Free Speech Is Being Restricted On College Campuses: Campuses are banning conservative businesses and speakers. Yet, they call conservatives intolerant. Not only that, they are now restricting the student’s freedom of speech. Why is this happening and what can we do about it? Tune in now to find out.

 Air Date: 05/21/2019

Guest: Jannique Stewart

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


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And, both sites also have the donate button. And, yes, that’s the way you come alongside us, become a partner of this program, and help us continue to educate, equip, and inspire Americans all over to do their part to preserve freedom for future generations. Now, speaking of topics that are kind of the intersection of that faith and culture, certainly on college campuses that happens. Later in the program, Jannique Stewart is going to be with us. Yesterday we had Rob Schwartz Walter on, and we were talking about the rage of the gay left shutting down free speech, reasoned conversations, and that sort of thing.

Does Free Speech Still Exist on Campuses?

On today’s program, we have a specific example of the left stopping someone from even speaking on a college campus, simply because they disagree with their views. So, it’s gonna be one of those where we scratch our head and go, “€œWait a minute. In America this is happening on college campuses where you’re supposed to have debate and free speech taking place?”€


Yeah, and, this isn’t something that is new to us. In fact, I think for for most people, if you’ve paid attention to what’s been happening in culture, we we’ve seen this for a couple of years with Ben Shapiro, different riots on campuses. So,me of these are almost ironic because Ben Shapiro is an Orthodox Jew, and there were campuses out in California where at some of the riots and the protests, people were holding up signs saying, “€œStop the anti-Semitism; don’t let this anti-Semite come on;”€ and, you’re like “€œOkay, you can’t be much more ignorant because you have no idea who he is, what he says, and stands for.”€

But, what happens–


By the way, Tim, can I throw in that in that one appearance, he had 600 policemen to protect him at a college? Now, I mean our whole police force for our town”€™s not 15 people.




And, there’s colleges I know of that don’t have 600 students. Yet, they had 600 police to protect him at a college just for speaking?

Rage, Instead of Chick-fil-A, on Campus


Well, just think about even the point of the program yesterday, the rage of, sometimes, the left. What you see is they”€™re stirring up rage on college campuses, “€œIf you don’t agree with us, you’re not allowed here.”€ Chick-fil-A is being banned from college campuses.

How in the world are you–I mean you can’t have gone to a Chick-fil-A and think that they’re intolerant people. Those are the most kind, friendly people you will ever meet; and, they don’t care.


Now, I’ve got to say that they profile. Every time I walk in, they ask me if I’m gay or straight and won’t serve me.


No, Sir, that doesn”€™t happen, ever. And, this is the point: they don’t care what shape, size, color you are. The color of your hair doesn”€™t matter to them, right?

This is what’s so silly. They are trained to respond and treat people in love. You tell them, “€œThank you;”€ what are they going to say?

“€œMy pleasure,”€ right? This is their standard practice. It”€™s how they do things.

Yet, we’re being told by those on the left, “€œWell no. They’re intolerant, unloving, and bad because they have a position that we disagree with.”€ This is what has become so dumb in America: we don’t use our brains on the level we should.

American Education and the Death of Critical Thinking

We are not critical thinkers or problem solvers. Actually, when you look at progressive education, this is a lot of what is produced when we go away from teaching kids how to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. And so, what we do is say, “€œFill in the blank; here”€™s multiple choice; pick the one you think it is, true or false.”€

We have so dumbed down and simplified education to just help them memorize what we want them to know. But, if all we’re doing is having them memorize what we want them to know, that means their teacher or professor is just having them memorize whatever they want to do. So, if you have a very left, liberal, or a rage-oriented professor, then you are having kids memorize and embrace this idea.


And, the chances of you having that professor are extremely high. I mean, we’ve gone through and looked at the studies on professors and universities. Just choose the profession; the most conservative profession, as far as subject area, to be taught is economics.

