In Defense Of Navy SEALs Against The COVID Jab – Attorney Davis Younts – In defense of our Navy SEALs, attorney Davis Younts joins us to give an important update on these cases. Our heroes are facing dishonorable discharge and court martial if they don’t get the jab. Tune in to hear more, and how you can help and pray for these men and women and those representing them.

Air Date: 11/08/2021

Guest: Attorney Davis Younts

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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I’m Rick Green, former Texas legislator, and America’s Constitution coach. And I’m here with Tim Barton. He’s a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. And David Barton is with us. He’s America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders. And we’re so glad that you are a part of today’s program as well. Be sure and share it with your friends and family. Be a force multiplier. We’re going to speak a lot of truth today, that truth needs to get out there into this culture so that others can learn it, and we can continue to work towards restoring our constitutional republic.

So, David, and Tim, we’ve got an attorney coming on a little later in the program that’s representing some Navy Seals and others in the military. And of course, we been talking about this for weeks, people are losing their jobs all over the country in all kinds of industries. But I tell you, man, the military guys and gals, the very ones that are putting their lives on the line for us, it’s almost like they will not even listen to any kind of reason, doesn’t matter: medical, religious, whatever, it’s just here’s the order, everybody’s going to get it, and if you don’t get the jab, boy, the consequences are severe.


Yeah, one of the things that we made light of and joked about several years ago when Little Sisters of the Poor were at the Supreme Court case. And one of the jokes that was made, and this was from the Obama administration, one of the jokes was if you are taking a group of nuns to court, religious nuns, if you’re taking them to court, you’re probably on the wrong side of the issue. If you are in a situation now where if you look in the Navy SEAL community, there’s approximately 2,000 active-duty Navy SEALs right now, and there’s approximately 200 of those Navy SEALs who are filing for exemptions on some level, who don’t want to take the jab.

And so you’re talking about 10% of Navy SEALs. Well, if you’re in a situation where you have 10% of Navy SEALs that you’re about to kick out of the military because you don’t think that they’re physically fit enough if they don’t take their shot, like you might be doing this wrong, right. You might be on the wrong side because the notion is, well, we want them to be healthy, and we don’t want them to get sick.

And if you just look at the basic numbers, so Navy SEALs, generally, you’re talking about guys in the peak physical condition of their lives, generally speaking, they’re going to be in their 20s, you can stay into your 30s and whatnot, but oftentimes, they’ll retire and they’ll get private contract job so they can make a lot of money doing other things. So generally speaking, your trauma guys in their 20s, who are incredibly physically healthy to be able to get into the Navy SEAL program and do well and even military in general, you can’t really have underlying medical conditions to be there.

So they don’t have underlying medical conditions. They’re young, and they’re healthy. So just looking at the basic stat line of people who are young healthy in their 20s in great physical fitness shape condition, how does COVID affect them? Hardly not at all, right. Like these guys are not impacted by COVID and yet we’re saying that unless you get the jab, you’re not fit for military service, military fitness, etc. And so it doesn’t make sense on lots of levels, one of the level just on the basic reality of what COVID is, of who it will actually impacts and the people that have been most negatively affected by COVID, that’s not your Navy SEALs community that’s going to be negatively impacted by COVID.

Now, I understand what people might say is yes, but they could be carriers of it, and they might carry it back to their family or friends and other people, could be negatively impacted. Except what we know right now is, even if you get the COVID jab, you can still carry COVID back to your family or your friends or anyone else, you can still be a carrier, and you can still die from COVID even if you get the vaccine.

So this is not a foolproof plan to keep you from getting this. And yet, not only are we requiring these guys to get the jab or be kicked out of the military and whatever penalty they want to ascribe with it, which I really think a lot of the penalties are just trying to pressure them, you’re trying to twist the Navy SEALs arm into compliance, and I just feel like Navy SEALs are not the kind of guys that you want to bully generally speaking. It just seems like a bad idea they’re going to stand up and they’re not going to go for being bullied.

With that being said, now we’re talking about a different level of trying to find an exemption and it’s a religious exemption, which this religious exemption is protected under the First Amendment, and yet, they’re not being given basic constitutional privileges. And we talk about, I understand that if you are in the military, you are part of the executive branch and the executive branch can set the tone and the orders for what’s in the military. And yet this was not part of the condition when joining the military, this experimental jab that is maybe being required, and I’m saying experimental because it’s only been out here for approximately a year and a half, if even that long. And so we have no idea what the long-term consequences of this are because it hasn’t been around long enough to know what long-term consequences are.

So just practically, medically speaking, you might have hesitations, but now they have a religious reason to have exemptions, and the Biden administration to reject any kind of exemption requests on a blanket level is almost unconscionable. And yet, that’s where the Biden administration has put themselves going up against a large group of Navy SEALs.


