Faith-Based Solutions For Veterans – With Chad Robichaux: Are our veterans receiving the help that they need? Today Chad Robichaux from Mighty Oaks Warrior Program, joins us to discuss faith-based solutions that are working. Tune into learn more about this important program for those who have faithfully served.

Air Date: 03/17/2020

Guest: Chad Robichaux

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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We’re going to take a break earlier than normal, because when we come back from the break, we’ve got some time to spend with Chad Robichaux, our good friend from Mighty Oaks Warriors program, just does incredible work there. We have him on the program quite often. If you’re a longtime listener, you know exactly who he is. If you’re new to the program, you are going to enjoy this program and you need to get to know Chad and Mighty Oaks is one of those wonderful programs you need to support. We’re going to take a quick break, we’ll be right back. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Welcome Chad Robichaux


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Our good friend, Chad Robichaux back with us. Chad, always good to have you, man. Thanks for all the good work you do and thanks for taking some time.


Absolutely. Looking forward to talking.


Hey, we love Mighty Oaks, of course, often have you on to talk about that and support you guys and definitely want to send people to the website today. But I also want to talk to you about your suit that you’ve got going with the Veterans Affairs. And I think our buddies over First Liberty Institute in Dallas to represent you on this right?


Yeah, that’s right. Michael Berry, you know, fellow Marine and staff Judge Advocate and Marine Corps, and now he’s just doing great things on outside at First Liberty. And he’s been this great allied to us and support and console to us for some of the efforts. Though I’ve been outside of the work, specifically I do at Mighty Oaks Foundation to bring hope, healing and restoration to our active duty veterans. I’ve been a just advocate for faith programs and faith solutions in general since 2016 when I got to interview President Trump and asked him if he would become president, would he bring faith-based solutions back to the veterans in need of them?

Trump Has Helped the VA

You know, because, you know with previous administration from 2008 to 2016, not only you know, stifled back, but it was just a very deliberate approach to remove faith-based solutions from the VA and from the DoD. And we’ve seen the result of it and the cost of lives of our military servicemembers and their families.


You know, Chad, I remember that question when you asked him about that, and in fact, I remember, I can see the hotel lobby I was sitting in watching on TV when you ask that. And when he answered, it was one of two moments for me when I realized, okay, this guy could actually be a good president after all and I can feel better about voting for him was when he answered your question and talked about the Johnson Amendment and then in the third debate with Hillary, when his response to partial birth abortion was so visceral and so real.

But when he answered your question, I mean, I went, wait a minute, this guy actually understands the importance of religious liberty and the way government has stifled that.


Yeah, he does. And he answered, yes. And I 100% believe he meant it. I mean, if you remember, the media turned sideways and had to do a lot of defensive of this to answer to this question. But I believe he meant it and he’s tried. But he is, you know, facing such an opposition. I mean, he could be selling oxygen, and people are going to be opposed to it. So, he”€™s just facing such an opposition. And so yeah, I feel it’s important for people, even across our partisan on important Issues like this not to making political issues when the President, whether you agree with him or not, you like him or don’t.

Secretary Wilkie

You know, when he’s trying to make decisions that are going to help the people, the Americans, and particularly for me, the men and women who served our country, we need to support him and need to get behind him. And he answered that question for me, I’ve seen him take action. He’s attempted to overhaul the VA and gave the VA the biggest budget they’ve ever had and put Secretary Wilkie at the helm to make some of this stuff happen. And on both sides, you have Secretary Wilkie trying to change a policy to bring faith solutions back into the VA. And you had the President who signed an executive order to put faith options on equal plane with clinical options and the VA and DoD.

And so, it’s coming from both sides. Obviously, lots of bureaucrats in the middle trying to stop some of these things. And that’s why, you know, I’m out. Right now, I just got back from DC. I was testifying before Congress, trying to get our congressmen and women on board. And I’ll be back in DC in March, so be praying for me, I”€™ll be speaking to some more members of Congress, I may be testifying before Congress again. And I’m working on a meeting with Secretary Wilkie himself to just see how we can help support him to do this and then I’m going to be part of a White House coalition of alliance of several organizations that are just trying to carry this thing forward and see it happened.

Veterans Should Have Options

You know, we’re not at all suggesting that we replace clinical with faith options. We’re saying that when a veteran or active duty service member goes for help. They have options. They don’t have to just select clinical. They don’t have to be medicated. They don’t have to be put on pills. They could say, maybe pills are the right solution for me, maybe a faith program is the right solution for me, maybe an alternative program is right solution. But they should have that choice and it shouldn’t be either or it can be a combination of those things.


And you guys, I mean, you know of what to speak. I mean, you’ve helped thousands of veterans that were dealing with difficult, difficult situations. I can’t even comprehend. Marriages saved, lives saved, I mean, you all have done incredible work. And so, you’re not just making this stuff up. I mean, this is over years of experience.


