University Suggests Parents Let Kids Watch Pornography: In today”€™s program, Jack Hibbs will be joining us to talk about a big issue going on in California right now that could affect the whole country. The education system is promoting that children even as young as 4 years old should view pornography and begin to explore themselves sexually. The Elkins School Board said it is okay to participate in Islamic activities such as prayers and dress.  But they are preventing adults from praying because a student might hear it and be damaged. It”€™s time to stand up against this corruption! Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 08/22/2018

Guest: Jack Hibbs

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture.  This is WallBuilders Live! Where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture. We”€™re always doing that from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

Sometimes our topics are a federal issue, a worldwide issue, sometimes a state issue, sometimes it”€™s education. But it’s always some area of public policy and that intersection with faith. And then we always try to take that issue and look at it biblically historically and Constitutionally.

We’re here with David Barton. He’s America’s premier historian and our founder here at WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton with us. National speaker, pastor, and also the president of WallBuilders. And my name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas legislator.

We appreciate you joining us. Find out more about us at our two websites That’s our radio site. And then our main organization.

What Does WallBuilders Mean?

And by the way, for those curious about what WallBuilders means. It means arise and rebuild the walls that we may no longer be a reproach. That comes out of the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. We are rebuilding the foundations of America and encouraging others to join us in that task.

David, Tim, later in the program we’ll have Jack Hibbs with us. We’re going to talk about a specific California issue. But it doesn’t just affect California. It really is representative of the whole country.

He’s also got a suit for prayer to be allowed at some of these government meetings that are taking place. We”€™ve got an update coming from Pastor Jack Hibbs, one of our frequent guests here on WallBuilders.

For you guys, I’ll start off by just simply asking you whether or not you think these trends that are happening in these states like California. Where we’re winning more of these battles than we’re losing. But because pastors like Jack Hibbs have stepped up. How important is it for Christians to be willing to engage in these cultural battles?

A Warning For Parents


Well, Rick, let me preface before we even answer that question. Obviously, we are a family friendly show. Some of the nature of what we discuss today is dealing with some of the “€œeducational”€… Quote unquote, right?

Well, it’s called education about some of the things being taught in public schools today. Specifically, talking about California and some of that deals with sex education. And so we certainly will try to handle this delicately. But, just so parents are aware that that’s part of the topic today.

And certainly, Jack Hibbs has been someone who has been a model example of what we would consider a black abridgement pastor. Right,a pastor from the founding. Go to the Old Testament. Read the prophets.

When they would stand up and they would call out kings for being unrighteous or ungodly. They would go and confront the people and say you’ve got to change and be different. Jack Hibbs is someone who’s not afraid to engage culture and set that example.

And there’s not a lot of pastors like him. I think dad, you have identified him as George Barna that identified, there’s 383 or 390 thousand.




There you go. Senior pastors in America or someone in that position.


Churches or pastors.


Yeah, churches or pastors in that lead position. And of those. It is a very small percentage of that.


2.8 percent

Jack Hibbs Is Willing To Confront Culture


People that are like Jack Hibbs. Who are willing to stand up and say something, do something. And to the listeners right, hopefully your pastor is one of the exceptions. Hopefully they are one of those very small 2.8 percent of pastors.

Hopefully your pastor is one of those 2.8 who is standing up. Who is bold. Who’s courageous. And who’s addressing what happens in the culture.

But sadly, the reason culture looks the way it looks today is because there’s not enough pastors standing up. And saying that they will go no further. Right? Like we will – we will stop it here.

And fortunately, there are people like Jack. But he’s got some major battles in California.


No doubt. He’s a great example on that and he’ll be with us later in the program. We will take a quick break though. We’ll be right back. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!


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We Need People Who Are Willing To Stand Up


Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Jack Hibbs will be our guest later in the program. Pastor Jack Hibbs from California.

David, Tim, you were talking before the break about these things that are happening in the culture. It’s because of the silence of the church, frankly.