Democrat Vs. Republican Professors

And, in that area, Democrat professors outnumber Republican professors by a margin of 4.5 to 1. So, they’re still outnumbered 9 to 2. And, that’s the most conservative, the least–if you want to say “€œleast-rage area.”€

But, you get into stuff like history; it is 33 to 1. And so, Tim, you’re saying, “€œIf you have one of those professors.”€ Well, the likelihood is that if you’re at university, you have not one, but two, three, or five of those professors.


Unless you’re one of the unique Christian colleges that actually still upholds a standard of Biblical truth and morality who believe in absolute truth. But, this is kind of the point. We are no longer teaching people how to be critical thinkers and problem solvers; therefore, someone’s going to come on campus who I don’t even know who they are, their beliefs, or stances; but, I can’t even listen to them if they are not from my group or camp.

The Definition of Intolerance

“€œI will only listen to someone who says what I want them to say;”€ that is the definition of intolerance. Yet, we’re told that, “€œNo, it’s okay to be intolerant to people who are intolerant. That is the way you should–“€ I mean, guys, it’s just dumb on so many levels.

And, during the summer doing work with so many young people, we hear so many these stories first hand. We hear their experiences both in high school and certainly in college, and get to help coach them through plus teach them so many these things.

Which is why if you’re listening right now thinking Okay, I want to make sure my kid does not have to deal with or can handle properly some of these things if they are encounter them. The reality is, in culture they’re going to encounter a lot of these dumb ideas and are going to deal with some of this rage. How do you respond; what is the right answer or response?

This is why we do the Leadership Training Program in the summer and part of the reason Patriot Academy was started roughly 15 years ago. This is the reason we do so much what we do in the summer. And so, they’ll be links to things like High Point, Leadership Training Program, and Patriot Academy on our website.

If you want your kids to be able to come and get equipped for this because this is the nonsense that is going on in college right now.


Okay, guys, we need a quick break. We’ll be right back. Stay with us, folks.

If you want to hear some free speech, keep listening to WallBuilders Live! Stay with us.

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Disinvited From a College Campus


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us today. Later in the program we’re gonna have Jannique Stewart with us talking about how she was disinvited from a college campus for the very things Tim was describing in the last segment.

And, guys, before we talk about Jannique, how do you respond to being disinvited? How do we stop this from happening on college campuses across the country?


Well, Tim and I have both been disinvited. So, how do you handle it? You just fill your schedule up with some someplace else, shake your head, and say, “€œBoy, I feel really sorry for those guys.”€


Well, but how do you change the culture? This is where parents have to get involved. We often talk about the fact you have to vote with your dollars.

And, we have to stop sending our kids to universities because we like the football team, live in that state, or other reasons that don’t factor in the eternal consequences. I’m saying this knowing that right the vast majority of people listening right now are saying, “€œWell, no, I care more about the eternal well-being of my child than I do that they’re able to go to my alma mater and cheer for the football team.”€ And, I get that probably most people listening are already on that page.

Know the Truth About Your Kids”€™ School

But, a lot of times we think Well, my school is not this bad or that crazy. The school from our state, the one we cheer for at football games is not as bad as these other schools. And, really, we’re fooling ourselves if we think that.


That”€™s  right.


Most universities, even Christian universities and Bible Colleges–we’ve been in situations where we actually have been on Christian universities speaking, and have dealt with and had interactions with professors who are saying things that, first of all, are clearly not Biblical, attack America, or promote socialism. I mean, things we would look at and go, “€œHow do you have a job at this college because this is a great college; how did you get in here?”€ These ideas are not just unique for secular, large universities but are things we’re battling with culture in general.

So, we have to be more active in saying, “€œWhat we’re going to do is be strategic and help find a spot our kids can go where they’re not going to have these Biblical , historical, conservative positions attacked on a daily basis.”€



Prepare Your Kids


And, maybe we’re just going to help our kids be better prepared, because even if they go to a great school, they’re going to have friends asking the same questions promoting these same ideas because that’s the culture we live in. So, maybe in the summer they need to come be part of one of our programs. We can help give them some of that Biblical, historical, constitutional training and help give them a foundation.