No, we’ve been at this for 10 years. You know, I’ve spoken over 150,000 active duty troops in our conferences on resiliency and posttraumatic stress. And we’ve written books on posttraumatic stress. We have our faith base and peer-to-peer intensive program that’s non-clinical, that we’ve had over 3,200 graduates from and we have about one of the highest rates of success of any program of its kind, including clinical programs.

A Third-Party Study

We had a third party independent doctoral study done on Mighty Oaks, something we had nothing to do with, which is being published in that study. I could get all the crazy numbers and bore all your listeners. But the end of the story is that the results outperform clinical trials of its kind. So, I mean, we have the evidence, we have the data, faith solutions work.


And Chad, just to drive home what that means. I mean, because we could do all this data at the end of the day, that is lives saved, these are warriors that have protected our freedom and marriages saved. I mean, these are important results and they’re incredible what you guys have done.


And I’ll say the same thing. This was said, my closing statement at Congress last time. We’re doing this anyway, the government could get behind it or not. We’re going to do it anyway, me, Mighty Oaks Foundation, all that organizations represented to name a few yet, you get River Foundation [inaudible 10:38] missions, this Reboot Operation Restore [inaudible 10:42], there’s so many great organizations that are out there doing it.

Access to Better Programs

And so that’s what I told Congress like, hey, you’re going to leave here, you’re going to go back to your next testimonial roundtable meeting and we’re going to go off and we’re going to do the work that we’re talking about. Now, you guys could do it with us or without us, but either way we’re going to do it.

And so, we’re inviting them to take part. It’s the veterans”€™ choice and to just give the veterans access to these programs and stop blocking the veterans from knowing about these programs and us having to just work our butts off, spending 50% of our time trying to reach these veterans when they could just create access.


Well and that’s the thing that they would do, is more veterans would be reached, more lives saved, more marriages saved. And Chad, I set this up totally wrong at the beginning of the interview. I said something about your suit with the VA, it’s not actually a lawsuit. You guys are working on legislation.



We are.


And pushing hard to get this”€¦


We’re helping, you know, some Congress members supporting bills they’re fighting for. Congresswoman, Vicky Hartzler, she is championing this. Congressman, Van Taylor. And then a Congressman Barbin, like some really Congress representatives that are very passionate about our veterans and working hard. Vicky Hartzler, she’s just an amazing woman, has been championing”€¦


Oh, she”€™s great. We have our on all the time, she’s fantastic. This is one of our champions, man.


So, we’re just there to assist them to do what they’re supposed to do, what they’re elected to do and that’s to serve the people. And this is a very real need for not just the veterans, but the communities. I mean, these veterans are going home to their communities and they’re going to go home, either jacked up, to be frank, are they going to go home well and holistic and able to be contributors to community again. Is a national issue. That’s a big problem. We’ve been at war for 20 years, this guys are retiring right now in the military and never been in a peacetime military. They”€™re listed during war, they’re retiring during war. That’s insane.

I mean, and it’s going to have impact beyond the military culture, but the culture of our nation. We need to have every option in place, particularly the ones that are working [inaudible 12:45] in place and as a choice for these warriors. They deserve a choice. They don’t need someone telling them that, you know, leftover from the Obama administration telling them what they can and can’t do to get well. They deserve, they earned the right to choose what programs do they go to get better.


Well, and as you said, it affects every one of us, all of our communities. It’s one of the reasons we really want to encourage people to go to, the website today because anybody can participate in helping you guys and helping you to grow and reach more veterans. And then on the legislative side, that would expand that greatly and give more veterans a choice on this as well. They can call their congressman, right their congressman”€¦ What would be the best way if a congressman is not familiar with the effort for a constituent to tell them about it quickly or refer to it? There’s not a bill number, right? I mean, they just need to tell them it’s the veterans a fair rule on faith-based organizations”€¦

Funding Faith-Based Programs


There”€™s no bill number for this. There”€™s bill numbers for other things relate to funding of faith programs, stuff like that. But it’s not a bill number for this. And, you know, I tried to”€¦ I”€™m not that is not my primary agenda to get funding for faith programs. God has been good to us. The American, grateful nation Americans have been good to us to support what we do. If government funding ever comes, it’d be great as long as no strings attached, but what people I need to reach out for right now more than anything else, more than getting funding for these programs or anything else is to open access in this President. So what they need to ask their Congress members to do is support the executive order that the President signed to bring faith programs with equal treatment of their clinical programs with VA.

The Obama Administration


And this would reverse a 2010 Obama administration role that requires them to go to a secular provider and not faith-based. So, it’s a big change and it’s important.


