Muslim Brotherhood is connected to Hitler, Nazis, and Mein Kampf.  In this episode, you will find out the truth that has been hidden in plain sight. Listen to find out more on this subject that though well documented, no one seems to have ever heard before. Elliot Chodoff, Major in the reserves in the IDF, will be with us today. Tune in to hear his insight on such a pressing topic, right here on WallBuilders Live!

Air Date: 03/22/2017

Guests: Elliot Chodoff, David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton

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The Huge Impact Of The Muslim Brotherhood

David, Tim, as always, every area of the culture that we are analyzing. One of the things we talk about a lot is public perception about either policies or public figures, or how to win that perception out there.

One of the groups out there that frankly, has done a pretty good job of masking who they really are and getting public perception to be more positive than probably should be, is the Muslim Brotherhood. They’ve actually had a lot of influence on American culture, especially in the Obama administration.


Yeah, the Muslim Brotherhood is really the purists of the Muslims. These are the guys who are, in many ways, the fundamentalists. Bob McEwen, we’ve had on before, he talked about how they came to be, after World War One, the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire is essentially disbanded and destroyed. Then went to Caliphate, and so that was the global Muslim movement that got stopped at that point in time. And these guys came together, I think in Cairo, and they banded together to say, “€œHey, we’ve got to get the Caliphate back. We’ve got to get global Islam again. We need to be the global rulers.”€

So, the Muslim Brotherhood has been committed to doing that. The Muslim Brotherhood are the ones who have taken out the more, what we call, “€œModerate Muslims.”€ With Egypt, do you remember?  Sadat was killed in Egypt because of the Muslim Brotherhood who took him out because they didn’t think that he was a pure enough Muslim.  He wasn’t going for world domination. He made peace with Israel. “€œYou can’t do that, so we’ve got to kill you.”€

Hosni Mubarak came along and he took out the Muslim Brotherhood because they also assassinated him as the vice-president of Sadat. So he understood how bad they were. And so America takes him out. So, the Muslim Brotherhood had a huge impact.

Declaring The Muslim Brotherhood As A Terrorist Organization

By the way, under the Obama administration, Muslim Brotherhood had all sorts of input on national security issues. They were able to get people high in the Justice Department, high in national security.  They were able to get people high in the Pentagon, and everywhere.

That’s where you saw that no longer would we talk about Islam, “€œRadical Islam is the enemy.”€ And so they went through and scrubbed the manuals and got all the negative comments about Islam out.

These are the guys who are after Sharia supremacists, the guys who want the Constitution subjugated. These are the purists of those radical guys. And so they’re out there working this. And now there’s a real change in town.

One of the things that looks very possible is that Trump is going to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Interestingly, a lot of what we consider to be the more moderate Muslim states have declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization.

A lot of our Muslim allies that we work with very well, they recognize Muslim Brotherhood as a real problem. They’re disruptors.  They bring violence.  They bring revolution, and they bring cultural jihad.

So, it looks like that with Trump being willing to declare that, man, that means we can clean all sorts of things out of the Pentagon and the Justice Department, security, etc.

FBI Are Shocked By The Obama Administration


Yes, very different from the last administration who basically welcomed with open arms, and sometimes those that definitely were not thinking American values.  Let’s put it that way. Some bad characters were literally let in. I mean, we’ve had former FBI guys and others on the program talking about how they were just shocked at the people who are allowed to have a seat at the table in the Obama administration.


Well, as an American dad, let me just point out not only were we giving people a seat at the table who had no business being there because their resumes of terrorism, of what they’ve done. What’s also interesting is, one of the things that really wasn’t brought to light and is becoming more visible now is when you look at a lot of the movement of the Muslim Brotherhood over the Middle East it’s also funded by George Soros.

Which is just mind boggling that this guy is funding this domestic terrorism. But this guy is single handily helping get money through some of these organizations to some of these Muslim groups so they can have money to continue their terrorism.

The Obama administration, they’re friends with Soros and in support. The whole Democratic Party has been so blind and oblivious to the idea this is bad or negative. I say, “€œBlind and oblivious.”€ I don’t think they’re necessarily blind and oblivious but they pretend like they’re blind and oblivious to how bad the Muslim Brotherhood is.

The way they’ve embraced him and befriended them and pretended like, “€œThese are really good guys. We just need to learn to get along and do what they say and we won’t have problems.”€


As much as I’ve studied the Muslim Brotherhood and who they are, I was with a friend a week or so ago who is in intelligence and he was telling me about Muslim Brotherhood and connections I had never before heard in my life. They were shocking and they’re well documented, as he pointed out to me and showed me the sources.

