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Moms For America Can Change The World – With Kimberly Fletcher: What kind of change could moms make in America? How much could they do without leaving their home? Do you want to be inspired and equipped to help restore our nation to its Biblical foundation? Tune in to hear Kimberly Fletcher, founder of Moms For America, explain how you can be a part of empowering moms, promoting liberty, and raising patriots!

Air Date: 04/06/2022

Guest: Kimberly Fletcher

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Transcription note:  As a courtesy for our listeners’ enjoyment, we are providing a transcription of this podcast. Transcription will be released shortly. However, as this is transcribed from a live talk show, words and sentence structure were not altered to fit grammatical, written norms in order to preserve the integrity of the actual dialogue between the speakers. Additionally, names may be misspelled or we might use an asterisk to indicate a missing word because of the difficulty in understanding the speaker at times. We apologize in advance.

Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live. Thanks for joining us today at the intersection of faith and culture. What do I mean by that? I say that every day, right? Every day you listen to WallBuilders Live, we say the intersection of faith and culture.

So let’s just pause for a second think about that, intersection of faith and culture. Is it a collision of faith and culture? Or is it that they’re coming together, they’re merging so that faith influences culture? I don’t think anybody would say that culture should be influencing your faith. Culture should not change your faith. 

Your faith should be bedrock, right? I mean, He’s the Alpha and Omega. He doesn’t change. His Word doesn’t change. God’s word is never ending. It doesn’t get modified. There’s nothing about it that changes. And yet too many people let culture, whatever is popular in culture, dictate what their view of the Bible is.

So when we say intersection of faith and culture, what we mean is that we as members of culture, in other words, we live in a society, we’re just citizens, we’re neighbors, we’re part of this culture here in America, that as people have faith in the culture, then our faith intersects with culture. Our faith informs our position on everything in culture. 

There’s nothing about what’s happening in your neighborhood, your community, your schools, your workplace, your government, whether local, state, federal, none of that is without instruction in the Bible. Bible has to say about all of it.

And so our faith informs our position and our actions and our attitude and all those things in every single area of life. That’s what we mean when we say here on WallBuilders Live, the intersection of faith and culture. Okay, enough about that.


I’m Rick Green, former Texas legislator and America’s constitution coach, normally here with David Barton. He’s America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders. Tim Barton is a national speaker and pastor. He’s president of WallBuilders. And usually, it’s the three of us going through every program, whether it’s Foundations of Freedom Thursday, taking your questions.

Good News Fridays, where we just rattle off all the good things that happened that week or in previous weeks that we didn’t get to and then Monday through Wednesday, typically, an interview with someone that’s out there in the culture and their faith is informing what they’re doing and they’re doing great things.

Well, we’re going to do that today. But it’s such a good interview. We’re just going to use the whole program for it. Kimberly Fletcher is going to be with us when we come back from the break. She started Moms for America.

Now you’ve probably heard of them. A lot of our audience might already be members. You might already be plugged into what Kimberly’s doing. We want to encourage you to do that.

If you’re a mom out there, and you’re saying, man, I’m just overwhelmed, I got too much going on, but I care about the country, I care about what’s happening, I need somebody to give me a track to run on, you’re going to love this interview today. You’re going to find a wonderful organization that you can plug into and enjoy the fellowship of these other moms from across the nation. They have a fantastic program called Moms for America. Kimberly Fletcher, our special guests when we return on WallBuilders Live.


This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. Alexis de Tocqueville, a political official from France, traveled to the United States in 1831 and penned his observations in the now famous book “Democracy in America”. Being from France, what he found in America was completely unexpected to him.

He reported “Upon my arrival in the United States, the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention. And the longer I stayed there, the more I perceived the great political consequences resulting from this. In France, I’d almost always seen the spirit of religion in the spirit of freedom marching in opposite directions. But in America, I found that they were intimately united and that they reigned in common over the same country.”

De Tocqueville recognized that it was biblical Christianity and the morals that produced that made America great. For more information about Alexia de Tocqueville and the positive influence of Christianity in early America, go to wallbuilders.com.


