Eric Metaxas Interview At Values Voter Summit Get Involved: Eric Metaxas is an American author, speaker, and radio host. What are some ways that Americans can get involved in governmental issues and truly make a difference? Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 11/05/2019

Guest: Eric Metaxas

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture



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We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker, pastor and president of WallBuilders. And, my name is Rick Green; I’m a former Texas state legislator, national speaker, and author.

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Values Voter Summit Interviews

All right, fellows, we are headed back out to Values Voter Summit for another interview out there, this time with Eric Metaxas. By the way, those of you that have tuned in for the first time in a while, if you go to our website today, you look in the “€œarchives”€ section, we have a lot of great interviews from the last week or two with some great folks: Dana Loesch, Gary Bauer, Tony Perkins, former Congressman John Hostettler, Jenna Ellis Rives, Caleb Dalton, Dennis Prager. I mean, you go down the list.

Mat Staver was with us yesterday. Anyway, it’s all there on the website

Today we’re headed back out to Values Voter Summit. And, Tim, you had a chance to interview Eric Metaxas.


Yeah, I think Eric is a name that probably many Americans are familiar with. As an author, he’s certainly written a lot of notable books. Probably the one that stands out to me the most is Bonhoeffer.

But, he did Seven Men, If You Can Keep It, and”€”so many things he’s done, actually, in the course of getting to interview him, I had no idea about. He also has been a children’s author. I told him that now that my wife and I have a little girl, I’m going to have to check out his children’s books. But, he’s been someone who has been a very clear and strong voice for a lot of biblical principles in the midst of a culture that is not really sure what direction we’re gonna go.

So, it really was fun talking with him about some of what he sees, some of what’s going on, and ways that even Americans can get involved to make a difference.

Eric Metaxas, Author and Radio Host


Now, I’m like you, Tim. Bonhoeffer is probably the one of his books that is my favorite one. It’s long, takes a takes a while to get through that one. But, it is really, really good and brings to life not only really good theology from Bonhoeffer and the reason he stood like he did against the Nazis, but it kind of brings it to today and says, “€œHey, what are we doing to take a stand?”€

So, a really good book that we recommend to folks. Of course, Eric’s got his radio program now across the nation that is doing really well. He always has these cool TV specials with good intellectual debate. I think is going to be really exciting for you to spend some time with him there at Values Voter Summit.

Again, we’ve got a lot of these interviews on the website at that we had a chance to grab live there, face-to-face with folks, which we don’t usually get to do. I mean, most the time we’re interviewing people over the air, not getting to sit face-to-face. But, it’s kind of cool to get to do that.

More Interviews Available Online


Yeah, it is really fun to finally be able to connect with these guys on an eye-to-eye level; whereas oftentimes, you don’t know if they’re probably playing solitaire or something else in the conversation. But”€”


Not to say they weren’t doing that while doing the live interview at Values Voter Summit.


It”€™s possible that on his iPhone, he was doing things”€”well. Anyway, it really is fun. We oftentimes are trying to fight to promote the traditional values that our nation was built upon and what the Founding Fathers did in the Declaration or the Constitution. As we have been fighting and promoting those things for decades now, there’ve been people that we’ve partnered with along the years.

And, it’s always fun to connect with them, even if it’s over the phone on the airwaves. But, it really is special to be able to sit down and see them face-to-face again. I”€™m really I’m excited about being able to have this interview with Eric.


All right, guys, when we come back, we”€™ll be at Values Voter Summit. Tim Barton will be interviewing Eric Metaxas then. And, our final segment the program, David Barton, America’s premier historian, will be with us.

Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

Pastors Only Briefing Trip


Hi, this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders and I want to encourage all the pastors out there with a unique opportunity that we’re presenting it WallBuilders. We’re doing a special tour just for pastors that you can come and learn more about the spiritual heritage of our nation. Not just seeing the sights but understanding the significance of what they are and what they represent.

We get to go to the Capitol at night.  And, we get to see the spiritual heritage of our Founding Fathers, of who we are as a nation, where we came from. We bring in congressman that will tell you about current legislation, about our religious liberties  and freedom, and what’s going on in Washington, D.C.

