protecting our children.


You’re right Rick, and unfortunately, that’s not what happened in this case. My client right away called the school. Talked to the principal, talked to Superintendent, and they did not share my client’s concern.

They acted as though my client was the problem. My client was the one that was doing something wrong because she was embarrassed and scared to be having to change in a locker room with a boy.

How Do They Explain This?


How do they explain why this young man who, as we find out, has gender dysphoria, and all these things; how do explain to your client’s parents, to you, to the girl, and the other girls that this young man’s issues are more important than their safety? (How do they) Even being dignified, and able even to change clothes and do the things they need to do to get ready for gym class? How do they defend this?


Honestly, Rick they really don’t.  The school is very quiet on this issue. We’ve seen that in a lot of schools across the country. This school just says this is how it is. The student will continue to be allowed to use the bathroom, use the locker room facilities as they deem fit.  If you don’t like it, you can leave. That’s what they’re telling the girls. They really don’t go on to further explain other than at the most the explanation we get is that’s what our attorneys are advising us. Otherwise, they really have no response.


So with your suit then what are you asking them to do?

Filed With The Department of Education Office Of Civil Rights


Well, we’ve filed with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. They have the duty to investigate any claims of discrimination in schools. We are hoping that they’re going to go in, and fully investigate our client’s claims. Work with the school in changing their policy.

Going back to how it should be where we have the facilities based on sex. So girls use the girls’ facilities, and biological boys use the boys’ facilities and no exception to that. That’s what we’re hoping that we can resolve this situation.


I’m not familiar with how their process works. So this is different than going to a federal district court situation? You’re actually dealing with did you say to the state education or federal?


Department of Education.  So his is the federal Department of Education, and within each state, they have their own State Department. That will investigate any claims of discrimination in schools.


So, you’re your goal then is for the federal Department of Education to adopt rules that you know that schools would have to apply, to follow to protect girls across the country from this type of situation.

There Was A Violation Of Privacy Rights


We’re hoping that they will find that there was a violation of my client’s privacy rights and that the school created a sexually harassing environment with this policy. Then work with the school to change that policy. Hopefully, that sends a message to schools across America that say, you cannot put one student’s beliefs over the privacy rights of all the rest of the students in your school.


That’s right. That’s right. Common sense where did it go? I feel that this is definitely a situation where the inmates are running the asylum. Where we get to the point of the school is actually backing up the kid that’s disrupting the entire girls’ locker room in this way.

I’m sure you’re hearing this from people since you’ve taken the case. You’re not alone. I mean this girl is not alone. These types of cases are happening all across the country.


You’re right. I’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls messages from people all across the country. They’re saying this is happening at my school too. This is happening to my daughter.

In fact, there is even a case in Georgia where a girl was physically assaulted in the bathroom by a male student. That’s just alarming to me. That should be alarming to all parents. That they’re sending their kids to school and their kids they’re not safe. Their privacy rights are being violated. They’re being placed in situations where they can be harmed very seriously, and the schools aren’t doing anything about it.


Unbelievable. Well, we hope to keep up with the case, and I guess we can follow your case at the law firm website. Is that the best place?


Yes. And I can give you that website if you”€™d like.


Yes, Please.


It is http://www.ashawlaw.com/honesdale


And that’s the name of the school – the Honesdale. Yeah, it’s the Wayne’s Highland school district, and specifically, it’s the Honesdale High School that my client was a student at.


Well, we’ll take that link we’ll put it on our website WallBuildersLive.com today, so our listeners can get there and follow the case.

Andrea, thank you for taking the case. Thank you for working to protect your client, and in that way protecting girls across the country.

We’re praying for victory in this case and some common sense to reign here, and hopefully, this situation not get worse. I know there’s a lot of people wanting legislation in Congress to make this the norm.

This Will Be The New Normal In Schools All Across The Country

This will be the new normal in schools all across the country. It’s a time to stand up and fight this nonsense. Not to just lay down and say hey y’all go for it. Yeah, the school is yours now do whatever you want.

So thank you for being willing to fight this fight.


Hey, welcome. Thank you for having me on.


Stay with us folks. We”€™ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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She Is Taking A Stand For All THe Girls Across The Country


Very special thanks to Andrea Shaw for joining us today and just for being willing to stand behind her client in this case. This young girl that’s been faced with this.

David, Tim as we talk with her about this,  this is happening all over the country. It’s not just this one girl, but by taking the stand for this girl, she’s helping the other kids across the country.

Tim, you said in the first segment something I think that rings very true after this interview. That is that people may not realize that the logical consequences of this policy. They may say oh that’ll never happen.

But the Overton window that Glenn Beck used to talk about is exactly what we’re seeing here. What is acceptable and now even required, and you’re a bigot if you don’t support it was an abominable thing even just a few years ago, and everyone agreed. Virtually, everyone agreed it was wrong and that you wouldn’t allow that your society. But our view and what we’re willing to tolerate now is just off the charts.

