Air Date: 06/26/2015

Summary: Filmmaker John Moore joins us to talk about his new tv program, Chasing American Legends. Hear good news articles from across the nation that you may not have seen in the media!

Guests: John Moore, Filmmaker

  • WallBuilders | American historical events, founding fathers, historical documents, books, videos, CDs, tapes, David Barton’s speaking schedule.
  • Chasing American Legends
  • VICTORY: Harrisonburg Officials Rescind Threat of Criminal Charges Against Local Church Over Its Display of Pro-Life Messages on Private Property
  • The Second-Largest Religion in Each State
  • Christians Drop, ‘Nones’ Soar in New Religion Portrait
  • Survey Fail – Christianity Isn’t Dying: Ed Stetzer
  • VICTORY: In Unanimous Ruling, NJ Supreme Court Strikes Down “Hate Crime” Statute Used to Prosecute State Worker for Joking with Black Co-Worker
  • House Passes Pro-Life Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks
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