If you’re a pastor or if you want to recommend your pastor for this trip, you can go to our website at And, there’s a link that’s for scheduling.  If you click on that link there’s a section for pastor”€™s briefing. There’s more information about the dates, when it’s going, and how it’s going to happen. If you want to know more about our nation, our religious liberties, our freedom, our spiritual heritage, this is a trip you want to be a part of.

Welcome Eric Metaxas


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! This Tim Barton. We are joined by Eric Metaxas, whose name needs probably no introduction.

He is a best-selling author of things books like Bonhoeffer, a massive book with amazing, great detail. But, I can’t even count the number of books you’ve written: Amazing Grace about Wilberforce. You”€™ve gone through Founding Fathers in America. And, you have kids”€™ books as well.


I’m a little bit all over the map. And, that’s God’s design. Sometimes you just have to go with it.

I’ve written 30 children”€™s books. People don’t know about that. And, obviously, we don’t have to talk about it now.

But, it’s kind of funny that you’re called WallBuilders because my new book is called Donald Builds the Wall. It’s about a caveman named Donald who builds a wall, just as the title Donald Builds the Wall tells you.

It’s the sequel to Donald Drains the Swamp. And so, this is definitely a pro-Trump, pro- American children’s book with a lot of humor for adults. So, I’m all over the map.

But, most people know me from either my radio/TV program or from my Bonhoeffer book. But, just as you said, I’ve done so many different things. The years pass, and I just keep doing it.


And so, radio: you’re on more than 300 stations. TV: People can find you on TBN. So, lots of places that people can get more of what you do.

Check Out Eric on YouTube


Yes, I tell people that on YouTube, we now have, effectively, a TV program. I’m interviewing people on the TBN set, and they take about 30 minutes. They play them on TBN every weekend twice.

But, we’re taping most of our interviews in this beautiful TV studio. Then, we put them on our YouTube channel, which is The Eric Metaxas Show on YouTube. People can subscribe to that. But, there are so many amazing guests, absolutely amazing guests.

And, it runs the gamut. You know, sometimes it’s political figures. I did two hours with Ann Coulter a couple of days ago, an unbelievable interview.

I mean, she is a friend; but, she’s such a firecracker that it’s hilarious. They’re probably not going to air that on TBN; but, it’s one of those things where I want to say to people, “€œIf you want to see Ann Coulter, Katie Hopkins, Milo Yiannopoulos, or people like that.”€

But, I also have had a ton of guests that are not political that have written books. A lot of sports figures have been on my show. Really, you have to go and see for yourself.

But, there’s something for everybody. That’s always been my design: to just talk about everything. I have a biblical worldview, am conservative politically, and I think it’s important for us to be involved in the culture, talking about everything and helping people understand the way things work.


And so, you were recently at the Values Voter Summit and gave a speech. People can get online to find that {once they upload it}.

If You Can Keep It


I hope so, yeah. That was”€”basically, I wrote a book that I wish could be given to every American, no kidding. I wrote a book called If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty.




Because of my friend Oz Guinness, I began to understand some things, not many years ago, about America. And, I was scandalized that I didn’t know these things, that as a conservative Christian I never really understood how faith and freedom work together. I always knew somehow they go together.

But, when you see how it works and that the Founders understood this, every one of them, not the Christian founders, but every one f them. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, they all understood how faith and freedom work hand-in-hand. And, Tocqueville writes about it 50 years later.

There’s never been anything like it in the history of the world. And, when I saw it, I just lit up and said, “€œI’ve got to get this message to every single American.”€ It is not being heard in schools. You’re not going to get it off the TV: to understand what it means to be an American or what it means when Franklin says, “€œIf you can keep it.”€

This is a sacred trust. You need to understand it, to teach it to your kids, and do everything you can to help it flourish and continue. Because if you don’t, it goes away.

We’ve been living in a time the last 40 or 50 years where it has been going away. And so, we find ourselves now, sort of at the edge of this abyss. If we don’t get serious, learn these things, teach our kids what it means to be free”€”why people around the world lift up the American flag, what that means to people around the world who are not free”€”we are really abrogating our central mission as a free people.

