Life, Liberty, And the Pursuit Of Happiness – With Congresswoman Lauren Boebert: Did you hear about Representative Lauren Boebert’s moving House-floor speech? Is abortion healthcare…or murder? Why are we disarming the women who may need a firearm the most? Should Congress decide what rights we should have? Tune in to hear this insightful interview with Congresswoman Lauren Boebert!

Air Date: 10/27/2021

Guest: Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Congresswoman Lauren Boebert 

Alright, David, and Tim, later in the program, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert will be with us, another speech on the House floor, just fiery, just speaking truth, talking about principles of liberty and life. I guess the right order would be life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those are the things we fight for around here.


Yeah, it’s really fun to point out that Congress has changed over the years in the sense that, you know, Tim has pointed out before that this current Congress, 91% of the current members of Congress profess to be Christians. Now, that means Pelosi, that means folks like that, and you kind of go well, now wait a minute, they really don’t believe what the Bible teaches exactly. So they may be professing Christians, but they’re not biblical-practicing Christians in that sense.

And what we have seen in the last several elections is we have an increasing number of Biblically practicing Christians who actually know what the Bible says in areas and they stand and defend it, and they defend it with conviction. And Lauren Boebert is one of those. She’s one of that growing group of folks that really are biblically-acting, biblically-thanking, very politically astute, and because of all of that, they have great backbone. And they will say things that I think folks, even 4-6 years ago have been afraid to say in Congress for fear of being attacked.

But this new group, that’s this come in, in the last three, four elections, and it’s a growing group, it’s not a majority yet, it’s probably 1/4 of the Congress, it’s probably half of Republicans, but this group really is firm on his convictions. And the Democrats are actually being so radical in their side that is pushing more and more people into having firm convictions. And so, folks that used to be like economic Republicans are now becoming social Republicans because Democrats are pushing so hard.

I mean, the bill that they passed in Congress just a week and a half ago, Pelosi, it’s a pro-abortion bill that says states are not allowed to have any restrictions at all on abortions. The federal government’s going to take over all abortion laws, and we’re not going to have states have any voice in this. 

Radical Laws

And our federal abortion law is going to be the most radical thing you’ve ever seen. You cannot do anything to restrict abortion up to the day before birth, so essentially, up to infanticide. And even the Republicans that have been just kind of economic folks or for military folks, we want more for the military, or we want to get spending under control, even they’re coming out now saying wait a minute, the social issues, the Democrats have gone too far.

And I think that that polarization is part of what’s actually pushing America. About 70% of the nation did not agree with a position held in that Democrat abortion bill. So that’s part of why we’re being able to elect folks like this. But Lauren’s great example of what this most recent freshmen class. There’re are so many of them that look like in that class and it really is refreshing for those of us who want to see somebody stand and fight for values and stand and fight for the country and stand and fight for the Constitution.


And like you said she’s one of many. I mean, there’s many others that got elected in this last cycle and it blows that image of a lot of people have everybody in Congress is bad, there’s no good members of Congress. There are in fact, a lot of them, we get to work with a lot of those members of Congress and legislators across the country. So it’s encouraging when we see them stand up, and it’s encouraging for the people that are listening right now that may not be familiar with a lot of these members.

So as we’re going to break, you’re going to hear Lauren Boebert on the House floor in Congress talking about the life issue. This was just a few weeks ago, and it just gives you the idea of the type of members of Congress that we’re sending right now. These are good people that understand life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is Lauren Boebert on the House floor, when we come back, she’ll be with us right here on WallBuilders Live.


I rise to speak in defense of those who cannot defend themselves, the voiceless, the unborn. I rise to say what we all know to be true that the human life begins at conception because we know science is real, that more than 60 million babies have been ripped from their mother’s wombs since Roe versus Wade were no less valuable or worthy of life than any of us here today. And then no taxpayer should ever be forced to pay for abortion. Abortion is not healthcare. It is murder. I will not stand by quiet. I say Planned Parenthood can go fund themselves.

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This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees to every individual the right to keep and bear arms has been targeted for years now by those who are determined to dismantle the individual right to self-protection. Opponents argue that only the militia, the military, and law enforcement are to have and use firearms.

But those who wrote the Second Amendment strenuously disagreed, including Founding Father Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the Declaration, a president of the Continental Congress, and one of those who actually frame the Second Amendment. He declared “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young how to use them.”

For more information about Richard Henry Lee, in the history of the Second Amendment, go to


Line number two: Rape Victims Need Abortions. Wrong. They need love. They need support. They need safety and healing. They needed a Glock 19 when it happened.


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. That clip you were just listening to also Congresswoman Lauren Boebert on the House floor and she is here with us right now on WallBuilders Live. So good to have you all the way from Colorado, Congresswoman from Colorado Lauren Boebert, thanks for some time today.

