Israel Holy Land Tour With WallBuilders Live’s David Barton: Israel is a trip of a lifetime!  Join us in January 2019 for a once in a lifetime trip to the Holy Land.  It is an 11 day trip visiting 20 Biblically historical sites.  Stand in the very spot many stories from the Bible took place!  You read the Bible in black and white until you go to the Holy Land and then after that you read in full technicolor. If you”€™re interested in coming to Israel, tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 07/25/2018

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture

Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live!

We’re talking about today’s hottest topics on the policy of faith and culture affecting the nation.We’re also doing that from a very specific perspective that is a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. We go from that perspective on every issue of the day and what’s happening in the world around us.

We’re here today with David Barton. America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Tim Barton’s with us. He”€™s a national speaker, pastor and president of WallBuilders and I”€™m  Rick Green. I”€™m a former Texas legislator.

You can find out more at and also Both of those websites will have a lot of great information for you.

WallBuilders, by the way, comes from that scripture in Nehemiah that says arise and rebuild the walls that we may no longer be a reproach. We’re rebuilding the foundations that made America a great nation in the first place. David, Tim, and speaking of Nehemiah and rebuilding the walls. We’re going there. We’re actually going to go to the Holy Land in January and February. January 28th.

Going To The Holy Land

Yeah we are. It will be a fun trip. We’ve been there several times. I remember the first time I went was kind of like God”€™s got me doing stuff in America. I’m really not that interested in other nations.

Got there and it revolutionized my view as a Christian. As an American as well as a Christian American particularly. I heard someone say recently that you read the Bible in black and white until you go to the Holy Land.  And then after that you read in full technicolor. That’s exactly right.
You don’t know you’re reading in black and white until you get there and see. All these things I imagine in my mind. What I thought the wilderness looked like is what I thought the wilderness looked like over here.

Because all I’ve ever seen is a wilderness over here. But you get to that wilderness. It’s nothing like what I thought it would be. It’s just totally different.

Visiting Israel Allows You To Read The Bible In Technicolor!

So, since then I’ve taken the position that what every Christian American needs is to go to the birthplace of their faith. That is to Israel. They need to go to the birthplace of their freedom.

Which is the the corridor there from Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, and New York. That couple hour drive that  make up the East Coast there. Those are foundational.

And really helping you have a better perspective on what it means to be a Christian and to be an American. But talking about going to Israel that’s going to be a really fun trip.
And so this is a 10 day trip. Right?


Actually, it”€™s 11 days total, Rick.


Counting your travel?
Counting travel that”€™s right. Nine days on the ground in Israel. And one day traveling over. One day back.
There’s more that’s going to be seen than we could possibly cover in today’s program. But just give us some highlights I mean in the trips that y”€™all have been on. Tim what’s been the most memorable part?

Highlights of the Upcoming  Israel Trip


The two places that stand out the most. Actually maybe three. Certainly the Sea of Galilee. Getting to go out on a boat in the evening.

And you’re in the middle of Galilee sea. Where and really it’s a giant lake. But they call it the Sea of Galilee.

But you’re out where Jesus walked on the water. You’re at a place where around that so many miracles happened. So many things you read in the New Testament.

And they go, oh yeah that happened right over there.  They say something else. Yeah, well that happened they point to the other side of the lake.  You’re going wait a second like this is crazy. It all happened right here.

Getting to go up to the cave where King David was hiding from King Saul. And what I always imagined that cave to be. Or in general what caves are. I guess based on some of the caves I’ve visited here in the States.

It was just so different than the caves that were at where the spring was. Where David was hiding out. Or we went to the valley. Where the Israelites were battling the Philistines and Goliath comes out as a champion.

Then there’s little shepherd boy David comes out. And we got to go to that actual valley. There’s a little creek that runs along that valley. Where David went and picked his five smooth stones.

And we actually got to go down to that creek. One of the things that is kind of unique I guess in Israel. I’m saying that because in America, if you go to a state park or a national park they will tell you you can’t pick up a a stick on the ground.

Because that”€™s National Park property. And if you pick up a stick off the ground that’s stealing. You’re not allowed to do that.

It’s a little different in Israel. When we go down to this creek our guides say, “€œHey do you want a rock?  You can take one. It can be a memory for you.”€

Take Rocks for a Memory of  Israel

And take this rock.  David collected rocks here and you pick up rocks. It”€™s great. It’s so different even their mentality.

Because they want you to experience something. And places that the stories are very well recognized in your mind. You have some kind of imagination that has brought this story to life.

