How To Handle Federal Medical Mandates – With Brad Dacus: Are you or someone you know one of the millions who has been threatened by the new government mandates? Does the federal government have the authority to do what they’re trying to do? How should the unconstitutional overreach of the federal government be handled? What can employees do if they are told they will lose their job? Who is more likely to spread the virus? Tune in to hear this important, informative interview with Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute!

Air Date: 09/21/2021

Guest: Brad Dacus

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Okay, enough of that. Well, we’re going to get into today’s program in just a moment. I am Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. 

And I am honored and privileged to work with the Barton family. I’m telling you, this family has done more to restore original intent, to restore the biblical foundations of our Constitution and Declaration than anyone in this nation. It is phenomenal what they’ve done over the last few decades. Their library is absolutely amazing. 

Their museum has so many, it’s a working museum. I mean, they actually use these founding documents and original resources from the Founding Fathers to teach and to learn. It’s an incredible. 

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with the Barton family, check out and you’ll learn more. David Barton, America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders, Tim Barton is a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. It’s my great honor to work with these guys.

Covid and Civil Liberties

Alright, guys, little later in the program, when we come back from the break, we got Brad Dacus with us, Pacific Justice Institute, we all three have worked with Brad, know him well, one of the warriors. You know, we talk about all these attorneys on the front lines, Christian attorneys defending religious liberty. 

He’s also out there in defending civil liberty and has been really immersed in the whole COVID crackdown situation and helping churches, helping individuals, helping business owners. So it’s going to be good to talk to Brad and kind of catch you up on what can we do in the midst of these federal mandates and all the other mandates?


Well, he’s a good guy to talk to because I think this is a huge legal issue. The issue of health care by the Constitution does not belong to the federal government, it belongs to the States. And we’re seeing the state stand up and really push back on this. 

But it’s interesting to me that Biden, when he announce his policies, specifically singled out governors, and he and his team talked about how they’re going to trample the governors; he says they’re going to run over them with this.

And so this is clearly going to be a legal issue. I think by the time the Department of Labor gets this rule issued within 48 hours, you’ll see a federal injunction keeping it from going into effect, because this is huge overreach. But this is a constitutional issue like one we have not seen in recent years. And that’s where I think people like Brad Dacus are going to be key in helping set this up, and helping get it unimplemented at the state level and eventually at the federal level as well.


Alright, well, let’s take a break, guys, we’ll be right back. Brad Dacus with us when we return. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. After the final victory at Yorktown, the Continental Army awaited the outcome of peace negotiations with the Great Britain. Pastor Israel Evans, a chaplain in the army proposed to George Washington that they build a structure where church services could be held during the month of waiting. Washington approved the plan and urges officers to ensure that the soldiers attended service.

Pastor Evans further knew, if we were to secure the liberties they had fought for, sound education would be crucial. He declared, “Every parent and every friend of the freedom of his country ought to be attentive to the improvement of our youth in the principles of freedom and good government; and then the people will stand fast in their liberty for a long time.” 

Our schools today need to return to teaching the principles of freedom and good government in order for America to survive and prosper. For more information about Pastor Israel Evans and other colonial patriots, go to


Welcome back to the intersection of faith and the culture. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Great to have Brad Dacus back with us from Pacific Justice Institute., we’re going to have a link today, I strongly encourage you to go to that website. Number one, make a donation. These guys are representing people all over the country for free. 

Welcome Brad Dacus

They’re doing an incredible job; for years, they’ve done that for religious liberty. But right now, man, they are on the front lines of civil liberties and bodily integrity and fighting against these ridiculous mandates. And I am so thankful for you, Brad Dacus. Thank you, brother. Thank you for coming on the program today.


Oh, it’s pleasure. Thank you. Appreciate it.


Alright, folks, go to that website, make a donation, help them continue what they’re doing, and get on their email list. And Brad, you’ve been doing webinars since this whole thing hit, trying to educate and equip and get people up to speed on what they can do. 

