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Medical Kidnapping In Your State – With Diego Rodriguez: Does the State own your children? Have you heard the story of Baby Cyrus? Did you know children are being kidnapped by the State on a regular basis? Is child trafficking taking place in YOUR state – by CPS? Tune in to hear Diego Rodriguez give a shocking update on an issue close to home!

Air Date: 03/31/2022

Guest: Diego Rodriguez

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Transcription note:  As a courtesy for our listeners’ enjoyment, we are providing a transcription of this podcast. Transcription will be released shortly. However, as this is transcribed from a live talk show, words and sentence structure were not altered to fit grammatical, written norms in order to preserve the integrity of the actual dialogue between the speakers. Additionally, names may be misspelled or we might use an asterisk to indicate a missing word because of the difficulty in understanding the speaker at times. We apologize in advance.

Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live. We are taking on the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. This is a very hot topic today. And it’s very personal to me because this atrocity happened to a very good friend of mine in a very a family that are good friends of ours, and it’s happening all over the country. And so, we’re going to reveal that, we’re going to talk about it. 

We’re going to dive into solutions on it. And it has to do with child kidnapping, medical kidnapping of children out of good families. And it happens because the state thinks that they own the children instead of the parents themselves.

So if you want to learn more, go to our website today at wallbuilderslive.com. We’ll have links to longer conversations with regard to this. And at wallbuilderslive.com, of course, that’s where you can find out more about us. Here at WallBuilders Live, I’m Rick Green, former Texas legislator and America’s constitution coach; normally here with David Barton and Tim Barton. 

But today, we’re going to have a special guest that’s going to take up the whole program today. Got my good friend Diego Rodrigues with us, going to get an update on baby Cyrus and also be talking about how you can help stop this from happening in your state, and as well as of course, the battle is beginning in Idaho but it’s going to happen all over the country. We got to take on this kidnapping by the state of kids on a regular basis. Diego Rodrigues thanks so much for being with me today, bro.


Hey, brother, thanks for having us back. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to really shine some light on this horrible wickedness that’s going on in what was once the greatest country in the world.

A Quick Education


Man, I tell you, bro, I hate that this happened to your family. But I love that this happened to your family because they’ve kicked the hornet’s nest here, they have picked on the wrong family. And an entire movement is growing out of this. And of course, a lot of our listeners are saying what in the world you’re talking about because they may not have heard me talking about it before or seen the Front Porch Live where we tell your story.

But just imagine, folks, if you haven’t seen the movie Braveheart, then shame on you, you need to see the movie Braveheart. But they picked on the wrong guy in Braveheart, and I think, thankfully they didn’t kill anybody in your family. But when they killed his wife at the beginning of Braveheart, it sets off an entire revolution and they kidnap the wrong kid. And so we’ll begin by letting folks know that baby Cyrus is back home with Marissa and Levi. But still the tangled web of the state is trying to keep you guys caught up in it.

But let’s back up and just a quick reminder for those that have been following the story and a quick just education to those who haven’t. Diego’s a good buddy of mine. We’ve been working together for over a decade to save freedom. All his kids have been to Patriot Academy. My kids have been in his home. 

I’ve been in his home. His kids have been in my home. We’ve known each other a long time and been in the trenches together. In fact, they ran our Northwest Patriot Academy force for a while. This is a great family is what I’m trying to say, folks.

These are WallBuilders, Patriot Academy folks. They’re part of our family. And so Diego with that introduction, tell us a little bit about what happened to Marissa and Levi and baby Cyrus.

Common Issues


Well, the Reader’s Digest version again, I don’t want to repeat too much for anybody who already heard the story, but I just give you guys a Reader’s Digest version kind of the overview, is that my grandson baby Cyrus, as he’s now known is just kind of funny to our family now is that he’s no longer a Cyrus, he’s now baby Cyrus. So it’s been a cute thing that’s going to develop here.

