Taxpayer-Funded Abortion, Prescription Drug Prices, Sean Feucht And More – On Good News Friday: Did you hear how Trump’s executive order will affect prescription drug prices? Will Texas taxpayers have to pay for abortions? Are Nativity Scenes Unconstitutional? What does Sean Feucht believe God is doing in America? Tune in to hear some significant stories you may have missed!

Air Date: 11/27/2020

Guest: Sean Feucht

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


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My name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s constitution coach. And I’m here with David Barton, he’s America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders, also Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. And we are thrilled that you have joined us today. 

We haven’t had a regular kind of Good News Friday in a long time because of the election and just new results every day. But today, we’ll get to have somewhat of a normal Good News Friday and catch up on a lot of those Good News Friday stories we’ve missed over the last few weeks.

Federal Judges

Alright, David, Tim, let’s dive into some of that good news. This is the first regular Good News Friday we’ve had in a while. So I bet you guys have a lot to get caught up in. David, what’s our first piece of good news today?


I tell you, man, we have been covering so much political news and the good news has been building up, not that the political news has not been good news, because much of it has. It as much uncovered by so much of the other news outlets in the nation. But there’s been good news there.

And so one of the first things I want to cover for good news deals with some court decisions that have come down that don’t deal with anything in the election. But as of this week, President Trump has now broken all records in the modern era by having appointed 227 federal Judges. So he has reshaped the federal judiciary. 

And we talked to, for so many conservative constitutional minded Judges, it’s really cool. Well, we just saw that come out in a case in Texas. Texas had been trying for a good while for at least three years to get Planned Parenthood defunded in Texas. There’s no reason Texas should be paying taxpayer funded money for abortions. T

hey used to be what was called the Hyde Amendment at the federal level, the taxpayer money did not go for abortions. And Texas is one that did not want to be paying for abortions out of tax money here in Texas.

And so we’ve not been able to get the state legislators passed that, we tried it budgets. But the lower courts keep striking that down saying no, you got to fund Planned Parenthood. Well, now the Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, which kind of is the Supreme Court for the State of Texas and Louisiana and Mississippi, that’s States in the Fifth Circuit Federal Circuit, that Federal Circuit Court has come back said no, you can defund Planned Parenthood. 

Texas Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Texas is not required to fund abortion services, and they can decide who they want to fund and not fun, and who provides the type of family planning that they want to help promote and Planned Parenthood is not that.

So you now have the Fifth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that has come back and said no longer does Texas taxpayer money have to go to Planned Parenthood. And that’s a really big deal. Again, been trying to do that for years, and here’s one of the things were they getting the right kind of Judges on there. 

Because even from a constitutional standpoint, look, if you want to be pro-abortion, that’s not a federal issue, that is at least a Tenth amendment state issue, and the State should have the right to determine. And so here you got a federal court say no, the State of Texas has the right to determine. And that is a really good decision.


And so and this will only affect Texas, right? Or do you think other States will see that and say, hey, we can do the same thing?


Well, it will affect right now Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. But other circuits will look at this and say, hey, we can do this too. And particularly now that more than half the circuits have turned in a conservative direction because of Trump appointments, I think you’re going to see a lot more states willing to try this, believing that they too will have a shot at getting this upheld and getting this issue back in the hands of their State.


Yeah, very good piece of good news. Tim, what’s the first one on your stack today for our first normal good news in a while?

Prescription-Drug Pricing


Well, this one happened just over the weekend or the end of last week. And President Trump came out and announced that they were changing some of what they do with the price of prescription drugs as far as just legality of what Americans are subject to the way. The Medicare and really so many drug companies work in America is really good kind of dishonest in some ways.

People are getting very wealthy when some of the FDA says that you have to use certain medication, it has to be approved here, even though other nations using medications approved in other places, and then it gets approved here, and then companies jack up the price, and Trump said, look, this is kind of silly.

And there were several facets to what he did in this order that came out. And what Health Secretary Alex Azar pointed out is that for too long, Americans really have to deal with kind of a broken system, and so Trump is just trying to help repair some of the flaws in the system.

