Governor DeSantis Takes On Two Big Issues And More – Governor DeSantis once again stands for freedom and takes on two big issues, David Newquist joins us to also share some good news. Tune in for today’s program.

Air Date: 10/22/2021

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome to the intersection of faith and culture. Thanks for joining us today. We are taking on the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. We’re doing that with David Barton. He’s America’s premier historian and our founder here at WallBuilders. Tim Barton with us, he’s a national speaker and pastor, and president of WallBuilders. And I’m Rick Green, former Texas legislator, and America’s Constitution coach.

The reason we take that biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective is because that’s how you find the right answer to every issue of the day, everything that’s alien, our culture right now, every problem in our society, the answers are in the Bible. And we can learn from history how to properly apply those principles, what works, what doesn’t work. And of course, we need to know our own constitution so that we know how to do this properly in our particular society, our particular culture, with our particular government.

We teach all of that, by the way, in a course called Biblical Citizenship in Modern America. You can get that course at our website right now at, pick up the DVDs, the workbooks. You can also go to and sign up to be a coach and actually host the course in your living room or at your church. And many of you have joined our Monday night classes. We’ve been doing this for about a year. we’ve had a great time with this. People from all over the nation, tens of thousands of people joining us, and we do a live class. We show the videos. And then we do Q&A.

David and Tim, but we have them every once in a while, we have other special guests like Pete Heck Seth and Mark Meckler and all kinds of other folks. By the way, starting November 8th, we’re going to do a new class and instead of doing Biblical Citizenship in Modern America, the typical eight-week class, we’re going to bring in some Foundations of Freedom programs. Now this was a television program that we did with Carol Swain and Michelle Bachman, and others, and we’re going to go through several of those episodes and talk about what the Bible says about the law and about civil justice and competition and all these other things. It’s going to be a really fun Monday night class for six-weeks, starting on November 8th. Check it out at That’s the place to sign up. We would love to have you be a part of that class.

Alright, David, and Tim, let’s dive into that good news. David’s got the first piece of good news today.


Well, I’m going to start with Governor DeSantis. And it’s not unusual that we mentioned his name with good news because he keeps doing stuff to kind of stick in in the eye of those who want to tear down America and tear down the philosophy behind America. And he’s just standing for the stuff that we hope somebody would stand for. And…


I think you could just leave it at Good News Friday today, Governor DeSantis. Okay, next piece of good news. I mean, he’s just become synonymous with good news. So just kind of like one of the joke, his name is a joke. In his case, his name is good news.


It is and people now associate him with that very clearly. So he’s got two more that I’ll throw out here real quickly. One is you may have heard that with all the school board furor that’s going across the country where parents are saying we didn’t know you were teaching that in our schools, we thought that was just in the schools of San Francisco, New York City. You mean you’re doing it in Loudoun County, Virginia, or you’re doing it and wherever it is?

So we’ve seen just story after story of parents finding out what’s in their own schools, the local schools, how liberal the teachers are, even though they were friends and didn’t realize their friends were that liberal or the teachers had gone that progressive or whatever. We’re seeing thousands of school board races in this election, thousands. I’ve never seen this many in my entire life that have been contested, whether recruiting candidates and they’re spending money, I’ve never seen that before.

So what happened was, you had the teachers union asked Biden to put the Justice Department after these parents and call them domestic terrorists. And so the Justice Department announced they’re going to do that. These parents have come to protest a school board meeting, they’re going to be considered domestic terrorist. Well, the DeSantis comes out and said not here. I’ll defend you against that. Anybody that’s going to be called domestic terrorist or get in trouble with the Department of Justice, I’m with you, I’m behind you, and I’ll defend you.

So there’s DeSantis standing up with the limited government, standing up with constitutional rights, just because you disagree with the administration doesn’t mean you don’t have the Constitution. And similarly, he came out on Columbus Day with a proclamation that is pro-Columbus, which that’s really going counterculture as well. Today, everybody’s kind of scared to say anything positive about Columbus. And most of the claims about Columbus are absolutely wrong. And if you doubt that, go to, we got some great articles there on Columbus. There’s a reason he had 600 statues erected to him by previous generations. And this generation knows nothing about why. They think he’s only the worst guy in history. So DeSantis stepping out and taking on two really big issues very boldly, which is good news.