Maybe I mean for my generation. We grew up whether it was like that superbook or Veggietales or something. Something was there to put a picture to these stories.

But seeing it in person. It’s not what I imagined it to be. And as Dad, you mentioned it really does bring the Bible to life. Because you see it not how you imagined it. You see it for how it is.


In these places you’re talking about, Tim. I mean these are some of the most known most popular. The stories from the Bible that we know.

And on this trip we’re going to hit 20 of them.  20 Biblical and historical sites are going to be amazing. Take a quick break. We’ll be right back. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

Moment From American History

This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. Crime is one of America’s most serious problems today. Its effects reach not only the direct victims of this violence but even those who have not been attacked. The concern for crime has not been limited to this century, however, our Founding Fathers were also concerned about it.

Yet, the effects of crime unquestionably were much less in their generation. So what was their deterrent to crime? Signer of the Constitution James McHenry answered that question.

He explained, “€œThe Holy Scriptures can alone secure to society order and peace. In vain without the Bible we increase penal laws and draw protections around our institutions. Bibles are strong defenses, where they abound men cannot pursue wicked courses.”€

Founding Father James McHenry believed that widely teaching the Bible was the best means to deter crime. For more information on God’s hand in American history contact WallBuilders at 1 800 8 REBUILD.

Plan A Trip To Israel

Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live!  We’re talking about Israel. And why every Christian should go and visit.

We’re looking forward to doing that in February. And David you’ve got a website that people can go and learn more. Right?
We do. One of our very good friends from church. Their church is close to where we have a ranch. So they have stepped in to help and they’re helping on the paperwork side of this.

And so the sign up for the trip we’re talking about. Rick, you’re going to be there with Kara. Tim’s going to be there with Gabby. I’m going to be there with Cheryl.

And we got what I consider to be the best tour guide in all of Israel. Unbelievable guy. He’s an Israeli. He is an archaeologist.

He’s the guy who ran the Dead Sea Scrolls National Park. He’s a special forces kind of a soldier. Just unbelievable. What is he, Tim?  38, 39?


Yeah. Somewhere mid to late 30s. At my recollection.


Just high energy. High knowledge. Got a lot of youtube stuff out there with him showing what is over in Israel. And just really interesting.

But the website is called  Now Jacksboro is the town where this church is helping us and CM is Christian Missions which is the name of the church. So

And then this is 2019 trip. It’s going to be January the 28th of this coming January through February the 7th. So  And you can go here you can see the itinerary see what we’ll be doing all those days nine days in Israel.

Rick, as you said 20 sites you can sign up there to go on this trip. It is an amazing trip to Israel we’ve been a number of times and we’ve got this thing honed down to just just really life changing places.
Guys, I would point out too that there’s a lot of groups that do go to Israel. And so even if you’re listening and thinking.  Man, I don’t know if I can be ready by January 2019.

Well, it’s very likely that we will take more trips in the future number one.

Number two though, there’s lots of groups that go.  So even if you’re not able to make this trip with us you ought to plan at some point saying you know what? Let me just start a savings account right now.  Twenty dollars a month. Forty dollars a month.

Whatever you can do. Start putting that away. Because it’s not a really cheap trip to go on.

Something like this to go over to Israel. The airfare, the accommodations. Although, in this situation most expenses are paid when you pay that fee upfront. Most things are covered.

But, it’s not something in the grand scheme of taking a trip. It’s not a cheap trip to go on by any means. It certainly is an experience of a lifetime.

Where if you go on one of these trips.  As I mentioned, it doesn’t have to be our trip. You can go on another trip. Now I can’t vouch for what all the other trips will do.  

Start Saving to take a Trip To Israel

I’ve never been on a trip that wasn’t one of ours. I generally go on the trips that I put on. So I’ve never been on a trip that I haven’t put on. I don’t know what these other groups do.

Haven’t been with them. And haven’t traveled with them. I do know what we do.  Comparatively, I have seen that we’re not one of the more expensive trips that goes to Israel.
But it is certainly something that the experience is worth the money. It’s worth the investment to be able to go to this. And so if you’re not able to save the money to go in January. Then start saving now.

Maybe it takes you two or three years to get your savings account where it needs to be. So you can afford one of these trips. But I’m going to tell you.

So, if it’s mom and dad listening right now. You’re going to want to come. What’s going to happen is as soon as you come here. You”€™re gonna say, “€œOh my gosh, I’ve got to bring my kids.”€

If you”€™re grandparents you”€™re going to say, “€œOh my gosh.  I’ve got to bring my kids and my grandkids.”€ It’s something that really once you’ve experienced it. You will want everybody in your family. Everybody you know and love.