So we’re going to talk to him a little bit later. But there’s some interesting stuff coming about the Muslim Brotherhood that I’ll just about guarantee you you’ve never heard before.


Quick break.  We’ll be right back. You”€™re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Their Unorganized Military


Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! Today’s topic is about the Muslim Brotherhood. David, as we were going to break, you were saying that later our guest is going to tell us some things that we”€™ve probably never heard of. Which just struck me, there’s probably a lot of our listeners maybe never even heard of the Muslim Brotherhood. We probably should tell a little bit more. You were saying that they started even back in World War I?


Yeah, at the end of World War I. And they’re the ones who want to re-establish global Islam with a Caliphate meaning a world ruler, kind of like a pope in the way that the pope would have been back in the seventh or eighth century. The ruler over religion, over government, and over everything.

So, back in that day the pope was also the Emperor and was also everything else. And that’s what they want for Shari’ah. Of course, that is their religious objective is Shari’ah. Everything is to be run by Sharia. And Sharia certainly is not friendly to liberty, not friendly to the Constitution, not friendly to the principles we have, and not friendly to most Biblical values, quite frankly.

That’s a group that has had huge influence and has affected the way that we’ve conducted international business. That’s why we’ve been so favorable to Iran. Iran is really the seat of this Caliphate kind of stuff, and Muslim Brotherhood great allies, great friends there. So, we’ve given all these sweetheart deals to Iran.

On the other hand, we’ve done everything we could to stick Israel in the eye. Including throwing them under the bus. At the very last second as Obama is leaving the administration, leaving the presidency. He orchestrated the stuff at the U.N. that literally threw Israel under the bus. That may yet result in a war over there because of what he did. So that’s the Muslim Brotherhood kind of stuff.

The guy who was telling me, this first time I get to meet him I was over in Israel. And as we were in Israel we were seeing how security things work and went up on some of the northern borders and was looking over the fence at Hamas and some of these terrorist groups. So it was a is a pretty sobering trip.

I got to meet one of the high-ranking military guys. It was quite interesting, as I walked with him out among the military troops. Because the troops would see an officer coming and these are guys that they were there with their machine guns and they had their armored vehicles and they’re right there on the border. Syria is on one side, Lebanon and Jordan right across the way.

I was looking at the technology they had, the surveillance that tells them if terrorists have crossed the border from which side and where they’re coming from. And as I was walking among these frontline Israeli troops, it was quite interesting.  They would look up and see a higher ranking officer.

The Shocking Connection With The Muslim Brotherhood

These are just privates in the Israeli army, and they would look up and see maybe a major coming at them. And I remember one of the majors who came at them was quite overweight, buttons didn’t really work well in the front, and he raised his hand to wave at them and the armpit was busted out and it wasn”€™t even sewn, really kind of shoddy looking uniform.

And it’s this Major got up to these privates. They were leaning against one of the armored vehicles and a cigarette hanging out their mouth. And they call him by his first name and said, “€œHi.”€ They actually looked at his shoulder to see what his rank was and no salute, no attention, no stand-up, no anything. And I thought, “€œMan they’re really casual over here.”€

And so I was talking to a friend later who is the guy that for the last 11 years the U.S. Marines send their elite terrorism-fighting forces over to him for training. He takes them out into the desert and trains them.

He said that it’s always fun because when the Marines come and land at the airport in Tel Aviv and they’re unloading all their equipment. All their military stuff, they’re all spit and polish, their uniforms are sharp and snappy, they salute everything, and they’re just so professional looking. And these Israeli guys are just lounging around, uniforms don’t fit, and they don’t look like much at all.

He said that in those 11 years it has never taken him more than 12 hours to mop the desert with the U.S. Marines. He says part of it is they come in thinking, “€œHere’s what military looks like.”€ But we’re used to fighting these guys over here and they’re not traditional, they’re not normal, and they don’t look the way you expect the enemy to look. And we do this on a daily basis, this is who we fight.

And so I was talking to him and he was the one who was telling me the stuff, that was brand new to me but it was well known to those who were in the terrorism field. And it is the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood, Hitler, and Mein Kampf. I’m going, what?


I would’ve never thought of that connection.