Faith and Freedom Work Hand-in-Hand




And so, the book If You Can Keep It is being made into a documentary. But, the book has been out now for about three years. And, in it is the basics; it’s not a big book like Bonhoeffer.

It’s just the basics of what we need to understand about what it means to be an American, why it’s a beautiful thing. And, I talk about my parents coming to this country in the “€™50s. My father came from Greece.

He had seen the Communists up close. My mother came from East Germany where she was under the thumb of the communist, Soviet overlords in Germany and stuff. They both understood what it was to not be free and to see it up close.

So, when they came to America, got married, and had me and my brother, they understood the beauty of America and what it means to be free. Consequently, they taught us that growing up. And, I write about that.

Sometimes somebody from the outside or an immigrant, has a better, clearer view of how precious freedom is, than those of us who grew up here, who may often take it for granted.



Immigrants Understand the Blessing


We don’t understand how rare it is in world history. And, I talk about that in the book. Until 1776, it was basically an unheard of, wild concept.




We need to understand how extraordinary it is to be free, what it means. And, by the way, as a Christian I understand that God only blesses us to be a blessing.

He gives us something so that we can give it to those who don’t have it. So, we have been blessed with freedom in order to we can use our freedom to speak for those who are not yet free, like people in China.

A Sacred Calling

People around the world who are not free are hoping that Americans will do our part with our free voices to speak up for them so that they too can someday taste freedom. It’s a sacred calling. And so, you can tell I’m passionate about it.

It”€™s why I wrote the book If You Can Keep It. But, I talk about it all the time. And, here the Values Voters Summit a couple of weeks ago, I just I felt an obligation to talk to the audience about this, because I think a lot of us who love faith and freedom don’t necessarily understand this.

Once we understand it, it kind of comes alive, and we want to share it.


You’ve been listening to an interview I did with Eric Metaxas. We’re gonna have the rest of that interview after the break; so, don’t go anywhere.

America’s Hidden History


Hi, this is David Barton.


And, this is Tim Barton, and we want to let you know about a series that’s happening right now on TBN on Thursday night. TBN is the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Every Thursday night, there’s a series that we’ve filmed called America’s Hidden History.

And, this season is called “€œAmerica’s Hidden Heroes.”€ The reason is, we highlight heroes from American history. For years we’ve been focusing on the forgotten history and heros of the nation.

And now, we have a TV show just highlighting some of those heroes.


These are inspiring stories about some of the greatest people maybe you’ve never heard about. We go on location to the sites and show you where the events happened. It’s the stories of folks like Bronco Charlie, Stagecoach Mary, Jedediah Smith, Robert Smalls, and so many inspiring folks.


Now, this happens every Thursday night, and the time is gonna be different based on where you live. Either way, we think this is something that will so encourage and inspire you in learning some of these great stories from America’s Hidden History.

Pernicious, Harmful Lies About America Are Hurting People.


I’ve made the argument before that Americans who grow up here, as you mentioned, don’t recognize how special America is.

I’ve said, “€œOne of the best things you could do is get with your church to go on a mission trip to a third-world nation. Go see what the rest of the world looks like.




Your parents had perspective.


Oh yeah.


To know that what’s happening here is special. And so, for us”€”your organization, what you’re doing as a leader, what we’re trying to do at WallBuilders with my dad and Rick Green, we recognize there’s so much undercutting of American values happening in education, culturally. People say that America is bad, the source of evil in the world, and all these things that are utter nonsense.


Well, you know what? They’re nonsense, and of course they’re far worse than nonsense. They’re pernicious, harmful lies that are hurting people.

If you are a {inaudible} Muslim in a concentration camp in China and you think that there are people in America who are totally free who can say whatever they want, they don’t know what they have. And, they are not using their freedom to help me behind barbed wire in a totalitarian dictatorship.

Americans Have a Sacred Obligation

We in America, God is going to hold us all responsible. Americans have been blessed with something. All of us need to know what we have, treasure it and value it.

We need to do everything we can to keep it and to spread it around the world. Americans have a sacred obligation. Freedom is not free.

