Father Creates A Stir At Disney – Governor DeSantis Encourages Fathers and More – A father creates a stir at Disney by making a t-shirt standing against woke culture. Governor Ron DeSantis signs a bill to support fatherhood and more!

Air Date: 05/06/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Alright, David and Tim, let’s us dive into that good news. David has our first piece of good news today. Where are we headed, Dave?


Okay, Rick, I’m going to Florida. And we’ve done a lot of stuff where the Governor DeSantis has done a lot of good stuff in Florida. And here’s another one that he’s done. At a press conference he recently held, I’m just quoting from him, he said “If you look at the statistics, 90% of homeless and runaway children did not have a father in their home. 70% of high school dropouts did not have a father in their home. And 60% of youth who commit suicide did not have a father in their home.” Now those are compelling stats.

And by the way, in this Biden age where they like to follow the science I wonder why they don’t follow that science. I mean, if you’re going to follow the science, one thing is really clear and has been clear for decades that if you have a father in the home, behavior is quite different.


Well, yeah, but this was never follow the science, it was follow the scientist, right because it was do whatever our person says, not whatever the other scientists in the various fields are saying. So obviously, you were saying a tongue in cheek, follow the science. Well, they’ve never been the party that follows the science on hardly any level whatsoever, unless the science confirmed or backed up their preexisting ideas or ideology, which has certainly been the case.


You know, there was a statement from Jimmy Carter back in the 70s where he says statistics can be used in two ways. They’re like a light post, a lamppost. He said they can either be used to illuminate or they can be used like a drunk uses them to lean on. It’s something you lean against. And that’s pretty much what we’ve seen in the last several years with follow science. There’s science that can be used to illuminate if you want to see what the truth is, or there’re stuff that you lean on, you pick and choose your scientists, and you come up with a decision you already wanted and now support you.


Well, it’s like to our friend, George Barna who’s a national pollster, we’ve had him on the program many times over the past two years, he identifies that you can get any results from any survey you want based on how you ask the question. So if you’re not an honest pollster, if you’re not being honest about what you’re trying to discover, if you’re not wanting to use this lamppost to illuminate, then you actually can ask questions in a certain way that even though it might show the majority of Americans feel like A, B, or C. Well really, it’s because you ask a question in such a way that you’re able to shape their response to make it look like they’re really supportive of your position when the reality is that you ask the question in a more honest and fair way, they might not have lined up where you were.

So, all that is, again, going back to kind of who controls the conversation, who controls the information. And are you using the survey to illuminate or as a prop for you to lean on? And certainly, a lot of surveys, a lot of stuff that’s been done politically over the past several years in the midst of this COVID era has been things that probably were not very intentionally honest or accurate, but they were used as the lamppost to lean on.


So DeSantis, after going through all those stands, he said, we have a fatherhood crisis in the country. And that’s what he announced. And of course, that’s a politically incorrect thing to say because fatherhood, that’s one of those groups that’s not very favored right now by the woke, by those on the Left, the progressives. So he pointed to something that David Brooks had said, and David Brooks is a New York Times columnist, where that David Brooks came out and blatantly said, he said “The nuclear family and by the way, I didn’t know what the nuclear family was for a long time, but that just means the traditional family, the family that has a nucleus; there’s a mother and a father and there’s children and there’s a home so that nuclear family. But David Brooks said the nuclear family was a mistake. And that is the view of those on the Left. He expressed what they believe on that side.

So after DeSantis goes through and says we got a problem with fatherhood, he’s announced now $70 million to be spent in Florida to help train young men and help train fathers and help them connect with their families and support their families and get that father influence in the home, mentorship programs. They actually gave 25 million additional into foster homes to try to help create that same kind of family environment to have that stability, that male-female influence in the home.

And there were a lot of folks who clearly are supporting what DeSantis has done. One was Tony Dungy, the former NFL football coach, and Dungy has a script called All Pro Dad. And so there’s a lot of personalities behind this. And by the way, Dungy got beat up really bad by the Left for even appearing with DeSantis and then taking the position that fathers are important. So again, fatherhood is one of those attack groups by the Left. But to see DeSantis do this in Florida and really put money out there, this is a really, really good deal, could have long term positive consequences for generations to come with what he’s able to do with fathers.