Well, we’re going to talk to one of the attorneys. There’s several groups that are representing different groups of these Navy SEALs as well as other members of the military across the country. And one of the guys that’s helping to coordinate that and has a lot of these folks is Davis Younts. And so we’re going to take a quick break, we’ll be right back, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. We had Davis Younts with us and you’ve seen him on television, you’ve seen him on Fox, all these channels, he’s represented all these Navy SEALs, Blackhawk helicopter guys, all these incredible warriors that are saying no to the jab, they’re choosing their health making a decision for themselves. And the government is saying no, we’re going to force that, we’re going to discharge guys that are putting their lives on the line for us, and the best warriors on the planet. It’s unbelievable.

Davis, God bless you for representing these guys and gals. I’m so thankful for you being on the front lines. I think people forget some of the most important warriors of our day right now are the attorneys that still love the Constitution and love freedom. Appreciate you coming on today, man.


Hey, thanks for this opportunity. It’s a real honor.


Well, you got you got quite a few clients across the branches that kind of started with these Navy SEAL guys. And of course, we had pastor Jeff on a couple of weeks ago to kind of get a briefing on why they’re saying no, and that they want to do it the right way. It was part of what really impressed me was just the attitude. They want to make sure they’re honoring God, they’re honoring their country, they’re honoring the Constitution, all of those things. And these are people that have had to get tons of vaccines. So it’s not like they’re anti-vax. They’re just saying, hey, in this case, we’ve got certain objections that we should have the constitutional right to say no. So help us understand where you are in the representation of these folks and the deadlines that are coming up and what do you think is going to happen next?


Yeah, I appreciate the opportunity to do that. And I will just note that it was incredible to be in a room with a couple of dozen Navy SEALs who when you say we’re doing it the right way, it was beyond that. It wasn’t just attorneys in the room. It was pastors, a whole team of pastors to pray with these guys and share just a biblical foundation for what they’re doing. So, what an awesome opportunity to be part of that. That’s the good news.

The bad news is the military seems to be doubling down on this right now. What my clients are seeing across the board, across all the branches is a game plan by the military to deny at least initially all religious accommodation requests. That’s the plan. So, almost all of my clients have already submitted at least the first level of a request for religious accommodation. Some are waiting for a denial to come back. Others have already received their denial. And all the denials we’ve seen so far are exactly the same.

Constitutionally and according to the law, as well as Department of Defense instructions, so military regulations, each religious accommodation request is supposed to get evaluated individually and factually. And here, what we’re seeing is boilerplate denials. They’re all the same, same language. The only thing that’s changing is the name of the service member that’s in there.

It’s very similar on the Medical. So some of my clients also have medical reasons why their doctors have told them don’t get this vaccine. And all of those reasons are being rejected. The only medical exemption for this vaccine that the military is willing to recognize is a negative reaction to the first shot for this vaccine. So no other medical condition…


You have get the first jab and have a negative reaction before you can say no to the next 47 jabs.


Absolutely right. That’s never been how the military is treated in another vaccine. It’s not how the military traditionally treats religious accommodation requests. But that’s what we’re seeing here. So, I have clients that are pregnant, I have clients that are nursing mothers, and then I have clients that are healthy but they have clotting issues, they have other injuries they suffered over time, or they have had viral myocarditis, and they’re being denied medical exemptions for this vaccine.


I got to back you up to the first one. It blows my mind that they would not even consider or not grant a medical exemption for someone that is pregnant when there is so much data out there of how many babies have been lost, how many miscarriages, all of the problems with fertility. I mean, this is not just theory that it could happen. It’s happened. And the data is out there. And they’re still saying no, no exemption for you. That’s unbelievable.


That’s absolutely right. And it feels very in what my clients see, and it’s a question I’m asked a lot is, well, isn’t this just political? Well, it’s not political for my clients. For my clients, it’s about their religious faith; and for some their religious faith as well as their health and their safety and their ability to provide for their families. It feels very political from the military, and from the Department of Defense to my clients. It feels like there is no countering. There’s no logic. There’s no reason. There’s no legal argument that is being listened to right now. So we are going to have to turn in many cases to the courts, I think.


Yeah, I mean, just the stubbornness of just a blanket denial to everyone that applies. And you know, obviously, the religious exemption, I think, ultimately, the First Amendment has to win at some point here. And I think it was the Sixth Circuit that ruled in favor of those athletes a few weeks ago. So hopefully, that’s a domino to fall in the right direction.

But the medical exemptions to not take that into account, whether it’s the pregnancy or the clotting issue when we don’t know the long term effects of the vaccine, but we do know the short term effects can be very negative on those particular groups. And then are there any of your clients that have had COVID, and are making a medical exemption request based on the fact that they already have better immunity, and there are several studies that show if you’ve had COVID and get the vaccine, you get a four times greater chance of having a negative reaction?