You”€™re gonna want them to come and experience this too. Because it really does bring the Bible to life. And it makes our faith so much more alive and relevant.

Israel Brings the Bible to Life

Because it’s no longer just a book I’ve read. It’s something I’ve actually walked and  experience. I’m seeing this firsthand. It’s something you’re going to want to do.
And there’s another aspect that we do with this as well. Tim, I have been on a number of other trips led by other folks. They”€™re good trips to Israel. I mean it’s life changing every time.

Israel Is Safe For Tourists

Ours is as you said, not one of the most expensive by any means. It tends to be on the other end. But what we do that”€™s different from every other trip I’ve been on. Is we also take the past and try to make it relevant to the present.

So when you look at the history of Israel, the Bible, and Christianity. And you stand there on the southern steps of the temple. Where that you had Peter giving the sermon on the day of Pentecost. And that’s where the church was birthed. You get to stand right there where He gave the sermon.

It’s just life changing stuff. But having said that what we also do is. We always take time to do a little bit on the current military side. See where the military things are.

Israel is surrounded by enemies in ways you cannot believe. We actually get to go see where that’s occurring right now. So it gives you a whole different scope of what”€™s in the news.

And we also do some political stuff. Because we want you to know some of the current political leaders in Israel. Then when you see the news it”€™s a whole different perspective.

But, I will say that even with the enemies around where Israel is. And interestingly when you’re in Israel.  Israel is really one of the safest places that a tourist can be. I mean both sides do not want any kind of an incident with tourists


By the way, that seems counterintuitive. How many times it seems almost in a week we see in the news that something’s happening in Israel. Somebody shooting rockets over Israel.

What About The Rockets in Israel?

It seems like there’s a lot of violence a lot of terrorism in Israel. Yet you’re saying as a tourist it’s really safe. How can there be so much violence in places and yet tourists be safe?
Yeah, well let’s not forget we had Amir on a couple of weeks ago. And he talked about the fact that Chicago is more dangerous in many cases. Certainly more deaths.
Oh, yeah. When you look at death. and see the other side the opposition Hamas and the terrorists do not want to take out American tourists because then they bring America into this. On a side they don’t want. And so tourists tend to be very safe over there. Both sides.
It’s also worth pointing out where it is most of the hostility happened. It’s not where tourists are.


That’s right.


In the sense of where it happens in Israel, right. Just using Texas in geography for a second. So if you’re familiar with Texas at all. Dallas/Fort Worth is kind of North Centeral Texas.

And so, if we said hey, San Antonio there’s a lot of violence. There’s a lot of fights. A lot of things that happen. So you shouldn’t visit Dallas/Fort Worth. Because San Antonio is dangerous.
Now wait a second. If you know geography. San Antonio is not real close to Dallas/Fort Worth. In fact it’s hours away.

Hamas Terrorist Activity

Well,, it’s actually similar when you look at what happens. With like the Gaza Strip in Israel. When you look at what happens with where Hamas does terrorist activity. It happens at places in Israel where there are not tourist sites.

But it’s just something that they can try to bring media attention to. And say, oh look at the unrest. Look at the problems. Israel’s done so much to try to acquiesce and solve these problems.

They’ve tried so many times to make peace with the Palestinians. The Palestinians frankly don’t want peace. They want Israel removed. They want the Jews out of Israel.

And so it’s a lot different problem than what the media often portrays about this.
But the bottom line is even though there is activity that happens. Sometimes violence is practiced on places by Hamas and others in Israel.

It’s not where the tourist sites and locations are. And certainly, not where we’d be going anywhere near on this trip. As you mentioned  tourists have not been injured at these tourist sites from terrorists in Israel.

Actually, is a very, very safe place to be. Contrary to what you might see on evening news.
Yeah. It”€™s one of the regular comments we get from people who are over there. I felt safer here than I did back home. And literally you do. It literally is a very peaceful feeling. A very quiet feeling place.

Gaza Strip

And as you said down to the Gaza Strip.  They”€™ve got turmoil down there on the border with Egypt. But that’s down there.

As many times as I’ve been to Israel I have never been to the Gaza Strip at all. There was so much else to see. You have thousands of archaeological and historical sites in Israel. And there is just so much there. The terrorists do leave those areas alone.

So it really is relatively speaking it’s a very safe place to. And again much safer than New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., or Baltimore. All of these other cities statistically speaking much safer in Israel.
Hey guys, quick break. When we come back. I want to learn a little bit more about the different places that we’re going to go. And how this is going to take place.