Alright, well, that’s our first piece of good news. Tim, what’s our next piece of good news?


Well, guys, I’ll stay in Florida, and this article is from Disney. It actually involves a man named Dan Geffers, I believe, is how you pronounce his name. I have never met him. I don’t know. Although I probably would like to meet him based on some of what I saw. I first saw this on social media. That was a post that went viral. And there’s several articles. This article is from the Epic Times. And the title is “Walt Not Woke’: Dad’s Hand Made T-shirt Causes a Stir at Disney”

And the short background of this is Dan Geffers, he has two daughters and their family would go to Disney, fairly consistently is what the article points out. And they had tickets, they were getting ready to go to Disney and two days before they were supposed to be at Disney is when some of the news broke from these different executives from Disney’s Park Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Vivian Ware, who announced the company was removing all of the gendered greetings, there would be no more ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. The Disney television…


That is such a traditional Disney thing. You’d hear it on their loudspeaker, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and then they would make the announcement. And that’s just standard Disney stuff if you’ve been to Disneyland.


If not offensive, not confrontational. Nonetheless, a Disney Television Animation Executive Producer, Latoya Raveneau also boasted in an internal meeting about how she is inserting the not at all secret gay agenda in the children’s programming and adding queerness wherever she can. Then Disney CEO Bob Chapek came out against Ron DeSantis. And what they were doing with their parental rights and education bill, Disney was one of many who began calling it the “Don’t say gay” bill. And so, when Dan Geffers saw…


Which is a complete misnomer, that was not at all what it was.


Absolutely. The word gay is not even mentioned anywhere in the whole thing. It’s media, it’s politicians trying to label their opponents and trying to use it to win their argument by this ad hominem kind of attack. You’re not going after the content, but you’re labeling it in a negative fashion or at least what you believe in negative fashion and try to win approval on your side.

All that to say, Dan Geffers saw this, it was two days before he was supposed to his daughters and their family, some of their family friends were going. So he contacted Disney and he wanted to get a refund, he wanted to turn in his tickets. And they said, sir, it’s too close to time scheduled, we can’t give you a refund. And so he said I didn’t want to waste all these thousands of dollars we’d spent to be there. He said, so we decided that they were just going to go. They talked about it, they’re going to go ahead and go.

But he wanted to do something not confrontationally. But something to just let his position be known that he wasn’t happy about what he did. So they got an idea. And he went and got a plain white t-shirt. He bought some sharpies and then on his t-shirt, he wrote, “Walt not woke” on the front, and then on the back, he wrote “Hello, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen.” And so things that they were saying they wouldn’t say anymore. And what’s super interesting is there were several different stories, he actually did several pictures of him and his daughters and some friends who were there.

But several stories about interactions and what he says in this article highlights it, is that virtually every interaction he had was a positive interaction, where people would say, man, we like your shirt. It’s a cool shirt. But even so much so that at one point he decided he wanted to go to concession stand and get some ice cream bars and popcorn for his girls. The concession workers, he said “I handed her the money to pay for it and she said, it’s on Mickey. I like your shirt.” He said and I was like, okay.

But even from the Disney employees, they looked and recognized that what his shirt was saying was an accurate reflection of Walt Disney, that it was Walt not woke. And so what’s cool about this is even though Disney has taken a very crazy position, in fact, in our family we cancelled our Disney Plus subscription. And I mean I grew up in the era of Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, A Little Mermaid, although it wasn’t my favorite, actually, I didn’t even get to see a little mermaid.

So I think I was in like college for various reasons. But mostly, because there were some things, when I was a kid, you guys were like, hey, we’re not going to watch this and so I didn’t get to see it when I was young. When I was a teenager, like there was nothing cool about the Little Mermaid for a teenage boy who wants to be outside and play sports. I don’t want to watch some girl fish swim around. That’s crazy.