But, what happened in this scenario is not totally unique, because this was a scenario where she’s invited to come to a campus—


And, by the way, let’s point out that she was invited to give a pro-life speech at the campus. We’ve talked on previous programs about how this generation right now is the most pro-life generation that we currently have. They’re more pro-life than seniors are.

So, this is something the kids want to hear, and they’ve got a pro-life speaker coming.


And, she was not disinvited because of anything related to pro-life positions. This is where it gets interesting. Thy said, “€œOoo, wait a second; nope.

“€œShe actually has some other positions that she holds, and we disagree with those. Therefore, she can’t come address the issue that we are tolerating her to speak about. And, even hearing her story of the hoops they were trying to make her jump through, then how they tried to be politically correct but really just yanked the carpet out from under her at the end. It’s a very interesting story and certainly something that we can discuss after the interview.

Jannique Stewart


All right. Jannique Stewart is our special guest. We’re thrilled to have her with us.

Jannique teaches and speaks for the Life Training Institute. She’s been the leader of a Women’s Pregnancy Center and done a lot of incredible things. But, she really loves speaking to young people, talking about these issues of life.

We are just really excited about having her on the program. Folks out there listening,

your response to Cornell disinviting her can be to invite her to come speak at your church, school, or wherever else we can get this voice out there. So, stay with us folks.

Janine Stewart is our special guest. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us today. Jannique Stewart is with us, and she’s actually been disinvited other places.

But, we wanted to invite her here and have her as a part of the WallBuilders Live program because we so appreciate her stands and work over at the Life Training Institute. Cornell University said “€œno”€ because she simply believes in marriage as one man and one woman. Jannique, thank you for your time, for coming on today.


Oh, thank you very much for having me.

Viewpoint Discrimination


So, you had a speaking engagement. And, by the way, you do this all over the country: speak on life and what you call “€œthe new sexual revolution,”€ which is actually sexual purity. And, it is a revolution today.

Thank you for what you do. But, you go to high schools and colleges all over the country, speaking on these types of things. Have you ever been disinvited before?


No. This is the first time that I’ve ever been disinvited; but, I think even more importantly, it was the reason that I was disinvited. I was simply disinvited because of my conservative Christian views. And that, to me, was just unbelievable because they had two issues with my views, and it was very specific.

They knew that I was a pro-life speaker with the Life Training Institute; that wasn”€™t the problem. But, when they were researched my background and found that I believe that sex should be reserved for the marriage covenant and that marriage was designed by our Creator God as a union of one man and one woman, they took issue with that and made it very clear that was the reason they were disinviting me, Rick, which is a form of viewpoint discrimination.

Cornell University”€™s Intolerance of Conservative Christian Views


So, this is Cornell University. Of course, this is the tolerant left at its best ,being truly tolerant and allowing opposing views to be expressed on the campus, where we have an exchange of–oh wait. No, that’s not what they’re allowing. They’re actually doing the opposite of what a college campus is supposed to be all about where you can have an exchange of ideas.

How does this help the students to not be allowed to hear an idea that some of the people on campus disagree with? I don’t even understand their motive here, other than to just indoctrinate and only give one side of the story.


Well, you’re actually correct. I thought that college campuses and universities were supposed to be bastions of free speech as students are learning. But now, many of the campuses have become places focusing on political correctness, indoctrination, and censorship. And, I believe that it does actually hurt the students.

Because when we talk about censorship, they censored my speech simply because of my beliefs. I think part of this stems from confusion over one of our foundational freedoms in the Constitution, which is freedom of speech. A lot of people are confused about what freedom of speech means.

Freedom of Speech Does Not Equal Freedom of Offense.

Contrary to what most people think, Rick, the First Amendment freedom of speech does not guarantee freedom of offense. But, what they’ve now done is taken freedom of speech and replaced it with freedom from speech: specifically, any speech or idea that might hurt my feelings, ideas that people may disagree with, or any idea that just makes people uncomfortable. Why don’t we censor and silence that?

And so, part of this whole faith-based culture that really appeals to political correctness is what we’re seeing all over the nation. Oftentimes, it’s conservative voices that are being silenced.


