Air Date: 03/18/2016

Summary: Hear good news articles from across the nation that you may not have seen in the media!

Guests: David Barton, Tim Barton, and Rick Green

  • WallBuilders | American historical events, founding fathers, historical documents, books, videos, CDs, tapes, David Barton’s speaking schedule.
  • Why Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz think Israel is a Winning Issue against Donald Trump
  • Senate Passes Bill to Protect Parental Rights in Education
  • Maine Governor Stops Bureaucrats from Imposing Transgender Bathroom Rules on Schools
  • Jacksonville Rejects Two Bills to Change Nondiscrimination Policy
  • Palm Bay, FL Protects Religious Freedom, Rejects LGBT Ordinance
  • Florida Police Officer Called about Kids ‘Loudly’ Playing Hoops Joins in Game
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