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Excited, man, I’m telling you, I am truly excited about our guests today because I know what they’ve already done to make a huge difference across the nation. 

And I know what kind of synergy is created when groups like this get together with groups like ours. Oh, my goodness, it’s going to be amazing. Moms for America, the website is momsforamerica.us, and Kimberly Fletcher is with us. She’s the founder and president. Kimberly, thanks so much for coming on the program today.


Oh, thank you for having me, Rick. I’m excited to be here.


Well, thanks for what you do. I mean, you guys, that’s not even right, is it you ladies, I should say.

Welcome Kimberly Fletcher


Few gals.


Few gals, that would be the southern Texas way to say, you gals. You got like 500,000 moms out there saying here am I, Lord, send me. I will make a difference in the culture. You all are making a huge difference out there.


Yeah, it’s pretty exciting to see all the moms for years, I guess probably 15-16 years I have been saying the moment that moms find out what’s going on behind closed doors in their children’s classroom, there’s going to be a national revolt. And the really exciting thing for me is I have been trying to convince moms what’s going on in the schools and they just treated me like a helicopter parent, not my school, not my classroom, and now they realize is everywhere.

And the other thing they’ve realized is how important local is. And while I’ve been beating the local, especially the school board, Mr. Jerome for the first several years, now they’re like, okay, how do we connect? So this is a very exciting time for me because I don’t have to convince them anymore. I just need to be able to say here we are, here’s how we can help you be successful where you are.


There is. There’s like this a sudden awakening and people are now paying attention to things that you’ve been saying for 20 years or we’ve been saying for 30 years and now all of a sudden, they’re willing to listen, I think, Kimberly, this is really that for such a time as this thing where God’s put you in this position and prepared you for this over all these years, you’ve been able to learn not just what to teach people, but how to do it, the systems that you all have put in place, the way that you train your moms–

Exponential Growth

All of that, I mean, just being able to be ready for this moment where I’ll ask you directly, but I’m assuming you’re getting inundated with moms that are saying okay, yeah, how do I get involved? So, so just imagine if that had happened in 2004 when you started instead?


I would not have been ready.




God is a glorious God. And it’s been like a tooth edge, all the different experiences that I’ve had, the people he has connected me with, the things that I’ve learned have truly prepared us for this day. And the programs that we’ve created, we’ve been able to flesh them out to make them better. 

I mean, we are ready. And it’s so exciting because, for years, you think why am I even doing this? Because nothing, we’re not going anywhere, we’re not getting anything done. And I look back now and I’m like look at all that we did, and all that we’ve done and where we are.

Moms For America

And so he knew this has been his organization. And I have run it on my knees and everyone that we bring to our table as we as we call it, they all have that who know that calling like this isn’t just an organization. It’s a calling, it’s a mission and we’re all united in that purpose.

So it’s a pretty awesome time. In spite of everything that’s going on the outside, there’s some pretty exciting things happening in this country.


I think it’s part of why the verse in James is so real, count it all joy when you experience various trials, and it talks about protecting us and all of those things and creating patients and teaching us. I mean, that’s really this opportunity, all the bad that’s happening in the country has awakened people and given us this opportunity to convert an entire generation to liberty.

And for our listeners out there, if you’re not familiar with Kimberly and Moms for America, let me just show you how closely aligned and how we’ve been on parallel paths with WallBuilders and with Moms for America. Let me just read this to you from their page. This sounds like we’ve been doing this together forever and now we’re going to be doing things together.

But “Moms for America is an educational corporation rooted”, listen to this, “in the principles of liberty and virtue upon which our nation was founded and focused on promoting these principles, values and virtues in the home and family through the women and mothers of America.” I mean, you are on exactly the right path, and like I said, for such a time as this as people are hungry for that.

What do you do when you get a new mom, somebody that just says I am tired of what I’m seeing at my local school board, or I’m tired of what I’m seeing come out of the government or what’s happening in my community and they just say, I don’t know what to do but I know I want to do something. What do you do with that new mom that’s ready to go who wants to do something?

