Nick Sandmann Goes After Liberal Media: We call it Good News Friday because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. We don”€™t often hear good news from the media but here on WallBuilders Live we are about to share with you just some of the good things happening right now!

Air Date: 03/08/2019

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Nick Sandman

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David, Tim, I’m looking forward to some good news today. Who is starting us off with the first piece of good news?


I’ve got the first piece, and it goes back to the March for Life which happened a few weeks ago. You remember the Covington school boys, and what happened with them, and the confrontation they had? Nick Sandman took the brunt of that. Boy, did he take a beating that in the media, and a lot of a lot of media outlets apologized, some amended their stories, and some never did.


It’s worth pointing out: we talked at length during one or two shows already about his positive attitude, because in a situation like that, if somebody is in your face beating a drum, chanting, you and your group of friends have walked by a group of what are known as Black Hebrews, and they’ve been yelling and cussing at you, to have the response he did…

I would I would argue most parents would hope that their kids would respond as graciously, have as much self-control, to sit there and endure the abuse and think, “€œIf I can just smile and not respond, maybe I can de-escalate the situation?”€

No Freedom of Press Without Accountability

There was such wisdom, maturity, and self-control from that young man. I was so impressed, because we talked about it between us three and I pointed out, I don’t know if I could have that much self-control in that moment with how much nonsense was going on.

He did very, very well, and then for the media to crucify him for not having bad behavior, and portraying that he was the bad guy, was pretty ridiculous.


Yeah, it was ridiculous. It was so ridiculous that there should be some kind of accountability.

I know, in going back and studying what Ben Franklin, who was a printer, what he said about free speech, what Benjamin Rush and others said about free speech, you have it, but you have to be accountable for your abuse of it. When you misstate, when you lie, when you misrepresent, when you defame, when you slander, there’s got to be accountability.

You don’t get free from accountability just because you have an opinion. It turns out, in this particular instance, that Nick Sandman and his family—they are now represented by one of the nation’s most prominent defamation, slander and libel attorneys, and it looks like they’re going after 50 different news outlets, news medias, and news reporters that did not back down and absolutely mis-portrayed, even after they saw the facts, they stuck with it.

They Received Death Threats

And I don’t know what’s going to happen with this lawsuit. I don’t know where it’s going at all.

I’m just glad for the fact that they’re trying to do something to hold people accountable for having done something that was dead wrong, on this.


Especially when you see so many individuals who were calling for physical violence against him and his family. They got death threats.

They shut the school down as well. I don’t know how many days they had to keep the school shut down, but I know that that next day, when they were supposed open on Monday, that they had the school shut down. The school had to warn families, and they had police officers when they finally did open up.

All of the drama that he went through because people released this story without having all the information, and they only a segment, a portion of of a fraction of the story. Not the whole story.

People that called for physical violence against a minor—this this is a teenage boy. He’s not an adult in the eyes of the law, he cannot vote, he cannot drink, he can’t buy cigarettes, he can’t join the military.

This is a minor, and you had Hollywood actors, you had people, big media news outlets, calling for things to be done to this boy. Absolutely inexcusable.

So, I am very grateful that there is apparently a great law firm representing him. We do hope that justice comes for the situation, and not just because we want vengeance or revenge against the people who were in the wrong in this situation, but we do want the precedent said that you cannot just slander and character assassinate somebody without having the information and get away with it.

An Amazing Testimony

So hopefully there will be accountability hopefully justice will be done in this situation and maybe in this situation this is something that certainly we believe God can use all things for good, and this can be a testimony for Nick. Going to a Catholic school, hopefully he is a believer, he at least will be aware of who God is going to a Catholic school.

But certainly we’ve prayed for this young man, and now hopefully there’ll be some really good results for him and his family at the end of this and he can get some closure to the whole situation.


This will be interesting with Nick, because he is not in the category of public figures.

The courts say, “€œWell, if you’re a public figure they can lie about you without accountability a little more easily.”€

In other words, “€œIf you’re a public figure like Trump is, then it’s nearly impossible for him to get any kind of a win in a lawsuit.”€

Although I have to say, I don’t know how many people even noticed, but that lawsuit the Stormy Daniels filed against him, he took it back to her in court. He got nearly three hundred thousand dollars in fees that she had to pay for what was considered a frivolous and a non accurate lawsuit.