But anyhow, when he was about seven months old, and he’s 10 months now, so about three months ago when they started introducing solid foods, because he was exclusively breastfed before that, the whole breast investing, my daughter has been very up to, you know, on health and natural health and doing things the healthy way and all that kind of thing. 

They introduced solid foods to him and he started throwing up. And so they start a whole cycle of throwing up a few days, and then he’d be better for a week or so, and then he throw it for a few days, and you’d be better for a week or so. And this kind of happened over and over again.

So he started going to specialists or going to doctors and naturopaths, regular pediatricians and nurse practitioners. They were going everywhere to try to figure out what in the world is wrong with baby Cyrus? Because he would get better and we think everything was fine and about a week could go by and then he would start throwing up again.

Of course, when he throws up, he would lose weight and he would lose weight and get dehydrated. They have to try to rehydrate him of course, pedialyte and all that typical normal stuff parents do use, and then try to get his weight back up, and he would slowly gain weight back and then throw up again.

And this kind of went on for a little over two months and they’re kind of at their wit’s end trying to figure out what the world is going on. And they’re always being referred to different doctors. And they went everywhere. And Levi, he’s a young entrepreneur, so he’s self-pay, he doesn’t have a medical insurance. 


So he’s paying all this out of pocket and he’s not working because she’s trying to take care of his son. They finally ended up at a functional Medicine of Idaho. And to make a long story short, you guys can see all the details on our website there. But…


And the website, by the way, for those we’ll give it out several times today during the show, but freedomman.org. That’s freedomman.org. And then right on the homepage, you can click and get the whole story. Go ahead, Diego.


That’s right. Yeah, right in the homepage is just forward slash Cyrus. But yeah, if you go to freedomman.org, we’re going to leave that button at the very top for probably forever. So I mean, everybody will be able to find that and see that. So anyhow, at that point…


And everything, by the way that you’re describing, everybody either went through something somewhat similar with one of their kids where they know someone, like this is not some crazy situation where oh, my goodness, the state needs to step… I mean, this is a fairly common struggle.

Now, whether or not his particular baby Cyrus’s particular issue or solution is super common. The problem itself, caused by different things is very kind. And I just want to throw that out there so people realize there was no reason for doctors or social workers or anybody else to overreact. But jump back in man.

Child Trafficking


Well, I think what I want to say here as well, since now, we’ve been at this for over two weeks and I’ve got a complete crash course in child trafficking and medical kidnap and CPS and whole works and so it’s all my life has been for the last little over two weeks, I guess it’s 15-16 days now. And one of the things that we found here, Rick, that we found rather intriguing to say the least, is that the average person, the average citizen, no matter what they know or no matter how well they know us or our family, they assume upfront, there has to be more to the story. There has to be something they’re not telling us. There has to be some little secret there that we don’t know.

And because once you find out what happened and once we tell you the whole story, look, there’s no way that that could happen, there’s no way the police would be that terrible, there’s no way that the doctor would be that incompetent, there’s no way such tyranny would be executed upon good, honest, law abiding citizens; there’s just no way that could happen. And so I want to get that up front and realize that most of us are all groomed to think that and to believe that. Most of us are all, like, literally groomed, our mind is this is the way it is, this is the way life is and bad things don’t happen to good people.

And nothing could be further from the truth. Bad things happen to everybody. You know, it rains on the just and the unjust. In this case, this is actually tyranny. And the truth of the matter is tyranny is usually reckoned upon people who have done no wrong. And so this is exactly what’s going on in this particular case. And so Levi and Marissa, first, I’ll backup because it’s kind of important part of the story. 

So if I leave this out, it might confuse some people. So first, they had gone to the functional medicine of Idaho, which they saw a nurse practitioner there, the nurse practitioner wanted to be by Marissa to get baby Cyrus rehydrated. And in order to get him completely rehydrated, like in her words, baby Cyrus needed an IV. And the only place allegedly that could give him an IV is St. Luke’s Hospital here because he’s an infant. And so it’s not something that people have a lot of expertise in.