God Makes a Way


So this is the thing that we’ve really learned that God has really taught us, that the first thing that you want to do is say, oh, well, go do this. This is what you can do here. You can fight this or stop this. But I remember being that young mom and all these things floating across my computer, fight this, stop this, do this. I’m just like, Really? Really?Really? because I’m just trying to make dinner.

So one of the things that we wanted to make sure that we did was help moms realize you absolutely have the ability to change the world. But you don’t have to give up your life to do it. And you can do it just by being who you are and just doing things a little bit differently and uniting together to support each other.

So what we tell them is call this meeting. I mean, it seems like a simple thing. But when you tell people you want to save America, here’s how you do it.

You have family dinner together, you spend five minutes in the Bible a day and you spend 30 minutes telling a story to your kids about America’s freedom and our patriots and the events that made us who we are, the story of who we are, because stories inspire and it isn’t just what you know, it’s in what you feel. 

So what we did is we created the Cottage Beam project. We created it in 2012 and it’s like Tupperware for liberty. So we promote the principles of liberty and the Constitution in a way that instantly resonates with moms through personal examples and relatable experiences and inspiring stories that touched their heart.

And within one or two meetings, they’re really on fire. Because what we’re doing is we’re giving them what they should have already had, that liberal arts education that we used to learn in school and we do it in 12 weeks-16 weeks to presentations, and then they keep going on from there which is why we’re always out there hunting for the best materials. 

Because these moms, if all they do is meet once a month, by the end of the year, they have more knowledge and understanding of the Constitution and the principles of liberty than the majority of judges, elected officials and attorneys in the country. And we’ve gone toe to toe with several of them.

Life Changing

In fact, just a few weeks ago, one of our moms from Florida contacted me and said, you know, I just wanted to thank you so much for what you guys have done with the Cottage Meeting project. It has changed my life.

We hear that all the time “changed my life”, because then they have something to hope for because they know the simple answers to seemingly big problems. And she said I was just talking to my state representative the other day, and he asked me to slow down because I was talking about a constitutional principle and he wanted to take notes.

So the principles are pretty simple once you know them, and that’s what we do. And then they teach their children, they get involved in their communities. They’re more effective when they go and speak before the school board because they know where their rights come from, what their rights are, and how to effectively exercise them. And that is a game changer.


Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. Empowering moms, promoting liberty, raising patriots”, that’s the theme, momsforamerica.us. And Kimberly, what you’re talking about, the cottage meetings, this is a beautiful thing. I mean, this is where real change happens. This is where real empowerment happens. 

Just imagine, folks, you’re sitting around the living room with 3, 5, 10 however many of your friends and you’re studying these things and you’re learning this truth, you realize you’re not alone, you realize there’s other people that care about these things, you realize the principles of liberty are still alive and well, they still work and then you realize there’s something you can do about it. What a great way to get involved.

So if a mom wants to do one of these cottage meetings and she wants to start that, you’ve got the system in place, and they go to your website, you walk them through the training, you give them the tools, I mean, they plug into the system, they don’t have to create the system. And I know you’re ready to respond to that, Kimberly, quick break, though we’ll be right back and you can respond to that. Stay with us, folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


Hey, guys, we want to let you know about a new resource we have at WallBuilders called The American Story. For so many years, people have asked us to do a history book to help tell more of the story that’s just not known or not told today.

And we would say very providentially in the midst of all of the new attacks coming out against America, whether it be from things like the 1619 project that say America is evil, and everything in America was built off slavery, which is certainly not true or things, like even the Black Lives Matter movement, the organization itself, not out the statement Black Lives Matter, but the organization that says we’re against everything that America was built on, and this is part of the Marxist ideology. There’s so many things attacking America.

Well, is America worth defending? What is the true story of America? We actually have written and told that story starting with Christopher Columbus, going roughly through Abraham Lincoln, we tell the story of America not as the story of a perfect nation of a perfect people. But the story of how God used these imperfect people and did great things through this nation. It’s a story you want to check out, wallbuilders.com, The American Story.

