Overcoming Cancel Culture – Starting A Pro-Life Bank – With Nick Vujicic – Evangelist and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, has overcome many obstacles in his life. After his bank terminated his account, he is overcoming cancel culture by starting his own that supports pro-life. Text “LIFE” to 70000 to receive updates!

Air Date: 09/13/2021

Guest: Nick Vujicic

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Alright, David, and Tim, later in the program, got one of my favorite people, phenomenal guy, got to introducing once at a homeschool convention years ago, Nick Vujicic. And he has an amazing story. I mean, here’s a guy born with no arms, no legs, and yet he has somehow becoming… He didn’t let that discourage him. He let God use him in incredible ways in business and ministry, and speaks all over the world encouraging people, and just super excited about having him on, but what an incredible guy.


Yeah, Nick is such a good guy. I’ve been in conferences with him. And quite frankly, I have to tell you I have to make sure he’s not looking because I just stared at him. I mean, to have a guy with no arms and no legs and see him walk across a platform with no arms and no legs. It’s inconceivable unless, I mean, it’s worth getting on YouTube and looking him up. He is such a great guy.

And the Left always talked about quality of life and abortions and life not being worth something unless you can have quality of life. Here’s the guy, no arms, no legs, who’s married, happily married and has four children and has a level of life. He’s got multiple degrees. His educational stuff, it’s unbelievable. But as you can imagine, he went through a lot of toughness growing up. I mean, with this disability, and all the bullying that went on and all the harassment and all people just making fun of him, and you know, he attempts suicide and all the things that go with that. It’s a really rough thing until he finds himself in Christ.

And you look at him, and he’s got some of the best messaging as people hear him today. If you don’t know what he looks like, meant he’s got such authority of what he says in such insight. And he’s so brilliant in some of the areas. But I just admire him and he is just so remarkable in so many ways.


Well, and he is a motivational, inspirational speaker. He’s an outspoken Christian. He shared the gospel with more than 1 billion people, which is remarkable to think about how many people this guy has been in front of. And he really is someone that if you are looking at young people, and you’re wanting to encourage them, he’s got a ministry called Life Without Limbs. He’s got a lot of talks. You can get online, and you can get on YouTube, and you can find listen these talks and obviously support their ministry with what they’re doing, some really impressive stuff.

But certainly, thinking about when he’s speaking at different high schools and kids are struggling with their own life and their identity and their purpose, and Nick shows up, and he’s able to, man, just give them such encouragement, inspiration and really perspective, give them vision for life. So he really is such a remarkable guy.

And in the midst of what he does in his ministry, you know, there’s some people in life that it doesn’t make sense when people oppose them, right. When you have the Mother Teresa’s, when you have Billy Graham’s, and I’m saying this knowing that in life there were people that did not support Billy Graham, I get it; in life, there probably were people that were not a fan of what Mother Teresa did, I get it. But looking back historically, like that’s not the side you want to be on that was against Billy Graham or Mother Teresa.

I’m going to put Nick in a little bit of that category of what he is doing to reach people and share the gospel of people and bring hope and inspiration. And yet in the midst of the crazy Cancel culture we live in, Nick is finding himself like many other outspoken Christians, many conservatives, finding himself in the midst of dealing with a cancel kind of scenario.


Yeah, Nick clearly is prolife. I mean, if there was any kind of disability that was known before birth, today they’re saying, well, you might have a child with Down syndrome, so you need to abort, or there’s a child that might have this disability, you need to abort, he would have been the prime guy for that. And so life is worth a lot to him. He enjoys it to a fullness that most of us can’t understand. And so clearly he is prolife.

And because he is and because it outspoken prolife, his bank just said, oh, by the way, we’re canceling you. We want you to find a different bank, take your accounts, take what you do, get to a different bank. We don’t like your message. So leave our bank. And you go wait a minute, say that again. I mean, here’s the guy who’s overcome so many things, and now he’s being canceled by his bank.

But because his degrees happened to be in business and finance, he’s just decided to start his own bank. So it is going to be really cool. I hope bank does so well. I know a lot of us are going to support that. I’m looking forward to being part of that and helping a bank, actually, banks all make money, I mean, they all make big money. If you doubt that, just look at how much banks give to political candidates every year. They’re using your money to make money for them to advance their agenda. I would just assume the bank that has my money uses my money to make money for something that advances the agenda of God, the agenda that I believe in, that I’m consistent with. So I think his prolife bank is going to do super, super well. But it’s going to be really fun to hear what he’s got in store for this bank and what’s in store for the future.


