More Results In – 2020 Election Coverage Continues: Have the votes been counted? Has Trump already won a lawsuit? Who is bringing suitcases of ballots in? How many instances of voter fraud have been reported? Has the praying Church prevailed?  Tune in to hear our latest update as the craziness of 2020 continues!

Air Date: 11/05/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


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David, Tim, here we are. It’s the morning of, what is this now, two days, second day after the election and we still don’t know who’s going to win…


You can’t do that by us, we’ve been up most of the night, we got up early this morning with their media for the last however many hours. So who knows…


It’s been a while since we’ve seen the outdoors, so I’m sure it’s out there. I don’t know what it looks like. And yeah, just to make sure just kind of like we talked about yesterday where we’re airing this, and I know a lot of stations are going to play it later. So it’s kind of recording for them. We’re doing this very early in the morning, so there will be things very potentially coming out today, stories worthy of coverage that might be after we are talking about this. And so definitely stay up to date with stuff going on.

Lots of Lawsuits

But what we are seeing right now is that nothing’s going to be decided for a while, what we’re seeing is a lot of lawsuits that are coming from the Trump administration with what appears to be a lot of corruption in a lot of these major Democrat cities, where not only are some of the election poll watchers not being allowed to watch some of these poll results coming in, it seems that in some situations, there are people bringing in lots of big suitcases or coolers or things that it doesn’t make, why would you be bringing that into election polling place to come count ballots or right whatever the vote is unless you’re maybe bringing something in? And so there’s just been a lot of stuff coming out…


And why does that tend to kind of precede the release of 40,000, 50,000 or 60,000 ballots…


Right. When a state says we’re not going to keep counting ballots for a while, we’re going to take a timeout pick up tomorrow. And then in the middle of the night, all these people are walking in with suitcases and coolers and big bags, and then they’re going to release these tens of thousands of hundreds that now all of them were for Biden. And we’re saying tens of thousands because it was different numbers in different locations.

Nonetheless, there’s just a lot of stuff going on, which is why the Trump administration has essentially unleashed some attorneys in different places saying no, no, we want to make sure what’s going on, for example, in Michigan, where they were not allowed to have poll watchers watch as ballots are being counted when Biden’s lead is increasing significantly with all these votes for Biden coming in. And the poll watchers from the Republican Party are not able to watch these ballots being counted to know that these are actual ballots that are going for Biden. There’s just so much going on.

Voter Turnout More than 100%?


Well, the Trump administration seems to be maybe overly touchy. I notice…


No, no, no, I don’t think so.


In one of the lawsuits they filed, they were noting that the voter turnout was more than 100% of the voters and I don’t know why you would be upset about that. I guess, it’s because it went for Biden, maybe


And hey, guys, this is not, you know, for anybody out there this thinking all you guys are just claiming voter fraud, look, I think there’s been something like 1100, Heritage Foundation has listed 1100 different voter fraud…


No, let’s back up. Rick, hang on a second, let me up that, it’s 140,000 on a survey that came out just before the election, looking only at 2016 and 2018 and 140,000 instance that they point to.

Voter Fraud


Of voter fraud?


Of voter fraud.


I’m thinking a thousand a lot of instances. I mean, just think about it, folks. There are ton of people in this country that don’t believe in moral absolutes, believe in moral relativism, have a Machiavellian view, end justifies the means. They’ll do whatever it takes, and they hate the man in the White House, so they will cheat. There’s no question about it. We’ve always had fraud at to some level, but this is off the charts because of the particular epic battle that we’re in.

So when you guys are talking about this stuff, if anybody’s thinking oh, you all are just assuming there’s… No, there is voter fraud, I’ve seen it, you all have seen it, it exists, and in this particular case, it exists all over. We usually go into this stuff with the mindset of you got to win by enough to outperform the voter fraud, we assume it’s still going to be out there. You know, now we’re at the point where the lawsuits are going to have to find that and we’re going to have to verify every vote in the States that were so close.


