More Pro-Life And Constitutional Judges Are Being Appointed, Many Students Being Saved At Fields Of Faith And Much More! – Good News Friday: President Trump has nominated more Conservative, Pro-Life judges than any other President. Nick Sandmann is using The Washington Post and NBC for $275 million. Many students are being saved at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes events! Stay tuned to find out more!

Air Date: 01/03/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Hey guys, it’s time for some good news. Look forward to diving in and we’re going to let David have the first shot at it. David.

Robert Luck Is Now Been Confirmed By The US Senate

David: Well, I’m going to point to what’s recently happened with the confirmation of some more federal judges, most specifically judge Robert Luck is now been confirmed by the US Senate to the 11th circuit court of appeals.

Now, the 11th circuit court of appeals is what really handles the issues out of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Now, those aren”€™t small States. They’re really big States. A lot of issues and particularly out of Florida is where you get so many of the election cases.

I’m sure everybody remembers maybe what happened back in 2000 with Bush and Gore. Well, they have election cases. It seems like every year or two, big cases that come out and same with Georgia.


Okay, wait, David, just in case we’ve got some young folks that weren’t born yet. When Florida happened with Bush and Gore, let’s just remind them real quick. That was the recount in a presidential race.


And that’s when like Chad was climbing a tree or something, right?




Chad was hanging from a tree.


Right! And it came down to 537 votes in the whole state of Florida to determine president the United States. So just also want to remember, every vote does count. Anyway, you’re right, Florida has all kinds of election issues all the time.

The 11th Circuit Has Now Moved From A Liberal Court To A Conservative Court


And so does Georgia. Well, but the confirmation of Judge Luck now to the 11th circuit, that has flipped the entire 11th circuit and a much more conservative direction.

So the number of Trump appointees on the 11th circuit has now moved that from a liberal court to a conservative court. And now that by itself is really good news.

But here’s the other thing, that is the third federal circuit court to be flipped. This became the third one. Prior to this, the second circuit was slipped by Trump nominees and that controls guess what?

It controls New York, Vermont, and Connecticut. So to have a conservative court over the issues coming out of New York, Connecticut, and Vermont pretty wild. And also, he’s flipped the third circuit, which includes Delaware and New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

You Have A Majority Sitting In Constitutional Cases Over Some Of The Most Blue States

So you now have a conservative majority sitting in constitutional cases over some of the most blue States in the country, and some of the purple States that are trying to become blue. But to think about States like New Jersey and Delaware, and to look at States like Connecticut and New York and Vermont.

I mean, this is amazing stuff. So the 160 judges that have now been confirmed, it’s not that they’re just being confirmed, it’s the courts to which they’re being confirmed and the subside differences making to those courts.

Sarah Pitlyk Was A Very Controversial Nominee

And by the way, just last week, one of the confirmations came of lower court nominee named Sarah Pitlyk. Now, this was a very controversial nominee. And the reason is because she has been an attorney at the Thomas Moore society. Now you guys know what Thomas Moore society is?


I do, yes.


Yes, in fact, we’ve had them on before, right?


That’s right. And so what kind of a group is Thomas Moore society?


A constitutional





She Was A Lead Attorney At Thomas Moore Society That The Democrats Did Not Want


Pro-life, pro-religious Liberty. And the fact that she’s been a lead attorney for them made the Democrats say, we don’t want you, we don’t want you anywhere close to the federal bench. And so when the vote came down this past week, every single Democrat voted against her because she was associated with the pro-life organization.

Every Republican except one voted for her and that was Susan Collins and Susan Collins of Maine is pro-abortion Republican. So this is why elections matter, because all the Democrats said no to a pro-life person.

All the Republicans except for one said yes to a pro-life person. If you lose control of the Senate, that 160 judges we are talking about, constitutional judges, which happens to mean that they may well be Pro-life, but certainly the constitution does not require abortion. To have that kind of a Senate is really important.

