Judges Stand Up Against Forced COVID Vaccinations And More Good News – Judges stand with employees against forced COVID vaccinations, Republican wins House seat in Iowa after it being democrat for over 20 years and more!

Air Date: 03/18/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live, we’re talking about all the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. And you joined us on a Friday, which means we’re going to be looking at some good news from across the nation again, with that biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders, Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders, and I’m Rick Green, former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. I love these Friday programs, because everybody out there is going, oh, there’s so many bad things happening in the culture, there’s so many bad things happening around the world. But then in the midst of all of that, we see all of these good things happening as well as more and more people get involved, more and more people have been awakened.

And so David and Tim have the stacks of good news that we haven’t been able to get to on our Fridays, we haven’t been able to get through the list. So we’ll see how much we can knock out today. But guys, let’s talk about some good news that’s been happening around the nation. David, what’s our first piece of good news today?


Well, I’m going to start with some good news related to vaccines and mandates. And just over the last two or three weeks, I’ve mentioned a couple times, my feeling, that a lot of what Biden did with that really forceful speech he gave that says everybody’s going to get vaccinated, I’m going to have this rule that if you get more than 100 employees, you got to get vaccinated. And governors, you can’t ignore this, and I’m going to make you do this. I mean, he was just really coarse and strong.

And my speculation was, he wants everybody to jump in on this, because if we wait for the rule to be written, and I’m not sure it’s ever going to be written, if we wait for the rule to be written, at that point in time I think so many courts will have wieghed in that it’s not going to happen in any cloud. And so we saw the airlines jump in really early and we saw hospitals jump in and big tech and big companies jumping in with all this vaccination stuff.

And as we pointed out, look that every single state, as Mat Staver point out, all 50 states have vaccination exemptions. 46 have exemptions for conscience and 26 exemptions for religions as I remember the numbers. And so in the last a couple of weeks, we’ve seen a few judges that have come out and said no, you can’t do this. You can’t ignore the exemptions. And you can’t ignore exemptions in the military or in hospitals or health care, or whether it’s public accommodation kind of things like airplanes. So I’m just telling you, man, this last week, it is really kind of blown up. I’m just going to read the headlines that I’ve got here.

This one says headlines, “Federal judge blocks hospital from putting unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave”. And this, of course, is what they were doing because Biden said you all got to get vaccinated. And so these folks said, well, if you don’t get, you’re going to be unpaid leave or you’re going to get fired or whatever. Here, this is where the big hospital system in Chicago, federal judge says, no, you can’t do that.

Here, this headline says, “Judge blocks Biden administration from firing unvaccinated employees with pending religious exemptions”. So you’ve had DC, where that employees there, I’m sorry, you got an exemption, but you have to get vaccinated. No, I’ve got an exemption. And now here’s a judge saying Biden administration can do that.

Here’s another headline, “Court blocks hospital system from forcing Christian doctors and nurses to get COVID vaccine”. So, again, more conscience exemptions. We looked at a couple of stories last few weeks where hospitals said well, if you’re patient-facing, in other words, if you have contact with patients, you have to get vaccinated, otherwise, we’ll bury you back in some administrative position somewhere where you never see anybody and that’s okay if you don’t get vaccinated. And here’s a court saying, no, can’t do that.

Here’s a headline, it says “Judge Extends Order Blocking United Airlines From Putting Unvaccinated Workers Seeking Mandate Exceptions on Leave”. So here’s another one where a judge says you can’t do it in the airlines.

Here’s one. It says “Judge temporarily bars US Lab from placing unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave”. So now we’re into the business sector. There’s so much that’s going on. And this is just since last Friday, you know, last Good News Friday, that’s like six cases, five cases, however many that was. And that doesn’t mean that all these cases are going to be won. But it means that at the start, there is at least reasonable doubt that the government policy is going to stand. And that’s where they’re putting a block on it until they have the trial.

If they thought that the court was going to win, they wouldn’t put a block on this, they just go to trial with it. But at this point, there’s just so much stacking up that I just really don’t think that all the noise that Biden administration made is going to turn into all the fire that they wanted to create. I think it’s going to be put out a long time before that. Yeah, there will be some things that happen. But it’s certainly not going to be as bad as they tried to make it sound when this came out.

