Judge Roy Moore In Alabama Is Finally Exonerated And More – Judge Roy Moore is finally exonerated after being falsely accused of molestation, the Supreme Court of Idaho announces that the abortion bans will take effect and more!

Air Date: 08/26/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton

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Welcome to all WallBuilders Live. This is the intersection of faith and the culture. And by the way, we’ve been saying that for 15, 18, I don’t know how many years, a long, long time. I noticed a lot of people have added that to their moniker, their byline, whatever you want to call it.

Anyway, I just want to say we were, I think, first I don’t know, anyway, I don’t think anybody else was doing it when we started it, but it is the intersection of faith and the culture. Why is that important? What does that phrase actually mean? It means that our faith informs everything that we do, including how we form our societies, our neighborhoods, how we vote, what our government looks like, how we build our businesses, how we treat our employees, or how we treat our employer, how we treat our family. Faith is involved in everything.

If you’re truly a person of faith, if you’re saying that this faith that I believe in changed my life, if you are saying that Christ is king in my life, then we are to obey everything he commands. And that’s why it’s so important to make sure that faith is also influencing our culture.

So here at WallBuilders Live, the intersection of faith in the culture, and also, if you’re wondering, WallBuilders, that comes from the scripture in Nehemiah that says, arise and rebuild the walls, that we may no longer be a reproach. We are working to rebuild the foundations in America, and we are thankful that you’re a part of that.

My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. And it is my honor to be here with David and Tim Barton. Tim’s a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. David is basically America’s premier historian. No, basically to it; I mean, there is nobody on the planet that can quote the Founding Fathers like him, that knows as much about the Founding Fathers and the founding of our country. He is absolutely America’s premier historian, and we’re thankful to be here with him. He’s also the founder of WallBuilders. So if you want to know more about all three of us, you can check out our website today at wallballerslive.com.

Alright, without any further ado, let’s jump into some of that good news. David Barton’s got our first piece of good news. David


This deals with really something that’s going on globally that’s really trying to be implemented in America by a bunch of progressive democrats in Congress, Democrats in the White House. And it deals with what’s called ESG, and that’s real simple Environmental, Social and Governance. But it’s a social credit score where they’re trying to change our behavior and say, you know what, we’ve decided you guys don’t need to be using fossil fuels because we’ve decided what it means to be green and here’s our definition of green and this doesn’t fit. And we’re going to impose it on everybody.

Part of the way they’ve been doing this is back when it started, I guess it’s probably been eight years ago now, back on Obama administration, they did it by getting the 400 largest banks in the world together to say hey, whatever these guys come out with in this new climate proposal, we’re going to be the ones to enforce it. So we’ll control the money and we’ll cut off the money where we need to. And so that’s what we’ve seen happening.

For example, in West Virginia, treasure of state, Treasurer Riley Moore, they’re saying, you know, West Virginia, you guys produce coal and a lot of your jobs are coal and we’re just not going to let any banks give you loans anymore for those coal companies. And they’re even telling individual coal miners they can’t even get personal loans for their family because you’re in the wrong business. So they’re trying to coerce the various areas where we can work, where they want us to work, what we can do. And they’re trying to shut down mining and timber and agriculture and what we’re seeing in Europe where they’re trying to shut down farming over there.

Even in the recent bill that came through Congress on the Inflation Reduction Act, I think it’s page 683, they’ve got a provision there that allows the EPA to regulate all what they say the methane gas sources and regulate also hydrocorb, carbons and nitrogen. Well, that means they can go into farmers now and say, hey guys, you can’t use fertilizers anymore because it has nitrogen and your cows produce methane and that’s got to stop. So the EPA has been given vast authority to be able to bring us into this climate according that they want on the rest of us. And a lot of this has happened again financially.

And so there’s three big investment groups, BlackRock Investment and State Street and Vanguard, and they have about 22% of the world’s wealth right now. And they’re just flat with that wealth. It’s investment wealth, they’re getting control of corporate boards. Even 10 years ago, Exxon was the biggest corporation in the world by far. Right now they’re not even in the top ten because people like BlackRock have been able to put hardcore environmentalist wackos on the board of Exxon and just shut them down. And so they’re using money to do that. And the money they’re using is the retirement funds of seniors, 401k, the retirement funds of teachers or state employees. They’re using state retirement funds, states investing in companies to make money for those retirement funds to pay the teachers and police officers and others.

