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Legislator Excludes Black Babies From Being Saved Under Pro-Life Law: It has been incredible to see so many pro-life laws and movements happening all around the country. However, what happened during the debate of a recent bill should be embarrassing. In the midst of this pro-life law, there was an amendment proposed that left us all in shock. Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 05/29/2019

Guest: Patrina Mosley

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Alright, David, Tim, I mentioned this, the state legislative fiasco—actually, a good bill got passed. I shouldn’t say a fiasco at all. A really good bill got passed, but what happened during the debate of that bill was absolutely embarrassing.

“€œMinimize Abortions, But Not for Black Babies”€


Well, it should have been embarrassing. I’m not sure that it was for all parties involved. I hope there’s been a little bit of shame, and I say that in an appropriate fashion because what was said was utterly shameful. This person, absolutely, should be taken to task, taken out to the woodshed, whatever expression is appropriate here. What happened is, in the midst of a pro-life piece of legislation that was going on, there was a proposed amendment that was going to say, “€œOK, so we’re going to minimize abortions, but with the exception of black babies.”€

Now, when I first heard the amendment, I didn’t know anything else about it. I hadn’t looked into it or done the research, but I thought that is an incredibly racist thing to say, that the only babies are allowed to be killed are black babies. That’s super racist!

Then I found out it was actually a Black legislator proposing this legislation, then I got confused thinking how in the world did did you think this was a good idea? Yet this is what happened.


Well, if in fact, Tim, let’s get the story from Patrina Mosley over at Family Research Council. She’s the director of life, culture, and women’s advocacy there, and wrote a great article about this and about just how wrong this is. I would love to get her perspective on it as well. We’ll be right back. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Welcome Patrina Moseley


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. Patrina Mosley is with us. We’re thrilled to have her. She’s the director of life, culture, and women’s advocacy over a Family Research Council, who does incredible work. By the way, you can check them out at FRC.org.

Go check it out today. Patrina, Thanks so much for your time today.


Hey, Rick. Thanks for having me.


Hey, great article by the way on this Ohio law. One of so many good laws coming out of so many states right now on the life issue. Let’s talk specifically about Ohio, then I’d love to ask you about your feel on the national level, with Louisiana and all these other places that are that are coming out with some good pieces. Tell us about your article on Ohio and the amendment that this legislator made that has people upset for a very good reason.


Well, here’s the reason why they were upset. There was one member, one member, who wanted to put up an amendment that would exclusively exclude African-American children from being protected in this abortion bill—actually, as you say, this pro-life bill. So this is a pro-life bill that would say, “€œAbortion cannot be committed on a baby at six weeks.”€

It was potentially a heartbeat bill. Thankfully, that bill did go through without this ridiculous amendment excluding African-American babies.

Comparing the Pro Life Movement to Slavery?

What was so horrendous on this statement was that this representative said, “€œTo force black women to have their child and not abort them would be just the same as slavery.”€ So he’s comparing dismembering a child in the womb to slavery. You’re saying that it is better for a child to be dismembered in the womb than to be born. You think it is better for a black child to be dismembered in the womb instead of to be born.


How did how did the legislators respond? They killed the amendment, obviously, for good reason here, but seems like there would have been outrage within the legislative body.


Well, I don’t think you knew how to react to their shock. It was really shocking. Democrats, well, they’re not going to say anything. This is one of their own. They’re going to shoot their own.

Then on the other side I think it was just so appalling and shocking. What could you say, except for just defeat that amendment and make sure that it did not make it into the bill?

But this is nothing new. Abortion is the pinnacle achievement of eugenics, which is the philosophy that there’s some people we should be breeding, and there’s some people we should not be breeding, and we should breed them out. This is the type of philosophy that this representative had. It was blatantly obvious through her statements.

Massive GAins on the Pro Life Front



And this did go to Governor DeWine. So it’s another state that’s that’s taking a significant pro-life position.

We’ve looked at the pro-life movement over the last 25-30 years, as we’ve had to take a incrementalism and get some victories here in parental notification, parental consent, and at one point twenty four weeks was was a victory. These heartbeat bills—and we’re talking about protecting life at six or seven weeks, so this this is a significant achievement.


It is. And the pro-life movement has been working many, many angles on this the last couple of decades. So we’ve had groups that have been focusing on the heartbeat bills, we’ve had groups have been focusing on dismemberment, which is around the 13th week gestation to 20 weeks, we’ve had groups focusing on pain capable, which was at that 20 and beyond.

So we’ve really been having a united front of all ends, making these efforts at the state legislative level. This is all the while Obama was in office. So things are going not our way federally, but things were moving away at the state level. Now that Trump is in office we expect that the same will happen federally as well. In particular, right now with the Born Alive issue that’s rising.