We Don’t Know Who The Democrat Nominee Is Going To Be Yet

So when you think about the 2020 elections and we don’t know who the Democrat nominee is going to be yet, Trump is rerunning and the other Republican seems to be falling away. He had three opponents for a while and that seems to be pretty much gone now. So it’s going to be Trump versus some Democrat.

And regardless of what else you hear, remember that judges, that is a chief thing at stake for the next four years. Whether we can continue to put constitutional justices on the court, what might happen to the Supreme Court. Certainly what’s happening underneath that the lower court levels has already seen tremendous fruit.

We’ve talked in previous programs how we’re now able to have religious expressions we haven’t had in 60 years because of decisions that have come down from the Supreme Court and other courts. So this is a big deal. But that’s the good news is we’re still winning at judicial level and we’re still winning by getting constitutional conservatives on the court, flipping circuit courts and getting pro-life people confirmed.

A Moment From American History


I guess a quick break. Tim Burton’s got the next group of good news. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. In 1963 the United States Supreme court decided that voluntary Bible reading could no longer be part of the school day.

Founding father Benjamin Rush, known as the father of public schools under the constitution pointedly warned that the Bible should be read in schools in preference to all other books. He specifically warned that if America ever sees promoting biblical principles in schools, then we would waste so much time and money in punishing crimes. It takes so little pains to prevent them. He was right.

We now have 7 million Americans in prison on probation or on parole, and the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Sadly, this was unnecessary, but is the result of no longer teaching the morals of the Bible in schools.

For more information about the founding fathers views on the positive impact of the Bible in schools, go to


We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this good news. Friday, we’re diving into stories from the last few weeks and months that you may or may not have heard about. Most of the time I haven’t heard these stories that David and Tim have found, so I’m thankful for the good news and Tim Barton, you’re next. What’s our piece of good news?

Westbrook, Texas Becomes Seventh To Declare Itself A Sanctuary For The Unborn And Ban Abortion


All right guys, this comes out of Westbrook, Texas, which I’m kind of familiar with actually is, I don’t know where Westbrook is. Do you guys have any idea? This isn’t trivia. This is an honest question.


No idea.


I”€™m embarrassed to say, no. I don”€™t know.


Isn’t that in Oklahoma City? No, that’s Houston. No, Russell Westbrook. Sorry, my bad.


Now I get it. I’m tracking now. Okay. Basketball, no.

So this is West Texas somewhere, and so Westbrook, West Texas, they’re trying to help connect those dots for us. Anyway, the title of this article is Texas town becomes seventh to declare itself a sanctuary for the unborn and ban abortion.

And this is something that we have seen happening in several States where cities have come out and they’ve said that that just like some cities in California, maybe New York, different places have said, we’re going to be a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants that laws do not apply to illegal immigrants, etc.

Some towns have said, well we believe in protecting the rights of unborn children and you shouldn’t be able to murder a child just because it hasn”€™t been born yet. And this is now the seventh city in Texas and this came out in November.

This Ordinance Was Passed Unanimously

In the article, they point out that there are several cities that are in Texas that are predicted and kind of project that in December they’re going to pass some of these ordinances. Well, specifically this ordinance when it passed unanimously and an ordinance is something more than just voting that we like an idea.

a city ordinance is a kind of law in this regard. Then inside the town, this is a law we follow. What’s interesting about this though is there were attorneys that came out and warned them and they said,

Hey guys, just so you know, if you’re going to pass some kind of law, an ordinance in this case for your town, this will not be able to stand. There will be legal challenges against it. This will not uphold because as these attorneys pointed out, Roe versus Wade, that was done back in 1973, US Supreme court came out and they took away the power of state and local governments and said that, Nope, abortion is federally protected.

What’s interesting is that the town said, first of all, we don’t mind fighting the battle, we don’t mind having this challenge. We want this to be something that we can challenge that they want to see Roe versus Wade overturned, but specifically they said the ordinance, it doesn’t really fine the abortionist yet. Now the fine is going to be for $2,000 per abortion, which for some of these abortion factories in mills, that is a lot of money really fast.