Yeah. And also, let’s just point out that we actually go into detail on some of the story of Columbus beyond the articles on the website, with our book, “The American Story”, which is available also on the WallBuilders website or Amazon or anywhere else, you get books. And what we acknowledge openly is Columbus like everyone who has ever lived was not a perfect person, right? And I’m saying that, obviously Jesus is the exception. I know there’s somebody listening right now he’s like, no, Jesus was perfect. Yes. Okay, granted.

Apart from Jesus, everyone else who’s ever lived on this earth has been imperfect. Columbus wasn’t a perfect person. But nearly everything he’s accused of today is a misrepresentation or a lie based on the historic and known facts, information, and data. And that’s what we do, is just go to the story. He was not a perfect person, but he was an honorable person who is worthy of being celebrated, a little bit like that the notions what we see about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson. People point to a sin or a weakness or something in their life that gets distorted and lied about and they say, oh, see, they weren’t perfect, we shouldn’t celebrate George Washington or Abraham Lincoln… I mean, you pick somebody. Nobody’s perfect.

But the reason that we had so many of these individuals upheld as heroes for so long in American history is because we were able to acknowledge what God did through them that was so special, just like the heroes of the Bible. It’s not that they were so special in and of themselves, but it’s what God did through them that was so special. And that is very much similar to the story of Columbus. So again, “The American Story” is a great book on the WallBuilders website on Amazon, but there’s lots of free articles on the website as well to give you documents and details about the actual story of Columbus.


Yeah. And before we move on to other good news as well on the on the DeSantis front, what he’s done with backing parents on the school board, being able to go speak at school boards and all of those things, what a contrast, right, between what he’s doing in Florida and supporting the parents and Terry McAuliffe in Virginia basically telling parents none of your business, we’ll take care of your children for you.

And I have to say, because I don’t think we’ve had a chance to cover it on the program. The whole Merrick Garland going after parents and school boards, the poster child for this was that dad in Loudon County that got arrested and it turns out, that guy’s daughter was raped in the bathroom by someone that was going into the bathroom, a guy wearing a skirt. So he was using the Joe Biden policy of guys and girls bathrooms to get into that girl’s bathroom, ends up raping this girl in high school, the dad’s obviously upset and wants to talk about it at the school board so you can understand why he would be upset when they covered it up and said they hadn’t had any incidences like that.

Anyway, most people don’t know the other half of that story. Daily Wire did some really good investigative stuff there, and it started getting out. But I just think what a contrast between the Biden administration and Merrick Garland and Terry McAuliffe and these people that are so anti-parents versus someone like Ron DeSantis who is backing up parents and saying parental rights, you guys and gals have absolutely the right not just to speak at those school board meetings, but to influence and dictate the policy that happens for your kids.

So it’s really important for people to know this, as you said, David thousands of people running for school board, everybody can have a voice in this. Doesn’t matter if you homeschool, private school, public school, everybody out there needs to be influencing what happens at those local schools.


You just said something. And I was asked a question this weekend I’ve got a comment on. You said everybody can do this home schools and private schools, whatever. This weekend, I was in a school district where that a parent says I want to be on the curriculum board for the school. And the school said no, you don’t have a student in the school, you can’t be on the curriculum board. Here’s the deal.

If you pay taxes of any kind, you can be on any school committee that exists. If you’re a homeschooler and don’t have a kid in schools; if you’re an older adult, don’t have kids in schools; if you’re a Christian school, don’t have a kid in public schools, you can be on any public school committee that is available for any other citizen,  the courts call that Taxpayer Standing. As long as you’re paying taxes, that gives you access to what goes on in that school.

So if a public school tells you well, you’re 55 and don’t have any kids in school so you can’t be on the curriculum committee or whatever, dead wrong. And don’t hesitate to contact any of the attorneys that we have on, we have the links to all these websites, Liberty Council, and First Liberty, and all these others. That is not true. So don’t be intimidated by public school officials who tell you can’t get involved unless you specifically have a kid in those schools. And that’s not true.

So as long as you are a taxpaying citizen in that district, you have a right to get involved in every single committee. Every single meeting that school has is available for anyone else, you can do it too.


Alright, guys, Tim, I was going to go to you for good news, but we got to take a break. When we come back we’ve actually got a special guest for our Good News Friday, so Tim’s got good news for us, folks, but you got to wait until our final segment of the day to get to it. You’re going to enjoy this interview when we come back with David Newquist. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live on Good News Friday.


This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. As the American war for independence began, the president of Yale was the Reverend Naftali Daggett. When New Haven, the home of Yale came under attack, about 100 citizens rushed out to meet the British, the Reverend Daggett gout by them on horseback, his clerical robes flowing behind him in the wind, and he took up a solitary position atop a hill.