Cottage Meetings


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. We got Kimberly Fletcher with us from Moms for America, wonderful organization. They do amazing work. They’ve been using some of WallBuilders materials and Patriot Academy materials in the past. But we just love what they do. They’ve been at it a long time. And they’ve got an amazing system called Cottage meetings. 

And it’s a lot like our Constitution coach program that we talk about a lot here on WallBuilders Live. But these are moms getting together in the living room or at the church or wherever and walking through the principles of liberty. They’re going through these classes and these college meetings and it’s empowering and it’s just so encouraging.

And so Kimberly, as we were going to break, I was talking about the fact that you’ve got the system, you’ve designed all this, moms don’t have to create that, they can just plug into what you have.


No, that’s what’s beautiful about it, and they can come right online, and we do them virtually now. Thanks to COVID. Again, God is a glorious God. Who would have thought all the blessings that would have come from such a horrible thing. But for years, we were hearing from all saying, do you have a webinar? We do it online. 

I’m like no, no, the point is to connect where you are with your friend, with your neighbors. But God in His glory said, well, how about we do this COVID thing and now you have to do it that way? So, we did it virtually. And it was amazing.

What happened was all these moms came and they joined virtually live and then they would have these discussions after the presentation. And then they all went out and they started their own cottage meetings. And we had 30 cottage meetings that started within three months. So it was exciting for us to see that. 

So now they can go online and they can see that we do it on Zoom, so they can see the presentations we’ve already done or they can join us live. We’re just about to launch a 5,000 year elite one in April. And it’s a different course, another 12 week course.

And then we have the plug and play. So they can do it themselves in their own home with all the resources that we provide. We also have Julian Jackson, who’s our lead instructors. She’s just amazing. And we did professional videos for the core foundation of the first 12 cottage meetings presentations. 

It’s Magical

And they’re all done in 30-40 minutes. So, you can bring your family or friends together, you can pop in this video or watch it right online on your computer. And then you just sit and discuss it. So you gather your friends, you push play, you discuss, boom, there you go.

And what happens is magical when all these moms start to talk about relating what the principles that they learned with the issues that we’re facing, then suddenly, it’s like these big mammoth things don’t look so big because you realize we are the power. God has the ultimate power, and he gave the power to us in this country and the Constitution protects that power. So that is a very empowering thing that they realize that. And then the passion ignites within them and then they suddenly know what they want to do.

And then we have the resources and support to help them with whatever those are, whether it’s running for school board, serving on the school board, just speaking to the school board, getting involved in your community, getting to know your sheriff, we’re really about building relationships with those who represent us because that’s where you really have an impact when you not just show up angry, but you show up with solutions and you work together. There are a lot more people who are with us than there are who are against us.


So true. So right on. For all you Constitution coaches out there that are listening, you go boy, this sounds familiar. It is so familiar. I mean, it’s God literally had us on parallel paths. And the beauty of now us doing this together where Constitution coaches, as you’re listening right now, if you want to be a part of Moms for America, this is a great way for you to take your Constitution classes and now use Moms for America’s material to do the next class for your group to learn something else, just as Moms for America folks are going to use biblical citizenship and Chasing American Legends and all those things and plug that into their group as well. It’s just a great synergistic opportunity for these two organizations to feed each other and give each other more material.

Iron Sharpening Iron

I love what you’re doing, Kimberly. And I think you probably have seen the exact same thing, and as you were saying that, I was thinking that’s exactly what happened to us with COVID, all of a sudden everybody was looking for something to do. And with all the online classes, it just exploded. 

And when you get to step three, I always tell everybody, when you get people in the living room, and you turn on the videos, whether you’re doing biblical citizenship or you’re doing the cottage meeting, or whatever you’re doing, it’s after the video plays when the magic really starts. It’s the discussion, it’s the looking at each other and talking and really that iron sharpening iron. Have you experienced the same thing?