We’re Going To Really Disincentivize What They Are Doing

David: Certainly more than they pick in on that.

Tim: Right, and so that would be the idea. We’re going to really disincentivize what they are doing. What they said though is, is this ordinance, this fine opposed against abortionists will not take effect until Roe versus Wade is overturned, which is interesting insight because this is leaders in a town recognizing we think Roe versus Wade is going to be overturned.

That last segment you talked about another one of the judges that Trump had appointed and how this judge was a pro-life judge and we have seen the vast majority of these Trump appointments who are upholding costume positions, who are pro-life because even as you kind of pointed out, the constitution doesn’t protect the right to abortion. It’s nowhere in the constitution. It’s nowhere in the bill of rights. It’s not a protected right.

Instead, the constitution does recognize what the declaration talks about, the right to life and in Liberty, pursuit of happiness, but the right to life is something that should be protected under federal law. And we’re now having appointments of judges who very likely recognize and uphold that constitutional position.

And this is the town with the insight to go, we’re going to pass an ordinance knowing that it’s going to be a battle right now, but we think roe versus wade is going to be overturned. And when it does, we’re going to make sure that our city will forever protect the lives of unborn children and forever punish those who are taking their lives.

Legislators Also Believe Roe Versus Wade Is On The Way Out

David: Well, this is something we’re seeing happening across the nation because legislators also believe Roe Versus Wade is on the way out. And we know that because of States like New York and Virginia who are passing laws and say, when Roe V Wade has gone, we’re going to be a pro-abortion state, or States like Texas, Oklahoma.

They’ll say, when the law’s gone, when Roe V Wade is gone, we’re going to be a pro-life state. Both sides see something coming. And the polarization over this is really why I mentioned in the first segment, that that was a contentious judicial nomination. It wasn’t that that lady was not qualified to be a judge. She’s qualified in so many categories. But she has pro-life views and that might mean Roe V Wade would be overturned and so that’s what made it contentious. And that’s why I was a straight party line vote.

There was not a single Democrat who voted for a pro-life judge in that setting, and every Republican voted for a pro-life judge except one. And that’s what made it contentious was the pro-life issue. Because as you point out, the city recognizes that that’s an issue and I think in the next three to five years there’s probably going to be gone. I think the court will get rid of it.


Which is even more good news. And certainly as these events unfold, the US Supreme court, we will have people on, we’ll interview the attorneys. We will have many articles covering some of this, but this is some really good news that it looks like it’s coming down the pipe, but at least at this point it’s really cool that Westbrook, Texas is making their city and this unanimously passed as the city ordinance, that their city is going to protect the unborn and they will punish the people that are performing the abortions.

Really good news. Looking at the big picture of the pro-life movement.

 Constitution Coaching In 2020


Very good news guys. Okay, quick break. We’ll be right back. More good news for you today. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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We”€™re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this good news Friday time for some more good news and we’re back over to David.


I’m going to New York. Well, I’m not going to New York. The story comes out of New York and the story out of New York is”€¦

New Hope Family Services, New York


So you”€™re taking us to New York. You’re taking all of us in New York right now for some good news.


And that’s sounds true. It’s coming from good news. And this is really kind of built on the first segment because New York, guess what? That is in the second federal circuit court of appeals. And that’s one of those federal circuit courts that has flipped.

So in New York, you have the new hope family services that does adoption, private adoption agency, and they prioritize putting children into homes where there is a mother and a father. They think that’s the most stable.

And it’s not just a mother and father, it’s a married mother and father. And we know statistically if there was no political agenda other than just truth, then we have countless studies that show that when children are raised in a home with a mother and a father who are married lifetime commitment, that they have the best academic results, the best psychological results, the best behavioral results, the best achievement results, hands down. It’s not even close.

And there are studies comparing married couples with unmarried couples, comparing with LGBT couples, etc. So hands down if all we cared about was truth, this is where you would want to put kids for the good of the kids.