I know you’re getting inundated with requests out there. And so if people want to follow and get into any of those webinars and learn, I’m assuming send them to or simply


That is correct, or simply; that will get in there too.


Okay. Alright, man, we’re going to try to cover as much as we can in a short period of time. As I said, you’re on the front lines out there. In fact, as we were talking off air, just filed a suit in Los Angeles County; you’ve got clients all over the place. 

When people are calling you, do they sound as desperate as they do when they call me? I mean, literally, their jobs are at stake, they’re getting kicked out of the military. I mean, this is serious stuff.


Oh, it’s very serious. We’re talking about thousands, probably several million, at least in the United States, who right now are not sure if they’re going to be fired from their jobs, maybe not even get an employment. And simply because they have strong convictions, religious convictions, or even health medical issues that prevent them from wanting to take a vaccination that’s being required by their employer, or by the government or specifically by President Biden.


Yeah, I got to ask you about that too. I mean, my knee jerk reaction to the President’s argument and tongue lashing of the unvaccinated, which includes 40 to 50 million people that have had the virus and are more immune than if you get the vaccine, yet he speaks to them like toddlers that need to be taken out. The unconstitutional overreach of the federal government here, we’ve never seen anything like this. 

I mean, state power, yeah, local police power to do vaccine mandates. We have a history of that. I have problems with a lot of that. But constitutionally speaking, it’s harder to speak against those. But federal mandates on this kind of thing, I mean, can they do this?

Violating the Religious Freedom Restoration Act


Well, we can tell that they can’t, you know, for several reasons. One, it violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and potentially, and also potentially is outside the scope and breadth of the executive office. You know, the President Biden is trying to push his power through the Occupational Health and Safety administration’s implementing guidelines that would require any employer with over 100 employees to be vaccinated, and if not, they have to go through paying for their testing and they have a testing that could be caused cancer, it’s a PCR is called. There’s a lot of really arduous punitive implications for those who are just not outright fired.

So we at Pacific Justice Institute are preparing to challenge that. But even more specifically, you know, Rick, we just filed a major lawsuit. We did it this morning on Monday, and it was filed against the city of Los Angeles, the mayor of Los Angeles, who’s a very controversial individual, and then also the Los Angeles Police Department. We filed on behalf of city workers, including some policemen who object to this new vaccine mandate being issued by the city of Los Angeles. 

The complaints we alleged it violates the 1st and 14th Amendments of the Constitution, the religious freedom protection there for religious objectors to be reasonably accommodated and not punished, and also it violates the California Fair Employment and Housing Act as well. So we’re going to bat for these employees and I think we have a very, very strong case.


You know, I can’t help but thank Brad for such a time as this, bro: you’ve been fighting, what I call, behind enemy lines for years and had to do with overreaches of local and state government in California and other blue states. And I think the Lord has prepared you for these battles. We had a question from an audience member that I think is pretty good.

I remember when I was working hard in Texas 20 years ago as a legislator to get conscientious exemption for vaccines, because the way the law was written, it had to be in the tenets of your faith to get a religious exemption. So it had to actually be, which at that time was only Christian scientists and Jehovah’s Witness. And so we were trying to broaden that out where you didn’t have to lie and say, I’m part of that religion when I’m actually Baptist, which is probably not a very Baptist thing to do.

Religious Exemptions?

Anyway, so we got that done in Texas. But the question from the audience was, is it still that way? Are these religious and medical exemption, whether religious exemption request specifically that people are filing that you and Mat Staver and others have even helped people with drafting those and done a phenomenal job in doing that? 

Is it still that way? Do they need to? Or is that a state by state thing? Or is that 20 years ago, that’s gone, it’s no longer got to be in the tenets of your faith, you just say this is against my faith and violates my religious values?