We have an obligation to use our freedom to help those around the world who are not free and to keep our own freedom in this country. And, I didn’t really understand this till a few years ago, which is why I wrote the book. I knew I had to get this message out.

You can call me a “€œman on a mission.”€ Most of us probably spent a majority of our lives not understanding how amazing it, is how beautiful it is, how fragile it is. So, it really is something to be excited about.


And, I’ve read your book and love that”€”actually, I have many of your books. My wife and I adopted not long ago. So, I didn’t even know there was a whole series of kids”€™ books. Now, we’re going down that trail.

Children”€™s Books


Yes, I’ve written a lot of kids”€™ books. We need to be able to laugh and talk about these ideas in a way that’s non-threatening. So, it’s my attempt to build some bridges as well.


Well, I’m so very excited to see those. As we kind of wrap up some of this thought with the program, you mentioned from If You Can Keep It, the Founding Fathers understood the importance of faith in the foundation of allowing the republic to work. Freedom only works if you have moral people, and morals are built on a religion.


That”€™s it.


Which is why even Washington’s “€œFarewell Address,”€ he said, “€œReligion and morality are indispensable supports.”€ America will not survive without a structure of faith at the foundation.


You are singing my song in the same key as I sing it. It is so central. It’s like discovering that one plus one equals two and realizing there are a lot of people that aren’t so sure about that.

And, you think Folks, everything, buildings and bridges, are going to fall down if we don’t understand one plus one equals exactly two. When you have faith and freedom and virtue together”€”there is no way to have freedom of religion.

The Golden Triangle of Freedom

There’s no way to have any kind of freedom or free society unless you have virtue and faith. It goes round and round what Oz Guinness calls “€œthe golden triangle of freedom.”€ There’s a chapter in If You Can Keep It called “€œThe Golden Triangle of Freedom.”€

Once you understand that, you kind of think Wow, how have I never seen this before, because it kind of explains everything.




And, we ought to be teaching it in the schools. We teach one plus one equals two, not: “€œMath is a patriarchal construct. You can believe whatever your feelings dictate.”€

Certain Things Are Incontrovertible

No, there’s certain things that are incontrovertible. And, what the Founders gave us is something that, there’s no way to get there. The only way is the way they saw it.

And, I mean, everyone: Jefferson, Franklin, and every other one of them. They wrote about this. You just mentioned that Washington mentions it.

I mean, it’s not the kind of thing that was a point of view. It was foundational for what we call “€œfreedom.”€




And, anybody who”€”even if you don’t agree with it or like it, you can’t get around it. It’s historical and is where we got all these beautiful ideas that today everybody says, “€œOh, racism is wrong; all these things are wrong.”€

Well, where’d you get these ideas?




You trace it back, first of all, to the Bible. But also, these ideas came into history via the Founders, who themselves look back to the Bible. I mean, it’s just something that, once you see it, you think How did I live this long without seeing this?

So, that’s why, I call myself a “€œman on a mission”€ because I feel like if every American doesn’t understand this, or most of us don’t understand this, it just goes away. Franklin said, “€œIf you can keep it.”€




A republic only “€œif you the people keep it.”€ And, if you don’t keep it, it goes away. And so, it’s on us. Here we are; we’re We the People, and we need to keep it.


So good. Where can people go to find If You Can Keep It? Obviously, Donald Builds a Wall, etc.

Visit for Resources


Of course, people can go to my website. It’s my name If you spell it right, you’ll get there:

Everything is there. I’m on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. And, I put a ton of stuff out every week on my radio/TV program. If you go to my website, it says you can sign up for my weekly e-blast newsletter, because there’s tons of stuff: links to every single interview with descriptions.

I just interviewed Anne Graham Lotz. The Caroline Kennedy interview is going to be up. I’ve interviewed so many different people, and it really is fascinating to talk to people almost every day.

And, people listening to this can have access to that, because you can say, “€œWell, where can I hear so-and-so is on?”€ So, I put it all in this newsletter every week; then, people can just say, “€œOh I missed that one,”€ or, “€œI didn’t know that.”€ They can click on it because, I’m obviously not on NBC or ABC; but Americans need access to this information.