Quick break, folks. When we come back, Nick Vujicic is with us. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. Good to have back Nick Vujicic, he’s, actually I had the chance to introduce him several years ago at the Florida Homeschool convention. We had him on the program before, phenomenal story. You got to get him in to speak, if you haven’t had him at your church or at one of your conventions, just incredible. But today we’ve got a new project to tell you about. Nick, thanks for coming on. Bro, appreciate you coming back.


It is my honor and my privilege. Thanks for having me on, man.


Man, you have done so many different things. This one is somewhat in your background, but really I mean wow, a new bank, a new bank to help those of us that are being canceled because so much of the financial industry now is become woke and doesn’t like prolife, doesn’t like folks, frankly like yours truly. So I’m really interested in what made you decide to do this and how soon we can join?


Thank you, Rick. So first of all, yeah, my background was in options trading and stock market trading as a teenager, went into real estate at age 19, did a double major in accounting and financial planning in college, graduated 21, but never did I ever think that I would ever be a cofounder of a bank like prolife bank or anything in the banking industry.

Incredible story where in my prayer warrior, intercessor who was helping abortion-determined women see their baby in the ultrasound and choose life. She and I had an incredible friendship. And she taught me that most of our banks in America, actually, philanthropically give to abortion providers nationwide. We’re talking the very big banks and many smaller banks. And I didn’t know about that.

And when I was offered to actually cofound for a life bank, I had first said, no, that’s the last thing I want to do, start a bank. And then she said, pray about it. God told me you’re my cofounder. And I said, well, let Him tell me. And in March 2019, and I meant that in all respect, and all humility, and I said, don’t talk to me, don’t text me, don’t email, let him tell me. And within those three months, Rick, I got kicked out of a major bank in America. I woke up, my credit cards were frozen, my debit cards were frozen, and they gave me 30 days to find another bank to bank with. And that’s when God said, are you now ready to stop my bank, prolife bank with Betsy?


So he doesn’t just whisper to you, man, he hits you over the head to make sure you got the message, huh?


You know, you think you relearn those lessons, right? And we are thrilled to let everyone know now to go to prolifebank.com right now, give me your email address. We’re actually about to launch weekly announcements. We’re moving really quick. We understand the difference between a bank and a trust, which enables a fast track. Rick, we’ve had such an overwhelming response for prolife bank. People saying I didn’t know that my bank gives towards the vote abortions. Nick, I’m scared that I’m going to be canceled. Nick, I’ve always wanted to be a part of a faith based bank. And brother, we’re going to be giving away 50% net of net profits to Judeo-Christian align nonprofit organizations as well. So it’s a forgiving bank as well.

And so it’s really exciting. And the overwhelming response has pushed us and our attorneys and our brokerage and our board members to say is there any way we can open quicker? And the way that we may be doing it is through FinTech, through a trust. And that will be called Prolife Financial. And for anyone who simply wants an account, a debit card, we’re going to be hopefully, in Q1 of 2022, fully running, and then obviously, the bank will follow suit for anybody in particularly looking for loans and mortgages and such. And then phase two of all that will obviously be a full service financial, if you will, institution for philanthropy, wealth management, hedge funding, and the rest of the whole financial institution. So just thank you so much for allowing me to share all that. I’m really excited.


Oh, yeah, man, prolifebank.com, prolifebank.com to get more information, to get on the email list. Nick, we talk a lot on our program about the second vote, that how you spend your dollars can impact the culture and to choose wisely with so much disparity out there now, with what corporations are doing. So this really fits into that perfectly. In fact, I mean, I can’t believe we haven’t had anything like this done before.

So I think people are going to flock to you. I think it’s going to be amazing. And I guess just for our listeners, just to make sure they understand, I mean, this, you don’t have to live in a particular state. This is going to be something you can do your banking online, or do eat from anywhere in the country.


That’s correct. In fact, phase three is going to go worldwide actually. And with the technology and how everything is going, it is going to have a one brick and mortar, if you will, in Dallas, Texas. That’s where we hope where the home is going to be.


Well, of course, a bank that’s honoring God needs to be in God’s country. So I’m glad you’re doing it in Texas.


I fully agree. I’m so glad I’m in the United States of Texas brother as well.


I’m sorry, I interrupted you though. So you say it’ll be available to everybody across the country and eventually around the world, but you will have one brick and mortar there in the Dallas area?


That’s correct. And that’ll be the bank. But we were so excited because we’ve also got some technology that will allow us to do everything we do in 78 languages. So one of our business partners on my end, we are so thankful to present to the world technology wherein we’re enabling all the content of everything we’ll do once it’s fully unfolded in all the phases in 78 languages.