The 2,500 British soon put the townsfolk to flight. But the Reverend Daggett continued to stand alone, firing down on the advancing troops. A British officer confronted him, “What are you doing there, you old fool, if I let you go, will you ever fire again on the troops of His Majesty?” “Nothing more likely” was the preacher’s reply. America’s early pastors personally confronted danger and courageously led their communities.

For more information on Pastor Daggett and other colonial patriots, go to


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. David Newquist is with us and he’s got, get this a “Singable Bible”. Now think about how much easier it’s going to be to teach your kids and for you to actually learn scripture. David, thanks for coming on, man, appreciate you being with us.

David (Guest):

I can’t tell you how grateful I am and honored I am to be on this program. I esteem your ministry and your work so highly. Thank you.


Look, you’re a pastor, you get it, you understand what’s happening in the culture. You know that the whole thing’s falling apart because we’re not studying God’s word, we’re not applying all the answers that are right there in the instruction manual that he gave us. And so you’ve got a new way for us to learn, study, and memorize scripture. is the website. How did you come up with this idea?

David (Guest):

Well, it started almost 50 years ago. When I was a youth pastor, working with young adults, and God got hold of me at age 21 in a powerful way, connecting me with scriptures about David, and he was a warrior, and he was a worshiper. And so I started putting psalms to music way back then, just the attention of incorporating God’s word in my heart. It wasn’t really till maybe 15 years ago I was asked to teach a class, say well, could you teach that in our church?

So the range of was all the way from parents bringing their 4, 5, 6, 8-year-old children to adults as old as 82. And here we were, and I would teach them to sing a chapter and they would memorize the entire chapter. And as I was teaching one day, like the Lord pull back the curtain, and says, I prepared you to take this to the world. This is for the church with a big C. And Colossians 3:16, “Let the word of Christ richly dwell in you, abide in you.” There’s so many scriptures where Jesus talks about if my words abide in you and you abide in me, and my words abide in you, it’s transformative. And there’s no other way to incorporate text of any kind that’s as effective as music.


Yeah, man. I mean, you have professional reasons for knowing why this would work too. You’re an educational psychologist, so you understand the importance of getting into the heart, right?

David (Guest):

So I literally was in the ministry and missionary and pastoral work, educational psychology, so all these areas of understanding and learning and all the different learning forms that we have, along with the heart for the missions and the heart for the church. And in music, there’s this convergence here. And when I started, it was just a little cassette recorder. I just press play, and I didn’t even use my guitar at that time. I just acapella, and the Lord would give me music for the next verse and the next and the next, the next and I just record every day.

In my youth group, they asked me, can I have a copy of that? I didn’t even try to teach it to the youth. They go can we have a copy of that tape? I gave them the take. Turns out later as I’m going back to do my research and write my book on this and start this ministry, I contacted some of my from 35-45 years ago, and they say, oh, yeah, we could still sing that whole book of the Bible, and we can sing those chapters. One guys that I’ve written three other books using your techniques of music and I memorize them all.

Tyndale, you know, the English translation, he gave his life and so many people had lay down so much for the Word of God over the years and the Reformation and all. It was the Gutenberg Bible, that great invention of the printing press, the Word of God was central, and people could read it. I want to humbly say it. But in a way, this is like the new Gutenberg press where we take God’s word. And what he always said he would do with it, he said, I will write it on your hearts. And how do you write God’s Word on your heart? You meditate on it day and night. Says, you know, Psalm 1 and Joshua, these words from you, in your heart and on your lips, you meditate on it day and night.

People think you can’t literally meditate. Oh, yes, you can. Once you’ve seen these chapters, and they’re incorporated into your spirit, you wake up in the middle of night, God’s word is literally playing in your mind in your heart, is transformative. And that’s what it’s supposed to be: God’s word living in us, not us judging the Word. Let my Word judge you, judge me, judge my heart. So yes, that’s a longwinded answer. But I was well prepared for this, not even realizing it until God said green light, it looks like I just woke up. This has been hidden in plain sight for 2000 years from the church. Why all these amazing composers and all, nobody has ever put the whole New Testament to music? I don’t even know. I’m just like David with a slingshot as a little boy with a lunch here, can you feed these people? And then this is just a miracle to me in my own eyes. I go how did this happen? But God is miracle working God.


Well, and you’ve already got something like 50 chapters done, people can listen to a lot of the songs from the Bible already on YouTube, Spotify. You’ve got links to all of that, And then they can donate to help you get more produced. Are you doing the entire New Testament, or are you planning to do the whole Bible?