But one of the things that, to me was very significant about this aspect was President Trump said that if there are other nations that are using the same medication, and they’re charging less, then America has to match the price, that the cheapest nation that is a developed nation charges for that. And so there’s roughly 50 drugs that are listed, and those 50 drugs are some of the highest expense drugs right now that happen for Medicare.

And so was President Trump saying no, no, we’re not going to let you charge people astronomically just so you can make a bigger profit. That’s dishonest. It’s not just. It’s not fair to them.

And so according to this order, and what Health Secretary Alex Azar points out, is that America is now going to match whatever nation sells it for the cheapest, we have to match the cheapest price of all the nations in developed world, which obviously is very good for people on retirement on Social Security, for elderly, for people that deal with kind of the Medicare, Medicaid industry that that’s where they get their help from. It’s very, very good news.

Trump’s Accomplishments

And so many things that have happened over the last four years have been largely overlooked. And this is something that traditionally, Democrats have argued they’re the ones who do the best caring for the poor, the needy, the elderly.

Well, there’s so many situations where President Trump has done a really good job helping change something in the system, and it’s been overlooked. But this is a really good piece of news that America is working to get in line to not cheat people in need, but to help make their health more affordable for them when it comes to medication.


Can be a huge, huge difference maker in many, many lives, I mean, that that cost of those prescriptions can be outlandish, and for some people, even on the small difference ones, it can be the difference in making ends meet each month. So big, big deal here, and once again, President Trump just negotiating good deals for our country. We’re going to take a quick break, guys, we’ll be right back. We got a lot more good news coming up ahead, folks. There’s more at our website,, go into the archive section, and find some of those Good News Friday programs. We’ll be right back WallBuilders Live.

The American Story

Hey, guys, we want to let you know about a new resource we have at WallBuilders called The American Story. For so many years, people have asked us to do a history book to help tell more of the story that’s just not known or not told today. And we would say very providentially, in the midst of all of the new attacks coming out against America, whether it be from things like the 1619 project that say America is evil and everything in America was built off slavery, which is certainly not true or things like even the Black Lives Matter movement, the organization itself, not out of statement, Black Lives Matter, but the organization that says we’re against everything that America was built on, and this is part of the Marxist ideology. There’s so many things attacking America.

Well, is America worth defending? What is the true story of America? We actually have written and told that story. Starting with Christopher Columbus, going roughly through Abraham Lincoln, we tell the story of America, not as the story of a perfect nation or a perfect people, but the story of how God used these imperfect people and did great things through this nation. It’s a story you want to check out, The American Story.


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live, Good News Friday today, and David will start our second segment. What’s this piece of good news, David?


So Rick, when I did last segment, I started out with the Fifth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, now I am going to the Sixth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. And the Sixth Federal Circuit is one that is over the state of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. Now, Tennessee passed a prolapsed law and the prolife law that they passed in Tennessee, it banned abortions once there was a heartbeat. It’s called a Fetal Heartbeat Bill. And once you detect the heartbeat, then you can’t have an abortion. And I think that’s about eight weeks, I think is what they said, somewhere to six to eight weeks.

Court of Appeals

So in that vicinity, no abortions after that point. Plus, they also put a ban on any abortions based on race, or gender, or Down syndrome. So these have all been issues that have come up in a lot of other states, and they essentially get struck down in every State by every court. Very few make it out and if they make it on, they don’t go to the Court of Appeals.

But Tennessee passed this bill, which is a far reaching antiabortion bill and it went to the federal courts and the Sixth Federal Circuit Court of Appeals said now we’re looking at all of it, but we’ll tell you right now, that we’re upholding the part that says you cannot have an abortion based on race or gender or Down syndrome.

Now, that’s a really big thing. Because we’ve been thinking for, really three or four years, if we could get a Down Syndrome Bill to the Supreme Court, that’s one that is likely to be the basis for being able to overturn Roe v. Wade. If a State wants to say that, hey, these conditions, we don’t think there should be an abortion, that’s what they believe would get John Roberts on the side of moving there. We may not need that anymore with Amy Coney Barrett there. But this is one that they’ve been wanting to pass for a number of years because they thought it would be a way to overturn Roe v. Wade. Well, we may be much past that now.

