Making a Difference, Part Four – With David Barton At the ProFamily Legislators Conference: What percentage of Millennials claim to believe in God? How do issues become national problems? What does a field trip to a gay bar have to do with education? What is the true purpose of public schools? How can Christians make a true difference in elections? Today we bring you the concession of David Barton’s eye-opening session from the ProFamily Legislators Conference!

Air Date: 12/30/2021

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live. We’re taking on the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. And today we’re going to get the conclusion of a four-part series with David Barton speaking to the ProFamily Legislators Conference.

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Alright, let’s head out to the ProFamily Legislators Conference, today is the conclusion, David Barton speaking to those legislators. Here we go.

ProFamily Legislators Conference


When it came time for the boat, what happened, I forget Houston Chronicle, Houston Post, one of them, they did a poll the day before the election said we’re going to lose 60-40 And these Parker’s going to win, she’s going to kick your tail. Polling shows you’re going to lose 60-40. Well, on election day, we didn’t have 3% voter turnout, we had a 14% voter turnout, and we won by 22 point margin, we could curtail 61-39.

Now, please note 14% is pathetic. But that’s five times higher than what it normally was and that was enough to kick her tail. And she hadn’t done anything like that since. Matter of fact, none of the Texans have done that sense because of what happened as a result of that.

So let me take you to Fort Worth Texas for a minute because we’re sitting right here in the DFW area, Dallas Fort Worth area. It was the Fort Worth Independent School District six years ago, they came up with this brilliant plan that says you know, we’re not going to do this gender thing anymore. You can choose whatever bathroom you want, boys, girls, it doesn’t matter. We don’t think gender is irrelevant. We’re not going to do that with locker rooms. We’re not going to do that with shower rooms. You just choose what you want.

Well, that actually got picked up Arne Duncan, at that time, the Secretary of Education for President Obama said that’s a great idea. And it came out with a national imperative that says if your school gets federal taxpayer dollars, you cannot have the gender choices in your school. You’re not going to have gender designations. You can choose whatever you want to be. And we saw what happened with that, in Virginia, what happened with Loudoun County and the father there and all the stuff that we now find in other schools. All the sexual assaults that have happened under the LGBTQ guys of well, I’m this who you’re not.

And by the way, have you heard the stupid stuff in California that all women’s prisons are having so many women are getting out prison now because of becoming pregnant in these all women’s prisons? How is that happening? Because 300 guys said I’m identifying these women, I’ll go to that prison, and so you have 300 guys who identify as women who move over these all women’s prisons. And the stupid Californians can’t figure it out how these women are getting pregnant in all women’s prisons. It’s just the craziest thing. So that’s the ridiculous enough stuff that came out of that department.

Now, here’s where it really disturbs me being from Texas. If you know the nickname of Fort Worth, it is called Cowtown, USA. This is Cowtown, USA. We have the stockyards as one of our big attractions in Fort Worth. Newsflash, anybody that lives in the country can tell you what gender each of those critters are right there. If you get behind them, you can tell whether they’re a bull or a cow, or a steer. It’s real easy.

How Do Issues Become National Issues?

And I’ve never seen a bull become a cow and I’ve never seen a cow become a bull. I mean, it’s never happened. This is what went national. So it really ticked me off because I looked at it, and Fort Worth has 800,000 voters. The president of the school board, who introduced this policy that went national was elected with less than 1,200 votes, he was elected 1,182 votes.

I looked in his district and instantly found an evangelical church that had more than 3,000 Bible-believing adults in them, had that one local church, taking care of that one local race. This would not have been a national problem for the last six years. It’s a national problem because we did not take care of local stuff at the local level. We get focused on national stuff, not local stuff.

Quickly going through this again, Bentonville, Arkansas, northwest Arkansas, the hometown of Walmart, a Christian lady up there said you aren’t doing this my school. And so she ran for school board and she got elected. Only 35 votes were cast in that school board election, town of 40,035 votes. If you go to what happened to South Lake back in March, South Lake, which is a town near here, 32,000, it’s a great town, town of blacks and whites. And in that town, black students, white students, they’ve had equal scores. So it’s one of the very few places in America where it doesn’t matter what your race is, the scores are about equal.