Public Figures or Not


Right. He didn’t pocket any of the money. Nonetheless, she had to cover all the expenses and she was out of money for that, as apparently she should have been based on the lie she was telling.


If you can go after someone who is a public figure like Trump, and actually with the courts that’s pretty significant. So it’s come to an easier standard for Nick to be able to have that accountability, because he’s not the public figure, but nonetheless really good that hopefully—you’ve got to say America, with all our faults, at least we still have a system where you can hold people accountable, and that is a really healthy thing.


David, who was the quote at the beginning that you were talking about that said you’ve got to have some accountability and with free speech?


Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush were some of the founders who talked about that.

I think its significance because Ben Franklin, as a printer and publisher, talked about how important it was to have accountability of the printing, and journalism, and press, and etc. They don’t get a free pass just because of press.

We Need to Stand Up For Credibility


Yeah. So good. You mentioned the public figure thing, another our listeners may not even know that you and I both have had to go after people for defamation, and as public figures our standard was so incredibly high, it was very difficult. But we managed to win settlements in both of those cases, and it has leaned the wrong way for many many years. Fortunately for this young man, he doesn’t have to overcome those other legal hurdles necessary for a public figure, and it’s gonna be great to see what happens. I’m glad to see he’s got representation and they’re not just going to slink away like most people would today whenever they’re attacked like this, but actually fight back.


By the way, Rick. You just said something, “€œI don’t want to see him slink away.”€

That reminds me of the Apostle Paul. When they had him in jail in Philippi, and they beat him, and abused him, and then they came to him and said, “€œOK, you’re free to leave the city.”€

He said, “€œNo, no, no. We’re not doing that.”€

He said, “€œI am a Roman citizen. You can”€™t treat Roman citizens that way. You beat me. You’re going to make a public apology for what you did to me.”€

And slinking away, that just reminded me that even the apostle Paul stood up and used the system to make his opponents and detractors accountable when they misused and abused the laws even of the Roman Empire. So we even got that Biblical precedent of how an apostle stood up and demanded that kind of accountability as well.

Paul Stood Up


It’s an important subject because a lot of times we misconstrue the turn the other cheek thing to never fight back, never respond, never defend, and even obviously Apostle Paul did.

It’s important for the faith it’s important for the cause to defend those things as well. A quick break guys. We got to know we got a lot of other questions our good news stories to get to so we’ll get to another when we come back in the break. Stay with us folks. We’ll be right back with WallBuilders Live.

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A Fitting Funeral to an Air Force Vet


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live, it”€™s Good News Friday today. David and Tim Barton shared some good news you may or may not have heard of from the major media, most likely not heard since they tend to be all negative. So let’s get some more good news. Tim Barton’s up next, Tim?


All right guys. One of the things we saw in Texas, it was toward the end of January, there was a funeral that actually gained national attention, not because the funeral was somebody well noted, in fact it was someone who had no family left. It was an Air Force veteran, and Ted Cruz—there was an anchor from CNN, I don”€™t remember which one it was, but they were two national figures that tweeted about the situation where in Texas there was an Air Force veteran who had no known family no surviving family and was going to be buried without anyone there.

So Ted Cruz calls for people come out and support if you can. If you have time. What was thought to be a funeral with nobody in attendance ended up having what was believed to be thousands of people in attendance, and some that were political figures in Texas, some some relatively high positions, but they were tweeting. I’m looking here at this article which has some of the tweets, and actually some of the pictures in these tweets are from vehicles that are in line to get to the cemetery.

It Gives Hope

The line looks like it’s miles long of cars of people that are waiting to get there, and in these pictures there are just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds—it was estimated there were several thousand people there at the funeral. It really is just cool that, in a situation where it looks like somebody was forgotten, that when people found out thousands of people showed up to honor this Air Force veteran who there was no more family left to be there at the funeral.

So, overall just a very cool story. It really does speak to the heart and tradition of America, that even with all the problems even with all the issues we have that people are still willing to come out, and we support America whether in this situation supporting former military personnel and individuals.

But it really does give you some hope and confidence in the spirit of the American people knowing that even with all the divisiveness going on even with all the drama even with all the polarization of political parties and and what’s happening that there still are some things where you can see the heart and soul of America coming out to do the right thing in this.

This funeral was one of them, where thousands of people showed up to attend the funeral of an Air Force veteran who had nobody there to be at the funeral. So just kind of a cool deal.


