Bathroom Bill, Pro-Life Victories, and More.  On Good News Friday, David and Tim were excited to announce that since the election, stacks of good reports keep piling in regarding abortion policies, the HB2 Bill, Christmas, and strong conservative leadership stepping up.

Air Date: 1/6/2017

Guests: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton



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You”€™ve found yourself at the intersection of faith and the culture.

This is WallBuilders Live! Where we’re discussing today’s hottest topics on policy, faith, and culture all from a Biblical, historical, and  constitutional perspective.

It’s Friday.  So that means it’s Good News Friday.  And we’re here with David Barton, America’s premiere historian and our founder president here at WallBuilders, Tim Barton national speaker and Pastor, and my name is Rick Green I’m a former Texas rep.

Good News Friday

And Good News Friday means these guys are going to share with us some of the good news you probably haven’t heard, hadn’t been covered on major media. But there is so much out there and I know you guys got big stacks. Who’s going to start first giving us some good news?


Rick, I’m going to start.  And go to North Carolina which  is perhaps a conclusion to a story that’s been running for a while. HB2 out there started when the city of Charlotte passed this thing that says, “€œHey let’s all do one bathroom. We can be one big happy humanity. We don’t have genders.”€ And so at that point even Democrats went to Republicans said, “€œYou”€™ve got to stop this.”€

Legislature Passed HB2

And so the legislature came through and passed HB2 that says, “€œMen in men’s, women in women”€™s. We’re not doing locker rooms together.  We’re not going to put teenage girls in with the older guys. We’re just not doing that. We have too much sanity.”€

And then that went national and everybody tried to boycott it.  Then we noted how well that boycott didn’t work on the gay side. LBGT side because North Carolina went from number nine on the most economically sound states in the United States to number five.

But you had Governor McCrory who was pretty squishy about that thing.  But the guy who’s never been squishy about it is Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest.  And McCoury lost his election by 10,000 votes. Forest won his, comfortable margin.

Special Session To Repeal HB2

And so what happens now, the election is over.  And then they say, “€œWell let’s have a special session to repeal HB2.”€ And we have talked about Dan Forest before.  We’ve had him on the program. Dan comes out with this statement. I am going to read what Dan said and I love a guy with backbone. Unequivocal.

Here’s Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina- and by the way after the election, Charlotte went back and repealed the ordinance and started this thing off at the beginning.  So that’s gone. And so here’s what Dan Forest says, “€œCharlotte repealed an ordinance at the General Assembly already voided months ago. I support HB2 and do not favor its repeal. No economic, political, or ideological pressure can convince me that what is wrong is right. It will always be wrong for men to have access to women’s showers and bathrooms. If HB2 is repealed, there will be nothing on the books to prevent another city or county to take us down this path again.”€

Lt. Governor Forest Says No To Repeal

The Left has already publicly stated the removal of HB2 as necessary for the rest of their agenda to move forward. With certainty if HB2 is repealed we will fight this battle all over again with another city or county. The names will change but the national groups who are pushing this agenda will not stop until their social engineering is accomplished. The only thing stopping them are those of us who continue to stand strong.”€

Again, I love a political guy with backbone.  And Dan Forest stands up. So what happens is they go into the special session.  And guess what.  They couldn’t get the bill repealed. The Senate would not go along with it so HB2 still stands in North Carolina.

Bathroom Bill:  Teenage Privacy Protection Act

Call the Teenage Privacy Protection Act. Everyone says, “€œIt”€™s a bathroom bill.”€ No it’s not. It’s a Teenage Privacy Protection Act because you’re taking young teenage girls and saying, “€œWe’re not going to put them in the same bathroom with a bunch of older guys, or scraggly guys, or street guys, or anybody else. We do believe there are genders and we want to protect the privacy of young teenage girls.”€ Logical stuff.  Should be easy.  But the good news is that Bill still stands in North Carolina.


David, you remember when we had him on last month.  He talked about all the shots that organizations were taken at him and trying to hurt them economically.  And they actually had some great gains economically.  A lot of positive things have been happening in North Carolina.


That’s right.


Alright guys, quick break.  We’ll come back. Tim, you’re up next with some good news.  Stay with us, folks.  You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Abortion Clinics Shutting Down


Welcome back thanks for staying with us on WallBuilders Live. Good News Friday today. If you like hearing some good news be sure to visit our website And you can catch some of those previous Friday programs with a lot of good news by hitting that archive section there. Tim Barton is up next with some good news. Tim.


