Local Elections Are Showing More Support For Republicans And More – There is hope for the 2022 election! Local elections are showing more support for Republicans, Ilhan Omar condemned for justifying Hamas and more!

Air Date: 07/09/2021

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton

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This is the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live, we are talking about the hot topics of the day, but from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. You found us on a Friday, we love Fridays around here. It’s Good News Friday at WallBuilders Live, and that’s a chance for us to catch up on a lot of the good news that’s happened out there. You often hear about all the negative how everything’s falling apart, that culture is crumbling, some of which is true.

But there’s also a lot of great things happening. God is still moving, and he is still in charge, and his principles have not changed. And when we apply his principles, we get good results. So when those principles are applied in a family or in a community, we get to see results there. When we apply them nationally, we get good results there. But most of our good news stories we’re going to be highlighting, obviously, over the next few weeks and months are probably going to be more local stories, because people like you are doing something in your community. I hope that you’re becoming a part of the solution. I hope you’re looking for ways to get educated on these things.

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It’s Good News Friday. So let’s dive into our first piece of good news. We’re here with the premier historian of America. I mean, this guy for 30 years has been influencing the culture in a positive way. He has this amazing library of original documents and resources so that we can go back to what the Founders actually intended. If you’ve never had a chance to visit, you should go to wallbuilders.com and find out more get some of those materials. But David Barton, America’s premier historian here with us to share some good news, and Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders; they’re both going to give us a lot of good news today. I’m Rick Green, former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. David, let’s dive in, first piece of good news today.


Okay, Rick, I’ve got an interesting story that I think may have ramifications for the 2022 elections. We kind of been speculating what may happen in that and we’ve already seen groups that have identified 46 congressional districts that might flip in the direction of Republicans, at least their battleground districts, don’t know how many might be won. But I think pretty much nobody’s going to be surprised if Republicans retake the House and the Senate in these midterm elections.

And while that was there, even immediately after the election back in November, pretty good feeling that was probably going to happen just by all the seats that Republicans picked up, we’ve seen over recent months that yeah, they probably are going to pick up those seats, because there’s been a lot of dissatisfaction with a lot of different Biden policies. So there’s lots of suggestions and lots of pundits and lots of maybe indications, but here, maybe a fairly concrete indication, and it deals with the city of McAllen, Texas.

Now McAllen, Texas is a border city in Texas, and that puts it right in the middle of all the stuff that’s going on at the border. But it’s an extremely heavy Democrat city. I mean, if you go all the way back to when George W. Bush was running for president, and he was the governor of Texas, he was a very popular governor of Texas, it’s interesting that when he ran first against Al Gore in 2000, he got beat in McAllen by Al Gore. And then when he ran against John Kerry, and John Kerry wasn’t nearly as popular as Al Gore, he got beat by John Kerry. So even hometown favorite or state favorite George W. Bush, very popular governor got beat down there by some pretty unpopular Democrats in the rest of the nation.

And then as you move into the Obama era, I mean, there, Obama one down there by 40 points over the folks that were there. And then when Hillary ran in 2016 against Trump, she won by 39 points over Trump down there in the border town. So this is a really heavy Democrat town until just a couple of weeks ago when they elected a Republican mayor. And that’s just, I mean, imagine a 40 point swing going in the direction of Republicans and what happened there.

And we saw that across the state as well in Fort Worth, a town of more than a million, I think 1.2 million, they elected a 39 year old Republican woman who’s a conservative Christian. And then you look at Arlington, Texas, who’s 400,000, they elected a conservative Republican. So these are areas that haven’t been electing Republicans, by and large, they’ve been elected either moderates or Democrats, and now they’ve gone with conservative Republicans. It’s fairly amazing.


Yeah. And even to your point, I mean, I think you could point to somewhere like Fort Worth that had some Republicans, but they weren’t super the outspoken Christian kind of Republicans. You are seeing a trend that’s super interesting about some of these Democrat cities that are getting fed up with Democrat policies and they are leaning Republican. It does make you wonder if not only the Republicans will retake the House and the Senate but by how strongly they might retake the House and the Senate.