The State Of New York Passed A Law That Said No

However, the state of New York passed a law that said, no. If you’re going to prioritize putting them in a place that’s best for them, which is a married man and a woman, if you’re going to do that, then we’re going to come after you on adoptions. And so the state of New York really has tried to shut down this agency because they won’t be equal placement with every belief that’s out there.

They actually want the best for the kids. And so New York has targeted that day. You know, Catholic adoption services has already announced that they, they’re stopping adoptions in New York because the state’s trying to punish them.

Well, New Hope Family Services actually said, no, we’re going to stand and fight on this. And at the district court level, the district court, the federal judge there sided with the state of New York and said, Nope, you’ve got to put these kids where the state says you’re going to put them. Well, the second federal circuit court of appeals jumped in and said, whoa, not so fast.

They Gave An Emergency Order

And so they gave an emergency order that put a temporary halt on that lower judge’s ruling. Now this does not mean that they’ve overturned that ruling, but they’re not going to let it go into effect undealt. They have a chance to look at it. And you usually don’t put a temporary halt on something unless you think that the Lower decision was wrong and needs to be changed. So the fact that they issued this decision is really, really good news.

These are federal judges said, no, you can’t discriminate against people because of their faith or convictions or beliefs. And by the way, they’re doing what’s best for the kids. And the state of New York is not allowed to target them because of those beliefs. And so that’s really big. And again, this is largely possible because of the changes that Trump has made. Now, another federal court that’s kind of interesting. You remember the Nicholas Sandmann, the guy with committed Catholic school, they’re at the mall. All the news came out that these kids were harassing this Native American.

They Were Supporting The Right To Life


Yeah, they were the ones there at the, the right to life March. They were supporting the right to life. They were in front of a Memorial and yeah, that’s when the native American came up to him. He was beating the drum and the kids were accused of mocking a veteran, a Native American, right.

They said at the time, he’s a Vietnam veteran, which later found out was not to be true as well as was found out that the kids did not initiate this, that Nick Sandmann was not making fun of him yet. Then that whole story, if you don’t remember, it was a big hoopla going on for a long time. The news media just slam them. Now it causes a lot of harm to the high school. They had to get extra security at the high school, because there was all kinds of threats against the school and Nick Sandmann and his family had to move, lots of security around them and it really destroyed their lives in a lot of ways.

It Was All The Result Of Fake News

David: And it was all the result of fake news. It was all a false story that the media put out because the longer footage was really properly made available for the new stories to say, Oh, we got it wrong. But they stayed with it. And so as a result, Nick Sandmann went after the Washington post, went after CNN, went after NBC for $275 million libel suit. Because they wrongly impugned tend to be something that he was not. And so as this thing is starting to move along, first off, it’s really hard to Sue any national media and get anything done.

They had the freedom of the press as a first amendment guarantee, but that guarantee under the founding fathers and original intent does not make you immune from wrongdoing. In other words, if you do wrong, you can be held accountable even if you are the press. So it went to the federal judge on the suit first against Washington post and the judge dismissed it said, no, you can’t Sue the Washington post. They were given a story and the attorneys came back and said, no, wait a minute.

There’s more to the story here because anybody with even a small level of due diligence would have instantly seen how false the other side was, the narrative, the native American guy, what he did, the whole footage was there. And so the fact that Washington post persisted means that that was negligence and the judge says, you know, you’re right. And he looked at the counsellors. He said, on three of these counselors, there’s really pretty substance to evidence here at the Washington post did not do due diligence.

So that suit, well, this same judge came back on a second time and said, by the way, you’re asking also to be able to Sue NBC. And I’m looking at the complaint you’ve made. I’m looking at what you said the reporter said, and here’s the footage of what the reporter said and yeah, based on what you’ve said, and they’ve said you have a pretty good case against them so the case can go forward.

