Finally Impeaching a Judge For Making False Claims About The Constitution: Good News Friday today on WallBuilders Live! Lately, we have more good news than we’ve had time to share, which is good news in itself! Tune in now to hear about just some of the good things that have been happening in our country recently. In this episode, we discuss things such as, what POM is, what’s happening with Planned Parenthood, impeachment, and so much more on today’s episode!

Air Date: 03/17/2017

Guests: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton

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Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture.  This is WallBuilders Live! Thanks for joining us today where we”€™re talking about these hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always looking at it from Biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton, America’s premiere historian, and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton national speaker, pastor, and president and CEO of WallBuilders. And my name’s Rick Green. I’m a former Texas state rep.

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David, Tim, it’s Friday.  That means we get to do Good News Friday today. Last time we did Good News Friday you couldn’t even get close to the to the stacks. So, I’m sure you got some holdovers from the last few weeks. But looking forward to what you got.

More Good News Than We’ve Have Time To Share


Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is we have tons of good news. The bad news is there’s no way we’re getting through our stack because it’s grown exponentially. Which is a really good problem.  I don’t know if even problem is the right word for that. Astounding, when you consider over the last 4-8years how we were picking through news and being very aware and attentive thinking, “€œOk, let’s talk about this on Good News Friday.”€

There were times we were really looking for good things to talk about because we always want to do that on Fridays, talk about good things going on in the nation. Well, now we’re not even trying to find them and our list is just growing almost out of control.


You look at this list growing and you would think it was federal regulations or under Obama. It’s proliferating, that right. It’s like rabbits in here, good news popping everywhere.


It is! Now the challenge is, we want to be relevant.  We want to tell you the latest, greatest things that are going on, but we can’t even cover the latest, greatest things. Then that means in three weeks from now we still have things from three weeks ago we haven’t told.

Now it’s, “€œDo we still want to cover this? It”€™s still good news and people need to know what happened.”€ There’s just so much going on. So we have a lot of good news for the day. So, the good, bad aspect of this is that there’s a great news.  We won’t cover it all.

I don’t know how long it would take us, at the rate Trump is going, we will never cover all this good news.  But, we are going to try to cover as much as we can today, nonetheless.


Well, I’m glad he’s moving fast. I’m glad it’s not just the presidency and some of the things they’re doing from there. But good news from across the country actually. It’s motivated a lot of people at the local level to take action and to stand firm for truth.

It’s almost like, “€œHey, maybe we’ll get to that point Wilberforce wanted in England where he said they wanted to make “€˜being good fashionable again.'”€ So maybe truth and the American idea of justice and values will be fashionable again because people are seeing that we’re being led from the top back into that direction.


That’s a great point.  One thing that we certainly are seeing become fashionable again is people that are willing to stand up, are willing to not be politically correct, that are willing to confront mainstream media and say, “€œThat’s not right and here’s the real story,”€ and confront on behalf of truth.

So, there are things that are already becoming fashionable, which is quite astounding. Hopefully, we will see that that trend continue. But we’ve already seen some really positive things. Anyway, I want to go to my dad so he can kick it off with the first good news story of this Friday.

The Perception Of Majority


I’ve got some good news. I’m going to speculate on it for a little bit because I’ve already seen the news.  So I can draw some conclusions before I tell everybody else. It deals with what’s called, “€œPOM.”€ one of our good friends does communication strategy and talks about POM.

Which means, Perception Of Majority.  When you can go out and say, “€œI represent the mainstream views of everybody out there.  I’m just part of what everybody else believes.”€ Then people say, “€œOh if that’s mainstream, I’m mainstream too.”€ What happens if you can create a perception of majority, you tend to swing opinion your way.


Such as like the “€œmajority”€ of Americans think that boys should be able to use girls bathroom?




“€œHow dare you oppose and not let boys in. Oh, that’s so narrow and bigoted!”€ That’s the one that we’ve seen and are continuing to see is that that’s that perception of a majority of, “€œIf you oppose this then you’re just this small narrow-minded bigot.”€ When actually the majority of Americans don’t think men should be going into women’s restrooms.


And so that is that POM, that’s perception. When you look at what’s happened now almost two months since the election, you would perceive in the way the media covers and in the way that you see the protests, that the majority of Americans absolutely do not like this administration, what’s happening to an administration, where it’s going.