But the good news is that the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has taken a new direction on this, at least the Sixth Circuit has, and they’ve said no, we’re not going to. If the State wants to ban these type of abortions, the State can ban these type of abortions, and that is constitutional. So that’s really good news on the prolife front,


Alright David, so that’s good news from two different circuit courts so far today. Tim, next piece of good news?

Unconstitutional Nativities


Well, as long as we’re talking about circuit courts, the next piece of good news in my stack comes from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. And the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay on a nativity scene up in Indiana, because there was a lawsuit from the ACLU where they protested.

This was back in 2019. In this town in Indiana, Jackson County, Indiana had a nativity seen, the ACLU came in and said whoa, of all the offensive things you could have done the nativity scene and it’s probably the worst, you have to take that down.

Well, our good buddies over at Liberty Council which Mat Staver is the guy who runs Liberty Council, in front of the program, we’ve had him on many times, Liberty Counsel is representing Jackson County, Indiana in this lawsuit. And the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay saying that until this case is decided, you can go ahead and leave up your nativity scene through the holidays, through Christmas, and whatever is ruled after that will determine the longevity of it.

Now, I feel very good about this nativity things thing up. One of the things that we saw last year with the Bladensburg cross decision was one of the things the US Supreme Court said after that decision, is that we really should shift the impetus of the burden of proof.

It used to be that if you were going to do something religious in public, you had to show and prove it was constitutional before you could do it. And they shifted the burden of proof and said, look, actually, if you’re going to do something religious in public and somebody tries to stop you, they have to prove it’s not constitutional in order to stop you. Well, that’s really good news for showing nativity scene.

Because one of the things that Supreme Court has pointed out is if there’s a long standing tradition and practice of whatever this religious activity is, if it’s historically based and it’s a traditional base thing, then, really, it’s constitutional and totally fine to say, well, in the history of our nation, nativity scene have been around for quite a while. So this is certainly something that we feel very good about what’s going to happen.

Biden Would Work in Reverse

But it’s really good news that you have Judges right now that in the midst of this court case going on, they didn’t say take down that nativity scene until we tell you it’s allowed. What they said is no, no, leave it up until this case has run its course and then if we need to do something different, we’ll do something different. That’s really good news that we’re already seeing the shifting in these courts.

Dad, as you already mentioned, and Rick, you already pointed out, because of what President Trump has done in helping appoint so many and fill so many of these empty seats in these federal courts and Courts of Appeal, it really is making a difference when it comes to not only protecting life or protecting religious liberty but upholding constitutional values, and that’s really good news.


And you know, what’s kind of cool about that, Tim, you know, so far three circuit courts, they’re good news just in one day. You know, this good news, even if we don’t ended up winning the presidency and Joe Biden’s president, the good news from these courts, that’s going to keep coming for a couple of years, maybe even more than a couple of years because of all of those judges that President Trump was able to get appointed.

Now, obviously, Biden’s going to be working to reverse that with his appointments as those openings happen, but just man, I mean, we’re not tired of winning yet, like Trump promised we’d be tired of winning. We’re not tired of winning yet. But I love the fact that the kind of good news you’re sharing right now, that’s winning we’re going to get to keep doing for the next couple years, regardless of who takes the presidency. So very good stuff. Got to take a quick break, we’ll be right back with more good news here on WallBuilders Live.

Biographical Sketches

Hi, friends, this is Tim Barton of WallBuilders. This is a time when most Americans don’t know much about American history or even heroes of the faith. And I know oftentimes for parents, we’re trying to find good content for our kids to read.

And if you remember back to the Bible, to the book of Hebrews, it has the faith Hall of Fame where they outline the leaders of faith that had gone before them. Well, this is something that as Americans, we really want to go back and outline some of these heroes, not just of American history, but heroes of Christianity and our faith as well.

I want to let you know about some biographical sketches we have available on our website. One is called The Courageous Leaders collection. And this collection includes people like Abigail Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Francis Scott Key, George Washington Carver, Susanna Wesley, even the Wright brothers. And there’s a second collection called Heroes of History. In this collection, you’ll read about people like Benjamin Franklin or Christopher Columbus, Daniel Boone, George Washington, Harriet Tubman, friends, the list goes on and on. This is a great collection for your young person to have and read and it’s a providential view of American and Christian history. This is available at That’s


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Kind of special final segment for you on Good News Friday. David, share with us who our special guest is going to be?


