Air Date: 12/23/2011

Summary: Today, on Good News Friday, we start off with some topics from David’s stack- A marriage amendment is being voted on in New Hampshire. In a life of the mother vs. life of the child scenario, a woman faced with the decision of saving her own life or the life of her unborn child, she chooses the life of the unborn child. They both miraculously survive. We also hear of the growing number of legal defense victories (and organizations offering defense) in cases of people losing their jobs over their position on marriage. Guest, Frank Turek, tells us about his experience, being fired, then regaining his position in such a case. If you stand up for what is right, people will join you. 76% of the nation still supports marriage as one man and one woman. And finally, A university professor in Eastern Kentucky University stands up for marriage, and others join him in his position.

Guests: Dr. Frank Turek, Senior Partner of The Austin Group

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