We’ll be right back. David Barton”€™s next with good news. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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An Update on the Abortion Front


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. It”€™s Good News Friday today, so we bring you some good news, and we’ve got more on our website so be sure and check that out at and look at those archives of previous Friday programs. David Barton is up next. David?


I want to go to the issue President Trump highlighted, it is how the Democrats and several states have started into this thing of what we really call infanticide, whether it’s Virginia, whether it was New York legislature, protecting abortion all the way up to birth and even argued—one of the governors did—that even if it’s after birth that’s OK.

So they’re taking this position infanticide, and then President Trump really did a good job of bringing that out in the State of the Union Address, calling it for what it was, that you’re taking a unborn child, a baby born in God’s holy image, and destroying it. Even in the pro-choice community, there’s been some voices in that community they’ve talked about that now that this is too far.

We know in national polling that somewhere between 66 and 72 percent of the nation oppose late term abortions.

So there there is now this effort in Congress now, where Pelosi has the House, but they’re about to do what’s called a discharge petition over in the House to try to get a bill brought up on late term abortions.

That means that if it goes through the House, they can probably get it through the Senate banning late term abortions, infanticide, etc. That’s a pretty unique procedure, to use a discharge petition in the house, that doesn’t happen very much.

I Don’t know if they’ll be able to pull that off.

Congressman Stands Against Abortion

But McCarthy is working over there on it. All that to say that now that the attention is focused on this, you’re actually finding some legislators bailing out. This is a story I found interesting from Rhode Island, is a state representative there Jose Sirota, is what it looks like. I may not to pronounce that right. So sorry if I didn’t.

He has now pulled his name from a bill that’s similar to the New York and Virginia ones. He said, “€œI didn’t know what it was. I had them read the bill I co-sponsored because they asked me to. I hadn’t read the bill, and now that I read the bill, that’s not what I believe.”€ So he’s pulled his name off. The same thing has gone in Virginia after that bill was introduced.

Some co-sponsors there said, “€œI didn’t know that was in it.”€

He said the one lesson he’s learned is he needs to read the bills that he’s putting his name on before they go through.


What a novel concept. You know, sometimes you have to pass it before you can find out what’s in it, but yeah. Generally you should read it first. You definitely should.


But I got to defend in some ways to all the legislators out there, and Congressmen, because everybody goes into the legislature or Congress with the promise that, “€œI’m going to read every bill that’s filed.”€

Then your second session you go, “€œOK. I’m going to read every bill in my committee.”€ And your third session you go, “€œOK, I’m going to read every bill I file.”€

Because it does. It is overwhelming.

Trump is Very Pro Life

There’s a lot of like in my session. I had five thousand and both of my sessions, these days is more like ten thousand. It just—in the Texas House, let alone the federal Congress.

But this guy was filing the bill, so it was his bill! So yeah, he should have read it. It does happen though.

You get somebody that’s a supporter and they come in and say, “€œHey, would you file this bill?”€

Maybe he thought his staff did. But praise the Lord that he backed off of such a bad bill once he found out what was in it, and maybe the president bringing attention to this is going to wake up a lot of people.

I don’t know about you guy. I was surprised how hard he hit the issue in the State of the Union. We’ve had some friends that were President that didn’t hit the issue this hard.


It was very bold, and it was the boldest we’ve ever seen a president stand for the unborn. It was really, really strong I was a little surprised, but not totally surprised.


I remember the Never Trumpers saying, “€œIt’s all a fake. He’s not really pro-life. He’s just saying that because it—“€

You’re right, Tim and Rick, nobody stood as strong for pro-life as he has. This is an absolute conviction on his part. He did not have to do this in the State of the Union address. It did not get him political points, so to speak. He could have done it without it. This is his heart. It’s just amazing to see.

Chiropractors in Texas Make a Stand Against Abortion


Well, let me throw in another article real quick because it relates to this. So we saw Trump take a stand. There have been lots of businesses taking a stand. In fact, there is a business in Texas that, when Governor Cuomo did this radical pro-abortion bill, he signed it into law a lot—


And that”€™s in New York. Cuomo Governor of New York.


A lot of people were completely taken aback by the fact that now, for basically any reason whatsoever if a woman decides she wants an abortion no matter how late she is the pregnancy, she can get one. Well, there’s a chiropractic clinic in Texas that decided they wanted to do something.