Dr. Natasha Erickson at St. Luke’s

So they’re very reluctant. And based on what this nurse had said, went to St. Luke’s to get baby Cyrus rehydrated with an IV and they were under the understanding they be there for a few hours. And then once you are rehydrated, they go back to the nurse practitioner and get everything taken care of there and try to determine the cause of his vomiting is. 

So they went to St. Luke’s Hospital, got him on the IV. He’s there on the IV. And of course, after he’s rehydrated, they were interested in leaving, okay, he’s already hydrated now. They said, oh, no, we need you to stay overnight because we want to run some more tests and whatnot.

So they consented to stay overnight. And in the morning, they had run all these tests. They had run lab tests, blood exams, everything you can imagine, they just ran tests for days. And all this tests came back fine. They didn’t show anything, any diseases and sicknesses, anything of the sort. So now again, they like we’d like to leave, we’re just here to give baby Cyrus IV.

And the doctor at this point, Dr. Natasha Erickson at St. Luke’s is like absolutely not. If you guys leave, that would be contrary to my medical advice. And if you guys do leave, I’ll have to call CPS on you. And so, under that threat, they determine that because of that threat, we’re going to go ahead and just compliance date, so they complied it and they stayed overnight. And…


And I got to interrupt you again here, Diego, again, not uncommon this idea that doctors are threatening young parents with CPS if they don’t follow everything that that doctor says. This is unconscionable. It’s again the state thinks they know, the medical industrial complex thinks they know better than the parents. They think they own the kids. 

And they got just got a call two days ago from a friend saying that I think his nephew and his wife are same exact situation, left the hospital because they were done doing everything that the hospital wanted to do. They felt like everything was better and exact same situation. They actually flew back home to, I think, it was California if I remember right from Texas. 

Rouge CPS

And so Texas CPS tracks them down in California over the phone or whatever and says, we’re telling California CPS to come after you. I mean, so this whole thing where doctors in the hospital, it makes the decision rather than the parents just it’s ridiculous. But go ahead.


It’s absolutely infuriating, and it’s an all state. You think Texas shouldn’t be that way. California you go, oh, yeah, California terrible. It’s all 50 states. It’s Idaho. It’s Texas. It’s Florida. It’s Tennessee. It’s the good states. It’s the red states and blue states. It’s all of it. All 50 states do this. And there’s literally like the Bible says there’s no place clean when it comes to the 50 states in Child Protective Services.


It is. It is across the country, every single state. We got to take a quick break, we’ll be right back. Diego Rodrigues, our guest, we are talking about saving baby Cyrus up in Idaho but also reforming the system and stopping this theft of children literally, medical kidnapping happening in every state across the nation. We can put a stop to this, folks. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. We have Diego Rodrigues with us. We’ve had him on the Front Porch Live several times in the last couple of weeks. We’ve been talking about and emailing out and talking to folks about how to say baby Cyrus up in Idaho. This horrific story of a medical kidnapping turns out to be commonplace in all of the states.

And I hate to do this, man, but for the radio program, we’ve only got 20 minutes roughly total to do this. So I’m going to skip forward a little bit here and summarize and encourage everybody to go watch the Front Porch Live that you and I did together two weeks ago right after this happen and we tell the whole story in detail. In short summary, from my perspective, and then you fill in whatever I’m missing that you feel like is essential for the show today.

The Police Situation

At one point, the doctors calls the CPS and the kids have already gone home with the baby and they literally put out a bolo and they track them down, chase them down, have the whole county law enforcement looking for them. I don’t know how many officers were there in the video, I think, I see 12 or 15, or whatever it is.

They’re holding Diego back basically with their hands on their guns. And they arrest your daughter, your son-in-law, your other daughter, none of them are doing anything wrong and they rip the baby from the mother’s arms after lying to her and saying don’t worry, you can go with us, just come with us back to the hospital to do all these things.