We haven’t been that salt and light. So, as guys like Jack Hibbs and other pastors across the country step up. How important is it for congregants? To let them know, “€œHey we want you engaged. We want you speaking on these things.”€

And we don’t like the way that the culture’s fallen apart out there and running away from morality. If you’re not a pastor you still need to be willing to speak up as well, right?


Well, they need to be willing to speak up. But if you have a good pastor he also leads the congregation in that direction. I was out there several weeks ago and they had several bills actually, five bills coming through the assembly, the legislature out there. That were very onerous. Very harsh on Christian beliefs and values.

So, Jack took his church, 10,000 people. And we were there. I spoke and spoke historically about what Christians have done. How they stood up, how the pastors have stood up, etc.

He got up and handed everybody in the church, 10,000 member church, handed them all a little sheet showing the five bills. Here’s what’s going on, here’s what’s doing on them.

Contact Your Representatives

And then, on the back of the sheet it listed the five representatives from their area. The five assembly members from their area, the senators as well, and where they were on each of those bills. Then when church was dismissed he said, “€œAlright, everybody go out in the courtyard area.”€  In California they often have large outside kind of plazas in the church.

So, everybody went out and they grabbed a pen and piece of paper. And they wrote their representatives and they said, “€œHey what are you thinking? What are you doing? This is our kids you’re talking about. What are you doing to us”€?

Over the next week they heard back from three of the five representatives who had reversed their positions. Just because they got that contact from the congregation. That’s one congregation.

One Congregation Making A Difference


And it’s significant too. Because Jack’s not doing this with a 40 person church. This is a mega church.

Yet he’s still saying, “€œHey we don’t have to follow the stereotypical service that everybody else has to follow and do the same routine everybody else does. Let’s actually be a church. Let’s actually be Christians and stand up for our values. Make sure that that we are leading with our values.”€

And it’s a very unique situation from Jack. But, as we mentioned we’ll get him on the program and talk about some of what they have done. Some of the battle they’re dealing with. Ultimately hear how he is making a difference in California.

Let’s Actually Be The Church


And actually part of the illusion, Tim, made to a 40 member church. Goes to the fact that usually the larger your church the less bold your pastor is. That”€™s not always the case but that is usually the case.

In a 40 member church you’re going to be bold. Because you’ve got people behind you. But usually when you get 10,000 in a church you don’t want to offend somebody. You don’t chase people off.

Jack is just the opposite. And the bolder he gets the more people come. Which is a great thing. Jack is a great voice on this.

And by the way, what he’s going to cover is going on in California is stereotypical for all across the United States. California is more visible because they”€™re more out front.  Other states it”€™s there just as much but not quite as visible in education. They do a better job of hiding it. But it’s definitely there.


I like the way you said that, Tim, earlier about that. Let’s actually be the church. So, let’s not just act like we’re a church and have a name on the sign. But let’s actually be the church in the community.

And that’s what they’re doing. Jack Hibbs, our special guest. We’ll be right back. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Jack Hibbs Joins Us


Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Pastor Jack Hibbs back with us from Chino Hills Calvary Chapel. Good to have you brother.


Hey, Rick. It’s great to be on.


You guys keep doing fantastic work out there. In fact, we’re going to get some really good news out of your community. In a case actually headed to the Supreme Court.

Before we get the good news. What is going on with California Universities something about actually encouraging parents to let kids watch pornography.

Universities Promoting Pornography


Isn’t it amazing every time I’m on your program Rick. On this show seems to be some information that we’re having to share with your listeners. That seems from possibly Mars or Jupiter.



Pornography For Kids?


It’s unbelievable. So, what I’m going to tell you guys. What I’m telling Rick here is true. You can look it up online. In fact, you can go to sex info online websites and get information. That is conducted by the University of California, Santa Barbara.

And it’s not just limited to Santa Barbara. It’s statewide, what’s happening. But Santa Barbara is the poster child. They are encouraging parents to let children, young children, not just university kids. Young children to prepare them for the future to view pornography.