That’s correct. You just simply have to be their sincerely held religious beliefs. That’s all that is legally required. And we at Pacific Justice have a memo that employees can use, if they have an employer saying, oh, no, no, we’re not going to, you know, you putting in writing about your belief isn’t enough. 

If the employer says, oh, you’d have a letter from your denomination saying, this is the tenants of your church, your faith, your denomination. We have a memo that they can give to respond to that. It’s free on our website.

But also, another concern is, all these people who’ve had COVID, science shows clearly that it’s three different studies, three different studies: one out of Israel, Emory University, and then Cleveland Clinic, that those who’ve had COVID, and even the Center for Disease Control acknowledges are just as protected, if not more protected than those who’ve had the vaccine. 

And yet, they’re being required to be punished to still have the vaccine, even though many doctors say it’s going to actually weaken their natural immunity, be counterproductive, give more serious risk potential for complications. We know there’s thousands that have actually died from the vaccine itself. So this is not just a regular flu vaccine. This has got very, very serious ramifications. And so…

Natural Immunity


And for those naturally immune like you’re talking about, I saw one study shows 4.4 times greater risk of an adverse reaction, if you’ve already had COVID. And I don’t understand all the science, but it’s something to do with the natural antibodies and the interaction with the vaccine or whatever.

But bottom line is the data shows, if you’ve had the vaccine, in fact, that Israeli study 13 times better protection if you’ve had natural immunity versus if you get the vaccine, more likely to spread the virus if you’ve been vaccinated versus if you’ve had the natural immunity. So you’re right.

I mean, for those who have had the COVID-19 already, and I’m in that category, there is no reason to get the vaccine and be forced to get the vaccine. So do you recommend people, if you’re in that category, should you apply for medical exemption or religious exemption? I saw the guy, the law professor at George Mason finally got them to give him a medical exemption because he already had COVID and he was proving in the case that he was better off. So what do you recommend if somebody has kind of that option between religious or medical?


Yeah, Rick, both of them, and separate pieces of paper: both of them, exemption requests, one for medical, one for religious. And if they’ve already had COVID-19, then I would strongly recommend them to go and file for the medical exemption. One of the things we’re in this lawsuit against the LAPD, Los Angeles, the city of Los Angeles that we just filed on behalf of these employees is the fact that there is no accommodation for people who’ve had COVID already. 

They’re saying they’re just treating them like they have no immunity, and the fact is they have a stronger immunity. And so they ordered them to take a vaccine that we know has a four times greater risk, as ramifications could cost their life, even weaken their immunity, according to Dr. McAuliffe of Baylor Medical University. This is insane. So this is really important.

LA and United Airlines

And we also found out that if people are laying claim an exemption in Los Angeles, the city employees are then punished because they then have language about having them transferred to “other positions”. And so it’s very punitive. It’s not a reasonable accommodation, can’t be punitive for the sake of being punitive. That’s what LA is doing.

So we at Pacific justice, we’re standing up to one of the biggest bullies in the United States. And we have a great attorney, Dan Watkins, he’s one of our affiliate attorneys, he along with our Chief Counsel, Kevin Snider, have filed this lawsuit. And we’re willing to file these lawsuits throughout the United States as needed to hold governments and even in some cases, employers in check for, like United Airlines, what they’re doing is just terrible, it’s saying you have a religious exemption, they say, okay, fine, we’re going to put you on unpaid leave indefinitely, same as firing them.




You know, United should be ashamed of themselves. I have no intention of flying united anytime in the future based on what they’re doing right now; it’s bullying. They’re very leftist and their causes are leftist. And it’s just very indicative of who they are, what they’re about. So, to me, I’m now at Southwest Airlines all the way from this point moving forward.


Yeah, man, it’s shameful what they’re doing. And it’s happening in small and large companies right now. And now, of course, with the president pushing people to do it, and even mandating that they do it, and these are ridiculous fines, I mean, it’s unbelievable what it will cost a business with 100 or more employees when they start enforcing this thing.

