The ProFamily Legislators Conference “€“ Dr Theresa Deisher And Mat Staver, Part 3: Today, we rejoin ProFamily Legislation Conference with Mat Staver and Dr Theresa Deisher in the conclusion of their Q&A session. Stay tuned to find out more!

Air Date: 01/17/2020

Guest: Dr Theresa Deisher And Mat Staver

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s wall builders live and we’re going to have a very quick intro today because we’re headed out to the ProFamily Legislators Conference where we’ll get the conclusion of the presentation from liberty councils Matt Staver and also from Dr Theresa Diesher and today, we’re going to get the Q&A session with the legislators. So let’s pick up right where we left off yesterday. And by the way, if you missed yesterday or the day before, those programs are available right now at But for the moment, let’s head back out to the ProFamily Legislators Conference.

Some Vaccines Are Just Simply Unnecessary


Some vaccines are just simply unnecessary. Hepatitis B can only be translated in one of three ways. This was the litigation we had in New York. They wanted her to be vaccinated in order to go to school with hepatitis B. And they said, if you don’t, they were actually going to send Child Protective Services to go take the daughter. They didn’t know any day whether the CPS would come up to the door. But there’s only three ways to transmit Hep B.

One, you’re born with it. So if you don’t have it after birth, the only other two ways to transmit it are sharing needles, usually intravenous drug use. If you’re not doing intravenous drug use and sharing needles, you don’t have to worry about. The third is sexual contact. If you’re not having promiscuous sexual activity, you’re not going to be at risk for Hep B. But Hep B is one of these mandatory vaccines and HPV. Let me back up. HPV, Human Papilloma Virus is transmitted through sexual contact.

2006, the CDC, Centers for Disease Control began recommending Gardasil, a vaccine for HPV. A number of states began passing mandatory Gardasil. Currently, right now, we have Rhode Island, Virginia and the District of Columbia that still mandate HPV to go to school. And there is no way you can transmit HPV other than through sexual contacts. So you’re actually telling your daughter get this just in case you’d have, you know, it makes no sense to have that as a mandatory vaccine.

The risk of having Chickenpox As A Life-Threatening Condition Or Disease Is Very, Very Minimum

Chickenpox is generally, you know, the risk of having it as a life-threatening condition or disease is very, very minimum. The religious objections, I already mentioned that to injecting a virus into the body, of course, these are basis for objecting to all vaccines. Either the risk, medical risk, some are unnecessary and obviously, your body is the temple of God and or the pro-life for this subset of vaccines.

These are the state laws or let’s talk about some of the state laws. Most states provide medical and religious exemptions to vaccinations. Most states still do that. Less than half of the states, I also add a third category and that is if you have a philosophical objection, you can have a medical reason because your doctor says you’re going to have an adverse reaction to this particular injection. You can have a religious-based reason or you can just simply say, I philosophically don’t want any vaccines, it’s just imposed to it. Less than half of the states, but almost half still allow for that philosophical opt-out.

They Ultimately Try To Limit It

In states that provide for religious exemptions, sometimes, they ultimately try to limit it. It’s unconstitutional to do so, we’ve litigated this to only those individuals who are part of a religious organization or body that has as its belief an objection to vaccines i.e. Christian Scientist or some other church or denomination that has a history of objecting. That is unconstitutional, because that is easy to win that and because that’s preferring one religion over another. That’s inquiring into your religious belief. That’s saying that you can only have religious freedom if your history of the denomination that belonged to believes that way not, whether you believe that way. So some states try to do that in their application, but it’s unconstitutional to limited. If you have a religious objection, it’s for anyone who has a religious objection, whether or not you belong to a body that believes like you do or not, if you have that based upon your religious beliefs.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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Some States Only Permit Opt-Outs For Medical Reasons


California, Maine, Mississippi, New York and West Virginia now only permit opt-outs for medical reasons. Those are very, very limited. You would have to have a doctor’s note to say that you can’t get this specific vaccine because of the adverse reaction that it will cause you in your particular situation. Now, California used to have all three: medical, religious and philosophical. But now they’ve just repealed. West Virginia and Mississippi, they’ve long had this. Believe it or not, Mississippi should have this opportunity to opt-out, but you would think they would. West Virginia, you would think the same thing, but they’ve only limited it to medical. But now what you see is California and Maine coming on board and also New York as well.