So I think that’s good news that the courts are weighing in saying no, you can’t ignore the law. Even if there’s a crisis going on, you still have to follow the law, you still have to give the constitutional protection for religious exemptions. That’s there. So I think that’s really good news that we’re starting to see this stuff pull back a little bit, and certainly private businesses like the airlines and like some of the big delivery services are rethinking their policy because there are so many folks that just don’t want to get the experimental vaccination. And I think that’s good news that we’re not rushing into this.

There’s a Bible verse that I think is really important, one is in Proverbs 18, it says, whoever haste with his feet sins. It’s like, when you’re not rushed to get into something, you nearly always make a bad mistake. It’s not going to work out right. And that was the rush for the administration to push everybody into doing this. And it’s just not going to work out right. There’s going to be a problem. And I think that’s good news that is all starting to slow down.


Let’s also clarify that this is not something against the vaccine. If somebody wants to take a vaccine, we support your right to be able to choose if you want to take this vaccine. And again, we’ve discussed this is probably not the same kind of vaccine as what other vaccines are. That’s why the CDC had actually changed their website terminology of what a vaccine is, because a vaccine, usually, you’re taking a small dosage of whatever that thing is, you’re trying to help build up the immunity to or against, you give to the body. That’s not quite what this COVID-19 vaccine does.

With that being said, this is not something against people being able to take that vaccine, if that’s what they want to do. It’s against the mandate where that people shouldn’t be able to force you to take that and you shouldn’t lose your job, or be kicked out of an industry because you have not taken this. At this point, it really is an experimental vaccine. And experimental because nobody knows what happens 5 years down the road, once you’ve taken this, nobody knows what happens 10 years down the road. We’re still experimenting to find out because that research, that science is not there to reveal that to us. All that to say, this is definitely an anti-mandate. It’s not an anti-vaccine in what we’re saying,


And so important to point out these victories, and of course, we’re not minimizing the thousands of people that have lost their jobs and have been affected by the mandate. We know that’s real. And we hear from you. We talked to you. We know people that that’s happened to. What we’re trying to say is, look, there’s hope here. Because for a while there, people were feeling very hopeless; I mean, from Seattle to the East Coast, I mean, it’s been amazing how many people have lost their jobs as a result of this. And I’m so thankful.

I mean, I had dinner last night with 2025 patriots out here in Nevada at one of our constitutional defense courses, and two of the 20 at that dinner had lost their jobs as a result of this; one of them a doctor, a veterinarian, another one in the airline industry. And it was shocking to me. But they said, look, we’re standing up for what we believe in. We’re pushing back, we’re fighting, and we’re going to the courts.

And the good news that you’re sharing, David, is we’re starting to win some of these things in the courts. And it’s going to be a long battle. And we’re so thankful for Mat Staver and Brad Dacus and all these attorneys out there that are in these fights and on the front lines. So stand fast, folks, stay in there and know that the Constitution is not completely gone. It’s actually some judges are actually standing up for it and protecting your religious liberty. So, really good news on that front.

Tim, where are we headed with our next piece of good news?


Well, this one is going to Iowa. And I think it’s along the same vein, we’re seeing people stand up. This deals with a Republican House seat, actually, it’s a House seat, but Republicans flip the seat. It’s the first time that they’ve had the seats since 1992. So this has been a place where Democrats have had that seat. John Dunwell was able to win that seat against Steve Mullan. Steve Mullan was a Democrat, John Dunwell, Republican. And what it really is an indication of things, maybe we saw some of this also in Virginia just recently with the governor’s race, we saw this. Really, there’s been a lot of good things around the nation, which probably we’ll talk about more of these on the Good News Friday, another episode.

But in Minnesota where in Minneapolis, they decided, hey, we think actually we should keep the police force, let’s not disband, and remove the police force. And so that was actually a vote that happened, which is kind of crazy that people were actually voting about whether or not the police force should stay or go. We have seen a lot of extreme measures taken and a lot of politicians posturing themselves and what they feel like is politically expedient positions that ultimately the American people are not in favor of.

And so one of the things, Rick, as you’re saying, even where we’ve seen that some of this is real, where people have lost their jobs. One of the positives coming out of this is things like this situation in Iowa, where you are seeing people now that are not just standing up but they’re joining together, and they’re joining together sometimes you have unlikely allies in this fight. And maybe even looking at a situation of like World War II, where people often hear about the allied forces and Germany and Hitler and communism gets thrown out, that America’s war against communism, well actually World War II, there was some kind of communists thoughts we were dealing with over in Germany for sure.

