Making a Difference By Learning True History With David Barton, Part Three – At the ProFamily Legislators Conference: Can your pastor apply the Bible to current issues? How did 613 laws help transition a group of former slaves to the number one premier nation in the ancient world? Did you think there was more opposition from our State Department or the Taliban when trying to rescue the innocent out of Afghanistan? How did locals act during the American Revolution? How have revivals happened historically? What percentage of Americans actually chooses our leaders? Tune in to hear how you can make a big difference by simply being involved in your small area of the world!

Air Date: 12/29/2021

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


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I’m Rick Green, former Texas legislator, and America’s Constitution coach. Usually, we’re here live talking about whatever’s happening that day. But today, we’re going to go back a few weeks, not many, but just a few weeks to when David Barton was speaking at the ProFamily Legislators Conference, and give you a chance to hear that presentation. It’s fantastic.

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Alright, here’s David Barton, we’re going to pick up where we left off yesterday, he’s speaking at the ProFamily Legislators Conference.

ProFamily Legislators Conference


Base based on those 613 laws, they go from being a nation of slaves to being the number one premier nation in the ancient world. They were greater than everyone in science and government and everything. How did that happen? Because the 613 laws cover everything you can think of, from immigration to criminal justice to due process rights to the unborn protection. And the unborn covered multiple times in those 613 laws, so much stuff that was covered back then. So, God does cover all those issues.

Now, all that being said, we also do a lot of work with George Barna. And George, in doing polling finds that only 2.8% of pastors in America are willing to address issues that are in the news from the pulpit. We lack biblical relevancy, very few people can address the Bible to what’s going on in the culture, which is one of the reasons we’re seeing a downturn in Christianity in America.

20 years ago, in 2000, 85% of Americans profess to be Christians, today is down to 65% and is still plummeting. Now, in polling people who left the church and you say, why did you leave the church? Two out of three status because the church lacks relevancy, doesn’t give me anything on how to live the rest of the week, doesn’t give me anything to do on Tuesday or Wednesday, nothing about the news. It’s old stuff, dead stuff from thousands of years ago, nothing about how I live now. And this is where we have fallen down as Christian people generally is we don’t understand the relevancy.

So going back to history, this is why you see a lot of people say we got to have revival, we need a revival. We’re praying for revival. I’m good, I’m glad we are because we do need one. Stats make it clear. However, I don’t think we’re going to get the revival everybody’s praying for because when it comes, it’s not going to look like what they’re expecting. You see, we have a major problem. The problem right now is we have a national focus. Let me see if I can put this in perspective.

From the national focus thing, we all get our news somewhere. If you’re on the right side, you probably get it from Fox or victory news, or Newsmax or Epic or you get it from whatever that new source. If you’re on the left, it’s going to be MSNBC or CNN or whatever. That’s where you get your news. It doesn’t matter where you get your news. You know a whole lot about what’s going on nationally. You can tell me what’s going on with Congress, what’s going on with the Supreme Court, what’s going on with the President. We know that.

What Happens Locally

You can’t hardly tell me any story you’ve ever heard about Watertown, New York, or Scottsbluff, Nebraska, or Yukon, Oklahoma, or Jacksboro, Texas. We don’t get any of that stuff around us. 

We get national news. And so as a result, we can see a lot of stuff going on nationally. Now, we’re very involved in all of that in all those areas. I mean, let me just take the White House for a bit.

Before Afghanistan fell, you remember the last three to four weeks how it was just terrible what was going on at HKIA, the Kabul airport. So what happened? Six years ago, Glenn Beck started something called the Nazarene Fund to save persecuted Christians out of the Middle East. 

At that time, it was ISIS. And at that time, it’s, particularly in Iraq. Then it moved into Syria, Afghanistan. So we’ve moved hundreds of thousands of Christians to safety in other places. We were not allowed to bring in the United States. But we sent tens of thousands to Australia, to Brazil, to Slovakia, to Canada. We had nations across the world that took these persecuted Christians. We had great networks going.

So Glenn and I’ve been running the Nazarene Fund for the last six years. And so as this thing was falling apart in Afghanistan, JSOC which is military command, Special Operations Command, they called us and said hey, the guy that runs your operations we want him to take over the civilian airport in Kabul. We aren’t doing that. So the last two weeks at the airport, we were handling getting all the flights out, all the planes out, then the Kabul airport fell so we moved up the Mazar-i-Sharif and started working up there to get people out.