No doubt about it. Jannique, what was the group at Cornell that had originally planned for you to come speak?


It was the Cornell Political Union, which is run by students. They invited me in early January when they inquired to my availability to speak at the meeting that was set for April 21 with a topic of abortion. I would be presenting and making a case for the humanity of the unborn, or making a case for life.

This was approved by not only the president of the Cornell Political Union, but also the executive board approved the topic and the date. So, it was set for April 21; and, a couple of weeks after being approved is when they initially, the first time, disinvited me. And, when I was on the phone with a representative they said that the reason I was being disinvited, they explained, was because of my views on sex and marriage.

Then, I said, “€œWell, wait a minute. Go back to them and make it very clear that it’s wrong to disinvite me simply because of my views.”€ They did go back and they said, “€œFine we’re not going to outright disinvite you; but, we would prefer someone else from your organization that does not hold those views. Or, if they hold those views, they never expressed those views publicly, even in online presence.”€

Censoring Christian Viewpoints




So, then when they said that, I replied, “€œWell, fine; if you’re not going to disinvite me, I will remain the speaker.”€ So, for about three weeks that was set, until about a week and a half or two weeks ago. Around March 19 is when they decided absolutely that, “€œNo, we have again reversed our decision. This time it is final that you will not be speaking.”€


And, again, it was simply because of my conservative Christian view.


Wow. Unbelievable. My prayer for you, Jannique, is that you get a hundred speaking requests to replace this one and for God to continue to use you in a mighty way.

Now, I want to tell all of our listeners right now that you cover a lot of different topics. You speak on God’s design for love, sex, life, and marriage, as well as on the life issue. And, the best place for people to go to book you to speak, where should they go to find out more?


Well, they can actually go to; again, that’s Or, they can just send me an email, which is [email protected]: J-A-N-N- I-Q-U-E-S at


Well, thanks for what you do and for taking a stand. Thanks for standing up for truth and speaking it well. That is part of what our side needs more of; and, I’m excited to see you out there.

I hope we get to have you back soon on WallBuilders Live!


Oh, thank you so much for having me, Rick. I really appreciate it. Thank you.


That’s Jannique Stewart. Stay with us folks. We”€™ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton with another moment from American history. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees to every individual the right to keep and bear arms, has been targeted for years now by those who are determined to dismantle the individual right to self protection.

Opponents argue that, “€œOnly the militia, the military, and law enforcement are to have and use firearms.”€ But, those who wrote the Second Amendment strenuously disagreed, including Founding Father Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the declaration, a president of the Continental Congress, and one of those who actually framed the Second Amendment.

He declared, “€œTo preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”€

For more information about Richard Henry Lee and the history of the Second Amendment go to


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us. Special thanks to Jannique for joining us today and for keeping such a great attitude when disinvited from from Cornell in the way that she was.

And, I encourage you to get a hold of her as well. We’ll have links today at WallBuilders so you can connect with her and invite her to speak in your community. We’re actually–Tim, I don’t even know if I’d had a chance to tell you this off the air; but, we’re going to have her at Patriot Academy this summer. So, we’re excited about that and increasing her audience in response to this.




Notice that what happened–and, she pointed out. They approved her topic and her coming until they found out that Oh, the stuff you believe about marriage is the stuff that we believed for 400 years in America and for 5500 years in recorded history. But, it”€™s the stuff that in the last five to six or seven years, we don’t agree with anymore.

So, you’re not allowed to have any view on anything because of what you believe and things that we disagree with. And, now you’re not going to be heard on Campus. I mean, that’s how ridiculous that is.

Not an Isolated Incident

But, this is not an isolated incident. We’re seeing this all across the country at universities.