I was at a conference speaking recently and I heard a guy speaking at the conference with me, really fun, his name is Sean Feucht. And is really funny to see him, because he’s really long haired, he is very young. But he calls himself a young hippie. Now, out of the three of us, I’m the old guy that remembers what hippies really were. New hippies, being a young hippie, that was just hilarious for me knowing what they were in the old day.

Praise Protests

But he’s out of California, very conservative, who ran for congress there, didn’t make the jungle primary at the final two, very conservative guy. But he’s been really interested in going into a lot of these cities that are to kind of burn it up and burn it down. And a while governors are shutting stuff down and saying you can’t have many together, they haven’t shut down the protest. And he’s been having, I guess you’d kind of call them “Praise protests”, I don’t know what to call, Tim?


Well, yeah, his background was a worship pastor. And so his heart was looking at places where there’s been so much brokenness and hurt and pain and rioting. And he said, those are people who really need God, they need to touch from Jesus. And how can we help them encounter God? How can we help introduce them to God and Jesus?

And reaching in your worship, but recognizing that there’s also a spiritual battle taking place. Man, we want to see God move. And so they go to these places, and they just do these big worship rallies and worship concerts, and certainly, there’s been some pushback, and there’s been some friction, but they are seeing amazing things happen. And that’s part of what he’s going to share.


Alright, guys, here we go. This is Sean Feucht at a conference recently with David Barton.


It’s the season to be a little weird. It’s the season to do stuff different. It’s a season to risk. And so I said, okay, we’re going to gather people on the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow night, this is 24-hours notice, I don’t know if anyone’s going to come. But we’re going to drive down three and a half hours to the Golden Gate Bridge and we’re going to gather worshipers. We’re going to gather in the center of the bridge, and we’re going to prophesied over California.

The Police Showed Up

Called some pastors that I knew that were courageous enough to join me, and we had one little battery powered speaker. We gathered 200 people on the south end of the bridge and 200 on the north end of the bridge. And we marched to the middle of the bridge, and we gathered there in the very middle, and we put that battery powered speaker down.

And, I got my guitar out, and it’s out of tune, and you can’t hear anything, but no one cares. We just started to worship, and the presence of God drops so hard. And what was crazy, you know, the police showed up, because they saw this massive gathering, then they found out we were worshipping.

And by the way, the key word is just say “Worship Protest”, protesting the heavens to come to the earth. And the cops were like, wow, that sounds great. They were like, well, we’ll block off one whole lane of the Golden Gate Bridge. And I said, well, why are you doing that?

And the cop looks at me, he goes, you know, this is San Francisco. I was like, yeah. He’s like, yeah, we don’t want anyone to throw stuff at you or do anything like. He’s like, how long are you going to be? We’ll probably be an hour, two hours. He’s like, alright, we’ll be here. So they block the bridge, we worship.

And we just start declaring crazy things, right? And we just start declaring revival in America. We start declaring that God has opened the western gate of America to a move of revival. And here we are, it’s all kind of pastors, African American pastors, Asian pastors, Hispanic pastors, it was the body of Christ. We’re declaring and we’re prophesying, we’re getting fired up. And then I make the statement. I’m like, there’s a new Jesus people movement coming to America.

The next day, we show up in Huntington Beach, California with some friends of ours. 1,000 people show up on the beach to worship. We have one battery powered speaker. People start running to Jesus. Right? We’re baptizing hundreds in the Pacific Ocean. Then I was like, what is happening? Then we go to San Diego, 5,000 people show up on the beach in San Diego. God’s moving, I’m watching people fill with demonic oppression go down in the water and come out with peace and break through.

A New Jesus People Movement

I get home from that trip, and my pastor Bill Johnson says, hey, I have something for you. I want to give you something. I said. Alright, so he said come over to my house. I came over. He has the 1972 original Life magazine with the Jesus people movement from Dallas, Texas. It was the moment that America realized that there was a movement, Billy Graham showed up in Dallas, Texas and brought validation to this movement.

And so I just remember reading through, looking through the pages, I was just weeping reading the stories, 80,000, 90,000 people gathered in the stadium, hippies that were strung out on acid. And I said, alright. And so I went into my room and I got this guitar which Ricky Skaggs got for me.