Because in 10 or 11 days there’s a lot to see in 20 different sites. What are some of those other sites? Stay with us folks. Be right back WallBuilders Live!

Share a veteran’s story

We Want To Hear Your Vet Story


Hey friends! If you have been listening to WallBuilders Live for very long at all, you know how much we respect our veterans and how appreciative we are of the sacrifice they make to make our freedoms possible. One of the ways that we love to honor those veterans is to tell their stories here on WallBuilders Live.  Once in awhile, we get an opportunity to interview veterans that have served on those front lines that have made incredible sacrifices have amazing stories that we want to share with the American people.

One of the very special things we get to do is interview World War II veterans. You’ve heard those interviews here on WallBuilders Live, from folks that were in the Band of Brothers, to folks like Edgar Harrell that survived the Indianapolis to so many other great stories you heard on WallBuilders Live.

You have friends and family that also served.  If you have World War II veterans in your family that you would like to have their story shared here on WallBuilders Live, please e-mail us at [email protected].  Give us a brief summary of the story and we’ll set up an interview. Thanks so much for sharing here on WallBuilders Live!

Weather In  Israel

Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us here at WallBuilders Live. Talking about going to Israel next spring.

Well,, it’s not really spring I guess.
What’s the weather like in Israel in January, February anyway?
It’s really fairly fairly mild. It’s not bad at all. It would be kind of like a…


Mild winter or a mild summer? You’re saying it’s not bad.


Well,, he”€™s saying in January. He’s asking in January.


Right. So in Israel does it feel like a mild winter or a mild summer?


It would be mostly in the 60s.


So it’s kind of a southern winter. Is what it would be. It tends to be a little cool but not frigid. Not cold.  It”€™s very comfortable. Well, so a jacket is pretty good.

David”€™s Favorite Places


I asked Tim what his favorite memorable. Most memorable locations were. David what about you?
Oh man. I love Masada.That is a place that is central to the current Israeli independence.

That is the last stronghold of the Jews. Before the Romans were able to conquer them. Back at the time of the burning of the temple in 70 A.D.

So that is an unbelievable place. It’s kind of like for Texans kind of like going to the Alamo. But I love going there.
I love going to the Mediterranean Sea. Where Paul was held as a prisoner when they shipped him out. When they were sending him to Rome. Sensorium Maritime there. It is just  an unbelievable place.

They’ve got a palace there that’s where Pontius Pilate lived. That’s where they have one of the palaces there.

And if you’ve seen the movie Ben-Hur. From back in Charlton Heston you see the chariot race. They have one of those Hippodromes there. Where they had the chariot races.

And it’s just really cool to see. It’s just a great place to be. I really like getting up to the Golan Heights. Which is where there’s the border with Syria. And again that border is very safe.

Look Over Into Syria

But we stay there and you can look over into Syria. And it’s just. You see where all the stuff is going on with Israel.

Then you get to the Jordan River. And the Jordan River was a lot of fun. It is not at all what I thought a river would look like in Israel. Where the baptismal site traditional baptismal site.

Where people go to get baptized in the Jordan River. Even if they had been baptized before. They want to get baptized in the Jordan River.  It really is a cool place. Just quite unlike anything I had ever seen in the way of a river.

So there is just a lot of stuff there that is a lot of fun. I love going to walk in the synagogue where Jesus actually taught. It’s a small synagogue there in Caesarea.  

So being there where he taught I think is really cool. This is just a whole lot of stuff. I enjoy over there.
So if people haven’t.  Well,, actually I guess even if they’ve been. But they want to go back. And they like to go with us the WallBuilders team here.

I mean what do they need to do to be a part of this?  Is this a pretty quick sign up kind of thing or is this? How quickly do they need to make a decision?


In the next few weeks would be good to make a decision. We’re kind of looking really trying to get the sign ups in by October. The trip again is January the 28th.

And so we’ll take off as a group on January the 28th.  And they’ll be coming back on February 7th.

So it’s nine days in Israel. A day over day back. So 11 day total trip.

And folks can get more information. You can look at the itinerary see where we’re going. See some great information on the stuff. If you go to  we’ll have a link on the web page. WallBuilders Live web page.

You can go there and see it. And you can see that information. Can see the price you can see all about the trip. If you’ve got other questions that you don’t see answered there just let us know. We’ll get it taken care of.
And there’s a video as well. When you go to the website you can watch the video. Gives you some. You can see some of the places that you’re actually going to go visit.