We Are Tolerating Sexual Assault

We’re tolerating sexual assault that’s literally what’s happening here.


Can you imagine 10 years ago if we had a conversation and said OK so a girl goes into a girls locker room. She and other girls are beginning to change, and there’s a boy who’s in the locker room behind them addressing them.

They turn around to see this boy wearing girls underwear the girls go and tell on the boy, and the girls get in trouble. Right we just said OK that’s stupid.

No leader is dumb enough to say the girls are the ones that are in trouble. No, that boy certainly he’s the one.

Yet in 10 years all of a sudden now, this is no longer the joke. This is no longer the unbelievable scenario. This is a scenario actually happening.

The Problems in Education

We’ve talked about before the problems in education. The problems in academia and we talked about it’s not always safe to send kids to college. There are very few colleges we promote the reason that homeschooling has grown as an industry so much recently is because this kind of nonsense happens in academia.

Where it reminds me of the Bible verse that professing to be wise they became fools. They think they’re outsmarting God’s structure, and God’s system. We’re too smart for objective truth, objective reality. We are too smart for traditional family values, and rights and wrongs.

This is utterly ludicrous that this girl would be the one getting in trouble from administration because she had the audacity to complain that a biological male was in their locker room dressing room watching them change.

This Is Why We Have To Engage In The Culture

It’s almost in America we no longer recognize. But this is why we have to engage in the culture. As Christians, we have to get involved and say No we have to get back to just promoting what used to be scientific. Often Christians are called scientific deniers whether it’s global warming or the age of the earth or evolution. Whatever it is. We’ve been called science deniers for so long.

Well, in this situation we’re not denying science we’re saying let’s just follow biological science on this. It’s really staggering to imagine this girl is the one getting in trouble.

This Is How The Left Works


Well, it’s amazing too to see how the school responded because this is a great illustration of how the left works. They didn’t try to defend their position. They just demeaned those who held the opposite position. They’re not going to defend the position they have. They’re just chewing on her for not being more accommodating.

Why are you thinking this way? This is so illogical. But I was remembering in Jeremiah Chapter 8, where God says look you guys have rejected me. You’ve rejected me for so long. The whole nation is going to turn the wrong direction. One of the signs of a nation turning in the wrong direction, having rejected God and coming under his curse or judgment or whatever you want to say; He said My people don’t know how to blush.

What Does It Take To Embarrass Someone Today?

I thought about that. What does it take to embarrass someone today?

I’m not sure you can anymore. This is not an embarrassing thing. This is not something that causes people to blush. I mean you can do this, and nobody got embarrassed over this matter of fact they’re making fun of you that you don’t commentate.


Well, just imagine. I have no idea the scenario of the young man in this situation who has gender dysphoria. Maybe he feels like a girl. I have no idea what he’s going through. I don’t know what it’s like for his parents in this scenario. I don’t know how they feel.

I can only imagine as a parent if I got a call, and said hey your son went into the girls’ locker room wearing girls underwear and was watching girls change. I would be so mortified and embarrassed.

Yet most of what we see in culture in these scenarios is parents coming out and defending their child who is doing what we would, and for the history of most of the world, we would have called bad behavior.

It’s no longer called bad behavior. Now people are defending the very thing that is you’re mentioning that should cause so much embarrassment or shame in this scenario.  Knowing oh my gosh it’s so wrong, it should never happen. Culture no longer says it’s wrong; it should never happen. We don’t know how to be embarrassed anymore.

We Don’t Say No Anymore


That’s a great point. This is where we also get the point where we don’t say no anymore. Saying no, you’re not a girl you are a boy in the story right there.

No matter how you feel, you’re not a girl you’re a boy. And if you just have that consensus reaffirmation. Psychologists make it really clear, kids grow up and they are going through this stage of not knowing who they are because they don’t understand about sexuality, etc. So they become like who they are around them, but they grow out of that.

Now we’re not helping them grow out of it. We say wherever you are, we’re going to accommodate you and help you build a house right there. We’re not going to move you onto maturity. This is where the culture refuses to say no. Refuses to say something is wrong, and we’re now paying a big price for it.

The nation eventually will have to come back because you can’t live under this kind of absurdity without having some kind of pushback.

How long Before We Push Back?

How long do we go before we push back?


Well and even if we push back or as we’ve pointed out before so many positions that are now being upheld in America are not sustainable for a nation.

If we don’t push back, America will cease to be America as we’ve known her. We might become a socialist nation, and then we will go under like every other social nation has in the history of the world before. We can go the way of the Roman Empire, and embrace every sexual proclivity that everybody wanted to, and they fell.

No nation has embraced these same kinds of ideas, philosophical and values that we are embracing and survive. So either we change, or we don’t survive.

The Real Question


That’s the real question: How long will we put up with it and will we change?  We can change.

We see the millions of people out there that want to change, and they want to do something about it. They’ve got to have the tools to do so.

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