Sandmann Wins Over Fake News, Naval Corp Allows Concealed Carry On, Drop in Abortion – Good News Friday: Join us this Friday as David and Tim Barton collate good news for us from the United States. Sandmann wins the fight for justice with CNN, the Naval Corp allows for concealed firearms following recent shootings at Naval Air Station, Pensacola. And much more! Tune in to find out more!

Air Date: 01/31/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


My name is Rick green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s constitution coach. We’re thrilled you’re with us today and looking forward to getting into some good news today. This is a Friday. So we get good news from around the nation, sometimes around the world. David and Tim scour all the news and articles out there and bring as much of it as we can get into one program on a Friday.  If you enjoy having an optimistic view on what’s happening, if you enjoy, and I don’t mean a Pollyanna kind of fake we’re excited or fake we feel good about, I’m talking about just realistically looking at things with a providential point of view that recognizes that there’s nothing new under the sun.

And then in the context of history, you can see patterns and cultures and societies and that we, if we just hit them head on, if we look at that constitutional, biblical and historical perspective, we can have an optimistic view. First of all, because our attitude is not determined by what’s happening politically, our joy is based on who we are, not where we are. And we are given so much freedom to participate in improving the process and having the freedom to enjoy this talent of freedom that God has given us, that we should all be optimistic and excited and willing to do our part. And we know if you’re listening to WallBuilders Live, that’s you and we appreciate the opportunity to encourage you a little bit today as we share some of the victories out there and some of the positive things that are happening.

This doesn’t mean we’re ignoring the tough stuff, believe me. We tackle those throughout the week as well. But today’s our day to look at some of those bright spots and we’re going to dive right into those right now. David and Tim, let’s dive into some of that good news.

We’re only, I mean here we are at the end of the first month of the year and already a ton of good news is piling up and I know we had some leftover from last year too that we never got to. So looking forward to today, what’s our first piece of good news, David?

Nick Sandmann Wins Settlement with CNN


I’m going to start with a piece of news that goes back to a story from last year with a Nick Sandmann and the grips is almost a year ago. It was in January, a year ago that in the March for life, the media talked about how these kids from this Catholic school had confronted this Native American guy and they were doing all sorts of bad stuff and said that the portrayal was very negative about these guys. And it turned out that when you saw all the footage, it was exactly the opposite of what the media said.

So Nick Sandmann, who had gone through all the defamation that had gone from the national media criticizing him, and then the school, went through all the troubles they had with having death threats against him and having to shut the school down, etc. Nick Sandmann sued the major national media, so the Washington Post, CNN, I think it was NBC and others as well. And over the last year the courts had been deciding, can you actually Sue the media, don’t they get freedom of press and freedom of speech, etc.

And in case after case, the court has come back and said, yes, this is so egregious, you can Sue. Truth does have relevance and this clearly should have been known by any halfway competent media person. They would have known what the truth was and they deliberately ignored the truth. So as the suits have gone forward, we now have our first settlement. So CNN has now made a settlement with Nick Sandmann. Now Nick was, I think, going for $250 million against CNN.

Clearly the settlement is not that large. It is a secret settlement. We probably will never know unless somebody breaks the agreement, but the agreement is that you don’t talk about it. But nonetheless, what we have is CNN admitting that what they did was wrong in this thing.

So that’s the major part. The fact they made a settlement, they’re acknowledging fault that they did a poor job of reporting, which is what we wanted.

We wanted to see accountability out of this and it was really clear at the time that the media had really abused their powers and they were creating narratives and this is fake news stuff, big time. Well, now there’s been a price to pay for it, which is really good.


Hey, I got to ask you a question David on that, I haven’t read a lot about it. I saw some of the headlines, it didn’t go to trial, right? This was a settlement.


It was a settlement. Right.

The Judge Said That There Was Enough To Move Forward With It


I wonder if they were, I mean, you can imagine that CNN did not want the conversations and the depositions or depositions that would reveal the conversations of their news teams and the bias that would be shown through those kinds of, I bet that had a lot to do with this, that they didn’t want to be shown just how left-wing and agenda oriented that they are. I’m speculating, but it makes sense that, you know, they would rather pay whatever this lump sum was than have this lawsuit get into those private conversations in their newsrooms.