Well, BlackRock and these guys are using these funds to coerce people into doing this green stuff. And so what’s happened is 19 State Attorney Generals has said, wait a minute, if you’re an investment manager, you have a fiduciary responsibility to make the most money you can in an ethical way for your clients. And right now all this ESG stuff, the investments are underperforming all other investments and so on.

The S&P 500, these guys and trying to implement their social agenda, they’re not making money for their clients. And so now you’ve got 19 states going after this saying, no, no, you’re not going to cram the social justice stuff down our throat, you’re not going to make us be woke in areas we don’t want to be. That’s not why you exist as investment managers, is not to control the world, which is what they’re doing again from Europe and all over. So it’s really good to see that the state attorney general is jumping in there.

Just last week, I was with the state legislature talking to him on measures they can do in the state that go against ESG. And we’re seeing this pop up all over the country. Now 28 states are doing something, taking some type of action to limit ESG and protect the freedom of their citizens. And I just consider that really, really good because this is such a big global movement that it’s hard to see global movements turn back.

But right now we’re starting to see cracks in the dam and this ESG movement, and we’re starting to see kind of sunlight filtered through those cracks in the dam and maybe it’s going to turn into a flood that just kind of blows that dam out of there so that we can actually get back to some freedom and individual choices, which would be really good. So that’s the good news, is what’s happening right now with the war against BlackRock and some of these other ESG investment firms.


Any good news against ESG is good news and to be celebrated here on our program. Tim, what’s our next piece of good news?


Well, this one is something to be celebrated, but it is a little aggressive. The headline says, “Watch Good Samaritan beats living daylights out of thief in Hollywood”. Now, I’ve seen the video several times. The Good Samaritan doesn’t exactly beat the daylights out of, uses more of a judo hip throw and then has a little bit of a ground game, maybe jujitsu-oriented, to hold this individual down.

But what is great about this, an article highlights it, there was a good Samaritan eating dinner in a kind of open area, patio-seating kind of scenario, and this thug, most likely someone living on the streets, seem like they were probably not someone who really has their life together in lots of ways. Nonetheless came in and came up to an elderly person and just punched this person in the back of the head, took their stuff, took their wallet and ran off.

And in the video you see this bad guy running and all of a sudden you see this big guy get up and much bigger guy chased down this thug. And there’s footage from the street where this guy goes and throws this thug on the ground and really does not beat this person. It’s literally like this hip throw and then just has good position, and it kind of lays on this guy a little bit to control him. There’s a lady that comes over and the lady ends up stepping on the bad guy’s leg a few times to try to help subdue him. And they just hold them and wait for the police to arrive.

What is really, really great about this is we’ve seen so many videos over the last several weeks. In fact, I saw one even earlier today where you have a group of people going into a gas station and just absolutely destroying the gas station. We’ve seen so many videos like this where you have these mobs going in, and they’re happening largely in these Democrat cities where you have a super progressive district attorney who’s not going to do anything about it. In fact, the sad news of the story coming out of Hollywood where the good guy in this is maybe not, ironically, in Hollywood, where maybe this could be one of the heroes, like, this guy an acting job perhaps. You have a legitimate hero on some level here.

But the district attorney there in Hollywood, this bad guy who ends up sucker punching this elderly citizen, just sitting down, enjoying a meal, the DA ends up letting this person go. And we don’t even know yet of what charges might be filed or not. And we have seen this really negative stuff coming from these major cities in these district attorneys. But what is great is to see that there are still some good people out there, and there’s so many comments on the story.

On this article I’m reading from Twitter users that are excited to see a bad guy have somebody stand up to them and identifying this hero. A few interesting thoughts: one person says, it’s worth noting that if a cop did exactly what this man did, a lot of people would see it as excessive force, you could potentially be disciplined or even charged with crime. Somebody else said that they hope the Good Samaritan doesn’t face any charges because of the city’s progressive district attorney. So, there’s a few interesting thoughts in there along the way.

Nonetheless, to me, it was great news to see that there still are some good guys out there who do care about having a civilized society where you can’t come in to an eating location, punch an elderly person in the back of the head, steal their stuff, run away, and get away with it.

Now, again, a little relative, because the district attorney has not, not to this point, followed through this person, he’s back on the street. They’re not in jail for what they did. However, it’s great to see citizens standing up for the nonsense when you have super little progressives that will not. So this video was a little refreshing for my soul to see the good guy stop the bad guy.