Yeah, Rick, and to clarify, so dad as you mentioned, there was more than 100,000 examples of this, that was the last couple of elections that they’ve been tracking just in very specific elections where there was tens of thousands of this and then tens of thousands of that. And so that was from last several elections. So that’s not to indicate that right now they’ve already identified more than 100,000 areas of voters’ fraud here. Although at certainly in the realm of possibility, just within some States, not even the entire notion…

Arizona Sharpies


But you know, and then you got things like we’re seeing an Arizona where that people coming in to mark their ballots or be given Sharpies, and that seems a nice thing except the counting machine does not pick up Sharpies, it only picks up ink pens. And so in these conservative Republican areas, sure, they’re just trying to be helpful poll workers, just given us Sharpies that don’t register your vote.


Well, and so certainly that does bring up the question, right? One of the things that might be a solution for some of these areas, and by the way, that county you’re talking about was something that Trump carried significantly. I saw one report that Trump was 40,000 up in the election against Hillary and now he was down 90,000, and so you’re talking significant numbers of a swing in different areas of Arizona where this move make a difference.

And it does raise the question of if you can show that there were poll workers that were doing corrupt things, is there going to be a chance to do something different with those ballots, or maybe does somebody go in and now with those ballots, there’s a series of workers from both sides who are looking saying, okay, this is who they’re marketing for, and they’re going to market correctly?

There’s going to be some kind of solution. Unfortunately, this is why a lot of it looks like it’s going to court, because a lot of these solutions will come in court, because there’s people that have been doing some deceitful undermined things. But one of the things, guys, that we have, have prayed for a lot of years and this nation was that God would help expose some of the corrupt things, some of the bad things with President Trump. One of the things that we have seen God using him for is to help expose and even drain much of the swamp and areas.

Someone Who Loves the Fight

And as we’re looking at some of this, what definitely seems to be corruption, voter fraud, election fraud taking place, this is one of those areas where I am very grateful that there’s a man like President Trump who is in this battle. Because I know a lot of people that might be in the Republican Party, who would not be as well equipped to fight this battle, because he is someone who he loves the fight.

And it seems to give him more energy and enthusiasm in a fight and he’s not backing down. He wants to fight. He wants to win. He wants to crush whatever this really corruption is. And so there might not be a better person for this to be happening to at least for the sake of the nation.

And this is again, one of those examples where we can see it really does seem like God is using President Trump in his position him for such a time as this for these battles to maybe expose some of this corruption, some of this voter fraud taking place. So not that this is a Good News Friday moment, but this very well could turn into a Good News Friday in a month or two from now, as not only as being exposed, but potentially some of this gets resolved, and there could be some very good results down the line from this.


Yeah, I don’t see him, you know, look, we chose a scrapper for a reason, right? We knew what we were up against. And so having someone like him that, I mean, he knows this is going to be a fight. It’s kind of a Churchill moment, right? We’ll find him in the air, we’ll find him on the sea, we’ll find him on the beaches. I mean, that’s what we needed, and that’s what we’ve got, and that’s the battle ahead.

State Battles

And this is a good time to remind everybody, this goes way beyond the presidency or one particular election. I’m encouraged by what we saw last night in terms of I mean, look, they threw everything at us possible. They had every level of the media, education, everything, and yet we met them head on. We know that we have, I think, frankly, more than half of the country are still patriotic Americans that understand what’s at stake. And so we should be encouraged, not discouraged by what’s taking place right now.

So let’s head into a break, guys, we’ll be right back. Folks, we got more election results. And David, have you got some results for us around the country as well? You’ve been looking at some of the state battles and legislatures and there’s a lot more to this than just the presidential race. You’re going to share some of that when we come back?


We got some good stuff on that.


Alright, folks, stay with us, we’ll be right back. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. America is a special and unique nation. The average length for a Constitution in other countries is only 17 years. But we’ve had ours for over two centuries, and our 4% of the world’s population produces 24% of the world’s gross domestic product. And every year, we produce more inventions and technology than the other 96% of the world combined.

In 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville of France came to America, travelled the country, and in his famous book, “Democracy in America” reported, “The position of the Americans is therefore quite exceptional, and it may be believed that no democratic people will ever be placed in a similar one. This is the origin of the phrase ‘American exceptionalism’ and affirms that America is unique because of the distinctive ideas on which we had been based including inalienable rights, individualism, limited government, and the importance of religion and morality.”