Until you find out that all of this noise is being created is largely funded by Soros funded groups. As a matter of fact, even as Trump is looking to go toward Great Britain.  Soros has funded protest groups in Great Britain to protest Trump coming there. So it’s like “€œthe whole world”€ is against Trump. Except that doesn’t appear to be what the numbers underneath.

Labeled A Republican

When you look at Trump as a Republican, of course, he’s epitomized as a Republican, and he is. He’s elected by Republicans on the Republican ticket. And you look at that and how far out of step he is and how far out of step Republicans are, and it’s fairly interesting to see what’s happened in the years since Obama, what Obama and Trump both have done to Republicans.

And by the way, Conservatives today, pretty much, their major home is in the Republican Party. And over the last six-eight years the Republican Party has become more and more Conservative. So today if I’m going to be pro-life, going to be traditional values, going to defend the rights of conscience and the First Amendment, if I believe that you should have a right to have a gun to defend yourself, that you should work to get a check and not just get a check from-, and if I believe all that, I am going to be a conservative Republican. That’s where everybody is going to put me.


That’s not to say that all Republicans are conservative or that some conservatives aren’t in some small third party. It”€™s just to say, “€œThat”€™s the vehicle that’s actually getting some things done. That’s the most likely place for a Conservative to be able to further their values.”€


I would even argue, not just further your values, I would argue that’s what most people would label you. So Rick, if I saw you holding those positions I’d say, “€œOh, you’re a conservative Republican.”€




So, even the public perception, that if that”€™s our values then that’s what I would be.


You know, if a media guy interviewed me and said, “€œWhat do you believe?”€

“€œWell, I am pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. I think we should have an increased vetting of Muslims coming in.”€

If I went through all this he”€™d say, “€œSo you’re a conservative Republican?”€ That’s exactly the way that they would label me.

If I put all those positions out on Facebook and said, “€œWhat do you think I am?”€

They would all say, “€œConservative Republican.”€ So, the thing is, that’s the way people see us right now, and there is some basis to that.

Trying To Shut Off Funding For Planned Parenthood

One of the pieces of good news. But it goes toward a bigger point I want to make is that the House voted to overturn the Obama rule that forces states to fund Planned Parenthood.   After the videos came out a number of the states said, “€œWe’re not going to fund this kind of nonsense.”€ And so the states shut off their funding to Planned Parenthood. Then Obama with his pen and his phone issued an executive order telling the states they could not shut off their funding to Planned Parenthood they had to do it.


And this was literally his last couple of days in office. As he’s leaving office he says, “€œOh, by the way, you’re going to fund Planned Parenthood.”€ So this was something out the door that he just is throwing out these executive orders at a whim to get his agenda done. And this is one of those moments.


And by the way, after those videos came out you remember the polling was so high that 70 to 80 percent thought that was bad stuff, that he shouldn’t fund it. A lot of people hadn’t seen the videos. But for those who have seen the videos, it was decisive stuff.

Then nationally the support for the government funding to Planned Parenthood. That was a definite minority. You get the numbers and they’re very clear on the direction.

So, what happened is, when it came time to vote on this in the House, the House voted to overturn that executive order by Obama. Here’s the way the vote went down. The vote was a total of 230 to 188 to overturn Obama’s executive order that ordered states that they cannot decide what to do with the money they receive. That order states that they will spend the money in promoting Planned Parenthood and funding Planned Parenthood, which so many people did not want but you will do it even if you’re a state like Oklahoma or Texas where probably 85 percent of our voters say, “€œNo, we’re not going to do that.”€ Obama said, “€œYou will do it.”€

That kind of an intrusive executive order, the vote was 23o to 188. Now, here’s the interesting part. Only two Republicans did not vote to overturn that rule. Only two Democrats voted to overturn it. So, we’re as much polarized as we have ever been and the nation at this point in time.

I was sitting with the congressional leaders a couple of weeks ago and they were trying to move a pro-life bill through the House and they could not find a single Democrat to co-sponsor a pro-life bill in the House of Representatives. And so it’s as polarized as it’s ever been.

So right now, if I if I’m going to say, “€œI’m conservative.”€ I’m going to get stuck on the Republican label. And that’s the way people see that. Let’s take a break. I’ll tell you where this leads when we come back.


That’s right.  Let’s take a quick break. Stay with us, more good news when we return to WallBuilders Live!