Let me ask you this in terms of the suit. Will a lawsuit finally allow us to have a conversation about the science? Because you know, right now they shut you down if you bring up anything that isn’t part of their narrative. And so that’s part of why we’re in the mess we’re in, is we haven’t had that free speech, that rigorous debate and that opportunity for both sides to present what they have, and then let people come with their conclusions.

And my complaint all along has been without that iron sharpening iron, you’re going to make mistakes, nobody’s right all the time. And in a lawsuit, it slows things down a little bit, and you get the chance to present that evidence, to study the other person’s evidence. Do you have hope that the suits might be what’s needed to finally shake us out of this craziness because we finally get in there and debate these things about natural immunity and whatnot?



Yeah, I’m hoping it will. You know, as part of our complaint also, we at Pacific Justice Institute, our complaint against Los Angeles the city, is the fact that they have hidden the information, created misunderstandings of safety with regards to the FDA “approval”. You know, they actually approved a vaccine, the type of the vaccine that is actually not even being used in the United States. It’s creating this false sense of security. 

It’s very deceptive by a part of the city. And they’re just carrying along the party line, it’s very political at the expense of the employees, they’re also not giving accurate information. They imply that the vaccine has no risk, and they’re safe, they’re guaranteed to be safe.

There are literally thousands, [inaudible 17:42] at least over 6,000 people that had died from the vaccine. And now, other people can tell me yes, we have saved a lot of lives, particularly those who have high risk. We don’t debate that. But the point is, the city and the government must be truthful, they must be honest, non-deceptive. 

They’ve been deceptive since day one when they told us that masks don’t help, and then at all, and not to wear a mask. Then they later came back and said, yeah, wear a mask. And you know, they lied, they flat out lied, now they’re giving other lies. 

And that they’re cancelling out information, preventing information from going forward from reputable doctors, from reputable medical institutions. It’s shameful. And that’s one reason why these kind of lawsuits like what we just filed on behalf of the city employees and city police officers is so important.


Vitally, vitally important, and you’re 100% right. I mean, even Fauci admitted that he lied in order to manipulate public opinion on mask and try to get them to do what he wanted them to do, even if the facts didn’t back it up. You know, it’s just shameful. 

And we’re losing trust in our government and in the scientific leaders or medical “professionals” because of their dishonesty, which is not good. It’s a bad situation, a dangerous situation.

And look, I mean, you know, this Brad, I just want to remind our audience, the emergency authorization statutes for the vaccine absolutely require that the benefits, the risks, all of that is supposed to be given to the medical professionals, and then they are supposed to give it to anyone that gets the vaccine, and they’re supposed to tell you about all of their treatments. 

Dying Due to Lying

And that’s why they have lied about Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and [inaudible 19:23] and all the other treatments that doctors are getting when they use all these options varying depending on the patient, they’re reaching 100% success rate and preventing any deaths from COVID.

But they’ve just ignored the law. They’ve hidden all of these facts from the American people. It’s criminal: people have died because of their lies. And I’m just as frustrated as I can be. The only thing that keeps me sane is guys like you, Brad that are out there fighting against it. 

And hopefully your lawsuits will eventually bring that truth to the forefront. I really want to encourage our audience go to, get signed up for the email, you want to get on Brad’s email so you can be alerted to when they’re having the webinars and new information.

But also donate, make that donation, whether it’s $5 or $5,000, help Brad continue these lawsuits. It’s incredibly important for the whole country, not just for the client in that particular case. When you’ve won, Brad, these cases on religious liberty and help these churches against the shutdown orders and all that, that’s benefited all the other churches and all of us. 

And what you’re doing is about more than just the client that you’re representing. It’s literally for the whole country. So God bless you.


Well, Rick, I appreciate that. And on our website, we have all the information people need to know for students to file religious exemptions for employees, for employers how to get around Biden’s upcoming mandate. Even people in the military, we have all that laid out on our website, And we have upcoming Zoom calls with our attorneys. To register for that, they just simply go to our website We’re here to serve people throughout America without charge.