Remember when he said, “€œWe’re going to win so much you get tired of winning?”€

I’m not tired of winning yet.

I am very proud of Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio—and soon Missouri—as they’re coming out with the six week bans as well. So we are very happy and very proud to see that the effort and the prayer that have gone into this over the last couple of decades are paying off, literally saving lives.

Pro Life Legislation Across the Board


I agree with you, and I’m with you all the way. I’m not tired of winning here. Let’s just keep doing that. I was really surprised to see, on the Louisiana one, that the governor there, who’s a Democrat, is saying he’s going to sign this pro-life bill.

And of course, the Democrats are coming after their own on that one saying, “€œHey,   that’s against the Democrat platform.”€

He’s saying, “€œLook, I said I was pro-life when I ran,”€ which really helped him in Louisiana.

I’m just thrilled to see pro-life legislation across the board, and obviously ninety-nine percent of the time it’s Republicans at present and Democrats are pro abortion, but I’m glad for that flicker of light there in Louisiana because we’d love to see both parties become pro-life.


Absolutely. Even in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen Democrats of color cross over party lines to support pro-life legislation. That’s happened in North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, and I believe Illinois’s as well. We wrote about this on our blog, you find that at FRC.org/blog, and this was something significant. This shows that it is paying off for all the urban ministries that have been involved in persuading Democrats of color to see the targeting of the abortion industry in the black community. They’ve been doing this for four years now, and it”€™s starting pay off. It’s just the beginning, but we hope to see more.

Abortion is Eugenics”€™ Pinnacle Achievement


Yeah. And you and you mentioned it earlier, I wonder how much of it now is  Americans becoming educated about the whole eugenics thing, and the targeting of the black community with abortion, and Margaret Sanger, and the whole Planned Parenthood from the beginning. More and more people are learning that story and realizing, “€œWait a minute. This is disproportionately affecting our community!”€

So the black community is standing up and saying, “€œNo more!”€

Churches are finding their voice on this issue as well. There are a lot of places to see some tremendous hope.


Yes there is. There is one person in particular, I think it was Nevada Right to Life, they even credited the work of the church in getting pro Democrats to cross party lines and fight with Republicans on a piece of pro-life legislation. It’s because churches have been getting more—urban churches particularly—have been getting more involved in the pro-life movement. I think, if you look at the numbers, you can dispute the fact that we’re being targeted. Well, African-Americans make up less than 13 percent of the population, yet we receive over 35 percent of the abortions.

That’s a problem. We’ve been in this country now since the 1400s according to general consensus in history. There’s no way we should still be at less than 13 percent, and we have the slowest growing ethnic group in the country.

You Don”€™t HAve to be White to be an Elitist


Yeah. And when there’s a 30-35-38 percentage of abortion rate. That’s deficit. It’s truly devastating, devastating to the communities, it’s devastating to the to the growth and the and the future of the black community, and that’s why it’s great to see some victories here.

I thought Abby Johnson’s response to this, Representative Boyd in Ohio was very—she’s she’s strong when she responds on this stuff and she said—this was when Boyd wanted to, quote, “€œProtect black children by allowing them to be aborted.”€

My logic can’t get around that.

But Abby Johnson said, apparently, 38 percent national abortion rate in the African-American community isn’t enough. That’s what you get to think when they’re saying, “€œHey, we want to continue abortion in the black community.”€

And this is a black representative that was doing this.


Well, that”€™s the saddest part about it. I get asked a lot—even by the Obamas and how they supported abortion, they say, “€œWell, abortion can”€™t be that bad on the black community. That’s a just conspiracy theories when it comes to Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger and eugenics. Obama and his wife, they support it. Other black legislators are supporting it. If it’s really as bad as you say it is, why do these black influencers support abortion?”€

My comment back to them is that, “€œYou don’t have to be white to be an elitist.”€


That’s right.

Targeting the Poor


This is a philosophy that is colorless. Yes, it targets African-Americans and Hispanics. 80 percent of Planned Parenthoods are in minority communities, but you don’t have to be white to be an elitist.

This is the type of thinking that thinks there should be some people who shouldn’t be breeding, and that’s the poor.

Right now in this country there’s a certain class of people at the top, who know what’s going on with the philosophy, who will fight tooth and nail to keep that type of philosophy in legislation through abortion. That’s the pinnacle of the eugenics movement, abortion. At the end of the day is all about money.


Yeah, it’s all about money. The abortion industry continues to get paid a profit off of vulnerable women. But luckily, right now the tide is turning.