Check Out National Vaccine Information Center

A Washington state just repealed its personal exemption for MMR, effective July 28, 2019. These are the states and this is the place you can find that chart. It’s in,

I highly recommend that website, it’s very informational. If you see California, take a look at California on your left there, you see it only has the red syringe, that is with that chart up there, that’s only medical. You see how it had the blue syringe and the orange syringe and now it’s got a circle with a line through it. They used to have all three categories of opt-outs and they just changed their law to repeal religious and philosophical.

An Outbreak Has Sent This Into A Tizzy Panic

Now, why did these states, why is this movement happening in 2019 to limit vaccine opt-outs to only very limited medical objections? It’s because in part of an Orthodox Jewish community in New York that opposes all vaccines and it’s not all the Orthodox, but its particular Orthodox community in New York that had an outbreak measles and that has sent this into a tizzy panic. We’ve got to force everyone to have these vaccines and so now there’s this inertia that you might encounter going into the legislative session in 2020 to ultimately repeal the religious and the philosophical if you have both, but certainly, most states have the religious.

We’re here to provide information to you and also provide legal assistance in any consultation at no cost. That’s what we do. So if you have any other questions.

Thimerosal Is Not The Primary Trigger For Increase In Autism

Respondent 1:

Thank you this isn’t the same city a little different, my brother was a congressman for several years. And he had a grandson at Thanksgiving was fine. An infant, they were required to get multiple vaccines into one shot and at Christmas, it was a different child with autism. Have you ran across and he fought, you know, I learn in some others for years about this thing, they would never admit it, but they changed the compound. They were using mercury as part of the compound to combine those together. Have you read across any of those kind of things going on with that where you’ve discovered that type of thing?


Yeah. So the Thimerosal which is a form of mercury is not the primary trigger for the increase in autism. It was removed in vaccines in some countries back in the 90s and autism continued to rise. That’s not to say that Thimerosal is innocuous and should be in our vaccines. It is clearly associated with Tourette’s, that’s from the Institute of Medicine and if your child has Tourette’s, that’s pretty devastating. The autism rise is absolutely associated with the introduction of the human fetal contaminants. And we have several scientific papers published on that. If you go to our website,, you can read those. And contact us if you’d like any other information.

Research On How Vaccines Interact


I have a question for you. You know, some of the research, if you do like research on this vaccine and this vaccine in silos, you know in a situation like what you’re talking about, you get a bunch of vaccines all at one time, there’s very little research on that, isn’t there in terms of how that would interact, how does that work?


Well, so there isn’t sufficient research on removing all of these suspect vaccines. So when people state that safety studies have been done and vaccines are not associated with autism and the fetal manufactured vaccines are not associated with autism, you know, there’s five that our kids got and they get that Pentacel, the polio-like 2, 4, 6 months of age. So the onset of autism is come down. It’s not because they diagnosed it better, it’s because we’re giving it to our kids earlier. But if they remove MMR, so if they study kids who didn’t get the MMR, right, but they got all the rest and there’s no difference in autism, it means nothing. If you have five smelly fish in your refrigerator and you take one out, your refrigerator still stinks. Right?

So there’s only one good study that was ever done and again the scientists who, you know, talk about it are materially misleading people because it was a study in Japan where they clearly showed that the MMR was not associated with autism, but that’s an animal manufactured MMR. Right?

So and I wrote to Pediatrics, many times to get them to correct that, they refused to do that. So there’s a very strong correlation and scientific basis of the association between the fetal contaminants and autism and that’s not even included in the new-onset chronic diseases which are all autoimmune diseases and autism is an autoimmune disease as well.

The Exemption Process

Respondent 3:

We’ve battled these issues quite a bit. And I’d like to ask a question about the exemption process in states. In Colorado, we had a real problem a couple of years ago because the Health Department wanted to consolidate the exemption process and we have both, you know, all of the exemptions are allowable, but if you chose the personal exemption, the parent was required to sign a sheet that essentially said, I know this is going to kill my kid essentially and compelled speech. And we did get to back off but only by withholding $50 million from their budget until they change their mind. What do you see in other states, is this kind of an active way that they force parents into place?