All that to say, there’re definitely were some fun Disney movies Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, I think just classic, some of the best. And so I’m fond of Disney. And now I’ve got little girls. And the older of my two daughters, she loves Arista, cat and some of the old ones. It was so fun to watch it. But when Disney took this position, we said we’re not giving them any more money. This is crazy. There will be a lot of people that vote with their dollars. And hopefully, Disney does get the strong message. Hopefully, they will have different leaders and they will change course and they’ll go back to being a positive family friendly institution.

Nonetheless, it’s also good that not everybody that’s part of this Disney organization is for a woke position. And this was what Dan Geffers said was his experience while he was there, is the majority of people who were there were very supportive of his shirt. Even the interactions he had with different employees, they were very supportive. He said virtually he didn’t have a single negative experience. And he also said he was a little nervous for his daughters because he didn’t want to make it a bad experience for them, and them dealing with dad, getting yelled at or cussed out or bad things.

And even the daughters commented that they were surprised by how many people like dad shirt. They were so impressed along the way. All that to say, there is, again, a lot of positive examples that the majority of American people are not in favor of and they’re not embracing the weakness that is out there. It’s just that we have to continue standing up and fighting back against this wokeness so we can hold back this tide and then get it going in the opposite direction. Nonetheless, this is a cool good news story of just a dad wearing a white t-shirt and little sharpie paint on it and really positive response coming from Disney. So, kind of a cool story coming from Florida.


We’re going to take a quick break, guys, we’ll be right back. We’ve got more good news for you when we return on WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here with David and Tim now to get some more good news on our Good News Friday. And David, I think you’ve got the next piece of good news.


Well, this must be stay in Florida today. So I’m going to give another story on Florida. And this one goes back to the age of when dinosaurs roamed the earth and when volcanoes were everywhere and when pterodactyls were all over the sky and when people thought that school was for reading, writing and arithmetic, which is a really long time…


So it was that long ago?


That was that long ago.


I didn’t know dinosaurs were around like 50 years ago or 60 years ago.


No. It’s so far back, but this is prehistory… I don’t even know if they’ve written about the times when schools were reading and writing, arithmetic.


So, like some of those pictures of like George Washington riding on a Tyrannosaurus Rex, so that’s probably then?


Exactly right.


Okay. And for all the kids listening, no, that’s not true. That’s not what actually happened.


That’s right. So in Florida, believing that schools were supposed to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, they recently had an announcement on the textbooks that met the state standards. So going through all the state laws on what the textbooks are to teach and not to teach, it was interesting that the Department of Education in Florida, the spokesman there came out and said well, we’ve now gone to the math textbooks, okay, math, and I thought I knew what math was; apparently I don’t. Because they rejected 71% of the elementary school textbooks for not teaching math.

And what they were teaching, part of it was they were teaching critical race theory, which is amazing to me that that’s a math textbook in elementary school, they were teaching what’s called Common Core, which is now kind of on the way out. But that was the latest attempt to do something new 15 years ago, and it’s been an abysmal failure. And they also had what’s now known as the SEL, the Social and Emotional Learning. And this is really kind of grooming kits for all sorts of sexual indoctrination and introduction, LGBTQ, kind of stuff.


And let’s also point out that there are some people on the Left who are pushing back saying, wait a second, this isn’t grooming, because the argument is from grooming, that the way the word was used in this context is that you are you are getting somebody ready for a specific sexual behavior. And they’re saying, hey, we’re not trying to have these five and six-year-olds to have sex right now, we’re just informing them have other options. But the reality is you are grooming them to come to your side of the conversation or to your side of the philosophical movement.

And so the grooming in this case is not a grooming for a specific, immediate sexual behavior, although that is projected in the future. It would be no different, I think we’ve even talked about on the program before, it would be like grooming a candidate for office, where you have someone who might be about to run for school board or city council and one day you’re thinking, man, that’d be great for a state rep or state Senator, one day, Congressman, and so you start working with them, and you help them become a better communicator, you help them do more research, you help them get better at policy issues, you are grooming them for a higher office. That’s what is meant by this term grooming is that you are trying to prepare them for a certain direction in their future.

