Liberty Pastors, The Modern Black Robe Regiment – With Pastor Paul Blair: Why do 94% of Christians not have a Biblical worldview? Could it be because two out of three pastors do not have a Biblical worldview?  Why don’t pastors discuss current-event issues? Is it because they don’t understand what God says concerning them? Do we need a modern-day Black Robe Regiment? Tune in to hear Ps. Paul Blair, a pastor discipling diciplers, and learn about a life-changing opportunity for your pastor!

Air Date: 06/15/2022

Guest: Pastor Paul Blair

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


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And then if we study history, we’ll learn how to apply that and how people have applied good stuff and gotten good results, bad stuff and bad results and how do we learn from those things. And then constitutionally, of course, how do we do this properly in our particular society, our nation under the United States Constitution. So biblical, historical, constitutional perspective, thanks so much for joining us for that perspective.

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Pastor Paul Blair

Alright, guys, later in the program, Pastor Paul Blair back with us here on WallBuilders Live, and he’s been doing these pastors conferences. He calls it Liberty Pastors. And David, you and I were talking offline earlier today even about how, man, pastors are hungry, they’re wanting to get involved, they’re wanting to be black robe regiment pastors from the founding era. 

And you’ve been out there. I don’t know how many pastor groups you’ve talked to. I look at your schedule, and I get tired just looking at your schedule. But you’ve had pastor groups all over the country over the last year. So you’re seeing the same thing, Paul is. We’re going to catch up with Paul on his events for this year. But that’s got to be encouraging to you to talk to all these pastors and see them hungry to learn how to impact the culture in a biblical way.


Yeah, there are a lot of pastors hungry. But you got to understand that’s a very small percentage of overall pastors. I mean, again, we’re not seeing the right direction for all pastors. George Barna just came out with new polling recently, says two out of three pastors do not have a biblical worldview. 

He asked pretty simple questions and things like that. So you look back to the American war for independence and we talked about active pastors back there. But the pastors that were really active were in single digits, percentage-wise of all the other pastors. And that’s what we’re seeing here. But it doesn’t take that much to make a difference.


Well, and dad, to your point with the George Barna poll, it was only 37% of pastors that had a biblical worldview. What George Barna did point out is that it wasn’t that the other pastors were against Jesus or the Bible necessarily, although some were. But he points out that there was a syncretism in their faith, that they combined a lot of worldly ideas, a lot of secularism into their Christian ideology and made a blend, the syncretism of faith. So it wasn’t a purely biblical worldview.

A Biblical Worldview?

But the reason that is a major problem in our culture nation is we are compromising on so many areas and issues that are very clear biblically. But when your worldview is not being formed purely by the Bible, when it’s being formed by culture or by the climate or by social media or whatever the case might be, then you’re not going to come up with the right answers or perspectives as a Christian when it’s not being informed by the Bible.

And so, Rick, as you mentioned, my dad has been all over the place this year. Rick, you and I have even done some pastors conferences. And between now and the election, we will, all three of us, be on the road a lot, we’re going to get geared up for this midterm election. And a lot of what we’ll do, we’ll be engaging pastors on some level around the nation.

There are a lot of hungry and active people. And we’ve said this so many times in this program. I think one of the great blessings that we are now seeing and part of the awakening happening in America where we’ve talked about we think there’s a great awakening going on. I think part of what has really helped speed up the awakening has been the COVID response from so many governors, from so many mayors, from the Biden administration, where they flex their tyrannical muscles, and they cause so many Americans, and in fact, so many pastors who were told that they could not help meet the needs of their congregation, that they couldn’t go and do weddings, they couldn’t go and be with people in hospitals, they couldn’t go and do funerals, they couldn’t meet together on a Sunday.

So many pastors when they saw their religious liberty actually be threatened on a real level, it has encouraged them to get engaged. But for so many of them, they’re motivated, but they don’t know what to do. And that’s where it’s great. There’s people like Paul Blair and so many others, ourselves included, who were working so actively to help, educate, equip, and engage these pastors to know how they can get involved to make a real difference.



That word again that you guys are using syncretism, say that word again, that they’re basically mixing the Bible with other ideas out there that aren’t biblical and it basically waters down or dilute scripture.


Rick, do you ever watch the Summer Olympics every four years?


I used to till they weren’t woke. But yes.


Do you remember what synchronized swimming is?


Oh, yeah, where they swim exactly the same and match each other and all. Yeah.


So you have many parts coming together and acting the same way. So when you take the world and the Bible and mix them together and blend them and make it all come out one, that’s syncretism. Instead of being purely biblical, you’ve mixed a lot of other non-biblical ingredients in there and saying, I have a biblical view.