That’s right, it’s a big change. And that only require them to go to a secular provider in clinical options, which means medication. But it also requires organizations like Mighty Oaks, if we work with the VA, if I was Mighty Oaks was to do the great work that we do for our veterans through the VA, then we would have to present secular options as well.


Yeah, you’d have to go against your very mission, do things that you know that doesn’t work as well.


Yeah, I mean, I’m just not going to do that. 99% of our guys that come to our program come to us, because the clinical options didn’t work for them. So why am I going to refer them to go back to it? You mandate to refer them to go back to where it was”€¦

You Can Make a Difference


Yeah, but see, Chad, you know you make sense because you don’t live in Washington DC., you’re actually using common sense. Hopefully, we can get some of that exported to Congress and get them to do the same. Hey, man, we love you, we love mighty Oaks. We appreciate all that you’re doing. And again, the website Anybody listening right now, you can help this effort by going to that website, making a contribution today and send your friends and family that are veterans that you know need help and are looking for something that has solutions and real answers. Send them to And Chad, you guys still do this for the veteran, it’s totally free delivery.


Totally delivery, including travel, we take care of them and everything we do on base is free as well.


Absolutely incredible. Always appreciate having you on, man. Let’s do it again soon, keep us updated.

American Heroes


Absolutely. God bless, thanks for having me on this.


You bet. Stay with us, folks, we”€™ll be right back with David, Tim Barton.

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This is available at That’s

Providing the Best Solution


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live, thanks for staying with us. Thanks, Chad Robichaux for joining us once again here on WallBuilders Live. We”€™re back with David and Tim Barton now.


Yeah, it’s always good to have Chad on the program. We so appreciate what they do with the Mighty Oaks Warriors program. And he had so many great opportunities over the last couple of years to be able to show the success of what they’ve been able to do with faith-based programs. And certainly, under the Trump administration, as there’s been more favor given to faith-based organizations in general.

And so, I remember when he was getting ready to go to Congress to have this briefing, I’m with some of our very good friends who are up there and it was so fun to see the pictures of them together. But there really are some people in Congress who want to help provide the best solutions. And as people of faith, they recognize there’s a lot of value in faith. And right with the success of Chad’s organization, it certainly seems like this would be a very logical thing to say, let’s just, right, what the Bible says, judge the tree by the fruit. Let’s just look at the results and let’s just see what works best.

Other Places Didn’t Work

And as Chad pointed out, you know, we’re not saying you need to remove all the other options. As he pointed out, most people that come to our program, they went to other places, those other places didn’t work very well and that’s why they came to us, because nothing else was working for them. And when you look at the success rate of the Mighty Oaks Warrior program, Dad, I mean, you probably can speak to this a lot more. I think, even on the board, if I recall correctly, right? So, you probably know the numbers much better, but their success rate is astounding beyond any other military organization, any other counseling organization, any other organization that helps veterans, helps people struggling with PTSD, help or whatever the case is, their success rate is astounding and why wouldn’t you want to support somebody that”€™s been really, really successful? And so, it’s really encouraging to hear that Chad is working to get legislation done, working to try to get things in motion.

And even as you mentioned, all the people who’ve been able to talk to you over the last couple years, talk about kind of spiritual resiliency, as he was a former Marine, right Force Recon Marine, just an incredible operator, really, really tough dude. As tough as he was, he talks about how you have to be mentally tough and you have to be physically tough, you also have to be spiritually tough [crosstalk 19:29]

Clinical Treatments


Well, see, and that’s the interesting thing, because he kept talking about clinical treatment. It involves medication, involves counseling, is secular stuff, it’s generally God”€™s free stuff. I mean, God certainly not the axis around with the world turns for that. And so, these guys that have tried clinical stuff and I think Chad used to be on 30 different pills a day, is what he was taken. And it was not working for him. He said the guys that come to us is not working for. They’re not coming as God guys. They’re not looking for God guys. They’re looking for something that works. They find God and it works.

And so, the stats are so much higher. And it’s not like that it’s Christians only come into chat. No, that’s not who’s coming. There”€™re guys that are desperate for help who want to help. And when they get there and he connects them to God, then they get help and it changed their life forever. But the stats have been absolutely amazing.

And one of the things and Chad mentioned it, I mean, this goes back. Tim, you and I were part of the meeting, where that President Trump back in 2016, we helped set up that meeting and had six different military guys ask questions to President Trump and he agreed to be there for several hours to take questions and so we did four more questions. And Chad was one of the guys selected to do the questions and President Trump said yes, we are going to do faith-based.



And this was when he was still candidate Trump, because the question was, is this someone that we really can rally and get behind? Is it someone that we really should support? Because at this point, he had already won the primary, it was him and Hillary. And so you kind of knew where Hillary was going to be and you thought, well, that’s not somebody who’s really favorable to a lot of the values and things we care about, but especially with the military recognizing where we were having issues inside the military and even religious freedom inside the military was certainly one of them, faith-based operations or tolerance to faith in the military was certainly an area that was of concern.

