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Helping Ukrainian Refugees: An Update From Poland – With Jonny Daniels: What is happening on the ground to help Ukrainian Refugees? Where are Ukrainian refugees fleeing? Tune in to hear Jonny Daniels give an important update on humanitarian efforts and learn the best ways to help!

Air Date: 03/29/2022

Guest: Jonny Daniels

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Transcription note:  As a courtesy for our listeners’ enjoyment, we are providing a transcription of this podcast. Transcription will be released shortly. However, as this is transcribed from a live talk show, words and sentence structure were not altered to fit grammatical, written norms in order to preserve the integrity of the actual dialogue between the speakers. Additionally, names may be misspelled or we might use an asterisk to indicate a missing word because of the difficulty in understanding the speaker at times. We apologize in advance.

Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live. We are taking on the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective.

My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. David Barton is America’s premier historian and our founder here at WallBuilders. Tim Barton is a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. 

You can learn more about us and the program at wallbuilderslive.com, wallbuilderslive.com. I know it’s a mouthful, isn’t it? But WallBuilders comes from that scripture in Nehemiah that says, our rise and rebuild the walls that we may no longer be a reproach.

Well, to rebuild the walls in America, that’s essentially the foundation I mean, yes, definitely, we need a wall at the border. No doubt about that. But the walls we’re talking about is a comparison. 

It’s kind of like in the Old Testament days: if your walls were destroyed, you were overrun, you could not defend the city. You had to rebuild the walls to be strong once again. And in America, it’s all about the principles. It’s about the foundational ideas that lead to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Why “WallBuilders”?

You don’t get to that in the Declaration of Independence if you don’t back up a couple of sentences and say, we hold these truths to be self-evidence. We have to know truth. We have to know what principles work, what are the principles that when you infuse them into the culture you get good results? And then what are the principles that don’t work? What are the principles you want to stay away from, principles of tyranny that will destroy your nation, that will lead to famine and chaos and all the problems that we’re dealing with right now in our nation.

There is a formula that produces that. We don’t have to despair when we see negative results in the culture. We don’t have to give up and say it’s all over, there’s nothing we can do. We have to trace from the bad results to the bad policies that produce that to the bad politicians, frankly, that put in those bad policies to us. 

We’re the ones that choose those politicians. So we trace back and we say okay, what can we do different? How do we know what will produce a good society? What are the principles of liberty from the Bible, the biblical worldview of what is God’s system for forming our society, for forming our neighborhoods and our communities, our states, our nation? What are the principles that will produce good results?

If you infuse biblical values and principles into the culture, that’s being salt and light, because now the salt can preserve the culture but also bring out the best flavor in the culture. It can actually make your neighborhood work better, make your government systems work better, your education system, your free market system, all of those things if you’re following the biblical principles, in other words, you’re doing things the way God designed them to be done. That’s what we’re all about here at WallBuilders. That’s the walls we’re rebuilding, the principles of liberty, the biblical citizenship that will make our nation great again.

Become a Catalyst for Change!

And that’s why we do our constitution classes, our biblical citizenship courses. We have all these materials and things available for you at wallbuilders.com because we want to help educate and equip and inspire folks to be good citizens, to live out their faith in the culture. So it’s not just praying, it’s acting on that prayer as well.

John Hancock was the president of the Continental Congress at the time that we did the Declaration of Independence and, and he said, I urge you by all that is due, by all the sacred, by all the honorable not only to pray, but to act, we must be praying, of course, but we also must be acting. And if I could just throw in there another little commercial for things we can be doing to save the culture, we got to be in God’s word. If you want to know what will produce a good society, and one of those principles and all those things that I’ve been saying, you got to be in God’s word to discover those things.

It’s not enough to listen to WallBuilders Live or read some books out there, or whatever. You got to be in God’s Word, you got to be in the Bible itself, every day, all year long, read to the Bible every year, just like a lot of the Founding Fathers did so that you’re steeped in those truths. And when you are, when those truths are ingrained in your mind and your heart, then when the lie is spoken by a politician, by a family member, by a pastor, whoever it might be, you know it’s a lie. 

You recognize it. You’ve got the plumb line to measure everything against and you go, wait a minute, that’s not right. I know because God’s word said I know the right way to do this and the wrong way and I recognize what you’re doing is wrong. That only happens when we stay in God’s word and we get that truth on a regular basis.

So I just want to challenge you today, start reading every day. And I think reading it straight through is the way to do it. I think the Founders’ Bible is the best way to do it, because it infuses a lot of the history as well. 