But it really wasn’t a war against communism. Because one of our main allies in that war was Russia, who were also communist. Now, a lot could be said about some of the challenges with Russia at the end of World War II or even the midst of their the Russian treatment of prisoners or other people in World War II, there was a lot of very awful, barbaric, terrible things. But what was realized in the midst of World War II is in order to defeat a greater evil, sometimes we’re joining hands with people that wouldn’t normally be friends and allies.

Now, I’m not trying to draw a parallel that some of the people that we’re joining hands with now are evil people necessarily. What I am saying is, what’s interesting is we are seeing people from all over the nation wake up. When you have people like Joe Rogan, who, largest podcaster in America, and Joe Rogan was a Bernie Sanders supporter, he was a Bernie bro. And so he definitely support socialism, socialist ideology and policies. But when it came down to this issue of him getting COVID and the mandate, and he took a whole litany of things when he got COVID including Ivermectin. And he was criticized by CNN, among others, saying that he was taking horse dewormers, etc. And he’s now come out very strong against some of these mandates.

What we are seeing is there are a lot of people who, even though we’re in favor of big government are looking now going, this is not what I thought we were getting. When we voted for Joe Biden, this is not what we thought we were getting. And a lot of people are waking up to the reality that is not what they were hoping. And it’s kind of waking them up to swing back in a different direction. Which is why, again, maybe look into the seat in Iowa, where it’s been Democrat for 30, whatever years and all of a sudden now, in the beginning of October, the seat comes back to a Republican.

I think there’s a lot of positive news, a lot of reasons for optimism that as people are standing up, and again, sometimes it’s unlikely allies that are joining in the fight for freedom, for limited government against some of this tyranny and government overreach, there’s a lot of unlikely people that are standing up and now recognizing and realizing the problems. And that is really good news that a lot of people are waking up.


You know, Tim, I was thinking about as you were describing the allies that you would normally expect all these unions, you know, police unions, firefighter unions, post office, even unions that are typically Democrat strongholds, right, those are typically turning out the vote for the Democrats. And they have come out strong in many cases against these mandates. And man, you talk about a ripple effect down the road in elections, that could be a big change and rearrangement of the allies in American politics.


And Rick, you know, one interesting thing even about the unions is, as you see unions that are largely coming out against these mandates, there’s one union that hasn’t come out against the mandate yet. And that’s the teachers union, which is super interesting, right. Because you do see firefighters and police departments and so many different skill labor unions that are coming out against this because there are people don’t want it.

And yet, when you look at teachers, this is where you are seeing this entrenchment of this liberal and really leftist ideology is probably the more accurate way to say it. These leftists, kind of like the reason that we think probably a switch happened in Virginia with the Republicans now having the governorship of Virginia was because McAuliffe came out and he said that parents should have no say in their child’s education. You’re going wait a second, that’s crazy. That’s actually echoing the sentiment of these teachers unions.

And so even though we are seeing some of these unions wake up, I think it’s interesting, the one that has not joined the fight against this is the teachers union, or at least some of the largest teachers unions out there. But it is great to see that for so many of these unions who really have been just Democrat contributors, and campaign fundraisers, whatever else, that many of them are seeing some of this tyranny and oppression and they’re waking you up saying, yeah, this isn’t right, we need to go a different direction.


Yeah, we could be seeing a complete realignment politically in the country and the impact of that, and the 2022 and 2024 elections could be huge. Guys, let’s take a quick break. We got more good news coming at you when we returned on WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday. Let’s dive right back in. David, next piece of good news.


One of the healthiest things I have seen in years in America is the movement we see going right now of people getting involved in seeing what’s going on locally around, the local policies. Tim just mentioned, Terry McAuliffe, saying hey, parents shouldn’t have any voice in their children’s education. And actually, what people heard was parents shouldn’t have a voice in their children’s indoctrination because that’s where it’s turned out to be. And more and more parents are realizing this isn’t education. This is not about math. It’s not about improving reading scores. It’s not about greater science skills. This is purely about social issues, and where we are on social issues.

And so within that framework, I’ve mentioned that one of the states in which we’ve been involved, we were involved in 138, School Board races in that state. And I in 30 years have never dealt with 130 School Board races in all the states put together. And suddenly, now it’s a big issue in the states and people looking at. And so in this particular state, there were so many pastors and churches that got involved because they found out what was being taught, and what the kids from their church are being taught and what the parents were finding out their kids were being taught.