Moment From American History

This is Tim Burton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. Founding Fathers John Adams and Thomas Jefferson originally worked closely together but later became ardent opponents.

This troubled Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration, who knew both of them very well. In the Bible, 2 Corinthians 5:18 tells us that God has given each of us the ministry of reconciliation. Dr. Rush believed this and set out to bring the two back together.

It took a while, but Adams and Jefferson once again became close friends. Looking back on his role in helping bring about this reconciliation Dr. Rush stated, “€œIt will give me pleasure as long as I live to reflect that. I have been in any degree instrumental in effecting this reunion of two souls destined to be dear to each other and motivated with the same dispositions to serve their country, though in different ways.”€

For more information about Dr. Benjamin Rush and his other remarkable achievements go to

Good News For Republican Legislators


Welcome back.  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live.  Good News Friday today. David, you were in the middle of a story but we had taken a quick break. Jump back in, Bro.


So, we’ve got this perception out there, with all the riots, all the protests, and all the things going on overseas, that the nation does not want to move in a more conservative direction and they certainly don’t want to be conservative Republicans.

“€œThey’ve had enough. A Republican is not going to be their president.”€ So all these protests are going on and have been going on. It’s all designed to create doubts in the mind of the people, except it’s really not working that way.

Interesting story here, looks at what has happened to Republicans over the last let’s say eight years since Obama came into office until Trump goes in office and then Trump has already piled onto this.   So what you do is you look back to 2009 when Obama took office the Democrats had control of 27 state legislatures where they controlled the House and the Senate. Do you know how many they have today?




Thirteen. So, they’ve gone from 27 to 13. And when Obama took control, Republicans controlled 14 legislatures. They now control 32 legislatures.   As a matter of fact, out of the out of the 99 chambers that are in the nation, you have 67 of those chambers that now belong to Republicans, that’s the highest number, highest percentage number since the Civil War.

So, you have to go back a ways to have that many Republicans in office. So, also in that period of time, if you look across what happened over the last eight years of Obama, you look at where governors were. When Obama came into office there were 28 Democrat governors. There are now 18 Democratic governors.

Republicans have gone from 22 to 31 governors. You look at the number of state legislative seats. When Obama came into office out of the 7,383 state legislators states, 4,082 belong to Democrats, they have lost 919 state seats.  They’re at 3,163. There’s a major shift.

The Nation Is Shifting To Be More Conservative Again

By the way, a lot of this change also happened in the last election when Trump was elected.  At the time he was elected picked up another five state legislators. So this kind of thing, “€œThe nation doesn’t like where this is all headed right now.”€ I don’t think that’s quite right. It’s been headed this way for at least eight years and we did not see an aberration in this last election.


What do you mean by, “€œThe way the direction of the nation is headed?”€


It’s headed more conservative and more Republican.  At this point in time when you look at the Republican seats, the Republican legislature and where they are, even at the polling.


And Republican is just an example of being more conservative.


Right. It’s not the Republican Party per se, but that’s what people think of when they think of, “€œIf you’re going to be more conservative, you’re going to be Republican.”€


Do you think they’re moving that direction because the Left, the Democrats, took out such radical positions and stood defending selling a baby parts and all the things they’ve done over the last few years? Defending a president that was acting way outside the Constitution. At some point, there was a critical mass in the mindset of the American people saying, “€œEnough is enough.”€


Also, we’ve been going in the wrong direction for a while. You can even go back to Bush and Clinton before him. You can go you can look for a while and see that we haven’t been going necessarily the right direction, especially in the last eight years.

What we’ve done, it’s not just that it wasn’t working, it was failing at an incredible rate. And I think people got tired of failing. So, when Trump is offering this promise of, “€œHey, we can win. We can be successful again.”€ I think it’s and people really it resonates with them, “€œYeah, I want to be successful again. I’m tired of these failing policies. I’m tired of paying more for my health insurance and not being able to keep my doctor. I’m tired of it.”€ You can go down the laundry list.

So, really, it’s an indication that they want to do something different which also means this is something that is heavily on the Republicans. Now that you are in a position of control, you better do something different.  You better not keep up the status quo or they’re going back the other direction.

The Electoral College


I think part of that as well is that they saw it all happen so fast and it come to fruition and they did not like the results that they saw. And so they reacted against  it. I think part of that was even in the election with Trump.