When I saw this article I thought, “€œNow what’s a chiropractic clinic going to do?”€

Right? Maybe offer pregnant mothers readjustment? I don’t know what they’re going to do. This is a little weird, but what’s really fascinating is that the doctor, it’s Doctor Kayla Braddock, he and his staff did a video on social media.

It’s gone viral. Just tens of thousands of views, and thousands and thousands of shares. What he said was that, “€œWe take care of patients from all different races, all different religions, all different creeds, and we love everybody, but there are certain times when I think individuals and certain businesses need to take a stand and say, “€˜This is what we think.”€™”€

“€œWe”€™re Going to Stand for Life”€

And he goes on to explain that they are totally against this idea of abortion on demand, any reason, whatever time, and so they wanted to do something to help mothers that experience unplanned pregnancy.

So they’re doing a diaper drive where they’re collecting diapers and they’re taking it to a pregnancy center and one of the things he said is, “€œThis wasn’t just my idea. My entire staff, my entire team were really heartbroken over this. So we’re going do a diaper drive to show how many people stand for life.”€

He says every single box of diapers you bring in is basically a vote saying, “€œWe stand for life,” he pointed out that people might be offended by this, and they might not come back to his business.

He says, “€œBut this principle is bigger to me than just somebody’s business. At our chiropractic clinic, life is more important. We’re going to stand up for life.”€

So as much as we can look and say, “€œPresident Trump, thank you for doing it,”€

we often talk about we need to do things in the local community to make a difference. What can we do in Texas to impact New York?

Well, and this situation is really not impacting New York, but the situation itself. Maybe an unplanned pregnancy, saying “€œHow can we help these women, these mothers, that find themselves in a tough situation? If we really value life, how can we support life in those situations?”€

He says, “€œLet’s do a diaper drive. That’s something we can do to make a difference.”€

And it’s gone viral.

It”€™s Cool to See a Business Stand Up Like This

I can only guess how many thousands of diapers they’ve received. But it is a really cool thing to see a business standing up saying let’s be active let’s let’s do something to make a difference.


Good stuff guys. Quick break. We got time for a little bit more good news when we come back. So stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Good News from Brazil


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live, for maybe two more stories of good news? We’ll see. David, I think you’re next with our next piece of good news?


I’m actually going to leave the United States and go to South America.


How long we gone?


We just got back.


Oh, so you’re South America. So you’re not actually going there.


Now you only have three minutes to go to South America today.


We’re yeah we’re running out of time. Two and a half minutes left, you better hurry.


This will be one of my favorite international trips because,  I can be back in three minutes. That’s really cool.

We’ve been talking how that, in Eastern Europe particularly, so many of the nations there the emerging nations there whether it be Ukraine, or the Czech Republic, or Hungary, or Poland, they are so biblically thinking they’re very conservative.

They love America. They love what we do and they want replicate the good things from America.

And now we’re seeing some of that pushback kind of happened against liberalism even in South America. The new leader in Brazil has announced that he is going to make sure their textbooks get revised to take out socialism, to take out the radical feminism and homosexuality, and they want to go back to traditional values. The things that have always worked and made nation strong and healthy and productive.

Here the new leader in Brazil is trying to get them away from socialism, and Brazil has been trending there for a good while.

Moving the Brazilian Embassy to Jerusalem

Even changing textbooks to get healthy teaching back, and textbooks on marriage, and family, and sexuality, and so many other good things so it’s just…I don’t know what’s going on globally in the world, but there are so many nations from so many continents—we’d look to even to Australia recently, where the prime minister said, “€œHey, we think we’ll move our embassy to Jerusalem.”€

Which… didn’t expect that coming out of Australia. There’s just something cool going on across the world right now where a lot of nations are coming back to conservative and biblical positions on Israel, and the economy, and sexuality, and morality, and just a healthy trend. So is this good news out of Brazil.


Well, good news from around the world and right here in the U.S. We’ve got more of it on our website for you, Click on the archives section and look at those previous Friday programs.

Each week we try to catch up with a lot of the good news that hasn’t been covered obviously can’t get it all in so we’ll have more for you next Friday. Make sure you tune in every day throughout the week for great news, and good interviews, and foundational freedom principles that we share on how to restore those things in our country.

All of that available at

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