It’s why you do this program. So, people are welcome to check out our shows. I do it for you; so help yourself.


Eric is a place to go. Man, thank you so much for being with us today.


My privilege. Thank you.

Front Sight Handgun Training Course

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A Debate with Libertarians


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us. We were in the previous segment in Washington D.C. at the Values Voter Summit with Eric Metaxas.

Tim, great interview. A great chance to talk somebody that’s on the front lines. Man, his radio programs doing great.

He’s one of those intellectuals of the day that takes the issues of the day and can take on the left, those ivory tower folks, in a way that that, frankly, there aren’t many on the conservative side that are as good as he is of that.


He also raised an issue that I think is an intriguing discussion. It’s a debate that’s going on right now with some of the folks we would consider allies. But, I would say for example, Libertarians; they tend to be more allies of conservatives than they are of progressives for sure.

But, even within that conservative area, you had Eric talking about how faith and freedom go together. They really are united. Well, I think Libertarians say, “€œNo, you don’t need faith to have freedom. We can have freedom without faith.”€


I think it would depend on which Libertarians you talk to.


That’s true.


Because some of the names that are known to Libertarians”€“you could talk about Glenn Beck or Ben Shapiro. And, even though both of those guys would say, “€œWell, the government shouldn’t dictate,”€ both of them would also openly advocate that if you don’t have faith, it won’t work. Which is where I’ve, with both those guys, have thought, “€œWell, so now we have a bit of a contradiction.”€


It’s interesting because I don’t think of those guys as Libertarians, even though they are.


Oh, both of them are very bold to say, “€œI’m libertarian.”€


But, because of their faith values, I just don’t put them in that category because they don’t divorce faith from what they do. But, in the sense of limited government, I think of them more as limited-government guys than do libertarian guys. Certainly, I’m a limited-government guy, but that’s interesting.

I had not even thought of Shapiro on Beck is that. But, you’re exactly right. I mean, this is not a debate with them.

Faith and Freedom


Well, and to your point, when you talk about faith and freedom, those are both guys who recognize freedom only works when you have a foundation of faith. And, they would argue that the government shouldn’t be the one to impose faith on somebody. Even though to some extent I do agree”€”I mean, even go back to the Founding Era.

The Founding Fathers didn’t force anybody to be a Christian; but, they did encourage the promoting of biblical values, even if you weren’t going to believe in Jesus. Which is where you see in the schools, when they were governors of their states, in charge of their states, or even as President of the United States, they were promoting those Christian, biblical ideas in school, suggesting the Bible ought to be a primary text for reading for all students learning to read. They certainly promoted biblical values every chance they got.

Now again, they didn’t require you to believe in Jesus. But, this is where I do think that some Libertarians who would argue for secularism and say, “€œNo, you shouldn’t even teach the Bible in schools, et cetera, et cetera,”€ then how is freedom going to work?

Or, how long will this nation last if you give freedom with no boundaries, no rules, or limits? Because that’s going to tend to anarchy and chaos.

Then, you’re going to say, “€œNo, because we have limited government.”€ What’s going to limit the government? If there are no morals, no moral foundations, moral values, moral backing, why will there be a limitation on government?

Because people that don’t have morals aren’t going to be inclined to put limitations on government. It’s just people that have been taught morals of what is right and wrong, that are going to support the ideas of limited government. So, freedom really does only work very well if you have faith, which is what so many of the Founding Fathers advocated.


Yeah, you’re right, Tim. Without faith, we’re not going to have freedom. And, that is what we have to pursue is freedom, which means we have to have the foundation of faith.

Eric Metaxas Interview At Values Voter Summit- Get Involved


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It”€™s so cool to see people learning the things they didn’t learn in school. We say that we didn’t teach civics well, and that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in. Everybody says that.

But, what we’re doing now is getting people of all ages to actually study civics. It’s a great way for you to get people excited about making a difference in their community. So, check all of that out at Or, just go to and get the Constitution class yourself. You can get Construction Alive! there at the WallBuilders website.

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