Because I know, dad, many years ago, when you go back to the Bill Clinton era, you were very connected, had a lot of friends in Washington, DC when Newt Gingrich comes in, and he now is has his Contract with America and the Republicans take over the House and the Senate, and they have a super majority in the House and the Senate because people were very dissatisfied with what was happening under Bill Clinton.

And even today, people look back and they credit Bill Clinton with some of the really good economic decisions that were done while he was president, forgetting that Bill Clinton didn’t do anything while he was president except what the Republicans wanted to do, because they had the super majority. And he could not have stopped him if he wanted to. But as a true smart politician, he then started taking credit for all the good things they were doing. And so today, people like look at all the good things he did. He’s not the one that did that, but it was the discontentment from the American people that led to Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, that led to that supermajority, and a lot of positive things.

In the midst of recognizing now some of where there’s frustration in America, this piece of good news is coming out of the US Congress, and it’s actually a piece of good news in the midst of what is being described as an open brawl. This goes back several weeks ago when Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Minnesota had a tweet, had a couple comments connecting the United States of America connecting Israel with Hamas and the Taliban.

Hamas and Taliban are known terrorist organizations. Hamas has literally been operating in terrorism over the last several weeks against Israel. And Ilhan Omar comes out and says that, well, we need to make sure we’re measuring this correctly, because the US, Israel, they’ve also done all these awful things and etc, etc. And when she said this, of course, Republicans are about to lose their minds at something so ridiculous as to compare Israel and America to active terrorist organizations.

What was super interesting about this, though, is in the midst of this craziness, confusion, of course, a lot of that has relatively been resolved where Nancy Pelosi has now offered her some cover and well guys, maybe she didn’t even what she mean and you know, she’s clarified and then we’re just going to move on. In the midst of all that confusion that was happening, this article identifies as an open brawl between Rep Ilhan Omar and between other Democrat congressmen and congresswomen and largely individuals, these 12 Democratic representatives who actually were Jewish congressional people.

So Jews who were Democrats took a lot of exception to what she said, and said, you know what, you might need to correct this. And here’s part of the group message and tweet that went out.

“Equating the United States and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban is an offensive as it is misguided; ignoring the differences between democracies governed by the rule of law and contemptible organizations that engage in terrorism at best discredits one’s intended argument and at worst reflects deep seated prejudice. The United States and Israel are imperfect and like all democracies, at times deserving of critique. But false equivalencies give covered terrorist groups. We urge Congresswoman Omar to clarify her words placing the US and Israel in the same category as Hamas and the Taliban.”

Now, this is all relatively been clarified at this point. And she really didn’t clarify very well, she still is kind of holding her anti-Semitic positions. But she is getting covered now from Nancy Pelosi. That’s not really the point. The point was, it was super interesting that in this political era where you have so often a political party wanting to offer incredible cover for someone who says something that clearly is not just misguided, but arguably pretty evil, to say that America and Israel are equivalent to terrorist organizations who actually are murdering innocent people, it was great to see that there were Democrats willing to step up and say, you know what, that’s not right.

Now, technically, they said, we need you to clarify that which there’s not a lot needed to clarify, like what she said was pretty clear. Nonetheless, the fact that somebody would speak up against this is refreshing on some level. Now, again, it hasn’t gone as far as we would have liked to see it go. But it is interesting to note that even this article identifies there’s not only disagreement, there was an open brawl, apparently a lot of yelling matches going on behind the scenes with people recognizing that some of these out front democratic positions simply are not tenable. And even some Democrats themselves are now standing up to some of these ridiculous positions.


And that’s just another issue that’s going to polarize the people away from the Democrats in the election. And here’s another one, is life issue. We keep seeing numbers about 70-72% of the nation opposes infanticide, and yet Democrats keep pushing abortion on all levels for all reasons for anything, and it’s just pretty crazy.

And this goes back to a story we covered a few weeks ago, I think at that time, Lubbock had become the 27th sanctuary city in the United States. And it had been by a ballot initiative in the city. The people voted on it, and 62% of the people said we don’t want any abortions, or abortion clinics in this city. And that’s a large city. I mean, it’s a university town and university towns and state capitals tend to be fairly liberal cities. And so Texas A&M is there, 30,000 students or however many it is, and yet they voted 62% we don’t want abortions here.