I think that’s a part of it, Rick. But I think there’s more than that. And I think it is, it would not have been just in their newsrooms and not just the depositions, but this thing, when it originally was going, the judge originally ruled against Sandmann, said, “€œYou can’t sue these guys”€. And then they came back and said, well look, here’s what they said on the footage. Here’s what the actual footage was and listen to what they said and look at what they looked at and look, and the Judge reversed himself and said, Oh, you’re right, there is enough here to move forward with it.


So it was so obvious, “€œWe got this so wrong, there’s no way we’re going to win this. We better settle”€.

It Would Not Have Looked Good If It Had Gone To Depositions


Yeah. And when that judge came back with that ruling reversed himself after they showed him the evidence they had, and that’s without depositions, that’s just on his face cursory stuff. That was so clear and so obviously said, “€œOh yeah, got it. You can move forward with this”€.

So I think had it gone to depositions, had to gotten into the newsroom, had gotten into all the conversations that it would not have looked good.

And as it is, as CNN obviously didn’t cover the fact that they made a settlement on this. And most of the other major news sources that have been sued also are not mentioning that this has really happened. I mean they are kind of silent on it, you can imagine why, because they made the same kind of claims as CNN did.

And they’re in the same kind of lawsuits. And if CNN settled, guess what that says, they’re probably going to have to do so. There hasn’t been just much coverage on this except the kind of maybe in conservative circles. But nonetheless, it is a major victory.

This Could Have Reverberations To Get Reporters And The Left-Wing Media To Be More Careful In What They Do


It is. And David, if you don’t mind me pointing this out, I mean when you say the judge, you know, let this go forward. Some people may be thinking, well yeah, but we let trials go forward in an easy way. Actually when it comes to these kinds of defamation type suits, unfortunately, they throw them out more often than they let them go through. And David, you’ve been through one of these, I’ve been through one of these where people said false things about us and we had to go after them. And it’s hard to get it to go forward.

Now we both succeeded and kind of the same way as what happened here. We got settlements and they admitted they were wrong. But people need to understand this is a bigger victory than maybe it even sounds like because typically, as you said at the beginning of the segment, we lean on the side of free press and free speech and people can say what they want, but when it’s truly false and it’s egregious and it harms people, we should be taking people to court and making it right. And this hopefully, this could have reverberations to get reporters and the left-wing media to be more careful in what they do.


Well, it should. And Rick, to amplify what you said about the fact that this is not an easy process. When we brought the defamation suit, we did, even to get the defamation suit going, we had to go through the district court, we had to go through the court of appeals and we had to win at the state Supreme Court.

So even in order for us to start the case, we had to go through all state levels of courts to just start the case. We had to win three or four decisions before we could even get to the case to eventually win it. So you’re right, it’s not an easy thing to file a lawsuit on defamation or anything that deals with free speech, free press because there’s so much latitude there. But nonetheless there was enough clarity of evidence and even CNN apparently recognize it to the degree that they did not want this going public and coming out.

It Is Accountability 

So it is a sealed opinion, but again, it is accountability and I guarantee you this is a shot across the bowel. And while many other media networks did not report the story, they are fully cognizant and aware of it and they’ve probably had their internal meetings with their staff saying, okay, editors, okay reporters, okay journalists, let’s be aware of this. And so you may see a little bit more responsible stuff. But I think if Sandmann wins some of these other suits he”€™s still got in the pipeline right now that you probably will see a whole lot more occur as the result.


Good victory. Hi guys, quick break. We’ve got a lot of good news to get to today. Stay with us folks. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

A Moment From American History


This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. Alexia Tocqueville, a political official from France, travelled to the United States in 1831 and pin his observations in the now famous book “€œDemocracy in America”€. Being from France, what he found in America was completely unexpected to him. He reported, “€œUpon my arrival in the United States, the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention. And the longer I stayed there, the more I perceived the great political consequences resulting from this. In France, I had almost always seen the spirit of religion and the spirit of freedom marching in opposite directions, but in America, I found that they were intimately united and that they reigned in common over the same country”€. Then Tocqueville recognized that it was biblical Christianity and the morals it produced that made America great. For more information about Alexia Tocqueville and the positive influence of Christianity in early America, go to


We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. It’s good news Friday. That’s the day of the week that we catch up on good news from across the country and around the world. David and Tim had been compiling these stories. Some of them we”€™re catching up from a month or two ago because there’s just been too much good news to get in on all our Friday programs. So what’s next for our good news today? Tim Barton.