Alright, friends, quick interruption here, you’re listening to David Barton speak at the ProFamily Legislators Conference. Stay with us, quick break, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


This is Tim Barton from Wallbuilders with another moment from American history. Founding Fathers John Adams and Thomas Jefferson originally worked closely together, but later became ardent opponents. This troubled Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration, who knew both of them very well.

In the Bible, 2nd Corinthians 5:18 tells us that God has given each of us the ministry of reconciliation. Dr. Rush believed this and set out to bring the two back together. It took a while but Adams and Jefferson once again became close friends. 


And looking back on his role in helping bring about this reconciliation, Dr. Rush stated “It will give me pleasure as long as I live to reflect that I have been in any degree instrumental and effectiveness for union of two souls destined to be dear to each other and motivated with the same dispositions to serve their country though in different ways.”

For more information about Dr. Benjamin Rush and his other remarkable achievements, go to


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. You’re listening to David Barton present at the ProFamily Legislators Conference. Let’s jump right back in where we left off before the break.

ProFamily Legislators Conference


What’s happened is over the last eight weeks, we’ve moved 13,000 people out of Afghanistan. Among them are 1,500 American citizens. Remember Biden said there’s only 100 or less citizens in Afghanistan. We’ve moved 1,500 out. We still have a long waiting list of people want to get out of Afghanistan. We moved thousands of Christians out of Afghanistan. We moved hundreds, thousands literally of interpreters, American allies, others out. So we’ve moved 13,000 out.

And the Taliban, may you understand how rough they are? I mean, when we moved up the Mazar-i-Sharif, the Taliban is going house to house looking for Christians and looking for American allies who would help the Americans. If you’re an American ally, they hung you on the spot. If you’re a Christian, they find you as a Christian, they behead you and burn your body.

The Taliban

We got word one night that they broke in and there was a bunch of Christians having a Bible study there and they killed everyone’s room, just murdering them all. And so it was really rough with the Taliban in trying to get these people to safe houses and the ones that got shot. How do you do medical treatment from 7,000 miles away? 

So had about 70 safe houses we’re using moving these people around and getting the medical. The logistic is unbelievable. But we’re running that from over here.

And as bad as Taliban was, the State Department was worse. We had more opposition from the State Department than we had from the Taliban. We actually got the Prime Minister of Pakistan to talk to the Taliban said, let these guys get their flights out of there. And so we get flights out except the State Department started calling the head of other nations, called Albania said no, no, turn the planes back, don’t let them land there with any refugees, called the Macedonia where we’re sending planes, said no, no, turn them back.

So the State Department does all this goofy stuff, and so we need help with that. So what we do is we get a bunch of congressmen, a bunch of senators, and reps to call Secretary Blinken, Secretary of State, and say, what are you doing, let these guys out of there. So the Secretary of State Blinken called in the State Department’s guys, and at first, he said, no, we’re not going to do that. And then the members put so much pressure on, they said, okay, we’ll do that. So then Blinken calls and people from State Department said let these plants go out of there.

State Department too has first said no, we’re not going to, we’re not letting… I’m your Secretary of State, I run this thing. Let them out. No, we’re not going to. Now that may seem strange to you. 

And you guys that are in government know the depths of bureaucracies and what they can be. You may recall that when Ronald Reagan stood on the Berlin Wall and said, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall within minutes, the State Department put out a communicate to the world says that does not represent our views. What do you mean that does not represent our views? It’s your president. Yeah. But he’s the President, we run things.

There was a saying they don’t care whether it’s Reagan or whether it’s Biden, they get their own agendas. And a whole lot of the guys in the State Department are hardcore socialist, Marxist, communist. They want to see America destroyed. They don’t care who the president is. They want it going down. 

The State Department

So we’re dealing with the President. We’re dealing with Blinken. We’re dealing with so many members of Congress. So, got connections all of that. I’ve been involved in 13 cases at the US Supreme Court. Got another case we’re involved with this term this session. I’m into all that.

You know what? I cannot get a single thing done on any of it. I can’t get Blinken to do something because it needs to be, and I can’t get the President do. You can’t do it. And a lot of you guys have the same kind of connections we do, and we can’t get anything done. But think of the average person who sees all the national news and they don’t have any connections. They don’t know who to call. 

They don’t know what… This is where people get frustrated, get paralyzed, get angry, they get really bitter over what they see going on because they see all this national news, and they should be looking at local news. Let me see if I can break this down historically for you.