There are so many people in America, 55 million, according to Google who live in America, who have no idea about credit scores, who don’t have a bank account, who don’t know how to write a check or anything like that. And so we want to help holistically come around people in their own language to help them understand financial literacy, how to understand what the transition is between credit scores, and ESG, which is Environmental Social Governance, which is coming down this November. It’s a very scary transitional banking revolution that is happening worldwide. And we are ahead of that curve. And we just want everyone to be able to feel like they’ve got equal opportunity to have their dream come true here in America as we know it.


This is ministry. It’s almost an extension of what you’ve done with Life Without Limbs and all the other ministry work that you’ve done. And it’s a true marketplace ministry, in essence, what you’re doing.


It really, really is on that level. I mean, we always preach the gospel, we sometimes use words. But this will be a very separate, mutually exclusive initiative, that will be robust, extremely efficient. And we have the best of the best people surrounding us. And we already have got many things lined up, I can’t share too much. But everything that we need to do is filed.

And if you don’t want to go to prolifebank.com, which is the proposed, I have to say, legally, bro, that this is the proposed name of the bank, right, you can also text the number 70,000 on your phone right now, 70,000 and type in the word ‘Life’, and you will be getting notifications of announcements along the way.

Now, we haven’t followed our business plan as such as an FDIC approved bank yet, we are still in the process. And I ask for your prayers, Rick. I ask for every listeners, prayers. It is really important that we select the correct CEO of the Trust, and the correct senior banker. And I can’t tell you how many decisions we’re going to have to make down the line. But this is the pivotal one. And we’re going to be announcing some things in the coming weeks. And Rick, I just can’t thank you enough for allowing me again to share this with everybody.


Well, we’re excited for you, man, and appreciate your seriousness and your understanding of the stewardship involved here, I just think it’s a cool thing to see in the marketplace, and it is needed. It is desperately needed. So just kind of excited to share it with people, prolifebank.com is where you go to find more information, or you can text a 70,000 and just type the word ‘Life’, text 70,000, type the word ‘Life’ and you’ll be able to get more information.

Nick, God bless you, brother. So timeline before I let you go, let me make sure I got this right. So, probably looking at early 2022, you said first quarter 2022 maybe for the launch?


I’m going to say 99% sure. Q1 2022, our internal goal, we’re going to say it’s February 2022. You’re the first one to know.


Alright, man. Alright, love it. The reason we wanted to have you on now is so people could get on that email list, be ahead of the curve, stay informed to be ready for this exciting launch. Hope to see this happening more and more in industries across the spectrum. But Nick, God bless you, man, appreciate you coming back and being on WallBuilders Live again.


Thanks for having me on WallBuilders Live. Love you all.


What a great story. And guys, David and Tim, I’m encouraged. Man, this is kind of that second vote thing, vote with your dollars as  David you said earlier to make sure that we’re spending our money with somebody that’s actually going to support the causes we believe in.


Yeah, is really good. I think there’s going to be a lot of support for this, because I mean, nationally, the support for prolife is much higher than the support for abortion is. And so if people do vote with their dollars, this is going to take off and it could be really good.


But you also have a lot of people who even beyond the prolife issue, not to diminish the prolife issue because it’s a very big deal to save human lives that are discarded by liberals and politicians and these abortion doctors. So obviously, I’m not diminishing that. But you’re talking now about people, how many Christians, how many conservatives are afraid of being canceled? And they’re seeing what’s happened, like General Flynn is example, somebody else who had his credit cards canceled. And then all of a sudden they’re in a place, what am I going to do now? There are people looking for answers.

And guys, we’ve talked for so long, one of the great things about the free market, one of the great things about capitalism, one of the great things about America is when there are challenges like we are seeing now in Cancel culture, there are people that will stand up, rise up and provide other solutions and viable options of solutions. I think even beyond just the people that are out spokenly prolife, you’re going to find a lot of conservatives, a lot of Christians, a lot of people that are scared of being canceled who are going to want to start doing their banking, and they’re investing in a different kind of bank where they’re not going to have to worry about being canceled for holding what used to be a traditional view in the history of the world of like a male and female relationship.

Now, all of a sudden, if you believe in traditional marriage, you have to be conscious of and maybe concerned about being canceled in this modern era, if you believe. And we can go down the list of the things that might get you cancelled, even where we’ve talked about before on YouTube, if you believe in the power of prayer, and you encourage people to pray, if they have COVID, all of a sudden, YouTube can shut you down, and they can even demonetize you.

And so this is where not only are you talking about banks canceling you, you can have the demonetization from some of these major platforms where literally businesses can be shut down. This is a kind of a scary time looking at big picture culture in America. And yet, again, one of the great things about the free market is its offering solutions.

