Air Date: 03/25/2011

Summary: Hear good news from around the nation the media doesn’t report! Topics include- * The ACLU lost a ten-commandments case at the 6th circuit court of appeals, and did not appeal their case to the supreme court. This is the 4th case they lost and never bothered to go to the supreme court with. The good news- they know they would not have won had they tried.* A case challenging hiring protections (allowing Christian organizations to only hire Christians if they want) was taken to the liberal 9th circuit court of appeals and was not won. Hiring protections continue to protect organizations’ right to hire only the people they choose.* Gallup ranking of most conservative and most liberal states. Find out which states are most liberal and most conservative. You may be surprised! In every state, the number of conservatives outnumber the liberals.* Teen birthrate is at a record low in 70 years. Teen abortion rates are also down. Abstinence education is working.* A poll on marriage shows that a strong majority still hold traditional views of marriage.


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