Rick:, keep it up, brother. God bless you, man. Let’s get you back again soon.


Thank you, I appreciate the opportunity, Rick. Thanks.


Thank now is Brad Dacus. Folks, stay with us, we’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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Over 20,000 Requests


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. And thanks to Brad Dacus for joining us, and for all the good work of Pacific Justice Institute. Be sure to check out, get on their email list, make a donation, they’re doing incredible work, and that work could very well preserve your freedom as well as the clients that they’re working for. 

Back with David and Tim. Guys, very thankful for Brad, you know, these webinars that he’s doing, the representation that he’s doing, even this lawsuit now against Los Angeles County on behalf of these first responders, incredibly important work.


Well, something you said in the interview, Rick. What do you say about Mat Staver, he had, was it 40,000 contacts he’s had…?


20,000 requests already. And that was a week ago before a lot of this additional craziness.


Yeah, and this is not only Mat Staver. Pretty much every one of these organizations we talked to that defend religious liberty, whether it be First Liberty, or Liberty Council or Pacific Justice Institute or Alliance Defending Freedom, or I mean, we can literally go down the list of almost like this alphabet soup of these organizations that defend religious freedom and all of them are getting bombarded.

One of the things I thought that was great that Brad pointed out though, is it used to be to get a religious exemption that people made you identify your denomination, and your denomination had to have a specific creed that said, our denomination doesn’t do this and if you didn’t have that denominational creed piece of paper, then you didn’t get the exemption. 

What he pointed out is no, is really just a firmly held religious belief and conviction, which is really convenient, because for a lot of people, the churches that we would go to, a lot of our churches have never taken a position on this issue. And certainly, there are some churches out there that have. But the vast majority of churches in America have not taken a position.

Something Every American Must Learn

But it doesn’t mean that individuals that attend those churches don’t have a sincerely held religious belief regarding this issue. And so knowing that the Constitution is now interpreted to recognize every single individual, which is the way it should be, and their protection and their right of religious freedom and religious choice, it is a really good thing.


And by the way, just a little background on that. We love the movie Sergeant York, Alvin York, the great hero of World War I, the reason they would not let him be a conscientious objector was that his church in Tennessee did not have a written statement as part of the denomination. And that went through the 60s as you had so many people who did not want to fight in the war in Vietnam. 

They required conscientious objectors to show a clause in their church doctrines that oppose that. And finally in about 1968-69, that the courts changed that in the Welsh decision. Where we are today is with a much more recognition of the individual conscience, which is much where the pilgrims were at and so many of the early settlers, they believed in the rights of individual religious conscience, it’s good to see the courts get back to that interpretation.


And guys, this is something that I don’t think is going away anytime soon. This is something unfortunately that a lot of these answers get litigated, obviously, an injunction can happen very quickly. But for to finally be litigated, it can take years, and hopefully, this will be something that we get an answer to sooner than later. 

Because right now, there’s a lot of people in the military, there’s a lot of people, whether they be police departments in different places where they are being forced into a position of having to choose their livelihood, or this vaccine, or whatever the case might be.

How To Handle Federal Medical Mandates – With Brad Dacus

And we have long been proponents in the show that you have the freedom of choice, you have the right of an individual to make a choice and not to say that there’s not boundaries of obviously moral things when it comes to murder, or theft, or things that are very clear with natural law or the laws of nature’s God, so to speak, but something like this, it’s a very different category. And so we’re very grateful that there are guys like Brad Dacus from Pacific Justice Institute who are helping lead and champion this fight to preserve people’s freedom and freedom of choice.


That’s why it’s important to get the truth out there. Folks, you got to share these programs. Most people are not getting truth on any of these issues. And it’s our job to educate our friends and family, neighbors. Be sure to take one of our Constitution classes, host it in your home or at your church. All of that information you can get at and You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.