President Trump And The March for Life And More – Tune in to hear about President Trump and the March for Life, a student in Indiana and a baby box, and more on Good News Friday!!

Air Date: 02/28/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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This is WallBuilders Live. Thanks for joining us today at the intersection of faith and the culture, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. And today is Good News Friday, which means we’ll be looking at some good news from across the nation and around the world. We’re here with David Barton. He’s America’s premier historian and our founder of WallBuilders. Tim Barton is with us national speaker and pastor impression of WallBuilders. And my name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach.

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Alright time to dive into some of that good news and David Barton is going to get our first piece of good news for us today. David, go for it, bro.


Well, I’m going to go back to something happen a few weeks ago, Rick at the March for Life. Now, we could say it was really good news for the first time ever in the March for Life and you know, we go with abortion back to Roe v. Wade back in 73. So, we’re talking a lot of Marches for life that happened over decades. But this is the first time the President of the United States has addressed the group live. Other presidents, pro-life presidents have addressed the group through video, etc, which is great, but President Trump actually addressed the group live.

And as part of the program that went on there, the close the program, you had the pastor of McLean Bible Church in Virginia and his Pastor David Platt who gave the closing prayer. And so with hundreds of thousands of people in Washington, DC and it’s amazing to me that you can have a march of hundreds of thousands of people and most of the media ignores something that size in DC, they cover marches much, much smaller if their political philosophy that aligns with the media. But nonetheless, this massive March, the President addressing it first ever in history, pretty solid on most media. But Pastor David Platt prayed there at the end.

And so in giving the closing prayer, it”€™s interesting that he is the guy who did this prayer, because this is a very visible prayer that he did. And by the way, McLean Bible Church is a very significant church in my mind in Virginia. As a church, so many of the conservative and God oriented US Congressman attend. I’ve known McLean Bible Church for literally decades, members of Congress, again, the Bible [inaudible 03:22] this is a church I’d like to go to. It’s been a really solid Bible Church across the years.

And so, this pastor did the closing prayer, which puts him very visibly in front of people. And it’s interesting that for him to do the closing prayer represents an epiphany that he has had recently in his life. Because he is, like so many pastors felt like, well, he shouldn’t really cover those issues and shouldn’t be out front of those issues. And he’s got people in his congregation that have had abortions and whatnot. And so, he just really didn’t think that was the place for pastors to take a position on those public issues and it’s interesting.

This is his quote. He says, “€œThere was a point as a pastor when I just kind of stayed away from abortion, because I think that’s a political issue.”€ But he said, “€œI really got convicted. Far before, it was any kind of political issue, it was a biblical issue that God speaks about really clear about the value of life.”€ And I go, yeah, exactly. Why is it a political issue? Just because today they claim it to be political. If the Bible was written and you have passages back in Deuteronomy, I mean, we’re talking 3,500 years ago when we started having passages protecting unborn life, why is that considered political just because it’s become political in this generation? I mean, if you”€™re going to be a pastor”€¦


Yeah, just because it’s controversial, so, because there’s disagreeing opinions on it in the culture.


Exactly. So, are we going to stop talking about any verse that becomes controversial or that people take except? No. As pastors, as Christians, we stand up for God’s word all the way through. And so, for a pastor of such a prominent church to stand and say, and by the way, he said I had to repent for having been silent. But what’s so cool about him is he’s not just pro-life in speaking out, he’s pro-life in what they do at the church. As he said, we really have a holistic approach.

So, in addition to him speaking out on life because the Bible does that, he’s also pro-adoption. As a matter of fact, he said, he’s adopted three kids. And all these women in his church who have had abortions, they’re walking them through a healing process, again, addressing it holistically. They’re dealing with foster care system. They”€™re dealing with adoption, all these areas. So they’re not just standing back saying, we’ve got to end abortion. They’re saying, we’re pro-life. And that means helping people that are in need. That means that when a woman decides I don’t want to have an abortion, they’re walking through the birth process with her and making sure that kids have care afterwards. And this is a really, really healthy thing for a pastor to do. So, I thought that was really, really good. And again for to be a mega church pastor like that to come out is a great thing. Hopefully, that foreshadows a trend coming. But right on the heels of that I saw the article”€¦


And just that, you know, the whole rally for life was good news. We could do a whole program of all the different angles of it, that was one I didn’t know anything about. So that’s really cool.