And so one of these pastors just he wrote me and said, hey, can you give me a list of some of the bad stuff going on in schools, I’m going to be able to share that? And I said, well, yeah, I can. How offended do you want to be? And it really struck me that this time to get there’s a Bible verses in Ezekiel that talks about how the God is going to shock us out of our complacency. And I thought, you know what, I’m not going to hold back anything. I’m going to tell him exactly what’s being taught in the classroom, what’s being taught in the schools.

And I sent him these articles with graphic pictures of what’s in the books, what’s in the curriculum, and they’re very offensive,. They’re highly offensive. I think they’d be offensive probably to 70-80% of the nation. There’s probably not much the defense 70-80% of the nation. But these would have been. And so I sent him the stuff and I didn’t want to hold back on anything.

And so what I’ve seen recently is this is starting to happen across the nation as well. I’ve got a headline here, it says Moms for Liberty, which is a group that started because they found out what was going on in their local school boards and now there are chapters all over the United States, exposed public school dechauery and indoctrination. And so what’s come out in recent weeks is, for example, you see that what happened in Florida, they had elementary students in Florida take a field trip to a gay bar. Now, can you explain to me what that has to do with education? So you’re taking elementary kids to a gay bar on a field trip?


I think that could have been educational, just probably not the kind of education the parents were hoping their children were going to get on that day.


Yeah, exactly. And then you go past that, and let’s go, okay. So in Kentucky, you have teen boys and high school that are giving lap dances to male faculty. No wait a minute, and that’s a sponsor school event? This is part of the homecoming event in Kentucky, what kind of twist in mind do you have to have to make that a homecoming event? And that was with the school staff doing it. They arranged that.


Now, let’s also point out a parent came out in defense of this situation after this was exposed, I don’t know, a week or two ago, when this came out. And the parents said, well, this is nobody’s business who’s not here, and they shouldn’t be talking about outside of school anyway. And this is just a school event. And like really upset that people were learning about this, not what happened, but we’re learning about it.

And so this is where it’s super interesting too, that most parents had no idea. And this parent is like, hey, don’t let people know about it because they’re going to make a big deal about this. And they shouldn’t because it’s not their kids, it’s not their school. No. I think most parents whose kids were in that school would love to know about this because that’s certainly not something the majority of those parents would approve of that kind of behavior.


That’s exactly, especially in the state like Kentucky. Maybe some states, probably not Kentucky. So you just go through the litany of all the stuff that and I sent articles of what is currently being taught in sex education to elementary school students. And it’s interesting that a mayor over in Ohio actually took some of the textbooks that were in the schools, and some of the books that were in the libraries, and by the way, some of the books and libraries in Virginia, the School Board meeting, one of the moms took books that were in the elementary library, and just took them to the School Board and started reading aloud from those books to the School Board, and they hauled her out of the School Board meeting for all the bad language she was using. And you go, well, I’m just reading you what’s in the library you have our kids doing. And that book has been used across the country.

And it wasn’t bad language in the sense of profanity, it was bad language in the sense of all the sexual things that were there. And so it was really offensive to the school board. So we’re seeing this go on. And a mayor in Ohio actually took this school curriculum and went to a judge and said, tell me about this, and he said, well, that is all illegal under the law. That is pedophilia. And that is prohibited by both state and federal law. And so the mayor actually went to the school board and said, okay, I want all of you to turn in your resignation right now or I’m going to arrest you for child pornography, pedophilia.

So literally, you have all this stuff coming out now. And parents are starting to see that I thought I sent my kids there to learn how to do basic math, two plus two, and I thought we would learn something about chemistry or algebra or geometry. That’s not what’s happening. And maybe some of that is happening. I can’t say it’s not what’s happening. But we’ve added so many other things that are detracting from what we used to agree were the common tenants of education.

So it’s really good to see all across the nation people getting stirred up in their communities. And I guarantee you that when you start voting at the local level, you will vote at the higher levels as well. And this will be something that drives up the vote across the nation.


And let’s just say also, for everybody listening, if you are hearing some of these, and you’re shocked thinking that’s crazy, there’s no way that’s happening in my school. Let me just suggest you start doing a little research in your school. Because for so many of these situations, the reason we know about this is because a parent showed up the school board meeting or parent started getting involved, they started looking at curriculum and started asking their kids about what’s going on at school. And it was a parent who brought these situations to light. Had it not been for parents getting involved, we wouldn’t know about this, which means these things would be going on, and no one would know.