And then I heard that it was not challenged in court and that Planned Parenthood has shut down their clinic and moved out of town. And I thought, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Planned Parenthood not challenging one of these, not going to court in it. And when they did finally take it to court, the judge dismisses and said you don’t have any standing. And I thought, how do you not have standing if you’re the abortion clinic they just got closed down?

And it turns out that the way that they drafted the city amendment, State Representative Charles Perry’s, strong Christian guy, Texas Legislature, he represents that Lubbock area. They drafted the resolution, prolife leaders really smart in this, they drafted the city law, the city ordinance, so that the people are the ones who defend it. It’s not the city that’s shutting down Planned Parenthood, it’s the people that shut down Planned Parenthood. And you can’t take a suit against the people you could against the city.

So the city is not even in the position of having to defend this ordinance, is the people that defend. It is the first time in modern era that they’ve done an ordinance where the people are the ones who actually defend it. And so Planned Parenthood had to take on the people and they didn’t have a standing to do it.


That is really an interesting strategy and tactic, and I wonder if that’s something that people will pick up and maybe follow that in more city.


Yeah, I bet that’s going to copy the fact that Planned Parenthood packed up and went home. I think there’s a lot of places that want to see it happen.


I mean that yeah, I think every prolife group needs to pay attention to that and say, okay, here’s a strategy of how we can do it because they can’t fight back against the people in that regard. Now, guys, as we’ve been talking about some of these Democrat positions not being as welcomed by people, I think there’s also some Democrats waking up maybe too little too late on some areas, but in Portland, this is good news, and there’s maybe a question mark with this good news on how this is going to be.


Is this about siege of Portland? Are we talking about the siege of Portland?


Well, so that the self-inflicted siege of Portland maybe. So yeah, one of the things that we’ve seen for over a year is the craziness happening in Portland with Antifa going and destroying the city, and the mayor sitting back and right, he let them claim part of the city as their own city, and just so much craziness. Well, finally, finally, just a couple weeks ago, they decided to start prosecuting some of these Antifa thugs, and charging them as violent criminals for actually doing violent things as criminals.

And some of these individuals that were charged, it’s back in November when they committed these crimes, so you’ve waited a long time to even charge them. When we’re talking trial yet charging them, but at least they’re now recognizing this is not a tenable, this is not a sustainable position. And there’s maybe some levels of irony in this, because there have been dozens of death, hundreds of injured cops and billions in insurance damages across the country. And again, much of this you’ve seen in Portland.

And so Ted Wheeler, as he’s deciding now, we need to start prosecuting some speculators because he began receiving death threats last month for promising to take our city back from the reign of terror.


Now, if he would have just defunded the police, none of this violence would have happened, he wouldn’t had any death threats if he just defunded the police.


You know, I feel like they might have even tried that for a while and it didn’t go well. And this is one of the cities where you feel bad for the good, honest Americans, you feel bad for the police officers who are trying to do the job the best they can, because you have so many people leaving the force because this is not a healthy or safe place even for officers anymore that they’re not having to support, etc. And so this is a very challenging situation.

And the reason I say there’s a question mark on this is because we don’t know how far they will go in actually prosecuting some of these violent criminals and seeing what actually happens. But at least at this point, there is good news, they’re finally starting to charge some of these Antifa thugs to maybe help rein in some of this terror that’s going on. So that is good news, and again, very hopeful for some of the good people that live there. And for all of us listening today, when we see some of the situations, we need to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters, pray for the innocent people who are there who are being victimized by bad leadership by woke ideologies, and by a lack of control because officers are being told to stand down we need to pray for those people that God helps them keep them safe, etc. But it does look like maybe there’s a glimmer of hope coming out of some of these super woke liberal cities.


Alright, guys, we’re going to have to take a quick break. We’ll be right back more good news when we return on WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday. Let’s jump right back into the good news. David, what’s our next story?


Rick, in the first part, we were talking about how that so many policies are coming out now that are really kind of putting the Democrats in a top position, and they’ve got these favorite things they like to do, and people just aren’t liking it really all that much. And the courts are certainly not liking a lot of it.