60 Million Babies


Rick, I am doing great. Thanks so much for having me on. I love you and your listeners. You are my people. It’s a breath of fresh air to be talking to you and not the swamp creature in DC.


Well, we feel the same way about you. And actually, every time you give a speech on the House floor, it’s a chance for us to get truth and get somebody that’s actually telling it like it is instead of all of the mambsy pambsy, both Republican and Democrat out of DC. So thanks for being there. 

Thanks for being a breath of fresh air, for being a true champion of liberty. You know, getting a lot of press right now of your comments about rape victims, which I thought you were spot on, saying abortion is not what we should be throwing at them, actually, we should be giving them love and they should have a Glock 19. Your point is, if they’d been able to defend themselves, they wouldn’t be in this position. Why don’t we talk enough about that?


I’m wondering the same thing, Rick. You know, abortion, I believe that this is one of the greatest sins of our country. Over 60 million babies have been killed since Roe vs. Wade, and that there’s so much potential for our country in our world that is lost because those lives were lost. And I believe that God’s Spirit dwells in each of those children at the moment of conception and these children should have been protected.

When talking about being prolife, abortion advocates often ask, well, what about the cases of rape? Well, first of all, this is an incredibly small percentage of abortions, less than 2%. And secondly, I don’t want it to come to that. 

When I said they need a Glock 19, these victims, these women, I meant that. I want women to know how to use a firearm and to carry one with them. So if God forbid, someone tries to assault them, it’s the woman walking away and not the assailant.

Heartbeat Bills

I do not support the killing of preborn babies, not because of their skin color impairment. The child may or may not have, you know, we’ve seen doctors be wrong. When diagnosing these children in the womb, we’ve seen ultrasounds that were not accurate, or whatever the case may be that is going on when this child was conceived. But I’m incredibly proud of the progress we’re seeing throughout the country to protect the preborn. We truly are making gains.

And since 2019, nine states have passed heartbeat bills. And Rick Green, you notice firsthand. Right there in Texas, there is a new law in place, which is literally saving lives today. And just a few years from now there will be children attending elementary school with smiles on their faces and running gleefully into their classrooms because Republicans took a stand for life and we just praying for a spirit of boldness for our Supreme Court justices right now.


Amen. Oh, so good. I love the image that you just planted too in my brain of those children. It’s so much more than just a policy decision, and all of those things, is the child that will be running and smiling and bringing joy. I was just telling my wife yesterday, I was like, you know, being a grandpa is absolutely the best thing on the planet. 

I just have to think about my granddaughter smiling, and I get a smile on my face. I think about her, you know, running around and being crazy, and I get a smile on my face. It’s such a gift that God gives us with these children.

Listen, I know that you are like a war horse. I mean, you run to the fight. You’re not afraid of that. The attacks and all that doesn’t bother you, it actually spurs you on. But I think they just missed the boat on this attack on you over this speech that you gave on the floor. You’re a policy maker.

 And essentially, what you were saying was, as we make policy going forward, the best thing we can do to have fewer rape victims is to make sure that more women are trained and armed and able to defend themselves. That’s what I heard in what you were saying.

Training is Essential


Absolutely. And that training is the most important aspect of all of this. Anyone who is running out and purchasing a firearm for the very first time, please go to a good training school, a class and learn how to properly use your firearm. We see accidents for two reasons. 

Either someone is ignorant or careless, they either don’t know what they’re doing with a firearm, or they think they know so much that they ignore the basic principles of firearm safety. So the training is the most important component.

Look, I have a restaurant where I have waitresses open carrying as they’re serving burgers to our customers. And before any of them straps a firearm on their hip or their thigh, they go through training. And I want to make sure that they are familiar with their firearm, they’re accurate with it, and they know the potential dangers. 

If you don’t have good trigger discipline, if you’re not treating every firearm as though is loaded, if you are pointing your muzzle in an unsafe direction, if you don’t know what’s beyond your target, all of these things matter, and that’s when you see accidents happen.


So good. Oh, so good. Okay. So last thing I want to talk about the role of government here should be to protect its citizens and protect their rights to be able to protect themselves. And instead we disarm women. This makes me so angry when we disarm young ladies on college campuses that have the training and that could defend themselves. 

And we know the stories of girls that get raped or killed that could have defended themselves. And this is the great equalizer. I mean, if you’re 105 pound girl, and a 300 pound linebacker is attacking you, you’ve got to have that firearm to defend yourself.

When states pass laws or the federal government passes laws to prevent you from being able to have that weapon, everywhere you go they’re literally putting you in danger of rape or your life being taken. I assume that infuriate you the same, and the proper role of government should be to defend your right, to carry that weapon, not prevent you from having it with you.