So your reading, say in somewhere in the Old Testament, maybe you’re kings or you’re in Deuteronomy, or whatever it might be, and inserted in there are some articles about how the founders applied that very Scripture as well. And that’s just kind of cool. I mean, it’s neat to read God’s word and then read the history of how our nation applied that part of God’s word, and then got good results because they did that. So I just think it’s a great way to do that.

Read with Us!

Founders’ Bible, it’s available at Wall builders.com. And if you want to read along with us, I’m taking people through the Founders’ Bible this year. We’re doing about six pages a day which is very doable. You can do that in 10, 15, 20 minutes, depends on how fast you read. And it’s not that much of a commitment. But man, I promise you, it will bless you. So get your Founders Bible today at wallbuilders.com. 

And then follow one of my social media channels, I don’t know what you’re on. If you’re on Twitter, Facebook, maybe you’ve abandoned those two as we all should at some point, or if you’re on Gettr, I’m on Gettr, Parler, let’s see, Telegram. I can’t remember all these. There’s too many of them now. Gab. That’s right. 

Yeah. So anyway, follow me on one of those social media channels. And every day right now I’m posting whatever the reading is for that day in the Founders’ Bible, put a few comments in there and then folks can add their comments as well.

It’s almost like doing a Bible study together through social media. But it helps to kind of, I guess, challenge each other to make sure we’re doing the daily reading until we kind of catch up, and make sure that throughout this year we get there. And right now we’re in Kings right now. So join us, please join us. Check that out and read through the Founders’ Bible. I promise you will be blessed if you’ll do that.

We’re going to take a quick break. When we come back, Jonny Daniels is with us. He is organizations called fromthedepths.org, fromthedepths.org. They are on the frontlines right now in Poland dealing with this mass refugee issue coming out of Ukraine. 

They are blessing people, taking care of people. They’re doing incredible, incredible work. And so John is going to give us an update on what’s happening. It’s heartbreaking on one hand, but then you see God moving in these ways as well. So I think you’re really going to enjoy this time with Johnny Daniels. So stay with us, folks, we’ll be right back. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. As the American war for independence began, the president of Yale was the Reverend Naftali Daggett. When New Haven, the home of Yale came under attack, about 100 citizens rushed out to meet the British, the Reverend Daggett gout by them on horseback, his clerical robes flowing behind him in the wind, and he took up a solitary position atop a hill.

The 2500 British soon put the townsfolk to flight. But the Reverend Daggett continued to stand alone, firing down on the advancing troops. A British officer confronted him, “What are you doing there, you old fool, if I let you go, will you ever fire again on the troops of His Majesty?” “Nothing more likely” was the preacher’s reply. America’s early pastors personally confronted danger and courageously led their communities.

For more information on Pastor Daggett and other colonial patriots, go to wallbuilders.com.


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. We’ve got Johnny Daniels with us From the Depths. The website is fromthedepths.org. Jonny, thanks so much for your time. Thanks for coming on.


Thank you very, very much for having me today.


So you guys are helping on the ground right now, in Ukraine. And you know, a lot of people here in America, we’re seeing it, it’s all over the news what’s happening. But there’s not much about what’s actually happening behind the scenes on the ground with the humanitarian effort and rescuing folks. Tell us a little bit about what you guys are doing?


Yeah. Well, I mean, first of all, I have to say that this is probably the most difficult thing that any of us would have ever seen in recent history. This truly is just the biggest humanitarian crisis. The pain and suffering of so many people is just something that is unbelievably heartbreaking to see and to be part of. 

Holocaust Survivors

We focused on a foundation, initially of dealing with Holocaust survivors, on Jews who suffered during the Holocaust, and also on the righteous amongst the nations or non-Jews who saved Jews during the war. This has always been our main focus. But now with this incredible humanitarian crisis, we’ve really started to work to see just quite how we can help as many people as humanly possible, first, in helping those stuck inside of Ukraine, but also helping those who leave and want to leave. And the pain and suffering is just remarkable.


And you mentioned and we had John a couple of years ago about some of the efforts in Poland and other things that you guys have done. So this, you all aren’t new. This isn’t first time out there. But you’re actually doing things on the ground in this case. What is the in game? In other words, are you right now is the goal just to get people out of the theater there, get them away from where the chaos is happening? And where do you take them?


Yeah, well, this is a difficult thing, right? I mean, we’ve already seen over 2 million people exiting the country, just running. And the thing is that this truly is the scenes of your nightmares. This is just get out with what you can. So you’re seeing families like, the other thing is, obviously, men from the age of 18-60 are not allowed to leave the country, they must serve in the army. 