And then they rip the baby from the daughter after they’ve separated the entire family from this young mother, I think, Marissa is what 21, now 22, and then put her in this situation. Fortunately, she films the whole thing. So it’s all on the website.

Everybody in our circles anyway just appalled at how this happened. And I just want to summarize the police in a situation with the officer saying you’re going to jail tonight or you give us the baby and be on your merry way. That has stuck with me, I just…

Anyway, they end up taking arresting all of them, taking the baby and Diego and the family basically calls for help to the world of Christians and conservatives. And we all came running and you ended up with protesters at the hospital day in and day out, people donating to help with the legal fees and the medical fees.

Legislators, gubernatorial candidates, the lieutenant governor, all these people came out and said this is absolutely wrong, there was no reason to take to take this baby. And to me the most egregious thing is separating that baby from its mother who is the only source of nutrition that is working for that baby. Just unconscionable!

Why a Gag Order?

Now, all having said all of that, well, the hearing happened four or five days later, and then at the hearing the judge gave the kid to CPS. And I don’t know if you can even yet talk about what happened in that hearing because they put a freaking gag order on the family, which is insane as well. But miraculously, because of the outpouring of support and people just, I mean, harassing CPS in a good way, being there day in and day out, they finally said please leave us alone. 

It was the unjust judge situation in the Bible where the lady just won’t leave him alone. And finally, even this unjust CPS gave the baby back. And so that’s where we are now. And you just had a big rally, massive rally on Saturday to launch an organization to fight back against these things. So I’m sorry to take your time to summarize it all. But having said all of that, fill in the gaps that you think are essential. And then tell us where do we go from here?


That was absolutely incredible. That’s a good summary. I mean, your summary was right on target. So the only one thing I would want to correct that they didn’t arrest Levi, they only handcuffed and detained him and assaulted him. They didn’t actually arrested.


Yeah. So they could say that they didn’t arrest him, in the video, you see him being hauled off in handcuffs. Yeah.


Yeah. So that’s exactly right. And of course, they did the same to my two daughters. And we might add, you can see in the video we posted that. After they had Marissa in handcuffs, they also molested her and groped her. They put their hands up her shirt down her pants and patted her whole body down. A male officers did that because she was vulnerable and in handcuffs. It was absolutely disgusting, atrocious and horrifying what they’re doing out there because they can.

What’s going on with CPS?


Yeah. And as you and I have said multiple times, and you’ve said this over and over and over again, we’re back to blue guys. We’re all for law enforcement. But we don’t back individuals that do evil. Even if you’re for the institution of law enforcement doesn’t mean that you should be quiet whenever an individual officer in this case a group of officers, do something that is egregious, unconstitutional, wrong, we call them out for that. So go ahead.


Amen to that 100%. So what’s happened since then is yes, baby Cyrus has come back into Marissa and Levi’s care. However, he is considered legal property of the state of Idaho, only under their care. Now what’s happened since then, Rick, is I got this crash course and how this all works. And I had no idea that this is going on.

And to make a very long story short, what we have learned, Child Protective Services is literally nothing less than the greatest child trafficking ring on planet earth that has ever existed. This is child trafficking. And I’m not being extreme or using inflammatory language because child trafficking simply is this.

Here’s the definition of child trafficking. It is forcefully taking children out of the hands of their family and putting them into the hands of others for profits. That’s child trafficking. I don’t think anybody would deny or reject that definition of child trafficking. That is just the raw definition of it, the trafficking of human beings.

So now, here’s the question. What’s going on with CPS? And what’s going on with this that we see right on our face what happened to baby Cyrus?

Follow the Money

Well, what I didn’t know and what most people don’t know is that the federal government pays the state, every single time the state takes a child out of his family’s arms, the state gets paid; in our case, the state of Idaho; in your case, the state of Texas. But let’s just talk Idaho now because this is what happened to us.