For more information about American exceptionalism, go to


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. It’s the day after the day after, and I still don’t know for sure who the President is going to be…


You say really well, Rick, the day after the day after.

Congressional Districts


The day after the day after. Alright, guys, so I know we’ve got a lot more on the presidential race, we’ve still got several states that we’re not going to know for a while. But what about some of the other, I mean, I know it’s redistricting year coming up, State Legislative battles were important this time. Didn’t see a lot of movement on that, did we? I think Republicans took New Hampshire and I don’t know if we lost any states. So what does that look like nationwide in terms of State legislators?


Well, overall, it’s a very interesting time, because there were what are called trifectas that were up for grabs. A trifecta is when you have the House and the Senate and the governor in the hands of the same party. So as you mentioned, Rick, it’s a redistricting time.

So the legislators that are chosen this time will be in place to set the congressional districts for the next 10 years for their state, and that tends, if democrats tend to be in power, they tend to set the districts or it’s easier to elect Democrats to Congress. If Republicans are in power, they tend to set the districts where it’s easier to elect Republicans. So that’s such as part of redistricting. It’s always been that way.

So what happened last night was the fewest number of State legislative seats changed hands in any election since 1944. So you got to go back to World War II to find less change than what we had last night.


So it means virtually nothing has changed in the nation?



But here’s the good news on why that is, because you take a State like Texas…


Wait! We got to give Tim props for his thing yesterday where he said, the big blue wave hit the big red wave and they basically had a standoff, because I mean, that’s what it sounds like happened even at the state level.


And it is. Because if you look at Texas, Texas, that is the big jewel in the crown that the Democrats wanted. Because if they could get Texas and we’ve got 36 congressional districts here now, we’re adding three more, that’d be 39. If they had California and Texas in the Electoral College, oh, my gosh, they are so far down the road just for those two States.


Well, and add New York to it. So if you had New York, Texas, California, you can throw in Illinois, because it’s Chicago. I mean, it would be a done deal virtually every election.


Yeah, Washington State because of Seattle and Oregon, because of Portland, yeah, that would do it. So they put a lot of money in here. I mean, literally, in Texas, they put over $40 million into State House races, not Congressional races, not Senatorial races, but State House races, and managed to get a net gain of exactly zero. It’s just unbelievable the amount of money that threw in, all the money they threw against Cornyn and all the money to throw in the state in general. It was unbelievable they didn’t get more.

The Balance of Power


And what’s crazy is you’re saying net zero, but the reality is, there were only two seats that changed in Texas: there was a Republican that lost and a Democrat that lost and the balance of power did not change. There were only two seats that changed after $40 million spent in Texas, which is just a crazy thought, because that’s what you would expect to see maybe in congressional races across the state, not State House races.

But dad as you’re mentioning, when you’re looking at a time that is going to be related to districting, which is going to impact how the State is going to continue to go or change in the future, whether it’s going to lean more Democratic or Republican, there was a lot of the stake because you’re coming up on every 10 years, you do a census in the nation.

This is part of what goes back to even kind of a Founding Father era where we’re going to do a census, we will know what the population is, and that way, we know how to configure the representation because there’s 435 members in the House, and so we can assign those congressional seats based on where the majority of the population.

There’s a lot factoring in from constitutional perspective going back to the Founding Fathers. And so there was a lot of people spending a lot of money and most of the money being spent in Texas was coming from the east and the west coast. It was not coming from people connected to Texas.

But with all that money pouring in from some of these big Democratic funders, Texas really did not change, which is a very good indicator for again, what we saw for most of the rest of the nation. With the exception of, one of the positive things, dad, we saw was that not only does it look like the Senate will largely remain unchanged…

The Senate


Now, we’re talking the US Senate now.


The US Senate, now good clarification, the US Senate largely looks like it will remain unchanged, where Republicans look like will maintain their power or kind of the lead enough for them to be able to control the Senate. But if you look at congressional races, I think we might have mentioned this even yesterday morning.

We are continuing to make ground. Republicans are continuing to win seats and gain numbers in the US House, which the thought again leading into this election was ever going to be a major blue wave that they were going to gain seats in the House, they’re going to pick up the Senate, that Biden was going to win. And right now none of that has happened, and this is really a very positive thing.