And here’s one where the courts weighed in, people objected, and the courts agreed with the people. And it deals with weapon bans. And we’ve seen these for a lot of years, and they’ve been around for a while. And this is something when Democrats get power, they want to take away Second Amendment rights and the right to keep and bear arms and, etc. And so this deals with one of these assault bans. And here’s the description of the law. It says that you can’t have a centerfire rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine.

So if you got a rifle centerfire and it says if you have a magazine that holds up to 10 rounds, it’s already illegal. So anything detachable with 10 rounds, and it says and if it has anything like a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon…


That does make them more dangerous, I feel like we should clarify. If there is a pistol grip, when you hold the gun differently, now it shoot the same bullet, shoot the same, right, but if you hold it differently, all of a sudden that’s now dangerous. It’s a good thing these politicians stepped in to keep people safe, because otherwise, there could have been bad things happening with guns. But if it doesn’t have the pistol grip, then obviously you can’t do anything bad with the gun. So that’s the safety measure. Got it. Got it.


It really is amazing that bullets don’t people until you put pistol grip on it, and then they become deadly at that point.


Or if you don’t have more than 10, right, because if you have 10 or less, then you can’t actually do violent crime with a magazine capacity of 10 or less, right. Because for the history of guns, right, it wasn’t dangerous until you got more than 10 rounds, and then guns weren’t… So good, okay, good clarification, whoever these state legislators are, right. Okay. No, this is ridiculous. And yet this is the logic that’s being argued that makes no sense.


And this is the logic that was being argued in California. So this is a California law. But here’s where I was absolutely shocked at this. This was a law passed in 1989. So we’re talking 32 years ago this law was passed. That law has been stamped, and this is the AR-15, those kind of guns they’re specifically going after. So this law passed in 1987, and it just cut struck down by a federal judge. Now I don’t know why in the world somebody didn’t sue for 32 years. I don’t have a clue.


But you know, it’s interesting I wonder if people did challenge it. And the cases were dismissed by judges who were supportive of it, because you got to think somebody surely would have challenged that. But why was this challenge successful? Why was this lawsuit successful? I don’t know that. But that’s a super interesting thought. Because I remember seeing that headline and thought this is incredible news that this assault weapons ban was just struck down in California. We have a lot of friends in California who are gun people, who are hunters, and they’ve had to deal with some of these ridiculous regulations. And so I was rejoicing with them that they finally can join the rest of the United States, right, join us in Texas, and actually being able to operate AR-15 under normal conditions.

But again, it’s so interesting that this was not successful until recently. And it also makes me wonder if this is part of the effect we will continue to see from some of these Trump appointed judges who are now filling some of the vacancies that was left even during the Obama era that they now have a more constitutional perspective. And so they’re upholding more common sense constitutional perspective issues which certainly this is.


And this was actually a George W. Bush judge, but the point is taken. I mean, you still have a constitution minded judge, and that’s not what you’re likely to get from Obama, Biden, either one. So I think your point’s exactly right on. What was interesting to me about this is what the judge said when he struck down the ban. This is the quote from him. He says, “ Like the Swiss Army knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and Homeland Defense equipment. It’s good for both home and battle.”

That sounds like something I’d see a magazine ad and a gun magazine trying to sell the gun. I mean, that’s the most amazing piece of rhetoric I’ve seen around the gun. And here is this guy saying yeah, it may look like a military weapon, and it can be used as a military weapon, but it’s great for home and for home defense. And he’s exactly right which is why it’s such a popular home gun. So great decision coming from a federal judge in California rectifying something that should have been fixed 32 years ago, doesn’t matter; they finally caught up with constitutional protections. That’s good.


Alright, guys. So one thing that speaking of protections, one of the things that was announced recently, Governor Abbott came out and announced that Texas is going to be funding for themselves their own border wall, because President Biden has said we’re not going to do it, and of course, a lot of people thought this was political posturing from the Democrat party that the Democrats wanted this influx of immigrants to come in because it helps, they think, maybe build their base and get more votes.