So you’re seeing a lot of mothers and children, a lot of elderly, basically just crossing the borders into Poland mainly. And they’re coming here and they’re coming with absolutely nothing. You know, it’s a struggle to get out. If they’re able to get a place on a bus or a train, they just have whatever they have on them, maybe a small bag with documents.

So even in terms of seeing people come over, it’s really truly coming with nothing. They don’t have fresh clothing. They don’t have underwear even to change into often. Mothers won’t have push chairs for their babies. I mean, we’re dealing with humanitarian crisis on a level that is truly unbelievable and also nowhere to stay, no food to have.

Returning to the Holy Land

And what’s been remarkable, it’s actually been sort of general civil society in terms of opening their homes, people being able to come and sort of sleep in someone’s house, eat food, people taking some care. But the problem is just so incredibly large. From our perspective, as a Foundation, one of the things that we’re doing is working with Jewish people, and people with Jewish roots, who were able to escape, and there’s tens of thousands of them. 

And we’re actually helping alongside the Jewish agency in taking them to special certain locations, making sure that they’ve got shelter, food, clothing and care, and from there, try moving them to Israel. So we’re also seeing within this nightmare, something quite remarkable tens of thousands of people, eventually, of Jews will end up returning to the Holy Land to Israel as a result of this.


Wow, I didn’t know that part. That’s amazing. Here you are, you’re meeting the need that’s quite literally showing up on your doorstep as people arrive, and then God works a miracle like that. By the way, as I’m looking at your website, I just saw a picture go by on your photo deck with Cheryl Barton. So that’s just kind of cool as we’re doing the program here and seeing David and Cheryl over there with you.

And something that you said that I didn’t realize, I mean, you guys are entirely volunteer, you don’t have paid staff. You volunteer to do it. You guys do amazing work all the time, anyway. But here, you’ve been inundated. I mean, I don’t think we can comprehend. It’s hard for us to comprehend the numbers. When you say, it’s 1.5-2 million that have come just to you guys in Poland and the tens of thousands that you’re trying to help specifically. 

I mean, this is overwhelming. So how can people help you? I mean, obviously, donations at the website help, fromthedepths.org. So money is one thing, prayer another. What else can we do to help? And actually, Jonny, hold that answer, we’re going to take a very quick break, we’ll be right back. Jonny Daniels, our special guest today, we would encourage you to go to the website today and give, that’s fromthedepths.org, fromthedepths.org. Stay with us, we’ll be right back.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Jonny Daniels with us from fromthedepths.org. That’s the website. Fromthedepths.org. Jonny, right before the break, I was asking, obviously, we need to pray, we need to donate. What else can we do to help you guys?

Money and Prayer


Honestly, it’s money in prayer. I mean, so many amazing people have reached out, so maybe you me want to come out and help; and the truth is, it’s not a good idea.


It will complicate matters.


The system’s overrun, right, like if someone comes out, they’re taking a hotel room away from somebody who needs it, they’re taking a flight space from someone who needs that flight space, the situation really is dire, I mean, the psychological issues that people are going through. Today, we were with the group of incredible doctors that flown over from Israel. And we were dealing today with a nine year old girl who since crossing the border last week has not spoken: she has reverted just to making animal noises. It’s one of those horrendous things. 

You know, the psychological damage of escaping and leaving and coming with nothing, and not knowing if you’ll ever go back. Not knowing if your father, your husbands, your brothers, your cousins are going to survive is something truly, truly difficult.

And I mean, beyond prayer and donations, it’s really kind of difficult to help. And inundated isn’t even the word, I must have slept, you know, a few hours every night that the phone calls of people. How do I get out? Should I get out? Where should I go? You know, I’m out. And I’ve got issues. I don’t know where to stay tonight. You know, it’s just so heartbreaking. I’ve never experienced anything like this.

The Main Focus

One of the first things that we put online on our social media was a picture of tens of thousands of people going towards, attempting to get on the train and quashed on this train. And one of our followers, a Holocaust survivor commented on the picture. And he wrote, I remember these scenes from 80 years ago. And I think that this is what’s so heartbreaking.

Just today, a 95 year old man arrived at one of our locations. 95, a Holocaust survivor, he was walking for 10 days just with the clothes on his back, just to get out 10 days. A 95 year old man, he came in and needless to say, was not in the best position, the doctors checked him, and his health, thank God was fine. First thing we did straight to the mall, bought in brand new clothing, new shoes, at least gave him a level of dignity within this situation and scenario as well.

And I think that this is also a main focus is just attempting, in such an undignified situation to give back a little bit of dignity and respect to people who really need it right now. And they need our love. They need our care. They need our attention. They need our prayers. And we need to support them just however we can.