Well, if you look specifically, Tim, what you’re saying what we are gaining now, when you look at MSNBC, FOX, or CNN, FOX, or whatever it is…


I think you’re mixing up your alphabet right now.

Fox News


Is because FOX seems to…


They do all seem the same now, don’t they?


Yeah, I’ve a FOX was calling so many things for Biden, they were not calling for Trump. And FOX was predicting the republicans would lose 15 seats in the House. And so I mean, FOX, I think in some ways was louder in calling for Biden stuff than we saw in other things. They didn’t wait on many of the races they would normally wait on. And even though they question themselves on it,


Well, let’s point out also that some of the commentators on FOX are themselves no to Democrats. So generally, they’re viewed as honorable journalists, etc. But there’s no doubt that some of these “FOX journalists”, or these Fox commentators are themselves Democrats. I mean, if once you get away from a Tucker Carlson, from Sean Hannity, there’s not a whole lot of people on FOX who are really strong conservatives, or conservatives at all for some of them.

And so, even FOX is trending the wrong direction. Which dad, one of the interesting things that you were talking with a friend about today was, if certainly we were not believing that Trump’s going to lose, we think that that probably through the court, he will win…

Corruption and Courts


Yeah, I actually think he’ll win. I think he may win without court. But I think he’ll still go to court just to get the corruption…


As he should, right? Because and we’re still waiting to see how all this unfolds, but if he ends up picking up Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, and then if he picks up either Arizona or Nevada, which at this point that there’s still a lot to be decided there, if he gets four of those, he will win the electoral votes needed for him to be the president. But it’s just kind of fun, there’s a couple of thoughts about well, if he didn’t win, what might that look like? And one of your friends had an interesting thought about this.


Yeah, he predicts that if Trump does not when Trump will start his own cable network, he will start his own news network and have his own reporters and have actually a genuine news media network, which we haven’t had one of those in a while. We thought we had in the FOX and they seem to be kind of moving leftist. I talk to one of the FOX anchors and they said well, since Roger Ailes has gone away, it has really changed over FOX and it has.

But anyway, even with that, going back to what Tim mentioned, even though FOX called us for losing 15 house seats in the US House, we’ve gained a number and still gaining and they’re not all decided yet, we don’t know how many more might be gained. But certainly it has gone the opposite direction, despite all the media, despite all the earned media, despite all the money has been poured in like we talked about last night. Those waves kind of cancel each other out, and we have not suffered the damage that could have been.

Patriot Academy


Quick break again, guys, we’re going to break just thinking about that. Because one of my Patriot Academy students said something similar today, it’s like if we don’t pull this out, and if Trump lose, what would he do after the election? We didn’t think about a media organization.

But we did think, wow, what if he takes the whole patriotic movement of the nation right now and really keeps it going as a movement, not just as President, but man, he gets everybody involved in local races and everything else and actually doing the 1776 Commission as individuals teaching these? Oh, my goodness, it’d be amazing, but he can do it as president as well. But I just love thinking about that sort of total movement moving into the next few decades, not just the next few years. Stay with us, folks, we’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us here. And by the way, go to today and get archives of our program there and also get some of those Good News Fridays from the last few weeks. Tomorrow on our Friday program, we’ll be doing more election results and talking about some of the things that have happened across the country just in the last few days. Okay, guys, final segment of the day. What other things have you seen out of the election so far?


Well, when you look at the turnout, we heard it was going to be high turnout, and it looks like it was. Looks like right now there’s about 145 million who voted, four years ago, it was about 125 million. So you’re looking at an increase maybe 15%, which is good. That’s not as high as some people thought it would get.

They thought it would get to 70% of the nation, but it’s still a high turnout. And anytime you have high participation, is good. And I guess that’s assuming that all those numbers actually are genuine people who voted and not just filled in ballots, like we were talking about earlier.

Trump’s Percentages are Up


Or duplicate valid or dead people, right, all these things. And it’s worth noting, as we’re talking about voter turnout, no Republican has ever received more votes than Donald Trump did this election and no Democrat has ever received more votes than Joe Biden did in this election. So when even people talk about voter suppression, it’s really kind of utter nonsense.