And yeah, I remember when Chad stood up and Chad is not a real big guy. And so, I had this vivid image of several hundred people in the room and Chad standing up and I can see Chad and kind of a mind’s eye over on the left side from where I was sitting in the room and talking to President”€¦.at the time candidate Trump, right, became President Trump.

Listening to the Brass

And every single military person in that room, who is asking President Trump about the challenges in the military and many of them surrounding faith or kind of rules of engagement, the ethics in military, again, candidate Trump the time, right became President Trump, he answered all of them very favorably and it really gave you some optimistic hope going, okay, maybe this guy is going to be somebody who’s going to be pro-military, who”€™s going to listen to military guys. Because, you know, dad, as you mentioned in the room, there were all kinds of brass.


We had from four stars, down to NCOs. I mean, we had a four star general and they all had to be retired. We didn’t have any active duty guys, but they’re all, it was called Raw Pack, the retired American warrior Pack and these are all guys who are out of the military. Some of them are still young, some of them very old as General [crosstalk 22:26] was.


But many of them who were very credentialed, who had a lot of combat, a lot of experience, would had led a lot of troops and so the questions they’re asking or things that they had seen firsthand, they had dealt with firsthand, they recognize firsthand the challenges and President Trump absolutely was very open and supportive of a lot of what they were asking.

A Solid Alternative


He was very supportive. And the other thing that’s been really interesting in recent weeks is not only is President Trump supported then, but he”€™s been since then. And just in recent weeks, I’ve been talking with Chad, he’s been asked to do so many things. They’ve brought him into the Veterans Administration and done a number of seminars with him and others. They’re starting to do seminars, faith-based across the country promoting that as one of the alternatives. So, it had been a solid alternative. You had to know about it and go dig it out. And now they’re saying no, here’s a legitimate alternative.

And as you pointed out to, Tim, they have stats at war. But, you know, Chad made a comment that really struck me. I know it didn’t strike him because he’s aware of it. But he said, we now have guys retiring currently who has spent their entire career in a wartime situation. And our oldest kid, Tim, your sibling, you know, our family member, he enlisted 911, the day after, the day after 911, he went on 912 and got enlisted and he’s getting ready to retire and he’s done nothing, but being in the military. He went to the military, because terrorists started the war and he spent his whole career there. Had several deployments. I think Chad had eight deployments or nine deployments. I mean, that’s t a situation that we just have never had in American history before.


Yeah. And, guys, as we finish up, one of the things that I think is worth noting is that President Trump did have an executive order that allows military to use faith-based program.

A Great Executive Order


That’s right. That’s right.


And, you know, I feel like we’ve promoted President Trump a lot over the last couple weeks in the show because of good things he’s done. And, you know, certainly there are moments when he’s wrong and we’ll say we don’t think that was very good. You know, we’ve talked about there’s definitely some tweets he has done, some things he has said and even some positions he’s taken we don’t think are the best positions. However, in this situation and in many situations”€¦


Although, they may prove to be, but we don’t think they are yet


Well, and right to that point in this situation, it’s certainly something that again, we’re so grateful that on so many of these issues and areas, President Trump has done such a good job and this executive order that’s helped defend faith in the military is such a good thing.

Religious Liberty


That’s right.


We talk about religious liberty a lot, guys here on WallBuilders Live and we certainly think our military folks needed as much as anybody and have earned it as much as anybody. In fact, part of how we can honor them is having increased devotion, as Lincoln said, to the cause for which they’re willing to sacrifice so much. Well, part of what we do is make sure that constitutionally, that their freedom is protected just as much as ours and that they have that religious liberty.

Special thanks to Chad Robichaux for being with us today, on WallBuilders Live. We appreciate you as a listener being a part of the solution. And once again, as I said at the top of the hour, just to encourage you, I strongly encourage you, make the most of this time if depending on how your community is being hit. I mean, obviously the most important thing is to reach out to friends and family and be there for them, do everything we can to serve and be a help to others. Make good decisions, be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem, all of those things.

Faith-Based Solutions for Veterans – With Chad Robichaux

But I also want to encourage you to think about ways to make the most of this situation and make the most of the time that you may have, extra time you may have at home. And one of those things that we would encourage you to do, we’ve encouraged everybody to take our Constitution class this year. Now is an opportunity, you could do that from home. So, we’ve got online options available for you. You can do it individually if you like or you can host a class. We’ll train you how to host a class on Zoom and make it possible for people that you would normally be seen right now or getting together with. And if you put off those get-togethers, what a great way to bring people together. Do it online, you can see each other there on video. You can watch the constitution class together and then discuss it. It’s just a great thing to do right now, to make sure that we’re preparing ourselves to preserve liberty going forward.

Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.