And this is certainly we’ve seen an education where there’s a major shift of so many teachers that are trying to groom kids to go a certain direction that are pushing them in a… And it really is a sexualized direction. They’re pushing them towards a certain sexuality. And there’s been a lot of stuff that’s come out over the last several weeks, over the last several months really about some of what’s been happening in these schools with not even in sex education, just in general classroom stuff.

And dad, as you’re mentioning, with even mathematics or reading or writing where this stuff is appearing, that we’re promoting sexual ideologies, instead of just teaching that two plus two is four, that is where a lot of this has gone. But just to clarify, that is what we’re talking about with grooming. And I’m saying that because again, there’s some people out there saying that you guys are accusing us of being groomers and we’re not grooming anybody. Well, there’s more than one way to define the word grooming and we’re using in the sense of you are trying to sway them to embracing a certain ideology and worldview. So you are grooming them to that position.


Yeah, it’s interesting. And just doing a quick search of grooming, just internet-wise, looking at it, the definition that was common was for young children to desensitize them to sexual issues so that they’re willing to accept all sexual behavior in the future. Which is like, well, let’s give her all rights and wrongs, let’s desensitize you toward anything right and wrong.

And it comes from, what was called 10-years-ago, queer theory, which is your sexual at birth; from the time you’re born, you’re a sexual being. It’s not that you’re going to become sexual. You are sexual right now. You’re consciously sexual, which I mean, that’s crazy stuff. But that’s part of what this grooming thing is as desensitizing. So you’re right, Tim, there’s a lot of pushback and they’re getting beat up over that, which I think is good that they’re becoming defensive over the word that they’re trying to redefine it in a way that helps them. But that’s just not the common definition.

But back to Florida, the fact that you reject 71% of proposed math textbooks in Florida and by the way, Florida is a big school market. That’s the third largest state in the nation, public school textbooks, they want to sell their textbook there because that’s a lot of students you’ll make a lot of money there and they rejected 71% of the math textbooks because of critical race theory, or common core or this social emotional learning. I mean, it’s amazing overall. All the way K-12, it was 41% of the textbooks were rejected.

But 71% at the elementary level which really tells you they’re really trying to indoctrinate these kids at a low level, not teaching them math very well. But they’re sure teaching them all the social awareness and wokeness really well. And so good news to Florida that they’re holding their standards, and they’re insisting that math actually teach math. What a novel idea, but good for Florida.


Alright, Tim Barton, what’s our next piece of good news?


Alright, guys. Well, this one is not in Florida, although it is in a another southern sunshine State. This is actually in Oklahoma. And I’ve got another one from Arizona. So, both from southern states. This first one is from Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and this was something just in the last couple of weeks, he signed a law, piece of legislation and make it a law that made it a felony to perform an abortion in Oklahoma, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and $100,000 fine.

Now, this is again one of those states we’ve talked about before that many states are taking action expecting that this summer from the US Supreme Court, that it’s very possible a ruling will come down that might put abortion more back in the category of it being a state’s rights issue, that they’re going to recognize the Federal Constitution does not guarantee or protect the right to abortion because there is no right to abortion, which the fundamental idea is that our rights come from God, not from the government. And God did not give us a God-given right to murdering unborn children. That’s not something that’s part of the laws of nature or part of the laws of nature is God. Actually, it’s a violation of both of those things.

Nonetheless, the idea that the Supreme Court this summer very likely will come up with a ruling that might undermine the idea that there is a federal protection for abortion and that abortion is protected in all 50 states and whatever other territories that were connected with. If that is removed, then it does fall on the states to ultimately take a position on this. And some states are trying to go pro-abortion. The vast majority of states to this point have gone in a prolife direction.

That’s part of what it’s really believed that the Governor Stitt was doing when he signed this law. And obviously, if he signed the law is because the state senators in Oklahoma were working to get this done through their state legislative body, which they deserve a lot of credit for this as well, that they got this piece of legislation before the governor so he could sign it. With all this being said, there are abortion rights groups who are already coming out, acknowledging they’re going to challenge this law, it’s going to be a legal challenge to it. But their challenge is not going to proceed before the US, and actually there might be a temporary state, but they won’t get their final decision before the US Supreme Court ruling comes out this summer.