Always a good headline when the bad guy has stopped and there’s a Good Samaritan that steps in. David, what’s our next piece of good news before we go to break?


This comes out of Alabama and it deals with Judge Roy Moore. We’ve known Judge Roy Moore for a number of years. He was kind of known as the Ten Commandments judge. He was the Chief Justice Supreme Court of Alabama. And you had a federal judge, I think it’s Myron Thompson that said, hey, you got to take Ten Commandments out of the courthouse. He said, hey, look, Ten Commandments have been in the courthouses for thousands of years, not doing that. So it ended up this big fight.

Well, out of that, George, Roy Moore ended up running for US Senate and he ran for US Senate and he won the Republican primary back in 2017. It looked like he was an absolute shoe in for the US Senate. And then there was an ad that came out that said he’s been soliciting sex with 14 year old girls. He went to a mall and there was a Santa’s Helper there, 14 year old. So this ad ran more than a thousand times. The 32nd ad ran more than 1,000 times accusing him of soliciting sex from teenage girls. And it was run by the Democratic Senatorial Committee, the US Democratic Senatorial Committee, and it cost him the election. He narrowly lost to the Democrat in a state that is a very strong Republican state, but it cost him.

And so here we are now, several years later, and the jury just awarded him an $8 million in defamation, pointed out that that ad was fake news, it was false news, it was bad news. This is the trend that I’ve just seen in the last couple of years that I hope is going to continue, that you can’t say anything you want about someone just because they’re in the public eye or public official. If what you’re saying is false or malicious, if it’s harmful and it is not true, you should be held accountable for that, even if somebody’s running for the US Senate like Judge Roy Moore was.

And so the jury has exonerated him from all those charges, and those charges have stuck with them now for several years. That’s what people think about Roy Moore because that’s what the charges were and that’s what cost him the election. But now he’s exonerated to the extent that $8 million lawsuit against the Democrats for running defamatory false material against him. And so I just think that’s really good and I think it goes back.

I mentioned before, Justice Clarence Thomas have been saying, look, we need to revisit the New York Times versus Sullivan case which basically said, you can’t hold news outlets accountable if they’re talking about somebody that’s in the public eye. Yes, you can. If it’s false and it’s not true, it doesn’t matter whether in the public eye or private eye, you shouldn’t be saying bad things in the sense of slander and defamation, legally bad things.

So I just think this is a great win. I hope it helps restore his reputation. I know people have had it in their mind that he’s been soliciting with minors, and that’s just not the case, so hopefully it clears his reputation up. But I’m really glad that legally he’s exonerated and legally the Democrats got their hands slapped really bad for what they did in that Alabama race back in 2017.


Yes. And you guys know, of course, we both won settlements and defamation suits. We know how hard that is. It is very, very hard to win a defamation suit when you’re a public figure, and so that says a lot about this particular situation. And you mentioned the New York Times v. Sullivan case.

I just watched a debate a couple of days ago that Ken Starr had with Alan Dershowitz about two years ago at Harlan Crow’s Place there in Dallas Fort Worth. It was so good. And they talked a little bit about The New York Times case. And apparently, Dershowitz actually was a clerk on that case 50 years ago or whenever it was. But it was really interesting. Both of them said the same thing you just said, David, which Clarence Thomas has been saying for a while, which is that really does need to be revisited, and we need to have a better system where you’re not at such a disadvantage as a public figure to be able to go after someone for defamation when they say something that’s absolutely not true about you. Really interesting good news piece there. Quick break, guys, we’ll be right back. We’ve got more good news for you folks. Stay with us here on WallBuilders Live.


Hey, this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders. And as you’ve had the opportunity to listen to WallBuilders Live, you’ve probably heard the wealth of information about our nation, about our spiritual heritage, about the religious liberties, about all the things that makes America exceptional.

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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday, bringing you some more good news. And Tim Barton is up to bat.


Alright, guys, this one is from Idaho. And the title of this article says, “Idaho Supreme Court abortion bans will be allowed to take effect amid challenges”. And the short of it is, there was a doctor, a regional planned parenthood, they sued Idaho over three new anti-abortion laws that went into effect. And just like many states did with the Dobbs decision coming out of Mississippi, where the supreme court identified essentially this means the overturning of Roe vs Wade, and now abortion is back in the hands of the states that they can navigate this issue and figure it out in their states.

