Air Date: 07/31/2015

Summary: Hear good news articles from across the nation that you may not have seen in the media! Dr. Kent Hovind shares some good news about his release from prison and his future plans.

Guests: Dr. Kent Hovind

  • WallBuilders | American historical events, founding fathers, historical documents, books, videos, CDs, tapes, David Barton’s speaking schedule.
  • WallBuilders Live Program with Kent Hovind Interview
  • Alabama Supreme Court Halts Illegal Marriages Statewide
  • Alabama Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage Stands Firm
  • Poll: More Americans Oppose Obergefell than Support It
  • In the Wake of Obergefell, Three New Polls Show Reduced Support for Same-Sex Marriage
  • AP Poll: Sharp Divisions After High Court Backs Gay Marriage
  • Overview of Reed v. Town of Gilbert: Pastor Wins Supreme Court Case Against Local Government Trying to Restrict His Church Signs
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