Even in the way that you said that, it sounds like then that if people can donate, you do have access to go buy things. Everything’s not running out in other words when you need to get shoe. In other words, I guess where I’m going with that, Johnny is that some people think, oh, I’m just going to box up a bunch of stuff and send to it. Well, that obviously creates a logistical nightmare and creates more problems and solutions.


Yeah. What we’ve seeing with people sending stuff in, like we’ve already had problems with things like customs and getting it out. Even the shipping. I mean, just to understand, like where we’re doing shops, we spent already this week up in partnership with the Israeli embassy, I mean, we’ve probably spent over about $40,000-$50,000 worth just on clothing. 

The Best Way to Help

Because I don’t like the idea of having people who were doctors and lawyers and accountants and mothers and housewives a week ago now having to rummage through garbage bags pulling out someone else’s dirty clothing. People are donating clothing. But it’s not nice. It’s disrespectful.

So, we’re able to buy clothing a hugely discounted rates. Just yesterday, I bought hundreds of sweatshirts at $2 apiece, right and so you’re able to give someone a brand new fresh white shirt, even a pair of socks, you should see the smile, the cries, the tears in people’s eyes as they receive a fresh pair of socks is something that’s just shocking in 2022 to see something like that.

So truly the best thing is just helping people on ground. In countries like Poland, because of the European Union, there’s a huge flow of stuff that’s coming here anyway. There is not a shortage. It’s still possible to buy things. Women’s sanitary products, I bought thousands of dollars worth of women’s sanitary products this week, because women are coming out and they need it. And you know, good luck going to buy it. The problem is also is even those who had money in Ukraine, if they’re coming up with cash, their cash is suddenly worthless. No one is going to change Ukrainian currency today.


Yeah, I haven’t thought about that. Yeah.


It’s unbelievable.


I mean, they’re at your mercy. They’re literally at your mercy. They’re showing up. And this is where we can show mercy to people. And for all the Americans…

Just One Moving Story


Our mercies is so needed. It’s so needed. I sat with a girl yesterday, was 35 years old. She was the manager of a big restaurant in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. She doesn’t speak great English, only Russian and Ukrainian. And I’m sitting with this girl and what is she going to do? She has no family.

She can’t afford an apartment. She’s got nowhere to live. What on earth is she going to do? And sadly, in situations like this, very bad people around me taking prey also of women. It’s really, really sad and really difficult. And when you’re talking about people being at mercy, these people are truly at mercy. And we must, must help however we can. This is why we’re just trying our very, very best.


Yeah, Jonny, I want us to be able to reach as many people as we can with today’s show and encourage them to go to the website, fromthedepths.org. I just went online even as Jonny was talking and made a donation, I encourage you to do the same thing. Every dollar you give is going to give them the ability to serve these people, to have mercy on them as they come in. 

I mean, just imagine your home being devastated and you flee your home and now you end up in another nation with nothing, nothing and you are literally at people’s mercy. Let’s help them do this. Fromthedepths.org is a website. Fromthedepths.org you go on the website right at the top “Supporting Refugees”, click on that, then click on “Support now.” It’s very quick. I mean, you can do this in 30 seconds, and make that donation…


[crosstalk 19:34] over 501(C((3), everything’s tax deductible with the whole things followable. And also, people can follow us on social media and share stuff is equally as important to get the message out as far and wide as possible. Truly, every prayer, donation, everything is appreciated, and so desperately needed right now.

From The Depths


Jonny Daniels, appreciate you so much. Sir, thanks for coming back on WallBuilders Live, look forward to having you again, hopefully, under better circumstances. But we’re going to spread the news far and wide. We’ll share the social media sites as well. The donations, again, very easy to go there and do this, folks; make that donation today and give sacrificially, give something that you know will make a difference. Just really appreciate you, Jonny. Man, you guys, you’re up against it right now. We’re going to be praying for you and making those donations both.


Thank you. God bless.


One more time, the website fromthedepths.org, fromthedepths.org. And we’ll have a link today at wallbuilderlive.com to make it easy for you to get over there. We know America has been blessed financially more than any nation. We know that we’re in a position to help. It’s not just these Ukrainian refugees coming over. It’s  people all over the world. There are there are things that we can do.

And I realized when we talk about some of these international issues and we ask you to donate to organizations that we know we’re doing a great job, like fromthedepths.org, sometimes we tend to, in our American mindset, say yeah, but we’ve got all these problems at home we got to take care of. I get that. I get that. I feel like that some days as well. I realize our border is a disaster right now because of this and horrifically inept, and maybe they’re not enough, maybe they’re purposely trying to destroy the nation. I think a lot of people believe that. And I think that’s very possible. They definitely are leaning leftist and socialist for sure in this administration.