So right now, if there aren’t people active and heavily involved in your School Board meetings of your district trying to investigate, trying to figure out what are we teaching kids, well, what’s actually happening in our schools, if there’s not people involved, there could be these very things happening in your community, and you don’t know about because you haven’t been involved. This is why getting involved makes such a big difference.

And don’t think that you need to have kids in the public school for you to go to a School Board meeting. You can be a grandparent. You can be a homeschool parent, right. You can be a single person with no kids. If you are someone living in the school district and you pay taxes, you have legal standing at that School Board meeting as a taxpaying citizen, whether you have kids in that School Board or in that school district or not. So this is why parents showing up is making such a big difference, because it’s exposing the evil. And once the evil is exposed, it can be routed out, but we have to know what’s there before we can get rid of it.


And Tim, picking up on to your points, one is we had a letter recently from a guy who said, hey, I went to my school board and said, I want to be on the curriculum committee. And they said, well, you don’t have any kids in school, you can’t do that. And as Tim pointed out, yes, you can. As long as you’re paying taxes, as long as you’re a citizen in taxes, the courts give you what’s called taxpayer standing. And you can be on every single committee. You can be on the School Board. You can do everything any other parent would do that has kids in public schools. And if your kids are in Christian school, or homeschool, or private school, or charter school, or anything else, you can still do that.

We’ve had here in Texas, for example, our State Board of Education that runs our 6 or 7 million students hear in public schools, we’ve had homeschool fathers that were on the State Board of Education because they wanted good education for everybody. It was so bad they pulled their own kids out. But that didn’t mean they didn’t want to protect the other kids. So if you’re a taxpayer, you have standing.

And going to what Tim said about hey, you ought to check what’s in your local school. I’m going to go further and suggest that probably what’s in your local school I guarantee will be bad simply from the standpoint that a lot of this pornographic kind of stuff, the mayor that told the school board, you guys, you either resign or you get arrested because the judge said, this is child pornography. Those books were in the school because the American Library Association recommends that every school library have those books. And a lot of schools just go by the list and said, this is what the Library Association recommends. And those books were on the Library Association recommended list.

And so this is most likely in your school because most schools simply go by what the Library Association recommends to be in the school books or in libraries. So yeah, Tim’s exactly right. You may think it’s not in your school. It probably is your school. And even if you’re in a super rural district, that’s a really conservative district, probably the stuff in your school library is not very good.


Yeah, I would recommend to parents out there that are homeschool parents, hey, you’re probably more qualified to run for the School Board than anybody in the district. You’ve been the administrator. You’ve been the principal. You’ve been the educator. I mean, you’ve done it all in education as a homeschool parent. So consider not only voting and testifying, but running for that School Board. Alright, Tim, we got time for one more piece of good news.


Alright, guys. This one is coming out of Cisco, Texas. And really, it’s something that is now becoming a little bit of a national trend on some level. The city of Cisco, Texas became the 40th city in the nation to ban abortions in their city. And what they did was passed an ordinance, but it’s an enforceable ordinance. So it does carry weight. It does have teeth, so to speak, where they said that there can be no abortions inside the community. And actually, the article highlights “The ordinance makes it unlawful for any person to procure or perform an abortion of any type and at any stage of pregnancy in the city. It also prohibits any person to knowingly aid or abet an abortion in the city. The ordinance also treats abortion inducing drugs as contraband within the city limits.”

So that we are seeing not only prolife victories happen at state levels, we are seeing protests victory has now happened at city and county levels, where cities are stepping up and saying you know what, we’re just as people of this city, we’re going to stand up and we’re going to say no to these evil things happening inside of our city. We’ve seen a lot of city councils do it. But now the city of Cisco, Texas has become the 40th city in the nation to do this. And actually, 37 of those cities are in Texas. But I know Arkansas is working on getting some of their cities on board, Jerry Cox, a lot of people, they’re working to do that. So we’re seeing a lot of positive things happen.

Still, at the local level, which is the best place to get involved, the local level, we are seeing cities and counties taking over and saying we’re not going to allow abortion in our city or our county anymore. So that’s good news, this one out of Cisco, Texas.


Local victories all over the country. In fact, a couple of our Patriot Academy grads won local races this weekend. We had one of them, Mary Fioravanti won her School Board race, Kenny Shove one his city council race. A lot of our biblical citizenship grads are serving on school boards now having won elections this year. So, just a lot of good news out there, folks. Be encouraged. Stay involved. Be sure and keep listening to WallBuilders Live and then make sure you share the program.

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