Yeah, it is. And right on the heels of that, I saw new polling that”€™s come out from Gallup. And what’s happened is for the recent high and Gallup, this is the highest number they’ve had since 2009. But now, 58% of Americans say they are dissatisfied with the nation’s policies on abortion and they wanted to be more anti-abortion. And what they point is over the last several years, as the democrats particularly have become more rabid on abortion and more, you know, gone really over the edge in so many States. Americans are pushing back and saying, no that’s not right, that’s not a good deal. And it’s interesting that the pushback is not happening within the Democrats, it’s happening within the Independents. The Independent has also been kind of in the middle on the fence are now taking sides. And that’s bad news for Democrats politically, because if they’re going to win the nation and election, they can’t win just with Democrats, they have to convince the Independents, say, you need to be with us and Democrats represent your beliefs.

And so, what’s happened is becoming more polarizing now on the Democrat issue and Democrats becoming more proabortion than ever before with fewer exceptions and abortion through all aspects of life, even after birth and you know, infant born alive, go ahead and kill that. That is not resonating with people in the nation.

And so, it’s interesting that on the heels of the March for Life, and we’re seeing the church stand up, mega pastors stand up and start taking a position. At the same time, we’re seeing the American people saying I don’t like where this is headed. And the stuff I’ve seen over the last three, four or five years is not consistent with my beliefs. So really, a lot of good news on the pro-life front from several areas, not DC looking back on the March for Life, but also nationally with recent Gallup polling.




You know, last thing before we go to break on this one, David, that March for Life and the president being there, you know, and all these positive things that came out of that rally, it’s kind of neat to see that as sort of, I guess, a description or maybe evidence of where we are culturally on the issue itself that a president would be there, you know, that that many people are there. I mean, it’s just, you know, what is it, 40 years now. Are we at 50 years? We’re almost 50 years that the movement has come this far and that we do have the first actual president there. It’s just a positive statement on us moving the right direction on this issue, instead of having”€¦


Well, it’s also an affirmation that we’ve been saying, this is the most pro-life president ever. Now, you know, Washington, Adam, Jefferson, maybe they were pro-life, but that was an issue back then. But since Roe v. Wade, there is no doubt that this is the most pro-life president ever including with Ronald Reagan, including with George W. Bush. I mean, what this President is doing on behalf of life and advocating on behalf of life is unlike any other president. Really is good.


And that’s some very good news. We’re going to take a quick break. We’ll be right back, more good news coming at you here on WallBuilders Live.


This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. While some Christians anticipate the upcoming elections and the opportunity to be involved in civil government, others view election day is no different from any other. Although they cherish their religious liberties, they see no mandate to be involved in government further than to pray. Such individuals need to consider the words of founder John Witherspoon who wisely observed, “€œThere was not a single instance in history in which civil liberty was lost and religious liberty preserved.”€ While it is true that every Christian should at least pray for our government, founder John Hancock noted there was more. He charged. “€œI urge you by all that is dear, by all that is honorable, by all that is sacred, not only that you pray, but also that you act.”€ Therefore, in this year’s elections, in addition to praying, make sure that you vote.

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We”€™re back here on WallBuilders Live, thanks for staying with us. Next piece of good news coming from Tim Barton. Tim. 3


Alright, guys, this was from Indiana and kind of a unique story. We often on Good News Friday talk about pro-life victories and a lot of times it’s legislation has been passed. Even some things from the Trump administration, we’ve seen some very positive things for life, even related to the influence America has had on various nations that we’ve done agreements with or that have been part of the UN. Just we’ve seen a lot of progress made on this life issue. This one is kind of a really different story and really fun.

So, the title “€œIs student mows lawns to buy baby box that just saved a newborn baby girl from infanticide.”€ And as you read the article, what you discover is there was a senior at Columbus North High School up in Indiana, his name was Hunter Ward and graduated 2019. Hunter, my gosh, man, great job, the senior project. What he did was he mowed lawns and collected scrap metal to raise money to buy a baby box and the baby box something that all 50 states in the US have is what’s called Safe Haven laws. Where if there is a girl who is pregnant and she doesn’t know what to do with the child, she doesn’t want to abort it. But she didn’t know how she can care for it. She can surrender that child to a hospital, to a police station, to a fire station. And so the baby box is something that can be put outside of the fire station, outside of a police station, to discreetly, right, it’s what they say that discreetly put the child in so the mother knows the child is in a safe place inside this baby box or a sign alarm.