When you look at what happens, let’s take the American War for Independence, the first four battles that happened the American war for independence, those first four battles: top right, battle Lexington, top left battle of Concord, northbridge, Concord; bottom left, road the Boston; bottom right, Bunker Hill. 

What happens is all four of these battles is significant that we were vastly outnumbered by the British in all four battles and yet nobody called George and said, George, you’re the National Commander in Chief, you need to get over here and get us some help, we’re about to get our tails kicked by the British. We need you here and now.

Nobody called George and said, we need your help. They all said you got important stuff to do. This is our community, we’ll take care of it. We’ll take care of our own community. It’s interesting they all acted locally. Let me show how that worked.

If you go to the first one, you take the Battle of Lexington, what happened was 700 British soldiers were on their way to Concord and 70 townspeople were told historically. History books today say 70 brave townspeople from Lexington went out to withstand the 700 British, not accurate at all. What happened was the Church of the Reverend Jonas Clark went out to withstand the British, and he had 70 guys in the church. It’s not a big church because it’s not a big town.

Jonas Clark

And Jonas Clark had been teaching his man, he said, guys, the biblical view of war is that you can engage in war if it is not offensive. You cannot start a war. God will not bless an offensive war. However, if you were shot at, you’re allowed the biblical right of self-defense. So if a war starts, you can’t start it. But if they started, you can engage in it.

And so here come 700 British to town, they’re British soldiers. These are a bunch of shopkeepers and farmers and school teachers. And they go out and 70 of them were lined up facing 700 British. Now, it didn’t matter if all the 70 guys were SEAL team members back then because everybody’s got a single firearm, must get and it takes everybody 15 to 20 seconds to reload it. 

So the advantage with 700 guns shooting 70 guns; the 700 guns have the distinct advantage. Plus, you can’t fire until they fire at you.

And that’s why John Parker, the famous statue, election done, he has the statement because he reminded the guys, said you guys remember what Pastor Clark’s been teaching us. And the famous statement on that statute says “Don’t fire unless fired upon.” He said but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here. Now you guys can start this, but if they do, we can respond. They got the first shot and that’s where 18 Americans hit the ground that morning.

Now the British then pressed on from there, and they went on to the second battle, which is the battle of Northbridge of Concord. When they got there, we’re told that 300 Braves town went out to meet them. That’s not true either. 

It was the Church of the Reverend William Emerson with 300 guys in his church who ran and they said, hey, by the way, we’re not going to let you do this. And we heard you’ve already fired our guys, which means we get to shoot back at you now. That’s where the first British hit the ground was there at the Concord.


Hey, quick break, friends, stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


Hey, guys, we want to let you know about a new resource we have at WallBuilders called The American Story. For so many years, people have asked us to do a history book to help tell more of the story that’s just not known or not told today.

And we would say very providentially in the midst of all of the new attacks coming out against America, whether it be from things like the 1619 project that say America is evil, and everything in America was built off slavery, which is certainly not true or things, like even the Black Lives Matter movement, the organization itself, not out the statement Black Lives Matter, but the organization that says we’re against everything that America was built on, and this is part of the Marxist ideology. There’s so many things attacking America.

Well, is America worth defending? What is the true story of America? We actually have written and told that story starting with Christopher Columbus, going roughly through Abraham Lincoln, we tell the story of America not as the story of a perfect nation of a perfect people. But the story of how God used these imperfect people and did great things through this nation. It’s a story you want to check out,, The American Story.


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. We’ll have one more break today. But right now let’s jump back in with David Barton speaking at the ProFamily Legislators Conference.


So the British look at that and say this is not a good deal, we had 70 Americans, now we got 300 Americans, this is only 700 of us. If this thing keeps building, we’re in serious trouble. So they turned around so we better get back to Boston get reinforcements real quick, and they did and that’s the third battle. It’s a 19-mile force-marched back to Boston, real quick-paced trying to get back to reinforcements. 

And what they feared happened because, on the way back, they faced 4,500 Americans. Now, 4,500 versus 700, that’s a real problem for the British. Where did the 4,500 come from? Reverend Payson Phillips grabbed his church and brought them out there. Reverend Benjamin Balch grabbed his church line besides with churches saying you can’t do this. We’re not going to let you do this. This is our community. You’re not going to do this in our community.