Idaho, like many other states, began passing some of these antiabortion laws. In fact, we identified many states already had trigger laws in effect where these laws already took place and Idaho already had some of these laws that were already in the can ready to go on this. Nonetheless, their abortion ban, they say it’s a near total abortion ban. Best I can see, it looks like it’s all abortions after six weeks are outlawed with the caveat of if it saves the life of the mother.

And as we’ve talked about many times when we’ve talked to different doctors, OB-GYN, they’ll tell you that in these scenarios, if the mother’s life is in danger, that there’s not a strategy that, well, if we kill the baby, then maybe you save the mother, the strategy always is do everything you can to save the life of the mother. That’s your number one patient. And once her life is safe and secure, then you move on to the baby. But the goal is not to kill one, to save the other in this scenario. However, the wording sometimes in these legality things, well, it’s illegal if abortion is legal, if the life of the mother’s threatened. What we’ve talked to OB-GYN, says, it’s a little different context.

Nonetheless, there were challenges to these laws in Idaho. And the good news is that along the way, even though there was a lower court judge who said, yes, we need to put a hold on these laws until this case is heard, the state supreme court came out and identified that, no, we don’t need to hold these up. In fact, they said the plaintiffs both failed to show that allowing enforcement of the laws would cause irreparable harm and that there was not enough evidence that they had a clear right to a remedy. The article goes on and explains a little bit more.

The short of it is, the state supreme court said the reason they didn’t have enough of a right or enough of a clear right to a remedy was because the law still allows that abortion was legal if the life of the mother was threatened. They say, you’re arguing it’s going to end abortion. It doesn’t actually end abortion. It restricts the time frame of abortion. And this will be an interesting thing to continue to track. We think there will be continued good news from lively states. And of course, we point out we don’t think abortion is right. Even in this scenario, the life of the mother is threatened up to six weeks, whatever else, like we would absolutely support, recommend, want to see a total abortion ban in all 50 states.

We think that abortion itself is a violation of the fundamental principle. The velocity of which our nation was birthed and built is that government exists to secure our and protect our God-given rights, and the first of our God-given rights is the right to life. We’ve identified before the Founding Fathers even talked about what a right to life was. There’s writings from James Wilson or John Witherspoon where they identify there is an unborn child that has legal protections under the common law of America, etc.

However, this is good news that the state supreme court of Idaho did uphold these abortion laws. The trial is still going to go forward, so this is not a closed case. But to this point, these laws can go ahead and take effect until this case is finally heard and the final decision comes out. So at this point, this is very good news coming from Idaho.


Alright, David, where are we headed next with our piece of good news? Wait, let me guess. In the country it’s going to be California.


No, sorry, bro. Although we could do some really good news from California, and there’s a lot out there, but that’s not the state, you got to go a lot further north.


Okay, we’re going to have good news from California next week with pastor Mike McClure. But we’re just teasing it. We’re not going to tell anybody what it is. We’re going north of Texas.


Well, Rick, if you think of your favorite sport, that is the best clue you could have.


Baseball, good news, wait a minute.


No, it’s not baseball good news. But if you think about your favorite sport, it’s going to be the best indication because this state is actually shaped and called something that is used in baseball. It’s a glove.


It’s a glove. There’s a state that’s shaped like a glove? I did not know this.


Oh, my goodness! Are you kidding me, bro? We’ll send you back to kindergarten.


Okay. So while we go through this good news, I’m going to open up a map of the US, we’re getting some geography lessons about Michigan that is shaped a little bit like a hand, like a glove, like a mitts…


Like a catcher’s mitt in the old school.


Nonetheless, it’s Michigan.


Nonetheless, we’re going to Michigan, straight north from Texas. Okay, I’m ready, Michigan good news from David.


This actually starts with something different, and it’s just kind of an ironic commentary. I am so tired of the American Library Association. I’m so tired of what’s happening with school librarians. We support free speech. We have to support free speech, and we oppose any attempt at censorship. And this is book burning and anything that they like that you want gone is book burning and censorship. And so pretty much right now, those are the two most liberal wacky groups I know in the US.