Yeah we’re going to Missouri for this one and this is something that last year we certainly tracked on Good News Friday. So many of the positive victories in the pro-life arena and here is yet another one.

This is a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that lost its license to do abortions in Missouri. Now the reason it lost its license is because it had not been able to find an abortionist who had a hospital admitting privileges. They had one abortionist and this abortionist lost her admitting privileges. Her hospitals said, “€œWait a second. We are not going to recognize her.”€

And so when she lost the privileges they were supposed to close them within X number of days. They couldn’t find a body. They went to a judge and filed to get an extension. The judge gave an extension. Even then they could not find any abortionist who would come perform abortions that had medical admitting privileges or hospital admitting privileges.

So this abortion facility closed down. Which is great news. But the good news on top of it is now there’s only one abortion facility left in the state of Missouri.  Which is really positive news.

Missouri is one of those states where we’ve had many of their state legislators come to our Pro-family Legislators Conference.  Certainly this is something that is a pro-family issue where the issue of life. So many of our state legislators have been fighting to really battle this issue in their state as so many pro-life people and Christian conservatives in Missouri have.  So this is just great news coming from Missouri.

40 Days For Life


Hey Tim, I was thinking, yet again, there is another abortion clinic closing. We should have one of those- you know normally when you raise money for something or whatever they have that little barometer deal and a little red line keeps going up as you get closer. We should have one of those going down.  I’ve lost count how many clinics you’ve pointed out over the Good News Fridays over the last year or so that have closed across the country. But it would be kind of cool to go back and see just how many have shut down as a result of the pro-life legislation that legislators have done across the country.


It would be really cool to track that.  Because you’re right, we’ve talked about on our show dozens over the last year that have closed down.  Their states have been tracking for the last you know couple of decades in hundreds and hundreds have closed down where–


Didn’t we have a Good News Friday where that we now have less abortion clinics in America than at the time Roe V. Wade was passed? Didn”€™t we do one where the numbers that showed that we are that low.

8 Abortion Clinic Workers Quit


It sure sounds right. I don’t remember the exact numbers.  But yes, the abortion industry is certainly on a decline. And just to that end- and I’ve got another article.  I’ve got so many related to this topic, but here’s another one, that is.  

Eight abortion clinic workers quit their jobs during the last 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign. Now this is the end of last year, October November.  There was 40 Days for Life did a big prayer campaign.  So people are going outside of abortion clinics and praying and fasting and really just asking God to help move.  

In the midst of this, their interaction with some of these abortion clinic workers and eight abortion clinic workers quit their job. It said that they experienced a “€œconversion.”€ Thanks to the prayers of the pro-life advocates who spent thousands and thousands of hours outside the local abortion facilities.

So not only are we seeing these facilities closed down, you’re seeing God move and touch these lives of these abortion workers who are realizing, “€œI don’t need to keep doing what I’m doing.  I don’t know what I’ve been doing.  I need to change.”€ So this conversion experience is happening.  Which is also just really good news. The direction we’re seeing our culture go with the issue of life.


Yeah and that’s a great! Our listeners always asking for action items and what they can do. That 40 Days for Life is so powerful. I remember we had one of the gals that helped start that, Elizabeth McClung, come to Patriot Academy and speak several years back.  She shared how that happens.  Where they stand out there and they pray for those 40 days.  When those workers, not just you know people that are going in for an abortion.  But the workers at the abortion clinic end up coming out sometimes and talking to them and praying with them and having their lives changed like that. Man that’s powerful powerful stuff.

So check that out.  40 Days for Life! Very great organization to become a part of.  There’s something happening somewhere in your community, your city, where you can be a part of that.

Jungle Primary System


I’m going to take a little bit southeast of Missouri, Rick.  And give you some good news from Louisiana.  Louisiana unlike most of the rest of the nation, Louisiana and California, have what’s called a jungle primary system. So back on November 8th when the nation watched the national election results there were three races in Louisiana that were not decided. All they did on that night was have a primary vote rather than a general vote.

And so out of that you had a U.S. Senate race that was undecided. And you also had two House races that were undecided.  Because two of the sitting House members had decided to run for the U.S. Senate. So they vacated their House positions and those had to be filled.