Quick break. We’ll be right back. Stay with us folks. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Biographical Sketches

Hi friends! This is Tim Barton of WallBuilders. This is a time when most Americans don’t know much about American history or even heroes of the faith. I know, oftentimes as parents, we”€™re trying to find good content for our kids to read.

If you remember back in the Bible, the Book of Hebrews it has the Faith Hall of Fame, where they outlined the leaders of faith that had gone before them.  Well,, this is something that as Americans we really want to go back and outline some of these heroes not just of American history, but heroes of Christianity and our faith as well.

I wanted to let you know about some biographical sketches we have available on our website. One is called, “€œThe Courageous Leaders Collection“€ and this collection includes people like Abigail Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Francis Scott Key, George Washington Carver, Susanna Wesley, even the Wright brothers.

There’s a second collection called, “€œHeroes of History“€ in this collection you read about people like Benjamin Franklin, Christopher Columbus, Daniel Boone, George Washington, Harriet Tubman, the list goes on and on.

This is a great collection for your young person to have and read. And it’s a providential view of American and Christian history. This is available at

I Want To Know About The Food In  Israel

Welcome back. Thanks for being with us here on WallBuilders Live. We’re talking about going to Israel next January. Last week of January. First week of February. And inviting you to go with us.

David, Tim you’re going to think I’m totally shallow. We talked about the importance of your biblical knowledge. And how this brings it all to life in these incredible sights. I want to know more about the food.
Well,,  there’s some positive and some challenges in the midst of it. Oh, yeah. So one of the things that I was a little disappointed about. When I first went to Israel is I could not have a pepperoni pizza. I could not have a cheeseburger.

Now they have pizza. They have burgers. The difference is.  So part of actually in Jewish Orthodox culture is actually back in the Old Testament. They base it on a verse in the Old Testament. But essentially, they will not mix any kind of dairy products with meat.  

It was based on a verse again in the Old Testament. Their interpretation of the verse. But because of that there’s a few things that.

I’ve never thought of myself as being someone who would crave a cheeseburger. But it’s amazing when you don’t have something for a week and a half. Like even I could have gone a normal week and a half in America. And not wanted a cheeseburger.

But because I was told I couldn’t have a cheeseburger for a week and a half. All of a sudden I thought I just really want a cheeseburger. So now with that being said no the food is actually fairly”€¦


I will interject they’ve got great hamburgers. You’re just not going to get cheese on the hamburger.

The food is fairly Americanized. On some level they certainly. There’s some Mediterranean flavor to some things.

But they have so many tourists coming over. It’s a very friendly menu. If you have dietary restrictions. They actually are pretty helpful on a lot of levels.

I think the biggest challenge was the fact that we try to see so many sites in a day. It was helpful having granola bars with me along the way. Just because you are so active and doing so much.

Sometimes in terrorist locations they certainly do have stands. Where they sell bottled drinks. And they’ll sell an ice cream bar or a Snickers bar. So there’s certainly things along the way food wise.

It is pretty friendly and pretty easy. Even if you’re selective or picky you can find something. It was all very good. Very edible no problem.

But it did make me really appreciate a pepperoni pizza and cheeseburger. When I got back to the states.
OK last question I have for you guys. You mentioned earlier you’re gonna go with your husband or wife. And then you’re gonna want to take the whole family. So can kids go? Can you bring the whole family in other words?
Yeah. Kids can go. There”€™s some walking involved obviously. You can’t drive up to the caves where David was hiding from Saul. You can walk up to them.

One of the cool places I really enjoyed last time where there was. The walls are still there. Where that when they. When the Philistines killed Saul they nailed his body to the wall. Hung it on the wall.

Taking Families

I mean, you have to walk up there to get to those walls of that castle. So there is walking. But there are a lot of times kids come.

Especially older kids, younger kids. Again the challenge is there’s going to be a fair bit of walking throughout the day.
It is fair to say right. If you would take your kids to Disney World without a stroller right. If you had no strollers. And you would take them to Disney World for several days or a week. If they could handle that they could handle this.

Now of course, you might have to factor in. Look, I’m paying for this. And I want them to understand and appreciate it. Obviously, you can use some wisdom think through it.

But we are totally welcome to families coming. Absolutely, family friendly environment the whole time we”€™re there. And it’s a trip of a lifetime.

Israel Is A Trip of A Lifetime Join Us!

All right it’s 11 days. It’s 20 Biblical and historical sites. The website is We’re going to have an easy link. You just got to go to

We”€™ll have an easy link for you. To find out more you can even look at that. You can download the trip itinerary and look at it. Everything we’re going to do everyday. So check it out. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!