That’s right. That’s right. Very exciting to see that tide turning, young people of the next generation so solidly pro-life. The numbers get better and better. We”€™re super excited to see these victories coming out of legislatures all across the country. Thanks for what you guys are doing at Family Research Council, Katrina. For folks want to book you to speak, do they go to FRC.org? What’s the best place to get a hold of you?


They can definitely go to FRC.org and it will come to me.


Alright. Have a great week. Thanks so much for coming on WallBuilders Live today. All right.


Thank you, Rick. You have a good one.


Stay with us folks, will be right back with David and Tim Barton on WallBuilders Live.

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Is Abortion Connected to Slavery? Yes


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us. Special thanks to Patrina Moseley for being with us today. Her article is available right now on WallBuilersLive.com.

We’re back with David and Tim. First, guys, great news once again on all the positive pro-life legislation being passed out there, and of course Governor DeWine signing this one in Ohio is another great victory.

But man, what what a glaring example of just being sold out to the party to the point that you’re actually saying your own race is the only ones that people can can abort. That’s not what I would call representing your community very well.


No. And Rick, there are so many thoughts that we all have regarding this interview, regarding the position that was taken by the state legislator, but Dad, why don’t you start, because we’re going to each have to take some time to unfold these thoughts. There’s so many things to deal with.


I’m going to take the first one because, Rick, you guys were talking about, “€œHey, is it far fetched to make a connection between abortion and slavery?”€

Now, when you raise that comparison the left goes instantly ballistic. They go nuclear on this.


“€œHow dare you say that! This no case that a woman’s rights! It’s not slavery!”€

Jim Crow or Modern Liberal?


Yes. So they hate that comparison. They hate that comparison.

And for others on the pro-life side, they see it as the same kind of thing because neither one respected life.

Both said, “€œIt’s my property. I can do with it as I want to.”€

As you guys were saying that, I just went back and pulled up some quotes. Let me read you this quote.

This comes from a Supreme Court case.

It says, “€œFetuses have been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and so far inferior that they have no rights which a mother is bound to respect, and that the fetus might justly and lawfully be terminated for its benefit.”€

Do you know the Supreme Court case that came from?


I do not.


Alright. Let me say it this way. Did that quote sound like an accurate reflection of what’s believed and has been believed by the court since Roe v. Wade?


Sounds like it.


Yeah, definitely.


The only problem with that is the Dred Scott decision. All I did was change the word “€œslave”€ to the word “€œfetus”€. So you you just heard the Dred Scott decision from 1857, which said, “€œBlacks have no rights which a white man is bound to respect.”€

That’s all I did, was take the Supreme Court decision of 1857 on slavery and read it, I just put fetus and we’re so almost identical argument.

The Democratic Agenda Has Not Changed SInce the Civil War

Now, let me take the next one. Definitely the philosophy is the same. It’s the same, and the rhetoric that you heard could have been said today. It could have easily been said. Here’s another one, “€œAn increasing hostility on the part of the pro-life states to the institution of reproductive health has led to a disregard of their obligations. They’ve denounced as sinful the institution of abortion, they’ve encouraged and assisted thousands of fetuses to be born, and they’ve united in the election of a man to the high office of president United States whose opinions and purposes are hostile to reproductive health. He’s to be entrusted with the administration of the common government because he’s declared that government cannot permanently endure half life and half choice.”€ And on it goes.

Now, that sounds like a lot of complaints we hear today except that is from the secession documents South Carolina and 1861 on why they are leaving the union because they can’t be part of a thing that believes blacks are actually human beings. The rhetoric once again all I did was take that slavery declaration and put pro-life language in it and it sounds the same. Now I give you one more.

It says, “€œThe pro-choice states will not by any possibility accept the avowed created the Republican Party as the permanent policy of the federal government nothing short of a retreat of the Republican Party to the point of total and absolute non action on the subject of reproductive health in the states and territories can enable it to reconcile itself to the people saying how radical the Republicans are because they are pro-life.”€

Except that’s not a pro-life document. That is a pro slavery statement made by presidential candidate Samuel Tilden in the election of 1876.

Roe V. Wade Sounds an Awful Lot like Jim Crow

Now again, the rhetoric sounds exactly right. All I did was exchange slavery for abortion. “€œIn short, blacks have never been recognized in law as persons on the whole since.”€ That’s actually the Roe v. Wade statement.

All I did was transfer blacks and unborn, and hey! Sounds like Dred Scott.

hat is the Roe v. Wade decision, 1973. All I did was change one word. Taking the Dred Scott decision, taking the Roe v. Wade decision, taking the secession statements on slavery, all you gotta do is substitute the word slavery with the word unborn, or lie for reproductive health, and you get the exact same tone today.

I would argue, Rick, that what you guys talked about? Yeah. There is a definite connection between the slavery mentality and the pro-abortion mentality, and it’s revealed in official documents and leaders of the pro slavery side and the pro-abortion side. They sound the same. They’ve just changed words.