1963 Gibson, literally from the Jesus People Movement, this thing, when I first got it, it smelled like a hippie. And I got this guitar and we started traveling across America, and we started to focus in on the cities where violence and unrest and rioting was taking place, places people thought were hopeless.

We went into Portland, the police said don’t come into Portland, we can’t protect everybody. The people are being nice, the police are calling me. The heads of the police, please don’t come, and I said, man, the church is coming. I’m sorry, but the churches come in.

Almost 6,000 people show up in downtown Portland, racial reconciliation, healing, breakthrough and then all of a sudden, we’re asking people to get saved. We’re just preaching the simple gospel and people are running to the altar, like running in this park, in the grass, weeping, sobbing, and then we say who wants to get baptized? Oh, there’s a river right over there. Hundreds of people crest the hill into the river, which is ice cold. I think, we baptized hundreds of people that night.

Visiting Chop

And then we went up to Seattle, because Seattle look pretty rough. Said, let’s go into Chop. These pastors were calling me, don’t want to Chop, man, it’s crazy. It’s dark. It’s hard. There’s no police presence there. There’s Antifa.

And I said, exactly. 2,000 Christians showed up in Chop. And yes, Antifa was there; and yes, Satanists were there; and yes, protesters were there. But when a church shows up with thousands, they tried to kill our generator. They tried to break our equipment. They tried everything. You know what, at one point, I’m standing up there leading worship, and it’s like David and Saul.

You know, it’s like David knew as a worship leader when to keep his eyes open. And thankfully, when Saul flung the spear, David’s eyes were open, and he dodged it in the middle of worship, you know. And we had bodyguards around us, but the church kept worshiping, the church kept worshiping.

And that night we led a Satanist to Jesus. We led protesters to Jesus. We baptize people in Chop. And then we gain this courage, man, if we go into Portland and the church shows up in Seattle, we can go anywhere.

And so here we are 42 cities later, we have a day on October 25th, Washington, DC, we had no idea that every other permit would be canceled that weekend. We had no idea that the National Park Service would give us the mall. We had no idea that it would be in the middle of the nomination of the Supreme Court Justice. I’ve prayed since I was 17 with Lou on the mall, God end abortion and send revival in America.

17 years old, I prayed that prayer. 17, I sobbed, I prayed. I remember I had the life and I prayed. And then years after years, it just got so dark and hopeless. And I lost hope in that prayer.

Reversing Roe

And just four days ago, we gathered 3,000 people in Dallas, Texas, and we marched across the bridge to the steps where Roe v Wade originated. We blocked the whole street up, and we got on our knees, and we repented and we said this is the season where the death decree is going to be reversed. And I have more faith in my heart that God’s going to do it. It’s all lining up for such a time as this.

Enemy tried to silence the church, tried to release this demonic plague, and the Lord says, oh, I got some coming. I’m going to provoke the church with courage and boldness. I’m telling you, people in every city in America are running to Jesus. It is not a self-help gospel. It is not a convenient gospel. It is a fight through the crowd like in Fort Worth, Texas, fighting through the crowd of 7,000 people to run to the front. I’m not here to say a revival is coming, we are in the middle of one. What we’re seeing in America I’ve never seen in my life.

And I want to pray over you tonight that God would fill you with such courage and expectation in the midst of this selection, in the midst of the craziness, in the midst of the anxiety, that God is writing a different story. He has his own narrative and I feel like tonight, he wants to plug us into his narrative to see things from his perspective. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it in Minneapolis.

We were right on the corner where George Floyd died where the rioting. I’ve seen it in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where they burn entire car dealerships. America is ripe for revival. There is not a governor, there is not a senator, there is not a mayor that can hold back the flood of worship and revival that is coming. The greater the resistance, the greater the breakthrough!


That was Sean Feucht, we’ll have a link to that so you can enjoy it and share it with your friends and families, well, actually share this entire program with your friends and family. Maybe get some more Good News Friday programs at our website And as we said at the beginning of the program, that is the place to make that contribution to WallBuilders Live. Invest in freedom by investing in this radio program so we can speak truth to more people across the country.

Sean Feucht And More- On Good News Friday

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