Air Date: 09/23/2011

Summary: Topics:* A victory for a Ten Commandments case in Tennessee* Two homosexuals in New York tried to get a Louisiana birth certificate for a child they adopted, as a maneuver to get their marital status recognized in another state. They were ultimately denied.* Interview with Jon Scruggs- In New Jersey a man’s neighbors take hostility towards him for displaying a cross to celebrate Lent. After calling the police, the officer orders him to take the cross off of his yard, because of city ordinance. He wins the case and the ordinance gets dropped.* A kid with the brain cancer, medulloblastoma, is cured using adult stem cells. There are now over one-hundred cures demonstrating that there is no need to use embryonic stem cells.*Planned Parenthood hits a 25-year low in businessA bus company in Michigan refuses to run an ad encouraging people to leave the Islamic faith, but a federal judge says they must under free speech.* Success for a Georgia voter ID law

Guests: Jon Scruggs, Alliance Defense Fund

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