So, when there’s a baby placed in the box, the sign alarm will go off inside and within 60 seconds of the child being left in that baby box, somebody from the police station or from the hospital, from the fire station can come out and find that baby. And so that there’s not going to be a neglect of care in that time of somebody, you know, leaving it on the baby on the doorsteps and somebody has to find it or whatever else happens to the baby box is a very safe way, a way to keep that baby safe and also at the same time alert authorities or first responders to know what’s going on.

So, Hunter Ward went out and mowed lawns. He collected scrap metal, this a senior project. He raised $10,000 to buy the box and have it installed at a fire station. In the beginning of this year, the very first child was left in that box that he helped raise money help provide, make it happen. And actually, the boxes that are there, these baby boxes, one of the individual responsible for Monica Kelsey, she’s a pro-life advocate, the founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes. She came out after it was discovered that this girl was left and then how this box even existed. So, she came out and thank the mother for leaving the child in this box. Here’s what she said, “€œThis mother love this child and it takes a very special person to want what’s best for the child and know that it’s not her. That’s the ultimate act of selflessness. I’m so thankful she chose a safe places to render her child.”€ And then she points out, right, that so often when parents didn’t want their children, they would leave them outside or at times there have been reports of children being left in trash cans or dumpsters. And so, she points out that this is such a better place for a child, obviously to be left but also that the mother cared.

One of the things that Kelsey pointed out was not in Seymour. She says with the last baby that was surrendered had a two page note with it, stating the mother didn’t know what to do or how she could care for the baby. So, there’s no doubt the mother love the child. And I think, by the whole story is just so interesting and also so cool at the same time that you do have a mother who doesn’t want this child to die, right, recognizes the value of life. But also, we don’t know this scenario, the story. This could be a 14 year old, 15 year old, 25 year old mother, we don’t know, we don’t know what the mother’s story is or what’s going on. But the fact that maybe she recognizes that the situation I’m in would not be good for child and she wanted the child to be cared for, it’s such an incredible option that she didn’t go for abortion, which is so heavily advocated by certain groups and cultures. She said, no, I believe that this life is special enough, sacred enough, I want to protect this life.

And then certainly kudos to Hunter for this incredible senior project. Right, the hours he had to put in mowing and collecting scrap metal which would not be easy to raise this money. And I can only imagine how excited he’s got to be that knowing that this little girl’s life that has been saved that he had a part in helping save this girl’s life and certainly whatever’s involved in her future. So just a really cool story to add to the big stack of pro-life stories in Good News Friday.


We’re going to take a quick break now, guys. We got time for more good news in our final two segments, so stay with us, folks, we’ll be right back with more good news. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back on WallBuilders Live, is Good News Friday today, so we’re trying to get in as much as we can. I don’t think David and Tim have ever gotten to the bottom of the stack. Maybe you haven’t, I just didn’t notice but it just keeps replenishing and I know you have to pick and choose in order for us to squeeze it all in. David, what do you pick for your next piece of good news?


I picked a piece of good news that came from Saudi Arabia. And I’m going to bet that if I gave you all sorts of choices on what’s good news out of Saudi Arabia, you probably wouldn’t get this one. You want to take a shot at Saudi Arabia and see what good news is?


I think our segment would sound like crickets chirping, I would have no idea.


Yeah. Now there there’s good news out of Saudi Arabia over the last several years. I mean, they”€™re cooperate with Israel and the way they have not before. We’ve actually had Saudi officials that have now made visits to Holocaust areas in Europe and they’ve stayed away from that before, you know, Muslims were pretty big in killing Jews and supported that. And we had Muslims in 1948 when Israel was becoming independent says, hey, we as Muslims, we got to finish what Hitler did not finish with the Jews.

So, there’s been some good stuff coming out of Saudi Arabia, but this one, I think, is really cool. And it is that Saudi Arabia has announced that is going to stop funding mosques in foreign countries. Now that’s significant because the Osama bin Laden branch and all this stuff that happened with 911, they came out of mosques that had been funded by the Saudis. And the Saudis had a really radicalized version within Saudi Arabia, not the royal family, but within Saudi Arabia, there was a really radicalized version because they had so much money in Saudi Arabia. They were exporting these Imams and these mosques all over the world. And so much of what happened with al Qaeda and others. It was Saudi philosophy, this strain of Islam that was coming out of Saudi Arabia.

