From Ashes to Hope: Rebuilding Lives and Communities Following Hawaiian Disasters:

Picture this: you’re standing in the middle of what once was a vibrant neighborhood, but all that’s left now are charred remains and the silent echoes of despair. That’s the reality for many in Hawaii following the devastating disasters, as our guest JP Decker reminds us. JP provides a raw, heart-wrenching account of the scenes he witnessed and the deep-seated trauma of the survivors, particularly the children. Yet, amid the despair, there’s an urgent need for help, accentuated by the glaring lack of governmental support and resources.

The Lahaina fire, in particular, has left the locals grappling with a myriad of challenges. Negligence and lack of transparency from the government, questionable policies, and restricted access to core areas have added to their woes. The road to recovery is long and arduous. Organizations such as Mercury One have stepped up, offering immediate relief. We also touch upon the importance of community and how you can contribute to restoring hope and normalcy. So, come join us as we navigate this tragic yet inspiring journey towards rebuilding lives and communities.

Air Date: 09/06/2023

Guest: JP Decker

Mercury One


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