And yet they said, well, you guys really did no, but some of you have been oppressed and didn’t recognize and some of you were oppressors and didn’t recognize, and so we need to tear this up a little bit and make you understand how you don’t like each other. And a lot of parents said, wait a minute we’ve got a great school district here. And so what happened was 51 churches got together and 51 churches said we can do better than this and we need to stop this right now.

And they looked on the ballot the mayor was up, two school board positions were up and two city council positions were up. They look among the 51 churches, came up with great candidates. And the Sunday before the Tuesday election, all 51 churches ran a slide on the screen that says, hey, don’t know who you’re voting for. But we can tell you we’ve screened these five candidates and here’s some really good candidates.

If Only He Would’ve Voted

This guy’s running for mayor and these two for city council and these two for school, and they cleaned house on Tuesday night, they won all five races by 70-30 margin. I mean, this is kicktail. And they did not take the full city. They get part of it.

So last Tuesday, they finished the job and they got all the other positions. They now own the school board. They now own everything locally. So, one more quick example, and then I’ll start wrapping this to where I think the application is. Riceville, Iowa, as I recall, his pig farm were up in Northern Iowa on the border there, and he said, you sure not doing this in our schools. And so he put his name on the ballot. He’s running for school board.

And in running for school board, when the election came around that day, he got busy on the farm and did not vote and don’t think that he lost by one vote because that’s not what happened. What happened was in that race, not a single person voted in that race. If he had voted for himself, he would be on the school board if he just voted for himself.

So I mean, this is the kind of stuff that we have all over the country. We don’t see it because we hear the national news. We hear all the stuff that we can’t solve, and don’t look at the stuff that we cancel. So when you look at things right now, this study is out last week, 30% of millennials identify as LGBTQ. The ACU study found that 30% of millennials identify as LGBTQ, that includes 39% of people between the ages of 18 and 24. 18, and 24 is Gen Z. The other is the millennials, that’s Gen Y. So you’ve got Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z. So I’m baby boomer. And then the generation after me is Gen X. And then Gen Y is millennials. And Gen Z is the Gen Z or the younger.

So 39% for Gen Z 30% for Gen Y, and continue it says, with this have come new ideas and choices regarding marriage and family. Consequently, a social institution that used to be a safe harbor has now become a battleground. Now, when you’re looking at the next election, 45% of all voters are going to be Gen Y or Gen Z. This is why the Republican Party nationally said hey, we need to make an affiliation with Log Cabin Republicans because that’s 45% of our voters, and we’ve been very in front.

So this is where you saw the big change happen the Republican Party this last week, which is going to chase a bunch of social conservatives out of the party because they’re not going to put up with that. This is a battle we’ve had for 20 years. So nonetheless, this is consequently a social institution, used to be a safe harbors, now become a battleground. The study also found that roughly 48% of millennials prefer socialism over capitalism. So we’re half on the Gen Y’s of socialism or capitalism. And it says 1/3 of millennials claim to believe in God. Only 1/3 of millennials believe in God.


Alright, friends, quick break here, we’re going to take a quick break we’ll be right back, David Barton at the ProFamily Legislators Conference. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


This is David Barton, with another moment from America’s history. As Christians become more active in politics, they must remember to elevate principles above party loyalty. Perhaps the best illustration of this comes from the life of founding father Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, who served in the presidential administrations of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, each of whom was from a different political party.

When Benjamin Rush was asked of his personal party affiliation, he responded, “I’ve been alternately called an aristocrat and a democrat. I am neither. I am a Christocrat. I believe all power will fail or producing order and happiness in the hands of man. He alone who created and redeemed man is qualified to govern him.” Like Benjamin Rush, we too must remain Christocrat, regardless of our personal party affiliation.

For more information on God’s hand in American history, contact WallBuilders at 1808REBUILD.


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. If you’re just tuning in, to today’s program, we’ve got a special program out at the ProFamily Legislators Conference where David Barton is speaking to the legislators. Let’s pick up right where we left off before the break.


I’ll point out that just 15 years ago, 94% of the nation said they believed in God. Now, this generation is only 1/3 said they believe in God. And a majority of respondents have fair views of Jesus and Bible. 75% of millennials view all religious beliefs of equal value, whatever religion you believe is going to get you to wherever you want to go. So let me go back to this for a minute. Alright.