California Encouraging Young Kids To View Pornography

Because the kids need to know that pornography generally basically is harmless if you know how to process it. It says there, they’re speaking out at UC Santa Barbara. That it could be appropriate even for 4 year olds. You can at the age of 4 encourage your child to to explore themselves.

I know this is a Christian program so I’m going to say explore yourself physically. And you can help your child by going to their sex info online website.


This is what they’re calling on their website childhood sexuality.


It is absolutely insane. It is absolutely perverse. Obviously isn”€™t anybody thinking normally. It’s not only anti-God. I believe that the university system in California should be sued for child abuse.


Yes. Yeah




It’ll absolutely encourage abuse. I mean it’s shocking just to watch this is. It’s hard to be shocked anymore. Pretty much anything goes at this point.

But for a while it’s been anything goes except, at least we still believe in protecting kids. Having laws in place for protecting kids and all those things. This is essentially saying this unlimited sexuality of all kinds of deviancy now ok for prepubescent children as well. And paid for with taxpayer dollars.  The Assembly bill 329.

Comprehensive Sex Education For California


Dubbed the Comprehensive Sex Education for California. Rick, I was actually going to show some of the cartoons that are in the children’s curriculum. And I was going to show the church here that. This church is a very informed church.

I was actually stopped by our staff saying that’s over the line. That”€™s too far. And here’s the interesting point. They made my point.

I was going to show it to the adults. Our sanctuary and services is adults.  All the kids are in another area of the church. It’s too provocative. It is too pornographic for adults to view.

Rick, this is in now the California education system for our children. And parents are blushing. The parents are blushing. It’s just unbelievable.


Yeah, I don’t even know how to respond. It’s like you think nothing else is going to come from the left that would surprise us. This clearly does. What is the response? Because it’s the university I assume legislators can be contacted to say,  “€œHey get a reign on these universities that you’re funding.”€

Christian Community Doesn”€™t Want To Know


Yeah exactly. Exactly right. People need to have their voice be heard. That’s what we’re all about here. Here’s the thing Rick. And you know this.  This is not your first rodeo.

We’ve got these topics that the Christian community. And I don’t know why exactly. But the Christian community wants to put their head in the hole in the ground and not know what’s happening.




Because if they do know. Then Jesus is going to ask them to stand up and defend those who cannot defend themselves. So, yeah.


I used to think if it got bad enough the shock factor would cause people to get engaged. I’m starting to think the shock factor makes them feel helpless.

So, we have to explain.  Look, the system we have does work.  But the other side’s the one working it. We’re not working and we’re not letting our voice be heard.

You guys have.  Obviously your church has been extremely active in your community and in your state. And you’ve won battles in California.

So, all you churches out there, outside of California. That think you can’t make a difference. You look at California and think California’s too far gone. Look, Jack and his church have made a tremendous impact in the state of California.

You can do it in your community as well. And Jack, you guys actually have a case that’s going all the way to the Supreme Court. Dealing with prayer at a school board. That I believe you’ve got people from your church on that school board right?

Church Members On The School Board


Well, I tell you what.  The answer to your question is, yes. The members of the school board, five of them. Three of them go to our church. Everyone please listen to this.

Three people from our church became and were voted in as members of the school board. The school board was put up or attacked I should say, by the Freedom”€¦..

Freedom From Religion Foundation


Let me guess. Freedom From Religion Foundation not Freedom of Religion Foundation of course. So, no. No question. In fact, I saw that Freedom From Religion Foundation going after you guys. I’m sorry go ahead.


What happened was Rick, they saw in our community. They even confessed this. So, they saw in our community, there’s a class on the Bible in our public school system here that we fought for, to be studied as history and literature.

And that’s been going on for years. They didn’t like that.

Then, they saw that all of our chaplains in the police, fire, the City Council, and the School Board opened in prayer.


Which by the way, Jack, if anybody thinks ah well the church took over the school and all this crazy stuff. Both those items you just mentioned, school boards, city councils across the country have done for centuries in this country. And even still today.