It’s similar. The states have different ways of dealing with it, but it’s usually done through some level of the department of their state health agency. That ultimately is the arbiter of it. A lot of that is done at the local level with, you get some of this done at the school level. What’s really sad for me to see is some Catholic institutions in their schools, not many, but some have actually implemented some of these mandatory vaccines. And so there’s a lot of education that needs to be done because obviously if they understood the aborted fetal tissue so, I don’t think there’s any way they would do it.


No, they understand it, they don’t care.


They just don’t care. Yeah, that’s too bad, because you know we ought to be setting the example, not following what these other institutions, state institutions are doing. But it’s state-by-state and usually, starts obviously at your local school. They’re going to allow you to come in or not, that’s challenged and it’s usually in a school situation where they want you to get the vaccine in order to stay in school. And a lot of it’s up to those individuals there, but obviously, it can be bumped up if there’s a controversy to the State Department of Health.

Bring A Speaker To Your Area

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Go to the WallBuilders website and bring a speaker to your area.

It Is Illegal For Them To Force A Parent To Sign


Barbara Loe Fisher at the National Vaccine Information Center helps people and she says, it is illegal for them to force a parent to sign that I’m a bad parent anywhere in the United States. And so if anyone is being pushed to do that, they should immediately get help, Because then you start thinking about the nanny state coming to take your children because you didn’t vaccinate them.


Yeah, the also has a place to do complaints or you know, provide information or get information like what you’re just talking about.


Quick comment before our next question. In all of your states, what Kevin was just talking about is vital and you working with those agencies for the implementation of whatever you actually pass on this. When we 20 years ago finally went from just that religious exemption that actually said in the tenets of your faith, it was exactly what you were describing, Matt. But when we finally got conscientious exemption here in Texas, we had to fight tooth and nail with the language, with the agency. So don’t just pass the piece of legislation, you’re going to have to fight your agencies all the way through on this thing.

What Would Happen If Everyone Quit Taking Vaccines?

Respondent 4:

What would happen if everyone quit taking vaccines, you know, parents are scared, you know, that the vaccine is going to hurt their child? So we get more diseases that we didn’t have before, that’s what I hear. Yeah.


Well, you know, a lot of the diseases have been declared eradicated and deaths to measles had gone down to basically zero before the vaccine really came in because of improved medical management. So if we have good nutrition, clean homes and you know, good drinking water and sewage and good medical management, then you’re really your risks are not that great.

And just as an example, by not getting these wild type viruses, we are actually removing from ourselves benefits. So if you got the wild type measles, your lifetime risk of cancer was much lower. So there’s benefits to some of the viruses just that we get from just, you know, survive and getting rid of them and we’ll have stronger immune systems. So I’m not an anti-vaccine, some groups get mad at me when I say that. But again we’re talking about networks and so much on our side, we can’t network because we have like one issue we disagree with and we need to put those beside us and all work together so that we can be effective. And I always say to them, you know, what you have sound science, I’ll support that. I’m not going to stand up and verbally oppose you because they have a sound basis for opposing all vaccinations, but don’t force, you know. So anyway we’re forming strong coalitions now finally.



I’m sorry to keep commentating here, with there”€™s a passion issue for me. Language is important and how you address this in your state as well and what she just said is vital. It make sure that you’re clear. You’re for parental choice, parental rights, the empowerment of parents to be able to choose. We weren’t anti-vaccine, but there were some we wanted to wait on. So just make sure you use that language. This is to give parents the option to not have 72 doses in three years or whatever it is in your particular state and actually have some, you know, parental input into when they get these vaccines. So think through the framing of the issue as you debate this in your legislature.

An Aggressive Form of Guillain-Barre

Respondent 5:

Two questions. What do you think about herd immunity and the other is you haven’t mentioned the flu vaccine, and I don’t know this is anecdotal or not, but I’ve had two acquaintances that got the flu vaccine within days. After getting, they had an aggressive form of Guillain-Barre that if it had not been a pretty sharp doctor, they’d have both died?


It’s definitely caused by the flu, influenza vaccine, Guillian-Barre syndrome. And as far as herd immunity, I’m not a cow living in a crowded, dirty, yucky pen with thousands of other cows, so I actually don’t need herd immunity. And as the mother of a severely compromised child, I kept my child safe by good nutrition, cleaning my house and did not refuse his unvaccinated friends access to him. So we, by being good parents and doing, you know, our jobs and our duties can protect our children. We don’t need herd immunity to do that.