The Bill of Rights


And that’s exactly right. And that is why we have the Bill of Rights. And even beyond that, the most fundamental right is the right to life. And so we have this Bill of Rights that is not given to us by greedy, dirty, corrupt politicians, these are our God-given rights and government is instituted to secure these rights, to protect these rights. 

And we the governed give consent to be governed. But we don’t give consent to have government take out freedom’s from us. And they make a new gun control law, it only lessens our ability to defend our lives. You’re exactly right. A firearm is a great equalizer. It is the equalizer. I need a tool to be able to defend myself against a larger potential aggressor. And a firearm is a great tool for that.

You know, I’ve had people tell me, why don’t you throw rocks at someone? Well, who says that I’m a great aim with a rock, you know? And I can’t throw a rock as quick as a bullet can fly. 

That’s for sure. So all of these laws just restrict our ability to protect ourselves, and that is why I am against every single inch that they try to take away from our Second Amendment rights.


I just had this image of you as King David literally running with the slingshot and swinging that stone. So you may not be able to throw the rock. But I could see Lauren Boebert being able to use a slingshot to take down the giant.


Just like, David, I would be shouting the whole way. You never run you’re saying with your mouth shut.


I love it. I love it. Lauren, how can our listeners pray for you? You’re on the frontlines. You’re in the fight every day. You’re helping others that are in the fight. You’ve got an incredible voice right now as for such a time as this, and we want to lift you up. So how can we encourage our listeners to pray for you and support you?


Thank you so much. Our nation needs prayer right now. And we need to be reaching out to people. But I think members of Congress and public servants in these positions need God’s wisdom on a daily basis. And that’s what I asked for regularly. 

Trusting God

Because I do believe that there’s a grace for this. I believe that there’s anointing God is calling leaders to these positions. He is removing corrupt politicians and installing leaders. But still we are people and without God’s grace, we will never be able to accomplish all that He has planned for us, His will for us.

I remind myself on a regular basis that the anointing of God will take me places that my character cannot keep me. So I need Him with me each and every day leading and guiding me. 

And so if I could just ask for prayers of support, that God would continue to give me wisdom and revelation and what’s going on, that the Holy Spirit would just influence everything that I do, and put me in the right rooms with the right people and at those tables where important conversations are being had.

I believe there needs to be more Christians seated at these tables right now, especially in this time, because the world is searching for answers. And Christians have those answers because the Creator lives on the inside of us. And so we need to be in those conversations, and giving them the answers that they are searching for. And all the support to keep me coming back to Congress and keep me in this fight is much appreciated.

My website is And we have supporters from all over this great country. And I am so grateful for each and every one of them. And thank you so much, Rick, for your platform, and everything that you were doing in this time for this movement. I believe that it’s so much more than a podcast or radio show, a TV show, schools. I believe that you are participating with the very plan that God has for our country right now.


Amen, right back at you. Everything you just said just moved a lot of people off the fence that had been feeling the calling, thinking, God’s calling me, just people have encouraged him to do it, but they’re thinking I don’t know if I have everything. 

You just pushed them off the fence into the right column to get involved and go run school board, city council, state legislature, Congress. Get out there, folks, and run. Okay, website, Last question, you’re redistricting your district going forward, has that been settled out? Do you know yet how that’s all going to play for you?


We’ll know on November 1st if the Supreme Court accepts the district map, but things are looking pretty good. No matter what, it’s going to be a tough fight. Because I didn’t come to DC to just be a part of clubs in Washington. 

I’m actually doing what I promised the people back home that I’m doing. And so I am the number one target in Colorado for that very reason. 

So we’re not slowing down. We are pressing in each and every day to make sure I’m serving my constituents in Colorado and being a strong voice for them and for millions of others all throughout our country.

Rick: And folks, let me tell you how the system works. When someone’s as vocal and principled as Lauren is, the system knows they can’t control her, that they can’t make her a puppet. And so she doesn’t get the typical support of the big machine that other members of Congress do. 

So your support means a lot, We need more champions like her. God bless you, Lauren. We’re praying for you. We’re supporting you. We’re sending money. We’re sending supporters. We just appreciate what you’re doing. Thanks for standing so firm on the frontlines.


Thank you so much, Rick. God bless you. And God bless your listeners. Thank you.


Stay with us, folks, we’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.


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Well, is America worth defending? What is the true story of America? We actually have written and told that story starting with Christopher Columbus, going roughly through Abraham Lincoln, we tell the story of America not as the story of a perfect nation of a perfect people. But the story of how God used these imperfect people and did great things through this nation. It’s a story you want to check out,, The American Story.


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. And thanks to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert for joining us as well. And of course, guys, look, we’ve talked about self-defense so much on the program. We certainly believe in this first law of nature, just as the Founders did. And that was her point. We should not be disarming ladies that need that that equalizer, the great equalizer to be able to defend themselves.