Almost all of my clients have had a documented case of COVID. Almost all of them have positive antibody tests for they call it the T-cell test, but they have the positive serology, that’s the language the military uses. And again, what’s so troubling to me and my clients is every other vaccine that the military requires, they recognize natural immunity. It’s in the Department of Defense instructions. It’s in the regulations. A medical, there’s even a specific code for it. There is a recognized medical exemption for having natural immunity. And that is being ignored here. The guidance that’s come out from the Department of Defense, from the Pentagon is we’re not going to recognize natural immunity, with no explanation.


Yeah, it’s like the logic part of the brain is just shut off for the whole country. I mean, isn’t the military’s number one purpose basically to defend, to break things, whatever’s necessary there we’re supposed to have a ready force. So if that’s their number one purpose to have a ready force, I can understand if they really thought COVID was going to go through the military and make our whole military unable to defend our nation. They know that’s not going to happen. And they know the data says these guys and gals have natural immunity, and yet they’re willing to discharge this incredibly high percentage of members of the military over this, which does put us at risk for readiness. I mean, how do they defend that? What do they say to you when you’re in these hearings? What do they say to the Judges?


The things that I’m hearing and the things that are saying they’re saying is either a lot of it quite frankly and quite sadly in the military leadership and my clients chain of command is just a refusal to do anything other than say this is what we’ve been told to do from the top so we’re going to do it.


Wow, it’s like again, the logic, don’t think about it, don’t actually have input on it. Unbelievable. Okay, Davis, I want to give out your website, We gave this out when Jeff was on and we want to encourage people to go there, donate, pray for these guys, get on their email list, be a part of this.

You know, Davis, I’m hoping that you guys, not only that you’re able to secure the constitutional rights and the medical freedom and the religious liberty of these individuals that you’re defending here, but that it can be another one of the dominoes that helps to free our nation again and shake us out of our slumber here in our… I don’t even know how to describe it. I’m thinking about that military guy that said don’t get stuck on stupid. Well, we’ve been stuck on stupid for 20 months.

But I just think your lawsuit and the people you’re working with is critical for the whole nation. It’s definitely critical for those individual clients you’ve got. I know that’s your passion. But I know how much you love the country as well and Pastor Jeff as well. And so I want people to stand with you guys, the website’s perfect name,, Folks, you can donate today. Get on their email list. Pray for each of these clients. Pray for the legal teams to have wisdom and wit and sharpness and to be strategic. I started to do a George Bush there and say have good “strategery”. But pray for Davis. Pray for all of these other attorneys that are on the frontlines. Davis, can you give us specific things that we should be praying for as you’re in the middle of this fight?


Yeah, I mean, just pray for myself and some of the other great attorneys that are involved just for wisdom and for endurance. And then just pray for our military members. Pray for their families as well as they stand firm in this. My clients, and myself I stand to lose my retirement after 19 years. Many of my clients stand to lose their retirement or bonuses and other things. So there’s a lot at stake financial resources are needed. But just pray for conviction and pray that the gospel will be spread, and that people will stand for freedom and biblical justice as a result of those in the military that are willing to take a stand based on their faith and convictions.


Amen. Amen. Before I let you go, kind of timeline or expectations, what do you think going forward as far as when all of this plays out?


It’s going to be waves, and it’s not going to be fast. We’re going to see here, there’s some deadlines that hit tomorrow. There’s some deadlines that hit at the end of the month because there’s a lot of arbitrary deadlines for different branches in the military. So over the next 30 days, we will see initial denials, and then we’ll be in the appeal stage. So the military has an appeal process for the denials, and that will take another 2-3 months. And then from there military members will be facing court martial, discharge boards, administrative actions, and federal litigation. So there’s a flurry of activity now, then there’ll be a slight pause, and then we’ll be gearing up for 2-3 more phases of this fight.


Wow. I mean, to even have the words court martial in the context of what we’re talking about here it just blows my mind. In the meantime, what is the action against them that you appeal and what happens to them during that 2-3 months?


So the appeal of the original initial request for religious accommodation, during that 2-3 months, they are not supposed to be received any punishment, they’re not supposed to be received any adverse action. One of the really challenging and difficult things about this is that my clients had been removed from command positions, fired as commanders. They’ve been pulled out of the cockpit. If they’re fighter pilots, if they’re SEALS, they’re not allowed to train or do their job in the Center. And again, that’s another example of a clear violation of the law and Department of Defense regulations. So that’s one of the many things that we’re going to probably have to go into federal court and work with other attorneys and law firms to challenge in federal court.