The Supreme Court has said that both of those activities. The Bible, the literature Bible, as literature in the classroom, and prayer at these meetings. Absolutely constitutional and happens all over the nation. You guys weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary by doing this.

Praying Is Not Ok But Pornography Is Encouraged


Yes, exactly correct. And so, what happened was and we encouraged everybody. So, we had the controlling power on the school board against the lawsuit. There was a lawsuit filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They went before…

We fought that by the way. And we lost before an Obama appointed Federal District Court. He sided that”€¦. Listen to this.  In light of what we just talked about regarding all the sex stuff. He decided, his ruling was children at the school board meetings could be exposed to somebody praying and that could cause damage.


Oh no. Pornography is OK for 4 year olds.


Pornography is great.


Don’t let the 10 year old be exposed to somebody praying. Wow.


Yes. So, what happened was we fought that. And we have appealed that decision. We lost it again. We’re very happy about that though you guys. Because we have been by the grace of God, the school board voted three to two now. Three to two to take it to the U.S. Supreme Court.

So, what that means is if we are successful at the U.S. Supreme Court this is going to set a standard for schools across the nation. Which frankly, as you rightly pointed out Rick, is already the law.

We Have To Fight

But, we have to fight. This is a great lesson for all of us. We’ve got to fight everyone to keep our Judea Biblical worldview freedoms. We have got to fight for this nation.

We’ve got to fight for what those founders fought for us. We have got to keep it. By standing for truth. And this is a perfect example.

So, yep. By God’s grace we’re going to the Supreme Courts. And hopefully it turns out good.


Yeah, no surprises Jack, on that. On the district court level with the Obama appointee there. And then of course 9th Circuit most liberal court in the country.  It has gotten most most over most reversed court in appellate court in the country as well.

So no surprise in terms of if a listener is thinking wow they already lost twice Well, those those were kind of expected for a case like this and those particular courts. And so now going to the Supreme Court that frankly is, hopefully with the Kavanaugh approval before your case gets there the swing vote now is far more conservative than the swing vote was even a few months ago so this could be very very good news for the whole country.

So glad you guys are on the front lines and leading that charge. And also wanted to let our listeners know mean this is one of those situations where other people have come to bat for you guys and for the school district donating funds for legal fees got a law firm there that’s donating their services. I mean people can help. They can be a part of this by donating and helping you guys fight this fight as well.


You’re right that law firm, Tyler and Berst, they stepped up pro bono. But the community responded Rick, and not just the church. The community donated to the fund, the Let Us Pray Foundation.

Which was founded for this fight. $185,000 have come in from the community to defend the constitutional rights. To open up our school board meetings with prayer. So, this is a good thing.

Rick, I told you before and I believe it. California, believe it or not friends.  California is waking up. There is a record number of believers running for state.

California Is Waking Up


Not just state. I mean, local, county.  It”€™s just like scripture, “€œChoose among you leaders of tens, 50″€™s, hundreds, and thousands of local county, state, federal government.”€ I’ve heard Barton say that a thousand times. And you guys are doing it right there.


I’m having the high honor of praying with them. Up and down the state calling them. We may be on the brink of, in California, having hit rock bottom.

Because when you’ve got liberal Democrats contacting me saying, “€œHey, you know what? I think my state’s gone too far. How can I help?”€  This is a turnaround moment for us.


No doubt man. I have so enjoyed it.  We’ve had you on several times this year with victories out of California. Just like you said. I mean people are waking up all over the country.  And you’re seeing it in the place most people wouldn’t expect it. Right there in California.

The System Works But We Have To Work It

Should give hope and encouragement and challenge other Christians across the country to stand up. You know we got to fight.

I mean, if we sit back and were silent the left continues to take over. The system works but we have to work it. Not just watch the other side work it.

Jack Hibbs, bless you brother. It’s always encouraging to talk to you. Keep up the great work. Let’s get you back again soon.