This Judge Is Now Letting The Sandmann Case Go Foward

So this judge is now letting the Sandmann case go forward against both Washington post and NBC and he’s allowing discovery to happen. And discovery is where you really get into the details.

So he’s saying on his face there’s enough evidence to have a serious discussion here, a serious contemplation that the media really did fake news that they knew better, should’ve known better, could have known better, and didn”€™t want to know better.

And so that’s really good news from a judge that you’re now going to hold some major media allies accountable for fake news. Doesn’t mean Sandmann is going to win, but it does mean it goes forward. And that is a shot over the bow of the major media.

This Is A Wake Up Other News Organizations


Should have done better. Could have done better. Purposely didn’t do better because of the agenda. So yeah, that shot across the bow can change things too. That’s a good thing. And wake up other news organizations to say, man, we got to be more careful about this kind of stuff. Great guys.

We’re a little over on this segment. We’ll be right back with more good news right here on WallBuilders Live.

America’s Hidden Heroes


Hi, this is David Barton


And this is Tim Barton and we want to let you know about a series that’s happening right now on TBN on Thursday nights. And TBN is the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Every Thursday night, there’s a series that we filmed called America’s in history and this season is called America’s hidden heroes. The reason is we highlight heroes from American history. For years we’ve been focusing on the forgotten history and heroes of the nation and now we have a TV show just highlighting some of those heroes.


These are inspiring stories about some of the greatest people maybe you’ve never heard about. We go on location, we go to the side, we show you where the events happened and it’s a story of folks like Bronco Charlia and Stage coach Marriott and Jedediah Smith and Robert Smalls and so many inspiring folks.


Now this happens every Thursday night and the time is going to be different based on where you live. Either way, we think this is something that will so encourage and inspire you and learning some of these great stories from America’s hidden history.


We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on good news Friday. Last segment of the day. We got time for a little bit more Good news. Tim, I think you’re bringing it home today.

Fellowship Of Christian athletes


Yeah, guys, this one involves the fellowship of Christian athletes. Every fall they do what is known as fields of faith related to their football fields and there were some really big events this year.

One of the things that happens on fields of faith is on the very football fields where many of these athletes play or perform. There will then be times when these organizations will invite kids and there really is a presentation of the gospel and on some occasions there are significant professional athletes that will show up. And then there’s one in Virginia that I’m reading the article about.

It says turning sports fields and the fields of faith Christian student movement reaching millions. And it highlights a little bit what the fellowship of Christian athletes has done. And there are many decades of existence.

They’ve had more than 2 million people that were part of the organization from students and organizations throughout the nation on these different public school campuses from the coaches that participated. But of this 2 million, they highlighted what happened in Virginia back in October. There were 16 public schools that got together for one of these events on fields of faith.

And so you’re talking about just hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of kids that are there from these 16 schools. They had professional athletes.

A Guy From The Washington Redskins Shared His Testimony

A guy from the Washington Redskins who was there and he shared his testimony and an article, a several paged article. There’s part of his testimony, which is really needed because he’s talking to them about how in life you can pursue things you think will fulfill you, but a lot of the things you think will give you status or will bring you pleasure without God, they don’t really bring the satisfaction and you find it very empty. But when you find God, you realize you don’t need all these other things that you thought would fulfill you. So I mean really great message what’s going on.

Well, one of the things they point out in this article is that in many of these schools they have what are called huddles, which is the weekly meeting of at the school of fellowship of Christian athletes and they pointed out that some of these schools, fellowship of Christian athletes is doing so well that up to 20% of the school, public school, high schools, up to 20% of the high school was showing up at these weekly meetings which is astounding to think about because, at these meetings, there’s a presentation of the gospel.

They talk about how to live a different life and how to make a difference in things that are very relevant and pertinent and knowing that there is a Christian organization that is connecting with that many students, that many student-athletes that is having that big of an impact on campus.

That is a very encouraging thing as we look at a culture and a next-generation that there’s a lot of question marks for a lot of people. Seeing that there is an organization that God is using and is making a difference is really encouraging.

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