And so now you’re having the Saudis back off and saying, you know, we’re not going to fund mosque in other countries. If they want to fund it, that’s their own gig. And this is really good news, because this means they’re stopping their evangelism, if you will, of that particular strain of Islam that has led to so much terrorism and so many attacks and so many deaths. And so here’s just another indication that in so many ways, the Saudis are starting to moderate and starting to pull back and, you know, while they’re still an Islamic nation, I know this is a small thing. But my gosh, they even allowed women to start driving in Saudi Arabia. You know, we laugh at that joke and say, yeah, that’s but that’s a big deal for the Saudis. I mean, that’s a big deal in Islamic countries.

And so, you just see little things along the way where the Saudis are becoming less radicalized and a little more westernized and a little more tolerant toward others and their cooperation with America and with Israel, of all people. I mean, it’s just pretty amazing to see some of these changes that are happening with Saudi Arabia and they’re all, this is good news globally as a result. Because not funding these radicalized mosque, that’s going to be a big deal.


Has an impact in other nations and ours as well, because of like you’re saying, the type of if we can use that word evangelizing that was taking place, that was pushing more of a certainly a radicalized Islamic perspective and for them to not be pushing that or even investing in that direction of mosques around the world and in the US is good news for us. So good news here on Good News Friday not only from inside the USA, but across the world.

We’ve got one small segment of good news left. Tim Barton will have that last piece of good news when we return, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live, Good News Friday. Our final segment, Tim is going to wrap this up with a good piece of good news, Tim.




Alright, guys, I’m going to try to get two pieces in this last segment if we can make it work. The first thing I want to point to is back in March, there was the woman’s March that this article says that thousands were drawn to the rallies across the country for women’s March. And I’m not really highlighting the women’s March on Good News Friday, although certainly, right, we could talk about the importance of the women’s movement and certainly, I mean, guys, we’re all married, right? We love our wives and we all have daughters and we love our daughters. So, we definitely are pro-women advocates and we support women. In fact, that WallBuilders, we have many more female employees and male employees and blah, blah, blah, whatever. Right? So yes, we support women.

But what I think is interesting is that one of the other marches that happened that didn’t get nearly the same level of coverage was the March for Life. And this didn’t get some level of coverage, because right, first time, you’ve ever had a president involved at that level and then vice president marching and so some very cool things that happened. What’s interesting, though, is just a comparison.

When you look at the Women’s march, because there’s a women’s march in DC and again, all around the country, just like there’s pro-life marches all around the country. This article, and I’m saying they, like this article is highlighting how many thousands of women showed up to March at the rallies. And although it’s true, there were thousands of women that showed up, what I think is the good news is how many more tens of thousands of women showed up for the March for Life.

Certainly, one of the things that oftentimes is said at these women’s marches and the women’s events is there can be some very negative rhetoric when it comes to even the pro-life issue, where sometimes in the women’s movement, you see, hey, it’s my body, it’s my choice, is what the woman says. Right? So, we neglected there’s a human growing inside of that woman that has a separate DNA, etc, etc. Right? So, all the differences we can make for life.

What’s so cool is that in the culture and climate we live in that some of the biggest things we see happen anywhere throughout America in the year are these March for Life events. And so even though you have news articles that highlight the Women’s March, that’s fine, we support women. The fact that the March for Life is what’s drawing the larger numbers, to me, that is a really cool thing and that is a good piece of news. Just kind of contrasting those and how well the March for Life did.

One more thing trying to squeeze this in real quick, Tennessee governor, and this is what the headline says to sign bill protecting funding of faith based adoption agencies. And one of the attacks we’ve seen over recent years, is if you are a faith based agency and you believe that marriage is between a man and woman and you believe in certain sexual boundaries and so, because that’s your religious conviction and faith, if you’re an adoption agency and you say we want to help kids be adopted into families where there is a mother and a father, there was a lot of people advocating, saying they should lose their funding, because that’s discrimination, it’s hateful, it’s big, and etc, even though that is a religious conviction, which is part of what the First Amendment Bill of Rights self-protective religious right of conscience. The good news is Tennessee governor, Governor, Bill Lee is set to sign this bill into law. So just another piece of good news here on Friday.


Well, I love winning we have good news not only right here in America, but all across the world. And that’s part of that promotion of religious liberty across the world. That’s part of why America is a force for good and continues to be a force for good. It is the American story. Unfortunately, though, the opposite of that has been taught on most college campuses across the country and in public schools across the nation. So, we need to counter that.

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