So what happened was just a few weeks ago, Louisiana went to the polls to choose their U.S. Senator and to choose two U.S. Congressmen. All three are strong pro-life people. So in the third and fourth congressional districts you now pro-life folks there in Congress.  And also your US Senator Kennedy is a pro-lifer from Louisiana.  Which is really good stuff. Also, as it turns out the congressman elect from the 4th District of Louisiana is a good friend. Mike Johnson.  Mike Johnson  is with Alliance Defending Freedom and other legal groups.


Yeah we used to have him on the radio program all the time.


That’s right. And he is now a congressman from Louisiana. So we’ve got some really good news out of Louisiana.  And that’s not much in the national news.  But that’s continuing to grow the pro-life stuff that’s in Congress.

Now having Trump in there who’s going after defunding Planned Parenthood and going after pro-life stuff, pro-life judges, and pro-life everything else.  It”€™s just really good that we’ve got even more pro-life votes in Congress and the U.S. Senate


We”€™ve got to take a quick break. We”€™ll have more good news when we return. Stay with us on WallBuilders Live.

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U.S. Ambassador To Israel


Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live!  Good News Friday today.  

I don’t know who’s up next.  We had great pro-life good news in that last segment from both you guys.


I’m going to keep pro-life issue kind of going a little bit by looking at some of Trump’s appointees so far. By the way, before I get to this pro-life and not that this is different from pro-life.  You look at his picks and the guy he’s just picked for U.S. Ambassador to Israel is really, really, really good!

Considering what President Obama did to smack Israel in the mouth at the Security Council to allow the U.N. to vote to condemn Israel for building on its own property. The U.N. has condemned Israel for building on its own land. I mean unbelievable! Obama orchestrated this-


That condemnation has a real impact on people.  Without passports, being able to travel, all kinds of things because it makes him essentially like criminals to these world UN folks.



That’s right. Because now the World Court has essentially ruled that Israel is a criminal country. It has  de-legitimize Israel and Obama orchestrated this thing. So you really can’t go back and change the U.N. vote. If this were Congress you could repeal if this were Obamacare. But you can’t repeal a UN thing like that.  So it really has done serious damage.

One of the very final things that Obama did was to take a major swipe at Israel. I mean we have gone on record now and condemning Israel for building within their own territories. Obama wants to see this Palestinian-


Even some Liberals like Dershowitz and others are coming out and saying you know how bad this was what Obama did.

Trump Comes Out Very Strongly Condemning Obama


Try this on.  I am on a chain of a bunch of what would be considered rather Liberal Jewish folks.  And I’m right in the middle of that chain. It’s a small chain because we’re all on the same side with Israel. And they are up in arms over what happened as well.  

Because this will have massive consequences. This will result in deaths in Israel.  I have no question about it. Because now the Palestinians say, “€œHey, this is legitimate.  We’ve been legitimized.  The U.N. is on our side.  And we’re going to fight back against these oppressors, Israel.”€

Wait a minute.  This is Israel’s own land we’re talking about here. So this is serious stuff that happened.  

1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act

And Trump went out instantly.  And by the way,  I love the fact that Trump got his briefing on intelligence in the Middle East from Mossad Chief himself. The Mossad Chief Israel’s military, Israel’s intelligence guy flew to the United States to personally brief Trump. I’m loving that. That’s already a great relationship going there to start at that level.  

Then Trump comes out very strongly condemning what Obama did.  He is very strongly gone to Netanyahu and said, “€œWe’re going to help however we can.”€ It looks like this is going to make him take a lot of pro-Israel actions a lot faster than he’d originally planned to do so.

But his new pick to the ambassador to Israel, I mean it’s right down the line of what we want to see with Israel is a good relationship. Matter of fact, this is the— Federal law, 1995 the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995 Congress said, “€œMove the embassy to Jerusalem.  Get it out of Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is the Jewish capital.”€

Trumps Cabinet Picks

And we’ve never done that. So Trump is looking to do that. And Friedman who he put in there that he’s a strong advocate of moving the embassy to Jerusalem. So it’s going to be a really touchy time. And as you know these pro-Israel things move forward you can look for a lot more backlash from the Palestinians and the terrorists over there to fight against it.

So Obama may have again thrown a spark in the Middle East as Arab Spring turned out to be a blood fest.  The genocide of Christians finally called the genocide after years of what he’s done over there. So it’s it’s not pretty from that standpoint.  