Marine Corps Authorizes Concealed Carry On Bases Following Recent Shootings


All right guys. This one comes from the Marine Corps and the headline says the Marine Corps authorizes concealed carry on bases following recent shootings. And this is something as guys who have long supported the military, we have friends in the military, we have family in the military, and we have talked often about how silly it is that the very people who are trained with weapons to defend Americans who go around the world using weapons to help liberate other people, other nations, when they get home, we say you’re not allowed to have any weapons on the base.

And that’s why when you do see some of these shootings on military bases, it’s because all somebody has to do was get through the front gate with a weapon somewhere in their vehicle on their person, which is very doable. And then once they get inside the base, the bases are gun-free zones with the exception of the military police, but there are very limited places where military police are and in response to one of the recent shootings, absolute kudos to the Marine Corps when they came out and said, no, we’re going to let our trained warriors who know how to carry guns, we’re going to let them have their personal guns, not their military-issued firearms, but if they have a personal gun, if they have a concealed handgun license, we’re going to recognize that on Marine bases.

This Seems Like Almost A No-Brainer Move

And guys, this seems like almost a no brainer move. I know some people who are anti-guns think, “€œWait a second, you’re giving guns to people and right, how many of these guys have PTSD, etc.?”€ I understand why people would have hesitations on some level with thinking, “€œHey, let’s check the mental stability of these guys and are we sure? And you can’t just give this blanket to everybody”€.

But at the end of the day, what we know is, the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And what the Marine Corps has just done is said, we are going to let our good guys have guns.

So if a situation where we saw just back in December where there was somebody from the Saudi air force who was at one of these Naval air stations open fire and shoots several people. In this situation, the Marines, many of them would have access now to their personal firearm. And if something crazy happened again, what it does is it minimize the amount of casualties.

Because even though somebody might get off the force of taking shots before you hear something, if you have guns, it’s similar to what happened in the church in Texas also in December where a shooter comes in and he’s going to open fire. But because there were people in the church who were armed, who were trained, who are ready to defend themselves and the other congregants, the terrorist who went to the church was not able to do as much damage because there were good guys there with guns to stop the bad guys with guns. And this is what the Marines have now allowed their different individuals to now be able to do.

That Was All From People Right There Defending Themselves


So to kind of take the Texas church situation, what you had was you didn’t have MPs around the church waiting for something to happen like you have a military base. What happened was all internal and within six seconds, the shooter was down. Not only by someone who had concealed carry, but it was also amazing. I’ve heard many comments on how many other people pulled their concealed carry out when the shooting started. He took down two and he was third. So there were three casualties as a result. But that was all from people right there defending themselves.

And what happened in the Base that I found so interesting, and this is part of why the change occurred through the Marine Corps particularly because they had two of these shootings fairly close together. You have 180 rounds fired at Pensacola over an eight-minute period and nobody returned fire for almost eight minutes because they’re not allowed to carry guns. And so I’m amazed”€¦


Because there’s nobody there with a gun.


That’s right.

Let’s Just Make Sure All The Good Guys Have Guns


Had there been people who were allowed to have their guns, certainly this would’ve been”€¦ One of the things that we know about military personnel. We, again having friends and family in the military and especially Marines, is, they absolutely are willing to step in the line of fire to protect other people.

But in this situation, if you have no weapon to defend yourself or to stop the bad guy, then you are in a helpless situation. And that’s why as you’re mentioning for roughly eight minutes, this shooter went unchecked at this military base because the good guys with guns were not in a location to stop the bad guy with a gun. And so the suggested solution is, well, let’s just make sure all the good guys have guns and then if there is a bad guy, they can take the bad guy out.

It’s Also Resulted In Better Vetting That May Stop Some More Of These Types Of Incidents From Happening


And with relation to the shooting that happened on that base at Pensacola, it was a Saudi national who was being trained at flight school, but they’ve gone back and looked to see, well, where else might we have missed our vetting on foreign nationals coming in.

And now they have deported more than 20 more additional Saudis that we’re in for military training because they check their social media and found all these terroristic kind of statements and threats and etc. plus the fact that they were accessing child porn.