The Sheep Follow the Leader

No, you don’t. Your view is made up of bunch of contaminated parts, is no longer purely biblical. You’ve had this synchronized swimming, all these other parts coming in to look like it’s one unit, but it’s no longer purely biblical, if that makes sense.


Yeah. I see that in social media, I see that in people that we know, of course, and how the individual. So the flock, in my mind, has been doing that. What you’re saying is pastors have been doing that. So no wonder the flocks doing it.

And if you got, I mean Barna study is showing that a high percentage of pastors are doing that. Why are we surprised that the flocks doing it? We shouldn’t be surprised?


Yeah, we shouldn’t be surprised at all. But part of the problem we have is we saw even with the American Bible Society this year, their reports shows that Bible reading among Americans has dropped by 28 million more Americans who no longer read the Bible. And they don’t have a high standard for what it takes to be a Bible reader. 

So when you have a real drop and Bible reading, sure, you’re going to have syncretism because you don’t even know what the word of God says in certain areas. And oh, I heard this on the news. Oh, that makes sense to me. Oh, I feel really bad about this. And you start pulling in stuff because you don’t know the Bible. And that’s what the root cause of all of this is, is just not knowing what the Bible says in so many areas.

Moment from American History


Well, it’s highly important. And so Paul Blair is going to tell us about the conferences he’s having. So if you’re listening right now and you know maybe it’s a way to bless your pastor and say, hey, I heard about this great conference and great chance to have fellowship with some other pastors and I’d love to send you, you could sponsor them and send them there and just encourage them to go. But Paul Blair is going to tell us about what’s happening with Liberty Pastors when we return on WallBuilders Live.

This is Tim Barton from Wallbuilders with another moment from American history. Founding Fathers John Adams and Thomas Jefferson originally worked closely together, but later became ardent opponents. This troubled Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration, who knew both of them very well.

In the Bible, 2 Corinthians 5:18 tells us that God has given each of us the ministry of reconciliation. Dr. Rush believed this and set out to bring the two back together. It took a while but Adams and Jefferson once again became close friends. And looking back on his role in helping bring about this reconciliation, Dr. Rush stated “It will give me pleasure as long as I live to reflect that I have been in any degree instrumental and effectiveness for union of two souls destined to be dear to each other and motivated with the same dispositions to serve their country though in different ways.”

For more information about Dr. Benjamin Rush and his other remarkable achievements, go to


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Always good to have Pastor Paul Blair with us. Brother, thanks for coming on and spending some time with us today.

Liberty Pastors


My pleasure, Rick, it’s always a joy to be on with you and David.


Well, we enjoyed reading the article in The Epoch Times about the reach, the growth, I mean, the impact that Liberty Pastors is having. You guys just continue to equip pastors across the country, both to speak into the culture and actually to go run for office. You’re actually encouraging pastors. hey, who better to bring a biblical worldview back to the foundations of our country than pastor serving in public office. Loving this, man.


Absolutely. But  the thing about it is, I don’t know, of course, David, you guys have worked with George Barna extensively. And George released a study just within the last few weeks that revealed that out of pastors, two-thirds of pastors don’t have a biblical worldview. And of course, he released a study a year ago that said that 94% of professing born again Christians actually don’t have a biblical worldview. And that’s because we’ve been taught that there are certain things we can’t talk about in church.

And my question as we begin our camps with these pastors as I asked them, gentlemen, what part of your life was Jesus not the Lord over? And then I follow that up by saying it’s only those areas that you can’t talk about in church. But the reality is that everything we do is supposed to be done for the glory of God. 

Discipling the Disciplers

So we want to teach these pastors biblical worldview on economics, biblical worldview on civil government. And as they’re discipling their congregations, then when those pastors run for office, and when those congregants run for office, they’ll know what the civil government is supposed to do and more than that, what the civil government is not supposed to do. So we begin with worldview and then we follow up with helping to continue to activate these guys. But we’ve had some great responses so far.


You’re equipping the equippers, I mean, you’re teaching them what to then teach to their flock.


Absolutely, buddy. And that’s the thing. We are pastors, I mean, my 8-5 job is pastoring a church. I mean, the last month, I’ve done two weddings, two funerals and made hospital visits yesterday. And what we are doing and this is what, we were discipling the disciplers. So as we reach the pastors and get them to think biblically in areas of life, heretofore they have not thought biblically, then we’re creating a permanent change and they’re now training their people from here on out.