Hey man. God bless you guys.


Stay with us folks. We’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.


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Thanks to Pastor Jack Hibbs For The Difference He Is Making In California


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Special thanks to Jack Hibbs for joining us today. Pastor out of California. He is so well-spoken.

Back with David and Tim Barton.

And guys I mean I love having Pastor Hibbs on. Because he not only speaks well and speaks boldly. You can tell there’s still love there. He still speaks into the culture in a way that is effective.

And man I can’t imagine. I mean we live in Texas. We have our own battles here. That stuff he’s dealing with and still he’s joyful when he fights his battle. He’s just a great example for all of us.

Appealing Decision To The Supreme Court


It is. And I want to go to the case that they’re taking to the Supreme Court. They’re appealing their decision in the Supreme Court. It is done by the 9th Circuit.

But, what’s striking to me is the 9th Circuit said oh we can’t let adults pray. Because there might be a student present who might hear that. And so we can’t let that happen.

Now, significantly this is the same 9th Circuit that in the Elkins School Board decision that said it is fine for the school to require you to have three weeks participation in Islamic activities. We want you to dress in Islamic garb. Want you to write Islamic prayers. And we want you to pray Islamic prayers.

It’s OK to do that. Oh but we can’t have somebody say God at a school board. Because a student might hear that.

What they’re saying is we don’t like your philosophy. So, we don’t want kids exposed to it. We like our philosophy so we’re going to require you to have three weeks exposure to this.

Double Standard In The Legal System

This is part of the problems out there with the legal system. It’s not a matter of upholding a common standard. It is upholding our philosophy. This is what we want to indoctrinate you with.

And by the wa,y Jack pointed out that it was a vote of three to two to take this case and appeal it to the U.S. Supreme Court. I wonder where those three school board members came from? Oh wait. They all go to Jack”€™s church.


Imagine that.


Oh wait.

A Strong Pastor Equals A Strong Congregation


I wonder what kind of teaching they’ve been under for the last few years or 10 years.


I wonder where this came from. This is the impact a church and a pastor can have. And by the way, how squishy is your pastor when Jack says what he’s told us? The Christian community wants to put their head in a hole in the ground and not know what’s happening.

That doesn’t sound like a pastor who is running from anything. He’s running to it and that’s great.

We Don”€™t Have The Civic Engagement That We Should


But, I think it is an accurate description of much of what the Christian community around us does. Where we don’t want to get involved right. Where most pastors — Pastors don’t even know what schools are teaching.

They don’t know what’s happened in the community around them. And they don’t know who’s running for office. They don’t know what positions they hold.

They don’t have the level of civic engagement that they should. Therefore, they’re not the influence on the culture or the community around them.

Where I think every pastor would say, hey we want to reach kids. We want to reach the next generation. Want to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus.

Those are great things.  But if you’re going to reach the next generation, engage in the process right. Where Jack is done with his church and got them in. They’re on the school board, in the city council, and all these places making a difference.

It’s such a good example of how Christians can engage the culture. Like this case when Jesus said in Matthew 5 being salt and light. It is exactly what’s happening in California with Jack Hibbs’ leadership.

Get Involved


Well folks, you can be doing this in your communities as well. Encourage your pastors to do this. Pastors are listening. Get bold. What a great example in Jack Hibbs.

Get involved in some of these pastoral groups that help to train. And get connected to some of these legal organizations that can advise you. There’s just so many great things that you can be doing. We want to help equip, inspire, and educate you as well.

Go to There’s so many great tools there available for you and we want to ask you to take action. Get involved. Not only in your local church, but across the nation.

You can do that by coming alongside WallBuilders by helping us to spread this message. To add stations to the program to continue our training of legislators, pastors, and youth leaders.

You can do all that by becoming a financial partner with us right there at Make a one time contribution or monthly contribution.

You can be a part of what’s happening as we encourage others and equip and inspire. Thanks for listening today to WallBuilders Live!