It’s shocking to me because this has happened in so many other arenas over the last 20 months. They don’t have to actually prove that you really are a threat to the other guys on that team or in that chopper or whatever it might be. It’s just theory. They just say well, you might spread COVID or you might… I mean there’s no evidence. I just cannot believe that they’re taking these actions all based on this. I mean it’s fear for some, but I think for them it’s just lack of logic and just literally scare tactics of the unknown. It blows my mind that they would actually do that to our best warriors all based on theory and not based on science and facts.

Thank God you’re there, Davis. God bless you guys for what you’re doing. I encourage people to go to the website today We’d love to have you back for updates. Like you said, we know it’s going to be a long haul situation and folks need to stay in the fight. I’m so glad. Please tell your clients, there are millions of us around the country that are with them. And I wish we could get millions of us to donate. We’ll see how many of them we get to do that because I know this takes money. It’s not easy to do this, like you said, even just the physical stamina because it’s just non-stop. So we’ll definitely be praying.

But I really want to encourage people, take action, actually, donate. You’re always saying people always tell me I wish I knew what to do and I can’t do anything. I’m just little oh, me. I don’t care if it’s $5, $500, $5,000, whatever you can do, Davis, God bless you. Let’s get you back soon.


Alright. God bless you.


Stay with us, folks. We’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. And thanks for your support out there of these military members. You know, we’re always talking about how much we honor them, how thankful we are for them. Well, right now they need us. They need these attorneys to be representing them. They need finances to be able to support this fight that they are in. So we encourage you to go to that website today. We’re going to have a link today at so you can go and not only donate, but also get on the email list and stay up to date on this.

Back with David and Tim and guys, I got to admit, I mean, I hope it’s righteous anger, and I’m being angry and not sinning, but I get angry when I think about the way that we’re treating these incredible men and women, I mean, pregnant women that we know. I mean, the studies show this job is not good for them. They’re serving us in the military, and no exemption for them. That’s over the top.


Well, there are exemptions for them. Federal Government is ignoring in some law, it’s ignoring the Constitution, religious exemptions are there. The protection for the rights of conscience and the First Amendment covers religious exemptions. So the Biden administration is simply ignoring the law. They’re not even letting the process run itself out.

As Davis pointed out, we have sections in the code that completely give you the process by which you do these things and they’re just bypassing all that part of the code. So it is pretty amazing. And Tim, you talked at the very beginning about how we’re looking here at perhaps 10% of Navy SEALs going away. That’s a huge loss in that community. That would not be a functioning community because you’re not taking 10% off the top, you’re taking some out of every unit. And every unit is just a small set of guys that all rely on each other. So you are really just hamstringing most of the Navy SEAL units.


And we’re talking about military readiness on some level too, being important. Because we saw, China has these new weapons and these new missiles, and it can take out satellites, or whatever the case is. You are seeing increasing threats around the globe. And you’re now talking about some of the greatest freedom fighters we have in this nation, some of the greatest warriors we have in this nation that you want to sideline because they won’t get an experimental jab.

And by the way, let’s also point out that we’re not even talking about natural immunity for maybe some people that have already had COVID, and that’s not going to be good enough, even though studies show that natural immunity can be much more effective than the jab ever was. This is utter craziness to sideline some of our greatest warriors at a time when we might need them the most.


And as Davis pointed out, there is an entire section in the code for those that have natural immunity. If you have natural immunity, there’s a whole different treatment for you. And Biden administration’s ignoring what’s actually in the code. And so, Rick, you asked the question, you said how do they defend us losing our readiness by discharging so many who won’t get vaccinated and decimated in military force?

And I got to go back to an old Hollywood movie back in the 1970s called Love Story, Ryan O’Neal. And the famous line out of that “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Well, I think it’s the same for liberals. If you’re progressive liberal, it means never having to say you’re sorry. You have a track record of terrible mistakes over the last dozens of decades, and you’ve decimated so many things from the economy to the morality to the military, to the whatever. And it means never having to say you’re sorry.

I mean, it’s crazy. Progressive liberals don’t use logic on regular basis, at least that we can see, at least when you judge by the effects of what they do. So it’s kind of the same thing that we’re seeing here. This is irrational. And I go back to a verse I mentioned a few days ago, Proverbs 19, anything you’re in a rush to do, you usually turns out bad, Proverbs 19:2, whoever haste with this feet sins. And the Biden administration is just determined to cram this down everybody’s throat. It’s not going to end well. And that’s not a good deal.


Well, and we’re so thankful for all of these attorneys that are out there participating in this and willing to serve these guys and gals and come alongside them. You can be a part of that. is the website., go there, donate, get on their email list, stay informed, and tell others about it. I mean, this is one of those that I think moves people off a dead center. When you realize who we’re talking about here, some of the healthiest men or women on the planet, and you’re still going to force this jab on them when they’re refusing and you’re going to literally dishonorably discharge all the things that you’re talking about, I mean, this wakes people up to realize how ridiculous these policies are. And so go to that website today, We sure appreciate you listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.