But talking pro-life stuff. I mean you look at the pro-life picks that Trump has put in and even in significant places.  

Even the head of Office of Management and Budget. His Budget Office Head is a guy that was in Congress who voted to defund Planned Parenthood. As you go down the list of his cabinet picks.  You can go through folks like Rick Perry.  You can go through all of these other folks whether it be Ben Carson.  Or whether you want to go down to Betsy Devos. I mean just go through name after name. Tom Price who’s over HHS.  Jeff Sessions who’s now the attorney general.  The EPA administrator Scott Pruitt. Are you kidding me? The attorney general Oklahoma one of the strongest voices for pro-life religious, liberty stuff.

I mean just great picks. Really really good stuff.

I Didn”€™t Expect It to Be This Good.


Well, and we’ve talked about it before on the on these picks.  It’s like you know, we were hoping for some good ones. We knew we would”€™ve gotten more good ones than we would”€™ve gotten with Hillary. But I don’t think we ever expected it to be this good. I didn’t. Maybe ya”€™ll did.  But I did not expect it to be this good.


I hoped, but I didn’t expect. Hope springs eternal.  I was hoping and man this is surpassed even what my hopes were.


That’s good stuff . Alright Tim, you’re up with some good news.

We’ll take a quick break. When we come back Tim Barton with some good news here on WallBuilders Live.

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Deterrent To Crime


This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. Crime is one of America’s most serious problems today.  Its effects reach not only the direct victims of violence but even those who have not been attacked.

The concern for crime has not been limited to this century, however. Our Founding Fathers were also concerned about it. Yet the effects of crime unquestionably were much less in their generation.

So what was their deterrent to crime? Signer of the Constitution James McHenry answered that question. He explained, “€œThe Holy Scriptures can alone secure to society order and peace. In vain without the Bible, we increased penal laws and draw protections around our institutions. Bibles are strong defenses.  Where they abound men cannot pursue wicked courses.”€ Founding Father James McHenry believed that widely teaching the Bible was the best means to deter crime.

For more information on God’s hand in American history contact WallBuilders at 1 800 8 REBUILD

More Good News Than We Can Cover Since The Election


Welcome back.  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live.  Good News Friday today. We’re getting good news from David and Tim Barton. More good news on our website at

But right now, Tim Barton is diving into his stack.  How long have you been collecting these stacks anyway guys? You’ve got got stuff going back a year sometimes.  We haven’t been able to share yet.


Yeah. The stag is bigger and bigger, session to session. We cover what we can.  But the stuff that comes in there is so much good news out there but it just doesn’t go through mainstream media.


By the way, I will point out that prior to November.  Maybe like November 8th area, we didn’t have quite the stack of good news. Now it just seems almost overwhelming.  Like I don’t know if we”€™re ever going to get through all that good news we have it going forward.


And that’s just a couple months since the election happened.

64% Of Women Said They Felt Coerced To Abort


Hopefully, we don’t ever get through all that good news.  Because there continues to be so much good news. But really our pile is increasing at a very rapid rate. And so there’s so much good news going on and certainly in the last couple months.  A lot of very positive things are happening.

But backing up a little bit before even the election.  This is something coming out of Michigan.  We didn’t have time to cover it until right now. But the governor of Michigan signed a pro-life bill to stop coercing women into having abortions. And here’s kind of the background of it.  64 % of women in a survey said that they felt pressure or coerced by a partner or by a parent to have an abortion.

Bills Passed Against Abortion Coercion

This bill says you can’t force someone to have an abortion.  If you do that it’s illegal. There are fines and different penalties associated. The fine is $10,000 but different penalties associated with it.

Well, in the midst of this this is one of the things also that victims of sex trafficking report that their abusers would generally take them to have abortions if they got pregnant. So this is certainly something that can nip a lot of these abortions.  Stop them.  Because there is so much coercion happening when a boyfriend or an abuser or the pimp or the whoever the sex trafficker might be is there forcing someone to have an abortion.

It really does stop a lot of the potential for many of the abortions that are taking place.  Obviously, we want to see all abortion done away with it if at all possible. And that’s our goal and intention.  So many of the people that we elect, we want to see that.