Border Nightmare

But I realized we have those terrible problems like our border. And now inflation and in some of our cities, it’s like a war zone: we have this many people dying from crime in Chicago. And if you combine all these cities, as those that that are in war zones often. So I understand that. If that’s your hesitation today, as we talk about some of these international issues, you’re like, hey, we need to take care of home first. I actually agree with that. I think you have to make sure that you don’t burn down your own house when you’re trying to save and help others. And so you do have to have a balance.

But I think you can have that balance. We should first take care of what’s happening here at home. But then also, we can’t help it, folks. We are the world superpower. We are the good guys around the world. Despite what they’re teaching in our college campuses all over this country, which is what’s undermining our nation, and despite what some nations say in lie about us, we are still the good guys. We’re still the ones that do the most good around the world, that give the most money, that actually reach and help people. 

And we can’t run from that. I mean, that is part of our responsibility. And certainly, as Christians and biblical worldview folks and biblical citizens, we have to be good stewards of what we’ve been given, and do the best we can to help in these very, very difficult situations.

So I frankly, think we can walk and chew gum both. I think we can be working on what’s happening here in America, and also where we can be helping around the world as well. And so that’s why we do things like with Mercury One and the Nazarene Fund, and all of those different things. That’s why we spend so much time and energy and effort and money because you really do make a difference. There’re lives that are quite literally saved, families that are brought back together. I mean, there’s just so many wonderful miraculous things that happen through those organizations.

Make and Investment

And we’re very careful here on WallBuilders Live to make sure that when we encourage you to donate to an organization, like fromthedepths.org, that they are doing a great job with the money that is donated to them and making a big difference. So we encourage you to be a part of that today.

And then of course, as always, you know, if you make an investment in WallBuilders Live, that it’s going to have a good return, that you’re going to be training pastors and legislators and young people and constitution coaches, and all these things that we’re doing here in America to restore our Constitutional Republic here in America. So, for those of you that are hesitant on giving to some of the International stuff, I do want to make sure that you know what we’re doing here in America.

I believe, frankly, that between Patriot Academy and WallBuilders, that we’re doing more to restore the Constitution in America than anyone else. And frankly, we do it with less money than most of the organizations out there with a fraction of what a lot of these organizations have. But God’s blessed us with amazing teams and amazing systems and really good materials. 

And that’s why I think He’s blessing that right now. And you have so many classes happening around the nation where people are diving into Biblical Citizenship in Modern America or Constitution Alive or Foundations of Freedom or some of these other programs that WallBuilders has created over the years.

There’s just hundreds of thousands of people going through these things and then applying them in their communities. I mean, we’re hearing on a regular basis, new people getting elected to school boards and City Councils and all these local positions or churches that have really gotten engaged and are creating ways to help in their communities, families that are making a difference. It’s just amazing to see what’s happening out there when people actually apply a biblical worldview.

I started today talking about, kind of reminding us what WallBuilders means, rebuilding those walls that we may no longer be a reproach. And I want to close out today’s program just encouraging you to know that those things are happening. There are hundreds of thousands of people across this country that have gotten engaged, that are becoming the catalyst for restoring biblical values and constitutional principles in their communities, and they’re using WallBuilders materials to do that. And you can be a part of that, whether you want to host one of the biblical citizenship classes or maybe you want to bring in one of our speakers.

Helping Ukrainian Refugees: An Update From Poland – With Jonny Daniels

WallBuilders has a whole team of speakers. If you want to bring somebody in to speak at your local church or club or whatever it might be, all of that information is available at wallbuilders.com. I encourage you to check that out today. And just look for a way that you can do something, that you can get engaged in and you don’t have to give everything you have. So you don’t have to give all of your time, your life. You don’t have to give all of your fortune, your finances. But we do ask that you give a little bit of each of those things.

Your life is your time. So start dedicating a couple hours a week to invest in freedom and invest in the country and restoring biblical citizenship in our nation. And then give some percentage of your income. Start looking for candidates you can donate to, causes like WallBuilders or Patriot Academy and fromthedepths.org, some percentage that you say above and beyond my ties to my church and offerings to my church, I’m going to give to these other organizations as well. 

And then sacred honor, folks, that’s just speaking truth, no matter what it costs you. That’s been willing to stand up and say I will speak truth and let the chips fall where they may. Boy, in a ‘Cancel’ culture, we need more people willing to do that. I believe you’re one of those people.

I hope you’ll stand up today, that you’ll share truth. You’ll take these radio programs from WallBuilders Live, you’ll share them with your friends and family, you’ll donate to these different causes out there, you’ll get engaged and be a part of the solution. Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.