And so a lot of people thought this was political strategy, and even some of that the mixed messages that have come from Kamala Harris and from Joe Biden, and we’re not sure what’s going on. And so Governor Abbott says, okay, we know as a state, we can protect our state. And so he actually has opened up a fund and encouraged people from all over the US to give to this fund to help build and construct the border wall in Texas. And this is something that Texas is going to oversee finishing where there are gaps, that they think likely immigrants are coming across and they need to secure those areas better. They’re going to go in, they’re going to work on building this border wall.

So Governor Abbott approved 1 billion in funding for border security. Again, there’s a place where anybody from around the US can actually donate to this. But it’s one of the things, guys, we’ve talked about a long time that under the Constitution, there is the 10th Amendment that says whatever power is not expressly given the federal government in the Constitution belongs to the state. Now, arguably, protecting the nation’s border is something the federal government should be doing.

But one of the great things we have seen is that there are many states who and they neglect of federal governments to do their job, many states are now standing up and once again reasserting levels of state sovereignty, saying, as a state, we can stand up and do this. And guys, we’ve been critical of Governor Abbott in many occasions, especially during the lockdown with because of the mask mandates and not trusting the people and not really following the science. But there’s a couple things he’s done more recently that certainly are things that we can get behind and support.

And some people are very critical of Governor Abbott. And they’re saying, and I’m saying some Republicans even in Texas that he’s just doing this to try to win favor because he’s about to run for reelection. Okay, well, these are important things that need to be done. And I am very grateful to see him stepping up to do some of this.


Well, I think one of the cool things here, and I think I’m seeing a trend start to develop on this, where that people are saying we want the laws that are on the books upheld. And if Biden’s not going to do it, Abbott says, okay, I’ll do because we have federal laws on securing the border. We have federal laws on immigration. And I think it’s interesting that a lot of the sheriffs in southern Texas and these border areas, they’re saying in our county, if an illegal immigrant comes into our county, they will be arrested, they’re supposed to be arrested at the border. If the border won’t do it, we’re going to do it. And so they’re starting to step up and say the laws have got to be upheld. And Biden can just pick and choose which laws he wants to uphold and he doesn’t want to uphold. So we’re going to make sure the laws are upheld, which I think is really, really positive.

We even saw in Nevada, just I think last week or so in last couple weeks on Nevada, two of the counties came out said, look, we’re Bill of Rights counties, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, that’s to be upheld by everyone. We all take an oath to uphold that and take the Second Amendment. If the governor refuses to do that, we’re going to do it in our county. If the president won’t do it, we’re going to do in our county. We now have had 12 states pass laws saying if the Biden ministration passes laws that infringe on the Second Amendment, they will not be enforced in this state; we’re going to follow the Second Amendment. And that’s just a good healthy trend to see people wanting to uphold the Constitution laws.


Well, is the same thing we’ve seen from different sheriffs organizations. And we’ve seen this for the last couple years where sheriffs said we’re not enforcing some of those laws, because they’re contradictory to the Constitution. There are literally organizations, sheriffs organizations that are partnering together from around the nation saying that we’re going to do a better job upholding the Constitution.

And guys, we’ve talked about it several times, that in the midst of the coronavirus, and some of the tragedies it inflicted on families and the negative devastating consequences some people experienced because of it, one of the great things that is one of the outcomes of some of this ridiculous overreach of governors, of mayors, of the federal government are more and more people are waking up to recognize that we’re not going to allow the violation of our God given constitutional rights to continue that we’re going to stand up and defend it.

And so you’re seeing this, guys, I mean, so encouraging to me how much we are seeing Americans stand up to fight back for what they know is right, for what they know is true with the sheriffs associations for our God given rights. Well, guys, how often have we seen these different moms groups from around the nation now going to school boards storming them, right, just going and saying we’re not going to put up with this, this is so silly, and literally taking back school boards to make sure we’re not teaching racially incense, right race baiting kind of stuff where white people are bad and dark skinned people are oppressed and, etc. And if you’re a white kid, no matter who you or what you’ve done, you’re a bad person. This is ridiculous. This is not what we should be telling our kids. And parents are stepping up again from around the nation. It’s really encouraging, guys, to see how many Americans are standing up for truth and for the Constitution.


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