In fact, the number one word that I’ve heard from these pastors that graduate from our camps is transformation, “You’ve transformed my ministry”, which is exactly what we hope to do, that’s the Romans 12:1-2 we wanted to be transformed. And we’ve just had some really great results.


Discipling the disciplers, I love it. I mean, that is the Great Commission. It’s not just walking the isles, it’s making disciples. And we seem to have lost that in evangelical America. You got four big ones coming up just in the next three or four months, St. Louis, Austin, Texas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and then you’re headed all the way out to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which is gorgeous as a beautiful place. So these are events that I guess any pastor can attend, do you have to be a head pastor, how do you do this?

Refreshing Time


Well, obviously, we targeting the senior pastors. However, it’s not just that, I mean, if we’ve got a young man that’s on staff somewhere and reality is one day he’s going to be a senior pastor, then obviously, it makes good sense to reach him now at the formative stage of his ministry. But yeah, primarily, pastors, senior pastors, but pastors. And it’s heavily subsidized, Rick.

Each of these trips, as you look at the locations, I mean, we have some beautiful resorts that we have these camp set. And really, there’re for three reasons. We want these guys to have a time of R&R with their wives. So we want them to come and have a second honeymoon. Then we want them to develop some great friendships and some camaraderie with some 100 other pastors. But then we want to teach them while they’re there.

And these trips are pretty expensive. I mean, a typical hotel that we’ll be at will be somewhere between, you know, the actual value of the stay along with the meals is somewhere between $1,200 and $1,400. Well, all we asked these pastors is $99. Got it got to have a little skin in the game, otherwise, there’s no value to them. They got to have some investments. But the reality is…


You’re talking less than 10% of the cost, well under 10%?


Exactly. We want to make it affordable. It’s a reward to these guys thanking them for their work. But at the same time, they’re committing while they are to give us 20 hours. And it’s entertaining. Obviously, our speakers are entertaining. But it’s not for entertainment. 

The Best

We really want to pour into these guys and teach them as we are pastors, not trying to pastor anybody else’s churches. But we’re just pastors reaching out to other pastors and sharing a little bit about what we learned on these subjects. And again, Rick, and the people that come there, obviously, have some desire to want to pursue. But our response among these guys is just virtually 100%.


I’m kind of blown away, man, $99, you get to stay at these very nice places, hear from these incredible speakers. I mean, just getting to hear from you would be worth going. But you got Dan Fisher, Rick Scarborough. I mean, you got Adrain Reese coming in, Pastor Roden from Texas, and you have Bob McEwen, in the Texas one you got to my buddy, Dr. Steve Hautes. Me you’ve got a stellar lineup for each of these events.

And then you alluded to it. But I think one of the most valuable things that we’ve been missing for a long is just fellowship, just being around so other pastors around the country in this case that share the worldview, that want to do better, that want to bring these things back into the culture. 

This is phenomenal. And you’ve been doing it a while. These next four, though, for this year in 2022, I can’t think of a better time for such a time as this to get equipped on these things. You call it a 911 call. I mean, it really is. This is a clarion call at an emergency time in our culture.

By Design


Well, you and David know as much as anybody how exceptional America has been. And although we obviously have had our flaws, but America has been the only time. I mean in 2000 years of church history, we are the only people as Christians that haven’t been persecuted for our faith.

We’ve been able to enjoy the blessings of civil liberty and religious liberty, and we’ve been the most prosperous people ever in history. That wasn’t by accident. It was by design.

And as you guys are well aware of, we are literally on the verge of losing our republic. So we are trying to create the modern day black robe regiment, which you and David talked about extensively, that was black robe regiment that was there during our founding era in the war for independence. 

We’re trying to create the modern day black robe regiment, the sons of Issachar that have an understanding of the times that we are in. So, we teach them biblical worldview of civil government, biblical principles, how God designed it, what’s the government is supposed to do and not supposed to do. We have Mat Staver and others, we talk about 501(C)3, what they can do as pastors.

And then on the second day, we teach a little bit about the great reset and Klaus Schwab and this global movement is going on out there. And we teach them a little bit about Marxism, Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory. And of course, we have Dr. Lee Merritt that talks about COVID and how much of COVID is, about 2% of COVID was legit, about 98% of our official response to COVID was just bull and it was just to gain control over the people…



And I mean, this guy’s a navy surgeon, President Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, I mean, top of the line…


Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So we have the very best there. And we pour into these guys. It’s a small group. We only want 100 pastors at a time. Because I want them to be able to sit down with a David Barton and visit, have lunch. And I want them to be able to go back to their churches to say, yeah, you know, my friend, Rick Green, and I, we were having lunch the other day and we’re talking. 