This has been the most votes ever cast in a presidential election. This is not voter suppression, although maybe some corruption led us some suppression in areas. But in the sense of when there were many liberal pundits that said President Trump is trying to suppress the election, certainly that is not a valid argument considering what we’re looking at with these voting totals.


And when you look at the numbers that are increased, for example, in the Republican side, I saw a centerpiece of information shortly ago from those that are very close to President Trump, including some pollsters that know him, and got this report that says evangelical support for Trump went up by 7.6 million votes. 43.6 million evangelicals voted for Trump, much higher than it was four years ago. So very strong turnout by evangelicals which is good news.

And I do believe Trump’s got a good path to victory. And if that happens, evangelicals will once again be a great reason for that. You also look at what happened with Hispanics.

Hispanic numbers were also very high. We saw, for example, down in Miami area which is a strong Hispanic part of Florida that we’re getting up to around 47-48% of Hispanics voting for Trump. And that part of the state two Hispanic Democrat US Congress seats, flipped to Hispanic Republican US Congress seats, because the high Hispanic turnout, there was voting Republican.

That carried through and other states as well. It was expected that it might get somewhere 20-25% voter turnout in the black community for Trump, that appears not to have come through. Everything we saw put it in the single digit range, although for black men, it was higher. But overall, it was about 9%.

The Black Vote


Yeah, Larry Elder actually commented that there were some places where there was a very high turnout for President Trump from the black male voter. And so there were some places, certainly pockets around the nation, where you did see different levels of support. And it is interesting that certainly in different communities and cities, where maybe the some of Trumps favourability rallies, I haven’t seen any kind of tracking data that might indicate why it was higher in some areas than others.

Nonetheless, Larry Elder pointed out that that was something that in certain areas, there definitely was a high black male voter support for Trump, although that was not across the board as some initial polling indicated.


In some of the things we saw even on election night suggests another possibility is that a lot of times, if you’ve been a lifelong Democrat or lifelong Republican, it’s very hard to suddenly vote for the other party. So a lot of times what will happen is you’ll sit out in election. I’ve been a democrat my whole life. I can’t vote for Biden, but I’m not going to vote for Trump this election. And so we saw, for example, around the Detroit area, the numbers look to be lower than normal. And that’s a heavily the demographics of Detroit are heavily black.

So it’s very possible that while a lot of black voters did not vote for Trump, they may not have voted at all, which is almost like giving a half a vote to Trump because it’s a vote you don’t have to overcome as a vote for Biden. So that’s another possibility that may be favorable in addition to what Tim said about Larry Elder. But the numbers were very high across the board for both sides and it’s good to see people get involved in the elections, assuming all those votes did come from actual people.

Down to the Wire


Alright guys, so we are still down to the wire on the presidential race. We’re seeing a lot of good things out there. But again, we want to close out today the same way we did yesterday, encouraging people, number one, you don’t you don’t ever give up. I mean, frankly, we still see a lot of positive things in this. But for sure we keep doing our duty. You know, David, you’ve taught us that story from John Quincy Adams, “Duty is ours, results are God’s”, that certainly applies right now.

And one of those things we need to do is our duty is continue to pray. We need to pray for victories across the country. We need to pray for, frankly, protection and safety and peace across this country.

And then we need to get back into the fight. I mean, I know everybody campaigned really hard spent a lot of time and energy, okay, take a day off maybe, but then get right back in and say what can I do now in my community? Do I need to start recruiting people for school board and city council and legislative races? What can I do to teach the Constitution and teach the principles?

So our work is just beginning, folks, there’s so much more to do to save the country. Again, we’re encouraged by seeing that half the country are still God fearing patriotic America lovers that aren’t ready to see America destroyed by this leftist propaganda out there. So be encouraged with what you’ve seen so far, and start asking the Lord what you can do. Say here am I and be ready to be sent, because there’s an awful lot to do to still save our country.

More Results In – 2020 Election Coverage Continues

And while you’re at it, thinking about what you can do to help, folks, listen, I still think of it in terms of the Founding Fathers lives, fortunes, sacred honor. So we’re asking you to continue to give time studying to be good students of freedom, but also to donate. And is a great place to donate. It is so important right now to get truth out there and to get the guests that we have on this program, to where more people can hear them and learn more.

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