Local Education

Gen Z, 39% LGBTQ. Gen Y, 30%. Anybody know what Gen X? It was 2.6%. And my generation of baby boomers, 1.6%. How did we go from 1.6% to 2.6% to 30% to 39%? Local Education. This is the stuff we’ve been teaching in the culture in the school for a long time. And parents are just now waking up. They’ve just now found the elementary school they did a field trip to a gay bar. What does a field trip to a gay bar have to do with education?

Or what about the lap dancing? And what’s in Richmond, I think, that the senior boys did lap dancing with the male teachers sitting in their laps performing a lap, what does that have to do with anything? See, we have moved into indoctrination rather than education. Most people weren’t aware of it because we’ve been watching the national news and didn’t know what was happening around schools.

So this is an indication that it changed because we’ve just lost schools. So, Benjamin Rush, Founding Father I mentioned earlier is called the “Father of Public Schools” from the Constitution, when we ratified the Constitution 1789 to 1790, he said, now that we have become a nation, what are we going to do in our public schools to remain a nation? He said the purpose of public schools is threefold.

He said, the first purpose of public schools is to teach students to love and serve God. He said, the second purpose of public schools is to teach students love and serve their country. And the third purpose of public schools is to teach students to love and serve their family. Now, please notice the order there. Nearly any Christian I asked today, and most pastors and most devout Christians would say now the orders really wrong. It should be God, it should be family, and then country because your family is so much more important.

The Purpose of Public Education

And Benjamin Rush, who was an evangelical Christian who started the Sunday school movement, started the Bible Society, started the first abolition society, Benjamin Rush said, no, it should be God and country and then family. Why? Why that order? Because he pointed out if you ever lose control of your country, it will become the great enemy to your family.

He’s exactly right. Because so much of what the family is having to fight right now is coming through the local schools. You just take any issue you want, and this is stuff we’ve had been taught in education for the last 20 years. So it is now a real battleground. And that’s where we’re seeing school boards have become a race.

I’m going to show you some headlines and some things that happened last Tuesday night. Go to the local elections. Again, this didn’t make national news, but it’s worth looking at. In Virginia, everybody saw the upset that happened in Virginia, where that? There’s a group named Faith Wins that I’ve been working with, Bob McEwen have worked with them a lot. They’ve had me in the last 40, 30 days. We’ve done 42 meetings in 16 states pastors conferences. And the pastors’ conferences have all been about pastors, you got to get control of your city. Forget what’s happened in the state, just do your city.

And so Faith Wins one and organized churches all over the state of Virginia and said, alright guys, elections coming up. And this is back in maybe January, February. Said we got to have people really on ballot integrity. So we need people watching the polls. We need certified state-approved election officials. So they got 1,300 people out of churches, 300 of them became certified state election officials, and 1,000 of them became poll watchers.

So what these 300 did, they’re able to look at every ballot and say, no, this one’s not good, no, that’s a dead guy, we didn’t let dead guy. No, the state law says you have to have the last four digits of your social security number. You don’t have that. That one goes out. They found 7.25% fraud in the early voting that was coming through and they got it thrown out because they were engaged in the system. Now had that 7.25 gone through, guess who wins the election last Tuesday night?

The Real Story

Then on top of that, went out into the rural churches said, hey, guys, you’re going to have to overperform what you normally do because Northern Virginia, super blue. And if you guys don’t overperform out here in the country, we cannot overcome what’s there in the northern area. So what happened in Virginia, this is a weird year election, it’s not even an off-year election. This is in just a few states have these weird year elections.

And so in the rural area, their turnout was 12 points higher than it was in the presidential race just a year ago. Presidential race, you get your highest turnout. And the rural areas turned out 12% higher than the presidential level. That’s what put Virginia on the winning side, was all these churches adopted their areas, adopted their counties, adopted right where they were, and said we’re going to win our area. Because they did that, they won Virginia as a result.

So it’s a national news story. But the real story is how it was done on the inside, and it was done through local stuff.


Alright, friends, quick interruption here, you’re listening to David Barton speak at the ProFamily Legislators Conference. Stay with us, quick break, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. You’re listening to David Barton present at the ProFamily Legislators Conference. Let’s jump right back in where we left off before the break.