So when those police officers kidnapped baby Cyrus, the state of Idaho got paid. Then once they take baby Cyrus and puts him into the hands of a foster family, they get paid again. Then the longer they keep baby Cyrus, they get paid on a monthly basis for every child they have in their system. And if they can keep them for years, two to three years, all the way up to adoption, then they get paid even more.

They get bonuses for taking them all the way to adoption. Literally, the state governments, all 50 states are incentivized by the federal government to steal babies. And they’re getting paid by the federal government to do so. And not only are they getting paid to do so, but most states require this money in order to balance their budgets. They could not pay their state bills if they weren’t stealing babies and getting paid by the federal government to do so.


And another interruption, I’m so sorry, I’m thinking about the people that haven’t heard our longer conversation here again, Diego, he as a pastor has put people, abusive parents in jail. We are not against taking kids out of truly abusive, physically abusive situations. He’s been on that side of it as well. That is not what he’s talking about here.

We are not saying that you should never get a kid out of a bad situation. For all you folks out there that miss-hear that, we are clearly saying you should not take children out of healthy situations or out of situations where it doesn’t rise to the level of actual abuse where it’s warranted. So sorry to interrupt you again, Diego, but know where you stand on that.

It is Wicked


You’re 100% right about that. However, I found out something absolutely nefarious and sinister in the last few weeks. And it takes so much evidence in order for any of us to accept this. But it’s now been thrown at me so much. It’s just absolutely unbelievable. And that is this, all of us, all of us believe that there was a child being assaulted, abused, tortured, tormented by his parents, we all want that child out of that situation. Everybody does. 

There’s some child who’s being given cocaine and their parents are drug addicts, etcetera, etcetera, all even the most horrifying situation you can imagine or they’re being molested by their parents or something like that, we all want that child out of the situation. And that’s what CPS tells us.

We’ve been sold, that Child Protective Services protects children from those situations. And we all just assume that it’s true. Just like we all just assume that COVID is killing everybody, just like we all just assume that you need to get the vaccine because the news says you should, just like we all believe that police officers all do good and never do bad because they’re cops, just like we all believe that every time Americans gone to war, it was just reasons because we’re the good guys, just like we believe all the propaganda we’ve been taught since we were kids, we believe Child Protective Services exists; just as the name says, to protect children.

And brother, what I can tell you is the most wicked and horrifying thing you could ever imagine is this, we’ve interviewed police officers, ex police officers, CPS workers, whistleblowers, who are from CPS who’ve come out and people who are child advocates, family advocates who have been fighting CPS for 5, 10, 15 years, every last one of them who’s close to this, every last one of them has interviewed families, every last one of them who’s fought this at the state level and in the national level, every last one of them will tell you that in those circumstances we just described, it’s rare CPS takes those children away from those bands.

Whose Children Are They?

They just don’t do it.  That cannot be. Well, I dare every last one of you to look into it for yourself.

I double dog there every listener right now to look into it for yourself and see when children are any truly horrific environment with parents being drug addicts, not having food in the home, being sometimes abandoned, I dare you to tell me if CPS comes and takes those kids out of those environments, out of those homes.


Now we see the abuse on both sides of what you’re saying. I’ve seen it personally where they’re not getting the kid out of the really bad situation and then they’re taking the kid out of a good situation. And a lot of that is the lack of moral clarity, just foolish 22 year old social worker that doesn’t know real life. I mean, there’s a lot of reasons. But you’ve put your finger on the big reason, which is the financial incentive to get kids.


Financial incentive, that’s the number one reason. But the secondary reason, Rick, I would say it is worldview. I mean, think about the people you fight on a daily basis, the people that you fight were unconstitutional, they’re socialists, they’re communists at heart. These are people who hate the traditional family. They hate Christians. They hate homeschoolers. They hate people who are constitutionalists. 