David (Guest):

The goal is the whole Bible till I’m 70. And so I could certainly use help, now’s the time I figured I had to have a platform here so people could come and see and make use of it, then people could start doing it. Even though this is something, this is a solution-based thing, Christian schools, homeschoolers, come on, let’s get God’s Word in our heart.

I’m passionate about this because I really believe this is going to be transformative for Christian education. God’s never caught off guard. He has always got a test, the Syrians, they’re invading and then Samaria, and the city is surrounded and the horrible things going on in Israel. They’re about ready to kill Elisha the prophet because everything’s going bad. And Elijah says, by this time tomorrow, by this time tomorrow, you’ll have all the food you need. That’s our God.

When you start looking dark, then everybody knows it was God that came through. This is going to be a move of God. I believe we need a new Great Awakening. And I believe we can have a new Great Awakening in America and a new reformation. I like to point out Colossians 3:16 in parallel with Ephesians where Paul in Ephesians, same writer, he says, be filled with a Spirit, speaking to yourself in songs, scripture, hymns, spiritual songs, there’s room for all those; singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord. And then he says in Colossians, 3:16, parallel passage, let the Word of God, the love as of God dwell in you richly, singing and making melody in your heart, speaking to one another and all wisdom. So literally saying, you want to be filled with the Spirit every day, then meditate on His Word, and sing it, and speak it and let it live within you like rivers of living water, Jesus said if you come to me. And His Word is eternal. His Word will never pass away.


Well, there’s nothing that’s going to solve the cultural problems without God’s Word and without His way of doing it. And that means we have to get it into our hearts, just like you’re saying, vitally, vitally important. is the place to go and find out more. There’s where you can find the links, both to YouTube and Spotify, where you can listen to the songs that have already been done, and participate in helping David to get the entire Bible done. David, God bless you, man, appreciate you coming on and sharing with us.

David (Guest):

Oh, thank you. And I just bless you and praise you for all the hard work you do and the amazing work you do. And we’ll be continuing to pray for your ministry as well.


Thank you, man. Appreciate that. David Newquist, the website again We’re going to take a quick break. We’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday. We’re diving back into our good new stacks, and Tim Barton’s next. Tim.


Well, first of all, let me say based on what we just heard in my interview, I definitely remember a lot of Bible verses I learned growing up based on the songs that we learn to learn those verses. So I think it’s awesome that somebody is working to put the Bible to music to help make it easier to memorize.

One of the things we know from Scripture is that as we hide God’s Word in our heart, it puts us in a place that we might not sin against Him. There’s a lot of very positive things from putting God’s Word in our heart. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. We want to meditate daily on God’s Word, and certainly having it in song form is a great way to get it in us, so then it can be part of our thinking and hopefully come out of us as well.

And dad, I know that this is something that you’ve done a lot of memorization along the way as well. And certainly, when we were growing up, you encourage and challenge us to memorize, and you did it alongside with us a lot. So I know this matters a lot to you too.


Well, I was even thinking during the interview I started doing some web searches real quick on how many of the Bible passages in the Bible really were nothing but songs. And so if you take Exodus 15 and Deuteronomy 32, both of those were sung as songs, they’re recorded in the Bible as a chapter, but they were songs, they were sung by Mariam, one was sung by Moses. In Matthew 26, it says, the disciples went out singing songs, and the actual Greek word there is singing the scriptures, they went out singing the Scripture, singing hymns, particularly out of Psalm. So there really is a lot of example, in the Bible of people actually singing scriptures. And this is a great way to go back to really what the Bible does itself.


And obviously, one if you go back to the Word of God is certainly significant for us, as we look in American history, recognizing that one of the core foundations of America was the word of God, people knowing the Word of God, applying the Word of God. And we have many times, we can look at the pilgrims. And actually, we’re coming up with a Thanksgiving, this Thanksgiving is the 400th anniversary of the pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving, where they were thinking and acknowledging God.

And so many traditions we have today are based on the legacy of the pilgrims and the pilgrims did so much of what they did because of the Word of God. And certainly, this is a significant thing for America. And we believe the more that America gets back to the Word of God, the better job we do following the principles and the teachings of the Word of God, the better off this nation will be. And that’s not just true for America. That’s true for every nation. So anyway, we definitely encourage people to find ways to put God’s Word in your heart.