Absolutely. I will tell you just my own personal experience with the first time we did a cottage meeting. And the story is kind of I don’t know how you guys got started. Everybody has that pivotal point where you feel like you need to do something, but it always seems to come from God. And that’s what happened with me. 

We’ve been praying for a week as a board, praying and even fasting, how do we take what we’ve learned in 5-10 years and put it in the hearts of mothers in one year? It seems like a daunting task. It is. And we kept praying about it.

And one day I was cleaning up after my Pampered Chef party and God put it on my heart, this is what it is, it’s called a Cottage Meeting and women already know how to do it. And I understood that I had no material. And I was out there searching and I wish I had known about Biblical Citizenship, I’ve been [inaudible 18:42]

So I was searching and Monumental had just come out on DVD. And I felt very inspired to show that at my meeting. And so that’s what I did. I brought all these moms together and I said, I’d like you to be my guinea pigs to try this out, figure out exactly what this is supposed to look like. And we have no curriculum. We don’t know what exactly the core resources are going to be. But I felt very impressed to show this film.

From Hesitant to Enthusiastic

And so I showed the film. And during the film, all of these moms who showed up and said, I don’t reads anymore, I don’t read, I don’t have time to get involved in anything else. And throughout the video, they were saying, oh my gosh, he’s a great storyteller. Where do you find this? How do you know this? Did you know this? And I realized what the cottage meeting is, is everything that touched and inspired me. And that really is the story of America.

And afterwards, these moms who says they don’t read and they don’t have time to get involved in anything else for like, what should we be reading and how can we get more involved? One meeting! So this is the power of taking those stories of America and putting them in the hearts of moms. 

And it’s not just what you know. It becomes who you are. And that’s fighting for something, not fighting against something. Fighting against something as a short frenzy fight. You get tired, you get worn out and you go home and you just don’t fight anymore.

But when you are fighting the good fight, fighting for something because you know you have something to fight for, that’s long, that’s steady, and you don’t walk away. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I’m not going anywhere.


Oh, man. Everything you’re saying, you and my wife, you are on the exact same page and she’s always said, the kids don’t want to memorize dates and names, they want the stories. They want to see history through the eyes of those people that experienced it and bring it to life. And it’s not just for the kids. It’s for us. It makes it more fun, and entertaining, and then really helps you to get those values to be able to instill them in your kids as well. So, so spot on.

I am so excited about what you all are doing and what we’re going to do together and all the people out there that will take these principles and teach them to their children, to their grandchildren, to the people in their community. The fellowship that happens after these meetings it’s just unbelievable. And it’s so interesting that you use Monumental that first time now that Kirk Cameron actually does our first class. So the first week of biblical citizenship is Kirk walking through the monument and teaching you all about the monument. I mean, the parallel paths could not be more parallel.

It’s Amazing!


It’s amazing. But I got to tell you, I’m so excited to… I mean, we’ve been using WallBuilders materials for years, and we promote them throughout the cottage meeting. But when I realized what you guys have put together, I mean, these moms get so excited. After one meeting, they don’t want to wait a month. They’re like, well, can we meet next week? And so they’re meeting nicely.

So when we thought we had more time to create more things, suddenly, in 12 weeks, we need more things. So have you guys, partner with you guys, it’s going to be phenomenal.


I love it. Oh, God is so good. God is so good. Well, Kimberly, God bless you. I mean, first of all, thank you for having the courage to step out all those years, 18 years ago and start Moms for America. And thank you for being persistent. You haven’t told me the stories. But I guarantee you there were times where you thought, oh, I’m done. This is crazy. Lord, how am I going to overcome this hurdle or this hurdle? And for 18 years, you’ve done that, and you’ve continued to grow and equip and inspire people.

I’m just thankful for you and thankful that God’s blessed Moms for America and that you’ve had this incredible growth and that we’re going to have the opportunity to work with you. So keep up the great work. Immediately, folks, that are listening momsforamerica.us, you don’t have to wait for us to come out and announce all the stuff we’re going to be doing with them. You can go get signed up right now, start getting plugged in. 