You had the same thing that happened in the fourth battle, battle of Bunker Hill. Reverend Joseph Willard says I got two companies in the church, let’s go and join all the other churches companies over there at battle of Bunker Hill. This is what the early battles were. So it wasn’t a national command sort of thing. It was people saying we’re going to take care of our own local communities.

The Local American Revolution

Now, when you take care of enough local communities, that’s how you win the national battles, one in the local communities. There were more than 80 battles in the American war for independence and Georgia’s involved very few of them, Yorktown and Monmouth and Brandywine. 

Good for him. We needed him there. But even there, he was highly supported by local militias and local troops, and local townspeople who showed up. So it never was a national thing. We had a national commander in chief who was really good at helping layout local strategies. And that’s what happened.

So we won the American Revolution by having a local focus. Of the more than 80 battles in American Revolution, most of them were local battles, battle of Kings Mountain, the battle of [inaudible 16:14] battle of 76, all these famous battles 76-96, whichever way you want to do for South Carolina, you know what that means. So all these different battles, local focus, it was the same with revivals. We think oh, let’s have a national revival. America needs a revival. No, that’s not the way it happens.

Revivals, they’re the same way. Historically, they occur locally. And we think what about Whitfield? Because Whitfield was a national evangelist. I mean, we think about him as a national guy. In some ways, he was because when you look at Whitfield, I mean, this is a guy who preached for 34 years, he preached 18,000, sermons, and 80% of all Americans physically heard him preach a sermon.

Now you want to talk about message penetration, when 80% of the people hear your message from you, that’s amazing stuff. Now how did that happen? Because he was the chaplain to the colony of Georgia. 

He got on his horse in Georgia and rode to Maine on horseback and rode back and forth, and back and forth, seven times, seven-round trips. And he went a different route every time. And every time he went through a town or village, he stopped and had a revival there.

And so what happened, that’s why he chose a different route every time. 80% of Americans physically heard him preach a sermon because he’s in 80% of the communities in America. It was a national revival. 

There were so many local revivals that it looked like a national revival because it’s breaking out all over everywhere, states and city. He stopped hearing, there’s 500, he preached to them, revival breaks out and he stopped here with 12,000, preached to them. And he was doing all these local revivals, and that’s what turned into a national revival.

That’s why we don’t hear about people like Samuel Cooper. Because Samuel Cooper, this is guy mentioned by John Adams. He’s the guy who kept the revival going for years in Boston. After it started in Boston, he’s the guy who kept it lit there. He’s a local guy. 

How Revivals Start

Yeah, the same thing with Gilberton. After the revival in Philadelphia, here’s the guy who kept it going for years in Philadelphia. Same thing with Samuel Davies, he’s the guy in the rural mountains of Virginia. 

He kept going there for years. He had revival starts, it was local stuff that kept going and kept moving, that’s why it was the long term revival that lasted from 1730 to 1770. It was the local stuff being done. So you look at revival through the same way they occur nationally, our obsession with a national focus, you got to be replaced with local focus.

Now, let me bring this back to politics for a bit. Let’s talk about voting for a minute. Because to be a voter in America, constitutionally requires only two things: you have to be 18 years old, and you have to be a legal citizen. If you can do that, 100% of legal citizens who are 18 years old can vote except we do ask you to register because we want to make sure seven people didn’t vote in your name or whatever. So this is where it gets interesting.

You got a constitutional right to vote, all you have to do is fill out a piece of paper. Right now, only 65.3% of the nation fills out that piece of paper. We have 120 million Americans who refuse to engage in anything going on in the nation. So, 120 million have checked themselves out. 

Now you know that there are elections of two types. You have the presidential election like we had last year, and the average in the last 11 presidential elections, the average turnout in a presidential election for the last 11 elections averages 54%. But that’s 54% of the 65%, that’s 54% registered. So 54% of 65% put you at 36%, it takes only half of that to win the presidency. So 18% is what chooses the President of the United States right now.

When you look at off-year elections like we’re happy next November, for the last 21 off-year elections, the average voter turnout has been 38% of registered voters, that’s 38% of 65%, which means 26% of citizens vote in off-year elections. 

It takes half of that to win so you’re looking at 13%. So what we’re talking about is for the last 11 presidential elections in the United States, one out of five Americans chooses the President, and for the races for governors and congressmen and senators and reps, it’s one out of eight Americans choosing those winners. That’s pathetic.


Alright, friends, last break, and we’ll be right back. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilder Live.