Me either. So, Ellis Chodoff is a major over with Israelis. He”€™s up in the northern part of the nation where they’re surrounded by terrorists on every side. Quite an interesting guy, great guy, he does terrorism training all across the world for military folks. He’s just a highly sought after intelligence officer. Great stuff on the connection between Hitler, Mein Kampf, and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Stay with us folks.  This one’s gonna surprise you. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton with another moment from American history. As the American war for independence began, the president of Yale was the Reverend Naphtali Daggett. When New Haven, the home of Yale, came under attack about a hundred citizens rushed out to meet the British.

The Reverend Daggett galloped by them on horseback, his clearable robes flowing behind him in the wind. He took up a solitary position atop a hill. The twenty-five hundred British soon put the townsfolk to flight but the Reverend Daggett continued to stand alone firing down on the advancing troops.

A British officer confronted him, “€œWhat are you doing there you old fool? If I let you go, will you ever fire again on the troops of his majesty?”€Â 

“Nothing more likely,” was the preacher’s reply. America’s early pastors personally confronted danger and courageously led their communities.

For more information on Pastor Daggett and other colonial Patriots, go to

Churchill”€™s Revelation Of The Muslim Brotherhood


Welcome back.  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuildersLive! Special guest today, Elliot Chodoff is with us. He”€™s a Major in the reserves in the IDF and good friend David Barton. Elliott, it sounds like David and you have had some good times over in Israel.


Yes, well, more here in the States, but there too.


He was telling me when we were at the library last week, he was sharing some great stories and said, “€œYou”€™ve got to get Elliot on. A wealth of information.”€ A very distinguished military career for you but also very published as a political and military analyst specializing in the Middle East.

David was saying that you had brought out some incredible parallels between the Muslim Brotherhood and Mein Kampf. I never heard any of that, so I wonder if you”€™d be willing to share some of that with us today.


Sure! Well, first of all, I want to make sure to sort the original source on this. There’s a book called, “€œGenealogy of Evil”€ published by David Patterson.  He’s at UT Dallas. Let’s say this, the Brotherhood Nazi connection is not really a secret anymore, anyway.

I think what’s important for people to realize is that it wasn’t a random parallel. Mein Kampf was published, not in its entirety, but major excerpts were published in Arabic. The Arabs had a very close to whether it be the radical Islamist Arabs in Egypt in the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and later had a very close relationship with the Nazis.

They learned from them. During World War II ***Husseini who was Brotherhood spent the war in Germany, hobnobbed with Hitler and ***, actually was instrumental in raising two Muslim SS divisions. A lot of people don’t know that there were Muslim SS divisions.


Never heard that. I had no idea.


Yeah, out of Bosnia. So, we’re talking about-I want to be clear when I use the word, “€œNazi”€ I don’t use it as a synonym for people I don’t like or bad people.


This is the real deal.


Yeah, we”€™re talking about Nazis.


And the connection is well documented. I guess in some ways logical, right? I mean they share a hatred of Israel.


Well, they share hate for the Jews.  Let’s take it up a level. Because Israel, you could say, “€œWell, it’s something political there.”€  No, this is of much higher level– calls for the extermination of the Jews.

I don’t know if you know, Churchill referred to Mein Kampf as the modern Koran of hatred.


No, I didn’t know that.


That’s a direct quote from Churchill.


So he was well aware?


Yes, he was well aware in the sense that he saw the parallels. I don’t think he was aware of the of the direct connection.


Interesting, I wonder if one were to go back to his tour of the U.S. warning of communism if in those speeches if he ever referred to any of this.  That would be interesting.

A Shared Philosophy


That I’m not aware of. In any event, the Brotherhood leaders and writers, Hassan al-Banna who was the founder.  And then *** who was their ideologue, who works by the way, anti-Jewish and anti-Western are essentially the handbooks of modern Jihadi Islamic radicalism around the world. On all sides of the spectrum.

Khomeini was one of his followers as was Abdullah Azzam who founded Al-Qaeda. So you know, we talk about both sides of the Sunni-Shiite spectrum. This stuff Drew very, very heavily from Nazi ideology and out of Mein Kampf, not just about the Jews, not just about the West, but also how a system should operate.

So for example, the Nazi system was based on a concept called the ***. In which the Fuhrer was the emanate of all laws. You couldn’t have an unjust law in Nazi Germany. Like you can in the United States could be struck down by a Supreme Court. The judges of Nazi Germany swore allegiance to Hitler, not to the law.  He was the law.


So, anything he came up with was the law. Just or unjust, if it emanated from his mouth, that’s it?


It was just by definition. There was no test against that.


No concept of unjust, it just was.