They have amazing materials. And just the fellowship, I’m telling you, you’re going to love the fellowship. Moms get out there and be the champions. The mama bears have been woken up, Kimberly, they’re ready to go.


They are and they’re going. We are in the middle of a mom-like revolution. And Moms for America is the forefront and we are humbled, honored that God has anointed us. I really truly feel that’s what He’s done to prepare us to be able to support these moms and build this amazing network of moms across the country to take our country back.


Amen. I couldn’t agree more. Kimberly, thank you for coming on Wallbuilders Live today.

No Boring History Here!


Thank you.


A very special thanks to Kimberly Fletcher and all of the Moms for America, 500,000 strong, they are making a huge difference, doing God’s work in a wonderfully fun way. You know if you listen to WallBuilders Live much at all, how much we hate boring history around here. David Barton really set the standard on this. He changed how history is taught. 30 years ago, he started bringing it to life with the stories. He just tell you the stories of what happened.

 And it was almost like you’ve been transported back in time in a time machine. He’s just a master at that. And so, WallBuilders has always been about not having boring history in government, but making it fun, making it entertaining, and then making it personal, realizing this affects your life, it affects my life, it affects our backyard, our jobs, our children, everything.

And so that’s why I think when people get into some WallBuilders program or Patriot Academy program, that’s why they start getting involved because they realize this really does affect my life. And I can have fun doing this. I can count it all joy when I face the trials of this particular culture, But I can be engaged and make a difference. There’s things I can do to turn things around. I mean, all those things are hopeful messages.

And I just feel like we’ve been on parallel paths with Moms for America. And they’re doing so much of the same thing with the same attitude. I just think God’s bringing us together for some really cool synergy and some really awesome joint programs. So I’m excited about them using biblical citizenship in their cottage meetings. I’m excited about you, our WallBuilders listeners beginning to join Moms for America. I hope you’ll go check them out today at their website. I hope you’ll join in on one of their cottage meetings, whether it’s online or in-person. But just get plugged in.

You know, the worst thing you can do is stay alone. If you feel like you’re alone, well, maybe you are. Maybe you haven’t reached out. Maybe you haven’t put some effort in to finding some other people in your community or it might even be somebody across the nation. 

Moms For America Can Change The World – With Kimberly Fletcher

A lot of our Constitution classes biblical citizenship classes, people get to know individuals, all the way on the other side of the country, East Coast, West Coast, doesn’t matter, they can get to know each through the classes that are online, and then come to one of our conferences and then you get to meet each other in-person, you get to meet the speakers in-person.

In fact, we’ve got some really cool events coming up. April 22-23rd, we’re going to have a Biblical Citizenship in Modern America course in-person with Pastor Rob McCoy, Allen West, Kirk Cameron, David Barton, Tim Barton, Mark Meckler, Rick Green, all these people are going to be coming and sharing just as they do in the videos but in-person. How cool is that? And then you get to have the fellowship, you get to look around the room and go, I’m not alone. Look at all these other people, they came in from across the nation.

So if you want to be a part of that, it’s April 22-23rd. Really just go to patriotacademy.com, patriot academy.com and then click on the special events and you’ll find that April 22nd, April 23rd, special biblical citizenship in-person. Now, that’s going to be in the middle of our Comedy and Constitution tour across the state of Texas, which we shared a little bit about that with Brad Stein. That’s going to be fun, a really exciting time. But also, this very special weekend, April 22-23rd and it’s going to be at the American Journey experience.

If you have never been through the WallBuilders museum, or you’ve never been through Glenn Beck’s Museum, this is your chance to see a combination of the two. And I’m talking touching documents of the founding fathers. I’m talking about seeing amazing artifacts, all of that in one weekend April 22-23rd. 

Go to patriotacademy.com to learn more. I hope to see you there. Get involved. Get engaged. Thank you to Kimberly Fletcher and Moms for America for what they’re doing. Thank you for listening and for what you’re doing in your community as well. We appreciate you listening to WallBuilders Live.