This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. The Second Amendment to the Constitution which guarantees to every individual the right to keep and bear arms has been targeted for years now by those who are determined to dismantle the individual right to self-protection. Opponents argue that only the militia, the military, and law enforcement are to have and use firearms.

But those who wrote the Second Amendment strenuously disagreed, including Founding Father Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the Declaration, a president of the Continental Congress, and one of those who actually frame the Second Amendment. He declared “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young how to use them.”

For more information about Richard Henry Lee, in the history of the Second Amendment, go to


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Let’s get to the conclusion of David Barton speaking at the ProFamily Legislators Conference.


When you look at local elections, your average turnout is about 6%. But that’s 6% of 65% which is 4%. It takes half of that to when you’re looking at 2%. Generally, 2% is what wins the local election. Let me take you to Los Angeles for a moment.

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities nation, I think is second largest now. It is the equivalent of 23 different states’ populations. So if you’re Eric Garcetti in LA, you’re the mayor of LA, that’s like being Governor 23 in individual states. Eric Garcetti, the mayor of LA who is super hostile to churches and to constitutional rights, etc, he brags that he was elected with 2.9% of the vote. So you have that guy with that amount of power chosen by 2.9%.


And then if you go to something like Houston, also one of the top five cities in the United States, the population of Houston is the equivalent of the individual population of 20 separate states. So if you’re mayor of Houston, that’s governor in 20 states. And these Parker was chosen with 4.9% of the vote, but that’s 4.9% of 65%, which she was chosen with 3.3% of the vote is the mayor of Houston.

Now, Annise Parker is the first open lesbian mayor of Houston. And when she got in, she said, I’m so tired of you religious people saying that marriage between a man and woman, that is a hate crime. That’s personally attacking me. Annise, we were saying marriage is between a man and woman before you were ever born. 

This has nothing to do with you. We’re not attacking you. We’ve been saying this for 5,800 years because it’s what the Bible said, that’s a history of man. No, no, that’s a personal hate crime on me.

So she comes up with what’s called HERO, that’s a Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, the largest 200 cities in the United States have passed. These are called Equal rights Ordinance or Equal Rights Amendments or Human Rights Ordinance, whatever, but HERO. And so she says now that this is in place, I’m going after people who said that marriage is between a man and woman. 

And she took some of the prominent pastors in Houston, evangelical pastors, and said, alright, I’m subpoenaing all of your records. I want to see your phone records. I want to see your sermon notes. I want to see your communications, your telephone logs. I want to see all social media. And if you’ve said that marriage is between a man or woman, you are dead me, you’re nailed.

Now, by the way, San Antonio also did this. In San Antonio, they said if you say marriage is between a man and woman, that is a Class C misdemeanor, that’s a $500 day fine. Plus, if you’ve ever said marriage between a man or woman, you can never hold office in city of San Antonio. Plus, if you’ve ever said marriage is between a man or woman, you’re not allowed to ever do business with the city, you can’t be a paving contractor or landscaper or anything else. So, 200 cities have these ordinances.

So what happened here was when she went after these guys, and it was national news, the city said, wait a minute, that’s not why we elected you. We elected you to do to fix the roads and keep the taxes low and whatever. And so they were upset. So we got 4,500 churches organized in Houston. Those 4,500 churches organized in Houston got them to do a referendum on, they put it on the ballot.

And so when it came time for the boat, what happened were, I forgot if it’s Houston Chronicle Houston Post, one of them, they did a poll the day before the election and said we’re going to lose 60-40 And these Parker is going to win. 

Making a Difference, Part Three – With David Barton At the PFLC

She’s going to kick your tail. Polling shows you’re going to lose 60-40. Well, on election day, we didn’t have 3% voter turnout. We had 14% voter turnout, and we won by 22 point margin, we could curtail 61-39.

Now, please no 14% is pathetic. But that’s five times higher than what it normally was and it was enough to kick her tail and she hadn’t done anything like that since. Matter of fact, none of the Texas cities have done that sense because of what happened as a result of that. So let me take you to Fort Worth Texas for a bit because we’re sitting right here in the DFW area, Dallas Fort Worth area. 

It was the Fort Worth Independent School District six years ago, they came up with this brilliant plan that says you know we’re not going to do this gender thing anymore. You can choose whatever bathroom you want, boys, girls, it doesn’t matter. We don’t think gender is irrelevant. We’re not going to do that with locker rooms. We’re not going to do that with shower rooms. You just choose what you want.


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