That means so much to these guys, not just a bunch of guys in an auditorium or in a stadium listening to some speaker that flew in for an hour. I mean, these guys are actually getting to spend time with and develop relationship with these experts.


That is powerful. And Paul, you listed some of the topics. I mean, even the whole idea of a black robe regiment pastor, you put meat on the bones, you’re diving into how do you actually do that, how do you walk this out, what are the topics, what can you do, how do you deal with the IRS? 

What about when people are saying, oh, you’re preaching politics instead of the gospel? I mean, you tackle all of these issues which I think it’s a fear of those things that’s kept pastors from diving it. Because let’s be honest, a lot of times they don’t know the answers. It wasn’t something covered in seminary. 

Prepared to Take Action

It wasn’t something they’ve had a chance to learn. So you’re really given it. These are actionable things. This isn’t just some, you’re not just going to be doing platitudes. These are no actionable items.


Absolutely. And the reality is, Rick, not only are they not being taught these things, they’re taught not to talk about things in seminary. And again, we have adopted when you think about it, in fact, our opening night I do a presentation called the ‘Compartmentalization of Christianity’. 

And what we have actually adopted into American Christianity as a form of Greek Gnosticism, where we have separated the material world, which is where we live the majority of our lives from our spiritual lives, which is a small box and then we can only talk about those spiritual things at church.

So therefore, our sex lives, our business ethics, our business happen, our work ethic, how we approach politics and civil government, all of that we consider as outside the church. And as Barna had discovered in his research, the vast majority of Christians are actually post-modernists in their thinking. They profess to be followers of Christ. But they don’t follow Christ in any area of their life other than going to church on Sunday morning.


Yeah. I mean, you’re spot on. Now, Paul, I got to ask you, so you’ve got these four dates for the rest of 2022. But for guys who can’t get and families who can’t make it, whatever, they can’t go on those four, they can still plug in with you online, they could still be a part of your network. You’re constantly pouring into them and having webinars and all kinds of things. And that’s just, is that the best place to go, also for signing up for the events this year?

Changing the Country


Yeah. All the information is there at Liberty Pastors, I think it’s dotorg or dotcom. Both of them will get you there. Of course, Rick, you’re going to be on our monthly pastors zoom call this month. And as we lead into the 4th of July holiday, we’ll be talking with fascist about the great faith of some of the signers of the Declaration, some of the principles on which our country was established. So I thank you for being a part of that call and we look forward to that.

But all of these videos from all of our conferences, they’re all online on our website, and they’re all free. One thing we do a crummy job of at this is making money. This whole thing, we’re just literally trying to change the country. 

You know, I’m 60, right now all I really want to do is I’ve gotten multiple surgeries scheduled. All I want to do is play golf and play with my grandchildren. I don’t want to be engaged in this insanity of trying to determine how many genders there are. But that’s where we are right now.

So it’s imperative that these pastors that we are equipped and we stand shoulder to shoulder as a band of brothers, and let’s engage this culture with the hopes of… I’m looking forward to the Lord’s return. I’m looking forward to that trumpet blowing. But until the Lord calls me home, I pray that we and our children, our grandchildren are able to enjoy the blessings of liberty that we have been given.


Well, you hit on it. I mean, it’s the blessings of liberty, everybody’s been able to enjoy that. But now it’s time to bear the burden that it takes to make that happen. And even as you said that about I’d much rather be spending time with my grandkids and playing golf. 

A Culture War

But we’re in the middle of a culture war for the heart and soul of America. And getting pastors and all of us really to say, hey, I’m willing to sacrifice, I’m willing to give up that game of golf, I’m willing to give up whatever it is in order to spend more of my life, fortunate, sacred honor.

And since we just recently had Memorial Day and the anniversary of D Day, I mean, what a great time to be reminded of Lincoln’s words, it’s an increased devotion to the cause for which they gave the last full measure devotion. Well, here’s a great way to increase the devotion. 

Pastors that are listening right now,, get on there today, get signed up for one of these conferences, invest in yourself by going to one of these, and then that’s going to invest in your church a whole $99, and you get this incredible several days at this event to get to hear from these great speakers.

Pastor Paul, this is the answer, I think. This is what changes the culture. We got to do this in our churches. It’s got to come out of our churches, and then out into the community. And that begins with the pastor. Thank you for investing in so many pastors across the country. 