Yeah, for her to be criticized saying that maybe she’s belittling or the rape victims, etc, I mean, rookie point on the interview, it was very clear, she was talking about policy. What would have helped these women before the scenario was you had a Glock 19. 

The point is when you have a firearm and you are properly trained with the use of that firearm which she was very, very clear about right, like we don’t want to have an Alec Baldwin situation, and not to obviously belittle the families of those involved with the individuals that he killed or injured. 

Basic Gun Safety

But the reality is, this is clearly not someone who understands basic gun safety, which is one of the great ironies when you have people from Hollywood or these leftists who want to give lectures on gun safety or they actually want to try to ban guns and clearly they don’t have any idea the proper use or the proper safety precautions taken with firearms, just basic gun safety rules.

And pretty much the number one basic gun safety rule is you never point the gun at something you’re not willing to destroy. And this is something I’m using Alec Baldwin as an example, because it certainly was a tragedy what happened, but this is someone who’s been a major anti-gun advocate for a long time. 

And clearly, he doesn’t know basic gun safety because the gun that he utilized, it was technically a prop gun and apparently it was loaded with blanks. But with a blank, there’s still a projectile coming out the end like a kind of wadding comes out the end. 

And if you are standing close to someone, and you just charge that on that person, that wadding can go into the person, which apparently again, a lot of this is still waiting to be discovered. But apparently, that’s part of what happened.

And why were you pointing a gun, anybody in general on the set when this is not in the middle of the movie in the senior shooting, right? These weren’t people that were actors anyway. All that being said, what Lauren Boebert said in the interview was that clearly, we want people to be trained with a firearm. 

And this is something we’ve been advocates for a long time. Rick, the reason that you are such a big fan of a Front Sight and taking people the Front Sight, and our family, when we first started going with you guys once or twice a year at Front Sight and getting that additional training for us, it’s so valuable and important. We advocate that every woman ought to be trained in the use of firearms, and every woman ought to carry a handgun.


Not only every woman, every man, every boy, every girl: we’re big fan of everybody knowing how to use guns.

Two Reasons


There’s no doubt. But in the context, right if every woman had a firearm and every woman knew how to use that handgun, right, every woman had a handgun carry within a purse on her person, all of a sudden the sexual assaults, the rapes would virtually disappear. Because well, I don’t know, 17, 30, 40 guys get shot in the midst of the sexual assaults or rapes, but when these women are no longer vulnerable, and they’re no longer these innocent “victims”, it makes a difference.

And that was clearly her point  what she was saying is we want to have people that are trained in the use of firearms, because the best way to stop these bad guys, and Rick, to your point, if you’re 85, 90, 100 pound woman, and a 300 pound linebacker is coming at you, that’s clearly not a physical to physical advantage in favor of the smaller person. But the handgun can be the equalizer, and a great way to stop a bad guy who’s coming to do someone harm or evil.

Again, that was her point. And so for people now to misconstrue what she was saying is dishonest, which is not super surprising, because we live in an era where there is a lot of dishonesty from the media, from those kind of internet keyboard warriors who want to stand behind their keyboard and criticize people for saying things and actually, if you consider what they said, are very logical and make a lot of sense.


You know, it’s interesting, Tim, as she was talking about how important that is, a reminder to what Lauren said that gun accidents happen for two reasons. One is you’re ignorant and careless, or you ignore the principles of firearms and safety. And that goes back to something John Quincy Adams said as well. He said all the gun accidents he knew of in his day were only a couple of accidents that was from those reasons. And I think it was Iowa last year that place a law that every kid in Iowa has to now go through gun safety courses at school.

Life, Liberty, And the Pursuit Of Happiness – With Congresswoman Lauren Boebert


And is for their middle school, and actually, was there to go through hunter safety which involves gun safety, right? But that was the idea. Iowa, there’s a lot of people that hunt and they said, you know, we want to make sure our kids are learning these basic things and there’s a lot of families that have firearms in their home and they said…


And even if they never hunt and never own a firearm, they’ll still know how to handle it.


Absolutely. Learn those basic safety rules. Learn things that will benefit you in life practically going forward. And Iowa did that. Clearly, we need more of that in the nation. And that was part of Lauren Boebert’s point which we totally agree with.


We certainly do. And we want to invite people to join us. If they’d like to come get that same training, they can join us on a constitutional defense course. We do this about once a month out in Nevada, and you can do a three-day class or a five-day class with us. Not only do you learn how to defend your family and learn how to properly handle firearms, but in the evenings we do Constitution training. So you get both the intellectual ammunition to save the Constitution, and you get the physical training to save and defend your family.

You can check that out at today. We’ve actually got couple of classes coming up at the end of the month. November 28th and December 2nd are two of our start dates. You need to get signed up for that one by November 10th. 

So time is running short, get signed up and join us, you will not regret it. Get that knowledge that you need to defend your family and defend the Constitution. It’s at Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.