And so this has actually helped on another level and that it is helping remove some potential threats as well. So the loss of life was tragic, but it’s resulted in a policy change that should save lives. It’s also resulted in some better vetting that may stop some more of these type of incidents from happening and that’s good news.

You’ve Got To Have A Trained Good Guy With A Gun


You know, you guys mentioned it was eight minutes. I mean, just imagine the terror there and you know, we’ve seen that with the Walmart situation in El Paso. It was, you know, a long time that this guy was able to go out by Island, kill people.

So, Tim, you’re right. I mean, you got to have the good guy with a gun and you know, we’ve started saying, it’s not only, you know, to stop a bad guy with a gun, you got to have a good guy with a gun, you’ve got to have a trained good guy with a gun. And then that church in Texas, that’s what happened with the leader of that security team being able to end that in 3.6 seconds. I mean, it was a short period of time.

Get Trained At Front Sight

And we just want to encourage people, get trained, come out. Tim and I go to the Front Sight as often as we can and get trained. Their whole training is about being able to end a gun fight in 1.5 seconds before there’s carnage other than the bad guy. So you need to do that.

Get trained and come enjoy some good fellowship with us. Guys, we’re going to take a quick break. We got a lot more good news coming at you. And if we don’t get enough good news your weight today, go to the website, Click on the archives section. We’ve got tons of good news programs in there. They will encourage you and let you hear how there’s victories across the country because the people just like you getting involved, stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Courageous Leaders Collection


Hi friends, this is Tim Barton of WallBuilders. This is the time when most Americans don’t know much about American history or even Hebrews of the faith. And I know oftentimes where parents were trying to find good content for our kids to read. And if you remember back to the Bible, the book of Hebrews, it has a faith hall of fame where they outlined the leaders of faith that had gone before them.

Well, this is something that as Americans, we really want to go back and outline some of these heroes, not just of American history, but heroes of Christianity and our faith as well. I want to let you know about some biographical sketches we have available on our website.

One is called the courageous leaders collection, and this collection includes people like Abigail Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Francis Scott Key, George Washington Carver, Susanna Wesley, even the Wright Brothers. And there’s a second collection called heroes of history. And this collection you’ll read about people like Benjamin Franklin or Christopher Columbus, Daniel Boone, George Washington, Harriet Tubman. Friends, the list goes on and on. This is a great collection for your young person to have and read. And it’s a providential view of American and Christian history. This is available at


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on good news Friday. We got a little bit of time left. Hopefully, get two more pieces of good news thrown your way. And David’s got the first one.


Well, you can hear it from the music that it is Christmas and this is a look back for a few weeks ago now.


Wait a second, I think our producer is confused and playing Christmas music here at the end of January and forgot to put all of that off because I know you do Christmas early. Like we usually start in July with Christmas.


No, no, no”€¦ I still, I already got my Christmas tree lit and I’m keeping it lit for next year. I’m on at every night.


It’s not that you already have it lit, it’s that it’s been lit for several years and it hasn”€™t come down.


I think, and Tim, that was a blessing for you growing up. You didn’t have to go hang the Christmas lights every year. Your dad just said, Hey, leave him up forever.


And it made it easy to find our house in the night.

Nativity Scene at the Capitol in North Dakota


We are the only house with Christmas lights in April and October. Yeah, so it is really simple. But this goes to a North Dakota. In North Dakota, this is the first time in modern history, the first time that anybody recalls where they actually had a Nativity scene at the Capitol in North Dakota.

So in Bismarck, they put up a nativity scene this year and you know, there’s all the objections, etc. But we’re winning these cases now that we weren’t able to win 10, 15 years ago. And so it was really cool. They had a Catholic priest actually do a blessing there. There were some state officials there for the lighting of the nativity scene. So cool thing for North Dakota.

Jeopardy Question Sparks Debate About Bethelehem

One other thing kind of related to, I don’t know if you can say Christmas, I guess we would because it relates to Bethlehem and Bethlehem, of course, is where Jesus was born. That’s also the hometown of King David. But in the context of this story, it deals with Christmas and it deals with the game show Jeopardy. Now the game show Jeopardy. I don’t know how long has it been running but I watched that when I was”€¦


At least 30 years.