Well, I appreciated, too, her strategy where she said, “€œNow, wait a second. Are you saying that I can’t come or you’d rather have somebody else?”€

“€œWell, we’d rather have somebody else.”€

She said, “€œOkay, I will acknowledge you want somebody else; but, I’m still going to come.”€ Because, she put them in this position where she says, “€œNope, you’re going to have to either disinvite me or I’m coming to speak.”€ Now, they are in a position where we’re seeing their intolerance revealed as they said, “€œWe will not allow you to come speak about the issue that is most passionate to you, you”€™ve spent the most time working on, the one you have something to say something about.”€

I mean, presumably, she’s talking to a crowd. Not everybody”€™s going to believe what she says. You know, guys, we’ve been in these scenarios where we do Q-and-A at the end of a talk or lecture; and, sometimes you get some pretty hostile questions.

So, this is a situation where people can challenge the position she’s going to present. Now, maybe–and the challenging, you recognize this, is kind of iron sharpening iron, at least in the sense of, they’re both honing some of their skills of communication, debate, or arguing. I mean, you could see some positive things from this.

And, if you believe that your kids are grounded, then I’m not insecure about somebody coming who doesn’t have the same ideology I do. But, when she put them on the spot and they said, “€œOkay, no; we’re just going to have to disinvite you altogether,”€ now we see the intolerance of these so-called “€œtolerant,”€ which is becoming, Dad, as you mentioned, all too common at universities today.


Indoctrinating Students


They didn’t even want the students to be exposed to a different viewpoint than what the university had. Now, what we do in the summer with the Leadership Training Programs and with Patriot Academy–I think one of the best things we do with those young people is we say, “€œHey, guys, here’s both sides of all these issues you’re going to hear. Here’s what they’re going to say and what we’re going to say on this side. You need to ask questions of both sides and come up with a position.”€

And, when you do that, you can actually take a position that you can defend, whatever that position is. On either side, you’ve at least gone through the fire enough to be able to defend it. They don’t want that kind of intellectual rigour for and thought from their students, but just want to indoctrinate them.


And, that’s exactly right. It does reveal that they are more concerned about controlling the content of the information their kids get, than being able to allow their kids to be challenged in intellect and thought to provoke some of those ideas in their own minds about positions they hold. And, to the fact they say, “€œWait a second; if you don’t say what we want you to say, you can’t come,”€ it really does go back to this idea that we believe so much in education: we only want kids to learn what we want them to know and don’t want them to hear the other side of the story.

We don’t want them to hear somebody who is going to shoot holes in our argument. Which, certainly in these situations, if you are not in the pro-life camp, you’re in the wrong camp; and, there is a lot of holes to shoot in that. But, so are many positions that that are being promoted on college campuses.

Socialism, there are so many holes to shoot in that, right? I mean, we can go down the list of things that are being promoted. Yet, you see universities that are making sure our kids only hear one side of the story.

Leadership Training Program OR Patriot Academy

Which, Dad, even as you mentioned, is why places like Leadership Training Program and Patriot Academy are so great for kids because we help equip them: When you hear these kind of things, what do you say? How do you said how do you interact; what’s the right answer? And, how do you find truth in the midst of this?

So, this summer would be a great opportunity for young people to come and learn more.

Free Speech Restricted on Campuses; Help Prepare Students!


No doubt about it. And, let’s not forget it’s also just the discrimination against who she is. I mean, literally saying, “€œNot only the beliefs that you’re going to express while you’re here, but the beliefs you have outside of that.”€ It”€™s just like Frank Turek getting fired several years ago for the very same reason.

He didn’t train or teach on any of these issues that have to do with marriage; but, because he commented on it somewhere else on Facebook, he ended up getting fired from these different consulting positions. We’ve heard the stories over and over and over again. It is certainly viewpoint discrimination and a violation of so many of the deeply-held principles of our nation.

So, special thanks to his Jannique Stewart for coming on and chatting with us about it. Again, we’ll have links so you can get in contact with her. Those will be available at our website today.

Thank you so much for joining us today. We really encourage you to visit By clicking on that donate button, you’re helping us to express these views; teach the truth about the founding of our country and the principles that made our nation great; and share the Biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective that keeps our nation free.

So, check out and donate today to make that possible. Then, go over to to get some of the tools that will equip you on these truths and give you the ability to also share and be one of the people in your community that is a beacon of light and hope for these truth.  Thanks so much for joining us today; you’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!