But this is a really positive step in direction for Michigan. And they already have several pro-life things going on in Michigan. So they’ve already taken steps in other directions. But now they are penalizing people that would try to coerce someone into having an abortion. So this is good news coming out of Michigan.


And that’s not necessarily a strong Republican state. That’s kind of one of those tossup states. So you got a legislator and a governor here that’s taking a pro-life position.


This is a state that Trump won that nobody thought he would win.  I mean that kind of tells you where it was politically. And so this is good news coming out of Michigan.  The fact that they, like many other states, are becoming slowly more pro-life and proactive pro-life.

Heartbeat Bill To Stop Abortions After The Baby Has A Heartbeat


Let me throw in one more too, guys.  When we’re talking about this life issue.  Right before Christmas, Ohio legislature, they had session going on.  Part of one of the things they were doing is they were passing legislation.  It was a bill banning late term abortions after 20 weeks.

So several states have already gone this direction. Some states have done the Heartbeat Bill.  Then you have federal judges try to strike it down.  I assume at some point that will be heard before the Supreme Court. I think actually this next summer. There’s potential that case could go to Supreme Court.  

This bill that three states that I know of that did these heartbeat measures.  Once there’s a heartbeat that you cannot abort that baby anymore.  And federal judge said, “€œWait a second you can’t restrict it that much.”€ But there are states going that far.

Well, Ohio has now joined the many states that are saying after 20 weeks you can’t do an abortion. And so this is something that came right before Christmas in this late session they were having.  So very positive news. Again with this abortion front where the pro-life section or sector is winning these great victories going forward. So really good news coming out of Ohio for the life issue.


We’re pretty much coast to coast and north to south on the pro-life thing over the last few weeks. It’s coming out everywhere.

Broadway Rockettes Nativity Scene


I’ve got some good news for you coming out of Macy’s. Tim, you went to Broadway not long ago before Christmas.  While you were at Broadway, you went to see the Rockettes.   I’ve always wanted to see the Rockettes Christmas show on Broadway. But what you told me was pretty amazing.


Their Christmas show was really incredible. But one of my wife’s and my favorite parts was about the last 15 or 20 minutes. They did a Broadway living nativity.  Totally unexpected.

I mean there was no indication they were going to do anything related to the birth of the Savior of the world, Jesus. And then all of a sudden the show took this turn.  

There were these two boys talking to Santa.  They were reading by the fireplace at night on Christmas Eve and reading from Luke chapter 2.  You didn’t know what they were going to do.  But they started reading from Luke Chapter 2.

As they’re reading, the stage opens up.  Here come these camels and the donkey and the wise men, the shepherds.  I mean it was just absolutely incredible. The last 15 minutes or so was nothing but a living nativity there on Broadway at the Rockettes.  Just so fun to see. Unapologetically.


Wait this wasn”€™t at your church? This wasn”€™t at your church play?  You”€™re sure? This was New York?  This was Broadway?


I will tell you.  Yes, this was on Broadway. It”€™s just one of the most impressive things because it”€™s Broadway.  That the three wise men had their entourage with them.  The costumes they were wearing were so a immaculate. I mean just the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen. Really, really incredible right there on Broadway. It was so fun to see that even someone up there. Broadway was taking time to point to the reason for the season.  They did it right there on stage. Really incredible.

Baby Jesus Was There


Did they even have baby Jesus there or did they leave him out?


Nope, nope!  Jesus was in fact, there!




I say that.  I don’t know if it was a doll or if it’s a real baby.  There wasn”€™t crying involved.


But they were pointing to the Christ.


However.  Yes. Joseph and Mary up there with a baby.  And they’re reading Luke Chapter 2 which is the Christmas story. It was so fun.


That is so cool!

Macy”€™s Stepping Up With Christmas And Life Issues


Somewhat related that is I was really thrilled to see during the season that Macy’s was running Christmas ads, not holiday ads.  I thought, “€œGood for Macy’s.”€ You know?  What a way for them to step up. Listen to this. Macy’s has now announced they will no longer donate to Planned Parenthood anymore.

So I mean Macy’s is really stepping out in some really positive directions. They may get my business.  I haven’t been a Macy’s fan.  But I may start being just to reward them for doing good things with both with Christmas and with life issues.


Good stuff. Thanks for all the good news, guys.  Appreciate you all compiling all that and sharing it with us.  Again, there’s more of it on our website a You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.