Probably, at least maybe more than that.


Did you notice I answered correctly too, what is, I answered it right?


That”€™s right. You didn’t make a statement. So for people unfamiliar, it is a game show and they have categories and so one of the categories they had was, where’s that church? And the clue they give with this is built into 300 ADs, the church of the nativity. So you have to ask the question and the answer was given.


What is Israel?


What is Bethlehem?


Well, Bethlehem is part of it. And so the first contestant buzzes in and the answer given back and tested is, “€œWhat is Palestine?”€ And now stroll back, the host looked and said, “€œNo, that’s not right”€. So the second contestant buzzes and says, “€œWhat is Israel?”€ And he says, “€œThat’s right”€. Set off a firestorm. I mean, they got blasted. Palestinians have Bethlehem. It’s not in Israel. No, it’s in Israel. It is in Israel, has been in Israel. Palestine is now kind of operated in that area. That’s one of the Palestinian Hill areas within Israel. Jeopardy knew they were going to take a bidding on this and they took a bidding on it and they still stood berm with the answer. What is Israel? So couldn’t this, the Jeopardy did not cave into the politically correct stuff of the day. And they stood for Israel rather than the Palestinians claiming that they own Israel.


Stay with us folks. We’re going to take one more break and then we’ve got one more piece of good news for you. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute


Hey friends, Rick Green here from WallBuilders Live. What do Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Ben Shapiro, Rick Green, Tim Barton, David Barton, what do all of these folks have in common other than the fact that they’re conservative commentators that defend the constitution and educate America on the constitution? They’re all raving about Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. If you go to my website right now, today @ You can watch the video of Dennis Prager training at Front Sight or Larry Elder training in Front Sight or Tim Barton or myself training out there at Front Sight. It’s an opportunity for you to learn how to defend yourself and your family to make sure that you’re ready and able to do that. It is a fantastic place to train. They train literally 30,000-40,000 people a year and they’re just wonderful to work with and you can go with us. We’re headed back out. We’re going to have a great time out there as the WallBuilders family and if you’re a supporter of WallBuilders, we have an amazing deal for you.

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Check out today to find out the dates and all the specifics and get all of your questions answered. Check out today, but join us on this Front Sight trip for both your constitutional and your handgun defense training.

There Was Only One Abortion Clinic Left In The State Of Missouri

Rick: We’re back on WallBuilders Live last segment of the day and the last piece of good news goes to Tim.

Tim: All right guys, this last one is from Missouri and it comes from the Department of Health and Senior Services of Missouri, which is a little different than I’m used to hearing it said, but it’s Missouri. They’re allowed to do that I guess.

What this deals with is the issue of life and their state specifically abortions and that the numbers coming from the department of health and senior services from 2018, 2019 showed a significant reduction in abortions. The percentage they give is a 78% drop in abortions. And in the state of Missouri, there was only one abortion clinic left, abortion or the abortion pill clinic in Kansas City and a surgical abortion facility in Columbia. So it sounds like two, but there’s only one that is surgical.

So this is what we’ve talked about on so many good news Friday programs where we are seeing significant grounds made in the vast majority of States when it comes to the issue of abortion when States are now recognizing more and more that life is something that needs to be protected. And even though we are in the middle of cultural disarray when it comes to agreeing with what is right and wrong, what is true, what is male, what is female, there’s so much confusion.

There Does Not Seem To Be As Much Confusion In The State When It Comes To The Issue Of Life

One of the things that are still encouraging and refreshing is there does not seem to be as much confusion in the state when it comes to the issue of life. Even though you have a few States like in Virginia, in California and New York where they have embraced very secular positions. This is something that is not the trend in the majority of States. In Missouri, it’s just one of those many examples that we’ve pointed to. We will continue to point to, but guys, really good news. Missouri abortions dropped 78% as the state has only one clinic left that kills babies is the headline of this article. That’s good news.

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Become A Constitution Coach

So a part of being a good citizen is to give of our life, our fortune and our sacred honor. All three of those, our life is our time. Being willing to be a student of freedom to study these things. Even listening today to the program is part of that and we encourage you to study the constitution, to take one of our constitution classes, get constitutional live today. At or sign up to be a constitution coach and actually host a biblical citizenship class in your church or your community.

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