The Democrats love to say, “€œHillary won the popular vote.”€ Ok, let’s take the popular vote for just a minute.  She wins the popular vote with about 62-63 million votes got that? Did you know that in the state of California, New York, and Illinois combined, just those three states there are more than 70 million folks in those states? Those three states alone by themselves could elect her president if you would. And they would say we have a mandate for the nation, with three states, are you kidding me?

Why don”€™t we look at counties? Trump won 82 percent of the counties across the nation. There are thousands of counties. He won 82 percent. He didn’t have to win just a few states.  He won that. So, that’s that’s part of what you see, all over the nation.

That’s what you’re seeing with these legislators switches. This is not just a few states here or there. As a matter of fact, I think that there are only six states left where they have what they call a trifecta where you have a Democrat governor and a Democrat House and Democrats Senate. You’re down to just a tiny handful of any states where people say we like total Democrat leadership. So what you’re seeing is a pretty big pushback on this thing.


I would also point out, that in some of those states they’re having a mass exodus and many of them are coming to Texas, or Florida, or Arizona because they’re recognizing even though Democrats are still in control, those states aren’t successful. So people are wanting to get out of those states. They don’t have a growing population, they have an exodus from those states because again those things do not work.


S0, part of what we’re seeing here, is I think even the LGBT stuff has gone much further than people are comfortable with. Whether it be the conscience case, the case just a couple of weeks ago in Washington State where Barren El Stutzman is told, “€œI don’t care what your religious faith is and I don’t care what the Washington State Constitution says about protecting your conscience we’re not going to do it. You’re going to.  You’re going to participate.”€

And people are saying, “€œNo, we don’t.  We don’t like this coercion stuff that’s going on.”€ And so what we see now is we have had, I think so far, every single federal judge has blocked the transgender stuff of the Obama administration. I don’t think they have won a single federal court case on that yet. And that’s been a huge impetus to try to change stuff.

Transgender Bathrooms


You’re referring to the president’s demand that every school in America allow boys to go in the girls’ bathrooms and showers?


Well, also the interpretation of the new rule that says, “€œOh, by the way, under Obamacare you have to provide protections for transgender people.”€ So they’ve now added all this transgender stuff in.

You’ve seen it in the military now that you have to you have to adequately perform transgender operations and therapy and whatever. I’ll tell you, from the standpoint talk to military guys, they don’t know what to do with that.

If you’re going to be transgender and you’re physically a male but you call yourself female, which barracks do you house in, which shower do you use, what do you do if the others aren’t comfortable with that shower in that arrangement, and how do you handle that?

And then if you get into the sex change operation you’re out of commission essentially for a year with all the therapy that goes on and all the- what do you do with that? And so the military scratches its head. And everyone has kind of said, “€œThis is not a bridge we wanted to cross. We don’t like being shoved over this bridge.”€

Even go to Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas. They had a vote on a transgender ordinance there and the City Council said, “€œWe want to do it.”€ And the people said. “€œEnough of that nonsense.”€ And they put it on the ballot and we only got 80 percent of Texarkana to say, “€œNo to the transgender stuff on the ballot.”€

Now 80%, that’s a massive number. So across the nation, the indication is that people are saying, “€œWe don’t like the direction this is headed, either morally, or economically, or militarily, or immigration, or anything else.”€ And the despite sources, endless amount of money that he puts and defunding these protest and funding protestors across the world to make it look like they have a majority. The numbers simply are not with them.


Going to take a quick break.  Stay with us. More good news when we return on WallBuilders Live!

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The Country Wants Our Values Back


Welcome back.  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live, Good News Friday today. One more segment of good news. But before you guys jump into some more good news items out of your stack, David, just to make sure I’m following part of what you were saying. Was it, look, there’s this effort by Soros in the media to create a perception that most Americans are unhappy with the direction of the country under Trump, under Republicans, and under state legislatures across the country.

But yet when you go to the data their efforts in paying people to protest and all the things they’re doing, the data does not reflect that. The individuals out there in America, based on their voting trends, and based on what they’re saying that they’re for and the polling says the opposite that they’re becoming more conservative that they’re tired of the liberal agenda they’re rejecting the LGBTQ, whatever agenda that’s forcing into the communities. They’re rejecting the Constitution governance. The people actually want to move back towards the Constitution and traditional values.