Now with that being said, I do have lots of other good news. And our stack is continuing to grow. And so let me try to get through a few of these as we go. But this one is from North Carolina. And guys, I mean, we’ve already talked about some school board stuff. We mentioned governor Ron DeSantis and contrasted it with what’s happened in like the Loudon County School Board and how much of a disaster we’ve seen that’s been over the last several weeks, maybe months at this point. This is from North Carolina. And this is a very interesting approach.

The Johnson County School Board unanimously approved an amended code of ethics to remove any critical race theory. And actually, if any teacher does anything teaching critical race theory, they get disciplined and likely fired for teaching or promoting critical race theory. Now, this is what the school board did. Interesting, that the school board would do this. And here’s where, like, just the backstory of this, I think this is kind of a maybe a different strategy, but really strategic. I like this thought.

So what happened was the Board of Commissioners who approves the funding for the school, the Board of Commissioners met, and they said, you know if this school teaches anything related to critical race theory, or anything call critical race theory, what they said was, if any teacher makes any claims that US laws and institutions are built upon a racial oppression and that racism is deeply embedded in the nation, and that racist views are considered normal, then we will remove the funding of $7.9 million from the school if they teach or if any of their teachers teach this.

And by the way, the Board of Commissioners was completely Republican-run. And to me, this is where it’s interesting because you might not have a school board that’s going to be all in favor, completely Republican-run like this or at least conservative thought-minded along these lines. But a Board of Commissioners, I never thought about a Board of Commissioners coming in and saying, hey, if you teach this nonsense, we’re going to pull your funding, and then you’re up the creek without a paddle, right. There’s no way you’re going, there’s nothing you can do without this funding, so you all better not teach it. And that’s why they said that they were disciplined and maybe even fire teachers who taught this.

So this is a really interesting strategy from a school board. Again, this is the Johnson County School Board who said hey, we’re not letting any teacher do anything related to this Marx’s ideology of critical race theory. Again, they didn’t call it critical race theory which we do think is important because there are situations where people, even on mainstream media over the last couple weeks, they’ve been challenged with this critical race theory and they’re saying hey, we don’t teach critical race theory, we don’t even believe in critical race theory and well could you define that for me? Well, we don’t really know the definition for it, and so they’re just playing word games, right. They’re using critical race theory as it’s a magical game saying we don’t actually teach racist stuff.

And so that’s why it’s strategic when you have school boards or in this case, even a Board of Commissioners who lays out and says, hey, we’re not promoting that one racist favorite above another race. We’re not teaching racist ideas, that’s destructive for our students. We’re not going to say this nation was founded and rooted deeply, embedded in racism, etc. So they lay out some basic thoughts of critical race theory to make sure that’s not being there.

Anyway, just really cool piece of good news as we are seeing so many people rise up across the nation against this Marxist evil being taught in schools. And so here’s a cool one coming out of Johnson County School Board from North Carolina.


Alright, guys, just a minute or so left. David, you got a quick good news we can knock out?


Yeah, here’s a poll that came out that I thought was very interesting. The headline says, “71% don’t Support Democratic Spending if it means Higher Taxes”. Newsflash, if Democrats are spending, it means higher taxes. So you just said you don’t support… And unfortunately, there’s times when the Republican spends and it means higher taxes…


Yeah. Pretty much anytime someone is increasing spending, they had to get that increased to spend more, so that’s usually more taxes. So just don’t improve more spending and then we won’t have more taxes.


And here’s what I found really amazing is over 50% of Democrats say that if Democrats spending means higher taxes, they don’t want that spending. So that’s the rank and file Democrats. When it comes to independence, it was 74% who said we don’t want more spending if it means higher taxes. And when it came to Republicans, it was 93% of Republicans said we don’t want more spending if it means higher taxes.

So it looks like Americans are starting to get fed up with higher taxes. And that’s really good news, especially now that inflation is going up and economy is going down and productivity is down. About the only way Democrats can compensate is to raise taxes. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to be supported at all which is good news for the coming election.


There’s a revolution of freedom happening right now in America and you get to be a part of it to be sure and share this program with your friends and family. Let them get some of this good news so they can be encouraged as well and be a part of the solution. Don’t forget to join us at where you can sign up to be a coach for free and host a class in your living room or at your church. But also you can sign up for our free Monday night class, our live class, national class with tens of thousands of people, and our new one that’s coming up November 8th where we’re going to go through Foundations of Freedom. It’s going to be a great six-week class. In that case, we’ll knock it out before the end of the year before Christmas. You can be a part of it at Thanks so much for listening to WallBuilders Live.