And just about even in a really rural, conservative country town, the library list that comes to those schools is abominable. And so what’s happened is, for example, in the state of Utah, they passed an anti-porn law there because young kids all the way down to kindergarten are getting pure porn. And it’s porn in the sense of legal definition of porn that would stand up in a court for adults or anyone else, but they’re given a kindergarten because it’s education. And so when the law is being passed in Utah, we have a friend that was behind that law. The attorneys and the legislature said, look, you’re not allowed to read the bill, because if you do, you’re legally liable to be arrested, because what you’re reading in the bill, which is the content of the textbooks, it puts you in a distribution of porn situation.


And you mean reading it out loud? Because obviously, he can read it internally, but he was reading it out loud on the microphone. They said, oh, no, you’re breaking the law, you’re violating the law. Well, if it’s illegal for him to read it out loud, perhaps it’s not appropriate for children to read in school.


And that was his point. And so they got the law passed, and he had a great point. He said, you know, I’ve gone into the library, looked at your list in the schools, and you’ve added all these new books, all these gender queer books and all these different books, sexuality. And there’s only so many square feet in every school library. So you had to take some books out to put these in there. So what did you take out? And it was George Washington and Ben Franklin and Founding Fathers and American military. And so wait a minute. You’re censoring books, you’re taking this out from the kids, and you’re yelling at us because we think this is inappropriate sexually for kindergarten kids, and you’re calling it censorship and book banning and book burning?

So it’s really ironic that these guys try to hide behind the First Amendment and try to remind us that we’re Nazis, where you’re doing the book burning, the Nazis? No, we’re not. I mean, you’re the guys that are taking the American history and doing exactly the same thing. You’re just not calling it book burning. You’re taking what you disagree with and taking it off the shelf. And so I’m just so tired of that argument.

But in Michigan, in the town of Jamestown, Michigan, parents there said, hey, get this content out of the school. Get it out of the town library. You’ve got children’s section that’s filled with this stuff, and this is inappropriate. It’s not legal. Get it gone. And so the library said open, no, we’re not taking anything out, this is book burning. We oppose book burning and so they just went on and on about it.

And so what happened was the town voted with a 62% margin to defund the public library. Alright, you guys want that? Go find your own money, put what you want in the library. But we’re not supporting the town library anymore. You’re trying to undermine what we as a town believe. And they get a 62% vote from the town to defund a library that’s really big, especially, I would think, in a Michigan town where they’re not quite as conservative as Texas and Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alabama. But nonetheless, that’s really, to me, really good that they’re standing up and they didn’t get kowtowed by all this rhetoric about your haters and your book burners, etc. Really good to see the parents stand up.


And it’s an interesting thought too, to show the power of local involvement and the necessity of people actually being diligent in investigating what’s going on where they are because you don’t really think about the local library being defunded. That’s not a thought we would think of. And we’ve heard a lot about school boards, and we’ve talked to even some of this program about city councils and local involvement. But in the midst of local involvement, certainly, a lot of people don’t think about the local library.

But right now I have a three-year-old and a one-year-old and my wife, and sometimes I go with them, we’ll go to the library and we’ll pick out kids’ books. As a parent now of young kids, it certainly has brought to my attention the significance and the reality that absolutely it does matter what these kids are going to see and be exposed to, because there will be times, I’m sure, as my daughters get older, that we tell them, hey, you all can go around the library, go look and find a book, and we can sit and read. And we would like to have the confidence that we can turn them loose in our local small town library and not worry about them being exposed to really inappropriate things for kids.

So this is good news from this one area. But this is something that certainly we’d encourage people to, get involved in your local area. And let’s make this a story that is not just unique to Michigan. Let’s make this something that if there are libraries doing the wrong thing, we hold them accountable all over this nation.


Alright, folks, we’re out of time for today. If you need more good news, it is at our website wallbuilderslive.com, go there, click on the archive section and you can get some of those previous Friday programs that are chocked full of good news and we’ll be bringing you more next week. Be sure to share it with your friends and family. I promise you they need to pick me up as well. They need to know that our system of freedom works and that there are good things happening out there along with the bad and the ugly. And I like to focus on the good, not ignoring the bad and the ugly. But it’s important for us to know the good so that we can stay in the fight and be encouraged. So be sure and share those things with your friends and family.

And as you go into the weekend, and we’re getting ready next week to begin a new month and kind of get into the fall, this is a great time for you to be thinking about the fall and what you’re going to do to make a difference in your culture, make a difference in your community.

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Thanks so much for listening. Have a great weekend. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.