They want to, and it’s not just that they’re doing it now.  This is a nine-year trend we’re talking about. This thing has been growing and gaining force over the last nine years. And think about how far this agenda would be with the climate of the people and the votes that they have and what they’re doing.  How far would these agenda get if it did not have judges to enforce the agenda?

If you had more people like Neil Gorsuch out there, and if you have the Supreme Court starts pulling back this activism stuff. How far is this agenda going to get, based on the way the people are voting right now? I think there’s good news ahead of us if we can just get the judges under control and the regulatory stuff pulled back, which Congress is trying to do.  I think we really have the prospect for some good stuff looking down the road.


Excellent!  Let’s get a couple more specific good news items.


Speaking of judges, this is something that is really good news from a not a good scenario. I have an article, a month and a half old, that is back to when Trump did his, what became known as, “€œThe immigration ban.”€

It really wasn’t an immigration ban, but when he selected just those couple of Muslim nations where known Muslim terrorists were coming from-


Seven actually.


Right, but perspective, that wasn’t even like what, 10 or 15 percent of all the Muslims population from other nations? It’s not a Muslim ban, but that’s how the media labeled it. What’s interesting about this is, it was that the district judge initially that said, “€œIt is unconstitutional.”€ And then the federal judge upheld it and all that kind of came out of that.

Finally,  impeachment

What’s fun about this article is, it goes back and number one, it points out that this was a district judge that said that was unconstitutional. Now a district judge can only oversee, in theory, his district right?  As part of the district philosophy or district judge-


His district only.


So he said for the entire nation this is unconstitutional. So here’s the cool part of it, is this article points out and highlights it there are members of Congress that are calling for this judge’s impeachment.

Now, why that’s a really incredible thing is, because, Rick, we’ve talked about for years whether via Constitution Alive or on Thursdays and we do Foundation of Freedom or even and go back to the building of the American Heritage Series, so many DVDs we’ve talked about out of control judges.  We’ve written little booklets on it, pamphlets.

This is something that we’ve dealt with for a long time, and the thing that we point out so often is the Constitution encourages impeachment in these situations. But we’ve never been able to get congressional people, congressmen, and senators to say, “€œHey, we should impeach these people.”€

This is the first time, in at least to my knowledge, of my existence is the first time I’ve ever seen Congress saying, “€œWe should impeach this judge for bad behavior.”€ This is a district judge ruling on something that was not in his district. Therefore, they think this is an impeachable offense. That’s really encouraging that you have some congressmen that for the first time, again, at least to my knowledge, you have Congressman calling for the impeachment of a judge who did the wrong thing. That’s really good news.


And it has been a while. David, you’ve talked in the past and taught on how we used to do that so much more often and how congressmen sometimes, when you tell them about impeachment, you tell about removing judges, they’re shocked and go, “€œWait a minute, we can do that?”€

It Was Always Constitutional


Yeah, and it is one of those clear constitutional things we’ve mentioned before. It has six clauses in the Constitution. No single issue in the Constitution gets mentioned often is impeachment.

Yet, we don’t teach on it. We don’t even know what it means. We don’t know how to use it. It”€™s really simple.  If you have a judge that gets political, you take him off the court. He’s not supposed to be political he”€™s supposed to be legal.

And this clearly was a political decision because the other thing about this law that is struck down, we’ve had it for 65 years. We’ve used a president, after president, after president. Tell me what changed in the Constitution in the last 65 years to make this unconstitutional?

Nothing but the opinion of this judge. That’s it. Because it was constitutional under Truman, it was constitutional under Nixon, it was constitutional for Carter, and it was constitutional under Reagan-


Even just a couple of years ago under Obama-


It was still constitutional


I didn’t say anything about it.


Not not a problem until Trump uses it and now it’s unconstitutional. No, that’s a political decision by a judge. Clearly, hands down, slam dunk, decision and Founding Father after Founding Father, including legal commentary, after legal commentary, said, “€œIf a judge gets political.”€- Joseph Story and commentaries on the constitution impeachment is intended for political usurpations.

When a judge thinks he’s a legislator you get him off the bench and let him run for Congress but don’t have him on the bench. And so this is great news. This is another indication of it looks like the nation is starting to trend back a little more conservative right now.Just talking about impeachment is a great indication.


Folks if you want to learn more about impeachment study that particular area for more information David’s got a CD called Five Myths of the Judiciary. It’s a great area to learn about that. There’s also articles on the website or the Constitution Alive course. Thanks for listening today! You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live on Good News Friday!