And I love that Rick, you pointed out when Nick said, you know, he’s going to pray about it and didn’t think anything’s going to happen, and then his accounts got cancelled, and you said it was like God took a two by four, you had to make sure you didn’t miss that moment. Yes, that there’s no doubt that God is calling and raising people up to provide solutions to some of these problems in culture. And as Christians, we always want to be used by God to provide answers and solutions to the problems in our culture so that we can make a difference for God’s kingdom. This is just a really cool way of somebody getting involved to make a difference.


So what’s happening and Glenn talked about it then, but I’ll bring it out now, because this is what Nick’s experiencing. These financial institutions are being told that in the ‘Great Reset’, they need to use ESG standards. ESG standards means that we’re looking at your environmental views, your social views, and your governance views. If you don’t line up with what we consider to be the right environmental, social, and governance views, then we’re going to cancel you and we’re going to shut off access to finances and banking services, etc. And so this is what investors have been told to do.

So when you look at things like environmental, that is where are you on climate change, how active are you in doing that, what are you doing to promote that, are you continuing to drive a vehicle that is gas-driven, rather than electric-driven? And so they look at where you are on things related to environment.

And social, where are you on social things? Is your company woke? Are you doing things that really move that woke agenda forward? What are you doing to critical race theory? Have you embraced that? Are you teaching that to your employees? And so they look at where you are on social issues.

And also, on governance issues? Do you think the government should be limited? Oh, my goodness, you don’t understand how important we are. You need to have a more expansive, more progressive, more liberal view of government and its involvement. And so, literally, investors now are being told to only invest in companies that reflect those ESG or Environmental, Social, and Government standards.

And now we’re seeing them actually going and cancel individuals like Nick. And we heard just recently of General Flynn, he’s been canceled from his bank, even though he’s been exonerated of all those false claims, they still don’t like the position he holds. So he’s not meeting the ESG standards, so he has now been kicked out of his bank. This is not something limited just to big financial companies. This is now coming after individuals. And that’s why Nick offering this alternative, is going to be such a good alternative. And I think, based on free market, he’s going to have an opportunity to really blow this thing up and expand and hopefully this becomes a wave of what happens in America.


Oh, it’s so true. And I agree, man. I think based on free market principles, they’re going to thrive, there’s going to be a ton of us flocking to them. And it’s all part of that second vote thing, which also you should get that app on second vote so that you know which organizations, which companies, especially these larger companies that have gone woke, you know which ones are donating to the Left and literally helping to undermine and destroy this country. And when you know that, you don’t want to spend money with them, you’re going to go somewhere else, you’re going to find an alternative.

And I meant sometimes there is no alternative, some products out there, that entire industry has become dominated by the Left. And so we’re going to pray for people to be raised up, entrepreneurs that will start companies to compete with those leftist woke companies, and actually create a better product. That’s what happens. That’s what’s happening with this bank that Nick’s doing, I believe. That’s what we will see there. So really excited about what’s happening there, hoping to see a lot more of that throughout the marketplace.

Obviously, in social media, we see it happening with a lot of new companies starting, we’ll see which ones rise to the top and become the place that conservatives go, but it’s just exciting to see people taking action. You need to be one of those people that takes action. And one of the ways you can do that is in your local community being the catalyst for that restoration of biblical values and constitutional principles.

I mentioned at the top of the hour, but if you go to biblicalcitizens.com, you can sign up to be one of our Constitution coaches for free. It’s entirely free. Sign up for free. Host the classes for free. People take the class for free. So you know look, this is a no brainer and our technology on our back end makes it so easy for you to host those classes, makes it easy for the email reminders to go out and keep up with your list of people that are coming to the class, all of those things we have, we’re so thankful for the donors that made all these things possible.

But listen, it’s all set up for you, it’s easy for you to do, you don’t have to know anything about any of this stuff. You can learn with your friends and family and your neighbors. But you got to get signed up as a coach and then make sure that you’re getting the people in the room to join you in that class. Whether you have one person, or 100 people or some people now have 500 in their classes, if you have just one other person in that living room with you, you have doubled, right, you’ve got 100% increase. You get three people in there, think about that. That’s 300%. I mean, you’re being a force multiplier at that point. We hope that you will consider doing that. Check it out at biblicalcitizens.com

Okay, Last website I’m going to give you for the day, patriotacademy.com which actually you can sign up for the Constitution coach program there as well. But patriotacademy.com because this coming Friday night, we are going to have our Constitution Day celebration, and launch our fundraising for the Patriot Academy campus in Texas. And that’s going to be an opportunity for young people from all over the country to come in and spend a year with us and really get really good training, get constitutional grounding, biblical worldview, all of those things.

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