And that’s what’s going to have the biggest impact and effect on what happens with some of these laws by how well they will be upheld or overturned by federal Judges. However, again, it’s very good news that we’re seeing some of these governors make some of these very positive decisions to protect and defend unborn life in their state. That was Governor Stitt in Oklahoma.

Then from Arizona, you have Governor Doug Ducey who signed a law prohibiting discrimination against faith-based adoption and foster care agencies. And this is something we’ve seen over the last couple of decades, where you have some faith-based agencies who recognize the basic reality of human existence and the way God created families and humanity is that there are male and female, and God made fathers and mothers and God gave fathers and mothers children, very basic concepts.

Well, there were some adoption agencies or foster care agencies, who said we know that the healthiest and the best place for a child to be is in a home with a mother and father. In fact, statistically, there is all kinds of evidence that identifies the kids who do the best in sociological and mental health and I mean, you can go down the board all these issues, who do the best academically in school, they’re the ones who come from a home with a mother and father. The kids who come from a single parent home or home where there’s not an active father involved in the situation, they deal more with depression, they’re more likely to get involved in a gang or violent crime, they don’t perform as well academically. They usually come from a worst economic situation. There’s a lot of negative effects.

And so some of these, again, adoption agencies, foster care agencies say, we want to put kids in a place where there’s a mother and father where there’s a stable home. And there were some of the LGBTQ advocates who came out and said, how dare you say that you’re only going to put kids in a home where there’s a mother and father? Or in some cases, more specifically in a home where there is a more of a heterosexual, hetero-norm relationship. And so there was a lot of lawsuits brought against some of these groups.

And the Supreme Court has largely upheld that these organizations can follow their religious convictions because most of these groups are based on a religious faith. It’s Christian adoption care agencies or it’s Christian foster care agencies.

All that to say, in Arizona, Governor Ducey has signed into law, something that takes a more significant step securing this, not just what the Supreme Court said, although that is obviously very strong and good, but they’re recognizing in their state that they’re going to protect the different faith-based adoption agencies or foster care agencies and their states and that it actually prohibits any discriminatory action taken against any person or group that declined to provide adoption or foster care services due to the person’s religious belief or exercise of religion.

So it, again, is a state upholding and recognizing the beliefs of the individual, upholding and defending the reality of the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment. And so that’s something that, again, is good news. And this is good news outside of just Florida. So it’s good news from Oklahoma and Arizona. But guys, a lot of good news coming from the southern states today.


Good news, indeed. And as I said at the top of the program, if you want more good news, if you got hooked today, if it was your first time to listen, and you enjoyed that good news so much that you want more, it’s available at our website right now, wallbuilderslive.com. Again, that’s the website wallbuilderslive.com, the place where you can make that one-time or monthly contribution, you can get archives of the program and listen back over the previous weeks and months. And then we also just have some great links to some of our other programming and also to articles and other great information. And be sure and check out our regular website, our main website, I should say, it’s not regular at all, it’s outstanding, it’s phenomenal, it’s amazing. Why would I use the word regular?

Anyway, wallbuilders.com is the website. Wallbuilders.com. There you can get access to the mp3s, the videos, the books, there’s so much available. And here’s the good news. It’s not boring. This isn’t history and government like you had in high school or college where you slept through the class. WallBuilders, and this is part of what I admire so much about David Barton as he just set this amazing tone for studying history through the eyes of the people that experience it. He brought it to life. I hated this stuff when I was in high school and in college. But somebody gave me one of those cassette tapes that David Barton, years ago, I’m not going to say how many years, but let’s just say multiple decades, gave me one of those cassette tapes and I fell in love with history because of the way David teaches it. You can get all of that at wallbuilders.com.

Get your family excited about studying these things. Become students of freedom, become biblical citizens and become the catalyst in your community for restoring biblical values and constitutional principles. Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.