They hate people who are conservatives. They hate them. And this is a communist in their heart. Right? These are leftists and they’re communist and anti-constitutional. Well, let me just ask you. Who do you think they hire CPS? Who do you think their social workers generally are? They are these people so there’s a worldview problem. We’re literally at war here. It’s literal worldview issue.

You Can Help!


It is. It is absolutely and I got to jump in on you, bro because we’re right up getting up against our total time for the show. I want to send people to a couple plays.

Number one, we’re going to have links today at wallbuilderslive.com to make it easy for you to go watch both of the Facebook Lives, the Front Porch Lives that I did with Diego that are good hour long, really in depth, gets into a lot of these details. And then you have to go watch his press conference from Saturday where he dives into a lot of these things as well.

And then most importantly, Diego, well, first of all, to support baby Cyrus and the medical bills and legal fees, and all of that because you all still have a big fight ahead just to get him completely out of that state system, we’ll have a link to that gifts sent and go and thank you to all those that have donated. But then the new organization itself, where’s the best place to go to become a part of that?


Same place.


Okay, still going to freedomman.org to get to that pack?

People Against Child Trafficking


You got freedomman.org. And of course, the main button there will take you to the “Kidnapping baby Cyrus” and there’s a big button in the upper right hand corner that says “PACT, P-A-C-T, the People Against Child Trafficking. And so that’s what we started here over the weekend because this is true child trafficking.

And we’ve been very blessed that in the last two weeks, we’ve been making these connections for people who’ve been fighting against this for decades. And we were unaware of it. And so now we want to bring everybody together. Baby Cyrus’s story has been told and it’s been heard. 

But you know what, brother, my heart breaks to consider especially single young women, single young mothers who don’t have a support network, who don’t have a platform that nobody’s heard their story, and they’ve been just as abused, just as tyrannized as my family was and they didn’t have anybody to speak up for them. And so we can’t allow that to go on anymore, brother, we just have not allowed that to go on. We have got to do what we can on every level.

And then people say, well, what’s the solution, Diego? I’m going to give you a solution right now. End federal financing of Child Protective Services right now immediately and this all goes away. Because here’s what happened. If Idaho had to pay out of his own pocket for Child Protective Services, because they had to pay for itself, it would only be those most egregious where the families are actually harming the child and only in those, because there’s no incentive other than saving the child to do so.

So they would spend the least amount of money and only be the most selective about those most harmful cases and that would be that and everybody was supported. I’d be the first one there rallying the troops and saying we got to support this, these people are harming children, right?




But when that when the government is incentivizing, the federal government, specifically incentivizing the state governments, then guess what, it’s exactly the opposite: they just want every child taken no matter what. And we can talk later about what we’ve learned about the judicial system in this case. It is so crooked, it’s so wicked, so corrupt, and it’s completely unconstitutional every step of the way.

Medical Kidnapping In Your State – With Diego Rodriguez


Man, you’re 100% right. And that’s a whole another part of this where they rubber stamp this stuff where there’s no actual due process. I mean, there’s so many problems with how we do this in our country. And again, I hate that this happened to you, but I’m so glad that it happened to you because there could not be a more fierce warrior to go after this. And I am glad to be standing by your side to bring attention to this with you. We got to get you back. 

We’ll talk more in the future. Let’s keep getting people informed. Everybody helped us with getting this PACT funded so that these guys can uncover this stuff and they can bring attention to it and they can help families. We’re going to have links to all of that at wallbuilderslive.com today. Diego, I hate to end it there. But brother, I appreciate you, man.

Stay in the fight. Give all the kids a big hug for me and let’s go get some justice. We’re supposed to do justice and mercy. This is where we’ve got to do some justice.


Likewise, brother, we love you guys. Greeting to all your family and to all the listeners. Thank you, guys, for all your help and support. And I thank you all. God bless you all.


Thanks for listening today, folks. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.