ProFamily Legislators Conference


Colorado is a state that we’ve been really engaged with several guys. You’re going to hear later from Richard Harris, one of the sponsors, and Kevin Lundberg over here. Several have been involved in Colorado. Colorado, super blue state, what we did we got involved in 138 candidates for school board. We look to these candidates for school board, it was 18 school districts and 141,000 voters guys who put out.

Now, tell you literally, been doing this for years, I’ve done races from the state of Maine all the way to the state of Y, we’ve done races from Alaska all the way to Florida, done governors races, Senate races, etc. When we use voters guys like this, it generally increases turnout anywhere from 3-12% across that district, whether it be congressional district, state, whatever else, and this is the way it works.

What we do is and we have this website where you could get them electronically, but the printed ones are more significant. And we asked five questions to this candidate for school board. Here’s the questions. Critical race theory, do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Critical race theory.

Polarizing Questions

United States is systematically and fundamentally racist, and students should be educated on white privilege and the unfair benefits that generates parental rights? School is not a replacement for parents and parents have a right to direct the education upbringing of their children, including the right to see their children’s records, curriculum teaching, and testing materials as well as to be notified before any medical procedure therapy is performed on them.

Boys playing girls sports, participation in sport should be according to biological gender at birth. Sex, education, sex education should be age-appropriate emphasized in the absence in space model. Gender identity pronouns, teachers have the right to identify students according to the pronouns corresponding to their biological gender birth. Five questions.

Do you agree or disagree with that? We chose those questions very carefully. We always choose voter guides questions that are very polarizing and make worldviews really easy to spot.

So if you’re a faith voter, if this goes to a church, if this goes to local County Republican Party, it’s really easy to tell the bad guys and the good guys. And so that’s what we did with this. We went with these voters guys. So, if you look here at their answers, well, it’s real easy.

This is one school district in Colorado. And these two folks had the right answers. And these two folks had the wrong answers. This was a district, I don’t know, I think they had 6,000 or 8,000 people in the district. And so we got 5,000 voters guides in there, whatever it was. And lo and behold, the good guys win and the bad guys lose, because it’s really easy to see who the good guys are and bad guys.

Most people at the local level, most people say, I don’t know who’s running for office, and I don’t know what they believe. Got it. We can help you with that. So we did that with other school districts as well. It’s real easy to say who was the good guy. And all of these are approved for use in church. We have Supreme Court attorney says yeah, these are 501(C)(3) voter-friendly, you can use these in your churches. So pastors feel real good about it.

Making a Change

So what did this all over the state with all these various races. Here is really bad, you only have one out of six people good. And this is Aspen, which is super liberal Colorado, we didn’t win this one. But we had a guy competed in it. And it’s easy to know who the good guys were. So as this one across the state, see if I can go through some others here, and we do one side in Spanish one side in English. So they’re bilingual in that sense, it’s real easy to see who the guys were and how to go on these.

And so again, all these districts across the state. And what happened at the end of all this, when we get all this done, and I’ll just blow through these because you get the idea of what’s going on, we won 55% of the races on Tuesday night. So that’s a massive pickup on local races.

Then you had groups like this one, the 1776 project pack. They had 58 School Board candidates, local school board candidates they endorsed in 441 which is 76% of local candidates. And it’s really cool to see people getting engaged in local levels in a way that we haven’t seen in 20 or 30 years probably. I mean the energy is really high. Here’s some headlines. Candidate supports critical race theory, COVID-19 mandates win Minnesota school board races. 19 year old who saw senior year disrupted by COVID shut down unseats the incumbent school board race.

This guy’s in a senior year and said you can’t come back to school, you can’t have classes. You’ll have to have… And it screwed up every plan he had. So he ran against the school board guy and he beat him by 17 points. And I think this was in New Jersey. And most of these I’m showing you it came out of blue areas. These were conservative finally stuck in blue areas and made a change.

Slate of conservative candidates declare victory in hotly contested Denver superb school race. Denver’s not what you think of as conservative. But Denver School racist, three or four conservative challengers win seats on Wichita school board. Conservative backed candidates win Treasure Valley school board. This is an Idaho. Conservatives win big in school board elections, policy changes could follow. School board races in major Colorado Springs area districts are sweeping winds for conservatives.