Exactly. And the Brotherhood has the same principle in its system. We see that in Iran for example, as well. Which their system comes out of the Brotherhood ideology. The Supreme Leader is the supreme leader and that’s it.  His word is the law. That emanates from Naziism.


So, it’s more than just a common enemy? They actually shared philosophy and strategy?


Exactly, and structure and means of governing. Which is why if some of the stuff out there that we’re seeing in some of these totalitarian regimes like Iran looks a little Nazi, well that’s because it is.


Has it been ignored by the press and in at least the last administration, because they were trying to cozy up to the Muslim Brotherhood? Obviously, any connection to Nazi thought would be a taint. Have they just not wanted to cover it? It just doesn’t make sense. This is incredible to me. I”€™m the kind of guy that pays attention and I have never heard any of this.

Something Our Last Administrations Didn”€™t Want To Talk About


It’s interesting.  Like I said, it’s out there. The book that I cited earlier, ***. So you know we’re not talking about some back street press, right? So it’s out there. It’s not pushed because I think it is uncomfortable.

I want to be clear, this isn’t about Islam or Muslims. I’m not politically correct. I think that this is really the accurate, the deal. But there is a movement system out there that draws from Naziism, and it’s for real.

We’re talking about organizations and we’re talking about even states at this point that follow this ideology. Now, the minute you call it Nazi or even connected it to Nazi,  I wouldn’t say they are Nazis, but they draw from it and have much in common with them. That takes you to an entirely different place. I think that it was something that the previous administration, and frankly, the one before it. I don’t think this is a Right, Left, Democrat, Republican kind of divide. They didn’t want to go there. It wasn’t comfortable. It draws you to certain conclusions that are inescapable that you don’t really want to do if you’re in political leadership.


Once you really start thinking about it, it becomes so much more obvious. Even just the lack of free speech, literally-


Killing people on the streets.


Yeah, I mean, the whole ideology or I should say, “€œthe implementation”€ of the ideology is so similar. It’s really kind of been staring us in the face and I just never connected it. I think it’s phenomenal.

Tell me again, the book itself, for people who want to dive in further, is called, “€œGenealogy Of Evil,”€


“A Genealogy of Evil” by David Patterson.


Excellent. Well, we’ve really appreciated it. I’m glad David mentioned this last week and he said that we”€™ve got to get him on more often. So we”€™ll be having you back.


I’ll send you my Israeli phone number.  I am going back to Israel on Monday. But I’ll be happy if we can make the time difference work. I’ll be happy to do it from there as well.


Well, we sure appreciate it. Thanks so much for your time today.


My pleasure.  Thank you.


Stay with us folks.  We”€™ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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Declaring This As A Terrorist Organization


We”€™re back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! Thanks to Elliot Chaodoff for joining us as well. We’re back with David and Tim. 

David, weren”€™t kidding.  I would have never drawn- actually, it’s logical now after he goes through all that. I’m thinking, “€œYeah. Now that I think about the results of those two different organizations they’re kind of the same.”€ But I’ve never heard anybody talk about it.


Well, I had never heard, at all, that there were two entire SS divisions that were Muslim under Hitler?


Yeah, me neither.


That was new.  He told me–he didn’t say this on air– that the number one bestselling book in the Muslim world is the Quran. The number two bestselling book in the Muslim world is Mein Kampf in Arabic. To this day.

As he talked about, selections of Mein Kampf that they went out and did in Arabic. So to this day, that’s- I love that distinction he made between hating Israel and hating Jews. It”€™s not hating Israel, they hate Jews.

If Jews happen to occupy Israel than they hate Israel. And that’s the Muslim Brotherhood kind of thing. But I knew that.  I knew that Churchill was a really big anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood kind of guy.

He lived through World War I and saw the Ottoman Empire and what these guys were doing and the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. So he was familiar with all of that. And so to hear him say that Mein Kampf is the modern Quran.  He got it.

He knew exactly the connection even back then, although it wasn’t technically made but in the same spirit working behind it. It”€™s just amazing what Elliot was telling me about that.


We”€™re going to have a lot of shocked listeners today. I felt that way even just doing the interview.  I was going, “€œThis is crazy. I can’t believe I’ve never heard this.”€


The more you find out about the Muslim Brotherhood the more that if Trump is able to declare this a terrorist organization it has more consequences than anyone can possibly imagine, because the character of this organization, what they do, and this is what the White House embraced for the last eight years and had part of the administration was this philosophy they were talking about. So if we can reverse this under Trump this will be a massive blow to the war on terror not having the United States pushing the Muslim Brotherhood.


Thanks for listening today, folks.  You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!