It’d be easy, man, for you to just, you got a great church and great people around you, and like you said, grandkids and all that it’d be so much easier to just spend the next 10 years enjoying that. But for you to be willing to go around the country, spend the time and the energy and all those things, to invest in these other pastors around the country, I just want to thank you, brother, thank you for what you’re doing and I hope a lot of our listeners get on the website today and get plugged in.



Well, buddy, thank you for this, allowing me to be on today and promoting us. And just recognize everything that we do is an extension of what you and David have done through the years because you all helped pour into us. So you’ve helped create this monster. Anything that we do, you guys get partial credit for it. So thank you, my brother.


But that means we get blamed too, right? Of course, yeah. God bless you, brother. Pray for wonderful, wonderful all four of these events to be fantastic and for folks to just get plugged in. Keep up the great work, brother, we’ll see you soon.


Alright, buddy. God bless.


Stay with us, folks, we’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.


Hey, guys, this is Tim Barton, I am interrupting the normal broadcast to bring you something pretty special. This summer, we are doing a special program for college aged students 18-25 year olds. And it’s something that is becoming more and more special based on where the climate is.

In the middle of a crazy culture, in the middle of a nation going in crazy directions and right now we’re seeing in academia where even Christian universities are promoting critical race theory, teaching the 1619 project, we want to do something to help equip young people the next generation, to know the truth, the truth of the Word of God, the truth of America, the truth of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the free market, we want to get into a lot of this. 

And this is something that if you are an 18-25 year old, or if you are a parent or grandparent, if you have an 18 or 25 year old, if you’re in church 18-25 year olds, this program is something that can be life-changing for them, you want them to be a part. Go to and look for the summer institute to be part of this program.


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live.  Thanks for staying with us. Thanks to Paul Blair for joining us as well. We’ll have links today so you can learn more about those Liberty Pastor events and tell your pastor about it as well. David and Tim, I feel like I should be tweeting this, more in all caps period of all caps, period this, all caps, period, right, more pastors go into things like this is good for our country.


This is where it’s really good to have your pastor sign up for this. Because I don’t know of a single pastor who says I’m not biblical. But yet Barna has found that again, two of three have the syncretism. And so what you get at these kinds of boot camps is you really get deep dives into a lot of stuff biblical that maybe you haven’t thought about before. And so, this really is a good thing. 

Exponential Outreach

Like he’s saying it’s discipling the disciplers and pastors are disciples, but now they’re discipling the disciplers. And that really gives you much more exponential outreach. Pastors are influencers. It’s not just the pastor influencing himself, he influences a whole congregation. So really encourage your pastor to get involved with this and to attend these boot camps. These are really, really good things.


And one thing, guys, to the second my attention is when he talked about on the second day, the content they get into on the second day, whether it be critical race theory or Black Lives Matter or COVID, things that are so relevant for the culture we’re living in now that a lot of pastors don’t know the truth or don’t want to respond to, they don’t know how to train their congregation in the biblical perspective, the fact that they’re doing such intentionally culturally relevant things.

This is what pastors need help with. And this is part of where the syncretism comes in, that they embrace some social perspectives from the world’s eyes instead of from the Word of God. We need to make sure we know what the Bible says about every issue we’re dealing with in culture. And that’s where this is so practical and relevant for what they’re doing. So great job for Paul Blair, and man, God bless him in the work they’re doing.

Liberty Pastors, The Modern Black Robe Regiment – With Pastor Paul Blair


Alright, we’re out of time for today, folks. It’s been great having you with us talking about a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective specifically for pastors. And I encourage you to check out these pastors conference, get your pastor to go to these. If you’re a pastor listening, I promise you, it’s going to be a good investment of your time for both you and your congregation. It’s so important for us to be equipped with truth.

You know, I run a nonprofit organization with hundreds of thousands of people following what we’re doing tons of students that come through our programs, 13,000 constitution coaches. I want to make sure that I’m putting the right information in front of them, that we’re training them well. 

And so I’m constantly looking to learn, whether it’s at conferences or studying different resources out there, we need to do the same. Our pastors need to do the same. We need to make sure we’re getting the right information in front of the people that God has given us the ability to have a voice with and for.

So I really encourage pastors to get to these conferences, begin to study these things, and become a Liberty Pastor. Make sure that you are a catalyst for a restoration of biblical values and constitutional principles in your community. One of the great tools to do that is Biblical Citizenship in Modern America, check that out today at 

You can get the DVDs and the books there. You can sign up to be a coach for free, we’ll come alongside you and train you and equip you and help you host that class at your church or in your living room or wherever you want to get people together. But I promise you you’ll see great hope come out of those classes.

Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.