What we need is a side by side comparison. We should put that together these would be good memes, actually, to wake people up to realize just how bad the abortion lobby is mirroring what the pro slavery lobby was doing 150 years ago. Stay with us folks, we”€™ll be right back with more WallBuilders Live.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment in American history. America is a special and unique nation. The average length for a constitution in other countries is only 17 years. But, we’ve had ours for over two centuries. Our 4 percent of the world’s population produces 24 percent of the world’s gross domestic product and every year we produce more inventions and technology than the other 96 percent of the world combined.

In 1831 Alexis de Tocqueville of France came to America, traveled the country, and in his famous book, “€œDemocracy in America” reported,  “€œThe position of the Americans is therefore quite exceptional. It may be believed that no Democratic people will ever be placed in a similar one.”€

This is the origin of the phrase “€œAmerican exceptionalism”€ and affirms that America is unique because of the distinctive ideas on which we’ve been based. Including in inalienable rights, individuals, and limited government, and the importance of religion, and morality. For more information about American exceptionalism go to WallBuilders.com.

Life”€™s Great Ironies


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Tim, earlier you said a lot of things you were thinking after you hear we’re hearing about this legislator actually saying, “€œOK. So if this abortion of this pro-life bill is going to pass and reduce abortions, you can”€™t reduce abortions for all but black babies.”€

And this was a Black legislator saying this, which kind of surprised you.


Oh man. Yeah. Even here in the interview. There’s so many ironies that people miss in life, the irony that you are a black representative and you are saying that the only babies that were allowed to kill are black babies, while you’re also saying that you are fighting for your people in your community?

It’s like the feminists who are saying, “€œNo, we believe in women’s rights, but we also believe that biological males should be able to compete in women’s sports.”€

Then you can’t be for women’s rights.

They contradict what you’re saying. You cannot be for the black community and think it’s OK to kill black babies. That that is a contradiction.

In fact, we hear arguments related to this where I’ve heard people say, “€œWait a second, if if you’re saying that we need to limit abortions, if you’re saying that black women cannot abort their babies, that is like you trying to enslave them. That’s you being pro slavery back in the Civil War era.”€

“€œThe Most Insanely Idiotic Thing I Have Ever Heard”€

We start conflating and confusing things, and saying things that are so contradictory. So when I heard what the state legislator said, I just thought I wonder if we ever stop, and look, and think—sometimes guys, as people who speak for a living, sometimes we say things are more like, “€œOK, that’s not what t to say I said that totally backwards.”€

Well, sometimes people laugh and we’re the cause of laughter at our expense. Everybody’s had this moment. You say something dumb.

But to defend your position and defend an incredibly stupid statement like this, it just reminded me of a quote from a movie. Guys, I just want to share what I think really sums up this state representative”€™s position.

“€œWhat you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”€ (Billy Madison, 1995)
Every now and then I just feel like that’s the appropriate response for some of the dumb things that people argue.

Okay, now guys, I think this quote is very appropriate in moments like this. It comes from a movie that I don’t think we fully endorse in the program. It’s got a couple of funny moments, not really family friendly.

Ironic Hypocrites

It’s from an old comedy, but it’s it was a judge actually analyzing somebody who was just making stuff up trying to pass a test, and what he said was incredibly stupid. So the judge says, “€œThat’s really dumb and we’re all dumber for having listening to you’d say this thing.”€

That is the accurate statement for a lot of the arguments we hear.

You can’t say, “€œI’m for women’s rights and I support all women, except I think we should be able to abort any unborn female in the womb.”€

Well then, you’re not for all women.

You can’t say, “€œI’m for black rights, but I think we should only be able to abort black babies.”€

There’s such levels of contradiction, and the fact that we’re not seeing it in culture is a problem. However, the good news is this legislation, the pro-life legislation, did not pass this amendment. It did not get any support, because even his Democratic colleagues recognized that’s really dumb.

That’s the good news. But we need to be better at being a little more strategic in critical thinking, and sometimes we just need to save this quote in our back pocket and say, “€œWhat you just said was the most insanely idiotic thing,”€ and you can memorize the rest of it because it does tend to be appropriate at times.

Amendment Blocking Black Babies from Being Saved from Abortion Dropped!


Well, we’re out of time for today folks. Thanks to Patrina for coming on and helping us to make sense of what his legislator had to say, which was very much deserving of the response that Tim shared with us from the movie.

Everything’s available on our website. Go read this article and let your voice be heard in your state legislature as these heartbeat bills are passing across the country. You can be a part of that. Make those phone calls, take that action. Thank you so much for listening to WallBuilders Live.