How Do I Find Out Where I Can Get These Animal-Based Products?

Respondent 6:

So as a parent, a grandparent, the only way I’ve ever immune immunized my children is to go to the health department or to my doctor’s office and they just give me whatever they give me. How do I find out where I can get these animal-based products?


We found that most pediatricians will order the alternatives if they ask. Okay? And you need 5 or 10 families who want them and they always find 5 or 10 because they come in 10 packs. And if your pediatrician isn’t willing to get you the alternatives that are available, get another one. Take your business elsewhere.


And there are on your chart, I believe and then also on the NVIC website, there are companies that make certain ones, so that have the alternative. So you can go on those charts and find out this is the vaccine they want to give, is there an alternative to it and find out what company it is and tell them you want that particular one made by this particular company that will have the alternative.


Some states control the vaccines that are purchased and can be used in that state and I would say drive here in one of those states.

Constitution Coach

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These Vaccines Can Affect Animals

Respondent 7:

I’m a senator from Alaska and I’m also a former district business manager from a major pharmaceutical company that I worked with for almost 10 years. So did want to say that I thought your presentation was outstanding, thank you both. From the bottom of my heart, I got on the pharmaceutical industry and worked through using nutrition and any other means. I definitely want to see if we can get some philosophical opt-outs in Alaska. But I also wanted to say that it also these vaccines can affect animals.

My dog died within 48 hours of having the rabies vaccine. So now I have absolutely adamantly will not allow my other dog to get the vaccines and they’ve shown that you know, except the very initial, but they’ve absolutely shown that they pretty much are unnecessary and it’s just to provide the doctor’s protection, but actually, it hurts the animal. So you know, from legal. So anyway, it’s just another aspect and I know children are by far the most important, but animals are also very important and very much affected by vaccines.

You know, cows aren’t allowed to get vaccines made in cow cells because it causes a lot of damage. Yeah.

Watch Your Children Too When They”€™re Newborn


Watch your children too when they”€™re newborn. There are some hospitals that’ll just without even you knowing, they’ll take your little baby down outside of the room, outside of the room, the mom has no idea what’s happening to it and they take it down, get it vaccinated. Brand-new newborn baby, bring it back, you have no idea until you look at what happened while you’re in the hospital. So be careful about what they’re doing, where they’re taking your baby if you want to voice your opinion on this issue.

It’s Stopping The Government Adding Religious Beliefs

Respondent 8:

I’ve got a question. I’m sure on the numbers the religious exemption is probably a very, very low percentage of the exemptions. However, if the government is allowed to come in and take away that exemption, how would we fight back? Because to me, whether I believe it or not, them having the ability to edit our religious beliefs starts with that and if we don’t maintain the backing of this coalition, I mean, how would we protect that even whether it fits us personally or not? To me, it’s stopping the government adding religious beliefs.


You would raise not only the First Amendment, United States Constitution, religious freedom provision of the First Amendment. But also any state provision and any state law that provides a religious freedom, maybe a state Religious Freedom Restoration Act or something else that you might have as a defense. Because what you’re talking about is something that’s invasive, putting something into your body, it’s not telling you, you can’t do this or that, it’s putting something in your body that is very contrary, diametrically opposed to your religious belief, particularly on the aborted fetal tissue cell and so that’s really the avenue of approach.

And unfortunately, that seems like what’s going to have to happen to people in California since they’ve repealed that and then also in New York and some of these other states that are getting on this knee-jerk reaction and there”€™s panic and now wanting to repeal these religious and/or philosophical objection opt-outs.

Are You All Willing To Go To State Legislatures And Testify?


Question for both of you as we close this out. If they are looking for expert testimony as they’re passing legislation because back in my day, 20 years ago, it was my wife and some other moms wheeling around the kids around the capital, that was about as good as we could get back then. Actually, Miss Fisher came in way back then and testified for us with the vaccine information agree. But are you all willing to go to state legislatures and testify?




Yeah and we’ve done quite a bit of that.


Hi friends, that was Matt Staver and Dr Theresa Deisher at the ProFamily Legislators Conference. You can get the entire presentation and QA at our website right now at Click on the archive section for yesterday and the day before, but it’s all available to you right there at the website.

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