School Board Races

Conservative Houston Area School Board candidates win by campaigning against Critical Race Theory. I mean, it’s all over. Just it’s amazing to see what’s bubbling up from the bottom right now. This is super healthy stuff if we can get this connected in. So back to this one, this was a fun thing.

We knew we had really hurt them when the teachers union started spending money in local school board races. So you see the bad guys, you see the good guys and they came in and they started spending money in races to defend the bad guys. And so, that’s fun when you see that the other side figure out what you’re doing at the local level and start spending money. It’s great news.


Quick break, folks, we’ll be right back. You’re listening to David Barton speaking at the ProFamily Legislators Conference. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. Today we heard that our founding fathers were largely atheists, agnostics or deists. The writings of founding father Richard Henry least strongly refute that assertion. Richard Henry Lee was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and he is specifically the man who made the motion in Congress that America is separate from Great Britain.

Following his death, his papers and correspondence, including numerous original handwritten letters from other prominent Founding Fathers were passed on to his grandson. After having studied those letters, this was how the grandson described our Founding Fathers. He declared, “The wise and great men of those days we’re not ashamed publicly to confess the name of our blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. On behalf of the people as their representatives and rulers, they acknowledged the sublime doctrine of his mediation.”

For more information on God’s hand in American history, contact WallBuilders at 1808REBUILD.


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live, had to take a quick break. We’re going to jump right back in with David Barton speaking to the ProFamily Legislators Conference.

ProFamily Legislators Conference


So, local election, closest thing out for the night close with this challenge. Charles Finney was part of the Second Great Awakening, remarkable stuff he did in that revival. Estimated in one year, he led 100,000 people to Christ in just one year. But he’s also one of the most politically active pastors you will see. He’s really the guy who really helped crystallize the idea of the abolition movement. He really kind of got the Underground Railroad on his feet.

Any kids that went to his Bible College had to be actively involved in the Underground Railroad. You have to be actively engaged in violating federal law and smuggling slaves out of the south to freedom in the north. You got to actively engage in civil disobedience because that’s such a bad law. And that is probably one of the three worst federal laws ever passed in the history of the United States out of millions of laws.

So you have preachers involved in this in a very real way. And he did a lot of writing and revival. So his revival was massive. It’s considered that it went better part of 60-70 years in that period. This book he did in 1835, and it’s how to experience revival. He said, you don’t pray for revival, there are certain things you do for a revival. Because you want revival, here’s what you do.

And what we do is we pray now, and that’s fine. I believe in prayer. But at the same time, if you remember, 2 Chronicles 7:14, the Bible verse says, If my people who are called by my name will do this, this and this, then I will hear from heaven, and I’ll do this, this and this. So he didn’t say if you pray. He said, If you will seek my face, but if you’ll turn from your wicked ways, and you’ll humble yourself… If you’ll do all this, then I’ll give you what you’re asking for. And so he looked if then verses in the Bible.

If we do this, then God will do this. He said, if you want revival, start doing this. Because God said, if you do this, I’ll do this. So he said revival, you can bring on but what you do. It’s interesting that lecture 15 in this series, lecture 15, he said the church must take right ground regard to politics. Politics are part of a religion in a country is this and Christians must do their duty to the country as part of their duty to God. He said, God will bless or curse this nation according the course that Christians take in politics.

Making a Difference, Part Four – With David Barton At the PFLC

Now, that’s what we were teaching back then. And this is where the abolition movement got on its feet because the church led it because the federal government’s on the wrong side of that issue. Significantly, this is lecture number 15, which is called ‘Hindrances to Revival’. He said if you want to keep a revival from coming, then don’t get involved in politics. But if you want a revival to come, you’re going to have to get involved in politics.

See, this is what’s starting to happen now with local races. Again, like I told you, we’re just been doing all these pastors conferences, showing pastors, how to recruit people for local office, pastors how to look in their own congregations and find the right people to run, how to get good people. When you start turning out local congregations to vote for local officials, they will vote all the way up the ballot. It’s hard to get them to vote down the ballot.

It’s easy to get them vote up ballot. So that’s where change actually comes from. So, little bit of information just on what’s going on in the culture. That’s an update. I think really good things are happening in the nation, despite all the stuff we’re seeing now. Thank you, guys, for being with us tonight’s start-off.


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